Casey Anthony’s Mom: I Think My Daughter Is ‘Mentally Ill’

Casey Anthony’s Mom: I Think My Daughter Is ‘Mentally Ill’


Since the release of OJ Simpson, seemingly far-fetched rumors have been circulating that he might do a reality show with none other than Casey Anthony. Anthony’s parents, however, hope to never see the day. “Oh God, if it came down to that, I probably would” take legal action against her daughter, Cindy Anthony tells Chris Hansen in an interview for his show Crime Watch Daily, per Fox News. “I think Casey is mentally ill,” Cindy Anthony adds during the interview, as quoted in the Orlando Sentinel.

Cindy Anthony reiterates that her daughter’s history of seizures has never been thoroughly investigated, adding that it’s possible Casey had such a seizure when Caylee died. Not that she was sounding overly sympathetic: Asked to send her daughter a message over the air, she said, “Casey, be true to yourself, start being honest with yourself, and own everything. Quit putting blame on everybody else.” George Anthony, meanwhile, continued to want to keep his daughter estranged. “Stay away from me,” he said of Casey. “I don’t want to see her.”

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