How Big Is Microsoft?

How Big Is Microsoft?

Microsoft has become one of the largest and well known companies on the planet, but how did they start, what's their story and just how big are they today? In this video we'll take a look.

10 Cyber Crimes You Didn't Know You Were Committing

10 Cyber Crimes You Didn't Know You Were Committing

We all use the internet every single day, it's become impossible not to. But did you know that you could be committing a number of crimes without even being aware of it? These are 10 Cyber Crimes You Didn't Know You Were Committing...

Why This 3D Light Printer Is A HUGE Game Changer

Why This 3D Light Printer Is A HUGE Game Changer

Computed Axial Lithography is the first printer of it's kind. It can shape objects, all-at-once, using specialized synthetic resin and rays of light.

Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

Why You Should Never Visit The Dark Web

Only the strongest meme lords can enter the dark web.

AI Deep-Learning Program Places Steve Buscemi's Face On Jennifer Lawrence At The Golden Globes

AI Deep-Learning Program Places Steve Buscemi's Face On Jennifer Lawrence At The Golden Globes

This is a video created using a deep-learning artificial intelligence program that placed Steve Buscemi's face on Jennifer Lawrence's head and body while she was speaking at the 2016 Golden Globe awards. So, if you were wondering if we've gone too far the answer is yes -- we're already over the edge of the cliff like Wyle E. Coyote and just haven't realized it yet.

New Artificial Intelligence That's Been Trained To Think Like A Scientist

New Artificial Intelligence That's Been Trained To Think Like A Scientist

While previous AI has focused on classification and detecting patterns of correlation, this new machine learning approach goes right to the source of cause and effect.

HOW The Mars Rover On-Board Computer Works

HOW The Mars Rover On-Board Computer Works

How Curiosity's Onboard Computer works, and what you can learn from how it was designed Mars Rover Curiosity is one of the most sophisticated pieces of hardware ever launched into space. Because of the communication delay from Earth to Mars, it needs to accomplish most of its tasks completely autonomously: landing, navigation, exploration and singing birthday songs to itself. To do all this, it only has one central onboard computer. Let's look at that computer and the software it runs in detail. While space is a somewhat unique environment, we can still learn a lot by looking at how the pieces hardware and software on board of Curiosity are designed and managed. The spacecraft only has one onboard computer that took over from the second it was launched towards Mars. It navigated the stars and orbits, managed a very complicated landing procedure, and now drives around as a car-sized rover over rocks and slippery ravines, all while collecting samples and analysing them with its on board lab.

How Museums Scan Works Of Art And 3D Print Reproductions

How Museums Scan Works Of Art And 3D Print Reproductions

The Victoria and Albert Museum reproduces a plaster print of a silver and glass flask which was purchased from the Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851.

Meet The Super Computer Behind The US Nuclear Weapons Program

Meet The Super Computer Behind The US Nuclear Weapons Program

"Sierra," the world's second most powerful super computer, will be used to test the reliability of the US's older nuclear weapons.

How A Wanted Hacker Once Convinced Motorola To Give Him Their Source Code

How A Wanted Hacker Once Convinced Motorola To Give Him Their Source Code

"I made a stupid and regrettable decision to go after the source code to the firmware that's in a MicroTAC Ultra Lite."

Why Computers Can't Count Sometimes

Why Computers Can't Count Sometimes

Sometimes, numbers on sites like YouTube and Twitter jump up and down; subscriber counts lag, like-counts bounce all over the place. Why is it so hard for computers to count? To answer that, we need to talk about threading, eventual consistency, and caching.

Computer Scientist Gives An Easy-To-Understand Explanation Of How Face ID Works

Computer Scientist Gives An Easy-To-Understand Explanation Of How Face ID Works

So exciting to learn how "they" will track you everywhere, at all times in the dystopian future.

Scientists Are Using Machine Learning To Battle Cancer

Scientists Are Using Machine Learning To Battle Cancer

If you don't really understand what "machine learning" means, this is a great primer. And, if you know a good amount on the subject, this health application is fascinating and will swell you with hope.

A Short History Of How Ctrl + Alt + Del Came Into Being

A Short History Of How Ctrl + Alt + Del Came Into Being

A fresh start that you would have ultimately preferred to avoid.

How The Demand For Faster Computers Led To Meltdown And Spectre


How The Demand For Faster Computers Led To Meltdown And Spectre

The issues surrounding Meltdown and Spectre are immense and complicated, but here's one way of understanding it.


Captivating Sci-Fi Short Film That Was Randomly Generated By A Computer

Captivating Sci-Fi Short Film That Was Randomly Generated By A Computer


We wouldn’t blame you for thinking that Julius Horsthuis spent weeks designing and animating his sci-fi short, Fraktaal, using 3D software. But as the artist reveals, “It so happens that I’m a lazy animator.” So he instead relied on complex mathematical fractal patterns to automatically generate the alien worlds and cities visited in his film.

13 Things In People's Browser Histories Harder To Explain Than Porn

13 Things In People's Browser Histories Harder To Explain Than Porn

Porn is only the tip of the iceberg.

The Ad For The First 'Portable' Computer Will Make You Appreciate Your Busted Old Laptop

The Ad For The First 'Portable' Computer Will Make You Appreciate Your Busted Old Laptop

The IBM 5100 was portable in the sense that, yes you could pick up your current desktop computer and carry it around if you really, really wanted to.

As Much As You Might Want To Click On A ‘Leaked’ Jessica Alba Sex Tape DO NOT DO IT

As Much As You Might Want To Click On A ‘Leaked’ Jessica Alba Sex Tape DO NOT DO IT

If someone claimed to have a leaked Jessica Alba sex tape and all you had to do to see it today is click a link on Facebook, I admit that I would be pretty tempted as well.

One problem though. It’s a scam and it will WRECK your device or computer.

Reports The Daily Star

A recent scam has been discovered which tricks Facebook users into downloading malware onto their computers.

Once installed, the malicious software then forces web browsers to display aggressive advertising including sites with nudity and fake lotteries.

A researcher at Cyren recently discovered the scam and they are now warning that the malicious extension is being spread to Facebook groups.

According to Cyren the scam is most deadly when viewed using Google Chrome.

Once opened on this popular browser, a fake YouTube site is launched.

Clicking the video’s play button then brings up a pop-up window inviting the user to install a Google Chrome extension.

After installing that extension, the browser opens up a login page.

The extension is able to read the user’s friend list, Facebook groups, plus all personal information and upload the PDF to groups, posts, and to friends in private chat.

So yeah, if something like a Jessica Alba sex tape seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably, and in this case most definitely, is.

And if for some reason I’m too late in telling you this, here’s some advice on how to fix things. Oh, and sorry.

5 Creepy Unsolved Internet Mysteries That Still Freak Me Out

i am bored 5 Creepy Unsolved Internet Mysteries That Still Freak Me Out

eafd23c0-64a4-0133-8ff5-0e17bac22e39[1] The Internet can be a wonderful place, but it can also be a very strange one. "Strange" also frequently coincides with "freaky," and that's where these five creepy unsolved Internet mysteries lie: At the technological intersection of weird and terrifying. Are they intentionally creepy? Not all of them, no; but there's always an element of fear lying somewhere in the depths of the unknown.

And let's face it: Even though the Internet puts a wealth of knowledge and information at our fingertips, there is still so much about the world that we don't understand — even when it comes to the Internet itself. We all log onto it every day, checking our email, posting our statuses, looking up exactly what that word you heard on your favorite podcast during your morning commute means... but very few of us actually know how the Internet works. While it's true that you don't need to understand what's under the hood of something to appreciate everything it can do for you, it's still kind of odd that we all surf the web so thoughtlessly much of the time, isn't it?

