21 Iconic Movie Characters That Were Almost Played By Completely Different Actors

21 Iconic Movie Characters That Were Almost Played By Completely Different Actors -


Emily Blunt as Black Widow


Emily Blunt was almost cast as Black Widow in Iron Man 2 but she turned down the role because of a scheduling conflict while working on Gulliver’s Travels.


Ryan Gosling as Doctor Strange


Before Benedict Cumberbatch starred as Doctor Strange in the movie, Marvel wanted Ryan Gosling so much that they commissioned some concept art of Gosling as Doctor Strange.


Jason Momoa as Drax


Jason Momoa who is now known for his role as a DC superhero, Aquaman, rejected the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy because he said he had done a lot of roles where he didn’t say much and appeared with his shirt off. There was even some concept art done of him as Drax.


Will Smith as Neo


Will Smith passed on the role of Neo in The Matrix because he couldn’t get on board with the idea when it was pitched to him. He admitted that he would’ve messed the movie up since he had a more animated approach than Keanu Reeves did.


Gwyneth Paltrow as Rose DeWitt Bukater


Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the last 2 contenders for the lead female protagonist in Titanic, but she turned the offer down. She was hesitant to talk about it because her mother would not have been pleased to learn she was turning down offers and would deem it “unladylike”.


Jack Nicholson as Michael Corleone


Jack Nicholson who was known for his portrayal of The Joker in Batman (1989) was considered for the part of Michael Corleone in The Godfather. But ultimately, it was Al Pacino who made the character come to life.


Hugh Jackman as James Bond


Fearing he would be typecast as an action star if he took on both Wolverine and James Bond roles, Hugh Jackman said no when his agent called him up about acting in Casino Royale.


Christina Applegate as Elle Woods


After 10 years of playing Kelly Bundy in Married With Children, Christina Applegate rejected the role of Elle Woods for fear of being typecast as a dumb blonde. She said sarcastically that she couldn’t possibly regret her decision after Reese Witherspoon became more successful than her from starring in Legally Blonde.


Sean Connery as Gandalf


The original James Bond said no when Peter Jackson offered him the part of Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings because he claimed he didn’t understand the script.


John Travolta as Forrest Gump


John Travolta was the first choice for Forrest Gump, but he had to turn down the offer. While Tom Hanks did a marvelous job as the lead character, Travolta starred in Pulp Fiction which is also one of the greatest movies of all time.


Eddie Redmayne as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord


Eddie Redmayne was a serious candidate for the role of Star-Lord and was confirmed among those reading for it. However, in the end, Chris Pratt who was known for his role in Parks and Recreation became the Star-Lord we know today.


Michelle Pfeiffer as Clarice Starling


Michelle Pfeiffer was one of the first choices to play the FBI agent who had that famous conversation with Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs.


Christopher Walken as Han Solo


George Lucas disliked the idea of reusing actors from his previous films. That’s why he initially didn’t want Harrison Ford who had appeared in his film American Graffiti as Han Solo in Star Wars. He had Christopher Walken in mind but Ford eventually landed the job.


Liam Hemsworth as Thor


Liam Hemsworth, the brother of Chris Hemsworth who played Thor on the big screen, was also considered to play the character. In the end, the older Hemsworth won the role.


Jim Carrey as Edward Scissorhands


The director of Edward Scissorhands, Tim Burton, considered Jim Carrey to play the titular character. Carrey’s movie antics would’ve made Edward very different than how Johnny Depp interpreted the role.


Gal Gadot as Nebula


Gal Gadot almost became Marvel’s Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy. The DC’s Wonder Woman said she would’ve had to shave off her hair and turn her head blue for the role which is ultimately what Karen Gillan did for it.


Bruce Willis as Sam Wheat


Bruce Willis passed on the chance to engage in some sensuous pottery-making with then-wife Demi Moore in the movie Ghost. He said no to the role and it wound up going to Patrick Swayze.


Reese Witherspoon as Cher Horowitz


While the director wanted Alicia Silverstone to play Cher Horowitz in Clueless from the beginning, the studio held auditions with other actresses including Reese Witherspoon who would star in Legally Blonde just a few years later.


Matt Damon as Jake Sully


Matt Damon had to give up the role of Jake Sully in Avatar due to a scheduling issue as he was just finishing The Bourne Ultimatum.


Jake Gyllenhaal as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man


Fearing a delay in Spider-Man 2 (2004), Sony reached out to Jake Gyllenhaal to replace Tobey Maguire. However, in the end, Maguire reprised the role while Gyllenhaal made a splash with his part in Brokeback Mountain. In an odd turn of events, the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home would actually show Gyllenhaal as the villain, Mysterio!


Olivia Wilde as Gamora


The part of the “most dangerous woman in the galaxy” was offered to Olivia Wilde. However, she did not accept it for undisclosed reasons.






It’s easy for us to assume that Harry Potter was the first movie that Daniel Radcliffe ever starred in. But in actuality, Daniel made his first acting debut in 1999 playing a young David Copperfield. You can test whether you’re a real fan of an actor or not based on how much you know about all their roles. All you have to do is read the article to the end and count how many times you said, “Wow, I never knew that!”

To write this article, Bright Side tracked down some of the first movies these 15 celebrities ever showed up in. As a bonus, we want to demonstrate some of the latest movies these actors have starred in. Just look how amazingly cool they’ve all become!

15. Jason Momoa has been good about staying fit throughout the years.

14. Natalie Portman is charming in any role.

13. If you still think that Daniel Radcliffe merely played “The Boy Who Lived”, check out his filmography!

12. Time goes by but Amy Adams’ talent is something that never changes.

11. Ryan Gosling deserves the special “Mr. Hot Stuff” award.

10. Nicole Kidman gets a thumbs up too!

9. It’s impossible not to fall in love with Tom Hanks, and it doesn’t matter what role he’s playing!

8. Reese Witherspoon has shown us an ocean of amazing stories.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger is just like a fine wine — he gets better and better with age.

6. There’s nothing that can go wrong if you start your career as a princess.

5. We can observe how Robert Downey Jr. made his way from a sweet boy to a gorgeous man.

4. Jennifer Aniston has probably dealt with evil forces because we can’t find another explanation for how she’s stayed so graceful over the years.

3. Charisma is the only word we’d use to describe Woody Harrelson.

2. Tilda Swinton looks like a goddess in any movie.

1. We believe that Johnny Depp could play anything and still be amazing.

It’s time to sum up the results: how many times were you surprised to see these actors’ first roles? Tell us about it down below!

12 Celebrities You Didn't Know Had a Twin

12 Celebrities You Didn't Know Had a Twin -

1. Rami and Sami Malek

2. Scarlett and Hunter Johansson

3. Vin Diesel and Paul Vincent

4. Gisele and Patricia Bündchen

5. Michael and Ashton Kutcher

6. Willow and Autumn Shields

7. Giovanni and Marissa Ribisi

8. Tasha and Sidra Smith

9. Jose and Ozzie Canseco

10. Linda Hamilton and Leslie Hamilton Gearren

11. Parker and Christopher Posey

12. Shawn and Aaron Ashmore

25 Celebrities Who Got Fired And The Reasons They Lost The Gig

25 Celebrities Who Got Fired And The Reasons They Lost The Gig -



1 Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow was originally cast as Roz in Frasier but was fired before the pilot was shot because she had a personality too close to "Daphne". She would land a spot on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. next year.

2. Canadian actor Michael Bublé was fired from the set of The X-Files for stealing a hotdog from craft services.

3. Jean-Claude Van Damme was originally cast as the Predator but was fired for several reasons, including that he really wanted the Predator to kickbox.

4. Melora Hardin (Jan from the office) was originally cast to play Jennifer Parker in Back to the Future. She was fired after they recast Marty because she was taller than Michael J. Fox.

5. Dan Aykroyd had JT Walsh fired from Loose Cannons (1990) after finding out he acted in the John Belushi biopic Wired (1989). The delay in production cost $125,000.

6 David Herman

Actor David Herman (Michael Bolton from the movie "Office Space") got himself fired from MADtv by screaming all his lines during the read-through. Apparently, he wanted to leave the show to do other projects, but Fox would not let him out of his contract.

7. Fitness model Christian Boeving starred in the documentary Bigger, Stronger, Faster* about the use of steroids in America. He said he had a testosterone prescription from his doctor. For this, he was fired by his sponsor MuscleTech, which has a policy against disclosing steroid use publicly.

8. Piers Morgan was fired as the editor of a popular British newspaper in 2004 after publishing fake photos of the torture of Iraqi prisoners by British soldiers.

9. Rick Moranis was fired from the set of The Breakfast Club after he kept playing the janitor as a goofy Russian character.

10. Suzanne Somers was fired from tv series Three's Company when she asked to be paid equally to costar John Ritter.

11 Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach was fired from Skid Row because he wanted to open for KISS and the band refused. After he was canned he left the band a voicemail saying that nobody is ever too big to open for KISS.

12. American actor Gilbert Gottfried was fired from voicing the Aflac duck after he tweeted out a series of jokes about the earthquake disaster of Japan in 2011. Aflac does 75% of its business in Japan.

13. Bobby Keys, a sax player (and Keith Richards' best friend) was fired from the Rolling Stones 1973 tour after being found in a bathtub filled with Dom Perignon champagne. The cost of the champagne was deducted from his pay and he made no money from the tour.

14. TV show host Marc Summers went public about his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, causing him to be fired as host of the Hollywood Squares revival, and is in remission for chronic lymphatic leukemia.

15. Chris Farley was fired from SNL for making late-night prank phone calls from the SNL offices with Adam Sandler, and mooning people from a limo shortly after. He once even once defecated out a window. He was known to frequently get naked and do various stunts for laughs.

16 James May

English television presenter James May was fired from Autocar magazine after he put a hidden message using the initial letter on each page. The secret message read out the following: “SO YOU THINK IT’S REALLY GOOD, YEAH? YOU SHOULD TRY MAKING THE BLOODY THING UP. IT’S A REAL PAIN IN THE ARSE.”

17. Rock group “The Pretenders” fired bass guitarist Pete Farndon due to his drug habits in June 1982. Two days later guitarist James Honeyman-Scott died as a result of cocaine intolerance. In April 1983 Farndon drowned in the bath at his home in London, after overdosing on heroin.

18. Pro Wrestler King Kong Bundy was fired from the WWF for acting in Headstart Explorer computer commercials without their approval.

19. Liam Neeson was once a school teacher but got fired because a student pulled a knife on him, and Neeson punched him.

20. Nicki Minaj worked as a waitress at a Red Lobster in the Bronx but was fired for discourtesy to customers. She said she was fired from "at least 15 jobs" for similar reasons.

21 Chris Hansen

Chris Hansen, who was the host of “NBC’s Dateline: To Catch a Predator” (a show that featured him conducting a sting operation on online sex predators by catching them on hidden cameras), was fired from NBC after he was caught cheating on his wife by a hidden-camera sting operation.

22. Jimi Hendrix played guitar in Little Richard's band until he was fired for being too flamboyant, out-dressing, and upstaging the singer.

23. Tupac Shakur was fired from the movie Menace II Society because he had an argument with Director Allen Hughes which led to a fistfight. Shakur was later found guilty of assault and battery.

24. Bill Hader worked at a movie theater in college and was fired for telling rude customers how "Titanic" ended.

25. In 1981, a 27-year-old James Cameron was working as a director on Pirhana II, when he was fired for failing to get a close-up of the lead actress. He then got food poisoning and during his illness had a nightmare about a robot sent from the future to kill him, which became the idea for “The Terminator.”


The owners of an upscale yoga studio are accusing Dennis Rodman of participating in a brazen daytime clothing heist ... and the whole bizarre thing was captured on video.

Here's the deal ... the NBA Hall of Famer entered VIBES Hot Yoga in Newport Beach around 12:45 PM on Tuesday with 3 companions -- 2 women and 1 man.

Almost immediately after they arrived, things got weird -- the owner tells us Dennis began distracting employees while the woman in a long-sleeved green shirt began stuffing clothing into her purse.

At one point, the woman hides behind Rodman while she tucks a shirt away.

Then, things get weirder ...

Rodman's male companion grabs a large $2,500 crystal art piece from the front desk and tries to place it on a steel dolly, insisting he wants to buy it.

But, the guy drops the crystal -- which shatters all over the floor -- and while the staff is distracted, the woman in the green-sleeves grabs another clothing item and again stuffs it into her purse.

Eventually, the entire crew leaves the store with the shattered crystal piece on the dolly. The owner tells us everyone in the group refused to pay. Dennis actually blamed the staff for the broken crystal.

The owner tells us ... the gang left the store with more than $500 in stolen clothing, plus the broken crystal -- so they went to police and filed a theft report.

The owner also says the employees working that day say everyone in Rodman's group reeked of alcohol.

