Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World

Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations In The World

The world is full of dangerous places, and it turns out that some people are crazy enough to go to them voluntarily. Coming up are some very dangerous tourist attractions.

10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World

10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World



Apart from the necessity of traveling or transporting goods as part of work, their pristine beauty is what pulls people to these roads. They seem like paradise itself, yet they are just as deadly. Untouched by human civilization, excepting the roads and vehicles, of course, the stretches of nature at her extremes almost seem endless here. To many, the combination of these extremes and the danger is almost irresistible. Here are some of the world’s most dangerous roads that are as beautiful as they are deadly.

1. Atlantic Ocean Road

The 8.3-kilometer (5.2-mile) long road was built on several small islands in the Norwegian Sea connected by a series of eight bridges. The road endures harsh weather and is subject to regular European windstorms and hurricanes.

Image Source: Ernst Vikne

Also known as the “Atlantic Road” or the “Atlanterhavsveien,” the Atlantic Ocean Road was originally proposed as a railway line. Its construction began in 1983 and it faced 12 European windstorms before being opened to the public on July 7, 1989. The road connects the villages of Kårvåg on Averøy and Vevang in Eida via several small islands and skerries connected by causeways, viaducts, as well as eight bridges, the most famous of them being the Storseisundet Bridge.

The road became one of the most visited tourist attractions in Norway and, in 2005, won the title “Norwegian Construction of the Century” awarded by the Norwegian construction industry. It was featured in advertisements by more than ten automobile manufacturers often using the harsh weather conditions to make them more picturesque. (source)

2. Tianmen Mountain Road

The road starts 200 meters below sea level and after a long stretch of serpentine road reaches 1,300 meters above sea level on the mountain of Tianmen. It has a total of 99 hairpin turns, and the temperatures at the top are about 10 degrees lower than that at the bottom.

The 11-kilometer (6.8-mile) road is located in Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, in the northwestern Hunan Province, China. It took eight years to construct the road and was finished in 2006. The road has 99 turns, representing the nine palaces of heaven, which can be traversed on tourist buses. The turns lead up to Tianmen Cave (“Heaven’s Door”), a naturally formed hole in the mountain located at the height of 131.5 meters (431.4 feet).

Image Source: Google Maps

The cave also features the “Stairway to Heaven,” a narrow stairway with 999 steps. From there, the road travels to the top of the mountain where Tianmenshan Temple is located. Those susceptible to motion sickness because of the numerous hairpin turns could take the cable car at nearby Zhangjiajie railway station to the top of the mountain. (source)

3. Fairy Meadows Road

The high-altitude, 12-kilometer-long road is located in the Himalayas. It is a treacherous track carved into the mountainside with little to no protection at the edges.

Image credit: Omar Usman Khan/Wikipedia, franek2/Wikimedia

The Fairy Meadows Road is a jeepable trek located in Diamer District, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It starts at Raikhot Bridge on Karakoram Highway and ends at the village Tato from where a three- to four-hour trek leads to Fairy Meadows. It was built by Brigadier M. Aslam Khan (M.C, H.J, F.K), First Commander Gilgit Scouts. The gravel road is narrow, often only wide enough for just one vehicle, and it is treacherous!

Also known as “Joot” locally, the Fairy Meadows is located at an altitude of 3,300 meters above sea level. It was named by German climbers and is a grassland surrounded by thick alpine forest. It is also one of the launching points for trekkers who want to climb the Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world and the western anchor of the Himalayas. (source)

4. Yungas Road

The road connects La Paz and Coroico in Yungas, Bolivia and is only wide enough to allow one vehicle at most places. It climbs 4,650 meters (15,260 feet) above sea level before descending to 1,200 meters (3,900 feet) as it reaches Coroico.

Image Source: Pavel Špindler

The 56-kilometer (35-mile) road was first built by Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930s during the Chaco War and was since developed over a stretch of 20 years until 2006. To avoid any accidents on the mostly single-lane road, vehicles are required to drive on the left side of the road to allow the drivers a better view and the drivers coming downhill do not have the right of way. The visibility of the road is severely decreased during rainy seasons due to fog and the rainwater could make the track slippery.

Image Source: Warren HIlosuna

The Yungas Road was named the “world’s most dangerous road” by the Inter-American Development Bank in 1995. It was featured in Ice Road Truckers on History Channel, World’s Most Dangerous Roads as well as Top Gear: Bolivia Special on BBC, and on a Mitsubishi Outlander commercial. It is a popular destination for thrillseekers with as many as 25,000 visiting annually. Mountain bikers especially love it because of the continuous stretch of downhill road. (source)

5. Leh-Manali Highway

Spanning over a length of 479 kilometers (298 miles) in the Himalayas, the highway reaches its highest elevation at 5,328 meters (17,480 feet) at Tanglang La mountain pass. Oxygen levels are very low at these altitudes and drivers often suffer from altitude sickness.

Image Source: Simon Matzinger

The Leh-Manali Highway connects the town of Leh in Jammu and Kashmir and the resort town of Manali in Himachal Pradesh in northern India. The road was built and is maintained by the Border Roads Organization and is open only for four and a half months during the summer when the snow clears.

Increasing elevation slowly and gradually by no more than 300 meters per day would help avoid altitude sickness which is one of the reasons traversing the road takes more than two days despite the small length of the highway. Other reasons are the weather, snow, meltwater from glaciers, and sometimes landslides which make the highway difficult to navigate. Drivers are often advised not to sleep on the high mountain passes. (source)

6. Paso Internacional Los Libertadores

This mountain pass located in the Andes connects Argentina and Chile and has a long series of switchbacks on a steep incline that leads up to the 3-kilometer-long Tunnel of Christ the Redeemer at an elevation of 3,200 meters (10,500 feet). The road experiences rockfall and heavy snowfall during winter.

Image Source: Karora

The Paso Internacional Los Libertadores is the main land transport route from Santiago, the capital city of Chile, and the Argentinian city Mendoza. The Tunnel of Christ the Redeemer was opened in 1980 and was so named because of the four-ton, Christ the Redeemer of Andes statue placed in 1904 at an elevation of 3,832 meters (12,572 feet) near the Uspallata pass.

Though on the Argentinian side, the slope is gentle, it is very steep on the Chilean side with a number of switchbacks. During winters, the pass experiences heavy snowfall, and on September 19, 2013, almost 15,000 people were stranded for 10 hours due to extremely low temperatures and almost 50 centimeters of snowfall. To decrease the dependence on the tunnel and lessen exposure to harsh weather, two other tunnels at a lower altitude were proposed. (source)

7. Karakoram Highway

The highway is one of the highest paved roads in the world connecting China and Pakistan through the Karakoram mountain range which reaches a maximum height of 4,714 meters (15,466 feet) at Khunjerab Pass. Heavy snows, monsoon rains, and landslides often shut down the road for long periods.

Image Source: David Stanley

Also known as the “KKH,” the “China-Pakistan Friendship Highway,” or the “N-35,” the highway crosses the collision zone of the Eurasian and Indian plates. It is also where Pakistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and China are just within 250 kilometers (160 miles) of each other, making it strategically important. Its construction began in 1959. With great difficulty and loss of workforce due to landslides and falls, it was finished and opened in 1979. The road traces one of the routes of the Silk Road.

Image Source: Anthony Maw

On January 4, 2010, a massive landslide in Hunza Valley closed the highway and created an entirely new 22-kilometer (14-mile)-long, 100-meter (350-feet)-deep lake called Attabad Lake. Instead of getting drained, the lake increased to 27 kilometers (17 miles) in length by 2011 forcing authorities to construct a revised route around the lake. The lake, now a tourist attraction, is fed by meltwater from surrounding glaciers and is of a brilliant turquoise color during summer and spring. (source)

8. Moki Dugway

The 3-mile road is a steep, unpaved track with 11%-grade switchbacks that were carved into the face of Cedar Mesa, Utah. The road traverses 1,200 feet (366 meters) from the cliff top to the bottom of the Valley of Gods.

Image Source: Wikipedia

The word “moki” or “mokee” comes from the Spanish word “moqui” which was a term used by the 18th-century Spanish settlers to refer to the Pueblo Indians and their extinct culture or their ruins that they found. The Moki Dugway was built in the 1950s to transport ore from the Happy Jack Mine to Halchita near Mexican Hat. Since it’s an 11%-grade road, using vehicles that weigh less than 10,000 pounds and measure less than 28 feet long is recommended. (source)

9. Passo dello Stelvio

At 2,757 meters (9,045 feet) above sea level, Stelvio Pass is the highest, paved mountain pass in the Eastern Alps and the second highest in the Alps. It has a total of 75 hairpin turns, 48 of which are on the northern side.

Image Source: Amcs1983

Located in the Ortler Apls, Italy, the pass was originally built between 1820 and 1825 by the Austrian Empire to connect Lombardy, formerly an Austrian province, with the rest of Austria. The road is around 200 meters from the Swiss border and around 75 kilometers from Bolzano the capital city of South Tyrol in northern Italy.

The numerous hairpin turns on the road pose a challenge to motorists, however, they also make for a great racetrack. The road was one of the picks for the “greatest driving road in the world” by Top Gear, the British automotive show. Every last Saturday of August or first Saturday of September, the road is closed to motor traffic to host Stelvio Bike Day when an average 12,000 cyclists ride. (source)

10. Passage du Gois

A natural passage between Beauvoir-sur-Mer and the island of Noirmoutier in France, the 4.125-kilometer long road is flooded twice a day during the high tide making the road dangerous to take.

Also known as “Gôa,” the Passage du Gois is an uneven stone paved causeway that was first used in the 16th century. It is located over the waters of Baie de Bourgneuf or Bay of Bourgneuf, which is part of the Bay of Biscay in the northeast Atlantic Ocean. The passage was built as the Bay of Bourgneuf began silting up during the Middle Ages.

