15 “Great” Movies That Are Incredibly Boring

15 “Great” Movies That Are Incredibly Boring

Movies don’t have to be entertaining. That probably seems like a strange thing to say, but it’s true. While many of the most beloved films of all-time certainly fall under the umbrella of entertaining, a great movie can also be one that aims to inform the viewer of something they need to know, functions as a cinematic work of art on every technical level, or is otherwise notable for a reason so elusive that it takes years for people to figure out its appeal. The only thing that all great movies have in common is that they’re movies.

So, it’s perfectly possible for a boring film to still be considered great. Yet, “boring” is one of those tags that people who love a movie will defend it from like it’s their own. There’s something inexcusably insulting about the boring label. While it’s true that a boring movie can be a bad one, there are other times when boredom is simply a side effect of some ulterior motive that a filmmaker possesses. While few directors set out to make a boring film, the truth remains that there are some movies that are as undeniably snooze-inducing as they are undeniably great.

These are 15 “Great” Movies That Are Incredibly Boring.


 Boyhood is one of the most ambitious films ever made. Over the course of almost 12 years, Richard Linklater shot this intimate epic all about a boy’s journey from childhood to adulthood (or at least something approaching adulthood). It’s a technical marvel made with a lot of love.

It’s also kind of a bore. The problem with Boyhood is that it’s realistic to a fault. If you happen to have been a young lower-middle class boy who grew up in certain parts of Texas, you’ll be shocked to see just how well Boyhood captures the most minute aspects of that particular experience. If that doesn’t describe you, then you’ll likely be left to wonder why it is that almost every single scene is seemingly devoid of actual dramatic occurrences.


 Jackie Brown is sometimes thought of as the “other” Quentin Tarantino movie. Actually, Jackie Brown barely feels like a Quentin Tarantino movie at all. It’s largely devoid of gushing pop culture references, the violence is actually quite tame, and not a single Nazi gets a swastika carved into their head. Some people actually love the movie because it’s such a non-Tarantino film. In fact, some believe it’s one of the best movies of the ‘90s.

Even those who like the film will have a hard time arguing in favor of the film’s length, however. Jackie Brown is a one-and-a-half hour movie that takes about two-and-a-half hours to watch. Much of the movie’s first hour is devoted to very slow set-up, and the stylized finale intentionally re-tells a particular story occurrence several times from different points of view. Jackie Brown is a good movie, but it’s one that demands your undivided devotion.


2015’s The Revenant is one of the best movies based on a Cormac McCarthy novel that isn’t actually based on a Cormac McCarthy novel. It’s a story that relies heavily on setting and little on dialog. Despite this, it still features some incredible individual performances.

The Revenant is a film that often feels like it’s losing interest in its own story. There’s nothing wrong with a minimalist plot, but The Revenant fires out of the gate as a somewhat high-octane revenge film and eventually becomes an almost supernatural meditative journey about the human condition. That might have actually worked if it wasn’t for the fact that director Alejandro G. Iñárritu occasionally revisits the original story much like the director is a parent assuring travel-weary children that they will eventually get to their destination.


The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is not just a lesson in why most movies feature one or two-word titles; it’s a lesson in why there are no such things as a guaranteed box office successes. You would think a western film starring Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck that was promoted via some really great trailers would be well-received by audiences. Instead, the film made about $15 million off of a $30 million budget.

Many of its box-office failures can be traced back to bad word of mouth. Assassination isn’t a typical Hollywood western. While the film is undeniably beautiful – this is some of Roger Deakins’ best work – there is simply no reason for this movie to be almost three hours long. This is a case of a film that seems rather shallow from a narrative standpoint, yet seems to be completely obsessed with itself.


Apocalypse Now Redux is the 2001 re-cut of one of the most epic war movies ever made. Francis Ford Coppola labored over this version of the film in order to ensure that it was the definitive version of a movie that is still considered by many to be his masterpiece.

Instead, Redux proved to be a bit of a mixed bag. Some people loved the fact that the movie contains a few, minor additions which really do help fill in some plot gaps the original cut left behind. Others, however, found themselves staring at their watches as this over three-hour film slowly chugs towards its eventual finale. The problem isn’t that Redux is long; the problem is that much of its length can be chalked up to scenes that really don’t add anything to the story. Even people who prefer this version may hesitate to watch it over the original on the basis of runtime alone.


On the outset, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy feels like an underrated gem. A highly stylized spy thriller starring Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Firth, and John Hurt? How could that set-up possibly lead to anything but a great drama?

To be fair, the movie might actually be an underrated gem, but to find out, you’ll have to be one of the few people that can make it through through the movie without having any questions about what exactly is going on. We know that a lot of films get labeled as confusing when they’re really not (Inception), but Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy is a genuinely confounding movie. That’s not an awful thing in and of itself, but the film doesn’t really reward you for your patience with an especially notable payoff.


Spotlight’s story is an undeniably important one. This film follows a group of Boston Globe reporters trying to uncover the truth behind a series of molestation charges within the church that have seemingly been covered up for years. What it really is, though, is a message about how good journalism is more important than ever at a time when good journalism isn’t necessarily profitable.

You could say the same thing about a movie like All The President’s Men. However, while All the President’s Men is spiritually close to a spy thriller, Spotlight goes out of its way to meticulously show every detail of the journalistic investigation process. As admirable as that goal is – the film is clearly trying to show that good reporting isn’t always flashy – there are many times when you’ll find yourself wishing that the movie would abandon its message in favor of providing some traditional cinematic thrills.


Barry Lyndon is probably one of the most obscure movies on this list, which is actually quite funny when you consider that it came from one of the best directors of all-time. Still, Stanley Kubrick’s 1975 movie about an Irish man’s attempt to woo a wealthy widow has – much like Jackie Brown – long been relegated to “other movie” status.

To tell you the truth, it’s not hard to see why Lyndon doesn’t receive the love that some of Kubrick’s other movies do. Barry Lyndon is best described as an especially well-produced episode of Masterpiece Theater. Actually, it’s more like a particularly stuffy museum. It’s full of old and beautiful things, but you really need to like staring at old and beautiful things in order to derive any enjoyment from the experience.


Before we let Mr. Kubrick off the hook, let’s talk about what is arguably his greatest achievement. 2001: A Space Odyssey is maybe the most important sci-fi film ever made. It not only showed audiences that sci-fi films could be more than glorified monster movies, it forever set a new precedent in terms of special effects. It’s a landmark for the ages.

But man, it’s also a boring movie. When you think back on 2001, you tend to remember the musical score, the evil A.I., and that really trippy ending. All told, those aspects make up a minute percentage of this nearly three-hour film. Much of the rest of the movie consists of astronauts going about their daily lives or floating wordlessly in space. While these quiet scenes do help ensure the dramatic moments land – and were visually impressive for their time – this is not a movie that makes repeat viewings easy.


While we’re on the subject of boring sci-fi movies…

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…slow down. We hear you. Blade Runner is a classic. It’s intelligent, it’s beautiful, and it features some of the most memorable sequences in genre history. In fact, Blade Runner might just be one of the most beloved sci-fi movies of all-time.

All that said, Blade Runner suffers from the same problem that a lot of films on this list suffer from. It’s a movie that values visuals over everything else. Again, movies that are great to look at are always welcome, but between Harrison Ford’s resentful line deliveries – he did not have a good time working on this film – and long stretches of absolutely nothing, you start to realize that Blade Runner is one of those movies that demands you sift through some dirt in order to find the gems.


Lost in Translation is one of the most unlikely box office hits of all-time. Shot over the course of 27 days, Sofia Coppola’s movie about a washed up actor working in Japan and the young woman he falls in love ended up garnering almost $120 million at the box office off of a $4 million budget. Critics loved the film, but few felt it would find the audience that it did.

Years later, it’s easy to wake up from the film’s dreamlike qualities and start asking yourself what it is about this movie that’s really so compelling. The answer has to do with the subdued performances of Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray, as well as Coppola’s creative direction. You have to be willing to fall in love with this little slice of Tokyo that the film portrays if you’re going to be able to get through the movie’s almost nonexistent plot and lack of traditional dramatic moments. Others have criticized the movie for its almost comedic portrayal of the Japanese, which isn’t a completely unfair criticism.


 Staying on the subject of movies carried by the strength of a performance, we come to There Will Be Blood. Daniel Day-Lewis may just be the world’s greatest living actor, and his portrayal of oil baron Daniel Plainview in Paul Thomas Anderson’s tragic depiction of the dying days of the wild west may just be the actor’s finest performance.

Remove Day-Lewis’ performance from the equation, however, and you’re left with a movie that is noticeably uneven. Once the film focuses in on the finale of the battle of twisted moralities between Plainview and a Pastor named Eli, it loses much of the manic energy that carries the early sections of the movie. Again, There Will Be Blood is indeed a modern masterpiece, but it’s impossible not to sympathize with anyone who confesses that they found the film to be too slow for its own good.


 There’s a bit of a horror movie revival going on at the moment. Movies like The BabadookIt Follows, and Get Out are showing audiences that horror movies can be more than just a series of funhouse thrills scattered loosely around a vague plot. However, it is 2015’s The Witch that is cited by many as the smartest, most compelling, and most important horror movie of the modern era.

What fans of the film typically leave out is the fact that The Witch is mercilessly slow. We will always applaud horror films that don’t feel the need to scare the audience every few seconds, but there’s a strong argument to be made that The Witch isn’t even really a horror film at all. The problem is that if you remove the movie’s scarier elements, you’re left with a fairly uneventful historical drama.


Gone With the Wind is a hard movie to recommend to people who haven’t already seen it. Looking past the film’s blatant racism and other unfortunate period-specific messages, Gone With the Wind is a nearly four-hour movie (it can actually cross that four-hour mark depending on the version you watch) that tells the story of proper Southerners trying to find love and live life as the Civil War threatens to burn and bury everything that they have ever known.

For the most part, that equates to a lot of ballroom dances, fainting dames, and the slowest courtship this side of a Jane Austen novel. Gone With The Wind was the greatest cinematic spectacle the world had ever known at the time of the movie’s release, but unless you love long-winded romanticized looks at the Confederacy, it’s not for you.


 Shia Labeouf got into a bit of hot water a few years back when he described Steven Spielberg as more of a corporation than an actual person. While that’s a pretty harsh statement that stemmed from the frustrations Labeouf felt following the release of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, there is sentiment to the statement that those who watched Lincoln will probably sympathize with.

Lincoln is as pure of an Oscar bait film as you’re likely to find. It’s a historical drama about a notable American figure that checks all the right boxes (great lead actor, big name director, wonderful costumes and sets) that we associate with typically great films, but lacks any soul or character. Even worse, the movie takes several historical liberties in service of crafting a more compelling film drama, but it fails to be anything more than a technically good movie.

What other supposedly great movies are a bit of a bore? Let us know in the comments.


26 MORE Pornstars You Should Be Following On Snapchat

26 MORE Pornstars You Should Be Following On Snapchat


We gave you 37 pornstars the first time on 37 PORNSTARS YOU SHOULD BE FOLLOWING ON SNAPCHAT. It was so popular we decided to give you 26 more!

Following just your friends can be boring on Snapchat. And following just hot chicks can only get you so far. If you are following girls who have sex for a living, you are bound to see some pretty incredible stuff. (Yes, again you could just watch porn, but Snapchat is more personal)

But Snapchat keeps changing and now it is easier to follow these girls with just snapcodes. We also did some research to make the list better with more active stars.


Bree Olson



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Nikki-Benz[1] nikki-benz[1]

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Samantha-Bentley[1] samantha-bentley[1]

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Selma-Sins-300x296[1] selma-sins[1]

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We also did some research to make the list better with more active stars.







Yes, That's a Tornado in This Lawnmowing Photo

Listen, that lawn isn't going to mow itself, tornado or no tornado. A photo of a man in Alberta, Canada, taking care of his lawn chores with a twister in the background has gone viral, reports UPI. Cecelia Wessels posted it to Facebook with the caption, "My beast mowing the lawn with a breeze in his hair," referring to her husband, Theunis.

The tornado touched down in the Three Hills area of Alberta, Canada
The twister did not injure or kill anyone, though some property was damaged, I guess the tornado was too busy looking spectacular.

Check out the video and pics below... and how brave is the guy in red watching the twister towards the end? I would still be running... and running... and running.


Streamers Naked Girlfriend Surprises Him When He Thought His Camera Was Off [NSFW]

Streamers Naked Girlfriend Surprises Him When He Thought His Camera Was Off [NSFW]

Streamers have the worst luck… They always find a way to accidentally get naked, have their boobs fall out, or forgetting about the camera…

Streamer VinnyTheBoss was in the process of putting up his away screen and take a smoke break when his girlfriend surprised him with a show of her own.


Switching cameras off is hard people. Just when he thinks he is all set. SURPRISE!


She feels up on his guns. Pops a pimple?


All while thinking the camera is off!




He shows her where the camera is “off”




I blame the smoke break















10 Reality Stars Who Suck In The Bedroom (And 5 Who Rock It)

10 Reality Stars Who Suck In The Bedroom (And 5 Who Rock It)

Reality stars’ lives are supposed to be an open book; that’s what they signed on for. We see all their dirty laundry as they wave it proudly for television-viewing audiences to watch with an awkward feeling as though we’re creepy peeping Toms doing something shameful. The only difference is that we’re sitting on sofas in our own homes peeping at our big screen TVs instead.

