10 Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Land

10 Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Land

When we go to the beach we all expect to find shells and seaweed washed up on the shore, but what about some of the weirder things people find? From giant Lego people, to a weird giant mutant blob, these are the Top 10 Bizarre Things That Washed Up On Land!

'May The Force Be With You' When You Get Your Hair Cut With This Hair Stylist

'May The Force Be With You' When You Get Your Hair Cut With This Hair Stylist

''We are not cutting with a solid material, we are cutting with a beam of light. There is no friction, no breakage, it is a clean cut that at the same time cauterises,'' Olmedo says in the video.  'This laser has the capacity to cut metal, but it is harmless, you have to know how to handle it,'' he added.






14 Bizarre Bits Of Trivia You Never Knew You Needed

14 Bizarre Bits Of Trivia You Never Knew You Needed -



Woman Covers Herself In Peanut Butter At The Bus Stop

Woman Covers Herself In Peanut Butter At The Bus Stop
She's trying to get to where she's going in a jiffy. :)







16 Strange Historical Photos From The Past

16 Strange Historical Photos From The Past


18 Of The Strangest Things That Should Not Exist

18 Of The Strangest Things That Should Not Exist


“This house I’m in has a water fountain.”

“My banana is straight.”

This Walgreens inside of an old bank.

These ginormous grapes.

13 Curiously Odd Items From the Past That You Might Not Know What They Do

13 Curiously Odd Items From the Past That You Might Not Know What They Do

It is wrong to assume that people of the past were less inventive than you and I are today.

Their imagination was rich enough to create a variety of things, some of which were useful, and others were, well, quite strange.

13. Car vase

Reminds you of a horn for wine, doesn’t it? But it has a completely different purpose — it’s a car vase for flowers. Flowers used to not only serve as an interior decoration, but also as a natural air freshener.


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Vases like this one could be found in cars produced in the first half of the 20th century and some people even use them now.

12. Reusable cocktail pick

This miniature golf club served as a pick, however, unlike modern plastic picks, it was reusable. The peculiar tentacles at the end of it were used if a person wanted to pull an olive or a cherry from their cocktail without sticking their hand in there.

11. Device for dialing a rotary phone

The youth of today may not have even seen rotary phones, but older people probably used these “ancient” devices. This retro device was put on the end of a pen or a pencil and made it easier for those who preferred to not dial the number with their fingers (for example, girls who had just painted their nails).

10. Mechanical calculator

In addition to well-known accounting frames, there were other devices for calculations: for example, this round mechanical calculator called Optima, which was released around 1900 in Germany.

9. Hooked ice pick

Before the invention of household refrigerators and freezers, there was a whole industry revolving around selling ice. It was harvested in the winter, collected from the surface of lakes, and then placed in special glaciers, where it could be stored all year round and from there it was delivered to customers in the form of blocks. The hook that you see in the photo was used both to break the ice off the block and to move its pieces without touching them with your hands.

8. Ice cream spoon

If you have already seen a Victorian spoon like this somewhere and were confused about its strange shape, then know that it was intended exclusively for one product — ice cream.

7. Toy washing machine


This manual washing machine was once a children’s toy. Little girls probably washed their favorite dolls’ clothes in these things.

6. Pocket sundial

According to the owner of this photo, this watch belonged to a woman who loved to travel. And this gadget is very reliable: it is hard to break and it does not need any batteries.

5. Toaster fork

The British were making toasts long before electric toasters became a thing. One of the ways to do this was by using these long forks: pieces of bread were stuck on them and then browned over the coals in the oven.

4. Medallion for perfume

This vintage medallion served both as an accessory and as a tiny container for perfume. It seems that our ancestors were able to combine beauty and functionality.

3. Device for peeling egg shells

As the author of the photo has stated, he found this eerie object under the floor of a house built at the beginning of the 19th century. But don’t think that this is some kind of a strange medical instrument or even a torture device — it is in fact much simpler. It was made to help peel shells off of hard-boiled eggs.

2. “Everlasting pill”

Perhaps the most bizarre item in our vintage collection is the “everlasting pill”, which was made from antimony and was reusable. For several centuries, antimony was considered an excellent means of cleansing the body, and for some reason it did not bother anyone that, upon ingestion, it was not digested and exited the body unchanged. People would acquire a single “everlasting pill” for the whole family and, what is most surprising, even passed this questionable medicine on to their heirs.

1. Device for measuring applause volume

The applause meter was used in the 1950s and 1960s when television talent shows and dance competitions first appeared. The most common method of voting at that time was applause and cheers from the audience in support of a particular contestant. Of course, the winner could be determined by just listening, but the device, unlike the human ear, was impartial.


15 BIZARRE Laws From Around The World

15 BIZARRE Laws From Around The World

Everyone is familiar with everyday laws that most of us obey. These can be your everyday things from speeding to just general behavior towards each other, and of course not robbing banks. But aside from these well-known laws, there are some laws so bizarre that you’ll wonder what happened that the law needed to be passed in the first place. Check out these 15 BIZARRE Laws From Around The World.

7 People Who Got Shut Down For Weaving A Web Of Lies On The Internet

7 People Who Got Shut Down For Weaving A Web Of Lies On The Internet


15 Animals Born With The Most Bizarre Mutations You'll Ever See [GRAPHIC]

15 Animals Born With The Most Bizarre Mutations You'll Ever See [GRAPHIC]

Nature is one powerfully weird force. This fact can be readily exemplified by observing genetic mutations. While color mutations such as albinism are a far more mild sampling of this realm, sometimes nature can produce some truly bizarre genetic mutations. These mutations often make for crazy scary animals - and if not completely scary, they're at least astonishing.

If you're interested in seeing a variety of animals with unbelievable genetic mutations, definitely continue reading.



Top 10 Bizarre & Batty Bail Bondsmen

Top 10 Bizarre & Batty Bail Bondsmen

It may come as a surprise that the practice of a bail bondsman is almost exclusively found in the United States and the Philippines. If a defendant released on bond fails to appear in court, the bond agent is allowed by law to apprehend the runaway in order to bring them to the jurisdiction of the court. This can be accomplished through the employment of bounty hunters, and in some states, bail bondsmen themselves can act in that role.

Unsurprisingly, the offender at large will oftentimes refuse to be detained willingly, prompting unscrupulous characters with questionable tactics to abuse their authority in a malevolent manner. The following examines ten cases of bizarre and asinine agents whose immoral practices have lead to unthinkable mishaps and horrors.

10.The First Bondsman

Records dating back four millennia indicate that the earliest practice of posting bail began in what is now Iraq, when wealthy landowners would use their sheep as collateral to secure their release. It would not be until 1898 that the first bail bonds business was opened in the United States by a shady San Francisco saloon owner named Peter P. McDonough.

Lending the majority of bail as a favor to his favorite bar patrons, McDonough promptly built a successful and profitable business while simultaneously becoming a central crime boss on the West Coast. By 1910, politicians and law enforcement were in McDonough’s pocket, allowing him full control of the city’s gambling, prostitution, and bootlegging enterprise.

Due to the pressure of the Depression as well as rising social militancy, McDonough’s empire began to unravel by the early 1930s, and in 1935, he was officially branded California’s “fountainhead of corruption” by the FBI. When his political pull had ceased to exist, McDonough was stripped of his bail bond license and ultimately faded into obscurity after nearly four decades of being untouchable.[1]

9.The Ladies’ Man

By all appearances, Christopher and Kaylee Hauptman were the perfect couple. When the newlyweds were not preoccupied with operating their business, PA Bail and Recovery, in Coal Township, Pennsylvania, Kaylee took to Facebook to remind the world how flawless her marriage was, stating, “Spending quality time with my amazing husband. Loyalty and dedication. Till death do us part.” Little did she know that in September 2016, her beloved husband of less than a year secretly married another woman: Kaylee’s 18-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Upon Christopher’s arrest, officials discovered that he had been using the name “Hauptman” as an alias due to prior convictions and that his true identity was Christopher Buckley. At his arraignment, the 43-year-old pleaded with the judge for his release, arguing that criminals would run “buck wild” if he were to remain in jail. Nevertheless, Christopher’s attempts at persuasion proved inconsequential, and he remained imprisoned on four counts of felony weapons charges and one charge of misdemeanor bigamy.[2]

In the end, the bigamist bondsman received a sentence of one to two years in county prison followed by ten years of probation. Staying true to American justice—or lack thereof—Christopher was given credit for the 332 days that he had already served and was subsequently released from jail.

8.An Inconvenient Mix-Up

In February 2016, when Ebony Russell paid $2,000 to the Accredited Surety and Casualty Company, she expected a prompt reunion with her recently incarcerated 18-year-old son, Darren Stokes. However, as the days passed without a promising sign of her son’s release, Ebony’s concerns were “brushed off” by the company’s bail bondsman, who unknowingly filed paperwork for the wrong Darren Stokes. Instead, a 57-year-old convict with a long rap sheet was sprung from a New York jail, albeit for a limited period of time. Less than two weeks after his erroneous release, the older Stokes was arrested yet again for robbing a convenience store. Meanwhile, the locked up high school student remained jailed for an additional three weeks before the inconvenient mix-up was corrected.

Despite the younger Stokes’s release, the longevity of his freedom remains in question. Along with felony charges stemming from illegal possession of firearms, the 18-year-old faces significant prison time for forgery and theft. Perhaps in time, the two Stokeses can reunite, sharing a laugh as well as jail cell while reminiscing about their favorite pastimes of debauchery and crime.[3]

7.Indecent Proposal

Photo credit: WTVR-TV

A Virginia bondsman known as “Mr. Fast” earned quite a reputation over the years among his impecunious female clientele. During countless jailhouse meetings, 61-year-old Vladimir Tarabay of Fast Bail Bonding would inquire about his clients’ financial state, hoping that they were in dire straits. Those who could not afford the bond would have to agree to his terms, which entailed spending an evening at his South Richmond home, where they would be instructed to perform sexual acts on the charitable bondsman. Tarabay’s heyday would come to a crashing end after two victims came forward, prompting an investigation.

Eventually, more than 20 women with similar accounts spoke out against Tarabay, leading to his arrest in July 2016. He was charged with numerous counts of threats, solicitation of prostitution, intimidation for money, and forcible sodomy, to all of which he pleaded no contest. At his sentencing, Tarabay asked for mercy while soliciting his two daughters and son to speak in his defense. Despite his children portraying their father as a “family man with a strong faith,” Tarabay was sentenced to 30 months in prison.[4]

6.Criminal Trespassing

Photo credit: Omaha World-Herald

In the early morning hours of January 30, 2017, 25-year-old rookie bounty hunter Duane Wilson III arrived at a home in Omaha, Nebraska, searching for a teen who had failed to appear at his court hearing. Without notice, Wilson broke through the front door to the family residence and proceeded to sweep through the home, “clearing” rooms with his gun drawn. After terrorizing the family of three for an unspecified period of time, it became apparent to Wilson that he was at the wrong address. The SWAT team wannabe was charged with felony burglary after the family filed a police report, stating that their 13-year-old daughter is “now afraid to sleep in her own home and (is) now talking with her school counselor as she is afraid all the time.”[5]

The incident also prompted criticism of Wilson’s employer, Gallagher Bail Bonds, whose employees were compared to vigilantes. Ultimately, the charges against Wilson were dismissed, as his actions in line with prior rulings about what bounty hunters are allowed to do.

A similar asinine mishap occurred in 2015, when 11 members of two bond recovery companies surrounded an Arizona home with their guns drawn at 10:00 PM, searching for fugitive from Oklahoma. The only problem was that the occupant of the residence was Joe Yahner, the chief of the Phoenix Police Department. Following a lengthy standoff, the owner of one of the companies was arrested and charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct.

5.A Bloody Christmas

Photo credit: WXIN

On Christmas Day 2015, police searched the home of 51-year-old Kevin Watkins, an Indianapolis bail bondsman who was a suspect in the disappearance of 15-year-old Timmee Jackson and 16-year-old Dionne Williams. Though the search was ineffective at uncovering a body, Watkins was arrested due to the overwhelming physical evidence suggesting that a murder had taken place. Specifically, police found a large trail of blood, pieces of brain matter, and bloody clothes on Watkins’s property as well as at his bail bonds business.

During a lengthy interrogation, the bail bondsman admitted to murdering the teens, claiming that they had burglarized his home and that the killings were merely in self-defense. Regardless of his fabricated narrative, evidence showed that Watkins “took extraordinary steps to cover up the crime.” To make matters worse for his defense, the body of Timmee Jackson was recovered from a pond in February 2016, followed by the discovery of Dionne Williams’s remains a few months later.