Image credit: Florian Pépellin/Wikimedia

When it’s high tide, the road gets submerged under 1.30 to four meters of seawater, and as the water recedes leaving seaweed here and there, the road becomes slippery. An hour and a half before, as well as after the lowest tide, is the only time when the road is safe to travel. (source)

10 Pictures That Almost Got Their Photographers Killed

10 Pictures That Almost Got Their Photographers Killed



A picture is worth a thousand words—or the life of its photographer. Obviously, photographers will often go to extremes to get the perfect shot. For some, these pictures can make their careers, but there may be a high price. Possibly too high.

War and wildlife photographers are usually at the most risk because they can be in active danger zones. While many have died under these circumstances, some have survived to tell their stories.


Atif Saeed Was Almost Killed By An Angry Lion

Photo credit:

Wildlife photographer Atif Saeed was almost killed when the lion he was snapping charged at him. The incident took place at a wildlife park in Lahore, Pakistan. Saeed was driving around the park when he found the lion. He drove toward it, alighted from his vehicle, and started taking pictures. He was about 3 meters (10 ft) away at the time. The lion did not appreciate his presence and charged.

Saeed took the chilling picture just before jumping into his Jeep. He only escaped because he left the door of his vehicle open, probably because he expected the lion to charge. Saeed later said that he found the incident hilarious, especially after he made his getaway. But he vowed never to put himself in such a situation again because it was too dangerous.[1]

Tracey Shelton Was Almost Killed After An Armored Tank Fired At Her Position

Photo credit:

In 2012, Tracey Shelton was covering the Syrian Civil War when she was almost killed by a shell fired by a Syrian Arab Army (SAA) tank. The SAA is the official army of the Syrian government. Their primary opponent is the Free Syrian Army (FSA), a group of rebel factions that want Bashar al-Assad to step down as president of Syria.

The rebels involved here were from the Noor Den al-Zenke battalion. Shelton was with them before the tank arrived and had been taking their photographs as they cleaned their position. The pictures showed them joking and laughing.

The rebels soon received information that there was an SAA tank in their area. They rushed to their weapons and tried engaging the tank when the combat vehicle fired. Shelton took the photograph the moment the shell hit the rebels. The picture shows three rebels in front with a fourth behind them. Shelton was behind the fourth rebel.

The rebels could not take cover before the shell exploded. All three in front were killed. The rebel behind them survived with injuries. Shelton was unhurt, though she was covered in dust and smoke. The bodies of the three dead rebels were recovered and taken away while new fighters were drafted to replace them.[2]


Andy Grimm Was Shot By Sheriff Who Mistook His Tripod For A Rifle

Photo credit:

On the night of September 4, 2017, photojournalist Andy Grimm rode to a traffic stop in Ohio where he hoped to take some photographs. He had just brought out his tripod when he was shot by Clark County Deputy Jake Shaw, who had mistaken the tripod for an assault rifle.

Shaw shot at Grimm twice. The first bullet hit Grimm in the chest, and the other barely missed his shoulder. Luckily, he was not killed. He would later sue Shaw and the sheriff’s department for excessive force and violation of his human rights. Grimm said that Shaw never approached him or ordered him to drop the supposed rifle before shooting.[3]

However, Grimm added that he understood the shooting was a mistake and said that he did not want Shaw to be fired. Grimm had been driving to get pictures of a lightning storm when he decided to take photos of the traffic stop. A grand jury determined that Shaw would not be charged for the shooting.

Mark Laita Took A Picture Of Himself As He Was Bitten By A Deadly Black Mamba

Photo credit:

The black mamba is one of the world’s most deadly venomous snakes. A bite will kill a human in a few hours. Not many people have lived after a bite from this type of snake. Photographer Mark Laita became one of those few when he survived a bite in 2012. Interestingly, Laita took a picture of the snake the moment it bit him.

At the time, Laita was working on a book about snakes. He had traveled to Central America where he took pictures of some snakes held by a collector. The collector had removed the venom glands of most of the snakes but not the mamba.

The mamba continued moving closer to Laita during the photo shoot. Then it attacked when the collector hit Laita’s camera cable while trying to capture the snake.

The mamba got scared and lunged at Laita, biting him in the leg. Laita survived the bite without treatment even though he bled profusely. Laita suspected that the snake did not release any venom during the bite. If it did, the heavy bleeding that followed probably expelled it. Laita only realized that he had taken a picture of the bite as he went through his photos that night.[4]

James Akena Was Beaten By Ugandan Soldiers For Taking Pictures During An Anti-Government Protest

On August 20, 2018, photojournalist James Akena was attacked by Ugandan soldiers as he took pictures during an anti-government protest. A chilling video shot by another person shows one soldier approach Akena and start whipping him with a cane. The soldier is joined by two others, one of whom also has a cane.

As the three men beat Akena, the soldier without a cane spots the person shooting the video. He barely pulls away from Akena and his colleagues when he aims his rifle at the individual making the video and fires a shot. The video stops at this point, although it does not seem like the person was killed. Akena was taken away after the assault.

Later, the Ugandan army stated that the soldiers involved would be disciplined. However, this was probably a save-face gesture as they were only responding because the video went viral. Human Rights Watch observed that Ugandan police and military officers had often beaten journalists who took photographs during anti-government protests and those officers had faced no consequences.[5]


Willis Chung Abandoned His Camera When A One-Ton Bison Came After Him

Photo credit:

Willis Chung was another wildlife photographer who found himself at the mercy of a charging animal. This time, it was a one-ton bison. Chung was taking photographs at Yellowstone National Park when the animal suddenly ran toward him.

Chung continued taking pictures while the bison charged. At a certain point, the animal was getting too close. So the photographer finally fled and left his tripod-mounted camera behind.

The bison walked around the camera, looking at it curiously. The animal even walked up to the camera from behind and seemed to be looking at the LCD screen as if trying to take a photograph. Meanwhile, Chung took more pictures of the bison with another camera.[6]

A Gorilla Almost Punches Christophe Courteau

Photo credit:

Photographer Christophe Courteau was almost punched by a gorilla that he was photographing at Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. He and some other photographers were taking pictures of the gorilla troop when the leader, a 250-kilogram (550 lb) beast called Akarevuro, charged at Courteau without warning.

He continued taking pictures as Akarevuro came closer, even up to the moment that the gorilla stopped right in front of him. The photograph shows Akarevuro with his fist clenched as if he was going to punch Courteau. Akarevuro pushed Courteau aside and went after another male gorilla that was behind the photographers. That animal had been following Akarevuro’s troop, probably to get one of the females.[7]

Courteau was not seriously injured and only ended up with a small scar on his head. However, he felt like he had been hit by a train. A similar incident happened in the Republic of Congo when an aggressive male charged at photographer Will Burrard-Lucas.

The troop was not used to having humans around and was hostile toward the photographers following them. The dominant male in the group was exceedingly aggressive and kept charging. However, he never completed the charges and often turned back when he got close to the photographers, who continued taking pictures.

An Uninvited Rhino Pranks Jonathan Pledger

Photo credit:

Jonathan Pledger was taking pictures of wildlife at Kruger National Park in South Africa when a white rhinoceros charged at him. Unlike other people on this list, Pledger did not know that a wild animal was around. He only realized that he was in danger when he heard the rustling of nearby bushes. A rhino jumped out of a bush and headed straight toward the photographer.

Pledger did not run. Instead, he continued taking pictures as the rhino came closer. The animal either chickened out or just changed its mind as it neared Pledger. The rhino turned left and ran back into the bushes. Pledger later said that he was afraid when the rhino charged.[8]

Mohammed Shaffi Was Almost Killed By Angry Somalians After A US Army Gunship Attack

Photo credit: The Guardian

Mohammed Shaffi was not a photographer but a cameraman when he was almost killed by a mob during the Somali Civil War. However, a soundman and three photographers who were with Shaffi were killed.

One morning in July 1993, US Army gunships attacked the command center of Somali warlord Mohammed Farah Aidid. Fifteen minutes after the attack, vehicles from Aidid’s militia arrived at the hotel where Shaffi and his companions were staying and offered to take them to the command center to take pictures and shoot videos. Such was routine during the war.

The journalists were taking pictures and shooting videos when the irate mob that had gathered at the scene suddenly attacked them. The journalists fled in different directions, and the mob went after them. Shaffi was beaten and pelted with stones as he ran. Someone even shot him in the arm at close range.[9]

Shaffi escaped when he jumped into a vehicle filled with some Somali men. He thought they were returning him to his hotel until they drove past his hotel and continued toward a market. The men finally released Shaffi when they realized he was a Kenyan Muslim. They initially thought he was a Pakistani Christian.

A Warlord Declared Ron Haviv Wanted For Exposing War Crimes

Photo credit:

Photographer Ron Haviv almost lost his life for taking pictures that implicated fighters in the Serbian Tigers unit of war crimes during the 1992 Bosnian War. The most iconic was the picture of a fighter kicking the body of a woman whom his colleagues had just killed.

Haviv was with the paramilitary members at the time of the killings. He watched the fighters drag a man out of his house before shooting him on the street. They later shot his wife and her sister. Haviv secretly took photographs of the shootings, although the Serbian paramilitary members were not captured in the frames.

One Serbian fighter soon walked up to the dead family and kicked their bodies. Haviv took this picture, too. However, the fighters heard his camera click and looked at him. Their commander, Zeljko Raznjatovic (aka Arkan), later collected the film from Haviv and promised to return the processed photographs.[10]

Arkan did not realize that Haviv had swapped the roll of film and hidden the one containing evidence of the war crimes. Later, Haviv published the pictures. This angered Arkan, who vowed to kill Haviv. Some of his fighters would later arrest other photographers after mistaking them for Haviv.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

Top 10 Most Dangerous Animals

1. Box Jellyfish

There are a number of species of box jellyfish, but they are all quite dangerous. The sea wasp box jellyfish is perhaps the most deadly variety. This translucent sea-dweller may not look all that menacing, but it is the most venomous animal on planet Earth. Box jellyfish are deadly to many different animals, not the least of all, us. If you get stung by one of these animals, you are very likely to die. Even if you do not, you will be in tremendous pain for some time afterward.

2. Cone Snail

Another ocean dweller to be wary of is the cone snail. It may not look like much, and you may easily mistake it for any other snail on the beach, but it is extremely deadly. Just one drop of its venom can kill twenty human adults. There is no antivenin, which means that if you are stung, you will almost certainly be dead within minutes.