From cat fights to real fights, from a little partying to heavy drinking, from hooking up to shacking up, we’ve seen more reality stars than we can count live out their lives on TV so we can judge them with no holds barred. We’ve seen relationships come and go, make-ups and break-ups, marriages, separations, divorces, and new romances. We’ve also gotten a taste, or an idea, at least, of what some of these reality stars are like in the sack.

Obviously, we don’t have first-hand knowledge (well, at least most of us anyway), but based on what we see on their respective shows and how they interact with their dates and mates, we can get a pretty good sense of how these reality stars perform between the sheets. “Game” has a lot to do with how things will go when these guys and gals go “all the way.”

10 of these reality stars suck in the bedroom (figuratively) and 5 of them are rock stars (and potential p*rn stars). Heck, the pay rate in p*rn is probably better than what they’re fetching on reality TV!

The 10 we say suck in bed will probably deny it, but if you’re going to bare all on TV, then we get to chime in and take a wager as to how good (we think) you are in bed. Hey, at least we’re talking about you. Wasn’t that your intention when you signed your reality show contract?

OK, time to move this discussion into the bedroom…

15. Suck: Gordon Ramsay from Hell’s Kitchen

50-year-old Gordon Ramsay of reality cooking show Hell’s Kitchen seems like hell on wheels no matter which room he’s in. His temper is hotter than a 450-degree oven, but this doesn’t mean he’s steamy in the sack. The UK native is married, but with all the time he spends cooking in the kitchen, he may not have much time left in the day to get his honey all hot and buttered. His angry demeanor must not be a turn-on, and his crude vocabulary isn’t anything close to the tender words of love songs and poems. Maybe he’s a darling when it comes to romance, but from what we can see on TV, Ramsay is a ball of stress and frustration. Hey, maybe some time in bed with his wife will relax him a little, but that may mean doom for his TV show. We’re used to Ramsay the way he is — a mean cooking machine.

14. Suck: Jon Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8

If a man with 8 kids isn’t enough to turn a woman off, perhaps Jon Gosselin’s recent stint as a stripper in Atlantic City will be the final nail in the coffin to make a gal run for the hills. We’ve seen Gosselin on reality TV with his now-ex, Kate, as they lived out some trying times while they raised their 8 kids for all the world to watch. When the couple divorced, he seemed to become an alleged “deadbeat dad” and had some questionable relationships and odd jobs. To each their own, but the fact that he’s now a stripper is a surprise, to say the least. Do you know anyone who wants to see Gosselin remove his clothing and gyrate his hips to R&B music? If so, she’s the only person who would want to get in the sack with this reality dud.

13. Suck: Mike Sorrentino from Jersey Shore

Remember Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino from the hit reality show, Jersey Shore? The cast was perpetually wasted, had sex with anything that moved (or didn’t move much, for that matter), and when they weren’t out clubbing, their motto was “GTL” — gym, tan, laundry. Heck, everyone has their priorities, but when they’re all superficial, a real connection can’t be made. And with all the booze Sorrentino has consumed in his lifetime, it’s not too probable that he’s any good in bed. He either is too sloppy and clumsy to perform well or passes out before anyone has even gotten his or her clothing off. Sure, he’s boasted about having lots of sexual partners, but have you heard about any woman bragging about his stellar performance in bed? Seems like a losing “situation.”

12. Suck: Caitlyn Jenner from Keeping Up with the Kardashians

This is a delicate one since Caitlyn Jenner has only been “Caitlyn” for a short time. But whether Bruce or Cait, Jenner is not likely very hot and heavy in the romance department. Sure, winning Olympic gold makes a person limber and agile, but sports and sex aren’t on the same playing field. Plus, Jenner doesn’t seem to be all too interested in letting loose in the seduction department. Yes, for many years, as Bruce, Jenner had a lot of personal issues to manage, but aside from those times in bed conceiving children, it’s hard to imagine there was any other romance going down on a regular basis. All speculation, naturally, but watch any rerun of Keeping Up with the Kardashians and most would concur. Maybe now that Jenner’s finally open as a woman, things will spice up in her sex life, if that’s what she wants. She’s pretty much an open book, so stay tuned to hear things straight from the source.

11. Suck: Ramona Singer from The Real Housewives of New York

Ramona Singer is recently divorced from Mario, her ex, so the 60-year-old is now back on the dating scene with guns blazing. She goes out on the town with her reality show cast mates regularly but seems to have an awkward and embarrassing manner when it comes to basic flirtation and meeting men in general. She puts on an overly sexy act which makes her look like she has no idea what the dating world is like today. Things are different from when she first tried to woo her ex Mario into her arms. For someone who’s so overtly full of herself and constantly lets the world know how great and sexy she looks for a woman of her age, she must be trying to cover up for her shortcomings. And those shortcomings may just be her agility and ability in the boudoir. Plus, she’s so damn talkative that any possible suitor wouldn’t be able to handle all the bedroom chitchat.

10. Suck: Abby Lee Miller from Dance Moms

50 isn’t so nifty for Dance Moms star, Abby Lee Miller. Without having seen her, fellas may think that Miller, as a dance teacher and choreographer, would have a stereotypical dancer’s physique, but she’s actually battling her weight in the public eye. Not to say a larger woman can’t be sexy, but it takes more than looks to turn someone on, and Miller is known to be a real “B-word,” not to mention, she recently pleaded guilty to bank fraud, landing herself a year in the slammer. Not too sexy. With all the drama and negativity going on in Miller’s life, the last thing you’d expect is that she has the time or the energy to tend to a lover in bed. And with her mean-spirited attitude, it would be a miracle anyone would even give her a first date, let alone a chance to be intimate. Miller is not a killer in the sack.

9. Suck: Lisa Vanderpump from Vanderpump Rules & The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

As a prim and proper restaurant owner and millionaire, it doesn’t seem like Lisa Vanderpump would be a freak in the sheets or anything close to it. She wouldn’t want to mess up her fancy silk bedding or her freshly-styled hairdo. Plus, although it seems like she and her hubby Ken get along well, there isn’t much sizzle between them, at least not as seen on television. While her Vanderpump Rules much-younger cast mates are always talking about sex and relationships, Vanderpump may offer advice, but she’s never one to share her own private bedroom secrets. But that’s OK; she’s a super gorgeous woman with a head full of brains and lots of business savvy. You can’t be a winner in all areas of life, and it doesn’t seem like Ken is much of a tiger in bed, unless he has a stash of Viagra on his nightstand.

8. Suck: Nick Viall from The Bachelor

Nick Viall from the most recent season of The Bachelor may have bedded countless of women, but not one has come out and said he’s a stud between the sheets. In all the irritating interviews and post-show TV segments, many of the women sent home by Viall seemed bummed that they were not selected as the object of his attention and given that coveted “final rose,” but perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. If you follow the old adage that a man’s moves on the dance floor indicate his sexual talents in the bedroom, then his recent stint on Dancing with the Stars will tell ya that his hanky-panky prowess may be subpar. At least The Bachelor boy is getting more than his deserved 15 minutes of fame, which is about 14 minutes longer than the showoff probably lasts in the sack.

7. Suck: Hank Baskett from Kendra On Top

Wide receiver Hank Baskett may be a winner on the football field, but as for playing the field? He may need to put in some more practice time. While Baskett is married to reality darling and former “girlfriend” of Hugh Hefner, Kendra Wilkinson, it seems as though his pussycat demeanor and alleged romp outside the marriage makes him a dud in the sack with his wife. She seems like she’s the one in control in all areas of their lives, so why should their behavior in the bedroom be any different? Wilkinson seems to be a free sexual spirit, and Baskett seems to just lay back like a lump and watch his wife do her thing. Baskett is a handsome fella and has a fit body, so perhaps eye candy is enough to keep his wife satisfied. But all that lying and crying Baskett has done on TV is not appealing, no matter his fame and fortune.

6. Suck: Theresa Caputo from Long Island Medium

Theresa Caputo from reality show Long Island Medium may be able to communicate with the dead, but how do her actions in the bedroom translate? Well, if she’s always seeing ghosts who’ve crossed over, she may not feel comfortable getting her freak on with her hubby because can’t those dead people see her, too? Plus, with all the sticky hairspray and those long fake nails she wears, getting it on with the medium may be a big challenge. Sure, it seems like Caputo and her hubby have a great marriage, and they enjoy the spotlight and the fame they’ve achieved on reality TV, but some marriages are all about love and companionship, not foreplay and negligées. As long as Caputo’s seeing spirits, she won’t be seeing much time in the bedroom.

5. Rock: Khloe Kardashian from Keeping Up with the Kardashians

Once unpleasantly known as the “fat, funny sister,” Khloe Kardashian is definitely no longer the “ugly duckling” of the bunch, not that she really ever was. But Kardashian’s honest and blunt attitude and no-holds-barred behavior makes us believe that the tell-it-like-she-sees-it girl is also a does-it-like-she-means-it vixen in the bedroom with her man of the moment. She’s now totally embracing her newly fit and curvy body, and steamy sex appeal oozes out of her every pore. She’s dated some of the biggest and most famous hunks of the moment, and she’s definitely getting down and dirty with each and every one of them. She’s no wallflower in her public life or behind closed doors, and she’ll be the first to admit it. Kardashian is definitely keeping up with her sex life!

4. Rock: Kandi Burruss from The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss is no stranger to sex. Along with her fame as a successful musician and songwriter, she’s also a business owner with a sex-toy line. She’s open to discussing her sex life and sex in general on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, and her husband always has a wide grin from ear to ear. Surely, she tries out her sex toys before they go to production, so the couple’s sex life must be new and exciting all the time. Heck, they just had a baby, so you know they’re getting it on. Burruss has also mentioned that she and her man are open to threesomes, so who knows what else she’s into? With such an open-minded view on sex, certainly, Burruss is a queen between her queen-sized sheets with her king.

3. Rock: Brandi Glanville from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

44 is the new 22 for Ms. Brandi Glanville, who loves to be as sexy as she can possibly be at all turns. She was once married to the hot actor, Eddie Cibrian, but that relationship was over when he was caught cheating with country superstar LeAnn Rimes on the set of a TV movie. But Glanville didn’t waste any time jumping back into the single life and dating around. She went for younger guys, older gents, and all sorts of other men in between. She dresses provocatively and acts in line with her looks. She loves her wine and going out with her girlfriends to flaunt her body… she was a model, after all. Glanville doesn’t shy away from discussing her sex life during interviews and on reality TV, and her free sexual attitude surely makes its way into the bedroom when she’s with her lover du jour.

2. Rock: Fredrik Eklund from Million Dollar Listing New York

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but this Swedish fish has been already hooked in by his equally hot hubby, artist Derek Kaplan. Yes, Fredrik Eklund of Million Dollar Listing New York is rich, handsome, and ready to rule the real estate world. He’s on top of everything in life, and that includes his alone time with his man. Eklund is a winner at anything he puts his mind to, so there’s no way that his sex life is suffering. He keeps in super shape, he’s tall and slim, and he seems to know all the right moves both personally and professionally. Not to mention, in order to make ends meet back in the day, Eklund appeared in a few p*rnos, so he must have picked up a few tricks to use in the bedroom.

1. Rock: Erika Girardi from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Erika Girardi is the wife of a much older fella, and he’s super-rich and wildly successful in the legal arena. But that’s not enough to keep this blond and busty reality star satisfied. She also goes by “Erika Jayne,” a sultry singer and nightclub performer known for her sexy style, provocative lyrics, and erotic performances. She’s 45-years-old, but Girardi’s still a knockout, making us believe she’s a lioness in the bedroom. Sure, her main man may be far older and grayer, but with the sex appeal his wife has, he must fare just fine in between the sheets. That “little blue pill” can do wonders. Girardi famously went to a party on her reality show without wearing any underwear, so she must not be too uptight!

15 “Scientific’’ Things In Movies That Are Best Taken With A Pinch Of Salt

15 “Scientific’’ Things In Movies That Are Best Taken With A Pinch Of Salt

Movies connected with science always garner particular interest. They not only entertain us but enrich us with new knowledge (for instance, about the workings of the Universe). But you shouldn’t always believe the stuff that happens onscreen. Even though the current popular trend is to involve science experts (mathematicians, linguists, etc) in movie productions, this often amounts to little more than a publicity stunt.

Today Chaostrophic invites you to take a look at some examples of movie directors pushing aside the laws of nature and common sense in favor of exciting plot twists!

The Martian

Andy Weir, author of the bestselling novel "The Martian," has admitted including this gaffe on purpose — to increase the dramatic effect.

Read more about gravity on Mars.


Explanations from Martin Barstow, President of the Royal Astronomical Society (United Kingdom).

Comments by Martin Barstow, President of the Royal Astronomical Society (United Kingdom).


And here’s what bloggers write on the issue.


Explanations from Bradley Voytek, UCSD Neuroscience Professor.


Angels & Demons

The antimatter bomb plot, described in "Angels & Demons," alarmed the public so much that CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) had to create a special page on its website to debunk the info provided in Dan Brown’s novel and its movie adaptation.

The Day After Tomorrow


In the words of Robert Frost, Instructor and Flight Controller at NASA:

"The NASA communications satellites are 22,300 miles above the Earth. The International Space Station is at an altitude of about 250 miles. There is no way to physically explain how, in a matter of minutes, an explosion could take out those satellites and then have the debris from those collisions hit the Hubble Telescope and the ISS."

Without such a protective suit, you can lose consciousness from overheating. Also, preparations for exiting the spacecraft to work in space take a few hours, so you can’t just unzip the suit to go to the toilet (this’ll prove a very lengthy process). Proof: a post by NASA astronaut Garrett Reisman; a science documentary called "How Space Suits Work."




Can you click on '1' when a '1' pops up but a '2' when a '2' pops up?