Autopsies showed that both teens had sustained seven blows each with a tomahawk and that almost all the wounds were to the back of their heads. Following a week-long trial in March 2018, Watkins was found guilty of murder and is currently awaiting his sentence.[6]


Working on tips to track down a client who had skipped out on a bail agreement, 46-year-old veteran bail bondsman Edward Mumbert found himself crossing state lines in the fall of 2016. Known affectionately as “Big Ed,” Mumbert, along with his friend and pilot Robert Drescher, had flown to Reno, Nevada, where they detained 34-year-old Ronnie Hernandez, bringing an end to their frustrating game of cat and mouse.[7]

Once the men had restrained their wanted passenger in the rear seat of Drescher’s small Piper Cherokee aircraft, they departed Reno-Tahoe International Airport bound for San Carlos, California. Merely seconds after takeoff, however, the aircraft’s right wing struck a lamppost, causing the plane to crash into one of the airport’s long-term parking lots. In an instant, 15 vehicles were incinerated, along with all three passengers on board. By the time rescue crews extinguished the inferno, they discovered the unsightly scene of Hernandez’s charred remains still strapped to her seat, with her hands chained to her waist and her smoldering legs cuffed by irons. Such a haunting image, destined to be ingrained in the memories of the first responders, was compounded by the date’s eerie significance: September 11.

3.Bad Grandpa

Family and friends were apoplectic following an aggressive 5:30 AM SWAT team raid on the home of 79-year-old Jack Glenning. From all appearances, the great-grandfather from Orange, California, was being wrongfully victimized, that is until the bondsman’s sinister business practices came to light. According to the US Department of Justice, Glenning had secret ties to the Mexican mafia, whom he’d call upon to be his violent enforcers to those who were delinquent in making payments to his bail bond operations.

Serving as a conduit to the underworld organization, Glenning furthered the enterprise’s brutal reputation by sending his goons to employ lethal measures in exchange for his savvy business expertise. Specifically, Glenning helped fund the OC Mexican mafia’s activities and plotted ways to financially benefit the gang. As his involvement in the organization intensified, so did his menacing tactics, such as aiding in the location of a witness to a murder committed by the mafia. In spite of the irrefutable evidence mounted against him, Glenning’s elderly and frail demeanor pulled on the heartstrings of a sympathetic judge, who sentenced him in 2015 to 366 days in prison, followed by probation and “a ban on future Mexican Mafia association.”[8]

2.An Outstanding Balance

In 2010, an unidentified man jumped bail, leaving F & N Bail Bonds (aka Junkie’s Bail Bonds) of Festus, Missouri, with an unpaid balance of $225. Irate after being cheated, three bondsmen set out to recoup their funds as well as enforce their own sick and twisted form of justice. After tracking the man down in St. Louis, they took him to the bond office, where he was handcuffed and ordered to drop his pants. The bondsmen then proceeded to rub a cloth drenched in pepper spray onto the man’s genitals and eyes. The barbaric act was repeated several times before the bondsmen provided their client with a warm washcloth—which caused the pores to open, making the pain “15 times worse.”

Afterward, the three men drove aimlessly for several hours with the heat on high, all the while offering the man cold water in exchange for oral sex. When boredom began to set in for the troubled trio, Sean Baker, 33, Kevin Ritrovato, 28, and Shawn Boyer, 38, brought the man to jail to be processed accordingly. Naturally, authorities took note of the bail jumper’s battered state, which led to the bondsmen being charged with felony restraint and misdemeanor assault. It is unknown if the remaining balance of $225 to Junkie’s Bail Bonds was ever settled.[9]


In 2015, while responding to reports about a domestic disturbance at a Kansas City, Kansas, home, authorities uncovered a ghastly scene: the decomposing, half-eaten human remains of seven-year-old Adrian Jones. The horrors the child was subjected to were reminiscent of medieval practices. The boy was brutalized at the hands of his own father, 46-year-old bail bondsman Michael Jones. After enduring years of starvation and torture that included being strapped to an inversion table, shocked by stun guns, and locked naked inside a modified shower stall, Adrian’s young life slipped away.

Further indicating the morbidity of Jones’s twisted mind, over 30 surveillance cameras were installed throughout the home, documenting the unfathomable perils of Adrian’s last days. Choking back tears, Detective Stuart Littlefield confirmed that what was left of the boy’s body was fed to pigs inside the family’s barn. Despite insisting that she, too, was a helpless victim of her abusive husband, the boy’s stepmother, 31-year-old Heather Jones, was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison. Michael Jones pleaded guilty to the same charge and was sentenced to life in prison, with eligibility for parole after 25 years.[10]

10 Truly Bizarre Incidents From The Bass Strait Triangle

10 Truly Bizarre Incidents From The Bass Strait Triangle

There are seemingly certain parts of the world where strange things are seen and even stranger things happen. The Bass Strait Triangle is one of those places. This mysterious part of the world runs from the southern coast of Victoria in Australia over the stretch of water that is the Bass Strait and into the mysterious regions of Tasmania.

While most of the bizarre accounts on our list are connected to the Bass Strait itself, several times, these encounters have seemingly wandered onto the mainlands. Perhaps the most famous of these incidents is the case of Fred Valentich. While that has been covered here before, the first two points on our list share bizarre connections to the famous case, so that’s where we’ll start.

10 The ‘Invisible Plane’ Encounter Of Jason Manifold

Photo credit: Roy Manifold

On the same day that Fred Valentich disappeared (October 21, 1978), Roy Manifold would capture a picture (shown above) of a strange object in the sky over the Bass Strait. Whether the object in the picture is connected to Valentich’s disappearance or not is open to debate, but it is considered to be a genuine picture (in that there has been no manipulation of the image).[1]

Roy’s son, Jason, was with his father on the evening in question. He says that while his father had gone inside his shed after taking the picture, Jason remained outside watching the sky. Although he didn’t see anything, he could hear the sound of a plane engine overhead. Instead of gradually fading off into the distance, however, the engine suddenly came to a stop “as if someone had turned a radio off.” Then, there was nothing but silence.

Manifold believes what he heard was connected to the disappearance of Valentich. What makes his seemingly trivial detail all the more intriguing is that it comes up again in our next strange encounter, which, coincidentally or not, happened almost 44 years to the day previously.

Miss Hobart

Photo credit: Royal Air Force

In October 1934, while crossing the Bass Strait in perfect weather conditions for flying, the airliner Miss Hobart would vanish without a trace.[2] There were 11 people on board, nine passengers and two pilots. Neither they nor even the smallest amount of wreckage was ever discovered despite extensive searches by military aircraft and vessels.

Aviation experts, both at the time and today, believe the loss of the Miss Hobart to be a genuine mystery, not least due to the de Havilland DH86 aircraft (example pictured above) being one of the most advanced of its era. It made use of four independent engines, with the likelihood of all four engines failing at the same time being almost universally dismissed. Even if that had happened, the plane was designed so that it should have been able to be guided to an emergency landing.

The last transmission from the Miss Hobart spookily shares a detail with that of the Jason Manifold account. The crew allegedly claimed they could hear the sound of a plane around them, and there were even several reports of an “aerial machine” coming toward them. They then reported that the humming sound had suddenly stopped. Nothing more was heard from the Miss Hobart after that.

8 The Loina Incident

Photo credit: The Courier-Mail

Almost a year following the disappearance of the Miss Hobart airliner, another plane, the Loina, would vanish while traveling from Melbourne to Tasmania. The aircraft had just radioed the control tower in Tasmania to say it was preparing to make its approach to land when it suddenly went silent. It carried three passengers and two pilots.

While none of the five people on board were ever located, a search of the waters did recover some minimal wreckage. Three of the plane’s seats were discovered, as well pieces of the petrol tank.[3] Perhaps most intriguing, however, was a small piece of the floor of the plane. There appeared to be a burned patch only several centimeters wide. Further analysis suggested that the area had been in flames, and other material appeared to show someone had tried to “intensely” stamp it out. Whether this small detail had anything to do with the fate of the plane is unknown.

7 SS Amelia J.

In 1920, while sailing into the Bass Strait, the SS Amelia J. disappeared without a trace shortly after entering the infamous stretch of water.[4] The Australian military would conduct an extensive search of the area. However, two of the military aircraft involved in the search also vanished. Perhaps strangest about the incident are the reports of strange lights being in the skies over the Bass Strait.

Although this is perhaps the first strange occurrence in the Bass Strait to be connected with potential UFO activity, two other very similar accounts took place in the 1900s. In 1901, 22 crew members vanished into thin air along with the SS Federal in the Bass Strait, and five years later in 1906, the Ferdinand Fischer, a German cargo ship, met a similar fate as it made its way to the coast of Tasmania.

6 Westall UFO

Although the following incident isn’t immediately linked to the Bass Strait, given the fact that it happened near the northern coast of the Bass Strait Triangle and that descriptions of the object match other accounts of UFOs over the stretch of water in question, it would be perhaps a little shortsighted to not include this (and our next entry) on our list.[5]

On April 6, 1966, multiple Melbourne schoolchildren and school staff witnessed a huge disc-shaped object come into view and calmly make its way over their heads and to the trees next to the cricket field where they had been playing. The children would follow the object for several minutes before it vanished over the trees and out of sight.

Perhaps more intriguing were several reports from other witnesses, who stated that the larger craft was trailed by five other independent craft, either giving chase or acting as a guide unit, depending on which report you listen to. It is still one of Australia’s most well-known UFO cases on record.

5 The Bruny Island Disappearance

Anyone who has seen the Australian television show The Kettering Incidentwill perhaps be aware that many parts of the show’s story lines are based, in part, on real-life accounts, particularly of life in Tasmania along the coast of the Bass Strait. The show’s co-creator, Vikki Madden, has stated that she experienced many strange incidents in the area while growing up there.

Strange lights were often seen coming from the Bass Strait and over the treetops, or even from one of the 50-something islands that reside within the strait itself. There is also the question of the sheer amount of people who go missing—seemingly vanishing into thin air.

Perhaps the strangest, however, is that of a young woman who went missing from Bruny Island. Following her sudden disappearance, investigators would discover that none of her belongings had been taken and that her room was left as if had she been coming back to it that evening as normal. Her purse, full of money, was also discovered. In short, there was nothing to indicate that she had been planning on leaving.[6]

As investigations widened, reports began to emerge of strange lights being seen in the area on the evening in question. Whether or not there is a connection to Bruny Island woman’s disappearance in open to debate.

4 The 1978 Tasmania/Victoria UFO Wave

Whether there is a connection or not is unclear, but in the immediate weeks before and following the Fred Valentich encounter, a wave of strange sightings broke out across the coastlines of Tasmania and Victoria.[7]

For example, on October 9, a husband and wife witnessed a bright light above them that actually came down to the level of their car, maintaining pace beside them as they drove. Exactly a month later in Hobart, a taxi driver was suddenly forced to slam on his breaks due to a strange green glow in the middle of the road. His communication radio also went out. By the time he had returned his gaze to the road, the green object was nowhere to be seen.

On November 25 in Sanfrod, a woman reported a “doorway of light” suddenly appearing in front of her property. Perhaps even stranger, she could see through the doorway to her driveway on the other side. This last account, as crazy as it sounds, is very similar to both ancient texts and other contemporary accounts that speak of portals or gateways to other dimensions.

3 The Disappearance Of The Charleston

In December 1979, the yacht Charleston, along with the five crew members, would vanish without a trace while sailing along the Bass Strait.[8] The yacht was scheduled to arrive in Sydney for New Year’s Eve. However, after several days with no contact and no arrival, search planes were sent out in a desperate bid to find the apparently stricken vessel.

Nothing of the boat or the people on board was ever discovered. There are plenty of theories as to what might have happened, though.

Some suggested that, due to an increase in wind around the time the ship disappeared, it was possible that damage could have been inflicted upon the mast, or perhaps a loose container from the many ships passing through the area had damaged the rudder. If this was the case, it’s possible that the yacht could have drifted as far as islands to the south of New Zealand. Interestingly, in their absolute desperation for information, family members of the crew even visited a clairvoyant, who stated that the crew had come upon an island south of their last known location.

The yacht’s fate, however, is still a mystery to this day.

2 World War II Accounts

As you might imagine, there were numerous accounts of strange events in the Bass Strait during World War II. However, when it is considered that there were no official reports of any enemy fighters even entering the strait, perhaps it is a little strange that 17 military planes were lost in this stretch of water during the war years alone.

There were also other, less fatal incidents.

In 1944, a strange “dark shadow” came out of nowhere and flew beside a Bristol Beaufort bomber for almost 20 minutes over the Bass Strait. Then, without warning, it shot upward at an amazing pace and vanished.