3. Black Mamba

This snake may look less fearsome than the hooded cobra, but it is arguably more dangerous. It can strike very quickly and can also chase its victims at an incredible speed. It chooses to do this quite often without any provocation whatsoever.

4. Cape Buffalo

This is a particularly aggressive inhabitant of the African grasslands. Cape buffalo have been known to charge victims without provocation, rather like the black mamba. While they are obviously not venomous, they do have an asset the mamba does not, 2,000 pounds of weight and the ability to charge at 40 miles an hour. These creatures will continue charging even if they are shot in the heart, and have no reservations about charging vehicles. They have also been known to attack predators like lions.

5. Siafu Ants

These ants are also known as driver ants. They come in swarms of up to 50,000,000, and will react as if they are a single entity if even one driver ant is in danger. Crush one of these little critters underfoot while you are out on a walk and you will regret it as the other 50 million come swarming after you. The ones that latch on will be very hard to remove. Their jaws will remain clamped into your flesh even if you tear their bodies in half. While they may not be the most deadly critters on this list, they are certainly impressively dangerous for their size. They routinely take down and kill much larger things. Look up “ant attack” and you will find many photos of this phenomenon.


6. Deathstalker Scorpion

This diminutive scorpion may not look all that impressive, but it is responsible for roughly three fourths of all deaths resulting from scorpions every year. Children are particularly susceptible to these bites and are more likely to die from them than adults. The bite is very painful, so even if you survive, you may wish you hadn’t for a while.

7. Puffer Fish

This is one of the most deadly animals inhabiting the ocean. They are deceptively cute, but quite dangerous. When threatened, they puff out their protruding spines. The venom from their spines can paralyze you, causing you to stop breathing, resulting in death. For that matter, if you eat improperly prepared puffer fish, you can also die.

8. Hyena

The hyena is generally a scavenger, but it can also hunt prey if it wants to. During times of high human death toll (war, for example), it can develop a taste for human flesh. If corpses are not plentiful enough, it has been known to take to hunting, and will deliberately pursue human quarry to satisfy its hunger.


9. The Stonefish

These fish are dangerous not only because they are the most venomous fish on the planet, but also because they are incredibly fast and also very hard to see. They are camouflaged naturally to blend in with the ocean floor. While they are only aggressive toward their prey, it is easy to make the mistake of stepping on one. The venom from the spines can cost you a limb or even kill you.

10. Humans

Human beings may not stand to win in a fair fight against most of these species, but thanks to our ingenuity, we have learned how to arm ourselves with weapons and tools which have placed us at the top of the food chain (at least for the time being). We also get extra points on the deadly scale for our aggression, not only toward other animals, but toward each other. The scale to which we take our destruction is unique. No other animal starts worldwide wars or blasts whole regions of the earth into total ruin with nuclear weapons. Without a doubt, the most dangerous animal in the world is the face you see in the mirror each day.

As Hurricane Florence approaches, thousands ‘pledge’ to shoot their guns at the storm

As Hurricane Florence approaches, thousands ‘pledge’ to shoot their guns at the storm

Hurricane Florence is set to make landfall in the Carolinas between Thursday evening and Friday morning — so thousands of people are taking matters into their own hands.

Specifically, members of this satirical Facebook page say they are ready to fire their guns at the powerful Category 4 storm to frighten it off.

More than 30,000 people have marked themselves attending a Facebook event titled Shooting Guns At Hurricane Florence To Scare It Away — and 73,000 more said they are interested in having a shootout with the downpour of rain and strong gusts of wind.

“Get your guns and your umbrellas,” the page reads. “And your umbrella-guns, and your beer, and your beer-guns, and your tiny umbrellas to keep your beer dry, and join people from all along the East Coast in scaring away Hurricane Florence to protect our country from this foreign invader!”

And some people on the page think the plan is working because the path of Hurricane Florence has recently shifted south toward the southern North Carolina coast and northern South Carolina coast. Parts of Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina are now in the storm’s predicted path.

“Yall it’s working!” one person wrote. “Keep shooting it south!”

Another person shared a video of a man with an American flag in one hand and a gun in the other as he prepared for the storm.


But don’t worry: The group isn’t serious. It comes with a disclaimer that shooting at a hurricane is actually a pretty dumb idea.

“Do not actually discharge firearms into the air,” it reads. “You could kill someone and you cannot frighten a hurricane. I cant believe I actually have to write this.”


Police actually had to issue a similar warning when Hurricane Irma was approaching Florida last year.

As that storm neared, someone created a Facebook event titled “Shoot at Hurricane Irma.” The description for that page said this “GOOFY LOOKING WINDY HEAD--- NAMED IRMA SAID THEY PULLING UP ON US.”


After thousands marked themselves as attending, local police swooped in with a warning.


Ryon Edwards, who created the viral Facebook event for Hurricane Irma, said it came about from “a combination of stress and boredom.”

“The response is a complete and total surprise to me,” he told BBC. “I never envisioned this event becoming some kind of crazy idea larger than myself. It has become something a little out of my control.”

15 Current Technologies That Should Scare The Crap Out Of You


When it comes to technology, and the fast pace in which is develops, it can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, new breakthroughs are saving lives, connecting the world and making everything safer. On the other, emerging tech can be abused, mis-used and can spell doom for us all.

It’s scary how wide open our lives become, once we introduce technology into it.



Your smart home is watching and listening. Always.

As much as we try to convince ourselves that letting AI and smart tech control stuff is a good idea in our homes, it seldom is. Smart homes require the internet, and you never know what info your provider is gathering on you and selling to the highest bidder.

There are tons of stories of Google Homes, Alexa’s, Nest doorbells, Smart tvs and baby monitors being hacked, and you end up being watched and recorded at your most vulnerable.

Freaky stuff, man.




Russia might be working on a Nuke that we don’t even know about.

The official Cold War might be over but everyone still loves their weapons. There are rumors that there’s an advanced nuclear arsenal in Russia that can be used on coastal targets, and we don’t know shit about them.

These bad boys can be reportedly launched from a sub and are undetectable by radar. But then again, no one’s certain that these rumors are true. But the fact that everyone’s working on secret weapons is still kinda freaky.



drones might actually become a real problem.

Drones have become easily accessible over the past few years, and they’re used for pleasure, for military reasons, as well as to deliver packages. Who says they can’t start delivering bombs? It’s actually not a huge stretch for an act of terror to be committed by a group armed with a fleet of drones.

Stuff like this is already happening in the Middle East, so it may very well become a thing here too. They could also utilize facial recognition and follow, isolate and terminate specific people.



People are figuring out how to hack cars.

Used incorrectly, a car can be a deadly weapon, and car accidents are the fourth most common cause of death. That number could go up, however, once hackers learn how to override cars and take control. Given that cars have WiFi, Bluetooth and other computerized elements, they could end up becoming just another weapon.

While it’s never been confirmed that this has actually happened in the real world, in controlled experiments, scientists have been able to take over steering and acceleration remotely.



cams are being hacked and used to hunt endangered animals.

While trail cams can be used for hunting things in season, conservationists use them as well to monitor wildlife. These can get hacked by poachers and used to identify rare animals that are killed and sold on the back market.

It’s not just cameras. Hackers have also been known to break into wildlife tracking devices to find the location of specific animals to target. They also look at social media if people post photos of rare animals, and they find the vulnerable animals based on the location tags.


Bots are changing all of our opinions online.


We spend a lot of time on social media, and the time we spend on there, could be affecting our social and political opinions. There are a lot of sophisticated bots out there that are tweeting out opinions, hashtags, as well as conspiracy theories, fake news and other things that aren’t entirely true.

In fact, this kind of propaganda is incredibly popular in areas such as Russia, where the bots are ruling social media to sway public opinion one way or the next.



Your DNA code is being bought and sold by Genetic sites.

You know those DNA testing companies like & 23andMe? You think it’s all about submitting your DNA and learning about your genetic heritage, but it’s actually scarier than that. They’ve been collecting user’s DNA and storing it, and also claim to have a right to use your genetic material for all eternity. Don’t believe me Read the fine print.

While you own your DNA for the time being, it’s only yours until to die. Meanwhile, these companies have your profile in a database and could be selling it or saving it for something else.



Boston Dynamics might be responsible for building our next robot overlords.

I’ve seen the videos. They’re purposely building robots to piss off, and eventually, they’re gonna rise up and get us. Whether it’s the video of the Spot Mini opening the doors or that other robot that was avoiding the hockey sticks, it’s not hard to see these robots find a way to make us into slaves.



Ransomware can be used to shut down critical services.

Cyber attacks are a terrifying thing, and no longer the plot line of a Thursday evening drama on Fox; this shit’s real. One type of cyber attack is randomware, where you click on an innocent link and you get your hard drive downloaded and locked out. You need to pay a ransom to get your stuff back. When it happens to us, it’s scary. When it happens to a critical service like a hospital or something, that’s an emergency.

Such an attack happened in 2017. Called the “WannaCry” virus, it was launched against the UK’s National Health Service and locked down computers in all the hospitals. It took days to unlock and purge the virus. The scary part is that while we can protect against the things we know to be afraid of, there are other, more virulent cyber attacks out there, just waiting.



3D printers mean people can print their own guns at home.

While 3D printers sound like they could be a fun little toy, and really educational, there’s always someone who ruins it for the rest of us. While gun regulation and registration is a hot debate in the US, the fact that these guns can be made under the radar is scary. It’s not hard to find the design files and software online, and then all you need is access to a printer, which gets easier and easier every day.

They fucking have these printers in schools nowadays. That’s not ok.



Medical robots are doing minor procedures while you’re under.

Surgery is already scary enough, but throw in a robot with a handful of knives, and it’s downright chilling. As tech becomes more and more advanced, medical centers and hospitals are relying on robot surgeons. Currently, they’re only used on minimally invasive surgeries, and are controlled remotely by a doctor.

On one hand, it reduces infection and allows for more precision, it also could go haywire or have some sort of malfunction and then a small surgery becomes an evisceration.



