To Catch A Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories

To Catch A Video Game Predator: 8 Horror Stories


Video games are a great way to escape mundane reality of everyday life, and often times they ARE they mundane reality of everyday life, but some people take virtual autonomy to a whole other level.

These eight sexual predators all used video games as a ploy to get to their underaged prey, and most of them succeeded – but they were all caught. From a virtual couple consummating their marriage in person to a gamer rapist living with his victim to an obsessed married woman looking for her pre-teen soulmate, here are eight instances of predators making their mark in the gaming world.

NOTE: This list is, quite obviously, not associated with NBC Universal in any way, shape, or form.


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with the treatment they get in prison you would think a pedo would be a lot more careful,maybe some are getting easier sentences

Centralia, Pennsylvania? How can you be from a town that no longer exists? And hell if that isn’t bad enough the place is also what the game silent hill was inspired by. Seriously go look up Centralia and then try to comprehend the fact that someone is from that “town” today.

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