10 US Government Experiments Done On Its Own Citizens

10 US Government Experiments Done On Its Own Citizens


Throughout history, the US government has managed to keep secrets hidden from the public. When they release these secrets, many are quite surprised and astonished at everything they’ve managed to get away with. Countless conspiracies involving programs such as Area 51 and MKULTRA have become mainstream in modern-day culture. The desire for such secretive knowledge is ever abundant, and no matter how much we think we know, we’re always proven wrong.

Despite the current rise in conspiracy theories involving government testing, there are many verified instances of such cases that have remained hidden from the public for decades. Here are ten of them.

10 Tuskegee Syphilis Study

The US Public Health Service conducted the Tuskegee Syphilis Study beginning in 1932. A total of 600 African American men were chosen to be involved in the study: 399 with syphilis and 201 without. Those with syphilis were denied proper treatment for the disease; the government wanted to ensure that they were able to track its progression without interruption by medication. The men were never given the option to participate in the study because they were never told it was an experiment.

The experiment was only supposed to last for six months, but it became a long-term study that lasted up to 40 years. When penicillin became the main drug to treat syphilis, the patients were denied access and weren’t given the option to opt out of the study. In exchange, they were given free medical exams and burial services. A lawsuit was later filed, and the government granted free burial services to all surviving patients.[1]

9 Stateville Penitentiary Malaria Study

The Stateville Penitentiary malaria study was conducted by the US government in the 1940s at Stateville Penitentiary, which is located in Illinois. It involved over 400 prisoners who were illegally infected with malaria and subjected to studies. The goal was to test experimental drugs in an effort to find a cure for the disease. In addition, the tests were administered and documented solely by the prisoners themselves. Not only were they the patients—they were also the proctors.

The prisoners also decided which of them would take part in the experiment. The testing process counted toward their sentence and allowed some to serve much less time. The prisoners would also choose who was eligible to receive a reduced sentence. However intriguing this may have been for the prospective patients, the experimental drugs often had irreversible side effects.[2]

One of the most famous prisoners involved in the experiment was Nathan Leopold, who many may recognize from the Leopold and Loeb murder case in 1924. He stated that the prisoners would often deal with the horrifying side effects without complaint. Despite the immorality of this experiment, it was praised by many for the benefits it would create for society. Citizens saw it as a sacrifice to find the cure for malaria at the prisoners’ expense.

8 Navy-Sponsored Beef Blood Transfusions

Edward Cohn, a biochemist working at Harvard University, conducted an experiment in 1942 with sponsorship by the US Navy. The Navy had contacted Cohn to engage in this secret project to discover a possible biological weapon. His work involved injecting prisoners with cow blood in an effort to detect a protein that could be used in the event of an upcoming war. The 64 subjects who were injected with the cow blood all suffered catastrophic effects, ending in death.

Although this government experiment ended in failure, it was soon learned from Cohn’s methods that the true way to identify the protein was not in cow blood but in human blood. The methods were replicated using human blood, and the protein was not only isolated, but it was also pure. Instead of being used to harm others, this protein was later used to effectively treat shock patients.[3]

7 Plutonium Testing

During the mid-1940s, the US was busy with the Manhattan Project, the effort to create the atomic bomb. Because the effects of radiation from the bomb were largely unknown, the government spent years studying them, including with experimentation on its own citizens.

Plutonium is one of the many radioactive materials the government used in these types of tests. Patients would receive doses of radioactive plutonium in the form of injections. A majority of these patients were terminally ill, which made the results of the experiment difficult to fully understand. They were never told what was being done to them, partly because the word “plutonium” remained a government secret until after World War II.

Although most of the patients did not die from effects of the plutonium injections, the government’s secrecy and willingness to subject its own citizens to such experiments raised suspicion from many.[4]

6 WWII Mustard Gas Experiments

During World War II, the US government conducted many experiments on its own soldiers to test the efficiency of gas masks and protective clothing. It is estimated that nearly 60,000 human subjects were used during the studies, mostly Caucasian men. However, many Japanese and African Americans were also used to identify any possible skin differences within the experiment.

There were several different tests used to determine the strength of such protective clothing, in both gas chambers and the field. Field tests involved releasing the chemicals in an open area outdoors, using human subjects to test particular clothing items and monitor the effects the chemicals had on nature, such as on animals and water quality. There is also evidence that some of the soldiers were not offered any protective gear or clothing. In chamber tests, troops wore the masks and clothing and stood in the deadly gases from one to four hours. The tests were repeated daily using the same people as subjects until they exhibited dangerous reactions to their exposure.[5]

5 Operation Paperclip

Photo credit: NASA

In Operation Paperclip, the US raced against the Soviet Union to attain as many Nazi scientists as possible before an impending war. The many advances German scientists had made, including synthetic rubber and much more, led to them being the most sought-after researchers. If the US could employ these scientists, they could use their intelligence to develop many more advancements, ensuring national security if the Cold War were to escalate into another world war against the Soviets.

The US paid the Nazi scientists to work for the government, providing them with immunity from prosecution for their offenses following World War II. This immunity allowed them to escape jail and possibly execution. The US government also offered to care for the scientists’ families if they agreed to work for them. Originally, only rocket scientists were wanted, but the US eventually employed up to 1,600 Nazis until 1990.[6] These actions were highly illegal and remained extreme government secrets for many years.

4 Operation Sea-Spray

In September 1950, the US Army was involved in a secretive experiment to test the possibility of biological warfare near the West Coast. They did so by releasing biological weapons into the streets of San Francisco to test their effects. They released a type of bacteria to gain information on how it would affect the population. This was done without the citizens’ consent.

By the end of Operation Sea-Spray, six different biological warfare tests had been performed on the residents of San Francisco. These releases killed many people and hurt several more. The government then concluded that it is very likely for a coastal city to be affected by such warfare.

One of the many deaths caused by this experiment was Edward Nevin. He died after bacteria from the government testing spread from his urinary tract to his heart. Other cases soon followed him, but many were cured after long, tortuous hospital stays.[7]

3 Operation Big Buzz

Photo credit: Muhammad Mahdi Karim

This catastrophic experiment conducted by the US government in 1955 may not seem as harmful as it was. The government released millions of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, known to carry yellow fever, into Georgia parks. The bugs quickly dispersed into the suburbs. The goal was to determine how effective insects could be in biological warfare by tracking biting habits on citizens.[8]

Although these mosquitoes weren’t infected with yellow fever, the government still tested the potential for biological warfare by experimenting on its own citizens, with the people of Savannah, Georgia, being the target. It is also recorded that government officials disguised themselves as health care officials in order to effectively record the mosquito bites and track their locations.

Many other experiments similar to Operation Big Buzz were also performed, such as Operation Drop Kick and Operation Big Itch. Operation Drop Kick is very similar in that they both tested mosquitoes in Georgia. Operation Big Itch involved the government releasing fleas into the public to study their biting and travel habits. Like the goal for Operation Big Buzz, Operation Big Itch was meant to determine how effective fleas would be in spreading disease in biological warfare. All of these studies show the government’s determination for developing advanced biological warfare methods.

2 Willowbrook Experiments

Photo credit: The Review & Debates

The extremely shocking Willowbrook experiments were aimed at discovering a cure for hepatitis. The continuous study lasted from 1956 to 1970. The subjects were taken from Willowbrook State School, which is located in Staten Island, New York. They were mentally handicapped children.

The series of tests involved injecting the children with experimental drugs that were meant to cure hepatitis. Not only were the children unable to provide consent, but they would often die from the treatments. When questioned about their actions, officials justified themselves by stating that hepatitis was prevalent in the institution, and nearly all patients would become infected anyway. The children who did not contract the disease naturally were infected by the administrators to carry on the experiment.[9]

1 Measles Vaccine Experiment

Experiments involving the measles vaccine were conducted from 1990 to 1991 by the Centers for Disease Control. The doctors wanted to know if they could use it to replace natural antibodies in babies. To test this, doctors injected thousands of babies in the Third World with the drug. The vaccine eventually led to several immune problems in the babies and caused many deaths, although the exact number is unknown.

Knowing the drug had this effect, the government still tested on African American and Hispanic babies in Los Angeles. They injected more than 1,500 babies in the United States with the experimental drug. However, the study came to an end when it was discovered that African children were dying at an alarming rate up to three years after receiving the vaccinations.

The CDC later admitted that the parents were unaware that their children were being injected with an experimental drug that had not yet been verified by the Federal Drug Administration.[10]

'We Will Finally Touch the Sun'

'We Will Finally Touch the Sun'


NASA is going to the sun. More specifically, it's launching an unmanned probe next year that will travel closer to the star than any spacecraft has done previously. "It's a spacecraft loaded with technological breakthroughs that will solve many of the largest mysteries about our star," says Nicola Fox of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. In less scientific terms, per the Telegraph: "We will finally touch the sun." The nuts and bolts:

  • The mission: The 10-foot probe will launch in July or August of 2018 and eventually get to within 3.7 million miles of the sun, about seven times closer than any previous spacecraft. Eventually, it will be whizzing around the sun at a speed of 450,000 miles per hour, reports CNN. The mission ends in 2025.
  • Corona: The probe will actually fly into the outermost part of the sun's atmosphere, called the corona, per a mission overview at NASA that touts "humanity's first visit to a star."
  • The heat: The probe will rely on a 4.5-inch-thick carbon-composite solar shield to help it withstand temperatures up to 2,550 degrees Fahrenheit, reports Orlando's WKMG. Instruments will remain at room temperature.
  • The name: The probe's name has been changed to the Parker Solar Probe to honor astrophysicist Eugene Parker, who's credited with discovering solar wind. Parker, who turns 90 in June, is a professor emeritus at the University of Chicago, and the Guardian recounts that the theory he put forward in 1958 about a stream of charged particles flowing from the sun was once thought to be "crazy."
  • A first: This is the first time NASA has named a mission after a living scientist. "I'm certainly greatly honored," said the man himself, per Space.com.
  • Two puzzles: Scientists hope to better understand two things in particular: "How is the solar wind accelerated, and why is the ... corona so much hotter than the solar surface?" (It's 3 million degrees Fahrenheit vs. 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit.)
  • Why it matters: Generally, solar storms are relatively harmless when they reach Earth, but these particle bursts occasionally wreak havoc on satellites and here on Earth, and they have the potential to be devastating. "The more we know about how these processes work, the better we can get at predicting when they will happen," writes Loren Grush at the Verge.



Bounty Hunters, Fugitive Shoot Each Other At Car Dealership In Texas [Graphic]

Two bounty hunters and the fugitive from Minnesota they were tracking shot each other dead in a hail of bullets at a Texas car dealership in front of panicked customers, officials said Wednesday.

The two men, identified by authorities as Fidel Garcia and Gabriel Bernal from Corpus Christi, had pursued Ramon Michael Hutchinson, 49, on Tuesday to a Nissan dealership in Greenville, located about 50 miles northeast of Dallas.

Stew Peters, a bail investigator with the private Minnesota-based company U.S. Fugitive Recovery and Extradition, told the Associated Press that Hutchinson had been sought since March when he failed to appear for a court hearing in Hennepin County, which includes Minneapolis. Hutchinson, listed in court records as a resident of St. Paul, Minnesota, was facing several charges that included assaulting a law enforcement officer.

The two had tracked Hutchinson to the dealership, and after waiting for several hours, approached him Tuesday evening.

Garcia and Bernal then drew their weapons and Hutchinson responded by drawing his own pistol, which he dropped, according to a statement from Kathy Lucas, spokeswoman for the city of Greenville. The men fought as Hutchinson retrieved his weapon and began firing. The other two fired as well and Lucas said about 20 shots were fired in the span of six seconds. Customers and employees fled for cover.

Cell phone video released Wednesday by the city of Greenville and posted by FOX 4 News shows the moments before several rounds of shots ring out.





Footage from a gas station that shows an obnoxious girl argue with a female manager that leads to an unexpected slap... followed by a quick take-down... until the cops show up. **narrated by security company**




15 Things That Happen During Real Sex That Porn Doesn't Show You

15 Things That Happen During Real Sex That Porn Doesn't Show You

Thinking that porn is an accurate representation of sex is like thinking Gaurdians of the Galaxy is an accurate representation of life as an astronaut. There's a lot that happens in reality that doesn't happen in the videos. Thankfully, the nice people at AskReddit asked people to share the less-than-pleasant truths about human sexuality that are glaringly left on the cutting room floor. Have a look at our disgustingly relatable favorites below:

5 Funny TV Shows From The 2000s That Deserve Reboots

5 Funny TV Shows From The 2000s That Deserve Reboots

It seems like every week we hear of an old show or movie getting rebooted or remade (but never both). Everything from MTV's Sweet Sixteen to the classic film Dirty Dancing to Disney's That's So Raven is getting a second wind these days. And while it's annoying that Hollywood seems to be completely out of original ideas, there are a few funny shows from the 2000s we wouldn't mind seeing back on the small screen...



With so many social media influencers willing to do whatever it takes to gain more followers, there's definitely potential for a fun and fresh take on MTV's beloved Jackass. And while the original cast's camaraderie and completely dumbfounding willingness to do anything for a laugh is really what made this show great, surely a second generation of jackasses is out there and ready to endure all the pain and humiliation in the world in order to entertain us once again.


Freaks and Geeks

Judd Apatow's Freaks and Geeks probably didn't last long because it was ahead of its time, but in this day and age of 13 Reasons Why, and with technology adding a world of complication to being a teenager, the world might just be ready to give this show another shot. Even though the original cast members (including Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jason Segel) are obviously too old to reprise their roles, it would be an awesome bonus if the reboot was able to snag a few on them for some A-list cameos.