Facial recognition tech can be used for mass surveillance.

Facebook does it. So does Amazon, your new iPhone and, I’m sure, tons of other tech. Every time you show your face, it’s getting scanned and matched to a database. While on one hand, this could work in favor of law enforcement, it can also document and track innocent people for nefarious reasons.

Plus the drone thing I mentioned earlier.



Deep Fakes and the FakeApp can swap faces at a level that even Hollywood can’t match.

There’s not much I need to say about this, do I? Between adding in Nicolas Cage’s face to everything, or putting an innocent actresses face on a porn star body, or even demonstrating that the app could solve Superman’s moustache problem better than Hollywood, this tech is dangerous.

Especially when regular people start generating their own revenge porn and distributing it all over the internet. Nope.


10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World

10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World

There are many beautiful islands all over the planet. Some of them are beautiful destinations which many people head to for vacation spots or just to get away from society. But stunning as they may be, there are islands that hold just as much danger as they hold beauty. Check out these 10 Most Dangerous Islands In The World.

What Is The Most Dangerous Place On Earth?

What Is The Most Dangerous Place On Earth?

Most of us live nice, calm, and peaceful lives in places that are comfortable and supply us with everything we need to survive. But in other parts of the world unknown to most of us dangerous places that no human would dare venture into. From dangerous searing hot deserts, super volcanoes and lava lakes, to the icy deep freeze of the North and South Pole, we take a look at some of the most extreme and dangerous places known to humans. So stick around and enjoy as we find out which one of these places is the most dangerous on Earth.

Absolute Maniac Drifts Down A Snowy Mountainside Road In A Box Truck

Absolute Maniac Drifts Down A Snowy Mountainside Road In A Box Truck

This looks like a terrible idea and we are very impressed.

What Is The Most Dangerous Sport In The World?

What Is The Most Dangerous Sport In The World?

With the Olympics wrapping up, we wondered: what is the most dangerous sport?!

15 Most Dangerous Movie Sets Ever

15 Most Dangerous Movie Sets Ever

There have been several movie productions in history that have been marred by troubling situations, whether they be environmental catastrophes or wild animals. Filmmaking is an extremely difficult task, and before the implementation of computer generated imagery, bringing spectacles to life took a certain amount of risk.

Most of this list will cover productions that were stunted because of a lack of knowledge of the area of the world that the filmmaking teams were hoping to capture, or a general lack of concern for the safety of both the casts and crew. Another portion of this list will cover the great lengths that directors will go to, and put their crew through, to achieve a desired result on film.

It’s hard to think of a time when creators were forced to brave the elements to capture the same kind of magnetic setting that filmmakers can today with a green-screen backdrop. Many of the movie sets presented here were truly tragic for the filmmakers and their crew, but it’s important to remember these productions because they had an impact on the history of film as a whole.

Here they are, the 15 Most Dangerous Movie Sets Ever.


One of the most popular films of all time, James Cameron’s blockbuster sensation Titanic hit theaters on December 19th, 1997, and it was the most expensive film ever made at the time, with a production budget of $200 million. But that insane amount of money was clearly not enough to ensure the safety of the director’s leading actress and a large portion of his crew (though that was probably their own fault).

Actress Kate Winslet actually caught pneumonia when she opted out of wearing her recommended wet suit under her costume, and she almost drowned while filming one of the sinking scenes in the film.

Even crazier than that, 50 members of the staff and crew working on the film consumed a batch of clam chowder that had been laced with PCP, and while there weren’t any casualties because of this, there were a bunch of anxious crewmates aboard the RMS Titanic.


Without a doubt the most hyper-masculine modern film classic, this aviation-centered spectacle hit theaters in 1986, and is still enjoyed around the world, even 30 years later.

It should serve as little surprise that the vast amount of aviation stunts shown throughout the film would serve as a breeding ground for some productions troubles. During one key scene in Top Gun, pilot and aerial cameraman Art Scholl put the plane he was piloting into a full spin while attempting to capture the perfect shot. Unfortunately, he lost control of the plane and crashed into the ocean below.

Search parties were sent out after him, but his body was never recovered. He remains a missing person, even to today.


It’s pretty horrific that one of the most treasured and beloved technicolor fantasy adventures would be rife for some truly disastrous production troubles.

The Wizard of Oz was a real slog for the cast and crew behind the eventual classic. The original Tin Man, Buddy Epsen, had to drop out of the role because the silver paint gave his some pretty serious respiratory problems. And his replacement, Jack Haley, didn’t fare much better, as he suffered an eye infection while filming.

The actors who portrayed the flying monkeys suffered a pretty serious fall when the winch keeping them afloat snapped, and they plummeted to the ground.

Margaret Hamilton, the actress who played the Wicked Witch, suffered awful burns when a pyrotechnic explosions got too close to her face and it negatively reacted to her makeup.

And perhaps scariest of all, Terry, the dog that played Toto, got stepped on and almost died.


Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ was an interesting retrospective on the life of the Son of God, and the actor who portrayed Jesus, Jim Caviezel went through some pretty tragic circumstances because of his inclusion.

Besides the toll that the role took on his future career in Hollywood, Caviezel was subjected to severe physical torture while filming. He was whipped twice by accident by a member of the crew, which left a 14-inch scar on his back. He dislocated his shoulder while carrying the 150 pound cross (Gibson loves historical accuracy), and he caught hypothermia while filming at night in Italy. And worst of all, he was actually struck by lightning during filming.

When it was all said and done, Caviezel actually had to have heart surgery after filming wrapped.


One would think that working on a horror film titled The Omen might bring about some bad luck for all participants involved. The cast and crew involved suffered three different lightning strikes mid flight, and a hotel that the producers of the film were staying in was bombed by the IRA, as well as a restaurant that the filmmaking team was scheduled to visit.

A plane that was supposed to be used no set was re-commissioned as a commercial airliner, and it ended up crashing and killing everyone on board.

The creepiest circumstance of all was when special effects consultant John Richardson got into a car crash that killed his assistant. As Richardson emerged from the wreckage, he saw a road sign that read, “Ommen, 66.6k”


As Colonel Kurtz slowly began to lose his mind, so did Francis Ford Coppola during the filming of the war masterpiece, Apocalypse Now. The film itself was troubled from the beginning, due to its massive budget and crazy shooting schedule. The movie was even further delayed when Typhoon Olga hit and completely destroyed the sets.

At the time of filming, there was actually a civil war taking place in the Philippines, meaning that every crew member had to be accompanied by a bodyguard to ensure their safety.

Dennis Hopper was a notable standout, as he began to crack under the filming process, stating that he would require cocaine before shooting any of his scenes. Lead actor Martin Sheen actually had a near-fatal heart attack on set, and had to travel a quarter of a mile to find help.


Twilight Zone: The Movie is famous in the history of Hollywood, but for almost entirely the wrong reasons. While the film itself was faithful to the classic sci-fi series that it followed, it was also forever tarnished by a truly tragic accident.

On July 23rd, 1982, a freak helicopter accident lead to the deaths of actor Vic Marrow and two child actors, who were later identified to be working illegally. The accident was caused when a pair of pyrotechnics were let off too close to the in-flight chopper which forced the pilot to make an impromptu crash landing. Morrow and the children were struck by the chopper blades and killed instantly.

Director John Landis and the members of his crew were acquitted of manslaughter, and no one was found culpable for the three deaths. This tragic accident lead to some pretty stringent tightening of health and safety laws regarding movie sets.


Howard Hughes was a brave, daring, and exploratory filmmaker who was always attempting to push the boundaries of what mankind was able to accomplish. Unfortunately for his cast and crew, he often sacrificed health and safety to secure his vision. His exciting World War 1 epic, Hell’s Angels, has some of the most awe-inspiring flight sequences ever captured on film, and this was all accomplished only 30 years after the Wright Brothers first took flight.

There were several fatalities that occurred under Hughes’ supervision, including three pilots and a mechanic who were killed while working on the movie. Hughes himself was almost killed when he crashed the aircraft he was piloting in an attempt to film a steep pullout. He left the wreckage with a fractured skull, and was forced to undergo facial reconstruction surgery.


For anyone who’s seen the 1959 masterpiece, Ben-Hur, it should come as no surprise that the chaotic chariot racing film had its fair share of traumatic production experiences. 1000 independently contracted workers slaved tirelessly for over a year to carve the famous chariot racing arena from a giant rock quarry.

The chariot race itself was a high-speed death race that proved to be a real threat for the stunt men brave enough to risk being trampled by dozens of horse hooves. Stuntman Joe Canutt was tossed into the air on accident, and he cracked his chin on the chariot. That shot is actually still in the film, as it was used to create the exciting set-piece where Tony Curtis climbs back up his horse.


Fitzcarraldo is the ultimate example of a director going way too far to bring his vision to life. Director Werner Herzog crafted a story in which a 320-tonnes steamship would travel over a steep hill in Peru in order to reach a new mine of resources downstream.

Without a wealth of special effects back then, Herzog attempted to stage this for real. Several crew members were injured while staging the lift, and the lead actor of the film was constantly bringing up the fact that it all seemed entirely pointless, which angered the natives working on the production.

Herzog even later recounted that the native Chief, in all seriousness, offered to kill the actor to keep things running smoothly. Luckily Herzog had some semblance of restraint.


This adventure film was actually shot on location in The Congo and Uganda, Africa, which of course lead to its own complications for the filmmaking team. Exposing themselves to the harsh conditions present in the story meant that the filmmaking crew was ill prepared for the kind of hardships they would face so far from home.

At the time, shooting in Africa wasn’t very common, and due to the crew’s lack of preparation and forethought, they were exposed to harsh heat, poor nutrition, and dysentery.

Director John Huston and lead actor Humphrey Bogart were the only ones to avoid illness, due to their strict dedication to only drinking imported whiskey during the process, instead of consuming the local water that plagued the rest of the crew.


This 1981 thriller was the perfect case of a filmmaking team not understanding the importance of having trained animals, and their trainers, available.