Two years earlier in 1942, an Australian fighter pilot took his plane over the Bass Strait after orders to investigate reports of strange lights made by fishermen. As he surveyed the area, a huge bronze disc came out of the clouds and settled alongside the plane for several moments before vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.[9]

1 Pre–20th Century Accounts

There are many reports of ships vanishing in the Bass Strait during the 19th century. In fact, the first recorded incident appears to be the disappearance of the Eliza in 1797. (Yes, that’s a bit before the 19th century.) The vessel was part of a salvage operation for the Sydney Cove, which had recently become wrecked on the rocky coast. The Eliza seemingly vanished off the face of the Earth during the rescue attempt.

In 1858, the British ship HMS Sappho met the same fate as it ventured into the strait’s apparently deadly waters.[10] A similar event took place 12 years later when the Harlech Castle disappeared, taking all 23 crew members with her.

There are very likely hundreds of other examples that haven’t been recorded. If there is “something” in this stretch of water, perhaps some naturally occurring phenomenon that we simply don’t yet understand, it is unlikely to be a recent occurrence and more likely has been happening for centuries. Unless the reasons for the absolute bounty of ships, planes, and even people that have gone missing over the years in the Bass Strait Triangle is uncovered, more mysterious incidents are likely to continue to happen for many more years into the future.

10 Bizarre Implications Of Alternate Universes Created By Movies

10 Bizarre Implications Of Alternate Universes Created By Movies

As we have discussed before, there exists the strong possibility that our universe is not the only one. Indeed, many very smart people believe that there are infinite parallel universes which exist side by side with our own, ones which we cannot see or interact with but are nevertheless just as real.

One of the strangest implications of this theory is that, if true, fictional universes aren’t fictional at all—that there exists in physical reality worlds where our favorite characters are actually real and go about their lives. But what happens when we can’t get their stories straight? Today’s Hollywood, where reboots, remakes, and retellings are all par for the course, could be seriously screwing with the space-time continuum—changing some characters into totally different people, altering the dynamics of entire worlds in weird ways, or even bringing whole worldlines crashing down on a whim.

Note: The views expressed are purely speculation on the part of the author, who has no firsthand knowledge of such things and is absolutely not from another reality.

10 Michael Myers Is At Least Three Totally Different Entities

Photo credit: Compass International

We all know Michael Myers, the mute, Shatner-faced killing machine first brought to life in John Carpenter’s 1978 masterpiece Halloween. But who or what exactly is he? Over the years, the Halloween franchise has broken its own timeline so many times that at this point, there can be no definitive answer.[1] In fact, it’s safe to say that there are at least three different versions of Michael that are completely different entities, with different backstories, motivations, and abilities.

Carpenter has stated that there were never supposed to be any sequels to the first film and that he had envisioned Michael as simply “pure evil,” a terrifying blank slate (famously referred to in the credits only as “The Shape”) with no motivation beyond pure carnage. But the film’s success mandated a sequel, which created the first “alternate” Michael: one driven by an urge to kill protagonist Laurie Strode, revealed to be his sister in the film, and who is simply a garden-variety (if extremely durable) psychopath. Michael quite clearly burns to death at the end of Halloween II, but later sequels retconned his backstory yet again, making him the subject of an ancient druid curse and rendering him literally indestructible unless he is dispatched with a magical knife.

These are obviously three different characters, but 1998’s Halloween H2O: 20 Years Later muddied the waters yet further, ignoring the whole “druid curse” thing and making Michael an ordinary psycho (although one who can apparently survive being incinerated) once again. Is this really the same Michael we saw in Halloween II ? What about the Rob Zombie reboot series? As if all of this isn’t confusing enough, Carpenter has said that next year’s “soft reboot” will ignore all of this and function as a direct sequel to the original film—meaning that the whole idea of Laurie being Michael’s sister may now be retconned away.

Is Michael Myers an immortal engine of death? A wacko with serious sister issues? Or just a “shape” with no purpose but mayhem? The shattered timeline of Halloween dictates that he is all three, and before they’re done with him, he’ll probably also wind up in some universe as a jilted ex-insurance salesman.

9 Two Different Versions Of Spider-Man Are The Only Heroes In Their Worlds

Marvel Comics has a multiverse all its own, with many different versions of its characters inhabiting many different worldlines. Virtually all of these worldlines contain versions of Peter Parker, the spectacular Spider-Man, who always begins his career at a very young age. As such, virtually all of these Spider-Men are defined largely by their interactions with other, more experienced heroes. In the main Marvel continuity, referred to as Earth-616, Spidey opens his career by picking a fight with the entire Fantastic Four in an effort to get them to recruit him. His relationships with heroes such as the Human Torch, Daredevil, and Iron Man have informed the storylines of pretty much every version of the character, up to and including the current cinematic incarnation, who resides in the Marvel Cinematic Universe along with the Avengers and other superpowered allies.

But before Marvel’s deal with Sony allowed Spidey to join his friends in the MCU, we got two versions of Peter from alternate worldlines—the first (portrayed by Tobey Maguire) in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man series, and the second (portrayed by Andrew Garfield) in the rebooted Amazing Spider-Manfilms. In stark contrast to nearly every other version of Peter in any universe, these Spider-Men have no such allies. In fact, they are the only superpowered heroes in their worlds, with no mentors or role models to guide their development. It seems that in these two worlds only, for whatever reason, anybody not named Peter Parker who finds themselves gaining superpowers ends up turning to crime. No wonder both of these versions of Peter are so angsty.

8 The Evil Dead Series Tells Two Separate, Nonoverlapping Stories

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Long before Sam Raimi was stranding Peter Parker all alone in an unforgiving worldline, he was heaping abuse on Ashley J. Williams, the extremely put-upon protagonist of his Evil Dead series. The first film delivered visceral shocks on a shoestring budget, while Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn was arguably less of a sequel and more of a higher-budget remake which balanced its gore with a wickedly comedic tone. This tone carried over into the third film, Army of Darkness, which saw Ash jumping back in time to battle “Deadites” in the Middle Ages—but then came the excellent 2013 “remake,” which doesn’t seem to be a remake at all. Instead, it appears to make clear that the entire series is telling two completely different versions of roughly the same story.

The first version of events is told by the original film and the 2013 film, and it goes pretty much like this: Ash and his friends screw around with the Necronomicon at a cabin in the woods, awakening a demonic force, and it goes poorly. (It’s strongly implied at the end of this film that Ash dies, along with everyone else). Some 30 years later, Mia (the protagonist of the “remake”) and her friends spend some quality time at the same cabin, once again provoking rampaging evil spirits, only Mia survives.

The second version is told by the middle two films. Evil Dead 2 simply shows us how the events of the first film played out in an alternate universe where Ash is a wisecracking, nigh-indestructible superhero, one who survives all manner of horrifying injuries, self-amputates his own hand and replaces it with a chainsaw, and is sucked back in time after accidentally opening a world-destroying vortex. None of the crazier or more comedic elements from these films are even hinted at in the others; perhaps Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness take place in a worldline where everything plays out like slapstick comedy, even gut-wrenching violence.

7 Logan’s Meddling In Days Of Future Past Fixed Deadpool

The X-Men film series has, over 17 years and ten films, developed an unbelievably muddled timeline. The series’s tendency to jump back and forth between different time periods, not to mention its habit of including flashbacks and flash-forwards aplenty, has created the kind of continuity problems that already suggested multiple worldlines jostling for control of the overarching narrative—but the problem was compounded severely by 2014’s Days of Future Past, in which Wolverine goes back in time to change an important event that rearranges everything, creating a whole new timeline distinct from the one depicted thus far.[2]

It can be inferred that the events of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse and 2017’s Logan were a result of this meddling in the past, but among the many things Wolverine may have screwed up, he also appears to have fixed something. In X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which takes place in the original, pre–Days of Future Past timeline), we are introduced to Wade Wilson—the mercenary comic fans know as Deadpool—in an iteration very different from, and way worse than, his comic book counterpart. The “Merc with a Mouth” ends up with said mouth sewn shut by the end of the film and with the very un-Deadpool-like ability to absorb the powers of other mutants. While the character’s fate is left ambiguous at the movie’s end, fans would mercifully never see this version of the character again.

Apparently, this is because Wolverine did something while mucking about in the past that changed Wade’s entire backstory. The character returned to the X-Men series in 2016’s Deadpool, without explanation, as the Wade Wilson we all know and love: mischievous, vulgar, fully aware that he is a fictional character, and with the full use of his stunningly profane mouth. The fact that both on-screen versions of Deadpool were played by Ryan Reynolds only cements the notion that they are different versions of the same guy and that the butterfly effect is no joke.

6 For Two Versions Of Batman, Superpowers Don’t Exist

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

In comic book canon and the films of the DC Extended Universe, much is made of the fact that Bruce Wayne, the Batman, stands alongside superpowered gods like Superman and Wonder Woman despite having no superpowers of his own. He makes up for his lack of powers with rigorous physical training, a vastly superior intellect, and unmatched tactical skills. More than one iteration of Batman has been shown to have a contingency plan for bringing down any superpowered being on his radar, including his own Justice League teammates, should the need arise. It’s part and parcel of what makes Bats one of the greatest superheroes of all time—but for two of the most well-known versions of Bruce, it’s a nonfactor.

The Batmen depicted in Tim Burton’s film series and in Christopher Nolan’s reboot series apparently exist in worlds where there are no such thing as superpowers. There are certainly no other costumed heroes in their worlds, and the villains they encounter—the Riddler, Scarecrow, and two different versions of the Joker—are ordinary, if highly disturbed, men. It makes both of these versions of the Dark Knight seem less like superheroes and more like costumed deviants—but we can be fairly certain that the Batman depicted in Burton’s films is embraced as a hero, because his world’s version of Hollywood keeps making movies about him.

5 Two Batman Films Are Movies From A Fictional Universe

Photo credit: Warner Bros.

It has been observed by fans and critics that the third and fourth entries in the original Batman film series, for which director Joel Schumacher took over from Burton, are quite different in tone and style from the previous ones. Batman Forever and Batman & Robin began to veer away from Burton’s dark, brooding color palette and gothic tone and ditched any semblance of realism in favor of cartoonish, physics-defying madness and batsuits with nipples, straying so far from what fans expected from the series that Schumacher eventually issued an earnest apology. But according to a virulent fan theory, it wasn’t his fault. Unbeknownst to him, he was only faithfully recreating movies that were released in the universe Burton created, fictionalizing and sensationalizing the exploits of the “real” Batman.[3]

The Schumacher films’ candy-colored aesthetic actually fits in the context of movies designed to be escapism from Burton’s dark, gothic world. Batman’s execution of impossible feats like driving the Batmobile straight up a wall makes much more sense if you keep in mind that these are fictionalized versions of “real” events, and it even becomes clear why Bruce is portrayed by different actors in the later films. They’re conventionally handsome actors, neither of whom look anything like the “real” Bruce Wayne, an awkward guy who looked like Michael Keaton. Revisiting Schumacher’s films with this in mind not only makes them infinitely more watchable, but it makes Schumacher himself seem like a dimension-hopping wizard.

4 Spock Saved The Entire Enterprise Crew From Khan . . . Twice

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

J.J. Abrams’s rebooted Star Trek series is one of the few film series to explicitly play with the idea of alternate worldlines. In 2009’s Star Trek, slightly different but familiar versions of the original Enterprise crew are introduced; it’s made clear that we are watching an alternate timeline version of events when the “original” version of Mr. Spock (called “Spock Prime”) appears and is revealed to have caused a timeline split via time travel.

But things get really strange in 2013’s Star Trek Into Darkness, when the alternate timeline’s Enterprise crew encounters their universe’s version of Khan, a genetically engineered super soldier with a serious vendetta against Kirk. In 1982’s Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Spock Prime—in his original worldline—had gained firsthand experience with Khan’s methods when the madman had attempted to use a terraforming device to destroy a crippled Enterprise. Spock subsequently sacrificed himself by entering a radioactive engine core in order to repair it, enabling the Enterprise to escape. (Of course, his “death” was only temporary.)

During the events of Into Darkness, circumstances force the Enterprise crew into an alliance with their world’s version of Khan against the mad Starfleet Admiral Marcus—an alliance which Spock Prime warns his younger self against, sharing his previous knowledge of Khan Prime’s ruthless tactics. The younger Spock is able to use this knowledge (which, again, he only had because of a time-traveling version of himself from another worldline) to anticipate Khan’s eventual betrayal. Interestingly, in the version of events that follows, Kirk is the one who is forced to “sacrifice himself” by entering the radioactive engine core, which he also ultimately survives.

3 The Terminator Series Broke Time

Photo credit: Warner Bros./Columbia

There’s no delicate way to put this: The timeline of the Terminator series was screwed from the moment it became evident that Kyle Reese had traveled back in time to become the father of the guy who sent him, and the problems have only gotten worse with each subsequent film. All of the movies in the series feature time travelers being sent to different times to stop different time travelers from affecting future events, leading to an insanely convoluted mess that requires a flow chart to explain[4] and must comprise dozens of different worldlines tenuously stacked on top of each other like a house of really weird cards.