Party Down

Like Freaks and Geeks, Party Down probably suffered a case of bad timing when it was airing on Starz. Now that cable networks have the power of social media to promote its shows, surely Party Down would be able to find a larger loyal audience this time around. Of course, re-casting would be a must since the show's stars, Adam Scott and Lizzie Caplan, are probably a little too busy with their other shows to go back to playing caterers trying to make it big in Hollywood.



Ricky Gervais' Extras was pure comic genius, and just like the U.S. version of The Office was a smash success when it came out, a U.S. version of Extras could be HUGE. And since the U.K. version of the show was so damn good that it attracted A-list talent like David Bowie, Kate Winslet, and Sir Ian McKellan — who were all willing to play insane versions of themselves — a U.S. version would basically be guaranteed to have dozens of A-list American actors lining up for a chance to make fun of themselves.


Drake and Josh

Drake and Josh continue to be icons in the internet world, and every Tumblr user on the planet would be down to see what the shenanigans the brothas would get up to as adults. And although actors Josh Peck and Drake Bell have found some success in the years following the show, they'd be guaranteeing themselves a home run thanks to their loyal fanbase if they ever decided to reprise their most beloved roles. And OH THE MEMES!!

People Share Stories Of The Most Cringeworthy Ways They've Ever Been Hit On

People Are Share Stories Of The Most Cringeworthy Ways They've Ever Been Hit On

It takes a lot of guts to go up to someone you think is cute and make a move. Some of us are blessed with a natural ability to be charming AF, but for the rest of us, flirting involves a lot of blank stares, sweating, and the inability to control the volume of our voice. A recent AskReddit thread asked users to share stories of the most awkward ways someone has tried to hit on them. Hopefully they'll make you feel better about your flirting skills.

Wow, jschong2, telling you that you're not pretty didn't work? So strange!

"You can tell my feelings for you are genuine because you're not that pretty, so you know I'm not being superficial."

You know what they say, MoonLover10792. It ain't love if they don't make up a death in the family to get you to go out with them.

When I was in High School this guy told me that the reason he was so in love with me was because I reminded him of his dead mother.

She wasn't dead.

knutmeg never asked to be serenaded at their place of work. And yet, here we are.

This guy I used to work with in high school at a small bookstore once sang Bohemian Rhapsody to me, word for word, while on his knees after telling me he'd been practicing for me...why? i have absolutely no idea.

merelyanotherstudent's story is certainly awkward, but it's actually kind of adorable too. We hope that dude figured out how to hit on whoever it was he actually wanted to hit on.

Some random guy in the bathroom of a library came up to me while I was washing my hands and said:"Hey man, how do I hit on girls? Actually, to be more specific, how do I hit on you? Not that you're a girl. I hope you're gay too. This is weird, we're in a bathroom. I've gotta go".

The guy in the stall and I had a good chuckle over that one.

streamstroller probably made the right call in not accepting this person's offer to take her on a picnic in a graveyard, but we can't help but wonder what would've happened if she did.

I was working as a cocktail waitress. A customer said, "do you want to have lunch with me in a cemetery somewhere?" Um...nope.

ThatOneCorgiGuy knows what they're worth. And it's more than $35.

Asked if i would sleep with him. When i said no, the proposal was spiced up with an offer of $35. I wasn't as much offended by the offer as i was offended by it only being $35

Apparently euphemisms aren't the way to Back2Bach's heart, but you have to admit this one's pretty good.

After an organ concert I played, a newer gay tenor in my choir took me aside and asked if I'd like to come back to his place "for a different type of organ recital."

Turns out it's going to take more than "I don't have syphilis" to win kindchains' heart.

This happened just recently. I'm at work on my lunch break. I usually take my lunch during the slower times, so I get the break room to myself and can watch tv by projecting my tablet screen to the tv. Coworker comes in as I'm watching The Office (US) on Netflix. It gets to the part where a guy in a Ben Franklin costume says he doesn't have syphilis. Coworker turns around and says "haha, neither do I..."

I just pretend I didn't hear him. He then kinda whispers "so I'm good to go, kindchains...haha". He then procedes to take way too long just to stir his coffee, all the while sighing and muttering loudly, then finally leaves without another word.

Oh, God, he dropped his phone in the cherries. We're sorry you had to clean up this mess, demicratic.

I worked at a frozen yogurt shop and some kid came up to the counter with the toppings as I was trying to clean it up and thrust his phone out at me. I just stared at it for a second and then asked him what he was doing. We just stared at each other for a good 15 seconds before he said "put your number in my phone". I was like, "no" and then he dropped his phone in the cherries so I had to clean that up too.

Amadal might win the award for weirdest pick-up line.

He told me he was a satanist and wanted to marry a woman dressed in black latex so every one would know she was a whore.

When another commenter jokingly asked Amadal how long the two of them had been together, she provided this update:

I actually saw him for a couple weeks after because I was a bit intrigued. Alas, I wasn't the whore for him.

Sure, these stories are pretty cringeworthy, but hey. Love is hard and sometimes we say dumb things to people we're attracted to. At the end of the day, we're all just weirdos looking for love. Right?

(Except for that guy who told jschong2 she wasn't pretty. He's the worst.)


Charlotte McKinney Is Clearly A Freaking Ten In A Bikini

Charlotte McKinney Is Clearly A Freaking Ten In A Bikini

I’m not a massive fan of the beach as at the end of the day I end up with a terrible sunburn, sand everywhere and another reminder that I need to workout. But I would like the beach a lot more if I ran into Charlotte McKinney. But since that won’t be happening anytime soon I’m glad I have these photos.

The 23-year-old took her holiday weekend to head out to a beach in Los Angeles. And let’s all just say that the model knows she has a great bod because she had no problem showing it off while in a tiny bikini. And since you folks aren’t here for my amazing writing, let’s just check out the photos of McKinney at the beach.

Have at it:











WOW! WHAT THE F*CK IS WRONG WITH THIS DUDES KIDS?! They are roid raging just like their coach (or Dad)!

The coach said he could bury him on his 1000’s of acres in front of the kids! What a wild group of people.

YouTube- This happened at the Fairfield Pacific Little League baseball fields in Northern California , I was skateboarding at the park near by & I went to leave & noticed a huge baseball radial crack in my windshield. So after asking around witness’ told me they saw the ball go over the fence and hit my car . I walk over to them and ask how he wants to go about paying for my windshield he immediately got upset with me and accused me of being a moron for parking there ( in the parking lot..) I explain how its the same difference if you are golfing and you hit a car on a road just because you’re golfing doesn’t shift the blame onto the driver. So he gets pissed and his kids get pissed as the dad goes back to the car i hear him say something along the lines of ” if he gets too close to me beat him ” and she goes and grabs a bat from the trunk ( about the time the video starts )


He blurred the video so he didn’t film the minors but the audio paints a pretty clear picture.

First off its blurred because I don’t think I have the legal grounds to post videos of these kids even if they were actively committing a crime ..

You will hear his children threaten me with baseeball bats and make it out in the video even though its blurred, you will also hear the father say he belongs to a gun club and Im messing with the wrong guy or something to that effect and then at the end of the video you’ll hear him go into more fine detail about how he would murder me and how NO ONE would ever find me.



Vanity will perpetually fuel a woman’s quest for beauty, even if it means making their looks a lot worse when enhancements fall apart.

Butt implants are meant to make a woman’s behind look bigger and more plump, but one female dancer’s pair made her buttocks look like they took on a life of their own when they appeared to have imploded inside.



While dancing and twerking to the beat of the music during Brazil’s Carnival festivities, the woman’s butt were clearly flapping and shaking in the most bizarre way possible, making it clear the implants have detached from under her skin.

Nasty AF.





21 Lies People Told Their Co-Workers

21 Lies People Told Their Co-Workers

50 Ingenious Notes Left For Assholes Who Can't Park

50 Ingenious Notes Left For Assholes Who Can't Park

Top 10 Moral Dilemmas - WWYD?

Top 10 Moral Dilemmas - WWYD?

Thankfully most of us do not come across dire situations that present a moral dilemma, but it is always a very interesting exercise to consider a dilemma and our reaction to it. So, I now present you with a list of ten agonizing moral dilemmas, in no particular order. (Be sure to tell us what you would do in the comments.)

10. Concentration Camp

You are an inmate in a concentration camp. A sadistic guard is about to hang your son who tried to escape and wants you to pull the chair from underneath him. He says that if you don’t he will not only kill your son but some other innocent inmate as well. You don’t have any doubt that he means what he says. What should you do?


9. The Accident

You are an emergency worker that has just been called to the scene of an accident. When you arrive you see that the car belongs to your wife. Fearing the worst you rush over to see she is trapped in her car with another man.

She sees you and although barely conscious, she manages to mouth the words “I’m sorry”…

You don’t understand, but her look answers you question. The man next to her is her lover with whom she’s been having an affair.

You reel back in shock, devastated by what her eyes have just told you. As you step back, the wreck in front of you comes into focus. You see your wife is seriously hurt and she needs attention straight away. Even if she gets attention there’s a very high chance she’ll die.

You look at the seat next to her and see her lover. He’s bleeding heavily from a wound to the neck and you need to stem the flow of blood immediately. It will only take about 5 minutes to stop, but it will mean your wife will definitely die.

If you tend to your wife however, the man will bleed to death despite the fact it could have been avoided.

Who would you choose to work on?

8. Spam Filtering

You are the network administrator for a rather large company. You have a young family and need your job to support them. As part of your responsibility as a network administrator is to monitor the emails for the organization. Usually this just means occasionally allow through emails for staff members that have been accidentally blocked by the spam filters.

One day you get a helpdesk request from a staff member asking for an email to get released. Normally it’s standard procedure except this time the request has come from the wife of a very good friend of yours. You recognize the name on the helpdesk request so quickly attend to the problem. As part of the procedure you need to manually open up the email to ensure that it isn’t spam, so you do and you discover that it certainly isn’t spam. You find that it’s actually an email to your friends wife from her lover. You scan the rest of the contents of the email and there is no doubt that she has been having an affair for some time now.

You release the email, but you can’t decide what to do. You’re initial reaction is to call your friend up and tell him about the email, however you quickly realize that company policy is very strict about revealing the contents of confidential emails of staff members regardless of the contents and unless someone’s life is in immediate danger, under no circumstances are you permitted to reveal the information.

In any case you know that revealing this information presents great risk, because even if you don’t do it directly, there is a good chance that the dots will be joined somewhere along the line and you will be found out. However you feel that by not telling you friend that you are aiding his wife get away with adultery and this troubles you greatly.

What do you do?

7. The Neighbor

You have a wonderful daughter. She is 8 years old and has always been a happy outgoing child. But a while ago something terrible happened, she was raped. You are quite sure that the person who raped her is your neighbor. Your daughter is so traumatized she has stopped speaking, but she in other ways been able to convince you that he is the one. Unfortunately not enough evidence can be found to convict him.

You try to put your life back together. You move to another house and try to help your daughter in any way you can, but it is clear that the experience has ruined her life and that of your family.

One evening you have taken your wife out to dinner at a restaurant when you spot your former neighbor at another table. He is eating alone and looks unhappy. You quickly finish eating and leave. The next day you find out that your former neighbors wife has been murdered. Enough evidence to convict him of the murder is soon found, and at first you are very happy, finally his will get what he deserves.

But then you remember that you saw him in the restaurant at the time of the murder. you know he did not murder his wife. Maybe he paid someone else to do it… You remember that the police said that it had been made it look like a burglary, maybe it was…

You sit down to think. If you keep quiet he will be convicted for the murder, and the real murderer will go free If you give him an alibi, he will go free, but you can’t be sure the real murderer will be found, and it is possible that the evil bastard paid someone to do it… What do you do?

6. The Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman leading a group of people out of a cave on a coast is stuck in the mouth of that cave. In a short time high tide will be upon them, and unless she is unstuck, they will all be drowned except the woman, whose head is out of the cave. Fortunately, (or unfortunately,) someone has with him a stick of dynamite. There seems no way to get the pregnant woman loose without using the dynamite which will inevitably kill her; but if they do not use it everyone will drown. What should they do?

5. Nieces and Daughters

You and your family are going away for the weekend. Your daughter is 7 and is best friends with your niece, who is also 7. Your families are very close and your daughter asks if your niece can come with you on your holiday. You have been on holidays together before and don’t see any problem, so you agree.

You arrive at your holiday destination and the house you are staying at backs onto a beach. The girls ask if they can go for a swim. You tell them that they have to wait until you have unpacked the car, but they can play on the sand directly in front of the beach. They run down to the sand, and you begin to unpack the car. After about 5 minutes, you hear screaming coming from the direction of the beach and it sounds like the girls.

You run down to see what the matter is, and you discover that they hadn’t listened to you and have gone for a swim. There is no one else on the beach and the girls are caught in a rip.

The girls are really struggling, particularly your niece who isn’t as strong a swimmer as your daughter.

You swim out quickly, but when you get there, you realize that there is no way you will be able to get both the girls back into shore on your own. You realize that an agonizing decision will need to be made.

You need to decide which of the girls you will rescue first, you have enough strength and energy to rescue them both, but you can only do it one at a time. You look at the two girls, and your niece is really struggling to hold her head above water and you know if you take your daughter back first, there will be little or no chance that she will survive.

Your daughter is struggling also, but is much stronger in the water and you estimate that if you take your niece back to shore first, there’s probably a 50% chance that your daughter will be able to stay afloat long enough for you return, but you simply don’t know how long she will hold on for.