The story for Roar revolved around a private zoo, and the filmmaking team decided to use a number of legitimately dangerous animals on set during filming. As a result, over 70 members of the cast and crew were severely injured. While none of these injuries proved fatal, several of them required some enhanced surgical work. The medical staff on hand had to use hundreds of stitches to repair most of the crewmembers, who had injuries ranging from bites, maulings, broken bones, scalpings, and some cases of gangrene.

It’s stories like these that make everyone happy that CGI is so easy to use today, or Life of Pi may have had some life-threatening stories as well.


Supposedly, the filmmaking duo of Darryl F. Zanuck and Michael Curtiz were attempting to follow up the incredibly popular and well revered Ten Commandments with a film following the story of Noah.

In an extreme sense of stubbornness, the filmmaking team wanted to maximize realism, and re-enacted a life-sized flood across the entire set they had built, they ended up using over 600,000 gallons of water. Unfortunately, the vast amount of water overwhelmed the crew and three people working on Noah’s Ark drowned.

This eventually lead to the implementation of stricter regulations for stunt safety for both men and women. This unfortunate event can even be seen in the film itself, as the filmmaking team decided, for some reason, to use this shot in the final cut.


This film has one of the most controversial and widely talked about instances of crew safety being jeopardized. The production of The Conqueror ultimately lead to the belated death of forty-six crew members due to widespread radiation poisoning that was exposed to them while on set for the film.

The film was shot near St. George, Utah, and it was just downwind of a nuclear testing site in the area. Due to false reassurances by the local government, the filmmaking team was allowed to continue production, which lead to a large majority of the crew developing cancer.

The most famous death possibly associated with this film was that of American movie star, John Wayne, who had his own fair share of smoking habits to boot.


The production of The Viking was actually relatively straight-forward compared to most of the films on this list, until the very end of principal photography.

In an effort to secure some more environmental footage, director and producer Varick Frissell took a large majority of the crew on board a ship to join a large scale seal-hunting expedition. Unfortunately for the crew involved, the ship itself was packed with ice-shattering explosives. At one point in the filming process, the explosives were compromised and unexpectedly detonated. Twenty-seven people onboard were killed, including Frissell himself.

It just goes to show, that even with the proper precautions, freak accidents can occur, and it’s important to remember that a film, no matter how culturally or universally significant, is not worth risking people’s lives over.

These are some pretty horrendous stories, but it is important to realize that many of these disasters lead to tighter restrictions on health and safety for filmmaking casts and crews, which is immensely important.


Woman Returns Home To Find Huge Snake In Her Living Room, Calmly Wrangles It

Woman Returns Home To Find Huge Snake In Her Living Room, Calmly Wrangles It

Who needs animal control when you've got your trusty pillowcase?
SunShine McCurry

Scientists Say We’ll Only Get A Year To Prepare If A Super-Volcano erupts

Scientists Say We’ll Only Get A Year To Prepare If A Super-Volcano erupts


Super volcanic eruptions are so catastrophically powerful that they could devastate the entire planet. In a worst case scenario, these kinds of eruptions can eject 1000s of cubic kilometers of magma and ash in the matter of days or few months. That much ash in the atmosphere could block out the light and heat of the sun for years or decades.

Luckily, these kinds of eruptions are few and far between, and they are tens of thousands of years in the making. But there is also some bad news: According to a new study in PLOS ONE, they don’t give much notice before they blow their tops.


Unlike most volcanic eruptions, what makes super-eruptions different is that they are unable to erupt easily. Magma in the mantle of the planet rises into the crust, but is unable to immediately breach the surface. As a result, the magma continues to pool, causing pressure in the Earth’s crust to build and build until finally, a catastrophic explosion of magma and ash erupts.

These kinds of cataclysmic super-eruptions have occurred a few times in the geological past of our planet. In New Zealand 26,500 years ago, the Taupo Volcanic Zone had a super eruption. Even further back, Campi Flegrei in Italy exploded 40,000 years ago. Yellowstone has also super-erupted three times in the past million years and there are fears that it could occur again.

Right before any super eruption though, there is one final stage — the decompression stage — characterized by the release of gas bubbles at the eruption site.

So, the study researchers decided to analyze quartz crystals at the site of one of these massive eruptions that erupted in California about 760,000 years ago, creating the Long Valley Caldera. Quartz crystals cover surface rims of eruption sites, so by analyzing them, the researchers were able to determine the rim growth rates times of the volcano based on the concentration of titanium in the crystals. By measuring the size and growth rates of these rims, they were able to determine the length of time it took for an explosion to happen once the decompression phase had begun.


Their analysis showed that more than 70% of rim growth occurred in less than a year, indicating that the quartz rims grow mostly in just the days or months prior to an eruption.

So, we will only likely be able to detect the signs of an oncoming super-eruption by noticing the bloating effects of the expanding magma body on the surface and these signals will likely only start to appear within a year of the eruption — intensifying as it gets closer to exploding.


The 15 Worst Real World Dangers of Playing Pokémon GO

The 15 Worst Real World Dangers of Playing Pokémon GO

Playing Pokemon GO Outside The Worst Real World Dangers of Playing Pokémon GO

Pokémon is a game which teaches friendship, hard work, and respect for others. So as Pokémon GO mania sweeps the planet, players can be forgiven by thinking that the new mobile game will be nothing but a bit of fun. If anything, the chance to play games outside must be healthy, promoting exercise in the fresh air, right?

Be warned, though: while the hugely popular Pokémon GO is a lot of fun and has its benefits, there are plenty of things that can go wrong while playing. Since the game’s launch last week, stories have been flooding in of unfortunate players who’ve ended up in awkward or even downright dangerous situations as they’ve played – everything from sprained ankles to muggings have become commonplace as so many unprepared players take to the streets in search of their favorite pocket monsters.

So be warned: danger could befall you on your quest to be the very best, like no one ever was. Here are 15 Potential Dangers Awaiting You – read up, and stay safe.



It didn’t take long after Pokémon GO’s release for the first reports of injuries to come flooding in. Players reported falling over pot holes, twisting ankles, and even walking into lampposts and other obstacles as they spent their time engrossed in their phones without paying full attention to their surroundings.

For example, Redditor Amalthea took to the site to explain how, just thirty minutes after downloading the game, they had managed to slip and fall into a ditch, fracturing one of the bones in their foot. Amalthea is looking at 6-8 weeks of recovery after telling doctors at the ER that they were out walking their dog.

The problems of Pokémon GO are compounded thanks to the number of players who are heading out to catch Pokémon at night: so if you’re planning to explore the world around you in search of new creatures to capture, be sure to tread carefully and watch your step.



If players don’t fall afoul of potholes, ditches, or other natural dangers in the landscape around them, there’s also the risk of potential muggings. Pokémon GO works by spawning certain Pokémon and items at specific locations, meaning that lots of players will find the same rare creatures in the same spots. It didn’t take long after the release of the game for muggers to realize how this could be exploited.

Just a few days after the release of the game, police on O’Fallon, Missouri got a call at 2am about a group of four teens who were parked on a Pokémon hotspot – according to reports, when players of the game stumbled into the parking lot that the teens were hiding in, they’d exit the car and rob gamers at gunpoint.

Take this as a warning: as much fun as Pokémon GO might be, it’s not necessarily safe to walk around in secluded areas with your smartphone out in front of you – pay attention to your surroundings and go in groups to minimize risks.



Exploring the woods and fields in the countryside looking for Pokémon might seem like a good way to avoid the dangers of inner-city robberies, but there are dangers hiding everywhere, and for one gamer, Pokémon GO led to a pretty traumatic experience.

The nineteen-year-old player in Wyoming was exploring the countryside near her home, looking for rare creatures. After hopping a fence to get to one particularly exciting capture, she was exploring a natural water source when she came across a dead body.

According to the local police, it appears that no foul play was involved and that the man who had been found had accidentally drowned – even so, finding a dead body is a fairly traumatic experience for any player of the game.

As Pokémon GO continues to rise in popularity and players explore further and wider in their search for new Pokémon, it’s likely that more similar stories will crop up. Players should be wary of dangerous situations and do their best to keep a safe distance from anything that looks unusual.



So playing Pokémon GO outside can have potentially dangerous circumstances – that’s fine, though, because the game can still be played indoors without a problem, right? Well, even indoors, it’s important to be careful about how and when you play.

In a post on Reddit which has since been deleted, user scarstruck4 explained that, while working for a bank dealing with sensitive information, the player couldn’t help but whip out their phone to try to capture a Zubat which was flying nearby. While scarstruck4’s company allows the use of phones at desks, using the camera is a serious breach of security measures, and as Pokémon GO uses a phone’s camera to create an augmented reality image, scarstruck4’s phone was promptly confiscated and sent for inspection at the company’s head office. In the meantime, scarstruck4 is looking at serious disciplinary action.

This isn’t even the only case of Pokémon GO putting people’s careers in jeopardy – a player in Singapore who was caught using colorful language on Facebook to express his annoyance at the game’s implementation in the country, has been fired for indecent conduct on social media. So watch out – there can be serious consequences to playingPokémon GO, or even talking about it, in the wrong setting!



Driving while using a phone is generally understood to be a bad idea. That’s not enough to stop many people from doing so, of course, especially when it comes to catching Pokémon. Driving while playing the game is incredibly convenient – as many of the game’s features measure how far a person has traveled, players can cover more ground at a quicker pace, and can also find key points where Pokémon appear by traveling around faster.

Unfortunately, though, looking at a smartphone while driving is such a prevalent concern that multiple law enforcement agencies around the world have had to issue warnings to players. These are very warranted, as reports from various players on Twitter have pointed to some very reckless behavior that has led to accidents in many cases.

It doesn’t help that the game spawns Pokémon in unhelpful positions – even Penny Arcade’s Mike Krahulik has reported almost getting run over while trying to catch a wild Poliwhirl in the middle of the road.



While in many cases, the dangers that befall players of Pokémon GO are caused primarily by their own careless or reckless behavior, unfortunately, there are some problems that will only be faced by players based on their race. Omari Akil has called the game “a death sentence if you are a black man,” and as awful as the implications of this are, Akil’s comments are certainly a warning that bear repeating for anyone who might be in danger.