But there’s only one thing that can happen to a house of cards, and apparently, it did. Series creator James Cameron has recently announced that the forthcoming sixth film will ignore all of the movies that came after 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the last movie in the series where the timeline made even a lick of sense. This means that all of those tenuously stacked worldlines don’t exist anymore, because of course they don’t—they’ve all come crashing down. That’s what happens when your solution to every problem is “send back another time traveler.”

2 Hollywood Is Responsible For Freddy Krueger’s Victims

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

Freddy Krueger’s backstory was slowly revealed over the first five films of the Nightmare on Elm Street series: The “bastard son of a thousand maniacs” was conceived as the result of a gang rape in an insane asylum and grew up to become a child murderer. After being hunted down and burned alive by a group of vengeful parents, he made a deal with the “dream demons” and became something worse—a predator that could stalk the fearful in their dreams. However, the final proper movie in the series, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, posited that Freddy was in fact something even worse than that.

In the film, former actors in the series portray themselves, and they know the horrible truth: that Freddy was a real entity, captured and held in our reality by the actual Nightmare on Elm Street film series. When the series concluded with 1991’s Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, the real Freddy was freed, and he began trying to intrude on the “real world.”

By the movie’s end, protagonist Heather Langenkamp (who portrayed Nancy in the series) is able to defeat Freddy and banish him back to his reality—but what of the other inhabitants of that reality? If Freddy can only be corralled within the confines of a successful film series, Hollywood is indirectly allowing his rampage to continue unchecked (in his home reality) by failing to produce one. Sorry, Jackie Earle Haley,[5] but countless gory, surreal murders can be laid directly at your feet.

1 Stan Lee Is A Watcher . . . For Real

Photo credit: GameZone

Stan Lee is the king of cameos, having shown up in a different, extraneous role in virtually everything Marvel has ever put to film (and some video games, for good measure). He’s been a mainstay in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since its inception, and fans recently came up with a perfectly mind-blowing reason why this might be, a reason which has actually been confirmed.[6]

Stan’s cameo in 2017’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 suggests that he is either one of or closely related to the extradimensional beings known as Watchers, who exist outside of space and time and whose task it is to passively observe all of the events of the multiverse. This is why, whether he’s in the guise of a random bystander, a dead ringer for Hugh Hefner, or a FedEx deliveryman, he’s always right there, wherever the world-threatening action is.

Of course, the multiverse, by definition, includes all possible universes, including our own. It follows that “beloved founder of Marvel Comics” is Stan’s disguise in this universe and that he didn’t exactly create all of these iconic characters and adventures—he’s just telling us all true stories about all of the craziness he’s seen. Excelsior!

Shower Rat Is The Unsettling Hygienic Alternative To Pizza Rat For 2018

Shower Rat Is The Unsettling Hygienic Alternative To Pizza Rat For 2018

A rat... standing on its hind legs... lathering up for a shower. Are we 100 percent certain this isn't a sign of the end-times?





20 Really Bizarre Ways People Died

20 Really Bizarre Ways People Died




10 Of The Worst Sex Tips Ever From Women's Magazines

10 Of The Worst Sex Tips Ever From Women's Magazines

Women's magazines have told us to do really weird things in bed over the years. Here are some of the worst sex tips from women's magazines of past and present.

Women's magazines get a lot of flak for being a bit crazy at times. Though they often raise great points in terms of relationship and sex advice, the truth is that even the greatest magazines out there will occasionally slip up and come up with advice that is totally off-kilter, weird, or downright hilariously bad.

Bad sex advice is everywhere - and sometimes, even pros may get fooled. One can only imagine how bad some of the outcomes of this bad sex advice could have been with the poor people who tried these. For your own sake, you might want to avoid trying out the following sex tips - even if someone you know may have shared that advice via email or Facebook.

"Lick the soft spot in front of his ears."

Uh, wait. Guys have a soft spot in front of their ears? I thought that section was skull...or like, these chubby things people call cheeks? Could we have an anatomy lesson, here? I think someone forgot what a human head looks like.

Or, you know, maybe they forgot what species they were working for when they were writing this thing. It kind of sounds like a sex tip Liono from Thundercats would use.

"Take a tennis ball and roll it with slight pressure between his shoulders and over his butt to help him release pent-up sexual energy."

We're not kidding, people. This is a legitimate tip that was published in an old issue of Cosmopolitan. I don't know about you, but I don't really feel comfortable using tennis balls as part of sex.

Also, what kind of guy has pent up sex energy between his shoulders? At least, with the butt part, that makes sense.

"Firmly hold the bottom of his shaft in one hand and slowly push it towards the base. (Imagine you're pushing his penis into his body)."

If you literally are trying to push a man's penis into his body, you probably don't understand how sex is supposed to work. He's not a transformer robot. You can't make him turn into a girl, and if anything, this might just feel really uncomfortable.

This hilariously bad tip regularly gets called one of the worst sex tips from women's magazines as a whole. We can see why.

"Very softly bite the skin of his scrotum."

Photo by Nastia Cloutier-Ignatiev

This reader-submitted tip appeared in yet another issue of Cosmopolitan, and we have to at least point out that the magazine writers weren't the ones who came up with that idea. That being said, we'd be terrified if we felt teeth down there as men.

In terms of being able to get guys into the ER, this is one of the best sex tips out there. However, in terms of being able to get guys into the idea of sleeping with you, this is one of the worst sex tips ever suggested in history.

"Head to the local Indian restaurant or try a new recipe together - the spicier the better. Studies found that ginseng and saffron, in particular, are two spices proven to enhance bedroom performance."

This tip, which came right from SHAPE, has its heart in the right place. You should take care of your body and diet right in order to ensure that you can perform well in bed. Indian food also happens to be very healthy, so there's that, too.

However, going to an Indian restaurant probably isn't a good idea if you're trying to get laid. Indian food is incredibly filling, is easy to overindulge in, and trying to bounce up and down during sex may make certain things come back up.

We love the idea of bringing fitness and nutrition into the world of sex tips, but for the love of all that is holy, you might want to actually think about them being realistic.

"Bring your lover on your food shopping excursion. View it as sensual foreplay. You can have a lot of fun caressing and gently squeezing foods and inhaling their aromas. The conversation should be entertaining, too."

This gem appeared in SheKnows, and anyone who has ever taken their lover food shopping can tell you that it's really not that erotic. More often than not, it's scrambling to get all the items you need without forgetting things - just like every other food shopping trip you've ever taken.

That being said, if you can turn it into foreplay, I will be impressed with your skill. If you do decide to get pervy in the grocery store, you should probably expect to get stares. You might even end up having a kid nearby ask his mom what you're pretending to do to that zucchini.

Oh, and you may get banned from Trader Joe's. Isn't that sexy?

"Make two fists around my shaft and twist them in opposite directions as hard as you can."

This sex tip first appeared in Cosmopolitan, and since then it has gone viral - and for good reason. This really bad sex tip has been inspiring people to write about bad sex tips because it literally is telling you to give your partner an Indian Rug Burn on the most sensitive part of his body.

Many sexperts say that this might just be the worst sex tip in magazine history. In fact, it even sparked an entire article on Cracked about the sex tips published in magazines that would land you in the hospital.

That being said, if you do choose to use this sex tip, you will make your man scream. However, his screams will not be pleasurable; they will be telling you to get him an ambulance.

This only goes to show you that the worst tips from women's magazines often make for the best comedy.

"Making him a snack after sex. It doesn't have to be a gourmet meal – a simple grilled cheese or milk and cookies will do."

Glamour magazine was the one that penned this pearl, and to be fair, it would probably go over well with the guy. The only problem with this is that it's kind of a 1950s-ish tip that makes the girl basically act like a house servant to a guy, and that this tip was actually noted as a way to "lock him down."

The same article that spawned this bad sex tip also ended up being retracted, with the magazine's editors releasing the following apology and statement:

We understand that the list read like a 1950s marriage handbook – and nobody wants to go back there. That being said, we'll always be here to help you decode dating. So let's be clear: You're welcome to make a grilled cheese for anyone you love, but you shouldn't be whipping one up in an effort to lock the all-important 'him' down. (That's just a waste of Gruyere.)

What we want for you is love based on equality, not indentured servitude with date night. We're sorry for slipping off message. And speaking of slipping, please, please ignore that beer-right-out-of-the-shower thing. It feels like it could get dangerous fast."

You know things are pretty darned bad when the editors of a magazine actually have to step in to apologize for what they said.

"My girlfriend gets a glazed donut and sticks my penis through the hole. She nibbles around it, stopping to suck me every once in a while. The sugar beads from her mouth tingle on my tip."


This confession became Cosmopolitan's worst notorious sex tip, primarily because it just doesn't work, looks hilarious, and could also possibly cause yeast infections and UTIs - depending on the man's cleanliness.

Colloquially, it's known as "The Donut Trick," and it's spawned a huge number of articles mocking the magazine's sex tips section. Some have even used it to illustrate the insane disassociation that there seems to be between men and women.

Though some of Cosmopolitan's advice has been spot-on, the Donut Trick was not one of those sex tips that actually helps women rule the bedroom. It's only excellent when it comes to adding humor to sex. Besides, not all guys can actually fit in a donut hole, anyway.

"Pick up a box of drugstore hair color (the kind that eventually washes out) and go to town on each other. You'll get that sexy hands-on-the-scalp feeling along with the risky excitement of not knowing quite how it's going to turn out."

This gloriously awful sex tip was found in the pages of Women's Healthand man, it leaves us speechless.

Hair color and sex do not work out well. That "tingle" you feel dyeing each other's hair is actually your scalp burning. Moreover, getting frisky while dyeing your hair is a good way to dye your pristine white bathroom walls brown, blue, black, red, or pink.

Also, if you have ever seen the kind of sheer panic women tend to have when they're not sure how their hair will turn out, you already know that this isn't so much a sex tip as it is a form of psychological torture.

What's scary about this is that this is one of the worst sex tips from women's magazines. Like, they should know their demographic well enough to not suggest a form of torture on them. Really, Women's Health?









This bizarre CGI short by Christoph Krenn features the disconcerting interactions of conjoined body parts. There isn’t any simple way of explaining it, just watch.

10 Most Bizarre Psychiatric Disorders

10 Most Bizarre Psychiatric Disorders

We’ve all heard of psychological disorders such as schizophrenia and obsessive-compulsive disorder. But there are many that most people haven’t heard of.






You be weird.

15 Times Real Ghosts Were Captured On Camera

 15 Times Real Ghosts Were Captured On Camera

Do you believe in ghosts? Yes? No? Maybe? If you believe in ghosts, then you may get chills down the spine just by looking at these pics. If you don’t, then you may call these fake. You may credit some Photoshoppers for creating these edited images. However, there is a large number of people who belong to the “maybe” category. They may not have thought much of the existence of ghosts in real life, but they do believe that it is possible for ghosts to exist. These photos might push them closer to being one of the believers. The believers always ask a number of questions to the nonbelievers—if there are no ghosts, why do we get scared of them? Why do we get that eerie feeling by going to certain places? Why do we suddenly feel some supernatural existence in a dark corner when we cannot explain why we feel so? These questions are not easy to understand. What we can do is to simply be curious about the things we don’t understand. We can keep our minds open about the possibilities of things that cannot be explained by logic. There are things that science cannot decode. Those who believe in ghosts also wonder why people don’t believe in ghosts when they believe in God. Our effort here is to place one mysterious photo after another. Real ghosts are believed to have been captured in these photos. Whether these are real or not, we leave it to our readers to decide that.

15. Cafe Ghost In Perth

Dan Clifford, the owner of Curiositeaz Vintage Tea Room, was shocked to find a shadowy female figure moving around the closed cafe. The 35-year-old owner from Perth, Australia saw this in the CCTV footage. And then, the shadowy figure disappeared just like that. According to Clifford, who believes in ghosts, specialists checked the footage and found the evidence strong enough to believe that the ghost was real. At first, Clifford thought it was an intruder. However, when he looked closely, he found that it was translucent. He could see right through it. Then, he saw the figure disappear into thin air. The camera that captured the apparition had motion sensors, that’s why it could capture it in the middle of the night. The owner also said that his employees were experiencing odd things before the camera captured the ghostly figure. Some of them were hearing voices, while some others saw chairs moving. Some employees felt the presence of a woman as well.