Given all this, then, it's perhaps unsurprising that the Internet has its secrets, the same as anyone else. We may never get to the heart of these wacky unsolved mysteries... but that's not going to stop us from trying to figure them out, is it?

Or, at the very least, freaking ourselves out over them. Because we all just love to be scared.

1. The Plague Doctor Video

Consisting of a person dressed in a plague doctor mask performing a series of odd activities in a dilapidated building, this video — which is titled “01101101 01110101 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101,” or “Muerte” (“death” in Spanish) when translated from binary to text — was the Internet's favorite obsession back around Halloween. And you guys? It's weird. Really, really weird, and also kind of threatening. No one really knows what it means yet (if anything), but a growing crowd of people are determined to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Technology and science news site Gadgetzz posted on Oct. 12 that they had been mailed this strange and unsettling video as a DVD. But although they only recently brought it to the Internet's attention, it has apparently been floating around for longer than that: After digging up the envelope it came in, Gadgetzz staff determined that the postmark was dated May 23, 2015; furthermore, the earliest known online appearance of it thus far is May 9, 2015, at which point it popped up both on 4chan's paranormal board and YouTube. Both the 4chan and YouTube posters, however, maintain that they did not create the video.

There is, of course, a thread on the r/creepy subreddit devoted to figuring out exactly what's going on here; also unexpectedly, there's a ton of weird stuff in it, some of which might be interpreted as threatening: Morse code messages reading things like “RED LIPSLIFE TENTH” and “2015THEREWILLBE(THREE)”; a list of chess moves; disturbing images depicting violence against women; the coordinates of the White House; and more. Like I said: Weird and threatening.

Is it just a hoax? A game? A viral marketing campaign? Who knows. But whatever it is, it's certainly mysterious.

2. Cicada 3301

fdf80b00-64a2-0133-0c22-0e34a4cc753d[1] Given my admittedly bizarre fascination with the strange and unusual, it's a little surprising that I only first heard about Cicada 3301 a few months ago. Like so many of these online mysteries, this one first came to the attention of the Internet via 4chan's paranormal board. A simple image consisting of white text on a black background appeared on the board on Jan. 4, 2012, reading as follows:

Hello. We are looking for highly intelligent individuals. To find them, we have devised a test.

There is a message hidden in this image.

Find it, and it will lead you on the road to finding us. We look forward to meeting the few that will make it all the way through.

Good luck.

It was signed “3301,” which, when paired with an image of a cicada that surfaced during what was to follow, gave the mystery its name: Cicada 3301.

So what did follow? A puzzle that could only be solved by those willing to go the distance — cracking codes, image manipulation, and even global travel to gather clues in specific locations. We don't know who is behind Cicada 3301 (an intelligence organization? A group of hackers? Someone else?), or what the end goal is (why do they need all these “highly intelligent individuals?”); furthermore, the few who have actually made it all the way through don't even know what the deal is. One person who did solve it in spoke to Fast Company in 2014 about having been given access to a darknet site and being put to work developing something called the Cicada Anonymous Key Escrow System, or CAKES.

Yes, CAKES. But not the frosting-covered and delicious kind.

There has been more than one puzzle, too: New ones followed in 2013 and 2014. And even more oddly, once the 2013 puzzle was underway, the 2012 “brood,” as it was called, were summarily expelled from Cicada 3301 with no warning of reason given.

Unexpectedly, a new puzzle did not begin in 2015. What exactly that means, though? You guessed it: No one knows.

3. A858

f987c6d0-64a3-0133-8ff1-0e17bac22e39[1] A858 is the abbreviation given to A858DE45F56D9BC9, both the name of a mysterious Reddit user and an actual subreddit. Since 2011, the Redditor (who may or may not be a bot — we have no idea who or what is behind it) has been posting long strings of code to the subreddit; furthermore, according to the welcome post on the subreddit devoted to cracking these codes, there are actually multiple related subs and multiple users, all of which connect right back to A858.

Thoughty^2 notes that the messages look to be written in the numerical notation system hexidecimal, which is a) used in computer programs, and b) the name of my favorite villain from ReBoot. A small handful (and I do mean a small one — A858 has been posting stuff almost daily for years) of the messages have been decoded, and the results are… interesting. They run the gamut from a simple “thank you” for having been gifted Reddit Gold to an excerpt from Actions and Passions by Max Lerner, and from “meaningless pseudocode” to an ASCII image of Stonehenge.

Weird, right?

Unfortunately the subreddit is set to private right now, but you can message the moderators if you want in. The Solving A858 subreddit can be found here.

4. Webdriver Torso YouTube Channel

Happily, this YouTube channel isn't nearly as gruesome as its name suggests. (Seriously, does anyone else see the phrase “Webdriver Torso” and picture something involving a human torso with all its limbs cut off? No? Just me? OK, then.) It consists of videos of weird beeping noises and bright red and blue blocks flashing slowly across the screen. Most of the videos are short — 10 or 11 seconds long — but there are a couple that are real doozies, like this one that is literally 25 minutes of high-pitched, unabated weirdness. The weirdest thing about the channel, though? Undoubtedly the frequency with which the videos appear. New ones are uploaded nonstop, often within seconds of each other.

Confession: I'm cheating a little here — this mystery has actually been solved. Webdriver Torso first kicked up in September of 2013, and for a pretty substantial portion of time, no one knew what the deal was with it. But after a lot of Internet sleuthing by some fantastic armchair detectives compiled a huge body of evidence about what it might be, the mystery was finally cracked: It's a YouTube test channel. Engadget confirmed it with the company in 2014 — and, indeed, YouTube and Google appear to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Their message to Engadget read:

We're never gonna give you uploading that's slow or loses video quality, and we're never gonna let you down by playing YouTube in poor video quality. That's why we're always running tests like Webdriver Torso.

Yep: We got Rickrolled. Ah well; it kind of serves us right. Sometimes weird videos that look like test screens are just weird videos that look like test screens, even if our collective curiosity makes them go unexpectedly viral.

5. Markovian Parallax Denigrate

eafd23c0-64a4-0133-8ff5-0e17bac22e39[1]Let's end by reaching way back into the early days of the Internet: In 1996, the Usenet community was spammed with a series of messages that basically consisted of the most bizarre examples of word salad you can think of, always with the subject line, “Markovian Parallax Denigrate.” Here's an example via a longform piece exploring the mystery originally published by the Daily Dot in 2012:

jitterbugging McKinley Abe break Newtonian inferring caw update Cohen air collaborate rue sportswriting rococo invocate tousle shadflower Debby Stirling pathogenesis escritoire adventitious novo ITT most chairperson Dwight Hertzog different pinpoint dunk McKinley pendant firelight Uranus episodic medicine ditty craggy flogging variac brotherwood Webb impromptu file countenance inheritance cohesion refrigerate morphine napkn inland Janeiro nameable yearbook hark

I don't know about you, but I'm really curious about chairperson Dwight Hertzog and what exactly he's chairing.

But perhaps stranger than the mystery itself is its persistence. The folks who frequented Usenet at the time of the event puzzled over it, but eventually let it go; later on, though, the popularity of the now-deleted Markovian Parallax Denigrate Wikipedia page launched it from relative obscurity to a place of hallowed Internet lore. Theories abound about it, of course; some believed it to be a cypher or the Internet version of a numbers station. It's never been satisfactorily solved, though, and since the surviving Usenet archives are incomplete, it's unlikely that we ever will.

But we'll always have chairperson Dwight Hertzog.