According to Akil, the behavior that Pokémon GO encourages, such as walking around in unusual patterns in unfamiliar neighborhoods, may lead residents to believe that young black players of the game are doing something suspicious. Akil argues that there is a ‘statistically disproportionate’ chance that the cops might be called, and a similar chance that the player might not be given the benefit of the doubt while reaching into their pocket for their phone or other identification.

At the moment, race relations across America are exceptionally tense. While this is a difficult subject to address, it’s vitally important to repeat Akil’s warning: black players of the game should take extra care when exploring the world in search of new Pokémon.



Playing Pokémon with family members can be an enjoyable experience – it’s an opportunity for families to take time out to go for walks in parks as they explore the world together in search of new monsters to capture. That said, there is definitely a time and a place where playing Pokémon GO is appropriate, and whipping out a phone to play at the wrong time can lead to disastrous consequences for marital harmony.

Take, for example, the case of the man who found a Pidgey on his wife’s hospital bed while the couple was waiting for a C-section. According to the player, this elicited a few eye-rolls as his wife realized his priorities in that moment, but otherwise he got off lightly.

If the comments on the player’s initial Imgur photo are to be believed, however, not every Pokémaniac would receive a similar reaction: many commenters have suggested that the man’s behavior was insensitive, or potentially harmful to a relationship.

This being the case, be warned: while many partners might understand or even encourage playing Pokémon GO in unusual circumstances, there’s definitely the potential for marital strife if a Pokémon trainer starts playing at the wrong moment.



By all accounts, Pokémon GO drains phone battery life fast. This is hardly all that surprising – the game makes constant use of the player’s GPS tracking, is regularly connected to the internet, and often uses the phone’s camera to produce augmented reality images of the Pokémon that the player is trying to capture.

Players should take care when exploring the Pokémon world alone – it’s easy to wander into unfamiliar paths while playing, and when a phone battery dies, it’s easy for a player to become stranded in the middle of nowhere without any way to contact assistance.

Players who find their phone batteries dying a lot quicker than they’d like should look into the various tips and tricks that exist to help save battery life, and those who intend to do a lot of playing might want to invest in the game’s (currently unavailable) accessory that tracks the player moments and creates alerts without the need to constantly be checking a phone.



Pokémon GO assigns real world locations of importance as gyms that players can travel to in order to battle each other and pick up important rare items. Unfortunately for the locations that have been chosen, the extra attention caused by players coming to stock up on Pokéballs isn’t always welcome.

Such is the case with a police station in Darwin, Australia – having discovered why so many young people are visiting the station while playing a game on their phone, the police have issued a statement reminding players that they don’t actually have to enter the building in order to register as being in the gym. Apparently, a few too many visitors has meant that the station has been overrun, and the police, while polite about it, aren’t eager to have more players taking up space in the lobby.

Players should take care to make sure that their adventures don’t involve wasting time for local police, no matter how tempting the treasures that await at various stations might be.



Pokémon GO is not yet available around the entire world – at least not officially. After a very rocky initial release in Australia, New Zealand, and America, Nintendo have opted to put a full worldwide release on hold, meaning that players in various parts of the world are still not able to download the game through legitimate channels.

Some intrepid players, however, have discovered that while the game isn’t available in the Android Play store in their region, it can be installed manually by downloading the game’s APK from various hosts online. This has let a lot of players across Europe and in other parts of the world gain access to the game earlier than Nintendo would have liked.

The problem with this, though, is that not all APKs that are in circulation are legitimate – plenty of Trojan Horse viruses exist, hidden among certain versions of the game, waiting for players to install them and give hackers permission to access all of their important files. Add to this reports of privacy issues for even legitimate downloads, and there’s a potential for serious security risks with the new game.

So for any player who’s considering downloading the game ahead of its official release, be warned: some available versions of the game are less than legitimate.



Pokémon GO encourages a lot of socially acceptable behavior – plenty of players are making new friends as they battle other gamers and share tips on the best local spots to find creatures. Gamers are getting to know other Pokémon fans in their area, and in many cases, Pokémon GO is helping to bring communities closer together.

Unfortunately, though, not all attention from fellow players in wanted or welcomed. There have been reports of players of the game who have felt uncomfortable with the way some other players have approached them, invading their personal space in what is often likely merely an eagerness for the game, but which has left players feeling vulnerable and awkward.

Not all players of the game are interested in making new friends, and as much fun as playing Pokémon GO together might be, it’s important for players to respect when someone else would rather play by themselves.



Pokémon GO is a great incentive for many players to live a more active lifestyle – as a game that requires as much as 10km of walking before players can hatch certain eggs and find key Pokémon, the game is helping to get a lot of players up off the couch as they discover the digital rewards of exercise.

That said, players who aren’t used to a large amount of exercise should be careful not to overdo things. Plenty of previously sedentary Pokémon players have reported sore legs and other conditions caused by moving around far more than they usually would, either by bike or on foot.

While these conditions are hardly life-threatening, and while the exercise is definitely going to have long-term benefits after a while, players who aren’t used to high levels of physical exertion should be careful not to overdo things and leave themselves exhausted, miles away from home.



Pokémon GO uses a lot of mobile data. It has to, really – after all, the game spends a lot of time using map data to generate various location information and to help keep track of where the player is in relation to rare Pokémon in the area.

Not everyone, however, has an expansive data package for their smartphone – certainly not enough to keep up with a lot of playing. Plenty of distraught players have taken to Twitter to vent their frustration at not being able to catch ‘em all because they simply don’t have enough mobile data to do so. Other players are in an even more dangerous situation: potentially accruing large charges for using more data than they have as part of their plan, or getting hit with data roaming charges while attempting to play on vacation.

Thankfully, there are tricks to reducing the amount of data that the game uses, such as pre-downloading maps of local areas so that the game isn’t constantly refreshing them while out and about, or simply connecting to Wi-Fi when it’s available.



Stores, restaurants, and other establishments across the world have been seeing a large influx of visitors, many of whom aren’t actually looking to buy anything. One Dairy Queen is reported to have put up a sign stating that its rare Pokémon ‘are for patrons only’, and it’s likely that as Pokémania continues to spread, many establishments will be increasingly frustrated with players loitering in entranceways or scaring away business.

Not all places of significance in Pokémon GO are even open to the public – many gamers have been scaling fences and sneaking onto private property in order to get their hands on rare creatures, and it’s only a matter of time before such antics end badly.

In all cases, players should try to be conscious of the effects their behavior have on others. One man, who lives in a converted church, has discovered a steady stream of players loitering outside his house to play. While he’s been very relaxed and welcoming to players, there’s no guarantee that every gym owner will be as welcoming.



As Pokemon GO uses notable public structures as gyms for players to train at, a lot of churches are seeing more foot traffic than usual. Plenty of players have joked online at the strange behavior that the game is encouraging, as gamers visit religious sites en masse as part of their Pokémon pilgrimage.

While in most cases these establishments are taking their newfound popularity among Pokémon fans in their stride, some churches have found opportunistic ways of spreading their message through Pokémon. Most notably, the Westboro Baptist Church, infamous for their outspoken condemnation of many aspects of modern life, has found a way to capitalize on its newfound status as a Pokémon gym.

After an enterprising player of the game established themselves as the gym leader for the Westboro Baptist Church, using a pink Clefairy named ‘LOVEISLOVE’, the church has responded online by filling its social media presence with a collection of Pokémon-themed memes denouncing its gym leader in an attempt to spread hatespeech. It’s likely that this is the first of many religious incidents surrounding the game as players spend more time near places of worship for various faiths.


Pokemon GO Logo The Worst Real World Dangers of Playing Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO has a lot of fantastic qualities. It promotes healthy exercise and making friends, and its popularity speaks to the enduring dream of becoming a Pokémon master that’s shared by millions of players across the world.

That said, the game is not without its risks. While sore legs and data charges might not be all that scary, there’s a very real threat that the game could lead to disaster and tragedy unless players are careful where and how they play.

So the next time a rare Pokémon appears in the middle of the road, be sure to ask yourself whether it’s worth risking a car crash to get hold of it.





A giant alligator took a stroll across the fairway, making his way to the lake beside the third hole at Buffalo Creek Golf Club in Florida. This is for all the haters who think golf is boring. Not many sports have the risk of getting eaten alive!

YouTube user Pim Roes made this hilarious mashup of the enormous alligator and Jurassic Park.

10 Dangerous Positions That Can Lead To Disaster In The Bedroom

10 Dangerous Positions That Can Lead To Disaster In The Bedroom


Trying out new positions is one of the best means of spicing up your bedroom life a bit. Honestly, engaging in the same stuff over and over again can get pretty boring, which is why sexually active couples switch things up every now and then. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that trying out new positions allows you to experience a whole different level of pleasure which makes it all so much worth it.

However, sex is best enjoyed when it remains on the ‘fun’ side – and doesn’t swing towards the ‘dangerous’ side. Yes, those positions that make you feel like a yoga master are best avoided while you make love for the simple reason that they may end up giving you and your partner a few pulled muscles the next morning. To make it more interesting, even a few of the most commonly used sex positions are dangerous to the point that they risk making your penis go ‘crack’.

With that, here are 10 sex positions that are best avoided to ensure yours and your partner’s safety and well-being:

10. Doggy Style


A research study carried out in Brazil found that about 29% of all penis fractures are caused by having sex in the doggy style position, which makes it an extremely dangerous position for men. But it isn’t just men who can get hurt while having sex in this position – women can experience vaginal tearing if their partners penetrate them too forcefully!

Women are more prone to having vaginal tears if they are forcefully penetrated at the wrong angle while having sex in the doggy style position. Depending on the severity of the tears, these can cause heavy bleeding and may even interfere with one’s everyday life. Having sex with a vaginal laceration can also prove to be rather painful and may additionally trigger significant burning during urination. All of these dangers are reason enough for you to refrain from having sex this way.

9. The Eager Chef


For those who don’t know, this position involves the woman sitting on a counter while her man stands on his toes right in front of her to get things going. The sex that couples have in this position is usually very – how do I put it? – spontaneous, which is why it is best avoided.