4. Hit and Run

One morning you are driving to work, and as per usual you are running a bit late, so you are driving a touch faster than the speed limit. You reach down to your stereo to change the CD, when all of a sudden your car hits something solid. You spin to a stop, but not before several more cars have run into you and each other in an attempt to avoid the accident.

As you look up and out of your car, you can see that you hit a person, and that the person is not looking very good. In fact, you are sure that they are dead. You shakily get out of your car, and look around at the damage that has been caused. Several cars have been badly smashed up, but more importantly you have killed someone with your careless driving.

As you are standing there in shock, a woman comes up to you, tears running down her face, and obviously very shook up. As a natural reaction, you ask her what is wrong. She gives you a funny look, and then she explains that she just ran over someone. You ask her where this person is, and she points towards the person that you ran over!

You don’t understand why, but for some reason this woman thinks that she caused this accident and killed the person, when in fact you are well aware that you were the cause. Whoever accepts the blame is likely to be placed in jail for a very long time. If you let the woman take the blame, there is a very good chance you will get away with it all. However, there is also the chance that you could be placed in jail for even longer for trying to cover it up.

3. Drug Bust

You are on holiday in Bali with your 18 year old son and wife. You have been there for a week and are ready to head home. All three of you are at the airport getting ready to board your plane, when an armed officer comes around with a sniffer dog. You have all your bags on a trolley, and the dog sniffs at both your wife and your bag, and passes over it, however when he gets to your sons bag, he begins to get a bit more active.

You look over at your son and he’s looking a little nervous. You know he’s smoked a little marijuana in his time, but generally, he’s a good kid, and you certainly didn’t think he’d actually be stupid enough to bring it back on the plane with him. At first you feel angry that he would do such a thing and start planning your responsibility lecture, but then you realize that you are in Bali, and they have a zero tolerance policy on drugs, meaning your son could be jailed for life, or worse, executed, if he does have some illicit materials in his bag.

You look at your wife and realize she has come to the same conclusion and has gone pale with fear.

The armed officer accompanying the dog is beginning to look more stern with every sniff the dog takes and looks directly at you and asks you to open to the bag.

You do, and as the officer begins to take things out of the bag, you see to your horror that there is a small quantity of marijuana stashed in with your sons belongings.

The officer looks at you and asks “Who’s bag is this?”

You realize you have to answer, but the answer won’t be easy. You see your wife in the corner of your eye, and she is about to step forward and claim it as her own; what do you say?

2. The Mad Bomber

A madman who has threatened to explode several bombs in crowded areas has been apprehended. Unfortunately, he has already planted the bombs and they are scheduled to go off in a short time. It is possible that hundreds of people may die. The authorities cannot make him divulge the location of the bombs by conventional methods. He refuses to say anything and requests a lawyer to protect his fifth amendment right against self-incrimination. In exasperation, some high level official suggests torture. This would be illegal, of course, but the official thinks that it is nevertheless the right thing to do in this desperate situation. Do you agree? If you do, would it also be morally justifiable to torture the mad bomber’s innocent wife if that is the only way to make him talk? Why?

1. Lifeboat

You are going on a cruise. 2 days into the cruise your ship experiences technical difficulties and the captain says it needs to make an unscheduled stop. A couple of hours later the captain makes another announcement that the ships hull has been breached and that you will all need to start heading to life rafts and abandon ship. The ships life rafts are lowered as people begin to pile in and you get on board one of the life rafts.

As it is lowered however, it hits the side of the ship, putting a hole in the side of the raft, and when it hits the water it begins to sink. There are 10 people in the boat and to prevent it sinking, you quickly work out that by having 9 people working for 10 minutes while 1 person rests you can bail the water out with their hands, quick enough to keep the water at bay and preventing it from sinking, but you have to continually keep it up to ensure that the boat doesn’t sink. By being able to rest one person you are greatly able to increase the length of time you can keep the boat afloat, however if the rescue team doesn’t turn up you calculate that within 5 hours the boat will sink and you will all die.

While taking your break, you glance over to another boat and notice that a friend of yours who you met on the boat is there and has noticed your predicament. He is signaling for you to come over and join them on their boat so you don’t have to continue bailing water out. There is only just enough room for one more person. You also notice that their boat is moving away rapidly with the current, but your boat can’t keep up because the hole is affecting its buoyancy.

You estimate that if you jump ship, you will force all 9 remaining crew members to bail water continuously, which will reduce the total time they can stay afloat to just 2 hours, but will ensure that you will be able to live long enough to be rescued.

If you stay aboard, you will not have another chance to jump ship, and there’s no guarantee that the rescue will arrive in 5 hours, meaning you will drown, however by staying you give everyone a better chance of survival.
As you watch the boat with your friend drift away, you realize you have about 30 seconds to make a decision:

a) Do you stay on your current boat and help keep it afloat as long as possible and hope that the rescue will arrive in 5 hours
b) Do you go to your friends boat, ensuring your rescue, but reducing the chances of the others on the boat being rescued?



Hamptons Bachelors Are Getting Vasectomies In Droves Fearing Gold Diggers

Hamptons Bachelors Are Getting Vasectomies In Droves Fearing Gold Diggers

What happens in Vegas may ‘stay in Vegas.’ But dudes who hit up the Hamptons know anything that happens in the Hamptons could haunt you for the next 18 years … and they’re not taking any chances.

According to the New York Post, rich bachelors who vacation in the Hamptons during summer are flocking to urologists in unprecedented numbers to get vasectomies because, well, they fear it’s their only defense against gold diggers.


Not that kind of gold digger.

This kind.


New York Post

“There’s a spike in single guys” who get the procedure in spring and early summer, said Dr. David Shusterman, a urologist in Midtown.

“This extortion happens all the time. Women come after them. [They get pregnant and] want a ransom payment,” said Shusterman. “Some guys do an analysis of the cost — for three days of discomfort [after a vasectomy], it’s worth millions of dollars to them.

“I never see a poor guy [asking] for a vasectomy,” he added. “Rich guys are a population that’s abused a lot.”

That’s right. Condoms, birth control — not an option. These rich bros are sleeping with a different woman every weekend and so they are getting snipped. And if their horror stories are true, can you blame them?

One man who spoke with the newspaper said women are constant trying to “trick him” by saying ‘I love you, we don’t need a condom.’ Another claims he caught a woman trying to impregnate herself with his used condom moments after sex.

She offered to dispose of the used condom, but when she was in the bathroom for a while, John got suspicious. He found the woman seated on the toilet and inserting his semen inside her.

“She denied it, but she tried to get herself pregnant,” said John, who grabbed a towel and made her clean herself and then shower. “After that, I have to be a lot more careful.”

2017 is rough for the wealthy, single male. As if the cost of insurance for the new Porsche weren’t expensive enough, now you have to freeze your sperm and spend another grand gettin’ clipped.

First world problems? Mmhmm.

But if you were one of these guys, wouldn’t you want a healthy dose of assurance with your shot of Penicillin?

According to professionals, it can take up to three months for sperm to be 100 percent eliminated from ejaculate following a vasectomy. Considering the unofficial start to summer was this past Memorial Day weekend, let’s hope these Wall Street weenies got ‘theirs’ done before Valentine’s Day. In New York, child support is at least 17 percent of a father’s salary up to $400,000 — could be more past that. You do the math.



What The Heck Is That White Gunk On Salmon Meat?

What The Heck Is That White Gunk On Salmon Meat?


 We've honestly never wanted to think that hard about the matter — preferring to live in blissful, gross ignorance — but now we must know.




15 Nightmare Neighbors Who Held People Captive

15 Nightmare Neighbors Who Held People Captive


On TV and in the movies, neighbors are portrayed as those nosy individuals who pretend to stop by for a cup of sugar when all they really want to do is gossip about the weird family next door. In reality, there are the neighbors who play their music too loud at the worst hours of the day, those that have kids that scream all hours of the night, and the party people down the hall who can’t possibly hold down real jobs. The people who live nearby are an eclectic group from different backgrounds who make a neighborhood what it is, but not everyone next door or down the road has good intentions.

Truth be told, you never really know who your neighbors are. You can have brunch in their backyards or dinner parties in their living rooms, but, most of the time, people are putting on airs for your benefit. They may hold steady jobs and take care of their families, but the person you let babysit your kids may be a devil in disguise. John Wayne Gacy dressed up as a clown for kids’ birthday parties but had the bodies of young men buried beneath his floorboards. Philip Markoff was a promising medical student preparing to get married but turned into the Craigslist Killer. Some of these 15 neighbors on our list may not be murderers, but that doesn’t make their kidnapping crimes any more terrifying. Be careful; you may be spying on your neighbors when you peek outside of the blinds and find that someone is watching you, too.

15. Victims Were Made To Eat Feces When Food Was Scarce

A Pennsylvania landlord was checking up on his property when he came across four adults who were being held hostage, some of whom had mental disabilities, in a boiler room. Linda Weston and four accomplices, including her daughter, kidnapped people they thought could be easily manipulated and wouldn’t be much of a threat. Weston’s abducting crimes started way back in 2001, when she decided that the best way to scam people out of their disability and state benefits would be to keep them hidden away from society. There were other victims, adults and children, found in various locations in Texas, Virginia, and Florida. The victims were drugged and held in basements, closets, or attics. Those that tried to escape were stabbed, beaten, or burned. When there wasn’t enough food for everyone, the captors forced the victims to eat their own or each others’ feces. The experience was so terrifying for the victims that when police showed up to save them, they told them they wanted to stay because they feared punishment for being rescued. One woman was detained for 10 years and drank her own urine the entire time. Two people died while caged up. Weston received life plus 80 years in prison.

14. She Was Kept In A Box Under The Bed For Seven Years

In a story that made headlines around the world, Colleen Stan was known as “The Girl in the Box” after investigators confirmed that she was kept captive under a bed for nearly a decade. Colleen was 20 years old in May of 1977 when she was hitchhiking to a friend’s birthday. Married couple Cameron and Janice Hooker stopped to offer her a ride, and Colleen thought she would be safe because there was also a baby in the car. However, 30 minutes later, Cameron was holding a knife to her throat, threatening her life, and placing a gag in her mouth and a wooden box over her head.

When they all arrived at the couple’s home in Red Bluff, California, Colleen discovered they’d crafted a coffin-like box made of wood. They placed Colleen inside and, according to her, only brought her out to be sexually assaulted, tortured, and beaten. Cameron told her that he was apart of a group called The Company and made Colleen believe that if she tried to escape, this human trafficking network would track her down and kill her. It wasn’t until 1984, with the help of Janice, that Colleen was able to escape. Janice received immunity from prosecutors for her testimony and Cameron was sentenced to 104 years.

13. Epileptic Man Held Hostage And Tortured In Garden Shed

No one’s last days on this earth should be anything like those of 29-year-old Kevin Davies. He suffered from severe epilepsy and was described as being a vulnerable and gullible personality. He lived with his father and was being cared for by him, but when his father died, it left Kevin open to being taken advantage of. Kevin had been alone for only two months when neighbors David Lehane, his girlfriend Amanda Baggus, and their friend, Scott Andrews, kidnapped him. They told investigators that they had abducted him over an unpaid debt, but records showed that Amanda was collecting and cashing in on Kevin’s social security checks.

For four months, Kevin was kept bolted inside that shed. He was beaten, starved, humiliated, and burned while his torment was captured on film. The three captors also kept a diary of the horrific things they did to him and even listed when and how Kevin cried for help. The criminals weren’t charged with murder because examiners couldn’t determine Kevin’s condition could have been responsible for his death, but David and Amanda got 10 years in prison and Scott received nine for other crimes.

12. Kidnapped Boy Lived As Abductor’s Son For Four Years

In 2002, 11-year-old Shawn was out riding his bike when Michael Devlin kidnapped him. For the first month, Devlin kept Shawn tied to a futon with duct tape over his mouth, telling him that even if he looked as if he wanted to escape, Devlin would kill him. Over the course of four years, Shawn was sexually molested, had videos and photographs of a sexual nature taken of him, was tortured, and was held captive. His name was changed to Shawn Delvin, and eventually, he was able to go outside with Delvin who introduced the boy to people as his son.

Delvin could’ve probably gotten away with his crimes against Shawn if he hadn’t kidnapped 13-year-old Ben Ownby in 2007. Neighbor Mitchell Hults recognized Delvin’s van as being described as the getaway vehicle and reported it to police. Four days after Ben’s abduction, authorities found the boys and reunited them with their families. Devlin is serving out 74 life sentences in prison.

11. Cleveland Men Conspired In Keeping Three Women Captive for 10 Years

It was one of the most incredible news stories of 2013: three women who had been missing for ten years were found alive in a residential Cleveland home just miles away from where they were all kidnapped. Michelle Knight was 21 years old in 2002, when she left her friend’s house and accepted a ride from a man named Ariel Castro. He restrained her and kept her locked up in his basement where he abused and raped her. The day before Amanda Berry’s 17th birthday, the teen called her sister to tell her she was getting a ride home from her job at Burger King. In 2004, 14-year-old Georgina DeJesus was on her way home from middle school when she, too, accepted a ride from Castro. The three girls weren’t seen again until their rescue.

Michelle was impregnated at least five times, but because Castro would starve her, beat her with dumbbells, or throw her against walls, she always miscarried. Castro did, however, have a daughter with Amanda in 2006. All of the women were fed once a day and were abused daily. In 2013, Amanda seized an opportunity to escape with her six-year-old daughter and got the attention of neighbors who called the police. Castro was found guilty of almost 1,000 charges and was sentenced to life in prison plus 1,000 years, but he had only been in prison for a month before he committed suicide by hanging.