Prankster Hacks Laptop Of German Couple On Vacation In America

I am Bored Prankster Hacks Laptop Of German Couple On Vacation In America


Welcome to America, mein freunds. GEH RAUS!!

What The Heck Is Up With This Reddit Mystery?

What the Heck Is Up With This Reddit Mystery?

rA858DE45F56D9BC9_52016_v2At first no one noticed the numbers and letters quietly churning away at A858...

It all started back in 2011 when a Reddit account began posting an indecipherable sequence of numbers and letters to a new subreddit, r/A858DE45F56D9BC9, or r/A858 for short. After languishing in Internet obscurity for nearly a year, another Reddit user requested more information, asking: "Do these seemingly random strings of numbers ... correlate to something; is there some big joke I’m missing out on?" There was no reply, but enough people began to wonder the same thing themselves, and soon a sister subreddit,r/Solving_A858, was born. It consisted of "a dedicated group of computer science students, amateur cryptographers, and motivated enthusiasts" working together to crack the code, if indeed that's what it was, reports the Daily Dot. At first the creator kept the subreddit private, with only those proving themselves worthy allowed in, but it eventually opened to the public.


Today only a few of the thousands of r/A858 posts have been decoded, but they themselves tend to be cryptic—such as an excerpt from the book Actions and Passions by Max Lerner, and the ASCII image of Stonehenge, reported Bustle last year. The subreddit creator was pretty much silent until August 2015 when an account appeared in the sister "solving" subreddit that (after appropriate code-breaking, of course) allowed users to ask questions. Still, any answers were themselves cryptic, such as: "We cannot disclose the purpose. A858 will end when the purpose is disclosed or discovered." Then on March 29, after having been private for some time (it switches between private and public regularly), r/A858 suddenly read: "The A858 Project Has Concluded. You may unsubscribe." Many still think the project isn't over. "I only hope A858 actually has a purpose," one user writes. "I don’t particularly care if it is a good one."f987c6d0-64a3-0133-8ff1-0e17bac22e39[1]

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says There’s A ‘Very High’ Chance The Universe Is A Simulation

Neil deGrasse Tyson Says There’s A ‘Very High’ Chance The Universe Is A Simulation


Earlier this month at the annual Isaac Asimov Memorial Debate inside the American Museum of Natural History, an elite team of thinkers addressed the subject “Is the Universe a Computer Simulation?”

While one physicist said there’s virtually no possibility that we’re living in our own personal “Matrix,” the internet’s collective nerd-crush Neil deGrasse Tyson, who moderated the discussion, disagreed, saying the possibility that the universe is a simulation “may be very high.”

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks there's a 'very high' chance the universe is just a simulation

So there you have it. Straight from the astrophysicist’s mouth. Nothing is real. Eat all the cookies.

Or you could watch the entire discussion for more nuance and potentially learn something. Do what you want. I’m not your mom...



102 Clever WiFi Names You Need To Start Using Right Now

Colorful WiFi symbol in three dimensional shape

102 Clever WiFi Names You Need To Start Using Right Now

So many great WiFi Names So few routers...
Let us know if you have any better than these!


The Feds Finally Arrested The Man Behind The Fappening

The Feds Finally Arrested The Man Behind The Fappening


Back in August of 2014, the largest celebrity phone hack ever occurred, and dozens of famous women had their private pictures leaked to the entire world, including Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, and Anna Kendrick.

Ever since then, the FBI and other agencies have been hunting the people behind the hack. Today, they announced they’ve found the person ultimately responsible, and that he’s already agreed to plead guilty, per the New York Daily News.


Ryan Collins, 36, of Lancaster, Pa., agreed to plead guilty to a felony violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and unauthorized access to a protected computer.

Federal prosecutors say Collins used a phishing scheme to get illegal access to over 100 Apple and Google email accounts, many of them female celebrities.

Court filings in the case say that between November 2012 and September 2014, Collins engaged in a phishing scheme to obtain usernames and passwords for his victims — sending them e-mails to victims that appeared to be from Apple or Google and asking them to provider their usernames and passwords.


Oddly, authorities said they do not have any evidence that Collins was responsible for the dissemnation of the material, just that he hacked and downloaded the contents of the phones of the victims.

He faces between 18 months and five years in jail, although the feds are recommending a shorter sentence to the judge.




The Feds Finally Arrested The Man Behind The Fappening





When it comes to navigating your computer like a pro, nothing speeds you up like knowing the exact keystroke to open a new window or force quit a troublesome app. To wean you off your mouse dependency, here are the most essential PC and Mac keyboard shortcuts needed to rid you of your point-and-click habit once and for all.


Cut, copy, paste, and undo

Command + X, C, V, or Z, respectively

Open a new browser tab

Command + T. And in Chrome, Command + Shift + T will bring back that tab you closed by accident.

Minimize open windows

Command + Option + M

Clear your cache

Command + Shift + Delete

Select all

Command + A

Find a specific word or phrase

Command + F

Jump to the browser bar

Command + L

Open up Spotlight to browse your whole computer

Command + Space

Close just your current tab

Command + W.
Should you need to get rid of some evidence in a hurry.

screenshot of Mac OSX

Open your application switcher

Command + Tab
From there, you can navigate with the arrow keys.

Force quit

Command + Shift + Option + Esc for three seconds
This bypasses that annoying dialogue box that asks you if you're sure every time.

Screenshot your entire screen

Command + Shift + 3
Not just a selected area.

Screenshot a specific application

Command + Shift + 4 + Space Bar
A camera will appear, and you simply move it to the right window and click.

Empty the trash without confirming

Command + Option + Shift + Delete

Find typos in your text

Command + ;

Create a new folder

Command + Shift + N

Create a new email in Apple Mail

Command + Shift + I

Invert your desktop colors

Command + Control + Option + 8


Cut, copy, paste, and undo

Control + X, C, V and Z, respectively

Quit your open program

ALT + F4

Lock your computer screen

Windows Logo + L

Close your current window

ALT + F4

Select All

Control + A

Find a word or phrase

Control + F

Jump to the browser bar

Control + L

Redo the last operation

Ctrl + Y

screenshot of Windows 10

Open the start menu

Control + Escape

Alternate between programs

ALT + Tab

Open up task manager

Control + Shift + Escape

Delete an item permanently

Shift + Delete
And bypass sending it to the recycle bin.

Minimize open windows

Windows Logo + M

Clear applications to reveal the desktop

Windows Logo + D

Compare two documents side by side

Windows Logo + left arrow or right arrow

Got any we may have missed? Sound off in the comments below!


18 Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know

This will be useful mostly for beginner and intermediate computer users but still...

1Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
2Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
3Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
4Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
5Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
6Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
7Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
8Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
9Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
10Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
11Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
12Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
13Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
14Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
15Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
16Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know
17Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know

#18Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know

 18 Neat Computer Tips That You May Not Know


14 Traffic Signs That Have Obviously Been Hacked By Computer Masterminds


Clearly, these traffic signs have been hacked by a criminal mastermind the likes of which the world has never known. Either that or a couple of teens who have figured out how to get past your basic firewall.


honk if you like titties

Source: @buzzfeedcanada


discover your turn signal

Source: imgur


warning dinosaur ></p><h5 style=

Source: cbsnews


fist my ass

Source: guff


fuck it park wherever

Source: slightlywarped


fuck her right in the

Source: abcactionnews


your car is not a phonebooth

Source: imgur


poop sign

Source: itgovernence


smoke weed every day

Source: kbzk


poop driving conditions expected

Source: cellanoandbarnes


expect deez nuts

Source: mtlblog



Source: imgur



Source: imgur


honk if you are wearing a thong

Source: jgifs


14 Traffic Signs That Have Obviously Been Hacked By Computer Masterminds

Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song) - Dubioza Kolektiv


Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song)

Our music is for free
you can download .mp3
keep it playing on repeat
if you hate it - press delete

Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, we don’t pay
Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, Pirate Bay

We do file share like we don’t care
throw music industry in despair
It’s a little bit queer but have no fear,
let’s get connected - peer to peer

We don’t give a shit about a copyright law
we take it from the rich and give it to the poor
(like a) high speed internet Robin Hoods
pirate gang from file Share-wood

You can find anything if you seek
government secrets from Wikileaks
images of naked celebrities
And Jamie Oliver’s recipes

It doesn’t really matter where you coming from
From Barack Obama to Kim Dotcom
Everybody downloads pornography
and Dubioza kolektiv mp3s

Our music is for free
you can download .mp3
keep it playing on repeat
if you hate it - press delete

This MP3 is for free
download now A.S.A.P.
Once you hear it you will see
it’s mega hit - OMG

Get instructional video of how to start
doing living-room surgeries on open heart
Blueprints of NASA satellites
and stolen numbers of credit cards

If you wanna new album from Rolling Stones
entire season of Game of Thrones
it’s little bit illegal but that’s OK
let’s do it like they do on the Pirate Bay

Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, we don’t pay
Click it, save it, seed it, share it, link it, stream it, Pirate Bay

(and now the filter)
Our music is for free
you can download .mp3
keep it playing on repeat
if you hate it - press delete

Free.mp3 (The Pirate Bay Song) - Dubioza Kolektiv

5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Of All Time

10 Most Deadly Computer Virus in the World

Computer viruses, as appalling as they may seem, are a big nightmare that can disrupt your PC’s performance significantly. Apparently, they are designed to corrupt your innocent machine making it helpless and sick.

Getting marred by a computer virus has happened to most users in one way or the other. Often, it gives a mild inconvenience to users to clean up the machine and install an antivirus program; nonetheless, it can be a complete disaster in other cases, thereby turning your PC into a mess that no antivirus program can protect.

Here are five most dangerous computer viruses of all time:


Perhaps the most virulent computer virus ever created, the ILOVEYOU virus managed to wreck PCs all across the world. Infecting almost 10% of the world’s PCs connected to the Internet, the virus caused a total damage of around $10 billion. The virus apparently got transmitted via email with a subject line “ILOVEYOU,” which is a radical human emotion that no one can ignore. To make it even more alluring, the email contained an attachment that read something like this: Love-Letter-For-You.TXT.vbs. The moment someone opened the file, the virus emailed itself to the first 50 contacts available in the PC’s Windows address book.

2. Melissa

Melissa became the breaking news on March 26, 1999, after hitting the new age of emailing. Built by David L, Melissa was spread in the form of an email attachment by the name “list.doc.” When a person clicked upon the attachment, the virus would find the Microsoft Outlook address book and email itself to the first 50 contacts on the list having a message “Here is that document you asked for…donot show anyone else.” Later on, FBI arrested David L and slapped him with a fine of $5000 for creating the wildest virus of its time.

3. My Doom

My Doom hit the malware world in 2004 and spread exponentially through email with random addresses of senders and subject lines. Infecting somewhere around two million PCs, My Doom smashed the cyber world by instigating a tremendous denial of service attack. It transmitted itself via email in a specially deceitful way that a receiver would first consider a bounced error message that read “Mail Transaction Failed.” However, as soon as the receiver clicked upon the message, the attachment executed and the worm transmitted to email addresses found in the user’s address book. It is easy to believe that this mass mailer worm caused a damage of almost $38 billion.

4. Code Red

Taking advantage of the Microsoft Internet Information Server’s flaw, Code Red spread on the network servers in 2001. Here is an amusing fact about this dangerous virus—it didn’t need you to open an email attachment or execute a file; it just required an active Internet connection with which it ruined the Web page that you opened by displaying a text “Hacked by Chinese!” It’s no surprise that this virus devastated nearly $2.6 billion dollars by hitting almost one million PCs. And in less than a week’s time, the virus brought down over 400,000 servers that included the White House Web server as well.

5. Sasser

Sasser was a Windows worm that was discovered in 2004. Apparently, it would slow down and crash the PC, making it even hard to reset without cutting the power. And its effects were surprisingly troublesome as well, with millions of PCs being infected and crucial, significant infrastructure affected. The worm played on a buffer overflow susceptibility in Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) that monitors the safety policy of local accounts causing crashes to the PC. The devastating effects of the virus were massive resulting in over a million infections. This included critical infrastructures, such as new agencies, hospitals, airlines, and public transportation.



5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Of All Time

Breaking Down The Dating App Game - 15 Apps That Might Help You Score


Most articles written these days about modern dating posit that app culture is awesome for men but depressingly disadvantageous for women. We disagree. Sure, most women—and we’re generalizing here—prefer meaningful connections to meaningless hookups, but this doesn’t mean we’re all husband-hunting on Tinder. For some it’s just a diversion, much like Instagram. For others, it’s simply a way of meeting new people. And still others are just looking to break a dating dry spell or add a little excitement into an otherwise boring night. To help you figure out where you should best invest your time, we’ve broken down the increasingly overwhelming app options by goal. Happy (partner) hunting!

Just Having Fun

You’re bored and want to meet new people, you’ve recently relocated and don’t know anyone in your new town or you’re just looking for some fun (whatever that entails for you). Whatever the case, you don’t want to be bothered with intense profile requirements or vetting processes. Here are the apps for you:

Happn: Happn feels more like a fun game than a dating app. With Happn, you’re only shown users who’ve crossed paths with you on a given day, which is meant, theoretically, to “replicate the serendipity of real life” but seems a smidge stalker-esque to us in practice. Still, the idea of connecting via app with the cutie who just made eyes at you on the trainis romantic.

Tinder: Some people meet their soulmates on Tinder, but making marriages is not exactly where Tinder excels. It’s somewhat akin to a frat party: lots of single people ready to mingle with whoever comes on to them the hardest (and lives the closest).

3nder: You could use this threesome-finding app to source a lasting relationship, we suppose, but that’s probably not its best use.

Bumble: Bumble’s point of differentiation—that women make the first move—can be a fun role-reversal of sorts. However, it is basically Tinder with one additional step required before the guy can get to his (potentially disgusting and/or cheesy) pick-up line.


Interested in Real Connections, but Not Dying for a Relationship

You aren’t looking for casual sex—and you don’t want to be bothered by a bunch of trolling suitors who are—but you’re also not into approaching this dating thing like a job search. Here are the apps for you:

Coffee Meets Bagel: Coffee Meets Bagel is sort of a mid-point between Tinder and a more serious app. The profile process is not super in-depth, but they only send you one match per day, which makes the whole thing feel less like you’re shopping for humans amongst a random selection and more like you’re being set up by a friend.

Grouper: This app sets your group of friends up with another group of friends for a no-pressure, see-what-sticks situation. There’s something to the idea of having real-life options—so you can see what sparks without feeling like you’re forced to like a particular person just because you paired with them via algorithm or chance—that feels like it could result in a real connection.

Hinge: Hinge works similarly to Tinder, but uses your Facebook information to vet matches—who are all friends of friends, which eliminates the creep factor to some extent—based on more than just proximity. You also get to see work and education information upfront, which can help you to better contextualize someone before matching with them.

Raya: Most of the people on Raya are already sort of connected, which largely eliminates the likelihood of being matched with a total creep, being ghosted on or any number of other bad behaviors one might find happening on more random apps.