VIBES is a popular spot for the rich and famous in Newport Beach.

We reached out to the Newport Beach PD -- but they're not commenting.

We also spoke with Rodman's attorney who told us, "We would decline comment. It's premature."

By the way, Rodman is still on probation stemming from a Jan. 2018 drunk driving incident-- so, this could become a VERY big deal for the 57-year-old.




Top 10 Celeb Scandals Everyone Forgot Happened

Top 10 Celeb Scandals Everyone Forgot Happened

Somehow, these controversies didn’t stick in the public’s mind. For this list, we’re looking at alleged scandals involving famous or high profile individuals that the public has seemingly overlooked for one reason or another. We’ve included forgotten scandals from stars like Bruno Mars, Ashton Kutcher and Caitlyn Jenner.






1. Jaden Smith

2. Justin Bieber

3. Ralph Macchio

4. Lizzy Greene

5. Alyson Stoner

6. Melissa Joan Hart

7. Mara Wilson

8. Anna Paquin

9. Madeline Zima

10. Susan Olsen

11. Edward Furlong

12. Leelee Sobieski

13. Parker McKenna

14. Mackenzie Rosman

15. Jason James Richter

16. Liam Aiken

17. Chloë Grace Moretz

18. Michelle Trachtenberg

19. Hallie Eisenberg

20. Noah Hathaway

21. Steven Anthony Lawrence


33 Celebs You Might've Missed In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies

33 Celebs You Might've Missed In The Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies -

1. Before starring in Game of Thrones, Natalie Dormer appeared as Private Lorraine, who stole a kiss from Steve Rogers, in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Jeff Spicer / Getty Images, Marvel

2. Olivia Munn played a TV reporter at the Stark Expo in Iron Man 2.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images, Marvel

3. Ty Burrell starred as Leonard, Bruce Banner's friend and Betty's original love interest, in The Incredible Hulk.

Neilson Barnard / Getty Images, Marvel

4. Miley Cyrus voiced Mainframe, a member of Stakar Ogord's team of Ravagers in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images, Marvel

5. Before starring in Crazy Rich Asians, Michelle Yeoh appeared in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 as Aleta Ogord, a Ravager captain.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Marvel

6. Happy Endings star Adam Pally played Gary, a cameraman who met Tony Stark in Iron Man 3.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Marvel

7. Kate Mara appeared as a US marshal in Iron Man 2.

Gregg Deguire / Getty Images, Marvel

8. Comedian Garrett Morris made a cameo in Ant-Man as a cab driver — He famously parodied Ant-Man on Saturday Night Live.

Jesse Grant / Getty Images, Marvel

9. Doctor Who star Jenna Coleman appeared as Bucky's date to the Stark Expo in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images, Marvel

10. Community star Danny Pudi played a communications tech agent at S.H.I.E.L.D. in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

John Sciulli / Getty Images, Marvel

11. Nathan Fillion voiced the monstrous inmate that teased Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images, Marvel

12. Seth Green had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo as a fan at the Stark Expo in Iron Man 2.

Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images, Marvel

13. Also, Seth voiced Howard the Duck in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.


14. Jennifer Connelly voiced Karen, the interface that Tony installed in Peter's Spider-Man suit, in Spider-Man: Homecoming — she's also married to Paul Bettany IRL.

Eamonn M. Mccormack / Getty Images, Marvel

15. Lou Ferrigno, who played The Hulk on the '90s TV series, appeared as a security guard in The Incredible Hulk.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images, Marvel

16. Chris O'Dowd appeared as Richard, a guy who tried to date Jane, in Thor: The Dark World.

Tommaso Boddi / Getty Images, Marvel

17. A Christmas Story star Peter Billingsley appeared in Iron Man as scientist William Ginter Riva — he was also an executive producer on the film.

Valerie Macon / Getty Images, Marvel

18. The Hobbit and Hannibal star Richard Armitage appeared as Heinz Kruger, the HYDRA assassin that killed Abraham Erskine, in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images, Marvel

19. Buffy the Vampire Slayer star Alexis Denisof played The Other in The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images, Marvel

20. Wynonna Earp star Dominique Provost-Chalkley appeared as Zrinka, a woman in Sokovia who couldn't find her brother, in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

Mike Coppola / Getty Images, Marvel

21. Director Joe Russo made a brief cameo in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as Doctor Fine, a trusted surgeon who worked with S.H.I.E.L.D.

John Phillips / Getty Images, Marvel

22. Also, Joe made an appearance in Captain America: Civil War as Dr. Broussard, the psychiatrist that Helmut Zemo murdered and impersonated in order to get close to Bucky.


23. Twin Peaks star Harry Dean Stanton appeared as a security guard who chatted with Bruce Banner in The Avengers.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images, Marvel

24. Homeland star Nazanin Boniadi played reporter Amira Ahmed in Iron Man.

Noam Galai / Getty Images, Marvel

25. The Walking Dead star Ross Marquand appeared as Red Skull in Avengers: Infinity War — he took over the role from Hugo Weaving.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Marvel

26. Lost and Once Upon a Time star Rebecca Mader made an appearance in Iron Man 3 as an undercover agent for A.I.M.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Marvel

27. Logan Marshall-Green played Jackson Brice, a member of Adrian Toomes's criminal group, in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Stuart C. Wilson / Getty Images, Marvel

28. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald star Claudia Kim played Doctor Helen Cho, a geneticist that helped the Avengers in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

John Phillips / Getty Images, Marvel

29. Teen Wolf star Linden Ashby appeared in Iron Man 3 as a commander — alongside The Walking Dead's Corey Hawkins.


30. Once Upon a Time star Josh Dallas originally portrayed Fandral in Thor — he was later replaced by Zachary Levi.

Emma Mcintyre / Getty Images, Marvel

31. Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello appeared in Iron Man as a prison guard.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Marvel

32. The Haunting of Hill House star Mckenna Grace starred as young Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images, Marvel

33. And of course, Luke Hemsworth and Matt Damon both appeared as actors playing Thor and Loki in Thor: Ragnarok.

How Warren Buffett Makes And Spends His Billions

How Warren Buffett Makes And Spends His Billions

Warren Buffett is the third richest person in the world, but he lives a modest life. He drinks five cokes a day and even eats McDonald's for breakfast. The CEO and chairman of Berkshire Hathaway donates billions to charities. He still lives in the house he bought in the 1950s, which is now worth over $652,000.

25 Interesting Facts About Celebrities Before They Found Fame

25 Interesting Facts About Celebrities Before They Found Fame -




1 Bill Hader

Bill Hader once worked as an usher at a movie theater and was fired for spoiling the end of Titanic to noisy patrons.

2. Before he was a famous musician Johnny Cash was a military code breaker for the US Air Force. He worked as a Morse Intercept Operator in Germany, handling the hardest jobs, intercepting Russian intelligence and deciphering code transmissions. He copied the first news of Stalin’s death.

3. Retta, the actress who played Donna Meagle on Parks and Recreation, graduated from Duke University, worked as a chemist before doing stand-up and moving to Los Angeles, and is also the niece of former Liberian president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

4. Hugh Jackman worked as a birthday clown named 'Coco' and made just 50 bucks. Jackman admits that he had no magic tricks and was even told off by a 6-year-old that he is terrible.

5. Adam Jones, the guitarist of the rock band TOOL, worked on makeup and set design for Hollywood blockbuster films such as Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and Ghostbusters II, and used his background in film to create TOOL's "unique" stop-motion music videos.

6 Colonel Sanders

Before establishing KFC, Colonel Sanders worked at a gas station and once also got into a gunfight with a rival gas station manager.

7. Celebrity chef Alton Brown worked as a cinematographer and video director before he became a food star. He was the director of photography for R.E.M.'s music video "The One I Love" and spent all of his time between takes on the set watching cooking shows, feeling that he could do a better job.

8. Before realizing his true potential in comedy, Will Ferrell worked as a teller at Wells Fargo. Apparently, he lost close to $600 on his first two days on the job.

9. Sir Patrick Stewart used to regularly fabricate fake news in the newspaper he worked for because he was spending his time practicing theatre with a theatre company during times that conflicted with his work schedule as a journalist.

10. Stand-up comedian Demetri Martin worked as a White House intern during the Clinton administration.

11 Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein worked as an electrician on the Oktoberfest 1896.

12. Before he was on MTV's Jackass, Steve-O went to Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Clown College and worked for several years as a performing clown.

13. Pope Francis worked briefly as a chemical technician and nightclub bouncer before entering the seminary.

14. Ronald Reagan started work as a lifeguard at a park in 1926 and was credited with saving 77 lives during the seven summers he worked there.

15. Science-fiction author Gene Wolfe worked as an engineer on the design of the machine that makes Pringles chips.

16 Bob Marley

Bob Marley worked on an assembly line at a Chrysler plant in Newark, New Jersey under the alias "Donald Marley."

17. As a teen, Christopher Walken answered a help wanted ad and worked as a lion tamer.

18. Chad Stahelski, the director of the John Wick films, had worked as Keanu Reeves’ stunt double for 15 years prior to his directorial debut.

19. Actor Michael Keaton got his start in show business as a production assistant on Mister Rogers' Neighborhood. He helped with the puppets and ran the trolley.

20. Henry Ford worked as chief engineer at Edison Illuminating Company before starting his automobile business.

21 Steve Carell

Steve Carell has worked as a mail carrier in Massachusetts. He quit 7 months later because his boss told him he was not very good at being a mail carrier and needed to be faster. He has also performed with Chicago troupe The Second City where Stephen Colbert was his understudy for a time.

22. Ina Garten, known for her cooking show Barefoot Contessa, worked in the White House as a nuclear budget analyst.

23. Tom Morello (the guitar player for Rage Against The Machine) worked as a male stripper with the goal of saving enough money to purchase a hot tub.

24. Kenneth Koe, the inventor of Zoloft worked his way through college washing dishes at a restaurant which was named Hung Far Low.

25. Comedian Michelle Wolf studied kinesiology in college and worked for Bear Stearns from 2007 to 2008 before taking an improv class after the financial collapse.



1. David Bowie, The Man Who Fell To Earth, 1975

2. Audrey Hepburn, 1967

3. Elton John, The Muppet Show, Elstree Studios, England

4. Tina Turner, Paris, 1984

5. Freddie Mercury & Mick Rock

6. Amy Winehouse, London, 2004

7. Led Zeppelin In Front Of The Starship, 1973

8. Bob Marley, Essex House, NYC, 1980

9. Elizabeth Taylor, Culver City, CA, 2000

10. Paul & Linda Mccartney, Cover Of Life Magazine, 1971

11. Faye Dunaway, Beverly Hills Hotel, CA, 1977

12. Paul Newman, Burbank, CA, 1958

13. Yoko Ono And John Lennon, Butterfly Studios, NYC, 1972

14. Janis Joplin And Tina Turner At Madison Square Garden, November 27, 1969

15. Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac At JFK Stadium, Philadelphia, 1978

16. David Bowie And Elizabeth Taylor, 1975

17. Debbie Harry, Late 1970s

18. Cher, 'I'd Rather Believe In You' Album Cover, 1976

19. David Bowie, “Keep Your ‘Lectric Eye”, 1973

20. David Bowie & Aretha Franklin, Grammy Awards, NYC, 1975

21. Gloria Steinem, Palm Beach, FL, 1971

22. The Jackson 5, Encino, CA, 1974

23. Cyndi Lauper, 1984

24. Stevie Wonder, Dance Theater Of Harlem, NYC, 1976

25. Cher, 1976

26. Brigitte Bardot, Cuautla, Mexico, 1964

27. Frank Sinatra, Capitol Records, Hollywood, CA, 1956

28. Nirvana, 1993

29. Jim Morrison, Fantasy Fair, Mill Valley, CA, 1967

30. Paul McCartney With Anti-Beatles Button, 1964

31. Mick Jagger And John Lennon, Abbey Road Studios, London, 1967

32. Yoko Ono, NYC, 1973

33. Tupac Shakur, New York City, 1993

34. Bob Dylan On Train From Dublin To Belfast, 1966

35. Billy Idol, Max's Kansas City, NYC, 1978

36. Steve Jobs, Woodside, CA, 1984

37. The Supremes, 1965

38. Kate Bush, Late 1970's

39. Robert Mapplethorpe And Patti Smith, New York City, 1969

40. Dolly Parton And Mick Jagger, Bottom Line Concert, May, 1977





Just a reminder that Daenerys Targaryen is the sexiest thing to happen to television.