10. Woman Was Held Captive in Pit Beneath A Neighbor’s Shed In His Backyard

A worried mother was waiting to hear from her 30-year-old daughter, Jennifer Elliott, to no avail. She finally called police and reported Jennifer missing at around 2:00 a.m., but the case came to an end just hours later. While waiting up with worry, Jennifer’s mother heard someone crying from the shed of her neighbor, Dennis Dunn’s, so she once again called the police. The police promptly responded and made a frightening discovery when they pulled Jennifer out of a pit beneath the shed in the 45-year-old’s backyard.

The mentally ill man was holding Jennifer in a 3.5×2-foot wide hole that he kept covered with heavy objects that kept Jennifer from being able to get out. An examination showed she wasn’t suffering from any physical trauma, but she was obviously physically shaken. In the past, Dunn would harass Jennifer with phone calls and text messages, and he was known to police because he would often call and tell dispatchers that people were constantly trying to break into his home.

9. Woman Living As Man’s Wife Says He Abducted Her As A Teenager

A Bell Gardens, California apartment complex was turned on its head after a woman living there walked into a police station and told them she had been abducted. She claimed that her husband of six years, 42-year-old Isidro Garcia, kidnapped her when she was just 15 years old ten years prior. She told police that Garcia was dating her mother when he abducted her, moved away, and kept her as his lover. The pair even had a child together, and the victim said she was forced to work right beside him cleaning office buildings. When she tried to leave, she said he would drug and beat her. They moved into the apartment complex around the time they got married, and according to neighbors, they were a steady couple. No one believed the accusations, saying they never saw evidence of abuse, and they even called Garcia a loving husband.

Garcia was sentenced to four years in jail and will be registered as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

8. Man Assaulted Women He Held Captive For Days

Back in April of this year, there was a shooting in Indianapolis, Indiana where no one was injured. Derrick Glass was in the area at the time but soon left to meet up with a female acquaintance and a friend of hers. The ladies agreed to sell some synthetic marijuana for him, so he waited at his apartment for them to return with the money. However, while they were away, the 31-year-old heard that his acquaintance was spreading rumors that he was responsible for the shooting that occurred a few days prior, so when the women showed up, he flipped out. He threatened them with a gun, took their cell phones, and told them he would kill them and their loved ones. A third woman who went by the apartment to buy drugs was also held hostage, and for up to five days, the women were drugged and beaten and forced to cook, clean, and have sex with Derrick. When he allowed one of them to leave the apartment to go make a drug deal, she immediately ran to authorities and reported him. Derrick was held on a $1 million bond, and his case is still pending. We expect him to be put away for a long time, though.

7. The Serial Killer Known As ‘The Monster Of Belgium’

In May of 1996, 12-year-old Sabine Dardenne was riding her bike to school when someone abducted her off the streets. Marc Dutroux, with the help of an accomplice, kidnapped the girl and held her captive in a tiny basement at his home. Dutroux chained her up and regularly sexually assaulted her, telling Sabine that her parents were no longer looking for her after they refused to pay his ransom. He told her there was someone above him in rank that wanted to kill her, but he was her “savior,” so she should be thankful. Aside from having help in kidnapping Sabine, Dutroux was acting alone.

Sabine was with Dutroux for 74 days before she asked him if she could have a friend. He accommodated her request and abducted 14-year-old Laetitia Delhez. Fortunately for his victims, Dutroux’s car was recognized by locals in the area. He was arrested, but it took another two days for authorities to find the girls. Six days after Laetitia’s kidnapping, the girls were safe. These weren’t his only victims;Dutroux killed two eight-year-olds and two teenage girls. The older girls he buried alive. He was sentenced to life in prison.

6. She Was Held Captive For 18 Years And Gave Birth To Two Of Her Abductor’s Children

Another famous case of a kidnapping victim found alive after a period of years is that of Jaycee Lee Dugard, who was taken while she was on her way to school in South Lake Tahoe at the age of 11 in 1991. Jaycee’s abductor, Phillip Garrido, had made a hidden compound in the backyard of his property 200 miles away from where he took the little girl. He regularly sexually assaulted her, and when Jaycee was 14, she gave birth to her first child. Four years later, she had her second. When Jaycee was rescued, her children were 15 and 11. During her 18 years in captivity with Garrido, Jaycee never had any schooling; nor did she visit a doctor. While Jaycee was held hostage out back, Garrido’s parole officer even visited the man’s home and had no idea the compound even existed. Garrido’s wife, Nancy, helped in keeping her husband’s secrets. He received 431 years to life (bizarre) while Nancy was sentenced to 36 years to life. In an interview, Phillip said, “My life has been straightened out. … Wait till you hear the story of what took place at this house. You’re going to be absolutely impressed. It’s a disgusting thing that took place with me at the beginning, but I turned my life completely around.”

5. Man Forces Girl To Obsessively Clean His Home For Eight Years

As she was on her way to school in 1998, 10-year-old Natascha Kampusch was grabbed and thrown into a white van. Police investigated her kidnapping, but the case went cold. What everyone didn’t know was that Natascha was locked inside a five-foot square space in Wolfgang Priklopil’s basement. He made the windowless room soundproof complete with a concrete and reinforced steel secret door. For the first six months, Natascha wasn’t allowed to leave her new, dark home. She never saw the light of day and lost track of hours and days. She was finally allowed to come upstairs with Priklopil, but that was only to do chores for the man with OCD. If he didn’t find that her cleaning was up to par, he would beat her. He shaved her head, starved her, raped her, and made her walk around half-naked. One day, he made Natascha clean out his car, and that’s when the 18-year-old, 100-pound girl took off running while screaming her name. Eight years after she was abducted, Natascha was free, but Priklopil wasn’t going to be taken alive. He jumped in front of a train and killed himself.

Natascha purchased Priklopil’s home because she said it was such an important part of her younger years. She filled in the basement.

4. Fake Rehab Center Imprisoned And Tortured Dozens Of ‘Patients’

Police say dozens of people who thought they were handing over cash in order to receive treatment for various addictions were really victims of kidnapping. Fort Worth, Texas authorities raided two properties where majority Spanish-speaking victims were found starved and tied to chairs. Thirty-seven people were found at one location where a Spanish Alcoholics Anonymous sign was posted. Some people were kidnapped and taken back to the properties; others were dropped off by relatives who thought they were going to get treatment for their drug and alcohol vices. After money was exchanged, victims were held against their will. Many were threatened with deportation if they tried to leave and only the good ones were allowed to eat a meal of beans, rice, and potatoes for five minutes once a week.

The operation came to a halt after one victim was seen running away from the fake facility while being chased down the street by his kidnappers. Nine people were arrested in connection to the crimes.

3. Girl Was Left With Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder After Nine-Year Abduction

We’ve read many stories about people who were snatched off the streets in the United States, but this story comes from Japan. In 1990, nine-year-old Fusako Sano just finished watching a school baseball game when she disappeared. The police search for Fusako was extensive, but they didn’t find any clues. Authorities even believed she was taken by North Korean secret agents.

The truth was that Fusako was kidnapped by a mentally disturbed 28-year-old man named Nobuyuki Satō. He lived with his elderly mother, but that didn’t stop him from holding Fusako captive in his home which was just 200 yards from a police station. According to reports, Satō’s apartment was searched during the initial hunt for Fusako, but they didn’t find her. The girl was beaten, threatened, tied up, and tasered. The doors were never locked, but Fusako said she didn’t try to escape because she was either too afraid or too exhausted, so she gave up hope. Satō’s mother called police on her son because she thought he was acting strangely, and they finally found Fusako and arrested Satō. He was sentenced to 14 out of the 15-year maximum. When Fusako was reunited with her family, she was said to have the mind of a child and suffered from extreme PTSD. She finds social interactions difficult to handle, and her family doesn’t comment on what she went through for those nine years.

2. Caged Woman Forced To Perform Sex Acts For Nearly A Year In Amite Louisiana

A 6×8-foot cage that looked like a large dog kennel is where a 22-year-old woman lived for months. Five relatives, Raylaine Knope, 40; Bridget Lambert, 19; Taylor Knope, 18; Jody Lambert, 21; and Terry Knope, 43, were arrested and charged in connection with her abduction and human trafficking. The autistic woman was held captive for a year, and a neighbor that lived just 100 yards away said the cage was hidden so well they didn’t even know it was there. The victim is a distant relative of her captors.

When police stormed the property with a warrant last summer, they found the young lady in her cage that contained a mattress, some of her belongings, and a bucket she used to go to the bathroom. She was covered in insect bites and told authorities that those holding her hostage threatened to kill her. She lost 60 pounds during her year in captivity and was forced to perform sex acts on other people, leading police to believe that she was being groomed for prostitution. Detectives also think her abusers wanted to take her benefit checks for themselves.

1. Woman Found Chained On Man’s Property Leads To Confession Of Seven Murders

Kala Brown and her boyfriend, Charles Carver, answered an advertisement they saw for a cleaning job in 2016. The pair disappeared when they went to visit the 100-acre property of Todd Kohlhepp, a registered sex offender. When the couple arrived, Kohlhepp pulled a gun on them and immediately took them captive. Kala would witness Kohlhepp shoot and kill her boyfriend and bury him on his land. She was then chained around the neck like a dog in a metal storage container for months.

Police began searching Kohlhepp’s property because both Charles’s and Kala’s cell phones’ last pinged location was in that area. An observant officer heard noises coming from the container, and there, they made the disturbing discovery. After Kohlhepp was taken into custody, he confessed to seven murders in a 13-year span. He admitted to shooting four people at a bike shop that he frequented and a husband and wife who visited his property to do some work back in 2015. Kohlhepp was previously convicted of kidnapping a 14-year-old girl but was released.

Here Are 15 XXX Adult Variations (Porn Parodies) Of Your Favorite Fictional Characters And Shows

Here Are 15 XXX Adult Variations (Porn Parodies) Of Your Favorite Fictional Characters And Shows

Think of a famous Hollywood movie or television show and it may not take you long before you can think of a funny way to create a title fitting of the “other film industry”. I mean some like Big Bang Theory just write themselves!

So naturally back in 2009, the AVN Awards which recognize the best there is in adult booty bumping started handing out an award for best parody of the year. If it wasn’t already encouraged, studios more than ever were pulling out all the stops to create some of the best parodies out there.

Which is also why the women below are not only gorgeous, they’re some of the biggest names in the industry with several clocking in with hundreds of films. But none may have been more fun than the role we talk about.

Be warned, while the 15 characters below are sexualized, they do run the risk of impacting some of your childhood memories as Scooby Doo, Peter Pan, Pokemon and Harry Potter – sorry Hairy Twatter – are just some of the shows parodied below.  Not to mention not one, but two different studios that took their stab at Game of Thrones (which also means two versions of Daenerys!).

These are the 15 hottest times your favorite characters got themselves an adult-sized makeover!

15. Jessie Andrews (Hermione) – Hairy Twatter

In Hollywood, there is definitely a benefit to being pleasant to work with onset. After all, not many careers are made if you decide to be unprofessional. Thankfully a positive demeanor onset wasn’t something that the producers of Hairy Twatter had to worry about with Jessie Andrews.

Cast in the lead role of Hermione, Andrews drew praise from Adam Hasner who was the VP of DreamZone Entertainment

“In a short time, Jessie Andrews has become one of the top names in the industry. She did an amazing job in The Godfather XXX and we’re extremely proud to have her back once again.”

We’re sure they were thrilled with her performance as Hermione, or as the film calls her…Hormone.

14. Ashlynn Brooke (Penny) – Big Bang XXX

Kaley Cuoco has had no shortage of moments where she embraced her body on The Big Bang Theory. After all, we sure we don’t need to work very hard to remind you that there was the episode where she wore a Wonder Woman costume.

The director behind Big Bang XXX decided to go a different route, dressing his lead actress Ashlynn Brooke in a Princess Leia costume.

While it’s not the only Leia on this list, it is the only one that engages with her slave side!

The premise of the story centers around the gang going towards a comic book convention, which honestly makes the Mario costume a little confusing but they probably didn’t spend too much time focusing on the plot.

13. Kimberly Kane (Wonder Woman) – Man Of Steel XXX

With the upcoming Wonder Woman movie set to release in the near future, we’re sure the adult industry isn’t done with the character. Especially when you consider that the above photo is taken from Man of Steel XXX which if was parodying the movie, wouldn’t have technically had Wonder Woman there.

Much less hanging out in the fortress of solitude as the above photo seems to indicate! But if there was a superhero of the “other film” industry, perhaps the top candidate would have to be Kimberly Kane who you see pictured above.

Starting out her career in 2003, Kane has gone on to appear in over 400 films.

12. Maria McCray (Sansa) – This Ain’t Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones gets parodied from two different shows on our list, but only one of them offered a picture of their version of Sansa Stark that is even kind of safe for work, and for that we have to give credit to This Ain’t Game of Thrones XXX which came out in 2014.

Maria McCray was cast in the role and even though she has appeared in over 250 films, we’re sure her chance to hang out in Westeros remains one of her favorites. Even if she finds herself booty bumping with characters that she definitely wouldn’t be getting close to in the show!

But we suppose when you check out these films you aren’t exactly hoping for a realistic re-telling of your favorite show.

11. Kayla Paige (Rachelle), Vanessa Naughty (Moanica), Jordan Kingsley (Freebie) – FRIENDS XXX

Our list has no shortage of entries in which specific women are highlighted for their talents in the other industry. But for the above one, we found it only fitting to include the entire cast of Friends: A XXX Parody.