JSwipe: JSwipe has a casual vibe, but it’s definitely less hookup-oriented than some of the other swipe-based apps.

Serious About Finding Love

You want a relationship, and while you’re open to various avenues to getting there, you don’t want to waste time just hooking up. Here are the apps for you:

The League: If this app isn’t great for facilitating successful, long-lasting matches based on common experiences, backgrounds and interests, then it’s just great for people who are too snobby to hook up with the masses. We prefer to believe it’s the former.

OkCupid: The OkCupid app at least asks a few questions in advance of trying to set you up with matches, and one of them is specifically about your goals. And since they’ve patented their Compatibility Matching System—which is considered the best in the industry—we’re going to go ahead and assume we should trust their judgement better than our own.

Match: While the “Mixer” portion of the Match app functions much like Tinder, the company hasn’t completely abandoned their more complicated, algorithm-based means of connecting people. Plus, there’s a certain stigma attached to having a Match account—that you’re “looking for love"—that doesn’t exist with Tinder-like apps. This can be a good thing in terms of eliminating people who are just trying to find a fling. It also boasts an older crowd, if that’s what you’re into.

eHarmony: Much like OkCupid, the profile process for eHarmony should be enough to deter trolls. In fact, the service was created with marriage in mind, or at least "deep and meaningful love,” so the algorithm-based matches presented to you have a better chance of becoming “the one” than they would on more randomized sites.

Plenty of Fish: Sheer numbers are in your favor with POF: it boasts 3M users. The profile process is also lengthy in comparison to other apps and, like OKCupid, requires you to specify your dating goals.

How About We: Although this app is known for being on the more casual side—especially given the release of the new “Tonight” feature—we’re including it in the marriage-material section simply because we don’t know many suitors who would actually take the initiative to dream up a date scenario unless they were looking for something meaningful.



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Holy Crap, This New HOLOLENS Demo Is Freaking Crazy - 3D Gaming Coming Soon


Microsoft just blew us (and some virtual robots) away with a demo of its HoloLens ‘mixed reality’ gaming system. The good news? Those spider robots are just virtual. The bad: HoloLens still isn’t available for consumers, but it will be coming soon.

Holy Crap, This New HOLOLENS Demo Is Freaking Crazy - 3D Gaming Coming Soon

They Made A Yelp For People, And You Can’t Opt Out Of It

Just two years after The New Yorker ran a humor piece about the amusing (if terrifying) prospect of a Yelp-style review site for human beings, that exact thing has come to pass. You will soon be able to review people and be reviewed in return, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

According to The Washington Post, it’s aptly titled “Peeple” and it was founded by a “trendy lady” named Julia Cordray and her gal pal Nicole McCullough. Ladies and gentlemen, the faces of the dystopian surveillance state:

You will be able to review people you know under three different categories: personal, professional or romantic. (I guess “sexual” seemed too frank for their sensibilities.) To add a previously un-reviewed person to the database, you will need to know their phone number, which seems like rather a low bar for “knowing” someone. You will not be able to opt out of being reviewed. “People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions,” Cordray told The Washington Post, presumably with an Orwellian glint in her eye. “Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?”

Cordray is quick to dismiss concerns about bullying, abuse, and privacy, saying that you will be able to “dispute” negative or inaccurate reviews and that if you haven’t registered yourself for the site (and hence can’t contest negative reviews) only positive reviews will post. “As two empathetic, female entrepreneurs in the tech space, we want to spread love and positivity,” Cordray chirped. “We want to operate with thoughtfulness.”

You know what would be really thoughtful? Leaving people’s names off the internet who want to be left alone and not assigning numerical values to private citizens.

To see the flaws inherent in this system, one need only look at any other review site, where people only tend to leave reviews if they had a really good or really bad time. Think about the kinds of people who take the time to tear down servers who make $2.13 an hour before tips because they failed to refill their water glasses as often as they would have liked. Do you really want to hand those people the keys to your personal brand?

If there is any silver lining to this, it’s that most people are still resistant enough to this level of privacy invasion that Peeple will likely be shamed into submission. The Post brings up how Lulu, the dude-rating app seemingly written by ditzy teenagers, quickly devolved from a high-tech burn book to a much less ambitious “dating intelligence” app that must be opted into by reviewees. In a world where regular people are willing to share an increasing amount of their lives online, it seems we still draw the line at non-consensual exposure.



They Made A Yelp For People, And You Can’t Opt Out Of It


You aren't imagining it -- your computer is slower than it used to be. And it's not just because it's rife with shady malware and viruses that you picked up illegally streaming all 12 seasons of Murder She Wrote last winter. The truth is that simple day-to-day use can cause your machine to creep to a crawl over time. But you can put an end to the suffering right now with these 11 tricks that will instantly boost your computer's speed.

Stop programs from launching at startup

Unless there’s a good reason for Spotify and Photobooth to open every time you reboot, you should disable them. On a Mac, open System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items and de-select any that you don't want automatically firing up. On Windows, download this utility, which allows you to disable startup programs individually.

On Windows, run a disk cleanup

Follow these instructions to run a disk cleanup, which will delete a whole bunch of temporary and unnecessary files on your drives, and noticeably boost speed.

Get rid of all the default languages you don't use

Unless you work for Rosetta Stone, odds are you’re not using anywhere close to all of the foreign languages that are installed on your machine by default, and they’re just sitting there hogging space. On a Mac, you can remove as many as you want using the tool Monolingual.

Remove unnecessary dashboard apps

On a Mac, delete any widgets you don’t regularly use from the dashboard. Running them in the background is a waste of your computer's brainpower, and honestly, when was the last time you looked at that stock ticker?

Buy an external hard drive

The 400+ photos from your vacation in Cabo that you took 3 years ago aren’t doing you any favors -- in fact some are borderline incriminating. But if you insist on keeping them around, consider offloading them to an external hard drive. You can easily track one down for under $100, and it's the best solution for storing music, videos, and other storage-hogging media.

Make sure your software is up to date

Those incessant pop-ups asking you to update your software aren’t just there to annoy you. And even though they take for freaking ever, they’re worth it. To check if what you’re running is up to date on a Mac, go to “Apps” under the Apple icon menu and click on Updates. On Windows, click the Start Button > All Programs > Windows Update > Check for updates.

Close your damn tabs

Tabs are a blessing for the ADD kid in all of us, allowing for back-and-forth toggling through an endless stream of your favorite websites. Bad news: that's killing your computer. On most modern browsers, like Chrome, each tab runs its own "Chrome Helper" in the background, silently eating up a ton of memory and potentially paralyzing your computer. Get in the habit of using two to three tabs total and bask in the sweet, sweet glory of speed.

Kill memory-hogging programs and unused apps

Any applications lurking on your computer that you haven’t opened for months (here’s looking at you, GarageBand) are taking up disk space and would do just as well in the Trash Bin. It’s also possible that you're currently running a single program or two that's responsible for the intense slow-down. To check how much memory your open programs are using in a given session, on a Mac go to the Activity Monitor and click on the Memory tab. On Windows, open the Task Manager and click on the Processes tab.

On Windows, turn off visual effects

If you can live without the flair of shadows, animations, and fadeouts while you're working (you can), turn them off to improve performance. Click Start > Control Panel > search for Performance Information And Tools > Adjust visual effects and deselect all that excessive flashiness.

Shut it down

And no, putting your computer to “sleep” is not the same thing. Important maintenance tools run automatically when you reboot, so get into the habit of restarting or shutting off your machine on a regular basis to keep things running in tip top shape.