The reason why this position has made it to this list is because it has the potential to lead to penile fracture. Yes, sex in the eager chef position can rupture those sensitive tubes full of blood, thereby fracturing your manhood. This incident is particularly prone to occur if you have vigorous sex. That’s because you may miss your target in your enthusiasm and with your partner sitting on a countertop, your unlucky penis will either hit her pubic bone or the counter – that’s sure to hurt!

8. The Pogo Stick



In this position, the man gets to bear all the weight of the woman – that too while standing. Consider it as the standing missionary as the man gets to lift his partner (who will be facing him) so she can wrap her legs around him as they get it on. I’m sure this description in itself is enough to make anyone understand why the pogo stick is such a dangerous position.

If things get even the smallest bit out of hand while your man flexes his knees, and bounces you up and down, there is a good chance that the two of you may lose your balance and fall down – and in this case, your man is more than likely to fall on top of you. The position can place a lot of strain on the guy’s arms and back and falling down can lead to serious injuries. In case you are overly interested in having sex this way, it is best for you to refrain from doing it for more than a few seconds at a time – change position the moment any of you starts feeling shaky.

7. The Standing Wheelbarrow


This is an extremely skilled rear-entry position that is best tried ONLY by strong (literally!) partners. In this skilled sexual position, the woman bends over and backs the man’s front. Once in position, the man lifts and wraps her legs around his waist as she rests her forearms on a pillow for comfort. Now, her partner kneels slightly and lifts her feet by the ankle while penetrating from behind. What this means is that he has to balance not just himself, but her body as well while controlling his own movements – that alone proves why this position has made it to our list of the most dangerous sex positions!

Considering how sensitive a position the woman is in, even a single wrong move can end up making her suffer from serious back or spinal injuries. On top of it all, her cervix could get hurt as well in case the angle is wrong. It is because of this that both partners should have strong balance during the act!

6. 69 – Classic and Standing


Yes, a position as innocent and pleasurable as 69 can get extremely risky in the heat of the moment. If a man pleases his partner to the point that she comes close to climax, there is a fair chance that he will get brutally attacked on his penis by her mouth.

How come? See, when a woman gets close to climax, her body starts to tense up a bit – this includes her lips and/or teeth getting a little clenched. This clearly explains why it isn’t recommended for a man to have his manhood in his partner’s mouth when she’s about to have an orgasm – you really don’t want to have to deal with a ‘biting’ incident!

5. Reverse Cowgirl


Although the position may seem really sexy and adventurous, doing it this way can get extremely dangerous. This is because things may not really ‘fit’ the way that you imagined or want them to.

In the reverse cowgirl position, the curvature of a man’s penis may not coincide well with the angle of his partner. To put it in simple words, bending his thing that far at the base can prove to be really risky for him, and to make things worse, she may not enjoy it as much too due to being uncomfortable.

4. Pearl Necklace


You thought boobs were soft and completely inoffensive, right? Well, not so much! If truth be told, most people think of the pearl necklace as adventurous and really pleasing, but things can take a nasty turn here too – when penis meets breasts, you can expect a lot of trouble!

According to experts, the pearl necklace position can actually lead to a penile fracture. This particularly holds true in cases where the guy is in the process of ‘trying’ to give a pearl necklace to his partner. The reason for this is rather simple – at times, guys exert excessive pressure against their partner’s sternum, which has the potential to cause a penile fracture. Oh and those who don’t use any lube are particularly at risk of facing problems such as these, so if you’re really in the mood, it’s best for you to use a lot of lube.

3. In the Shower


When sex is combined with water, bathroom tiles and a slippery ground, things can get really nasty. There’s always the chance that both the man and the woman will slip and fall, and in case care is not taken, there can be serious accidents.

To begin with, if you and your partner have different heights, then the entire anti-climaxing ordeal of mismatched sex organs is going to get rather painful. To reach for your partner, you’re going to have to either bend in a really awkward position or lift her up – which in itself is extremely dangerous in the shower. Not only will you be standing in an immensely awkward position, there will be soap everywhere too. If you slip over the side of the tub, both you and your partner can break a hip or damage your faces against the sink, tile floor or even the toilet!

2. Missionary


Didn’t think the missionary position would make it to this list, right? Well, I don’t really blame you guys considering that this traditional sex position is clearly very safe. To tell you the truth, the ‘man on top’ position is still relatively safe in terms of keeping a penis intact. So what’s it doing on our list of the most dangerous sex positions?

Well, as experts suggest, it is possible for a woman with a short vaginal canal to end up suffering from abrasions or severe cervical bruising if her partner thrusts deep within her. Most importantly, any position in which the penis is known to rub up against the urethra (which obviously includes missionary), has the potential to trigger urinary tract infections. This is because the friction that takes place during sex pushes up more and more bacteria into the urethra, thereby causing infection.

1. Girl on Top or Cow Girl


When it comes to dangerous sex positions, the cow girl or girl on top position has been proven through research to be the MOST dangerous. Believe it or not, but this seemingly innocent sex position was found to be the leading cause of penile fractures in a Brazilian study.

According to results of the study, nearly 50% of all penile fractures in a 13-year time period were caused during sex when the girl was on top. The reason for this is rather simple. When a woman is on top, she has complete control over her movements and her entire body weight lands on the man’s erection. If she goes a little too extreme in terms of the angle she rides her man on, his penis can definitely go ‘crack’ in an instant without her even realizing it.


Climbing A Dam In A 64 Year Old Land Rover

Climbing A Dam In A 64 Year Old Land Rover



Richard Hammond has to climb Claerwen dam in a sixty four year old Land Rover. Can he do it? From Top Gear, Series 22 Episode 4.

The First Piece Of Your Super Villain Home Kit Just Arrived

The First Piece Of Your Super Villain Home Kit Just Arrived


This is 27.6 kv arcing from phase to phase after an ice storm, which in layman's terms means that there is some kind of short in these lines caused by the storm and that someone is probably without power in this neighborhood. OR you are a super villain and it's time to take over the world... MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

The First Piece Of Your Super Villain Home Kit Just Arrived


Posted on Shock MansionPosted on Shock Mansion

Hold onto your testicles, this clip from the 2016 World Desert Championship series in Baja captures the insane sideline experience of this kind of DESERT OFF ROAD RACING. Each time a racer passes, your life flashes before your eyes!

Este es el bueno

Posted by Colorado Parking on Sunday, February 28, 2016


How Dangerous Is The USA?


The USA is the world's only superpower. Armed with weapons of mass destruction and a history of committing some of the worst crimes to humanity, how far will the USA go to maintain economic, political and military dominance?

How Dangerous Is The USA?

10 Dangerous Creatures From "Down Under"


Also known as the Land Down Under, or OZ, the island nation of Australia captivates the imagination of travellers thanks to its history, people and natural beauty. Sure a significant part of Australia’s birth was thanks to the prison colonies that were established for convicts of the British Empire – but today it’s much more than that. Ayers Rock, the Great Barrier Reef and the sprawling Outback have all become symbols of the country’s diverse habitats and are all popular destinations for tourists who flock there every year. Not into the natural beauty? Australia also has some iconic man-made landmarks, including the world famous Sydney Opera House, which are known by people all over the world.
Thanks to films like Crocodile Dundee and the nature specials of Steve Irwin, people not from Australia also know that down under there are some pretty bizarre and dangerous animals. In fact, when you consider animals like the kangaroo or duckbilled platypus, it seems like Mother Nature packed all her strangest creations onto Australia. Yes, there are dangerous animals everywhere in the world but pound for pound, Australia seems to have the biggest share of sharks, spiders, snakes and other deadly creatures that walk the earth. Why would anyone choose to live in a place inhabited by so many lethal animals? To be honest, most aren’t common and people have adapted to living with some of the more common creatures that they happen to cross paths with.

10 Dangerous Creatures From "Down Under"

10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Anonymous


Have you ever thought about joining Anonymous? If you do, be careful who you trust. To become a member of Anonymous is easy. All you have to do is proclaim yourself one of them. The hard part is not getting caught.

Featured image via YouTube

10  Anonymous Is Not An Organization

Anonymous Logo

Photo via Wikipedia

Anonymous began on the website 4chan, specifically the /b/ discussion board, where anime fans gathered to post images and make snarky comments. To encourage irreverence, each user was given the screen name “anonymous.” A subculture of like-minded individuals with a strong sense of justice and a desire to wreak havoc eventually evolved from /b/. These are the people whom we refer to as Anonymous today.

Anonymous has no leader, which is why their symbol is a man without a head. There’s no legitimate code of conduct or infrastructure. People of different backgrounds and philosophies come and go as they please, in some cases only participating in a single cause and vanishing. Barret Brown, a journalist and former member, describes Anonymous as a series of relationships. Those who can consistently rally others to their cause are the ones with the most power, as are those who have proven themselves through hacking.

9  Anyone Can Join

If you wish to join Anonymous, there will be no gatekeepers to stop you. But if you’re really thinking of doing this, AnonInsiders recommends that you first consider joining activism groups that operate within the confines of the law instead. If you still want to continue your journey with Anonymous, the website lays out how to encrypt your computer for maximum privacy and how to contact them using an alias over encrypted Internet relay chats (IRCs). You will have to build relationships and earn trust over several years before becoming a serious hacker.

If you think the anons will be welcoming, well . . . you could be right and you could be wrong. Although Anonymous does have good and altruistic members, don’t forget that they accept anybody. Some people are willing to use others as patsies, while others are informants for the police. Naive members are sitting in jail because they trusted the wrong anons.

8  Few Of Them Have Actual Hacking Skills

Because there is such a low barrier of entry, only a handful of anons are elite hackers—those with the skills necessary to exploit security flaws in systems. So why do they have so many members? It’s because they need every computer they can get to perform a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This sort of attack works by sending an overload of information to a network, causing it to crash. In other words, it takes a website offline for a few hours. This is the same thing that happens when an otherwise small website receives a sudden surge in popularity. It can’t handle the increased traffic flow and crashes, making it unusable for administrators and visitors until the traffic returns to normal.