14. Corroboree Rock Ghost

This ghost was captured on camera in Corroboree Rock, Australia by Adelaide Presbyterian minister R.S. Blance. The minister apparently took the photo of an empty scene. But, when the photo was developed, the ghostly apparition was clearly visible. The figure in this image is differently interpreted by different people. While some believe the figure looks like an ancient Latin American priest, others believe it is a woman in her night dress. Some believe that the figure is holding a pair of binoculars, while some believe it is a camera. The figure in the photo is often referred as “The Watcher.” There are different views about the year it was taken. Some believe it was 1956 while some believe it to be in 1959. The photo was taken close to the Corroboree Rock. The Arrernte Aboriginal people consider the area around the rock dangerous for children and women. They also believe it is a bad omen to climb the rock.

13. Newby Monk

The image happens to be one of the most renowned ghost pictures ever taken. Reverend K. F. Lord captured this image at Newby Church in North Yorkshire in 1963. Experts have gone through minute testing as some claim this to be fake. Interestingly, unlike what the nonbelievers claim, there is no double exposure involved in the photo. The image is extremely controversial. The figure in the photo is believed to be nine feet tall. No monk that tall was ever present at the church. However, the feet of the figure are not visible in the photo. It was possible that it could be standing on something. So, the actual height of the figure is unknown. The figure in the photo is called the Newby Monk or the Spectre of Newby Church. According to some, the ghost in the picture might be of a 16th-century monk, whose appearance was similar to this.

12. The Photobomber

This is one of the eeriest photos that have captured the clear face of a ghost. Ghosts are known for doing photobombs on various occasions. Harry Dack captured this photo in 1967 in the backyard of his Carlin How house in North Yorkshire. In this photo, Harry captured his grandson who is posing with his pet dog. The mysterious lady on his left looks scary without a doubt. She is looking at Dack’s grandson, Neil, and his pet, Kelly. Dogs are known for their abilities to identify ghosts and barking at them. However, in this photo, the Jack Russel pet is looking the other way. It is not clear if the dog is looking away because it is scared. The young man, on the other hand, seems quite happy to pose for the camera. He apparently does not have any idea about the presence of anybody around him. The identity of this ghostly lady remains unknown.

11. YouTube Ghost

This ghost was apparently captured in a video that has been uploaded on YouTube. This paranormal expert went to a haunted house for investigation. The house is apparently famous in the locality for being haunted. The expert called it one of the most horrible experiences in his career as a paranormal investigator. When he reached the house, he felt that there was something wrong. He heard a creepy sound, but there was nothing around. When he followed the sound with a camera, this creepy video was recorded. The expert felt that something was running around the house, as the sound was coming close and then going away. Suddenly, the sound stopped, and the expert started hearing it from the bedroom. The camera captured smoke-like particles. But later, it was found that it was actually a ghost that was moving so fast that it looked like smoke. We leave it to you to decide whether it’s real or not.

10. The Unwanted Guest

In 1988, this group photo was taken with a Canon film camera at the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten, where a group of friends went on a vacation. Mr. Todd was one of the people who came together for the farewell dinner at the hotel in Maurach, Austria. He set the self-timer and took the photo. On the first attempt, the photo was captured, but the flash did not work. So, Mr. Todd tried it for the second time. The flash worked this time, and everyone was happy. When the film was developed, the first photo with no flash turned out to be creepy enough to scare people. A woman, with a figure larger than others, is also in the group. The photograph was tested by the Society for Psychical Research, the photographic department of Leicester University and the Royal Photographic Society. None of them found any trick involved with the photograph. The woman was not present when the photograph was taken.

9. Haunted Railroad Crossing

This railroad crossing in San Antonio, Texas is infamous for an accident that killed a number of school children. It is believed that the ghosts of those dead children are still there. They apparently push parked cars toward the rail tracks. There was a horror film called Fingerprints, which was based on this urban legend. When a San Antonio police officer researched the accident that was believed to have killed the children, he found no record at all. Some even claim that it is an optical illusion. When Andy and Debi Chesney’s daughter went to the crossing with some of her friends, she took some photos. The photo had a translucent figure, and she had no idea who that was. According to the parents, it looked like a little girl holding a teddy bear.

8. The Keys Restaurant Ghost

This is another restaurant where a ghost was captured live on CCTV. The Keys is a restaurant in West Yorkshire. The creepy footage captured a ghostly figure moving around the restaurant. When the camera with a motion sensor captured something moving inside the empty restaurant, manager Paul Wood received a message on his mobile. As the alarm went off, he panicked because he thought it was an intruder. However, when he checked the footage, he found a bright ghostly figure captured on camera. When something sets off the camera while the restaurant is closed, the manager gets the snapshot on his mobile. He can watch the intruder’s actions while sitting at home and call the police. Wood had a heart problem, which was why it was even more terrifying for him. He tested the camera and found that it was working well. By the way, the restaurant floor is made of gravestones, as it is based in a crypt.

7. Train Ghost

Micky Vermooch, a paranormal investigator, captured this image on a train which was used in the Harry Potter movies. The 63-year-old was sure that no little girl was present in the carriage when he took the photo. The photo, captured by a regular mobile phone, is definitely creepy enough. According to Vermooch, it was unbelievable to have the little girl captured on camera, as he did not see any child on that train at all. The girl in a white top and a blue skirt looks right at the camera, even though her face is not that recognizable. While others were captured fine, the little girl is much more overexposed compared to others. Nobody is looking at her. It is difficult to tell if anybody was aware of her existence. When a professional photographer checked the image, he was shocked. According to him, the light around the girl was like a hologram.

6. Posing For Camera

This photograph was taken with a Nokia 7250 in Manila, Philippines. No higher image quality is available, apparently because it is taken with an older smartphone. This image became an Internet sensation as soon as it was released in the early 2000’s. These two girls apparently asked a stranger to take the photo. They did not have any clue that there was a third person with them when the photograph was taken. It was only after they saw the image that they came to know about the ghostly apparition. Many have raised questions about the authenticity of this photo. But, every photo that claims to capture a ghost is questioned by nonbelievers. The photo is extremely scary because of the way the ghost is holding the girl’s arm. The ghost stayed with the girl for a while before/after the photograph was taken. While the face of the figure is not clear, it looks a bit like a human skull.

5. Lady At Window

This 2009 photo was captured in Tremont, Cleveland. Some people were working at the construction site. When this photo was captured, they were working on a roof. The photo was captured by one of the people working at the site. In this image, an old lady is captured as she is standing at the window. The lady, who looks to be old and feeble, is dressed in white. It is believed that the house was bought by some other people, who hired the construction workers to work on the building. While the lady standing at the window seems to be quite a normal thing, here is a chilling fact. The lady used to live in that house. And (hold your breath), she had passed away three months before the image was captured by the construction worker. The house was totally empty when the construction workers were working. They were sure that nobody was there when the picture was taken.

4. The Brown Lady Of Raynham Hall

This happens to be one of the earliest photos that claim to have captured a ghost. It is also considered to be one of the most authentic captures of a ghost. Two “Country Life” magazine photographers captured this at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England in 1936. It is believed that Raynham Hall has been haunted since 1726, when Lady Dorothy Townshend passed away. She was called the “Brown Lady of Raynham Hall.” The lady got that name for the brown brocade dress she used to wear. Over the years, many claimed to have seen the ghost of the lady at Raynham Hall. The photographers saw the ghostly figure on the stairs and managed to take its photo.

3. Samurai Soldier

The ghost of a samurai soldier is believed to have been captured in this image, which was taken along the Zushi beach in Kanagawa, Japan. The place where the photo was taken was apparently quite close to tombs of dead soldiers who fought in the battle. The photo was taken with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. The family from Canada was on a holiday when this little girl posed for the pic. One of the family’s friends shared the image on Reddit, after the father who took the picture was disturbed by the apparent photobomb. The friend claimed that it was not possible for the photo to be Photoshopped, as he trusted his friend. Nobody was around when the photo was taken. It was one of the five photos taken within two minutes. It was one of the Reddit users who suggested that it looked like the feet of a Samurai soldier.

2. The Dying Man

The authenticity of this photo is doubted by nonbelievers. But, simply because this photo was taken just before this man passed away, this makes this an extremely creepy picture. There are three orbs that appear in this photo. While some believe that these are merely fingerprint smudges on the film, some others believe that there is something extremely mysterious about this photograph. The man in the photo looks extremely sick, if not dead already. There is something totally spooky about this photograph that does not allow us to dismiss it as fake. There are many other pictures and video clips online that claim to capture the soul leaving the body during death. Many experts claim that ghosts do not necessarily come in human form all the time. They can be formless and floating like smoke. This image of a dying man with the three mysterious orbs is going to remain mysterious no matter how many people question its authenticity.

1. The Lover

It was August 17, 1997 when Denise Russell captured the photo of her grandmother. The grandma had a long life as she died at 94. By that time, the woman became physically weak. Her brain was not working properly. She was moved to an assisted living home so that she could spend the rest of her life in safety. The home organized a picnic for the residents as well as their families. People took photographs in a regular way. However, when this photo was taken, it shocked everyone. Behind the old woman, there is a man who is clearly visible. That man is the grandfather of the person who took this photo. The shocking part about this photo is that, while the photograph was taken in 1997, the grandfather had passed away 13 years before in 1984. This photo immortalizes the ghost’s love.

Straight Outta Springfield

Straight outta Springfield

Holy Mother of Carp



Brother Blackmails Sister With Sexy Secret Shots Of Her Changing Inside Car

Brother Blackmails Sister With Sexy Secret Shots Of Her Changing Inside Car


Dude really wanted his revenge! He waited in full stalker mode for the one moment he needed. The chance to put his sister on blast. Well, first he was going blackmail her into giving him the new family car. She called his bluff.

Then he was going after $50 Amazon gift cards or 1 week of chiplote “her treat”.

Again, the bluff was called. So he did what any terrible brother would do. Post all of the pics on his Twitter that his friends and family know.

Yeah, his public Twitter!

He Tweeted: She said I wouldn’t do it…

She called the bluff the first 2 times. But strike 3 in blackmail = you’re out.

I guess she said she was going to work. But was really going to her boyfriends her parents said she couldn’t see.

I guess this is all the proof they need.

What kinda weird brother takes pics of his sister in her thong?

And loads them all to Twitter for everyone to see?!

He wasn’t happy with just the before pics. He waited 2 hours for the after! And called her to let her know “someone was watching…”


9 Bizarre DIY Projects

9 Bizarre DIY Projects


The woman who created her own pancreas

Dana Lewis is a health professional with diabetes who created her own artificial pancreas system. The system uses software and hardware (including her iPhone) to work with her glucose monitor and insulin pump to regulate her blood sugar. The DIY model works automatically, but she periodically sends it "texts" to tweak the levels. (Source)


The people who make their own brain stimulators

Transcranial direct current stimulation, or tDCS, is the use of small jolts of electricity to enhance brain function. While there has been lots of research on the subject in labs, the results are far from clear that this is good for you. That hasn't stopped a small but fervent community of DIYers who have created their own headsets complete with electrodes and 9-volt batteries to "juice" their own brains. (Source 1 | Source 2 | PhotoVia)


The woman who made her own "breakfast machine"

Recently, she made a portable mattress that straps to her back

Simone Giertz calls herself the "queen of the sh*tty robots" and has made many unusual and useless machines. They are part robotics, part slapstick. Here is a robot that she invented to feed her breakfast, with hilariously disastrous results:

(Source 1 | Source 2)


The people who build their own coffins

They say it helps bring them together and fight loneliness

Elderly folks in New Zealand have formed a bond over the inevitable and have created their own "coffin clubs." It started in 2010 with an elderly nurse, Katie Williams, who created a coffin in her garage with the help of a few handymen, and now there are clubs all over the tiny country. (Source)


The man who created his own "Tinder" app

He claims to have had over 100 right swipes so far

Resourceful geek Shed Simove has created the ultimate dating app... for himself at least. He calls it Shinder (after Tinder, of course) and the catch for the women is that there is only one man to choose from—swipe left or right; you'll only be matched with Shed! (Source 1 | Source 2)


The man who assembled his own iPhone 6S from used parts

He spent around $300

American Scotty Allen was fascinated by the secondhand iPhone parts market in Shenzen. He wondered if he could buy all the parts and assemble an iPhone 6S himself? After a couple of months, he was successful in his endeavor and said it was easier than he thought and that anybody with enough patience could do it. You can watch his adventure below:
(Source | Via)


The man who made a $1500 sandwich literally from scratch

This wasn't a one-off – George has a lot of strange DIY projects on his YouTube channel (Photo Source)

Andy George made a sandwich. That in and of itself wouldn't be strange, but he decided to make this sandwich entirely from scratch, which included milking a cow for cheese and killing a chicken. It took him six months, cost him $1500, and made him think twice about wasting food again.