Chill out

If your laptop is hot to the touch, it means it's working too hard and needs to cool down, especially since prolonged overheating will slow its performance in the long-run. The best strategy is to keep it well ventilated at all times, even point a fan in its general direction if possible, and use it on a flat surface that allows for proper air flow underneath. Bad news for your totally healthy Netflix-in-bed habit.







Traveling is expensive. There's the airfare, the hotels, and not to mention whatever medical bills you inevitably rack up once Montezuma has its wicked revenge. Let technology help you save the big bucks by embracing these 10 travel apps for globetrotters on a budget.

1. Score last-minute hotel deals

HotelTonight: Free for iOS and Android
If you're comfortable waiting until the last minute to secure a place to crash for the night, HotelTonight announces a daily digest of deeply discounted top-rated hotel rooms in practically every major city around the globe at noon local time. If you luck out, you could end up in a lavish 5-star spot for a fraction of what most other guests paid.

2. See all your travel bookings in one place

TripIt: Free for iOS and Android
Simply forward your flight, hotel, car rental, and restaurant emails to TripIt and it'll generate an automatic itinerary, making it incredibly simple to pull up any details on a whim. It'll even automatically notify you of flight delays or gate changes.

3. Watch how much you’re spending

Trail Wallet: Free for iOS
Designed to keep you on-budget throughout your journey, Trail Wallet's slick interface makes it easy to track your expenses from day-to-day, and ensure you're allocating enough to make it through to the end of the trip without being forced to busk for loose change.

4. Skip the expensive cabs

MetrO: Free for iOS
Up there with breaking through the language barrier, deciphering the mass transit system in an unfamiliar place can drive you crazy. Instead of caving in and shelling out for an expensive cab or car, use MetrO to navigate the trains, trams, buses, and subways in over 400 global cities. It doesn't even require a network connection as long as you've installed the city you're visiting ahead of time.

5. Know the language

Google Translate:Free for iOS and Android
Quit it with the awkward pointing and gesturing to figure out what the hell a particular sign or what that mouthful of a menu item really means. Instead, let Google do the heavy lifting and get instant translations using your keyboard, voice, or camera.

6. Avoid pricy international plans

Skype:Free for iOS and Android
Rather than splurging on an international phone plan, hop on the Skype wagon (if you haven't already) to talk and text with everyone for next to nothing.


7. Find free Wi-Fi instantly

Wi-Fi Finder: Free for iOS and Android
Rather than blowing your budget on data overages, fire up Wi-Fi Finder to locate the nearest spot with a free wireless connection.

8. Book the best (and cleanest) hostels

Hostelworld: Free on iOS and Android
If you're willing to slum it like you did back when you were schlepping across Europe as a doe-eyed undergrad, Hostelworld makes it easy to browse and book hostels, B&Bs, and budget hotels around the world. They also offer a 100% booking guarantee, which is a big relief for anyone familiar with hosteling.

9. Find the cheapest parking

BestParking: Free for iOS and Android
If you're tooling around in a car in the States, this app will help you find the cheapest and most convenient parking facilities in over 100 cities so you don't get fleeced by hotels with egregiously steep overnight fees.

10. Be your own tour guide

Field Trip: Free for iOS and Android
Like having an unobtrusive tour guide in your pocket at all times, this app -- which runs in the background -- makes it easy to discover hidden gems in cities around the world without doing any work at all. Its aggregated geotagged reviews and explanations for points of interest from a number of publications including Thrillist, Cool Hunting, and Atlas Obscuranotify you when you're passing by something worth checking out.




Beware! There’s A Porn App That Snaps Pics Of Users’ Dicks Then Demands Ransom

A malicious Android app that held people to ransom has been found by US security firm Zscaler.


You’re sitting there with your dick out, whacking it to your favorite type of porn, when all of the sudden your phone takes a photo. You just assume you accidentally hit the “camera” button while you were feverishly choking your choade. The next thing you know, there’s a message on your phone blackmailing you for money. This is not just some crazy nightmare, this is actually a real thing that is happening to our fellow masturbators.

The ransomware pornography app is called Adult Player, and it infects Android phones with malicious files. Once they are installed, it takes control of the front-facing camera, which allows it to snap pics of people jerking off. Then a message appears with a photo of said masturbator, and a demand of $500 be transferred via PayPal, otherwise they will release your embarrassing photo. The app then locks your phone so you are completely helpless.

Daily Find: 4kvp6


A man removing money from his jacketThe Adult Player app demanded a payment of $500 (£330)

Apps which demand money from people with a threat to release private information, or wipe a device, are known as ransomware.

In August, Intel Security said examples of ransomware had increased 127% since 2014 - primarily affecting desktop computers and laptops.

"One of the reasons for the increase is that it's very easy to make," said Raj Samani, chief technology officer for Intel Security in Europe.

"There are people you can pay to do the work for you, and it pays really well. One group we tracked made more than $75,000 in 10 weeks.

"Apps like this rely on the embarrassment factor. If you don't pay, your reputation is on the line."

Adult Player was the second example of pornography-focused ransomware  discovered by Zscaler.

The app was not available from vetted storefronts such as Google Play, but could be installed directly from a webpage.

Zscaler said the app's ransom message kept the phone's screen switched on at all times, and reappeared if the handset was restarted.

'Common sense'

A family scene on a tablet computer
Some ransomware threatens to delete personal data

"Ransomware is more prevalent on computers than phones, but this could be the start of a trend," said Mr Samani.

"You can stay safe with some basic common sense. Some ransomware threatens to delete your photos, videos and documents so back up your data. Then if you are targeted you can wipe your system and start over.

"Only download apps from the proper Google Play store. And if you receive an app download link in an email, don't click it."

Zscaler said anybody that had downloaded Adult Player should reboot their handset into "safe mode". The exact method varies between handset manufacturers.

Safe mode loads the operating system without running any third-party apps, allowing people to delete malicious software.


Beware! There’s A Porn App That Snaps Pics Of Users’ Dicks Then Demands Ransom


You rely on your computer for everything—work, gaming, nightly, um, entertainment—but you don't always give it the respect it deserves. Some of the little things you do every day are slowly sucking the life right out of your trusted companion.

But you can stop it. To get the scoop on the tech behavior you need to quit ASAP, we went downstairs to the tech dudes who've rescued us from catastrophic crashes and late-night beer spills alike. Read on, you're in good hands.

1. Eating while you work

It’s an obvious one, sure, but every handful of almonds or crumbly bite of pretzel showers your keyboard with crumbs that get lodged in there, jamming up your keys and pufting typos in yor emals. Even worse: drinking.

2. Removing cables without ejecting properly

So you’ve heard you shouldn’t do this, but why? Pulling out is great advice in some situations, but if you rip a USB out without closing it manually, it can corrupt the drive, meaning you won’t be able to open those files anymore. Seriously, that warning isn't just there to annoy you.

3. Forgetting to update your software

It may be instinct to ignore the ever-present pop-ups prompting you, but you should always update your software. Just not right away. With a major operating system upgrade, for example, it’s prudent to wait a few days to see if any major bugs surface. That way, you’ll be first in line for the next version once they’ve pushed a fix. On mobile, however, it’s a different story. If you’ve got a super old phone, you may want to skip them altogether, because it can’t always handle demands of newer operating systems.

4. Charging 24/7

Take your charger out of your computer immediately. Turns out, for best battery life, you should charge your laptop only until it’s full, then use it until it’s depleted before you charge again. Not only will this improve your computer’s life, but also your charger’s life. And a better charger means faster charging.