33 Rarely Seen Photos of Famous People When They Were Young

33 Rarely Seen Photos of Famous People When They Were Young -

1.) Walt Disney at around the age of 16, circa 1917

2. Oprah Winfrey crowned Miss Black Tennessee  at age 17, 1971, East Tennessee State University

3.) Cadet Captain Donald Trump in his graduation photo from the New York Military Academy, 1964

4.) A rascally, young Stephen Colbert at age 22

5.) A naughty 21-year-old Betty White from a series of nude poses she did in 1943, many of which ended up on playing cards

6.) Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt, 15-years old and already a member of Dollar Shave Club

7.) Christopher Walken, age 22

8.) Queen Elizabeth II, an 18-year-old princess at the time, trained as a military mechanic and drove a supply truck during W.W. II

9.) Ryan Seacrest, an American Idol at the age of 13

10.) Barak Obama, 1980, a freshman at Occidental College posing for a photo essay by aspiring photographer Lisa Jack (she hoped he’d ask her out afterward but he never did)

11.) Mother Teresa

12.) Lady killer  George Clooney at the age of 15

13.) Martin Luther King, Jr. at age 7

 14.) A delicious 22-year-old Martha Stewart

15) A 15-year-old Samuel Clemens before he became Mark Twain

16.) Marilyn Monroe at age 12.

17.) One of the first known pictures of Abraham Lincoln, circa 1840

18.) A hand-tinted picture of 21-year-old Sir Winston Churchill in military garb, 1895

19.) Larry David, 20-years-old, enthusiasm already curbed
20.) One of these hobbits is J.R.R. Tolkien

21.) 22-year-old Hillary Rodham Clinton, Park Ridge, Illinois, June 1969.

22.) Josef Stalin, the original hipster

23.) Either Howdy Doody or 10-year-old John F. Kennedy

24) Academy Award Winner Helen Mirren at age 25

25.) In 1964, 17-year-old Bill Clinton meets JFK

26.) Henry Hank Aaron, around age 19, circa 1953

27.) Vladimir Putin doing his best Macaulay Culkin

28.) German Chancellor Angela Merkel

29.) A handsome 19-year-old Mahatma Gandhi

30.) 2-year-old Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the days he was simply known as “Franny”

31.) Fidell Castro

32.) Albert Einstein, age 3, 1882

33.) A young George and Barbara Bush with an even younger George, W.

10 Celebrities Whose 15 Minutes Of Fame Was Cut 5 Minutes Short

10 Celebrities Whose 15 Minutes Of Fame Was Cut 5 Minutes Short -



Thousands of people dream of becoming famous. However, those who actually become famous quickly realize that staying popular is every bit as hard as becoming popular. So, even if you become really successful, it doesn’t mean your career will prosper in the future. And unfortunately, the examples of some stars only prove this to be true.

1. Neve Campbell

Neve Campbell became famous after she played the main role in Scream, an iconic horror movie of the ’90s. This was the biggest role for the young actress for several years to come: Neve portrayed the main character in all 3 parts of the franchise. However, after the end of the shooting process of the last installment in 2000, her career was in a slump. She never got any big roles in any popular movies. Neve appeared on the big screen only in 2011 when she portrayed Sidney Prescot yet again: the franchise’s creators decided to release another part of Scream. Maybe the actress just got into this character a little too deeply.

2. Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice became the first rap singer whose single was at the top of the music chart. His song, Ice Ice Baby became iconic right away and the sales of his album were extremely impressive. But despite his incredible popularity, his stage image quickly became boring for the artist himself. As a result, he terminated the contract with his label and became an independent singer. Today, Vanilla Ice still sings and also stars in movies as an actor and works as a music producer. Of course, he is not as famous as he once was but the ability to decide what he wants to look like and what songs he wants to sing makes him quite happy.

3. PSY

In 2012, the video for Gangnam Style became the most watched video in YouTube history. After the video was released, the entire world talked about the South Korean musician, PSY. In European countries, the song was at the top of the music charts for months even though it was in Korean. While he was still popular, PSY performed numerous concerts all around the world. Today, 7 years later, he still goes on tours, but there have been no similar big hits in his career. PSY himself called Gangnam Style one of the biggest achievements of his life.

4. Robert Englund

Robert Englund is also a man of one role. Freddy Kruger became his biggest achievement and the role he appeared as more often than any other. At the end of the ’80s, he was the most popular character and he portrayed Freddy from 1984 to 2003. On the one hand, this role made Englund incredibly popular but on the other, it didn’t let him demonstrate his actual acting abilities because the complicated makeup covered his real face. To this day, few people can actually recognize him for the same reason.

5. Rick Moranis

In the ’80s, Rick Moranis was one of the most popular comedic actors in the US and Canada. The movies he appeared in became popular right away: he played the main roles in Ghost BustersHoney, I Shrunk the Kids, and other famous family comedies of the time. There was no danger to his career but at the beginning of the ’90s, his wife died of cancer. After that, the actor made the decision to leave the world of acting to raise his children.

6. Crazy Town

The Crazy Town band was formed in 1995 and didn’t seem promising until they released the single called Butterfly in 1999. The song appeared at the top of world music charts and 1.5 million copies of the album were sold. However, all the following works of the band were way less successful — the singles never even appeared on any charts. The members of the band said that it was because of the pressure from labels. At the beginning of the 2000s, they took a big break and their new album was released only in 2015. Even though Crazy Town still exists as a band, they haven’t had any other outstanding songs.

7. Hayden Christensen

Hayden Christensen has been doing movies since he was a child but his most famous role up until now is Anakin Skywalker. Christensen portrayed this character in 2 parts of the Star Wars franchise. There were different opinions about his work as the actor was nominated for both a Golden Globe and a Saturn Award as well as a Golden Raspberry for the worst role. Today Hayden Christensen rarely appears in movies and when he does, it’s usually in supporting roles.

8. Bomfunk MC’s

Bomfunk MC’s was formed by 2 DJs in 1998 and in 2000, they released Freestyler. Up until today, this is probably the only song by this band that almost every person who lived in the 2000s must have heard. The musician received a few awards for the song but all of their next albums were less successful. The members of the band changed several times, and the musicians took breaks and did their own solo projects. But in 2019, they released a new Freestyler video to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the song and said that they were working on a new release.

9. Shelley Duvall

Shelley Duvall was a very promising actress: she received a Cannes Film Festival Award for her main role in 3 Women. After that, she had very successful parts in The ShiningAnnie Hall and other movies. However, in the ’90s, Duvall started taking on a lot of supporting roles and in 2002 she stopped her movie career altogether. In 2016 she appeared on the show, Dr. Phil and admitted that she had a psychological disorder.

10. Rupert Grint

The actors who played the main roles in Harry Potter were the highest paid actors before they were teenagers. They appeared not only in movies and TV shows but also on the covers of notebooks, backpacks, and other products. The last episode of the franchise was released in 2011, and at that moment, Rupert Grint was a very popular actor. However, he had a series of roles in really bad movies and the industry’s interest in him disappeared. He continues to do movies and TV shows but apparently, it’s hard to do something as big as Harry Potter.

Not only is an absence of talent a good way to ruin a successful career, but unfortunate circumstances, health issues, and thousands of other unexpected things can have the same effect. Have you ever met people who were really promising at what they did but for some reason something went wrong?

Scarlett Johansson Tries To Not Spoil Avengers While Eating Spicy Wings

Scarlett Johansson Tries To Not Spoil Avengers While Eating Spicy Wings

As she attempts to jump kick the wings of death, Johansson learns about memes, talks about the best movie-set food, and tries to avoid spoiling Avengers: Endgame.



The Church of Scientology has become one of the most ridiculed religions since its launch in 1952. The religion was founded by American author L. Ron Hubbard. Scientologists are known to believe that the Earth is inhabited by alien “thetans,” which walk our world disguised as humans, and that the “auditing” process will clear the body of these thetans and the “mental implants” they impose on us all. It is also stated that humans evolved from clams.[1]

That all sounds pretty nuts, right? Despite the ongoing criticism of Scientology, these following celebrities are all dedicated followers and have spoken out about their true devotion for the church.

10 John Travolta

Photo credit: Georges Biard

Hollywood star John Travolta has been a follower of the Church of Scientology since 1975 and is one of their most high-profile members. Alongside his wife, Kelly Preston, he credits the church for standing beside them when they lost their son after he suffered a seizure at age 16.

Travolta said, “The church never left our sides for two years. I don’t know if I would have made it through without their support.” He added, “The truth is, I didn’t know if I was going to make it. Life was no longer interesting to me, so it took a lot to get me better.”

Former Scientology spokesperson Mike Rinder has alleged in an interview that the church has a lot more control over the lives of Travolta and his family than the public knows about. He revealed, “Kelly is a much more dedicated Scientologist than John. Scientology dictates every choice in life and informs every decision a Scientologist makes.”[2]

9 Kirstie Alley

Photo credit: AP

Kirstie Alley has been a devoted follower of Scientology since 1979. She was previously raised as a Methodist. Alley personally admitted to joining the church when she was struggling with cocaine addiction. She went through the Scientology-affiliated drug treatment program known as Narconon and has since ended her dependency.

Following the Las Vegas Strip shooting in 2017, she wrote a series of tweets blaming the actions of the shooter, Stephen Paddock, on psychiatric medications—an assumption, as her statements came before the coroner’s report. The Church of Scientology claims drugs damage a person’s physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Instead, they recommend one of their international Narconon drug rehabilitation centers.

Alley has defended the church against those who condemn its practices, claiming that most of the criticisms are not true. In an interview, she stated, “I think all religions sound bizarre to people who are not the practitioners of them. [ . . . ] To me [Scientology] is so normal, and probably 90 percent of the crazy stuff I hear isn’t true.”[3]

8 Beck

Photo credit: Raph_PH

Grammy award-winning singer Beck was born into the Church of Scientology. He first acknowledged his affiliation with Scientology in 2005, when he stated, “It’s just something that I’ve been around. People in my family do it. I’ve read books, and I’ve learned about it.” His estranged wife is also a second-generation Scientologist.

Speaking in an interview about Scientology, Beck explained, “It’s definitely something that’s helped me. [ . . . ] I think the good done speaks for itself.” When asked about criticisms toward the church, he replied, “There’s that kind of intolerance which to me is kind of insidious, you know; you can make a judgment about something you don’t about. [ . . . ] They have one of the highest [drug treatment] success rates [ . . . ] and programs for criminals in prisons—it’s pretty staggering actually.”[4]

Beck is known as a still-active member of the church. However, recent interviewers have since been forbidden to ask him questions regarding his religion.

7 Issac Hayes

Photo credit: William Henderson

Singer Issac Hayes won an Academy Award for Best Original Song for the “Theme from Shaft,” but most of his fans know him as the voice of Chef in the popular comedy South Park. After nine years in the role, Hayes quit the show when an episode mocked the Church of Scientology, of which he was a member.

Hayes said in a statement, “There is a place in this world for satire, but there is a time when satire ends, and intolerance and bigotry towards religious beliefs of others begins. As a civil rights activist, I cannot support a show that disrespects those beliefs and practices.”

South Park co-creator Matt Stone fired back, “This has nothing to do with intolerance and bigotry and everything to do with the fact that Isaac Hayes is a Scientologist and that we recently featured Scientology in an episode of South Park. In 10 years and more than 150 episodes, Isaac never had a problem with the show making fun of Christians, Muslims, Mormons and Jews. He got a sudden case of religious sensitivity when it was his religion featured on the show.”[5]

6 Nancy Cartwright

Voice actress Nancy Cartwright—best known for bringing to life Bart Simpson on The Simpsons—is a devoted Scientologist and has been since 1991. In 2007, she was awarded Scientology’s Patron Laureate Award for donating $10 million to the church—twice her annual salary. Following the release of the scathing documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief in 2015, Cartwright went public with her support for the church.

She said, “It was such a lie. That book and that movie, I don’t even know what to tell you. It’s called prejudice. It’s like, very irresponsible reporting. You know, anybody wants to find out about it you should find out about it for yourself. It’s called integrity. And, look at me. Look at who I am, seriously. Look what it is that I am doing. You can’t knock me for what it is that I’m doing. I am helping.” She added, “Shame on them, anyway. And the truth is, find out for yourself.”[6]

5 Elisabeth Moss

Photo credit: Biography.com

The Handmaid’s Tale actress Elisabeth Moss grew up in the Church of Scientology and has been very guarded about her religion. One fan managed to tempt Moss into a rare debate after commenting on her social media post, “Both Gilead [fictional location in The Handmaid’s Tale] and Scientology both believe that all outside sources (aka news) are wrong or evil. Does it make you think twice about Scientology?” Moss wrote back, “That’s actually not true at all about Scientology. Religious freedom and tolerance and understanding the truth and equal rights for every race, religion and creed are extremely important to me.”