(Source | Via)


The "Performance artist" who drew his own money

One Boggs note was allegedly resold for $420,000

To some, JSG Boggs was an artist, to others (particularly governments), he was a counterfeiter. Boggs would hand draw elaborate but clearly fake bills (they were all one-sided) and attempt to use them for everyday transactions; his first, in 1984, was given to a waitress for a cup of coffee. Then, he would take the change, ask for a receipt, and write the date and details on the back of the note. He would then sell the change and receipt to art collectors as "performance art"; the collectors would then contact the owner of the note directly to purchase it. (Source)


The man who designed his own Royal Mail stamps

Angus McDonagh is a British gentleman who was fed up with what he felt was the declining quality of Royal Mail stamps. So he created his own deliberately outlandish stamps (many with his own face) on his computer, printed and used them to send over 100 letters around the world. He denies he's counterfeiting and says he has tried to pay the government the postage, but it has been refused. You can read about his endeavors in his ebook (Source | Photo)


Man Murdered Following Consensual Threesome

Man Murdered Following Consensual Threesome

Police arrested a suspect Monday in the murder of a 20-year-old man following a consensual threesome in New York City, the New York Post reports. Police say the victim, Manos Ikonomidis, had a threesome with an unnamed woman and a 21-year-old man. The woman got upset when one of the men tried to film their encounter and later told her boyfriend, 24-year-old Christopher Membreno, she had been raped. Police say she also sent a message to Ikonomidis' girlfriend telling her Ikonomidis "will be taken care of."

Police say Membreno and two other men showed up at an apartment building early Monday, stabbed Ikonomidis multiple times, and hit him over the head with baseball bats. The New York Daily News reports Ikonomidis knocked on neighbors' doors asking for help while "gushing" blood. One building resident says it was like "something out of a horror movie." Police found Ikonomidis in the apartment building unconscious; he died at the hospital, according to Fox News. Membreno was arrested Monday evening. Police say they have no evidence the threesome wasn't consensual. A neighbor remembers Ikonomidis as someone who "always tried to help you out when you needed it."





"A sacrifice to the crumb gods"

21 Delivery Drivers Describe Bizarre Deliveries They've Made

21 Delivery Drivers Describe Bizarre Deliveries They've Made

Being a delivery driver has its perks: you get to spend most of your time in your car listening to your music, and you don't have management constantly breathing down your neck. It's a profession loved by teenagers and adults alike. However, after reading these stories, you may want to reconsider your career path (if you're thinking about delivering for a living).

What happens when you show up to a delivery and are received by a stark-naked woman? Do you have to go into an apartment per a customer's request, even if it smells like death? Delivery drivers took to Reddit to share some of their most bizarre stories from their tenure; we've gathered the best, and delivered them straight to your door... or computer.


14 Completely Bizarre True Crime Stories

14 Completely Bizarre True Crime Stories

What is it about the worst of human nature that so many people find fascinating? Is it a quest to understand the depravity that roils around in the mind of a psychopath? Or perhaps it’s just a glimpse into the darkest parts of ourselves that makes weird or brutal true crimes so fascinating? Either way, whenever a strange crime or terrible act is committed, there’s some small part of us that can’t help but look at the terror.

Throughout history, normal people have sunk to ghastly depths to handle the world around them. We may not be able to comprehend why exactly people do these things, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s something undeniably alluring about them. Read on for a list of some of the strangest crimes in history.


Girl’s Head Shaved As Punishment For Cheating By Gangster Boyfriend

Girl’s Head Shaved As Punishment For Cheating By Gangster Boyfriend

A Brazilian man, rumoured to be a gangster, posted this video to social media just a few days ago which shows him shaving his girlfriend’s hair off as punishment for cheating on him.

In the video, the girl squats in a dimly lit room surrounded by jeering men as one man in particular goes to work on her with a shaver until she is completely bald, reports the Mirror.

Seemingly not wanting to stop the humiliation he then shaves off the poor girl’s eyebrows too.

One man who cannot be clearly seen then hands the girl a mobile phone where she speaks to somebody – presumably the person she cheated with.

As she is on the phone another gang member picks up numerous locks of her hair and places them on her scalp as one final act of humiliation.

Experts across Brazil have claimed this sort of punishment is normal behavior for drug cartels in an attempt to shame anybody that goes against their set of rules.





Gearing up with some weird stuff.


weird-2 weird-3 weird-4 weird-5 weird-6 weird-7 weird-8 weird-9 weird-10 weird-11


weird-12 weird-13 weird-14 weird-15 weird-16 weird-17 weird-18 weird-19 weird-20 weird-21 weird-22 weird-23 weird-24 weird-25 weird-26 weird-27 weird-28 weird-29 weird-30 weird-31 weird-32 weird-33 weird-34 weird-35 weird-36 weird-37


Soon-To-Be-Dad Dies In Molasses Vat At Work

Soon-To-Be-Dad Dies In Molasses Vat At Work


Robert Herweyer had much to look forward to. The 23-year-old had married in November, just moved into a new home with wife Joy, and was expecting his first child with her any day now. But a tragic accident cut all that short when the Michigan man died in a molasses tank at work late last month, per WOOD. Herweyer was helping to pump out a 12-foot-tall vat at Agri-Science Technologies in Saugatuck on the morning of July 26 when the molasses level got too low to reach the pump-out valve, a co-worker says. So Herweyer put on a pair of wading boots and a safety mask so he could descend into the tank via a forklift and straps and adjust the valve—but things started to go amiss once he had fixed the valve, MLive.com reports.


The vat of molasses at Agri-Science Technology Company near Saugatuck in which Robert Herweyer drowned.

The co-worker says Herweyer grabbed the straps to start the climb back out, but he suddenly stopped moving and wouldn't respond to his co-worker's yells. The co-worker ran to get their boss, who used an electric saw to cut into the tank and yank out Herweyer, who witnesses say had been submerged in the molasses. He's believed to have been under the syrupy liquid for at least four minutes. Although the sheriff's department hasn't yet issued an official cause of death, the ER physician who took Herweyer in said he had syrup in his lungs and had drowned. Michigan's OSHA is investigating the incident to make sure there were no workplace violations. Meanwhile, a GoFundMe page has raised more than $32,000 so far for Joy and their soon-to-arrive baby.




The beginning of this video is the reason why everyone should consciously keep their phone volume on low. Puberty hasn’t been kind to Dora The Explorer. They should show this in schools at anti-drug assemblies.

I Am Bored

Look At This Damn Sasquatch A Guy In Maryland Thinks He Spotted

Look At This Damn Sasquatch A Guy In Maryland Thinks He Spotted

sasquatch-maryland[1]No, not that one. That would be fucking unbelievable, especially because Maryland doesn’t have terrain like that. Or Sasquatches that big.

I’m talking about this one, sent into the Washington City Paper by Jeremy.


sasquatch-md[1]Damn. That looks like … a thing.

Is it a bear? A human in a bear suit? Jeremy insists it is the Yeti itself.

“I saw what I thought was a bear and so I pulled over to take some pictures,” he says. But when Jeremy got a closer look, he noticed the animal, which he estimates was about six or seven feet tall, was walking on two legs. “Bears usually walk on all four feet. I know they can walk on two, but he was wading through water in two feet, which I thought was strange.”

“I’ve driven by there hundreds of times and have never seen anything like it. I doubt I’ll ever see something like this again.”

At no point did the animal walk on four legs, which made Jeremy think, huh, this might be Sasquatch.

The spotting occurred at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Laurel, which, according to the City Paper, has been home to two other Sasquatch sightings.

What do you think? Mythical beast or no?

Maybe we should add it  to our
Top 20 Most Believable BigFoot Encounters post... just sayin'.



[Images via Washington City Paper]

The Top 20 Most Believable BigFoot Encounters

The Top 20 Most Believable BigFoot Encounters

So you say that you don't believe in Bigfoot, huh? Well I challenge you to watch these videos and then give me your two cents. All hoaxes? Run away gorillas you say? There IS something in the woods and it's not your mama. :)


19 People Secretly Confess Their Unusual Turn Ons

19 People Secretly Confess Their Unusual Turn Ons

Ya bunch of weirdos...

05335b70616667eb44067866cc501361a2b433-v5-wm[1] 0533b484d93e0507fa485955cf2cc0b102e5b6-v5-wm[1] 0533a073e74a422871540995cd302cb9024ab0-v5-wm[1] 0521b6ce1005bad2ed5c981665aa45e25415e1-wm[1] 0520abcb36212018dd4fdb1af35440657a4c38-wm[1] 0519c8e5be654c16711645d799ea160c2cd71f-wm[1] 053373a2333b18efec54e25ce852125b458658-v5-wm[1] 053320c7354c11b10fb92648797ddf2f985ae9-v5-wm[1] 0516efa5eca6322977787ab30a6bd8916308eb-wm[1] 0515c3a65eba3a5852107757c4adb07d265050-wm[1] 052dd0ac000fc77a095cac970673719e6c02ef-v5-wm[1] 052d92bb53010bceea9ae09fee885972599add-v5-wm[1] 052dca818385312c74bc6fc2c8c4d52b8c5f06-v5-wm[1] 052c933b0a684018908a1841e62093598ba2e4-v5-wm[1] 052ba9f2f02113081f05c525bd67ea2630f3ff-v5-wm[1] 051b4dc22925f7461623f99f1c5b3e02aa3609-wm[1] 052783f7e75cb3d68ad344451b925dc1b698a5-wm[1] 05234fc6069e3cf6517160d86e4b2243186f4d-wm[1] 0529cecd54b0c5fb8d0e0b5eadb235d4693eee-v5-wm[1]


Adult Diaper Store Opens In Chicago Suburbs

Adult Diaper Store Opens In Chicago Suburbs

hqdefault[3]Adults who like to wear diapers. The owner of Tykables says it's more common than you think.

John-Michael Williams says he does 99 percent of his business online. But in April he opened Tykables in Mount Prospect, what he says is the first brick-and-mortar store in the country catering to Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers or the AB/DL community.

The store is nondescript from the outside. You have to have an appointment to get in. It sells adult diapers and has a nursery space including a giant crib, high chair, and a rocking horse where people can pose for pictures.

Reception from neighbors is mixed.


“It's really weird, especially for this area, when I found out about it it was just kind of a shock, I didn't know people like that stuff,” said resident Greg Suarez.

Williams says he's working with the village to alleviate any concerns, and people under 18 won't be allowed inside.

"I think the biggest concerns come from people who don't understand our business and what we do," Williams said.

And despite objections from some residents who find it all distasteful, village officials say Tykables is legal, though they plan to keep a close eye on it.


“When you look at the codes and all the definitions, there's nothing  pornographic about it, there's nothing that would violate any sense of decency,” said Mount Prospect Mayor Arlene Juracek.

Moving forward, the mayor says the village is taking a fresh look at zoning laws to make sure there's adequate public response before unique businesses move in.

[ooyala_video_embed ec=J0N3UwNDE6vw86QL3Dpk4hG1I7gj75nz][/ooyala_video_embed]


True Love Is This Woman Quitting Her Job To Breastfeed Her BF Every Two Hours

True Love Is This Woman Quitting Her Job To Breastfeed Her BF Every Two Hours
shutterstock_60504643It’s amazing how you can spend so much time in this world and there are things that, not only will you completely miss out, you’ll never even know what you’re missing out on. Even in the Internet age, the world is just too big. It’s like Disney World. You could go there everyday for your entire life and you’ll always miss something new, no matter how hard you’ve tried.

Which is exactly my thoughts while reading this story about Jennifer Mulford who, after entering an Adult Breastfeeding/Nursing Relationship, quit her job as a bartender in order to breastfeed her boyfriend, Brad, every two hours.

Via New York Post:

“Because she has not given birth to a baby recently, she and Brad, 36, need to “dry feed” every two hours to fool her body into thinking she is feeding a child so she starts producing milk. Jennifer was single when she stumbled across a website about ABR.

She said: “When I read about the bond breastfeeding could create between two people, I was envious.”

“I have always enjoyed my breasts being touched during sex more than anything else, so I knew I would enjoy it.”

Jennifer, from Atlanta, started searching for men who would be open to the idea of adult breastfeeding.

“When I read about the pure joy it brought others, I was desperate to seek out a partner to share an emotional bond with. I used dating sites, put messages on ABR forums and even put an advert on Craigslist, but I drew a blank. I started to think I’d never get to try adult breastfeeding.”

Yep, you read that correctly. Anyone can do this. All you have to do is sign up on a website. Like this one:


Or this one:


That second one you can even share your profile on social media, just in case one of your old flames from high-school wants you to suck your way to her heart through her boobs. However, like Tinder, these two databases don’t guarantee a match, so sometimes you may have widen your search to people you used to share a bed with. Like Jenny did.

“Finally, she started chatting about the idea one night with Brad, an old boyfriend from school.

“We were talking and Brad told me he had a thing for big-breasted women, and that size had always been a factor in his relationships. I thought it was the perfect time to bring up adult breastfeeding — and see if he’d be interested,” said Jennifer.