5. Keeping your laptop on your bed

See those little rubber pads on the bottom of your laptop? They’re not just there for balance. On a flat surface, they elevate the computer so air can flow underneath. But if you’re indulging in too much Netflix in bed, that air can’t get underneath and your fan has to work overtime to cool it. This overworks your machine and can shorten its life. Bad news for your Kimmy Schmidt addiction. Also, it can start fires.

6. Never rebooting

Closing your laptop or putting it to sleep is not the same as shutting it down. Make sure to completely turn it off at least once a week, or if you know you won’t be using it for a full 24 hours, shut it down.

7. Spilling water (and then lying about it)

If you commit the cardinal sin of spilling water, beer, or Greek yogurt on your computer, you’re going to need to take it to an expert for repairs. Now, since there are components inside that change color when they’re exposed to water, don't lie—it just slows down the diagnosis and makes you look like an asshole. In the meantime, our guys recommend turning your computer off right away, and praying to the ghost of Steve Jobs. Even if you can, don’t take the battery out, since you might risk voiding your warranty.

8. X-ing out of programs

If you're in OS X, simply clicking the upper left X in your window doesn't actually quit the program—it's still running in the background, sucking up memory juice like a divorcée in a Palm Springs singles resort.

9. Keeping too many tabs open

Too many tabs, like too many cooks, is a precursor for a slow, painful crash. On newer browsers like Chrome, each tab runs a “Chrome Helper” in the background which takes up a lot of RAM. And if you max out that RAM, your computer can’t work as quickly, making it sluggish and prone to freezing. Yes, just a simple Internet browser can suck up all your memory.

10. Ignoring available data

You don’t have to wonder what’s taking up your computer’s RAM and CPU usage. If you open your Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities), you can see an organized list of exactly how much memory each of your programs is using. For example, Chrome is currently occupying about 83 percent of my Mac’s usable memory. Goddamn tabs.

11. Failing to back up your files

Back that thing up, and not just because Juvenile told you to. You don’t have to save every last file, but if you’re working on a major project, you should back up every day on Dropbox and/or an external hard drive. Our Support Technician urges people to see their computers as a tool to manipulate data, not the data itself. That way, if it’s lost or stolen, you only have to worry about replacing the machine, and not what’s on it.

12. Having too many login and startup items

Running lots of programs = using lots of memory = potentially slow performance. If you’ve got a handful of programs that automatically open whenever you boot up (looking at you, Spotify), pare them down to what you actually use by selecting the app in your dock, clicking “options” and then deselecting “open at log in.” You can also right-click on the item if it's in the doc, select "Options," and uncheck "Open at Login."

13. Hoarding widgets

The same goes for that “Ski Report” and “Tile Game” widget running in the background. If you’re not using those puppies on a weekly basis, cut them loose—they're just dragging your computer's feet.




The wunderkinds over on Reddit recently took a break from uncracked safes and banana-based measurements to post a mega-thread addressing the best of the best of all things free on the interwebs, and I couldn't help but share some of the highlights with you all. If you're savvy, you might recognize a few of these bad boys already, but don't spoil the Supermarket Sweep-style fun for the rest of us, OK?

1. College courses, no tuition

Is the fear of smothering, unbearable student debt steering you away from the path of higher education? Class Central exposes hundreds of online class courses from the likes of Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, without that pesky tuition nonsense. This means you can educate yourself in subjects like Molecular Biology, Advanced Operating Systems, or The Rise Of Superheroes And Their Impact On Pop Culture. It's all the information you need to become a fully functional adult in today's global economy, without the loans, leftover futons, and career-debilitating Facebook photo rolls.

2. Self-destructing email addresses

With 10 Minute Mail, you can create an extremely temporary email address that will automatically self-destruct in 10 minutes, allowing you to sign up for sites, lists, and deals without the unbearable spam cannon that normally accompanies your quiet compliance. Also good for anonymous threats and insults to friends/family members. Not that I'd do that, of course.

3. Ambient sounds for any occasion

If you simply can't work/sleep/make love without some kind of comforting white noise cascading over your eardrums, A Soft Murmur has you covered with all the classic ambient noises, and the somewhat odd ability to play a bunch of them at once. DJ Careless Whisper? You had me at "singing bowl" and "fire."

4. Learn every language on Earth

If you've ever felt devastatingly isolated at your Swedish cousin's wedding to her Argentinean lover in Seoul (due to the triple language barrier), Duolingo might be right for you. Touted as the free Rosetta Stone—and some consider it to be even better—Duolingo softens the blow of learning another language by taking the pressure off your wallet. You'll be ordering with cultural authenticity at Taco Bell en un santiamén, muchacho.

5. Unlimited access to a mega-library of documentaries

Documentaries have been experiencing a recent boom thanks to their accessibility on Netflix, but one can only watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi so many times, and there's no chance in hell I'm buying a DVD again. With Documentary Heaven you have access to an endless river of reality piping through your computer monitor, like trout swimming upstream during their annual mating season (watch the documentary, you'll see what I mean).

6. Someone to spill your guts to

Everyone needs somebody, sometime—as Dean Martin once famously crooned, and most of the time, you don't have the funds or time to drop on a therapist or high-end escort. Welcome to 7 Cups of Tea, a completely free way to connect live with a "listener," with a bounty of free counseling options available. It's all anonymous too, so you don't have to worry about any of your dirty little secrets becoming public. What an age to be alive.

7. Automatic alerts or actions for everything you care about

While it's been notorious on the Internet for quite some time, If This, Then That is one of those sites that's bound to blow up one day (in a good way). Once you log in, you can create a "recipe," programming an alert or action that will happen anytime two correlating actions occur on the web. For instance, you can automatically push photos posted on your Facebook to a secure Dropbox, the second they are posted. Or, have an email sent to you anytime someone mentions "Cat," "Shaving," and "Wanted by Authorities" on all your local news sites. The possibilities are endless.

8. Free used sh*t

Craigslist - the domain of questionable career opportunities as well as questionable sexual opportunities, has become a digital smorgasbord of totally free sh*t. If you select your appropriate region, you’ll see a “Free” section under the “For Sale” category (confusing, I know) chock-full to the innuendo-soaked rim with perfectly good items folks are just begging to give away. Check out what you can snag sans payment in NYC alone. Pro Tip: avoid any cloth-based furniture (for obvious, soiled reasons) as well as any intimate products, also for obvious reasons.

9. Old-school video games

For my generation, some of the best childhood memories consist of gathering around a glowing TV screen, slowing rotting our minds with video games while vehemently ignoring the shining sun and temperate climate outside. Man, those were the days. For a quick blast of nostalgia to the face, hit up this SNES, NES, and SEGA emulator to relive your pasty glory years. All you have to worry about is your boss catching you playing Castlevania in-between TPS reports. Unless you don’t have a job. Then you probably shouldn't be playing SNES emulators, anyway.

10. All the fonts you could ever want

Normally, finding the right font for your situation isn't a huge problem. But that's probably because you don't know the dizzying heights design has reached in recent years. You are in for the shock of a lifetime, pal, because Lost Type has you covered from stylized head to sans-serif toe. With psychoactive billboard sets and funkadelic superfly stylings, your eyes will be widened to the magical world of spectacular fonts, all free to use in any way you wish. But please, type responsibly.

11. Photo editing with panache

For those who want their photos to shine a little bit brighter or to casually drop themselves into Ariana Grande’s vacation pics (no judging), but balk at the big bucks for Photoshop, the photo editing app Pixlr is available for your computer and smartphone for the low price of absolutely nothing. Though it doesn’t have the absurd level of customization and features that Photoshop so smugly touts, it's a very serviceable application for amateur to mid-level Instagrammers who are sick of using Valencia as a crutch.