In 2017, when Moss received her Emmy for Best Actress, she startled members of the audience when she dropped a lot of F-bombs throughout her acceptance speech. According to former Scientologist, Tiziano Lugli, this is a technique used by Scientologists to appeal to others. He explained, “Scientologists are urged to communicate with ‘average people,’ and to do so effectively you have to ‘go down the tone scale.’ So they all use ‘f—, f—, f—‘ every time they talk. It’s fascinating.”[7]

4 Juliette Lewis

Photo credit: David Shankbone

Oscar-nominated actress turned rock star Juliette Lewis has been a devoted Scientologist for many years, having grown up in a family steeped in the organization. Her father, actor Geoffrey Lewis, was also a Scientologist. Due to her rebellious nature, it was believed that the actress would leave the church once she reached adulthood. However, she has remained a dedicated member.

In 2017, she tweeted her support for fellow Scientologist and actor Danny Masterson when he was accused of rape. She wrote, “Love you and your beautiful family. It will get better. We know this.”

Defending against criticism of the church, Lewis explained that there can be “trouble” in any religion. She said, “Any religion, you can find trouble in. At the end of the day, I’m into protecting my freedom of choice, freedom of voice, freedom of religion, freedom of expression. And so as long as nothing is inhibiting that . . . But there are misconceptions that are annoying.”[8]

3 Michael Pena

Photo credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Michael Pena is best known for his roles in Ant-Man and the Wasp and Narcos: Mexico. He believes his success as an actor is thanks to programs he became involved in as a Scientologist. Pena joined the church in 2000, when he entered the detox program “Purification Rundown” for his alcoholism. He revealed, “For me, it isn’t a religion like a belief; it’s practical things you do.”

Pena then joined another program called “Study Tech,” which encouraged him to become a better reader. He said, “[Study Tech] made me a better actor because I felt like it helped my understanding of scripts.” Developed by founder Ron L. Hubbard, Study Tech is aimed at raising literacy among the church.

Speaking about criticism of the church, he explained, “I don’t read that stuff. OK, imagine we’re friends, you and me. Buddies. And there’s a tabloid story about you. There’s no way I’m going to read some tabloid story about you. Especially when I know it’s misinformed.”[9]

2 Laura Prepon

Photo credit: AOL

Orange Is The New Black star Lauren Prepon strongly believes that Scientology has rid her of life stresses and relaxes her. She previously revealed that she has worked through many of its programs, including “Personal Values and Integrity” and “Purification Rundown.”

Prepon has also been through the process of auditing within the church, which has been heavily criticized by former members, who believe their traumatic pasts were used against them for reasons of control. The process allows the individual to evaluate tough times that have happened in their life and get rid of any negativity from the past that might be holding them back. Prepon said, “The auditing has stripped away all of this charge, false ideas, decisions and mis-emotions that were affecting me.”

She added, “I spotted this decision I made a long time ago that was affecting me to this day. [ . . . ] At the time of the incident, you make a postulate as a ‘pro-survival’ decision, you know? Then to spot it years and years later, after peeling away these layers and then—boom, there it is—it’s mind-blowing! To think of it just hiding there in my bank, affecting me.”[10]

1 Tom Cruise

Photo credit: Dick Thomas Johnson

Tom Cruise is known as one of the most recognizable members of the Church of Scientology and also the most highly criticized. Cruise himself claims that the “Study Tech” program helped him overcome dyslexia, and he campaigned for Scientology to be recognized as a religion in Europe. In 2004, he famously made a controversial statement, “I think psychiatry should be outlawed.” He also criticized actress Brooke Shields for using antidepressants when she was struggling with postpartum depression.

Former church member Leah Remini said, “He is second to David Miscavige—the saviour of the free world.” Another former member, Bree Mood, said, “[Cruise] was a god in the lower ranks. [ . . . ] Every time a Tom Cruise movie came out they’d buy all his tickets. It could be 500, 1,000, up to 2,500 people. I’m not kidding.”[11]

His ex-wife, actress Nicole Kidman, is believed to have left the church following the end of their marriage. However, their adopted daughter Isabella has since become a member and has been through the auditing process during an internship at Scientology London. It is also strongly believed that Cruise’s religion caused the breakdown of his most recent marriage to actress Katie Holmes.




1. Selena Gomez

2. Ariana Grande

3. Aziz Ansari

4. Beyoncé

5. Carrie Underwood

6. Cindy Crawford

7. Drake

8. Ellen DeGeneres

9. Gwen Stefani

10. Justin Timberlake

11. Katie Couric

12. Macklemore

13. Mandy Moore

14. Miley Cyrus

15. Ricky Martin

16. Ryan Reynolds

17. Sarah Michelle Gellar

18. Tiffani Thiessen

19. Victoria Justice

20. Adele

17 Rarely Seen Images Of Celebrities' Kids

17 Rarely Seen Images Of Celebrities' Kids -

1. Björk’s son

2. Cher’s sons

3. Tilda Swinton and her daughter

4. Uma Thurman’s daughter and son

5. Danny Trejo’s children

6. Mick Jagger’s children

7. Gérard Depardieu’s daughters

8. Donatella Versace’s son and daughter

9. Woody Allen’s son and daughter

10. Charlotte Gainsbourg and her son

11. Meryl Streep’s big family

12. David Bowie’s children

13. Adriano Celentano’s son and daughter

14. Bette Midler and her daughter

15. Courtney Love’s daughter

16. Danny DeVito’s children

17. Rowan Atkinson’s son and daughter

Celebs Who Vanished And Are Still Missing Today

Celebs Who Vanished And Are Still Missing Today

There are plenty of celebrity conspiracy theories out there. Here are 10 celebrities who mysteriously vanished and are still missing today.

38 Celebrity Pairs That Are Complete Doppelganger / Look ALikes

38 Celebrity Pairs That Are Complete Doppelganger / Look ALikes -

Margot Robbie and Jaime Pressly


Jada Pinkett-Smith and Zoe Saldana


Will Ferrell and Chad Smith


Amy Adams and Isla Fisher


Henry Cavill and Matt Bomer


Alicia Silverstone and Kristen Stewart


Jessica Chastain and Bryce Dallas Howard


Rachel Bilson and Selena Gomez


Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel


Sarah Hyland and Mila Kunis


Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem


Zachary Quinto and Eli Roth


Jordana Brewster and Demi Moore


Emmanuelle Chriqui and JWoww


Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger


Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly


Logan Marshall Green and Tom Hardy


Victoria Justice and Nina Dobrev


Bradley Cooper and Ralph Fiennes


Cindy Crawford and Eva Mendes


Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan


Bill Murray and James Belushi


Patrick Dempsey and Guillaume Canet


Jennifer Garner and Hilary Swank


Cameron Diaz and Helena Christensen


Zoe Saldana and Thandiwe Newton


Kim Kardashian and Nicole Scherzinger


Milla Jovovich and Linda Evangelista


Amanda Peet and Lake Bell


Rosie Mac and Emilia Clarke


Georgia Мэй Jagger and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley


Leonardo DiCaprio and Jack Nicholson


Emilia Clarke and Miranda Kerr


Natalie Portman and Keira Knightley


Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe


Mark Wahlberg and Matt Damon


Mickey Rourke and Tim Robbins


James McAvoy and Luke Evans







 It shouldn’t come as a shock that many celebrities change their name. What might surprise you, however, are the sometimes ridiculous and other times explanatory names they began life with. How many of these did you know?


11 Famous People Who (Probably) Have Herpes

11 Famous People Who (Probably) Have Herpes -


A number of celebs have been sued for allegedly giving their companions herpes. Primarily based on rumors of STDs and pictures of chilly sores and warts, this checklist of superstar individuals who (allegedly) have herpes includes actors, rappers, musicians, athletes, and extra, this checklist has all of it.



Jessica Alba

It has been broadly rumored that Jessica Alba contracted herpes from her former boyfriend, Derek Jeter.



In line with courtroom papers from 2012, Usher paid a stylist $1.1 million to settle a lawsuit after she claimed to have contracted herpes from him.

Supply 1234

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton reportedly has genital herpes. A prescription for Valtrex, a herpes remedy, made out to Hilton was present in her storage unit in 2007.

Supply 12

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was supposedly seen buying the herpes remedy Zovirax in a drug retailer.

Supply 12

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been photographed with what seems to be a herpes an infection on her lip. Additionally, Kim’s ex-husband, Kris Humphries, was sued for allegedly passing herpes on to an unsuspecting fling.

Supply 12


Rihanna and ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, have each been photographed with what seem to be scars on their lips from herpes infections.


Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel dated Derek Jeter and, like his different exes, is rumored to have contracted herpes from him.

Supply 12

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is rumored to have had herpes since earlier than he was married to Jennifer Aniston.


Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson contracted Hepatitis C from ex-husband Tommy Lee. She can also besuspected of getting herpes.

Supply 12

Mariah Carey

Singer Mariah Carey dated Derek Jeter within the late ’90s and is rumored to have contracted herpes from him.

Supply 12

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes has allegedly been affected by herpes for a few years.




Brad Pitt

Jennifer Aniston

Matthew McConaughey

Bruno Mars

Angelina Jolie

And again Jolie

Stacy Ferguson (Fergie)

Jessica Alba

Will Ferrell

Britney Spears

George Clooney

Snoop Dogg

Ashton Kutcher

Courteney Cox

Natalie Portman


Taylor Swift

Renee Zellweger

Channing Tatum

Reese Witherspoon

Amanda Seyfried

Sandra Bullock

Lady Gaga

Halle Berry

Miley Cyrus

Busta Rhymes

Taylor Lautner



Kim Kardashian

Vin Diesel

Blake Lively

Meryl Streep

Meg Ryan

Christina Aguilera

Tyra Banks





Mindy Kaling rehearsing for the musical ‘Rags’ in high school.



A young Adele with a ‘Spice Girls’ obsession.



Nicole Richie (left) and Rashida Jones (right).



Allison Brie rocking headgear.



Amanda Seyfried (right) with her older sister on the beach.



Hugh Jackman with his track team.



Penelope Cruz (left) with her little sister.



Jamie Lee Curtis in some very 80’s fashion.



John Stamos in the 70’s.



Dan Levy and his little sister at her birthday party in the 90’s.



Cindy Crawford in her high school cheerleading pyramid.



Marisa Tomei in the early 90’s.



Kacey Musgraves rocking out back in the day.



Mandy Moore modeling in the 90’s.



Justin Theroux at 14.



Chris Pratt as a toddler, looking a hell of a lot like Chucky.



Emma Watson posing for an old headshot.



Tom Hardy when he was a student at the Drama Centre London back in the 90’s.



Elizabeth Banks at 14.

16 Celebrities Who Look Completely Different in Real Life

16 Celebrities Who Look Completely Different in Real Life -



Daenerys Targaryen vs. Emilia Clarke

The Tramp vs. Charlie Chaplin

Daisy Mason vs. Sophie McShera

Kitty Sanchez vs. Judy Greer

Ichabod Crane vs. Tom Mison

Worf vs. Michael Dorn

Tiffany Pennsatucky Doggett vs. Taryn Manning

Jerri Blank vs. Amy Sedaris

Blanca Flores vs. Laura Gómez

Steve Urkel vs. Jaleel White

Cersei Lannister vs. Lena Headey

Suzanne Warren vs. Uzo Aduba

Gilly vs. Hannah Murray

Quark vs. Armin Shimerman

Khal Drogo vs. Jason Momoa

Pepper vs. Naomi Grossman


MY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED: 16 Celebrities Different Centuries, Same Age

MY HOW THINGS HAVE CHANGED: 16 Celebrities Different Centuries, Same Age -

Elizabeth Taylor and Maisie Williams, age 21


Audrey Hepburn and Eva Green, age 38


Clark Gable and Ryan Gosling, age 38


Grace Kelly and Dakota Fanning, age 24


Ingrid Bergman and Emma Roberts, age 27


Sophia Loren and Eva Mendes, age 45


James Dean and Ansel Elgort, age 24


Vivien Leigh and Catherine Zeta-Jones, age 49


Lauren Bacall and Monica Bellucci, age 55


Brigitte Bardot and Lily Collins, age 29


Alain Delon and Richard Madden, age 32


Marilyn Monroe and Amanda Seyfried, age 33


Liza Minnelli and Emma Stone, age 30


Barbra Streisand and Kaya Scodelario, age 27


Marlene Dietrich and Jessica Biel, age 36


Adriano Celentano and Nicholas Hoult, age 29


Now Vs Then: What 23 Popular Celebrities From The Past Look Like Today

Now Vs Then: What 23 Popular Celebrities From The Past Look Like Today -



1. Evangeline Lilly (Lost — Kate)

2. Jennie Garth (Beverly Hills 90210 — Kelly Taylor)

3. Mandy Moore (A Walk to Remember — Jamie Sullivan)

4. Rupert Grint (Harry Potter film series — Ron Weasley)

5. Téa Leoni (Jurassic Park III — Amanda Kirby)

6. Winona Ryder (Autumn in New York — Charlotte Fielding)

7. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Heartbreakers — Page Conners)

8. Maggie Grace (Lost — Shannon)

9. Tom Felton (Harry Potter film series — Draco Malfoy)

10. Shane West (A Walk to Remember — Landon Carter)

11. Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives — Susan )

12. Denise Richards (Starship Troopers — Carmen)

13. H.P. Baxxter (Scooter)

14. Dominique Swain (Lolita — Dolores Haze)

15. Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls)

16. Matthew Fox (Lost — Jack)

17. Peta Wilson (La Femme Nikita — Nikita)

18. Geri Halliwell (Spice Girls)

19. Matthew Lewis (Harry Potter film series — Neville Longbottom)

20. Emilie de Ravin (Lost — Claire)

21. Emma Bunton (Spice Girls)

22. Craig David

23. Claire Danes (Romeo + Juliet — Juliet)


21 People Share Their Most Low-Key Celebrity Encounters

21 People Share Their Most Low-Key Celebrity Encounters





1. Freddie Mercury with his only love and best friend Mary Austin.

2. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and his father, wrestler Rocky Johnson.