Thankfully, Brad was instantly open to the idea: “It was like a light switch flicked in his head. I could tell from his voice that he was curious and excited.”

He started doing his own research into ABR and they soon became more than just friends.

She said: “At that moment I knew that I had a partner for life. “We both wanted the same thing out of the relationship — a magical bond that only breastfeeding can achieve.”

Because Jennifer hadn’t breastfed for over 20 years, she had no milk to feed Brad. The couple need to induce lactation by dry-feeding and pumping her breasts every two hours, just as if she was feeding a baby.”

Savage move on Brad’s part. “Yeah I like girls with big boobs. And, you know, if I have to use my mouth to play with your boobs, I will. If that’s what you really want. I’ll bear that cross to make you happy.” A real hero, Brad. We need people like you, unafraid to take on society’s burdens of drinking a little breastmilk in order to show the world what true love is. And he’s the lucky one. He scooped up Jenny, a woman willing to bond in this way. There are plenty of dude out there still looking for love this deep. Just look at these guys on Craigslist.




Fuck, these dudes are lonely. They’d jump at the opportunity to even sniff the kind of relationship that Jen and Brad have. I mean, at the end of the day, isn’t that what we’re all looking for? Unrequited love? A bond that can’t broken? Sharing parts of each other with each other. Hell, that’s what I want. So what the hell, I’ll give it a whirl. I’m not lonely, persay, but I may eat more meals out with my mom than with girls who are my own age/didn’t give birth to me. What’s the worst that could happen? No one answers. That happens every time I post in a group chat.


Source  I Am Bored

Guy Sells Printer On Craigslist For $40 And Sets Off 6 Years Of The Biggest Legal Nightmare Ever

Guy Sells Printer On Craigslist For $40 And Sets Off 6 Years Of The Biggest Legal Nightmare Ever

old-printer[1]Doug Costello sold a used black and white printer on Craigslist back in 2009. It was probably the worst decision of his life. The profit of $40 wasn’t worth the years of legal trouble it’s caused thanks to a sue-happy ahole.

He (Costello) would find himself liable for about $30,000 in damages. He would pay a lawyer at least $12,000 in his battle to escape the legal mess.

And it all started with a piece of hardware he sold online for about $40 in 2009. With shipping and other costs, the total was less than $75, according to court records.

The printer’s buyer was Gersh Zavodnik, a 54-year-old Indianapolis man known to many in the legal community as a frequent lawsuit filer who also represents himself in court. The Indiana Supreme Court said the “prolific, abusive litigant” has brought dozens of lawsuits against individuals and businesses, often asking for astronomical damages. Most, according to court records, involve online sales and transactions.


Doug Costello, a Massachusetts man, has been embroiled in a nearly seven-year lawsuit in Indiana after selling a used printer online for less than $75.

Zavodnik accused Costello of “falsely advertising a malfunctioning printer with missing parts” and pocketing his money. According to a filed complaint, Zavodnik “tried to resolve the issue with Costello to no avail, leaving him with no other choice but to take legal action.”

Zavodnik originally filed a lawsuit in Marion County Small Claims Court. He sought the maximum $6,000 in damages but lost because he had thrown away the printer, the only evidence in the case.

Costello thought he’d heard the last of Zavodnik but NOPE. Zavodnik sued AGAIN and requested $30K in damages for breach of contract, fraud, conversion, deceptive advertising and emotional distress. The trial court dismissed the case, along with 26 others filed by Zavodnik. He appealed all of those dismissals.

Here’s where the story goes nutty bananas.

The Indiana Court of Appeals in March 2012 revived the lawsuit against Costello and sent the case back to the trial court, where it remained stagnant for another nine months until a hearing was scheduled later that year.

Zavodnik also had sent Costello two more requests for admissions. One asked Costello to admit that he conspired with the judge presiding over the case, and that he was liable for more than $300,000. Another one requested Costello to admit that he was liable for more than $600,000.

Because Costello did not respond to all three requests for admissions within 30 days of receiving them, and did not ask for an extension of time, as required by Indiana trial rules, Costello admitted to the liabilities and damages by default. He also did not appear at a July 2013 hearing, according to court records.

Costello said he never received the requests for admissions and was not notified of the hearing.


Gersh Zavodnik poses in a room in his home, Tuesday, May 14, 2013, that is full of files for the vast number of lawsuits he has filed.

The case remained dormant for a while, bounced around to different courts and judges, and finally reached the courts. In March 2015 — six years after the original sale of the printer — a judge issued a ruling in favor of Zavodnik and a judgment of $30,044.07 for breach of contract.

The end.




Just kidding. That would have SUCKED, right? Here’s what happened.

Costello appealed the ruling. On March 23, the appeals court issued a sharply worded 13-page opinion in his favor. The $30,000 in damages “had no basis in reality,” Chief Judge Nancy Vaidik wrote.

And in news that should shock absolutely fucking no one, Zavodnik will likely will ask for a re-hearing.

[via USA Today]


10 Bizarre Facts That Will Make You Lose Faith In The Modern World

10 Bizarre Facts That Will Make You Lose Faith In The Modern World

Longer life expectancies, ever-improving medical technology, and amusing list-based websites are just some of the treasures the early 21st century has bestowed upon us. But we’d be lying if we pretended that everything was peachy. Even as some things improve, there are signs that the universe is getting collectively dumber, meaner, and weirder. It’s enough to make you lose faith in the sanity of the modern world.

10. You’re More Likely To Get Bitten By Another American Than A Rat


Picture the scene. Hordes of humanlike creatures shuffle down the streets of a city, rabidly biting any poor soul who crosses their path. If that sounds like a scene from a zombie apocalypse movie, we’ve got some terrifying news for you. According to statistics, that’s modern America.

Every year in America, adult humans bite the living heck out of one another. In 2012, over 40,000 ER visits were recorded in the US for human bite wounds—roughly equivalent to the entire population of Liechtenstein. To put that in perspective, that’s more than 10 times the number of Americans bitten each year by either rats or nonvenomous reptiles. Statistics from nonurban, rat-free areas aren’t skewing things, either. Even in a high-density rat wonderland like New York City, you’re far more likely to be bitten by a fellow human than a wandering rodent.

This isn’t to say that humans have taken over as America’s most bitey creatures. Dog bites still dwarf all other kinds, with nearly 340,000 reported each year. But when you have to worry more about your new roommate gnawing on your face than the giant hell rats infesting your block, it’s clear that we as a species are doing something terribly wrong.

9. American Toddlers Are Shooting One Person A Week


On October 12, 2015, a two-year-old kid in South Carolina picked up a gun and promptly shot his grandmother. The story made a few headlines but didn’t attract any real attention until The Washington Post’s Wonkblog picked up the story. After crunching the numbers, they came up with this jaw-dropping fact. In 2015, American toddlers have on average shot one person a week.

Their analysis defines a toddler as a kid aged three or under and includes incidents where the toddler shot themselves. Still, the numbers are staggering. By October 14, 2015, toddlers had shot and killed two people, shot and injured 10 others, and shot themselves 18 times. An additional 13 toddlers had killed themselves, including a 21-month-old in St. Louis who picked up his grandmother’s gun and blew a hole in his own torso.

Their data also picked up a couple of geographic trends. Missouri is the toddler-shooting capital of the US, with five incidents reported there from January 2015 to mid-October 2015. Florida comes in second with four. California, the Upper Midwest, and New England have no toddler shootings so far. While the data set is probably too small to draw any conclusions, it’s mind-blowing to think that there is a data set in the first place.

8. Sex Toy Injuries Soared After Fifty ShadesWas Published


You’ve probably heard of a little book called Fifty Shades of Grey. A publishing phenomenon, it brought S and M careering into the mainstream and triggered roughly a trillion awkward conversations. It also showed just how stupidly quick most of us are to jump on the latest bandwagon. Following the book’s publication in 2011, sex toy–related injuries almost doubled.

Of course, no one is saying that the book was responsible for people’s actions. Sex toy injuries have been steadily rising since 2003, with nearly 1,500 recorded in 2005. In 2011, these injuries peaked at over 1,500 for only the second time since we began keeping records. When Fifty Shades became a global phenomenon in 2012, sex toy injuries soared past 2,500.

The injuries themselves were as uncomfortable and amusing as you’d expect. Eighty-three percent were what doctors euphemistically refer to as “foreign body removal.” Nearly 60 percent of those involved were men, most in their forties or fifties. The greatest number of women were in their twenties, exactly the age group that Fifty Shades might have influenced to experiment.

7. If You’re Poor, You’re More Likely To Die In A Car Crash


Death is the great leveler, or so the saying goes. But whoever coined it evidently didn’t have access to federal statistics on car accidents. While traffic accidents have generally been declining for years, there’s one sector of society where they’ve actually gotten worse. The least educated and poorest are now far more likely to die in a car crash than anyone else.

If you don’t have a high school diploma, your chances of dying in an automotive accident are 4.3 times greater than someone with a college degree. As The Washington Post points out, this doesn’t necessarily mean the less educated are worse drivers. Instead, they’re frequently forced to live in environments where their safety is less assured. In general, their cars are older and have lower crash test ratings. Their lower incomes mean that they often can’t afford all the extra air bags or rear cameras in newer models. Their towns or cities are likely to be less safe, too. Poor, rural areas have far fewer trauma centers, and roads in poor districts have fewer stop signs, crossings, and speed bumps.

Taken together, this adds up to a lethal cocktail. Death may come to us all. But if you’re poor and own a car, it’s far more likely to come for you when you get behind the wheel than it is for anyone else.

6. If You’re Female And Educated, You’re Less Likely To Find A Date


Since 1981, America’s colleges have gone from all-male bastions of sexism to predominantly female environments. Right now, the average campus has a ratio of 57 women to 43 men, a sure win for the sisterhood. While this is a great example of progress, there is one area where it’s affecting the fairer sex negatively. College-educated women are finding it increasingly difficult to get dates.

The trouble is that the majority of us tend to marry into our own class, a fact even more pronounced now than it used to be. That’s all well and good if the dating pool is full of middle-class, college-educated men, but that’s frequently no longer the case. For college-educated people in their thirties, the dating pool currently has five women for every four men. Switch your focus to those in their twenties, and it drops to four women for every three men. In Manhattan, there are 38 percent more college-educated women under 25 than there are men. In Miami, that rises to a staggering 86 percent.

The unintended effect is a dating market where educated women are suddenly struggling to find prospective partners, which seems a deeply unfair way to reward gender progress. However, there are a couple of silver linings. If you’re an educated female and have a thing for blue-collar men, you’ve got your pick of the bunch. Equally, if you’re an educated male, you’re now a prized commodity. In Fort Lauderdale, for example, there are 171 eligible, college-educated bachelorettes for every 100 men.

5. In Some States, Your Health Is Worth A Lot Less Than You Think It Is


What do Texas, Oklahoma, and soon Tennessee and South Carolina have in common (except for geographic proximity)? If you’re a worker in these states, your health is worth significantly less than it is anywhere else in America.

This is because of a new system of opt-outs that companies can apply to workers’ compensation. The idea is to provide flexibility so that companies don’t have to deal with the government in court every time an employee is injured. Although it sounds like a good idea, it can also give a company the right to cheat their workers in the name of progress.

For example, in most states, the loss of a hand while working will entitle you to an average of $145,000 in compensation. In Texas’s opt-out system, some employers, like Home Depot, will pay a maximum of $1 million if you lose your hand in a work-related injury. But many other companies will pay a maximum benefit of only $50,000 for the same injury.

This means that everything from your limbs to your eyes to your life is worth less as a worker under Texas or Oklahoma law than elsewhere in the US. Some cases are particularly egregious. For example, Costco will pay up to $600 of the cost of an external hearing aid for an employee who loses his hearing on the job. Yet the cheapest external hearing aid that Costco sells is $900. In other cases, failing to report an injury by the end of your shift—even if that happened because you were spaced-out on morphine in an emergency room—can result in your receiving literally nothing.

4. Your Name Can Have A Truly Ridiculous Impact On Your Life


Names can have a weird impact on our lives. You’ve probably heard that job applicants with black names are 33 percent less likely to receive a callback than applicants with white names. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It turns out that names can affect us in more ridiculous ways than we ever imagined.

For example, a 2002 report by a Gallup analyst found that we have a tendency to enter a profession that resembles our first names. So there are a statistically unlikely number of dentists called “Dennis” and lawyers called “Laura.” Not only that, but seashell shops are more likely to be owned by a “Sheryl” than a “Cheryl,” and women with the name “Georgia” are more likely to move to Georgia. It’s like we’ve all swallowed the kid’s TV Guide to naming characters and worked backward from there.