The lead female characters of Rachelle, Moanica and Freebie were filled by Kayla Paige, Vanessa Naughty and Jordan Kingsley.

While we cannot confirm on if Monica (…oh sorry, Moanica) and Ross (or as the show calls him, Russ) make sure they stay FAR FAR away from each other throughout the series, we can only hope so!

We know these friends are supposed to be there through thick and thin, but you probably never envisioned your favorite gang quite like this.

10. Kassondra Raine (Fisty) – Strokemon

We’ll be honest, we have a very similar face to the one that Ash – or as the movie classily calls him Gash – has on in the above photo. Of all the things in this world that you probably didn’t expect to see sexualized today, we don’t blame you if Pikachu was pretty high on that list!

At the very least you can probably get on board with Kassondra Raine who was cast to play the role of Fisty…Yes, they actually called Misty that.

The parody that easily holds the highest chance of ruining your childhood came out in 2015 and also features their own version of several classic characters such as Nurse Joyce or Brock (…you can guess what they call him in the movie).

Granted when the movie was called Strokemon, you could probably predict it was going to have some terribly parodied names.

9. Anikka Albrite (Daenerys Targaryen) – Game Of Bones

When it comes to casting characters in Game of Bones: Winter Is…(we’ll let you guess the end of this one), one of the most important was going to be Daenerys Targaryen.

After all, it’s not like the audience didn’t get a good enough look at Emilia Clarke without her clothes on; so someone who does it for the adult variation better bring their A-Game!

When Lee Roy Myers went casting, he selected on Anikka Albrite who we’re sure you won’t complain about getting to check out.

Albrite is one of the more experienced performers on our list having appeared in over 350 films since starting in 2011.

8. Allie Haze (Princess Leia) – Star Wars XXX

There may not be a franchise in Hollywood that bring with it more anticipation than Star Wars. While Hollywood has done a great job as of late, you’ll be happy to know that the “other” film industry has also done their best to add to the legacy.

In fact, when they came out with Star Wars XXX it was able to bring home 6 different awards at the AVN ceremony back in 2012. While she did not win, Allie Haze who you see pictured above doing her best Princess Leia was also nominated for best actress.

You can imagine Haze also felt the pressure to take on such an iconic role! Since starting in the industry back in 2009, Haze has appeared in over 300 films.

7. Riley Steele (Tinker Bell And Snow White) – Peter Pan And Snow White XXX

Riley Steele is no stranger to stepping in front of the camera and taking on a different persona. In 2015, she was cast in Peter Pan XXX: An Axel Braun Parody which also took home the AVN Award for Best Picture and was also nominated for 21 different categories.

Steele was able to land the role as the previous year she had signed a 2-year contract to work with Axel Braun who also brought you Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

While we’re sure both of her characters will forever alter some of your wholesome childhood memories, something tells us you won’t mind too much.

Stone has appeared in 88 films but only made 2 this year perhaps signifying that she is taking a break.

6. Bree Olson (Daphne) And Bobbi Starr (Velma) – Scooby Doo XXX

Before you have any concerns, I need to start out by saying that Scooby Doo: A XXX Parody starts out with the gang losing Scooby Doo, so while the Dane is important in the cartoon he doesn’t make an appearance in the adult variation.

Instead, you get to look at beautiful people who are trying to solve the mystery of who can take their clothes off the quickest! The role of Daphne was played by Bree Olson who also had a high-profile relationship with Charlie Sheen.

Bobbi Starr who plays Velma was fortunate enough to not make that mistake with her personal life! While Olson may be the name that stands out in headlines, it’s Bobbi Starr who has actually appeared in more films; appearing in 594 in contrast to Olson’s 486.

5. Tori Black (Catwoman) – Batman XXX

Tori Black is one of the most popular adult performers of all-time. While you may love her when she plays the role of Tori Black, the super attractive adult star, you may be even more intrigued when she stripped on some latex for the role of Catwoman in Batman XXX.

Black definitely didn’t only appear in this film in 2010, but it didn’t hurt her resume when she was named the AVN Performer of the Year at that year’s award show.

She even rode that momentum into the following year, picking up back-to-back awards! Something tells us she’d have plenty of tools at her disposal if she needed to help bring down Batman again.

4. Aaliyah Love (Margaery Tyrell) And Tanya Tate (Cersei Lannister) – Game Of Bones

You may have to settle for Aaliyah Love standing a little in the shadows for the above photo, but would you blame her for trying to stay out of the wrath of Cersei Lannister? After all, Love takes on the character of Margaery Tyrell for the Game of Bones parody! But something tells us that Love and Tanya Tate – who plays Cersei – probably have a much friendlier relationship in the adult variation!

With both being such sought after roles, you can imagine Lee Roy Meyers who directed the film wanted experienced actresses. As a result, both Love and Tate had both appeared in hundreds of films over the course of several years prior to entering Westeros.

While both are experienced actresses, both primarily only engage with other women onset including during the production of Bones.

3. Spencer Scott (Daenerys Targaryen) – This Ain’t Game Of Thrones

When it comes to the character of Daenerys, it is clear that Game of Bones and This Ain’t Game of Thrones took on two different variations of the character. One electing for the brown outfit that reduces the amount of cleavage, and This Ain’t Game of Thrones which as you can see elected for a slightly different approach.

While we don’t know which one you’ll prefer, you may be very interested in learning that it was Spencer Scott who took on the character for This Ain’t. Scott has appeared in over 40 adult films but only has agreed to engage with other females onscreen.

Which means that if you’re expecting to see this version of Daenerys getting up close and personal with some males of the GoT universe; you may be disappointed.

2. Kleio Valentien (Harley Quinn) – Batman V Superman XXX

When it comes to seductive onscreen characters, there are few that hold a candle to Harley Quinn. And while you may love to see Margot Robbie take her rendition of the character to the “other” film industry, instead you’re going to have to settle for Kleio Valentien.

The movie, entitled Batman V Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody in 2015 which earned her an AVN Award for Best Supporting Character. Valentien took on the character yet again for Suicide Squad XXX: An Axel Braun Parody.

Valentien started in the industry in 2007 and is still active including appearing in 10 different productions in 2017.

1. Lexi Belle (Batgirl) – Batman XXX

If Batman is the last guy that you’d like to see in a dark alley, perhaps Lexi Belle in her Batgirl costume may be the first person you’d like to run into! Belle is no stranger to performing in front of the camera, but we’d find it hard to believe that she has had a past character that had quite as elaborate as a costume.

Especially when you consider we’re sure there are plenty of “roles” where she starts out without any clothes; much less a mask and cape!

The adult parody entitled Batman XXX was released in 2010 and was spoofed around the 1960s television version that starred Adam West.


Top 10 Sexiest, Dirtiest & Steamiest Movies On Netflix Right Now

Top 10 Sexiest, Dirtiest & Steamiest Movies On Netflix Right Now


Summer may be coming to a close, but that doesn’t mean that all of the heat has to end. Keep the heat as long as you please with these 10 steamy movies. The films range from indies to blockbusters, but they all keep the temperature turned way up. The best part? All of the titles are available right now on Netflix.


'The Duke of Burgundy' (2014)

This Peter Strickland directed film follows two women — a young maid and her older employer — who are both entomologists. Throughout the film, the two women engage in games of dominance and passion.

[Stream The Duke of Burgundy on Netflix]


'Love' (2015)


Murphy, a film student, thinks back on his time with his ex-girlfriend, Electra, after her mother reports her as missing and likely suicidal. Though the relationship with Electra ended due to infidelity and an unexpected pregnancy, Murphy has plenty of things to look back on including drug abuse, rough sex, and their more loving moments.

[Stream Love on Netflix]


'On the Road' (2012)


The 1947 set film based off of the Jack Kerouac novel stars Kristen Stewart, Garrett Hedlund, Elizabeth Moss, and Kristen Dunst among others. The coming of age film about a writer on a road trip features sexuality confusion, first love, a threesome, and prostitution.

[Stream On The Road on Netflix]


'Young & Beautiful' (2013)

Everett Collection

Isabelle, a teenager, loses her virginity while on a holiday with her family in this French film. When she returns home she begins working as a prostitute for the upper class under the pseudonym Lea. She continues serving many clients including an older man named Georges who dies during on of their, uh, meetings. Can you say awkward?

[Stream Young & Beautiful on Netflix]


'Adore' (2013)

Everett Collection

Robin Wright and Naomi Watts star in this film about forbidden affairs. When two best friends go on vacation with their teenage sons things get a little crazy when they each start having sexual relations with the other’s son. Both steamy affairs continue on and off for years throughout the entirety of this Australian film.

[Stream Adore on Netflix]


'Starlet' (2012)

This indie darling about Jane, a young girl who befriends an older woman after buying a thermos (which happens to be filled with money!) from her at a yard sale, stars Dree Hemingway, the great-granddaughter of famed writer Ernest Hemingway. Jane spends her time lying, smoking pot, and, oh yeah, being a porn star.

[Stream Starlet on Netflix]


'Fatal Attraction' (1987)

Everett Collection

This crazy town thriller stars Michael Douglas as a family man named Dan whose life is turned upside down when Alex (Glenn Close), a woman he had a tryst with, begins pursuing and stalking him. The equal parts sex and scary cat and mouse game forces Dan to do everything he can to protect his family.

[Stream Fatal Attraction on Netflix]


'Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look At An X-Rated Industry' (2009)

This documentary takes an inside look at the American porn industry by following along at the AVN Awards and convention where porn is shown, celebrated, and honored. Porn stars including Jenna Jameson and Jesse Jane are interviewed as part of the film.

[Stream Naked Ambition: An R Rated Look At An X-Rated Industry on Netflix]



'Cruel Intentions' (1999)

Everett Collection

The 90s hit starring Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Phillippe, and Sarah Michelle Gellar follows Witherspoon’s Annette as a girl who intends to save herself for marriage. Soon Annette finds herself caught in the sights of two step-siblings who made a bet about who can deflower her first.

[Stream Cruel Intentions on Netflix]


'Room in Rome' (2010)

Everett Collection

This very steamy film follows two women who met in a club and engage in a single night of passion in a Rome hotel room. Get it? It’s a Room in Rome.

[Stream Room in Rome on Netflix]



Check this out, tough guy. While climaxing, a woman’s pain threshold will increase up to 107 percent, a natural painkiller lasting up to 10 minutes. So, don’t piss her off post-coitus.

It may feel like you’re having sex with an inner tube and it may double your workload, but using a condom has no effect on the length or intensity of her orgasm.

According to “scientists”, cause I’m batting a thousand, obviously, one in three women won’t reach climax during sex. Even worse, up to 80% of women won’t “finish” to just penetration. You’ve got hands and a tongue, use’em.

First of all, this mysterious erogenous zone doesn’t even exist in all women. If it does, it is roughly the size of a pea (not to be confused with “the bean”) and is only a couple inches deep.

While you’re putting in hours of work to satisfy your lady, there is some lucky shmuck out there making her toe curl with just a kiss. There are women who can reach orgasm from kissing, nipple stimulation or just erotic imagery. Apparently, it’s all about the blood flow. Don’t worry, she probably wishes it was that easy too.

On average, a woman reaches her “O-face” in 20-minutes while with her partner. Feeling good about yourself now? Don’t. Some women can get themselves there in as little as 30 seconds. Watch and learn?

According to science (because scientists get so much ass), there is no such thing as a vaginal orgasm. It’s all about how you flick the bean. You see, the clitoris is legitimately only there for one purpose, sexual stimulation. More than 70% of women will reach the promise land just by stimulating those 8,000 nerve endings alone.

Men may be more prone to pleasing themselves (as far as we know) but we are incapable of the epic awesomeness of multiple orgasms. I guess this is what the ladies get in exchange for carrying a human inside of them for 9 months? Good deal. Anyway, there is actually a woman in London who can get off 49 times in one playtime session. Yeah, FOURTY NINE TIMES! Each time a woman climaxes, the next is easier because the blood is already flowing. So, I guess there really is something to this “foreplay” thing…

So, there is that whole menopause thing women have to worry about, which according to my mom (I don’t know why she tells me these things) is like walking around on Mercury, but there is also this great tidbit: a woman’s orgasms get more intense as she gets older. I’m not a woman, but I’d say that’s a fair trade off.


Anyone Want To Go Sunbathing With Arianny Celeste?

Anyone Want To Go Sunbathing With Arianny Celeste?


The correct answer is, “yes, yes I do.”

Ever since we discovered who Arianny Celeste is, we’ve been pretty obsessed with all the goods that she shares on her Instagram — an Instagram that continues to grow in followers as it is currently at 2.9 million followers. But the 31-year-old UFC ring girl does more than flaunt her body in white lingerie like she did a little while back — something she’s done more than once, Celeste also likes to strip down to catch some rays.

The model, TV host, ring girl and all in all fitness fanatic is pretty much ready for summer as she shared quite the photo of herself sunbathing. Now let me ask you again, want to go sunbathing with this babe?



We thought so. But this isn’t the only great photo Celeste has. Go ahead and check some more of her out below thanks to her Instagram.










The 31 Dirtiest NSFW Girls To Follow On Snapchat

The 31 Dirtiest NSFW Girls To Follow On Snapchat


This post is made per request of you guys. You wanted more “real” girls. The pornstars can only do so many snaps.

From time to time we will continue to feature solo girls like we did with Maddy last week:


Here are the usernames and some examples of what you can expect to see from each of them. At the end, I will have a list of all the girls so you can easily copy and paste into your Snapchat.