3. Jason Momoa with babies.

4. Blake Lively, dressed as Emma Lee Bunton, at a Spice Girl's concert in 1997.

5. Nicholas Hoult knitting on the set of Mad Max: Fury Road.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger with his daughter Christina.

7. Drew Barrymore at a fashion show in 1983.

8. Prince Harry on a run wearing a mask of his brother Prince William.

9. Adele playing around at Capital One arena.

10. Cara Delevingne thanks his fans for his presents.

11. A young Marilyn Monroe babysitting a studio worker’s kid.

12. Robin Williams as a cheerleader for the Denver Broncos, 1979.

13. Marlon Brando and his cat.

14. Barack Obama on a morning horse ride.

15. Muhammad Ali letting a young fan win a fight.

16. Princess Diana with her youngest son Prince Harry at an amusement park.

17. Robert Downey, Jr. dresses up for a fan who had a rough day.

18. Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet on the set of Titanic.

19. Lisa Kudrow with short, dark hair.

20. Charlie Chaplin without a mustache.

21. Meryl Streep as a high school cheerleader.

22. Hillary Clinton in college.

23. Audrey Hepburn on her last UNICEF mission.

24. Kurt Cobain and his daughter Frances Bean.

25. Emilia Clarke goofing around.



11 Super Secure Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want to Ask for an Autograph

11 Super Secure Celebrities You Wouldn’t Want to Ask for an Autograph -


We often have the impression that the life of celebrities is perfect, but in fact, they also have serious problems. Famous people can rarely afford to spend a day alone and are always accompanied by bodyguards. And while some celebrities need only one bodyguard, there are others who want to be surrounded by a team of them. Sometimes they go too far when it comes to their security.

1. Beyoncé and Jay-Z

This famous married couple has been attacked by their fans multiple times. During their summer tour, On the Run, a drunk fan got on the stage and scared the celebrities a lot, but fortunately, their bodyguards managed to capture the man quickly. It was after this incident that their security measures were tightened.

The couple surrounded themselves with 500 bodyguards. They were tasked with protecting Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and their daughter 24/7, and about 300 people were in the crowd during their shows preventing dangerous accidents. And about 50 people usually watch the stage. In their regular life, they are protected by 3 bodyguards, including Julius DeBoer who is one of the most famous bodyguards in the world.

2. Tom Cruise

“Tom Cruise” is one of the most searched people on Google. Because he knows how popular he is, the Hollywood actor surrounds himself with the best bodyguards. For example time, Tom Cruise, his wife, and his daughter were protected by the charismatic Sean Ringgold, who later became an actor.

Another of his popular bodyguards is Mark “Billy” Billingham. He is a former sniper and SWAT officer, and he protects the actor together with his team.

3. Angelina Jolie

The famous mother of 6 has 3 bodyguards. For a long time, the children were protected by Mark “Billy” Billingham who later became Tom Cruise’s bodyguard. After many long years of working with the actress and her children, he and Jolie became so close that he even became her confidant. He supported Jolie a lot during her divorce with Brad Pitt. The cost of Jolie’s security is more than $2 million annually.

4. Rihanna

During official events, Rihanna always has 5 bodyguards who wear elegant suits. On regular days, she prefers to have 2 guards with her. It’s known that she has an informal and friendly relationship with her bodyguards. Sometimes, they carry her on their backs when she is tired or when it’s snowing. And they also put her on their backs during parties and concerts.

5. Kendrick Lamar

The famous rap singer rarely appears on magazine covers and he generally tries not to be seen in public. But in the few photos that you can find online, you will see the singer with 3 big men who are protecting him. Last summer, during a walk in Australia, paparazzi took a picture of Lamar surrounded by his bodyguards. Now we know that he has nothing to be afraid of when there’s a bodyguard like thisnear him.

6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has millions of fans, and some of them are really obsessed with her. So, when the singer appears in any public place, she is always surrounded by 4 tall men wearing black suits.

They often stop the fans who rush toward the celebrity to try to get an autograph. However, aside from being effective, the singer also values the image of her bodyguards. Pete van der Veen is one of her former bodyguards who worked for her for many years. He is a bodybuilder and in 2005, he won a beauty contest.

7. David and Victoria Beckham

This famous married couple is extremely popular, which is why they always have to be surrounded by bodyguards. In order to pick up his children from school, David has to drive a bulletproof Rolls-Royce with 2 cars full of guards. The soccer player himself said that he dreams of walking down the street with his family, without other people around, but he realizes that his family’s safety comes first.

8. Britney Spears

Bodyguards protect the singer from over enthusiastic fans and photographers 24/7. In 2014, Spears was so scared that she would be stalked by her ex-boyfriend that she tightened her security. She even hired 2 more people to be on guard every day.

She asked them to keep an eye on the guy since he was not allowed to be in the same town as her. Spears is known for having a difficult demeanor, so many people who’ve worked for her have complained about how difficult it was that they had to deal with her strange decisions and help solve all her problems.

9. Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer is always surrounded by security. When she goes shopping, she is always accompaniedby her bodyguard who never takes his eyes off her. When she is outside, she is always with 3 male bodyguards who protect her from annoying photographers and fans.

10. Drake

The multiple bodyguards of the famous musician have a controversial reputation. They are readyto do anything when it comes to the rapper’s safety. They even fight with fans and photographers. And since December 2018, Drake has tightened the security because of a conflict with Kanye West who lives nearby. Additionally, the security team put a huge bulletproof car near his gate.

11. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

After a robbery, the famous couple has tightened their security. Now, Kim walks and travels together with her 3 bodyguards. West, who used to walk alone or only with one bodyguard, is now also surrounded by big men. Now, they travel in a bulletproof car and their security costs them around $1.5 million annually.

10 Musicians Who Got Caught For Oddball Crimes By 'Johnny Law'

10 Musicians Who Got Caught For Oddball Crimes By 'Johnny Law' -



Musicians are just as corruptible as the rest of us. It is commonplace now to see your favorite musicians in trouble with authorities for drug charges or drunken stupors. Drug- and alcohol-related arrests have become something of a staple of the music industry.

However, in rare circumstances, musicians get into trouble for the unlikeliest of transgressions. These strange criminal blunders are undoubtedly rare among musicians, but they are so puzzling and hilarious that they deserve a light shining on them.


10 Paul McCartney

Photo credit: rebloggy.com

In 1960, former Beatle Paul McCartney was arrested in Hamburg, Germany, for attempted arson. McCartney and then–Beatles’ drummer Pete Best pinned a condom to the wall of the Bambi Kino, their accommodations while playing in Hamburg, and set the condom on fire.

After living in filthy conditions during the early string of shows, Paul’s arson was a boyish act of protest against the Bambi Kino owner Bruno Koschmider. Renowned for beating customers with a chair leg, Koschmider had put up the Beatles in the back of his porno cinema while they tirelessly played for him in his run-down strip club known as the Indra.

As George Harrison, then 17, was already being deported from Germany for flouting Hamburg’s curfew laws for minors, the Beatles were ready to go home—but not before McCartney and Best set the condom alight.

Koschmider subsequently rang the police, who arrested and detained Best and McCartney before deporting them.[1]

9 Barry White

Photo credit: teksteshqip.com

Before he had a music career and was nicknamed the “Walrus of Love,” Barry White was something of a criminal in his teens (by his own admission). However, White was hardly a master criminal as evinced by his arrest in 1960 for the theft of car tires which led to subsequent jail time.

As a teenager, White often got into trouble with his brother, Darryl. Barry stated that they were a “two-man gang, respected and feared [who] ran and ruled the streets of our neighborhood.” However, the theft of $30,000 worth of Cadillac tires landed him in prison.

Barry White served four months in prison in 1960. While he was incarcerated, the seeds of the Walrus of Love were sown because White vowed to do away with his minor criminal past and focus on music.[2]


8 D’arcy Wretzky

Photo credit: heightline.com

D’arcy Wretzky, former bassist for the Smashing Pumpkins, was arrested and eventually imprisoned in 2011 due to her horses escaping her home. Wretzky’s neighbors contacted the police after her horses were left to wander from her farm onto their land. Although she was notified of the offense in 2009, it took until 2011 before her antics led to prison time.

Michigan has an “animals running at large” law that Wretzky breached. However, the law is only a minor offense. It was Wretzky’s repeated absence from four consecutive court dates related to the incident that eventually landed her in jail.

Otherwise, Wretzky would have only had to pay a fine. Nevertheless, she was sentenced to six days imprisonment.[3]

7 Gary Numan

Photo credit: The Guardian

New wave singer and songwriter Gary Numan found himself on the wrong side of Indian police in 1981 when he was arrested on suspicion of smuggling and spying. As an air display pilot as well as a musician, Numan was flying with a friend over India. After the plane’s engine gave out, they were forced to land.

The pair sought help in a local Indian village but instead were arrested on suspicion of smuggling and spying. As the two men were wearing two watches each, the police thought they were smuggling. Worse still, the pair had cameras on them which gave the police grounds to believe that they were spying.

Little did Numan know, there was actually a Russian submarine base 32 kilometers (20 mi) from where they had landed. Therefore, the Indian police thought that they were taking photographs of that base.

Both Numan and his friend were arrested and detained for four days. Eventually, the pair contacted the Home Office, and they were duly released.[4]

6 Vanilla Ice

Photo credit: victoriabuzz.com

Rapper (sort of) Vanilla Ice got in trouble with authorities in 2004, albeit for something far less sinister than his arrest for burglary in 2015. In fact, it was animal control officials that landed Vanilla Ice in difficulty.

Vanilla Ice’s pet wallaroo, Bucky Buckaroo, and his pet goat, Pancho, decided one day to escape Vanilla Ice’s domicile in Florida. Pancho managed to headbutt open the latch of the gate of their enclosure, and the two went for a ramble in Florida.

The rebellious animals actually scratched one woman and kicked her car after she tried to feed them. Animal control officials eventually captured the two, and their days on the lam were cut short.

Animal control officials caught Vanilla Ice with an expired permit and duly fined him $220. Pancho and Bucky were eventually reunited with their owner.[5]


5 Peter Buck

Photo credit: BBC

REM’s guitarist Peter Buck was arrested for an air rage incident in 2001, but the story was far sillier than it sounds. After allegedly making the mistake of mixing a sleeping pill with alcohol, Buck went on a drunken rampage, much to the chagrin of his fellow passengers.

After being refused any more alcohol, Buck in his already-drunk, loutish state overturned a flight attendant’s trolley and demanded to leave the airplane mid-flight. He had to be pulled away from an exit door. As a pilot attempted to calm the situation, Buck responded that “he was just a f—king pilot and [Buck] was REM.” Even stranger, Buck sprayed flight attendants with yogurt and tried to steal cutlery from the plane.

The guitarist was later cleared of all charges, and he did help to clean up the yogurt mess while on the plane.[6]

4 Bob Dylan

Photo credit: mojo4music.com

New Jersey police detained poor old Bob Dylan in 2009 over a simple case of mistaken identity. The icon of folk music was set to headline a concert alongside Willie Nelson and John Mellencamp. But it nearly didn’t happen thanks to New Jersey police officer Kristie Buble, who believed that Dylan was a mad pensioner who had escaped from a hospital.

Dylan went for a stroll around the Long Branch area on his own in the pouring rain when a concerned citizen rang the police about the suspicious-looking character. When Buble arrived to determine what was going on, Dylan told her that he was indeed Bob Dylan. But for the police officer, that just confirmed her suspicions of a madman on the loose.

Apparently forgetting that people age, Buble expected Dylan to look like her memories of him from his younger years. As a result, Buble believed that the man in front of her was a rambling lunatic and not Bob Dylan.[7]

Detained by the police, the musician was taken to his nearby tour bus to confirm his identity. When they reached Dylan’s manager, he showed Dylan’s identification to the now-embarrassed police officer. In her defense, it was a little strange that Dylan was wandering around in the rain, but he’s never been one for conventional behavior.