Keep digging, and the findings move from plain weird to slightly disturbing. Having a surname that’s higher in the alphabet has been shown to correlate with success, especially among older generations. Boys who have asexual names like Hillary are more likely to misbehave in school while girls with feminine names are less likely to study STEM subjects (traditionally seen as masculine). Teenage boys with rare names are more likely to become involved in crime while teachers use traditionally lower-class names to predict which kids will misbehave. In short, our names apparently affect every aspect of our lives.

3. Some Campuses Are More Likely To Ban Toy Guns Than Real Ones


It’s no secret that Texans love their guns. Just recently, the state enacted a law allowing concealed carry on college campuses—something a number of other states have also done. We’re not here to debate whether this is a good or bad idea. We have an entire gun-specific article in which we discussed that sort of thing. What we will say is that this new law created some utterly ridiculous contradictions. Some Texas campuses now consider it more troubling for students to own toy guns than real ones.

At Texas A&M University, dorm rules specifically ban toasters, candles, and NERF guns. However, as of 2016, they will allow students to keep real guns. Texas isn’t alone in this. Some Colorado campuses have enacted similarly absurd bans while allowing concealed carry.

Perhaps craziest of all is the Texas law regarding sex toys. When the campus concealed carry law becomes effective in 2016, it will be considered a greater offense to publicly display a vibrator than a weapon. In fact, the vibrator will set you back a $500 fine. Then again, it could just be that Texas has finally awakened to the public health risk our sex toys pose.

2. Your Love Life Is Related To Your Credit Score


What do you look for in an ideal partner? If you went for anything boring like shared interests, compatibility in the bedroom, or an appreciation for badly spelled Marvel fanfic, we’ve got some bad news. Your relationships could well be doomed. According to a recent report by the US Federal Reserve Board, one of the most important factors in a relationship’s success is compatible credit scores.

As a metric for gauging how trustworthy you are with credit, your credit score is like your school’s “permanent record” updated for the adult world. A good score means you can take out personal loans, get a mortgage, and so on. A bad one means your bank manager will split his sides laughing if you ask for a new credit card.

When a trio of economists looked through the Fed’s records, they discovered that people tended to enter “committed relationships” with someone who had a similar credit score. A “committed relationship” was defined as two non-blood relatives living at the same address even if they weren’t married. These economists also found that couples with good credit scores were less likely to separate.

Why might this be? Well, those who wrote the paper have suggested that your credit score may be a reflection of what you’re like in life. Those who pay their debts on time and manage their money well are more likely to remember birthdays, clean the house, and so on. How far this is true is another matter, but it’s still depressing to know that your love life is at the mercy of something as dull and passionless as a credit score.

1. The Richer You Are, The Longer You’ll Live


Remember when we said that death was the great leveler except where car accidents are involved? Turns out that’s not quite true. Although life expectancy is rising overall, this shift masks a worrisome trend: Life expectancy for the richest now far outstrips life expectancy for the poorest.

For US men born in 1930, being in the bottom 20 percent of income meant having a life expectancy of 76.6 years when they hit age 50 in 1980. For men born in 1960, it was essentially the same. By the time they hit their 50th birthdays in 2010, they could expect to live a total of 76.1 years. This doesn’t seem so bad until you compare it with those in the top 20 percent of income. In that same time period, their life expectancy leaped from 81.7 to 88.8 years.

That means that America’s richest can now comfortably expect 12 more years of life than their poorest counterparts, up from the extra five years that they would have enjoyed 35 years ago. It’s not just the US that’s seeing this trend, either.

In Britain, inhabitants of wealthy Chelsea can already expect to live six years longer than those in struggling Tower Hamlets less than 2 kilometers (1 mi) away. That’s the same as the difference between the UK’s average life expectancy and Vietnam’s. Looks like death is a sucker for inequality.

Source  I am Bored

Ex-Cop: Why I Think My Dad Killed the 'Black Dahlia'

Ex-Cop: Why I Think My Dad Killed the 'Black Dahlia'

video.hhm.com@930d7768-dd56-3b7c-9c78-1195e0fe31aa_FULL[1] Retired police detective Steve Hodel believes he's not only solved what the Guardian calls "one of the most brutal murders in American history," he's also come up with a motive. Hodel—who has long claimed his physician father killed 22-year-old Elizabeth Short, also known as the "Black Dahlia," along with several others—says George Hodel may have been trying to imitate the surrealist work of famous artist Man Ray, who was a family friend. As the Guardian puts it, "Two of Man Ray's photographs, Les Amoureux and Minotaur, do bear a chilling resemblance to Short's mutilated body." He may have wanted to create a "masterpiece, a crime so shocking and horrible it would endure, be immortalized through the annals of crime lore," says Steve.


Short's body, found in a vacant lot in Los Angeles in 1947, was sliced in two in what is known as a hemicorporectomy, taught while George Hodel was in medical school (the Guardian details other gruesome details of the crime). George died in 1999 and was never charged with the crime, but police records show he was a suspect, and Steve details other potential clues he has uncovered: A handwriting expert found that letters the killer sent to police bore a resemblance to his dad's scrawl. Receipts also showed George Hodel bought bags of concrete just before Short's murder; bags of the same size and brand were found near Short's body. While police seem largely uninterested in Steve's evidence, "my judge and jury are the public," says Steve.






The porn industry is like the modern Silk Road. There's endless variety and vendors of all backgrounds. Just when you think you've seen it all, you ain't seen nothing yet. Take, for instance, the degeneracy that follows as we describe 13 strange and disturbing porn categories that actually exist for some reason.

Toothless Granny
porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, toothless granny
Search Results on Pornhub: 845
Actual Porn Comment: "But why?"

Explanation: Toothless granny porn involves senior citizens who remove their dentures and place them on the bedside table. What happens after is the reason you're here and not searching toothless granny porn on Pornhub. Call it an alternative source of income to Bingo.

My Little Pony
porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, my little pony
Search Results on Pornhub:
Actual Porn Comment: "Love Applejack!"

Explanation: Friendship is magic. "My Little Pony" porn isn't. It baffles me personally to know that the ponies on the show are female, yet in porn they have penises. Large ones. Monster ones. One might even say they're hung like ponies.

Red Rhapsody
porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, red rhapsody
Search Results on xVideos: 566
Actual Porn Comment: "Boring. 12 minutes is too long."

Explanation: Red Rhapsody is a blanket term for menstrual porn. What's even more shocking is the fact that the approval ratings for these videos hover above 95 percent every time. They're seen by millions of people. The more I live, the more humanity confuses me.

Garden Gnome
porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, garden gnome
Search Results on xVideos: 45
Actual Porn Comment: "That's a very lucky gnome."

Explanation: Garden gnomes have red pointy hats. These red pointy hats fit perfectly into porno considering the prevalence of other pointy things like butt plugs. Author Fannie Tucker wrote an erotica novel titled "Garden Gnome Sex Party" about a girl who uses her lawn ornaments to pleasure herself. She also wrote a book called "Nostril F--ked by the Micropenis," which brings her into Nobel Prize territory in my book.

Japanese Newscasters
porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, japanese newscasters
Search Results on Pornhub: 844
Actual Porn Comment: "In Japan it's perfectly normal to read the news with your face covered in cum."

Explanation: When you type "Japanese newscaster" into Google, only porn comes up. Which is a shame if you truly want to be a Japanese newscaster. Here's what the smut involves: The Japanese newscaster gets a bit of...um...doughnut glaze on her face. She proceeds to give a news report. The news report is routinely interrupted by more glazing. Par for the course in Japan.

porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, yiff
Search Results on xVideos: 743
Actual Porn Comment: "I want both those furry things right here."

Explanation: Anime with animals -- bears, wolves, lions, tigers. The artwork is stunning. It's stunning that someone would create yiff as a profession. The house music in the background is a nice touch, too.

Milk Enema
porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, milk enema
Search Results on Pornhub: 847
Actual Porn Comment: "Names?!"

Explanation: Not recommended to watch while eating cereal, milk enema porn involves ladies and gay guys shooting milk out of their hindquarters. It came to light in 2015 that El Chapo Guzman, ringleader of the Sinaloa Cartel, is into milk enema porn. He called Donald Trump a "caga leche," which translates roughly to "milk pooper."

porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, apotemnophilia
Search Results on xVideos: 432
Actual Porn Comment: "I wanna hump her stump."

Explanation: That's amputee porn, if you're not into the whole Latin thing. You might think only veterans and circus carnies would be into it, but that's surprisingly untrue. For example, in 2014 a Swiss professor was busted for accidentally showing his entire class amputee porn. It's not just culturally accepted, it's international.

porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, felching
Search Results on xVideos: 314
Actual Porn Comment: "The first time I did this to an ex-girlfriend. She asked if maybe I was gay ... DUH!"

Explanation: A definition from "Fight Club" author Chuck Palahniuk: "Felching is when a man f--ks you up the butt without a rubber. He shoots his load, and then plants his mouth on your anus and sucks out his own warm sperm, plus whatever lubrication and feces are present. That's felching. It may or may not, include kissing you to pass the sperm and fecal matter into your mouth."

porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, hirsute
Search Results on xVideos: 923
Actual Porn Comment: "Do Italians ever stop talking?"

Explanation: Hirsute is an SAT word for "hairy." Women within this porn category sport beavers that look furious. Snarling, unkempt, beastly things. There's a reason I'm proud to live in 2016.

porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, tentacle
Search Results on Pornhub: 373
Actual Porn Comment: "Weirdest boner."

Explanation: The earliest appearance of tentacle porn happened in the 1814 Hokusai Katsushika novel "The Dream of a Fisherman's Wife." Apparently, that dream involved her getting ravaged by squid. Personal intuition dictates that since Japanese pornos aren't allowed to show genitalia, they have to resort to something else. Giant octopus arms are a good substitute, I guess.

porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, armpit selena gomez
Search Results on xVideos: 4,067
Actual Porn Comment: "I wish I could lick Selena Gomez's armpits."

Explanation: Ever since we sprang forth from the womb, we've been told that armpits are disgusting. It seems that the taboo of salty pit muck is what drives masses of porn enthusiasts to this genre. Sniffing and licking armpits is surprisingly a cash cow in the adult biz.

porn categories that will make you quit the internet, weird porn categories, strange porn genres, clown
Search Results on Pornhub: 96
Actual Porn Comment: "I wish this guy would stop clowning around."

Explanation: The late Hollie Stevens is credited with bringing clown porn to the mainstream. It's supposed to bring out people's playful sides, not just in porn, but in suburban bedrooms everywhere. You could theorize the appeal of it is rooted in childhood trauma, and you'd probably be right.



The 20 Funniest Police Blotters Ever

The 20 Funniest Police Blotters Ever

You can't make this stuff up...

some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_03 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_04 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_05 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_07 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_06 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_08 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_09 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_10 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_11 (1) some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_13 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_14 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_15 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_16 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_17 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_18 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_19 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_20 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_22 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_21 some_of_the_funniest_police_blotters_in_the_history_of_ever_640_high_12 (1)

Horny Professor Made Students Simulate Sex In Class: Lawsuit

Horny Professor Made Students Simulate Sex In Class: Lawsuit

gNuLC80[1] A Fordham University theater professor is a sex-obsessed “Wild Man” who came on to female colleagues and students alike — boasting he’d slept with “hundreds of women” — and once bizarrely claimed he had “masturbated with a snake,” a bombshell new lawsuit claims.

Randy theater director Matthew Maguire made sure all his colleagues knew he was in an open marriage and consistently devoted “the first 20 minutes” of each faculty meeting to a “monologue” about sex, according to the papers filed by his former underling Kris Stone.

Maguire, 63, even went so far as to produce and star in an autobiographical play he called “Wild Man,” all about his sexual escapades, and then required members of the department to attend.

Maguire also forced “attractive female students” and faculty advisers to go on dates with him, the suit alleges.

The accused horndog even announced that once his daughters entered college, he would “no longer have sex with students,” the suit says.

Stone, 44, says in the court papers that students came crying to her, saying they were “afraid of him.”


Maguire required “some students in his acting classes to perform in class acts of rape, masturbation and molestation. Mr. Maguire even directed students to perform acts of simulated anal sex
on stage,” the papers accuse.

Fed up with Maguire’s antics, Stone reported him to department chair Elizabeth Margid but nothing happened, the suit says.

Stone was not invited back to teach at Fordham the following year, despite an exemplary record during her three years as an assistant professor in the department, she claims.

She’s suing Fordham and Maguire for unspecified damages, claiming sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

A Fordham spokesman said the allegations “were found to be without merit.”

“Ms. Stone made these deliberately provocative allegations only after she was denied reappointment,” the spokesman added. “The university hired an independent investigator who concluded there was no merit to the allegations. Ms. Stone appealed and the university conducted a second investigation.”