Username: Jessieledwards


Username: Jesyjohnston



Username: Belnmel
V3oX2Wb[1] flIBDg3[1] Fanj53w-1[1]

Username: SammJann


Username: theassprincess2


Username: Lizaxrowe


Username: CassieStarz

cassie2[1] cassie[1]

Username: hornygirl.pub


Here is a little game to play that will test your internet skills. The last 13 are a bunch of unknowns. With the goal of you helping to ID them. The basic catfish reverse image search returns little… Whomever gets the most ID's posted in the comments is going to win a special prize! So get those stalker masks on and get busy. :)























Sect Members To Be Tried For Trying To Expel 'Gay Demons'

Sect Members To Be Tried For Trying To Expel 'Gay Demons'

Trial may be imminent for members of a sect who've been accused of trying to beat "homosexual demons" out of a now-former member. Matthew Fenner says that he joined Word of Faith Fellowship in Spindale, NC, with his mother and brother in 2010, but that he fled on Jan. 27, 2013, after he was attacked by two dozen members for two hours as he was leaving a prayer service. The AP has interviewed 43 former members of the 750-member evangelical church, as well as reviewed documents and covertly made recordings, and reports that sinners are routinely "purified" by being punched, choked, and thrown to the floor as a means of expelling demons. One witness says Fenner's beating "made me sick."

The church was founded in 1979 by former math teacher Jane Whaley and her husband Sam, a former used car salesman. It's grown from just a few followers to its North Carolina congregation and nearly 2,000 more members in churches in Brazil, Ghana, and other countries. Fenner, now 23, says his mother and brother are still members, and that in spite of finishing college and getting ready to go to medical school, it's hard for him to move on with his life as the trial continues to be delayed. "I can't do anything until this is over," he says. If two motions filed by the defense related to trial venue and jury pool are denied, or if the judge decides to seat a jury before deciding on the motions, the trial for the first of five total defendants could start Tuesday.


Australia Plans 'World-First' Move Against Pedophiles

Australia Plans 'World-First' Move Against Pedophiles

"No country has ever taken such decisive and strong action to stop its citizens from going overseas ... to abuse kids." So declares an Australian official in discussing a bold "world-first" plan that would see passports denied to convicted pedophiles who had served their time but remained a registered sex offender in Australia. The BBC offers some math: About 20,000 such people currently reside in Australia, and roughly 800 of them went abroad in 2016. A government press release explains that more than a third of those who left did so without securing the necessary permission, making "it clear the existing passport legislation was not working."

Officials say the measure will put "a stop to child sex offenders travelling to vulnerable countries where they are out of sight and reach of Australian law." As for those vulnerable countries, CNN reports child-sex tourism is rampant in about two dozen nations, and children in some Southeast Asian nations are particularly at risk. That was the case with Robert Andrew Fiddes Ellis, notes the BBC. The Australian was in 2016 sentenced to 15 years after being found guilty of sexually abusing 11 Indonesian girls. The Australian Associated Press reports the measures will be introduced this week in parliament, but Sky News notes government MPs have "signed-off" on them.

S. Korea Leader: I Wasn't Told Of New US Missile Launchers

S. Korea Leader: I Wasn't Told Of New US Missile Launchers

Calling it a "very shocking" incident, South Korea's new president on Tuesday demanded a probe into why his office wasn't told by defense officials about the arrival of several additional launchers for a contentious US missile defense system meant to cope with North Korea's nuclear threat. Before taking office on May 10, Moon Jae-in vowed to review the deployment of a system that has infuriated both North Korea and China, which consider its powerful radar a security threat. Many of Moon's supporters don't want the system, which President Trump suggested Seoul should pay for, the AP reports. Senior presidential adviser Yoon Young-chan said Moon has discovered that four additional launchers for the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, or THAAD, system have arrived in South Korea since the original two launchers were installed in April in the southeastern town of Seongju.

Yoon added that senior Defense Ministry officials didn't report the new launchers' arrival when they gave Moon's policy advisory committee a briefing last week. Yonhap News Agency cites a Defense Ministry official as saying the ministry told Moon's national security director about the four launchers the day after the briefing, which the presidential Blue House denies. Moon, a liberal, is working with Cabinet members named by conservative predecessor Park Geun-hye; Moon has picked his own Cabinet members, but they haven't formally taken office. It's unclear if he'll stick with his campaign vow to re-examine the THAAD deployment, as a request for withdrawal of the system's components could severely undermine ties with the US, Seoul's most important ally, analysts say. Moon has said he'll employ both dialogue and pressure to resolve the North Korean nuclear standoff.


Shia LaBeouf Is Being Sued For $5M By A Bartender

Shia LaBeouf Is Being Sued For $5M By A Bartender

An April incident that already got Shia LaBeouf bad press may also get him in legal trouble. On April 5, the actor and his wife, Mia Goth, were at Jerry's Famous Deli in Los Angeles when LaBeouf allegedly screamed at a bartender after he refused to serve drinks to the couple (they were allegedly already too drunk). TMZ published video of the incident last month in which LaBeouf can be heard yelling that bartender David Bernstein is a "f---ing racist bitch." Now, Bernstein is suing the actor for $5 million, People reports.

Bernstein's lawsuit says LaBeouf entered an employee-only area of the restaurant and slammed his fist on the bar, and "appeared ready to physically confront" Bernstein after being refused service. Bernstein was forced to use a Grey Goose vodka bottle in self-defense since he feared LaBeouf was about to attack him, the lawsuit says, per the Hollywood Reporter. The defamation and assault suit goes on to claim Bernstein has suffered "significant emotional distress, anxiety, and fear," and that he's been ridiculed since the video appeared online. LaBeouf's lawyer says the lawsuit is "baseless" and they will seek to have it dismissed.

Ask A Porn Star: "Have You Done Fake Incest Porn?"

Ask A Porn Star: "Have You Done Fake Incest Porn?"


 On this episode of Ask A Porn Star, we ask porn stars about fake incest porn aka fauxcest. Featuring: Bobbi Dylan, Gabriella Paltrova, Kiki Daire, Cherie DeVille, Daisy Ducati, Brooklyn Chase, April O'Neil, Amber Chase, Jenna J Ross, Val Dodds, Mick Blue, Charlotte Sartre, Lily Lane.


10 Rockers Who Hated Their Own Hit Songs

10 Rockers Who Hated Their Own Hit Songs


 You may love these tracks, but the musicians who wrote them grew to hate them.



Top 10 Sexy Celebrities Who Used To Be Cheerleaders

Top 10 Sexy Celebrities Who Used To Be Cheerleaders

We sometimes forget that celebrities had a life before they came into ours – aka, before they were famous! And some, if not all celebrities had a normal upbringing where they went to high school, and maybe even were cheerleaders at some point! Everyone from Reese Witherspoon to WWE’s Eve Torres, Paula Abdul, Halle Berry, and the ever-stunning Megan Fox have thrown on the cheerleading costume! Didn’t know about those ones? We haven’t even cracked the Top 3 yet!



Allegra Cole was raised as a strict Mormon, and worked as a piano teacher up until her breasts sagged after the childbirth. That’s when she got them lifted and everything went downhill from there. She got some donations from strangers online that helped her to take 3 operations, enlarging breasts and lips and lifting her booty and belly and although she is 50 already she is not planning to stop. It’s a good business model for her too, as she is getting $100 thousand yearly for her photos.


21 Creepy Discoveries From Background Checks

21 Creepy Discoveries From Background Checks




Can you click the film based on its poorly explained plot?

T-Mobile Employee Arrested After Stealing Sex Video From Customer’s Phone

T-Mobile Employee Arrested After Stealing Sex Video From Customer’s Phone

I’m not exactly sure that was the service she was looking for.

A T-Mobile employee who worked at a T-Mobile store in…you guessed it, Florida, has been arrested after he was busted e-mailing himself a sexually explicit video that he found on a female customer’s phone while working on her phone.

It all kicked off, according to police, when the customer brought her phone to the T-Mobile store in Pinellas Park so that someone there could “reboot and reactivate the service on the phone.” Well, the person who handled her phone was Roberto Sanchez Ramos. And Ramos did much more than “reboot” her phone.

The customer eventually “noticed her email had been accessed and her sexually explicit video was sent to” an email that belong to Ramos himself. You idiot.

That idiot above was of course arrested on felony offenses against users of electronic devices charge. The 25-year-old also faces a probation violation charge related to a prior T-Mobile-related felony conviction. And what was that all about? Well last year Ramos pleaded guilty to a scheme to defraud charge related to attempts to artificially inflate his sales commission figures.

So this dude is clearly just an a-hole.

But there’s more. Ramos was also charged with grand theft a few years back. So it seems like this dude probably shouldn’t be hired by anyone. Although United Airlines may take a chance on him.

h/t The Smoking Gun





10 Stories Of The Stupidest Thieves

10 Stories Of The Stupidest Thieves


Sometimes the best planned crimes can go horribly wrong. Either by accident or stupidity. This is a list of the 10 most stupid thieves.

1. Showing off your booty

Charles Taylor of Wichita, Kansas, was arrested for robbing a shoe store at knifepoint and stealing a $69 pair of size 10 1/2 tan hiking boots on December 18, 1996. At his trial, three months later, Taylor arrogantly rested his feet on the defence table. He was wearing a pair of size 10 1/2 tan hiking boots. The judge, James Fleetwood, was incredulous. ‘I leaned over and stared,’ he later said. ‘Surely nobody would be so stupid as to wear the boots he stole to his trial.’ But it turned out one person was that stupid. Taylor was convicted of aggravated robbery and sent back to jail in his stockinged feet.


2. Wrong Place, Wrong Time

On November 29, 1978, David Goodhall and two female accomplices entered a home supplies shop in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, intending to engage in a bit of shoplifting. After stuffing a pair of curtains into a plastic carrier bag, the threesome attempted to leave by separate exits. However, they were apprehended immediately by several store detectives. Goodhall and his cohorts had failed to notice that the shop, at that very moment, was hosting a convention of store detectives.

3. Checking Out

Eighteen year old Charles A. Meriweather broke into a home in Northwest Baltimore on the night of November 22-23, 1978, raped the woman who lived there, and then ransacked the house. When he discovered that she only had $11.50 in cash, he asked her “How do you pay your bills?”
She Replied, “By cheque” and he ordered her to write out a cheque for $30. He then changed his mind and upped it to $50.
“Who shall I make it out to?” asked the woman, a 34 year old government employee.
“Charles A. Meriweather,” said Charles A. Meriweather, adding, “It better not bounce or I’ll be back.”
Meriweather was arrested several hours later.

4. Keep the Change

In 1977, a thief in Southampton, England, came up with a clever method of robbing the cash register at a local supermarket. After collecting a basketful of groceries, he approached the checkout area and placed a £10 note on the counter. The grocery clerk took the bill and opened the cash register, at which point the thief snatched the contents and ran off. It turned out to be a bad deal for the thief, since the till contained only £4.37 and the thief ended up losing £5.63.

5. The Weld-planned Robbery

On the night of August 23-24, 1980, a well-organized gang of thieves began their raid on the safe of the leisure-center office in Chichester, Sussex, by stealing a speedboat. Using water skis to paddle across the lake, they picked up their equipment and paddled on to the office. However, what they thought were cutting tools turned out to be welding gear, and they soon managed to seal the safe completely shut. The next morning it took the office staff an hour to hammer and chisel the safe open again.

6. Who Was that Masked Man?

Clive Bunyan ran into a store in Cayton, near Scarborough, England, and forced the shop assistant to give him £157 from the till. Then he made his getaway on his motorbike. To hide his identity, Bunyan had worn his full face helmet as a mask. It was a smooth successful heist, except for one detail: he had forgotten that across his helmet, in inch-high letters, were the words, “Clive Bunyan – Driver”. Bunyan was arrested and ordered to pay for his crime by doing 200 hours of community service.

7. The Worst Lawyer

Twenty-five year old Marhshall George Cummings, Jr, of Tulsa, Oklahoma, was charged with attempted robbery in connection with a pure-snatching at a shopping center on October 14, 1976. During the trial the following January, Cummings chose to act as his own attorney. While cross-examining the victim, Cummings asked, “Did you get a good look at my face when I took your purse?” Cummings later decided to turn over his defence to a public defender, but it was too late. He was convicted and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

8. Big Mouth

Dennis Newton was on trial in 1985 for armed robbery in Oklahoma City. Assistant District Attorney Larry Jones asked one of the witnesses, the supervisor of the store that had been robbed, to identify the robber. When she pointed to the defendant, Newton jumped to his feet, accused the witness of lying, and said, “I should have blown your —ing head off!” After a moment of stunned silence, he added, “If I’d been the one that was there.” The jury sentenced Newton to 30 years in prison.

9. Wrong Fence

Stephen Le and two juvenile companions tried to break in to a parked pickup truck in Larkspur, California, on the night of September 27, 1989. But the owner caught them in the act, chased them, and hailed a police car. Le and one of his friends climbed a fence and ran. It soon became apparent that they had chosen the wrong fence – this one surrounded the property of San Quentin prison. The suspects were booked for investigation of auto burglary and trespassing on state property, although charges were never filed. “Nothing like this has ever happened here before,” said Lieutenant Cal White. “People just don’t break in to prison every day.”

10. Shooting Himself in the Foot

In February 2004, Carlos Henrique Auad of Petropolis, Brazil, broke into a bar near his home and stole a television set. A few nights later, Auad tried to break in to the same bar through the roof. This time, carrying a gun, he slipped and fell and shot himself in the right foot. Auad went straight home, but failed to notice that he left a trail of blood that led right to his door. He was arrested by police who found the television set.