3 Mick Jagger, Bill Wyman, And Brian Jones
The Rolling Stones

Photo credit: pinterest.com.mx

Although two of the Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, were infamously arrested and charged with drug offenses in 1967, it was public urination that saw three of the Rolling Stones—Bill Wyman, Mick Jagger, and Brian Jones—arrested in 1965.

After being refused access to a petrol station lavatory in London, three of the Rolling Stones took it upon themselves to relieve their full bladders by urinating on the petrol station itself. The unsympathetic station owner had denied Bill Wyman the key initially. However, Jagger and Jones also took offense at this.

All three began chanting “we’ll p—s anywhere, man” to the station owner and a nearby mechanic who had witnessed the scene and was merely attempting to move them on. When the owner wouldn’t concede, Jagger, Wyman, and Jones urinated on the wall of the petrol station while still chanting.

After the trio was arrested, they were charged with public indecency and subsequently fined £5 each.[8]

2 Frank Zappa

Photo credit: biography.com

In the early years of Frank Zappa’s career, he was not too discerning about where his much-needed money came from. This became painfully apparent in 1962 when Zappa was duped into making porn for an undercover San Bernardino police detective in California.

After creating several scores for low-budget films, Zappa was offered work by a supposed used car salesman to produce a porn film. As the “used car salesman” knew of Zappa’s amateur film credentials, he turned to Zappa for help.

Though Zappa refused to outright make a porn film for the man, Zappa did offer to record audio-only porn with his friend Lorraine Belcher in a studio owned by Zappa. The recording was essentially a mock-up of a couple having sex.

After Zappa made the recording, the “salesman” refused to pay him. Instead, the police raided the studio and seized the tapes. Of course, the “used car salesman” was simply an undercover detective hoping to entrap an unwitting “criminal.”

Zappa was charged with conspiracy to make pornography and given a 10-day prison sentence. This made Zappa a lifelong cynic toward authority.[9]

1 Ozzy Osbourne

Photo credit: variety.com

Yet more public urination from a beloved rock star. Throughout his lengthy career, Ozzy Osbourne has been a staple of the typical rock and roll antics that define the genre’s more reckless practitioners.

Ozzy is the epitome of the drunken, drug-induced wild behavior of rock stars. Some of his most outrageous behavior included biting the head off a bat and snorting a line of ants. But in 1982, a drunken Ozzy was arrested for urinating on a historic landmark.

In a drunken stupor, Ozzy stumbled around San Antonio, Texas, looking for a place to relieve himself. Unfortunately, he chose the city’s Cenotaph dedicated to the fallen soldiers in the Battle of the Alamo.

To make this story even stranger, Ozzy was wearing the clothes of his wife, Sharon, the whole time because she had denied him access to his own so that he could not go out and drink. Obviously, it didn’t work. The police arrested Ozzy for public intoxication. He was freed on $40 bond the same day.[10]

10 Indisputable Facts About the Sexual-Abuse Allegations Against Michael Jackson

10 Indisputable Facts About the Sexual-Abuse Allegations Against Michael Jackson

Key revelations and insights that viewers of the new HBO documentary Leaving Neverlandneed to know.

To help viewers contextualize the documentary’s presentation of what ultimately amounts to a narrow slice of a sprawling saga, here are 10 undeniable facts about the sexual-abuse allegations against Michael Jackson.

1. There is no dispute that, at age 34, Michael Jackson slept more than 30 nights in a row in the same bed with 13-year-old Jordie Chandler at the boy’s house with Chandler’s mother present. He also slept in the same bed with Jordie Chandler at Chandler’s father’s house. The parents were divorced.

2. So far, five boys Michael Jackson shared beds with have accused him of abuse: Jordie Chandler, Jason Francia, Gavin Arvizo, Wade Robson, and Jimmy Safechuck. Jackson had the same nickname for Chandler and Arvizo: “Rubba.” He called Robson “Little One” and Safechuck “Applehead.”

3. Jackson paid $25 million to settle the Chandlers’ lawsuit, with $18 million going to Jordie, $2.5 million to each of the parents, and the rest to lawyers. Jackson said he paid that sum to avoid something “long and drawn out.” Francia also received $2.4 million from Jackson.

4. Michael Jackson suffered from the skin discoloration disease vitiligo. Jordie Chandler drew a picture of the markings on the underside of Jackson’s penis. His drawings were sealed in an envelope. A few months later, investigators photographed Jackson’s genitalia. The photographs matched Chandler’s drawings.

5. The hallway leading to Jackson’s bedroom was a serious security zone covered by video and wired for sound so that the steps of anyone approaching would make ding-dong sounds.

6. Jackson had an extensive collection of adult erotic material he kept in a suitcase next to his bed, including S&M bondage photos and a study of naked boys. Forensic experts with experience in the Secret Service found the fingerprints of boys alongside Jackson’s on the same pages. Jackson also had bondage sculptures of women with ball gags in their mouths on his desk, in full view of the boys who slept there.

7. According to the Neverland staff interviewed by the Santa Barbara authorities, no one ever saw or knew of a woman spending the night with Michael Jackson, including his two spouses, Debbie Rowe or Lisa Marie Presley. Rowe, the mother of two of Jackson’s children, made it clear to the Santa Barbara authorities that she never had sex with Jackson.

8. The parents of boys Jackson shared beds with were courted assiduously and given myriad expensive gifts. Wade Robson’s mother testified in the 2005 trial that she funneled wages through Jackson’s company and was given a permanent resident visa. Jimmy Safechuck’s parents got a house. Jordie Chandler’s mother got a diamond bracelet.

9. Two of the fathers of those who have accused Jackson, Jordie Chandler and Wade Robson, committed suicide. Both were estranged from their sons at the time.

10. In a 2002 documentary, Living with Michael Jackson, Jackson told Martin Bashir there was nothing wrong with sharing his bed with boys.

25 Of The Dumbest Things Ever Said On Television

25 Of The Dumbest Things Ever Said On Television -


I didn't go to college. I was making records!

Mariah Carey was seen on TV introducing LA Reid for the Snowflake Gala in 2009. She goes to say, “LA Reid’s musical talents and accomplishments are unparalleled; and his philanthropic ef… Listen, honey, I didn’t go to college. I was making records!”


Rap is the new Rock n Roll

Kanye West spoke on BBC Radio about how rap is the new rock n’ roll and how he is the biggest rock star. He ends the interview saying he is a god. No one knows Kanye better than Kanye. While viewers were disturbed by his comments, I’m sure no one was left shocked.


You grew up on tacos, correct?

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade asked meteorologist Maria Molina if she grew up on tacos. Maria then tried to awkwardly laugh it off, informing everyone she was in fact Nicaraguan and tacos are not a Nicaraguan food.


Santa is white.

Megyn Kelly said live on CNN that Santa Claus, a fictional character, is indeed white and will always be. She wanted to make sure all the children watching knew the truth.


Blood was coming out of her eyes, blood was coming out of her... wherever.

President Trump spoke on CNN Tonight about how journalist Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her eyes and out of her “wherever.” He later tweeted he was referring to her nose, but viewers weren’t buying it.


Our enemies never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.

During a Press Conference in 2007 former president George W. Bush talked about terrorists and their nonstop effort to harm the U.S. While I’m sure Bush didn’t mean to add “neither do we” at the end, he was still caught on camera making that mistake.


If it's a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

Todd Akin, a former U.S. Representative, talked about his views on abortions on Fox News and made that comment about rape. He left viewers outraged by his comments on female bodies.


It is the first time in history that fire has melted steel.

After the attacks on 9/11, Rosie O’Donnell made a comment on The View about how the terrorists attack could have been an act from the U.S. government. I’m not sure if she knew it has already been proven that steel melts at about 2,750 degrees Fahrenheit.


Is math related to science?

Katy Perry, an American singer, asked Neil deGrasse, an American astrophysicist, if math was related to science. A baffled Neil then goes on to say that math is the language of the universe.


I spray girls cologne on my pillows.

Ryan Seacrest admitted on his iHeartRadio show to Britney Spears and will.i.am that he sprays girl cologne on his pillow cases to make him feel like someone else is there.


It is a talent to have a brand that is really successful.

Kim Kardashian, a reality TV personality faced backlash after her 60 Minutes interview. She was asked what her talent was and she responded creating a successful brand and making people like her was her talent.


Guys, I'm the worst reader.

Kendall Jenner, a model and reality TV personality messed up her words at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. However, instead of just moving along with her announcement, she blurted out, “Guys, I’m the worst reader.”


I have an interesting mind but I want to smell like a slut to be honest.

Lady Gaga, a singer and actress, told Maggie Lake on a CNN television interview that while she has an interesting mind, she wanted her new perfume to smell slutty.


I'm tired of pretending like I'm not bitchin, a total freakin rock star from Mars.

Charlie Sheen, an American actor, talked about how special he was on NBC’s Today Show. He then went on to demand a pay raise and how people can’t process him with a normal brain.


Whale Sharks that must mean a whale and a shark have sex.

Tara Reid, an American actress, admitted on Shark After Dark that she was shocked when she found out that whale sharks are not half shark, half whale, but just a name for another kind of shark.


I have decided in 2020 to run for president.

Kanye West announced on MTV Video Music Awards he was going to run for president in 2020. West is known for his shocking quotes but this one seemed to leave viewers concerned for the future of America.


Is that a chicken?!

Kris Jenner is seen holding a pet pig on “Keeping up With the Kardashians.” Kylie Jenner came down the stairs excitedly asking, “Is that a chicken?!” Viewers were left wondering if Kylie actually knew the difference between the two animals.


I'm not about to hire you if your name is Watermelondrea.

Raven Symone, former Disney Chanel star, admitted that she wouldn’t hire anymore with an ethnic sounding or non-traditional name on live television. Viewers were left confused by Ravens opinion because she herself has a non-traditional name.


If you kick every Latino out of this country, who is going to clean your toilets, Donald Trump?

Kelly Osbourne tried to back track her statement about Trump’s immigration policy on The View. Her suggestion that Latino jobs mostly involved cleaning toilets left viewers cringing.


White people shower a lot more than ethnic.

Naya Rivera, an actress and model, shared her views about white people showering more than ethnic people on The View. She went on to justify her claims by saying her white husband showers three times a day while her half black, half Puerto Rican mother only showered once a day.


There is no such things as a chemical imbalance.

Tom Cruise claimed on the Today Show that there was no such thing as a chemical imbalance. He also claimed that psychiatry is a pseudoscience. Tom was widely criticized by his claims.


When a president does it, it means it is not illegal.

David Frost, a British journalist, interviewed President Nixon about allegedly being involved in illegal activity. Nixon simply replied if a president does it, it means it is not illegal.


Is this chicken that I have or fish, I know it's tuna.

Jessica Simpson confused her tuna for chicken on MTV’s Newlyweds. She knew she was eating tuna but wasn’t completely sure since the brand was called “Chicken of The Sea.”


Everything bad that could happen to a person has happened to me.

Paris Hilton, whose father has a net worth of 300 million, spoke about her hard childhood in an interview with CNN in 2011. People were outraged by her ridiculous comment.


Therapy can be a good thing; it can be therapeutic.

Alex Rodriguez, third baseman for the New York Yankees, made an interesting point. Who would of known therapy could be therapeutic.






Fashion changes over time. Today, a man wearing short-shorts is basically a punchline. But what if I told you there was a time when ridiculous outfits featured below were not only acceptable, but sexy? That time was the 1980’s…




13 Movie "Heroes" Who Were Actually The Villains

13 Movie "Heroes" Who Were Actually The Villains -

When it comes to investing ourselves into a film, we always want to root for the good guy; because there always is one. Which means, by necessity, that there’s a bad guy. But what if we’ve been rooting for the wrong guy?Sometimes, the guy that stands up claiming to be the hero, is the bad guy and is the cause of all the bad shit going down.Just think about it.



Leonard Shelby


Let’s be honest here; Leonard is not a good guy. His short term memory loss makes him an unreliable narrator. So, if you watch the film as presented for the first time, you feel sorry for the guy. All he wants is to find the man who killed his wife.Given that he doesn’t remember shit, we learn later, that he already found the guy and it was him. Maybe. He’s fuzzy on the details, but in any case, he’s not the hero of the piece.



Grandpa Joe

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

When you have your own website detailing how much of a shitstick you are, there’s no doubt that you’re the bad guy. There’s any number of reasons, but the most prominent are that he has money to buy tobacco, while everyone else eats cabbage soup. But that’s not even paid for with his own money. For all intents and purposes, Grandpa Joe’s been lying in bed for 20 years, never lifting a finger. He’s got enough energy to criticize but not to give anyone a hand.And yet, once Charlie gets that golden ticket, looks who can suddenly dance and sing? Then, while he’s at the factory, he makes misogynistic comments about the girls and is also kinda racist.He’s not anybody’s sweet ol’ Grampa. He’s a tool.