12. Piles and piles of valuable coupons

This is extremely relevant for those who not only want free swag, but want their free swag to turn into other free swag. RetailMeNot is an aggregate of comped codes, coupons, and other door-busting deals for both online services and brick & mortar outfits—with offerings varying from H&M to Domino's. So, you can get those organ-constricting skinny jeans on the cheap, with money left over to get cheese-soaked, grease-stuffed sugar sticks to ensure you will never fit in them again.

13. Manage your finances and your future

Living paycheck to paycheck? Can't afford to buy milk for your nonexistent cereal? Is your life literally crashing down around you as we speak? The sleek, financial management site Mint is a payment-free resource that allows you to check your credit, pay bills, and manage your bank accounts on a safe, well-designed platform. It will pretty much handle everything that has to do with your hard-earned bacon, aside from actually earning it for you. Still waiting for that upgrade, slackers...

14. Help feed the world

Meet the only thing on this list ideal for those instances when you are trying to actuallygive the world something, instead of just reaping the bounty of comped items and services like a cyber-glutton. With Freerice, you can exercise your noggin and help feed hungry humans all over the world, without sparing a dime. The site presents you with a series of questions in subjects like English grammar and basic chemistry, and for every correct answer, the World Food Programme will donate 10 grains of rice to the global cause. You can rack up the grains pretty quickly, though—and all for a worthwhile cause. It's trivia that can make an actual difference. Unlike Trivial Pursuit, which just tears families apart. Trust me, I haven't spoken to my sister in years. Denise, if you're reading this, please call me.



25 People Utterly Failing To Understand The Basics Of Technology

It doesn't matter how "user friendly" you make it, someone's still going to experience the struggle.



You've heard the phrase, "humans only use 10 percent of their brains," and while this is clinically untrue, it's an undisputed truth that we only use 10 percent of our Google Chrome.

Sadly, there's no pill that can unlock the untapped potential of our noggins, despite what Bradley Cooper would have you believe. But for your Chrome-based ceilings, there are these 17 totally free add-ons that will assuredly give your browsing a boost and your overall productivity a much-needed gut check. Or at the very least, turn every photo on your Internet into Nic Cage.

1. Secure all of your passwords in one place

As we delegate more and more responsibility into the soft, supple walls of the interweb, we start accumulating passwords like this guy collects vinyl. To consolidate the gatekeeping madness, install LastPass to manage and store all your passwords in one secure place, accessible from all your devices. Just don't forget your password to LastPass. Maybe write it on your hand.

2. Keep track of (and block) sites that track you

Like some kind of web-based Jason Bourne, Disconnect allows you to
"visualize and block the otherwise invisible websites that track your search and browsing history." It's a condom for your browser: you can still be dipping into the strange stuff, without any unpleasant, lingering souvenirs. That was gross. Sorry.

3. Schedule your emails

Sending emails at 3am is kind of weird, and getting up bright and early just to send two or three emails really sucks. Boomerang solves all these time-centric conundrums by allowing you the liberty of scheduling your emails to send at a certain date and time. Why didn't they just build this into Gmail in the first place?

4. Stay effortlessly organized

Evernote was described to me as "an infinitely expandable, instantly searchable, all-encompassing backpack holding everything in your life." After trying it out, I find I have no complaints against this claim. It's an organizational app worthy of your time, canvassing nearly all aspects of your life, online, and off.

5. Save everything to your Drive with one click

The aptly named Save to Google Drive lets you save web-based content, like pages, blocks of text, pictures, and more, straight to your Google drive with one convenient click. Perfect for students who plan on straight up plagiarizing their next paper with web articles, but want to do so with even less effort.

6. Auto-fill every digital form

Have you ever filled out an insanely long online form, only to have missed one number on your credit card, resetting the entire f*cking form? Of course you have, which is why there's that first-sized hole in your drywall. Lazaruscunningly named after that dude Jesus raised from the dead, dynamically saves what you're typing into any given form, and will replenish it in tact, should disaster strike. Now that is truly saintly.

7. Declutter your Internet

From the makers of Evernote, Clearly presents articles, blog posts, and all other forms of online wordery in easy-to-read formatting, free of clutter. Because the first step to a clear head, is a clean news feed. Probably.

8. Instant access to the world's greatest knowledge engine

If you don't knowWolfram Alpha is arguably the world's most comprehensive, advanced answer engines—as well as Siri's best friend. So, having Wolfram on your browser (and on your side) should definitely come in handy, especially if you need to know what planes are flying overhead, or the amount of calories in 3.5 million pounds of Sicilian pizza. Or you know, you're doing serious, data-driven research, or whatever. Nerd.

9. Track your web usage...with charts

In case you needed a visual representation of the time you split between online adult entertainment and baby elephant gifs, there's Web Timer, plotting out your digital footprint in concise, easy-to-read pie charts straight out of USA Today.

10. Craft perfect playlists from YouTube

Because sometimes even Spotify is lacking some hits (we're looking your way, Tay Swift), there's YouTube, your only outlet for every song you could possibly ever want. But (there's always a 'but') trying to create a playlist on YouTube leaves you with a clunky, ad-filled experience. Enter Streamus: an add-on that lets you easily create a seamless playlist with all your favorite YouTube vids (only the audio). Goodbye streaming services. Hello DJ Charlie Bit My Finger.

11. Keep tabs on your tabs

The Great Suspender has the name of a Depression-era magician, but is in fact an extremely useful, modern tool, that suspends your idle tabs and makes sure your computer isn't bogged down by your wasteful ways.

12. Block every annoying ad

There's a smorgasbord of ad blocking add-ons in the Google store, but for my money, uBlock Origin wins 'Best in Show.' It does the job spectacularly, gives you meaningful data on what exactly is being blocked (from where), and operates using a big, oversized power button that you click. And literally everyone in the world loves clicking on big, oversized buttons. It's a win-win. Except for advertisers, I guess.

13. Hack Netflix

Did you know there's a whole other Netflix sitting out there, just begging to be watched? Dig this: other countries have different streaming options (because of legal mumbo jumbo, and other licensing what-not) and as such, different films that we don't get in the US. Access this, as well as international versions of other sites, using Hola! Unblocker, a veritable Rosetta Stone of worldly streaming options.

14. Always get the best coupons

If you always feel the need to haggle for the best price (as you should, dear reader), Honey is an app that gives you instant access to coupons, and lets you redeem them right away during your online shopping sprees. My wallet would thank me, but it's still pissed off I bought all my friends beers at the Yankees game.

15. Instant GIFs in your Gmail

If an email sends without an embedded GIF, did it even really send at all? Animated existentialism aside, installing the spanking-new Giphy extension to your emails gives you a streamlined approach to finding that perfect rebuttal to Don from accounting's incessant "did anyone find my watch?" queries. Yes Don, we found your watch. And no, you can't have it back because I pawned it. Wasn't my Beetlejuice GIF clear enough?

16. Never lose your focus again

Because we all have a lil' ADD, Stay Focused blocks you from visiting procrastination hotbeds like Reddit, Facebook, and ESPN (certainly not Chaostrophic), but only when you need it. Perfect for getting work done, or keeping your focus on the task at hand...or...wait what were talking about again? Oh yea, I bet there are a lot of cool things happening on Facebook right now!

17. Turn every web image into Nic Cage

Everyone relax. Your prayers have been answered. nCage turns every image on your Internet to pictures of the Cagester. So while you're busy reading about wars, natural disasters, and Kardashian antics, all you can see is Cage, Cage, Cage. I suppose there really is a silver lining to every dark cloud.

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