Peter Pan

There are plenty of theories out there about his evil nature, but the most common ones are that he’s the reason why Captain Hook only has one hand. He started a fight with him over his hatred of grown ups, cut off his hand and fed it to the crocodile, thus making his own arch-enemy, with an arch-enemy of his own.Then there’s this passage from the novel: “The boys on the island vary, of course, in numbers….and when they seem to be growing up, which is against the rules, Peter thins them out; but at this time there were six of them, counting the twins as two.”So when the lost boys get too old, he thins them out? He fucking kills kids when they get older. And let’s not get him started on his kidnapping of Wendy, Michael and John. It’s kidnapping.



Glinda, The Good Witch

Wizard of Oz

We were all duped as kids. We thought that the Wicked Witch of the West was the worst possible character in film, when all she was, was a girl who wanted her shoes back. It’s the good witch, Glinda, who causes all the trouble.When the house lands on the Wicked Witch of the East, Glinda denies the West’s request for the ruby slippers, and gives them to Dorothy. Then she manipulates the events behind the scenes to get Dorothy to Oz, meet the rest of the crew, expose the Wizard, then finally, take down the Wicked Witch.And she didn’t even need to get any dust on her sparkly, pink dress.



Old Rose


Despite what James Cameron says, there was a way for Jack and Rose to fit on that door. But she didn’t even let him try. Because she’s a selfish and spoiled person.There’s a lot to be said about how she was treated by her mom and Cal, and the role of women in society at the time, and I’m certainly not defending the misogyny of the era, but she’s a liar. She promised to marry Cal to ensure the financial future of her family, then cheats on her fiancee. Not cool.But then it’s old Rose who really makes her character unsympathetic. She hoards a $250 Million necklace and never shares it with her family, despite the fact that it was Cal that gave it to her. She could have ensured her family lived debt free, or donated it to a museum, or even gave it to the salvage crew for future expedition funding, but instead, threw it away.



Ferris Bueller

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

While he might seem like the hero to everyone in the school, he’s a truant little bully. He gets his principal in trouble (who’s literal job is to ensure that kids aren’t in class), is a shitty friend to Cameron and ruins his dad’s car, and I don’t think he’s all that nice to Sloane.Dude just needs to accept responsibility and be a grown up.




Top Gun

Frankly, Maverick isn’t a very good member of the US Navy. He doesn’t listen to authority, is a very unsafe pilot, and wrestles with his daddy issues. In reality, someone like him would have been court martialed and drummed out of the military a lot time ago, and probably charged with a few infractions.His attitude makes Iceman look like the sanest one in the bunch, and that’s scary.


20th Century fox

Daniel Hillard

Mrs. Doubtfire

Is this a heartwarming and funny family film or a dark movie about a deranged stalker? It’s hard to tell. We root for Daniel because he just wants to spend time with his kids, and reconcile with his wife. But there’s a good reason that the judge denied his requests. He’s unreliable, and there’s a mention of some sort of substance abuse problem.However wholesome his intentions, he breaks the law trying to sneakily see his kids, almost kills Stu and is a general d-bag to everyone else. He sort of gets what he deserves in the end, but at least he knows it and tries to make it better by being honest and acting like a grown-up.


Warner Bros.


V for Vendetta

Sure, his motivation is to get revenge on what was done to him and free the masses from the Fascist government, but he’s also a terrorist. And a murderous one at that.He kills people, then forces his followers to sacrifice themselves, by giving them the Guy Fawkes masks. The police don’t know who’s the real one, so they just kill everyone. Then he tortures Evey, destroys landmarks, and doesn’t really keep his word. But the bad guys do a lot worse in the film, so I don’t want to condemn him too much.Still a great film though.


Universal Pictures

Happy Gilmore

Happy Gilmore

Sure, Adam Sandler is funny, and he’s trying to save his grandmother’s house from the bank, but he’s also an angry man-child.He’s got some serious anger issues, he picks a fight with Bob Barker, takes out his mentor and is a creepo to his old girlfriend.We can’t really discount all the stupid things he does, just because he’s Happy Gilmore.


Marvel Studios

Tony Stark

Iron Man

This might seem like a stretch, but if you look at the bigger picture, he does turn out to be an enormous dick. He starts off as a playboy, who just fucks around and doesn’t know what his company is up to. If he partied less, he might have known that Obediah Stane was supplying weapons to terrorists. He also would have avoided the whole Aldrich Killian fiasco if he wasn’t such a tool. Then, there’s Ultron. Also his fault.But, more importantly, he leaves the US defenceless when he decides to stop selling weapons. I mean, yes, this is a good idea given how many bad guys have Stark Tech, but also, who’s gonna step up to help protect America. We all saw what happened when Hammer tried to take over. It just just a shortsighted move, and one that gave birth to the violent side of the MCU.


Warner Bros.

Bruce Wayne

The Dark Knight Trilogy

This one is pretty obvious and you can find people talking about it all over the internet. So, why ignore it?Bruce Wayne is a billionare. Given everything that Wayne Enterprises does, he’s not gonna stop being one any time soon. So, instead of spending money on dressing up like a bat, he probably should spend his billions on fixing the city. He could definitely affect more change with his wallet, than with his super gadgets and karate chops.


Warner Bros.


The Harry Potter Series

Pick your reason, because there’s plenty. He could have saved Harry from all the shit he got from the Dursley’s; he didn’t. He allows the Triwizard Tournament to happen and kids get maimed. Plus he’s got a 3 headed dog, crazy staircases, a homicidal tree, a cursed teaching position and a forest full of monsters.But that’s not the worst. He could have told Harry everything about Voldemort, Snape, his destiny, etc.. But instead, he allows kids to go up against The Death Eaters and then allows himself to get offed, leaving Harry alone.







The 24 Greatest Sidekicks in Movie History

The 24 Greatest Sidekicks in Movie History -

In every movie, there’s always someone who’s got to be the hero. They’re the lead, the one the movie’s named after, the good guy, etc… They can do it all and will save the day. Except there’s a catch. Most of the best good guys out there, don’t even do it alone. Han Solo’s got Chewy, Batman’s got Robin and Harry’s got the lovable doofus Ron Weasley. Without them, they’d probably fail.Below, are some of the greatest hero/sidekick combos in history. It’s my arbitrary list, based on the amount of times I’ve watched and loved these films. It’s not definitive and it’s not set in stone. Except for the top 5. Those are true sidekicks.Someone’s got to keep the good guy in check, right?

New Line Cinema

1) Samwise Gamgee

C’mon, he was a homebody who only went on an epic 12 hour (extended edition), because he didn’t want Frodo to go alone. And no matter what, he never left Frodo’s side, fought that demon spider, and carried him the rest of the way.No, one does not simply walk into Mordor; you get carried by the best sidekick of all time.


2) Chewbacca

These two are one of the greatest dynamic duo’s in cinematic history. Sure, there’s a life debt involved, but these two are true friends and partners.

Paramount Pictures

3) Spock

Spock is the ultimate wingman; unemotional, logical, but also a fucking badass. He and Kirk have been through mirror universes, time travel, fighting each other and even death, and they’re still solid.He’s always going have Kirk’s back (unless he get sucked into a strange vortex and dies like a bitch. Never was ok with Star Trek: Generations doing that.)


4) Donkey

This movie is the epitome of an annoying character becoming one of the most beloved. In the first film, you’d never guess that Shrek and Donkey would become the dynamic duo that they are, and kudos to Donkey for sticking it out and suffering through Shrek’s dick-atry.An onion, indeed.

Paramount Pictures

5) Short Round

I grew up on Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom on repeat, and of all the sidekicks that Indy has (Marcus Body, Sallah, his dad), I love Short Round the best. He’s loyal, hilarious, and easily the most competent, and he knows it’s all about the “Fortune and Glory.”

Universal Pictures

6) Doc Brown

If you can support each other across three different time periods and still remain tight, you’re a good hero/sidekick combo. These two are some of the best.


7) R2-D2

Let’s all be adults here; C-3P0 is a bit of a wet blanket. He complains, corrects and frankly, he knew who Darth Vader was as a kid and didn’t warn anyone. So, there’s that.Despite all that, his badass buddy Artoo, never leaves his side.

Warner Bros.

8) John Watson

Pretty much any version of Watson can be on this list as his relationship with Holmes is defined by how crucial he is to the adventure. But in the RDJ films, he requires so much more patience and dedication to handle this particular Sherlock.

20th Century Fox

9) Robin

As much as I can find some appreciation for the latter two WB movies prior to the Nolan relaunch, I don’t like Chris O’Donnell’s Robin. But Burt Ward? Man, that guy was a true sidekick.Holy loyal-best-friends-until-the-end, Batman!

Warner Bros.

10) Ron Weasley

It’s not easy being the best friend of the Chosen One, but Ron does it superbly. In fact, without him and Hermione, Harry’d probably be lost and a little fucked up.Plus, young Ron is hilarious as fuck.


Gramercy Pictures

11) Walter Sobchak

I’m sure it doesn’t take much to hang out with the Dude, under normal circumstances. But the stuff in this film isn’t normal, but Walter takes relish in diving right into get what the Dude rightfully deserves.

Paramount Pictures

12) Maverick and Goose

Goose is the ideal wingman; he drinks, he supports his co-pilot and his death drives Maverick to become the Navy pilot he’s destined to be.

Paramount Pictures

13) Garth Algar

While Wayne’s got all the personality, Garth is the perfect wingman and supportive buddy. He never complains, and knows just the right thing to say, and when to say it.But his drum skills are sick.


14)Buzz Lightyear

It took him a while to come around and realize that he was a toy, but when he did, he became the partner that Woody needed.

Warner Bros.

15) Sam

While most will say that Casablanca is about the rekindled love affair between Rick and Ilsa, it’s really about the bromance between Rick and Sam. They’re a team in Paris before the war, and they’re together when Ilsa reappears in Morocco.

Paramount Pictures

16) Cameron Frye

While I still maintain that Ferris is a bully and an ungrateful little shit, he does help Cameron out of his funk. Cameron, in return, helps Ferris have his fun. That’s what best friends are for.

20th Century Fox

17) Wilson the Volleyball

You can’t underestimate the importance of this ball. It was all Chuck had on the island, and it kept him human and sane.Watching him float away was traumatizing.


18) Silent Bob/Jay

I’d argue that neither one of these is the sole sidekick, but they’re more co-sidekicks to one another. And I love ’em.So pumped for the new Jay and Silent Bob film coming out later this year.

Rogue Pictures

19) Ed

Shaun’s a slacker and a loser, and luckily for him, he’s got a buddy who’s the same way. But somehow, Ed and Shaun show up, kill the zombies and live happily ever after.That’s the kind of positivity you need in your life.


20) Hit Girl

Frankly, she’s only considered a sidekick based on the fact that it’s his movie. In reality, she’s Big Daddy’s sidekick, and then Kick-Ass becomes hers. In any case, a profane pre-teen is just what everyone needs by their side at at time like this.

New Line Cinema

21) Mini Me

The very definition of sidekick, mini me was a solid guy. Not completely evil, but also not a good guy. His morally grey attitude made him one of the better characters in the movies.

Paramount PIctures

22) Benjamin Buford “Bubba” Blue

They weren’t together very long, but Bubba was a positive influence on Forrest and led to the creation of the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.


Columbia Pictures

23) Cal Naughton 

You’d think that nothing could break up this “Shake and Bake” duo, but stuff does. Namely a French racer, a smokin’ hot wife and the loss of one’s mojo. But they find their way together in the end.






10 Bizarre Celebrity Conspiracies

10 Bizarre Celebrity Conspiracies

Hollywood! It's the epicentre of showbusiness and celebrity life. But according to these, theories, Hollywood and the celebrities in it, is a WHOLE lot darker than we ever thought - if you choose to believe them of course... These are 10 Bizarre Celebrity Conspiracies!

11 Times Method Acting Nearly Destroyed Actors' Lives

11 Times Method Acting Nearly Destroyed Actors' Lives -


Method acting, which was born within the philosophy of the Stanislavski system and popularized by the Strasberg Institute, has many famous adherents: from Marlon Brando to Marilyn Monroe. The past 40 years, though, have ushered in a rise of brilliant actors who took method acting way too far. While some of the best overall acting can come from the practice, these stories will leave you wondering if it was really worth the risk.

"Too far," of course, is a subjective term. For many, the insane commitment simply comes with the territory. But as is the case with almost any experiment, things can backfire. Heath Ledger - who may have actually sacrificed his life for his unforgettable turn as the Joker - tops the list of actors whose lives were destroyed by method acting. Or so the legend goes, anyway.

The business abounds with method acting consequences that were as extreme as they were short-lived. Consider Christian Bale, who almost starved himself to death for his role in The Machinist. Or Divine, who famously upstaged everyone by actually eating a piece of real dog sh*t for the sake of art.

While consuming dog sh*t may not be one of the worst manifestations of method acting, it's surely the most repulsive (even though Nicolas Cage did eat a live cockroach for Vampire's Kiss). But there's a lot more where that came from, so read on to inquire further - and vote up the actors who went above and beyond for their craft.


Photo: Studio Canal

Christian Bale, who made his feature debut in 1987's Mio in the Land of Faraway, has always been known as an actor unafraid to take his craft to the extreme. But in 2004's The Machinist, he went way beyond the pale - and almost beyond mortality, itself.

According to sources, Bale dined on just a can of tuna and an apple each day for weeks leading up to the beginning of production. As Bale's co-star Michael Ironside remembers it:

I came to work one day... and I heard 'pssst...Michael!' from behind one of the cabanas. And I went over, and it was Chris. And he said, 'Can you look at this?' And he turned and dropped his overalls, which he was naked under... and the muscles in his ass had literally dropped out of the sockets of his hips... I said, 'You've gone beyond body fat, and now you're into actual muscle tissue and things are being affected.

Nevertheless, Bale persevered, and garnered widespread critical acclaim for his performance.

Malcolm McDowell Temporarily Blinded Himself For 'A Clockwork Orange'

Photo: Warner Brothers

Actor Malcolm McDowell was almost as much of a perfectionist as director Stanley Kubrick. When it came to doing multiple takes of potentially physically damaging scenes, though, said dedication sometimes backfired.

During the famous "forced viewing" sequence in A Clockwork Orange, real eye doctors were used. But McDowell still suffered harrowing damage in the form of a scratched cornea and, worse yet, temporary blindness - all as a result of having his "eyes propped open for too long."

Shia LaBeouf Yanked His Teeth Out And Stabbed Himself In The Face For 'Fury'

Photo: Sony Pictures

Since his beginnings as a Disney kid, Shia LaBeouf has evolved into something of a spectacularly dedicated Method actor. He may have had real, onscreen sex for Lars von Trier's Nymphomaniac, but that pales in comparison to what he did for 2014's Fury.

As LaBeouf told Dazed Digital, "I pulled my tooth out, knifed my face up and spent days watching horses die. I didn’t bathe for four months."

Divine Literally Ate Sh*t For 'Pink Flamingos'

Photo: New Line Cinema

In 1975, Pier Paolo Pasolini shook the cinematic world with Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom, which featured a banquet of sh*t. However, said feast was just chocolate. And that's why the scene doesn't have anything on what Divine did in 1972's Pink Flamingos: literally eat dog poop... fresh from the canine's bowels... right off the street.

As Divine, the stage name of Harris Glenn Milstead, once revealed, "I followed that dog around for three hours just zooming in on its assh*le." After the act, however, Milstead became paranoid, and apparently called a Baltimore emergency room to ask about the potentially "harmful effects" of ingesting dog waste. A shocking stroke of method acting, but not one likely to ever be repeated.

Klaus Kinski Went To Extremes In Pretty Much Everything

Photo: BFI

Relegating Klaus Kinski to the ranks of "mere" Method acting seems almost quaint. Kinski - whose onscreen insanity is legendary - drove himself to extremes for veritably every part he played. He was so crazed in his Fitzcarraldo role that a couple of the Peruvian natives (and extras) on the set allegedly offered to kill him for director Werner Herzog. According to Herzog, he declined, but only because he needed Kinski in order to finish the movie.

And during the filming of Crawlspace, he got so far into his role as a deranged former Nazi he started multiple fights on set, and almost got fired outright.

Adrien Brody Starved Himself For 'The Pianist'

Photo: Universal Pictures

Christian Bale isn't the only actor to have nearly starved himself to oblivion for a role. He had a notable inspiration and predecessor: the 6'1" Adrien Brody, who dropped down to a dangerous 130 pounds for Roman Polanski's award-winning 2002 film The Pianist.

The movie, which chronicles the concentration camp days of pianist Wladyslaw Szpilman, was a personal and a professional commitment for Brody. As he told the SF Gate:

[Szpilman] survived this and made (his experiences) available to the world... playing a real person, you have the obligation to do it the right way. During the time I was starving myself, the thing I was most comforted by was playing the music. It calmed me and allowed me to some degree to distract myself from my own loneliness at that time.

Billy Bob Thornton Walked Around With Glass In His Shoes For 'Sling Blade'

Photo: Miramax Films

Billy Bob Thornton's Sling Blade has become a beloved cult classic. And Thornton was deeply committed to his role as the mentally disabled Karl Childers - right down to the last detail. Legend has it Thornton even put crushed glass in his shoes to make Karl's walk "more awkward and consistent."

Heath Ledger May Have Lost His Life To His Joker Role

Photo: Warner Brothers

The extent to which Heath Ledger's final role in The Dark Knight might have contributed to his untimely end remains controversial. As the actor told The New York Times:

Last week I probably slept an average of two hours a night. I couldn’t stop thinking. My body was exhausted, and my mind was still going.

As a result, Ledger started taking Ambien as a sleep aid - and the rest is history. Many who know him insist there was no relationship, though, between the role and his fatal overdose.

Daniel Day-Lewis Caught Pneumonia Because He Refused To Wear A Modern Coat While Filming 'Gangs Of New York'

Photo: Miramax Films

Like Klaus Kinski, Daniel Day-Lewis is known for pulling out all the stops to embody his characters. For his role as Christy Brown, an artist with cerebral palsy, in 1989's My Left Foot, Day-Lewis never left his wheelchair.

Martin Scorsese's Gangs of New York was no exception. Supposedly, Day-Lewis refused to break character on or off set. According to sources, though it was storming outside, Day-Lewis refused to wear a proper coat as it wouldn't be period-accurate. He subsequently got pneumonia.

Nicolas Cage Ate A Live Cockroach For 'Vampire's Kiss'

Photo: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Two years before he played Sailor Ripley in 1990's Wild at Heart, Nicolas Cage starred in Vampire's Kiss, which has since become a cult classic. Cage played Peter Loew, an unstable literary agent who believes he's been bitten by a vampire.

Cage took the role seriously, insisting on not staging the scene in which Peter eats a live cockroach. As Cage admitted, "Every muscle in my body didn't want to do it, but I did it anyway."

Chloë Sevigny Performed A Real Sex Act In 'The Brown Bunny'

Photo: Sony Pictures

When Chloë Sevigny performed "un-simulated fellatio" on her The Brown Bunny co-star (and former flame) Vincent Gallo - who also wrote and directed the film - a veritable scandal ensued. Sevigny claims that she doesn't regret anything, but the scene's fallout was difficult to endure for the actor.

According to an interview with W Magazine, Sevigny admits the scene had an adverse affect on her personal life. "It hurt me, in a lot of ways... some relationships have had trouble with it. Of course, my mom and I don’t talk about it.”

On the other hand, part of the reason Sevigny agreed the scene was to "push back against her growing fame at the time," which is the admirable mark of a true indie pioneer.

The Complete Timeline Of Jussie Smollett's Alleged Assault And Eventual Arrest

The Complete Timeline Of Jussie Smollett's Alleged Assault And Eventual Arrest



On January 29, 2019, Empire actor Jussie Smollett told authorities he was the victim of a hate crime. According to the openly gay Black actor, two men attacked him around 2 am in Streeterville, a neighborhood on the north side of Chicago. Smollett alleged his assailants put a noose around his neck while yelling, "This is MAGA country," poured an unknown chemical on him, and screamed racial and anti-gay statements.

As news of the reported incident hit social media, celebrities, 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates, and even President Trump voiced outrage at such a vile act. Three weeks after the alleged chain of events, the narrative of the night changed. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) have since said they believe Smollett lied. CPD charged Smollett with disorderly conduct, claiming that he filed a false report. Police formally took Smollett into custody on February 21, 2019.

So, what exactly happened with the Jussie Smollett case? If Smollett did file a false report, he could be facing severe legal consequences. Smollett's legal representation maintains their client's innocence. Here are the key moments from the still-evolving Jussie Smollett story.



18 Child Actors From Our Favorite Movies That Are All Grown Up

18 Child Actors From Our Favorite Movies That Are All Grown Up -

1. Dakota Blue Richards — Lyra from The Golden Compass (2007)

2. Bailee Madison — May Belle from Bridge to Terabithia (2007)

3. Josh Hutcherson — Gabe from Little Manhattan (2005)

4. Anna Chlumsky — Vada from My Girl (1991)

5. Madeline Carroll — Juli from Flipped (2010)

6. Amandla Stenberg — Rue from The Hunger Games (2012)

7. Willow Shields — Primrose from The Hunger Games (2012)

8. Joey King — Molly from Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

9. Kara Hayward — Suzi from Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

10. Saoirse Ronan — Susie from The Lovely Bones (2009)

11. Sophie Nélisse — Liesel from The Book Thief (2013)

12. Eliza Bennett — Meggie from Inkheart (2008)

13. Sophie Turner — Sansa from Game of Thrones (2011)

14. AnnaSophia Robb — Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

15. Philip Wiegratz — Augustus from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

16. Bradley Pierce — Peter from Jumanji (1995)

17. Kirsten Dunst — Judy from Jumanji (1995)

18. Taylor Momsen — Cindy Lou Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

27 Famous Celebrities From The Past And How They Look Today - Then vs. Now

27 Famous Celebrities From The Past And How They Look Today - Then vs. Now -

1. Brooke Shields

2. Thomas Anders

3. Dieter Bohlen

4. Amy Yasbeck

5. Don Johnson

6. C. C. Catch

7. Boy George

8. John Goodman

9. Erika Eleniak

10. Jennifer Beals

11. Steve Buscemi

12. Geena Davis

13. Karen Allen

14. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

15. Kelly McGillis

16. Brigitte Nielsen

17. Linda Kozlowski and Paul Hogan

18. Nastassja Kinski

19. Daryl Hannah

20. Michael J. Fox

21. Kathleen Turner

22. Olivia Newton-John

23. Nancy Allen

24. Andie MacDowell

25. Jamie Lee Curtis

26. Meg Ryan

27. Anjelica Huston

17 People Who Met Celebrities IRL And Surprise, They Were Nice!

17 People Who Met Celebrities IRL And Surprise, They Were Nice! -



At the end of January, a Twitter user named Boner Vivant asked their followers to share stories of how they accidentally met famous people and had a good experience with them. Followers started sharing their stories and the tweet went viral, generating more than 1,600 responses.

14 Absolutely Insane Courtney Love Stories That Could Have Only Happened To Courtney Love

14 Absolutely Insane Courtney Love Stories That Could Have Only Happened To Courtney Love


There are many crazy Courtney Love stories, insane but true incidents that range from the bizarre to the pathetic. After an unconventional upbringing and a youth spent dancing topless and making movies, Love first burst into the music scene in the late '80s as the frontwoman of the alt-rock outfit Hole. She quickly captured the public's imagination with her babydoll dresses and brash, in-your-face lyrics. Love's celebrity increased once she fell in love with – and eventually married – Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

Initially, wild Courtney Love tales only endeared her to the grunge audience that worshipped her and her husband as the Bonnie and Clyde of rock 'n' roll. But beneath Love's occasional flashes of brilliance, a relentlessly public slide into addiction, bad behavior, and arrogance eventually destroyed any semblance of a positive image and career for her. And when you're talking about the craziest things Courtney Love has done, you can't leave her parenting off the table; she used heroin while she was pregnant and reportedly hasn't been the most attentive mother since.

The numerous freakouts and repeated public appearances while under the influence have permanently marked Love as a laughing stock and punchline within the music industry. Facts about Courtney Love aren't easy to read, but they paint a strangely fascinating portrait of a complicated, controversial woman.



All The Celebrities (And There's A Lot) Accused Of Sexual Harassment Post-Harvey Weinstein

All The Celebrities (And There's A Lot) Accused Of Sexual Harassment Post-Harvey Weinstein

Since news broke of Harvey Weinstein's alleged misconduct, there has been a tidal wave of other famous people accused of sexual harassment. At this point, investigations are still in the early stages, but the first step to changing what is clearly a broken and dangerous power structure is to listen to the reported victims and learn the names of the accused people. When we recognize how these men operate, we can take the necessary steps to end their egregious behavior. As actress and Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan put it, this behavior "cannot and will not stand."

The list of alleged sexual harassers in Hollywood and beyond is long, and it is growing by the day. It includes men, like Weinstein, who are major behind-the-scenes players and power brokers; actors who have attained legendary status; newsmen who have built long and respected careers; celebrity chefs, former presidents, and even women. Toxic masculinity is everywhere – these people accused after Harvey Weinstein are living proof of that.