Essentially, it is a form of protest. It’s the modern-day equivalent of activists locking arms in front of a building so the employees can’t go to work that day. The truth is that Anonymous is as effective in taking down evil corporations as the Susan G. Komen foundation is in curing breast cancer, meaning that they mainly just raise awareness for themselves and the cause. If you’re willing to risk breaking the law over a protest, then godspeed.

7  How Participation In Anonymous Works

Once you’ve built your online alias and made some friends in the secure IRC, the next step is to find a cause that you support. If, for instance, you wanted to take part in their operation against Scientology, you would find the IRC channel dedicated to that operation and pledge your support in the chat room.

The software that Anonymous uses to launch their DDoS attacks is called a “low-orbit ion cannon” (LOIC). This software allows your computer to deliver large-scale hits to any website. Anons vote on which targets to attack, and if you disagree with a target, you can withdraw your computer from the botnet, making the ion cannon weaker. Once the operation organizers give the signal, you enter a target URL, enter the number of hits you want to send (enough to overload the network), click a button, and fire away.

6  Using The Ion Cannon Is Dangerous—For You

It’s not illegal to claim affiliation with Anonymous, nor is it illegal to chat online, but if you use the LOIC, you could face serious jail time.

In 2008, Anonymous embarked on a series of pranks and protests against the Church of Scientology. This was the moment that Anonymous turned from a group of Internet trolls into political activists. They flooded Scientology headquarters with prank calls, sent them all-black faxes to deplete their ink, and even marched in physical protest, wearing Guy Fawkes masks to conceal their identities. Their main weapon was the LOIC, which they used to take down the Scientology website.

But what many novice anons didn’t realize was that ion cannon attacks were traceable. Many of them either didn’t know what they were doing was illegal or had been led to believe that they couldn’t be prosecuted because there were too many of them. Brian Thomas Mettenbrink, who was 18 when he used the LOIC, served a year in prison and had to pay $20,000 in compensation to the Church of Scientology.

5  The Pirates Of The Information Age

Guy Fawkes Masks
By 2009, Scientologists had stopped interacting with protesters and improved online security, rendering Anonymous powerless. A kind of civil war erupted within the group between those who wanted to remain politically active and those who just wanted to play pranks. Anonymous fell out of the public eye, and interest waned, resulting in a dip in membership. Anonymous moved off the IRC channels and back onto 4chan’s /b/ board.

But in September 2010, a sort of “anti-Anonymous” surfaced. Aiplex Software used Anonymous’s tactics to take down websites, but these were no activists. This Indian company worked on behalf of the record industry and the movie industry. They launched attacks to sink websites that provided copyrighted content, like The Pirate Bay.

Aiplex was a common enemy upon which the activists and pranksters of Anonymous could agree. United, they hopped back onto the IRC channels andaimed their ion cannons at Aiplex, the RIAA, the MPAA, and other websites associated with copyright protection. However, IRC network operators became aware that Anonymous was using their system to plan illegal activities and began shutting those channels down. Anons organized a group of servers to host their own independent IRC network, which they called AnonOps. In the end, copyright protection–related websites suffered 537.55 hours of downtime. Anons hacked the Copyright Alliance website and posted “Payback is a bitch” on their front page.

4  Zombie Botnets

In November 2010, WikiLeaks began to release 500,000 secret US diplomatic cables. Under threat of legal action, the US government coerced financial institutions, including PayPal, into cutting off service to WikiLeaks. Anonymousannounced their support of WikiLeaks in a press release and waged war against PayPal and the other financial institutions.

Anonymous went after PayPal’s main site on December 8, but PayPal’s reinforced network withstood the ion cannon attack. There just weren’t enough Anonymous members to offer support. Two hackers who went by the code names “Civil” and “Snitch” brought a legion of computers under their control using a virus. These “zombie computers” formed an involuntary botnet that brought enough ion cannons to the table to take down PayPal’s main transaction site. PayPal estimated that the damage cost them $5.5 million. They gave the IP addresses of 1,000 attackers to the FBI, leading to the arrests of 14 individuals, each of whompleaded guilty to misdemeanors.

3  The Hacker Wars

Thanks to zombie botnets, a legion of anons was no longer necessary to carry out a DDoS attack. A handful of Anonymous’s most skilled hackers splintered off to form an exclusive team. They called themselves LulzSec. Their leader went by the alias “Sabu.” He was considered the most skilled hacker in the Anonymous collective.

LulzSec had grown tired of activism and wanted to go back to the roots of Anonymous and 4chan, which was causing chaos for no reason other than to annoy people and laugh about it. They began by hacking Fox and leaking the personal information of over 73,000 The X Factor contestants. Then, they hacked PBS, posting a fake news story stating that Tupak and Biggie were still alive and living together in New Zealand. Later, they hacked a porn website and published the email addresses and passwords of 26,000 members. But like junkies seeking a stronger fix, these low-risk crimes no longer thrilled Sabu and his crew, so they began to tamper with the websites of the US Senate, the FBI, and the CIA.

LulzSec’s crimes against innocent Internet users outraged other online activists. Hacker groups with colorful names like TeaMp0isoN and Team Web Ninjas sought to identify the members of LulzSec and hand that information over to authorities. So too did a hacker vigilante known as “the Jester,” who claimed to be acting out of patriotism for the United States. Their investigations into Sabupointed to Hector Xavier Monsegur, a 28-year-old high school dropout living in New York City.

2  The Traitor

Hector Monsegur was the unemployed foster father of two girls, his cousins. Their mother was in jail, and he was their sole provider. When the FBI secretly arrested him on June 7, 2011, Hector did everything he could to stay out of prison. He quickly agreed to become an FBI informant in addition to helping them build a case against his friends in LulzSec.

Under the FBI’s direction, Hector turned LulzSec into an aggressively criminal organization known as AntiSec, which participated in a massive crime spree with Anonymous. They publicized the social security numbers of border patrol officers, hacked into military defense contractor websites, and stole the credit card numbers of thousands of police officers.

In December 2011, AntiSec member Jeremy Hammond broke into the server for Stratfor, a Texas-based global intelligence company. He stole vast archives of confidential emails as well as 30,000 credit card numbers from their databases. Hector provided a server to store the data, but unbeknownst to Jeremy, it was an FBI server.

1  Conspiracy Theory

The FBI had far bigger fish to fry than the pranksters at LulzSec. Supposedly, Hector Monsegur had been setting up a deal to sell the Stratfor data to an FBI informant within Wikileaks as part of an FBI effort to frame Julian Assange. However, Jeremy Hammond may have realized that something was wrong. The hack was too easy, the credit card info was hardly protected, and Hector was now working on a deal instead of giving the info out for free. Jeremy released the Stratfor data to the public before Hector could finish the deal.

With Assange out of reach, the FBI took their frustrations out on Hammond. Several prominent LulzSec members were arrested and sentenced to prison. Jeremy was given the maximum sentence of 10 years and is currently serving time in prison. In court, Hector Monsegur was described as a model informant who helped the FBI in any way he could. He got off with a sentence of time served. Today, he walks free.

+  Anonymous Is Broken

When news broke that the leader of LulzSec was an FBI informant, it shook Anonymous to the core. No one trusted anyone in the IRC. Anonymous became messy and disorganized. As the original elite hackers all retired or went to jail, new blood came in. This new generation gravitated to the causes of PC bullies and safe-space perimeter guards, and they put little forethought into their actions. Thus, Anonymous operations in recent years have been total disasters.

During the Ferguson protest, Anonymous believed they had uncovered the identity of the officer who shot Michael Brown. After Anonymous revealed the officer’s identity, exposing him and his family to death threats, Ferguson police revealed that Anonymous was wrong. Anonymous then identified a second officer as the shooter, but that turned out to be wrong, too.

In October 2015, Anonymous began an operation to reveal members of the Ku Klux Klan, but many of the people they “outed” were vocal racists who made no effort to hide their affiliations. Other people turned out not to be in the KKK at all, like cartoonist Ben Garrison. A racist once altered one of Garrison’s drawings to include an anti-Semitic message, and the current generation of Anonymous thought that was enough to link Garrison to the KKK.

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, Anonymous has declared war on ISIS. They claim to have shut down over 20,000 Twitter accounts belonging to ISIS recruiters, but more credible organizations have discovered many of those accounts didn’t actually belong to terrorists. Anonymous apologized andpromised to do better.

10 Facts Everyone Should Know About Anonymous


How Dangerous Is The UK?


In its heyday, the British Empire ruled a quarter of the world and dominated global politics and warfare. But just how dangerous is the UK today?

How Dangerous Is The UK?

19 'No No No No YES' GIFs That Will Make You Anxious As Hell

We’ve shown you GIFs of close calls before, but these are a little different. These GIFs, courtesy of /r/NoNoNoNoYes, are all about watching a situation go from bad, to worse, to... SAFETY! Hooray! Check ‘em out and see what happens when things go disastrously right.

Daily Find: 65tty

no yes under railing

no yes slippery road

no yes parkour

no yes lion

no yes dragonfly

no yes iphone pool

no yes stoplight

no yes rain stop

no yes truck

Which one made your heart stop? Let everyone know in the comments below!

19 'No No No No YES' GIFs That Will Make You Anxious As Hell


16 Slightly Terrifying Signs From Around The World




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16 Slightly Terrifying Signs From Around The World





The video is disturbing in many more ways than one. For one the person filming has decided to take their Autopilot stunt on to a public highway while traveling at a relatively fast 83 km/h (51 mph) and trailing behind a truck. But the worst thing of all is the fact that the person decided to completely remove themselves from the driver’s seat and risk putting everyone in harms way of the two plus ton Model S. Who thinks Autopilot shouldn’t work unless someone is sitting in the drivers seat triggering a weight sensor?


5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Of All Time

10 Most Deadly Computer Virus in the World

Computer viruses, as appalling as they may seem, are a big nightmare that can disrupt your PC’s performance significantly. Apparently, they are designed to corrupt your innocent machine making it helpless and sick.

Getting marred by a computer virus has happened to most users in one way or the other. Often, it gives a mild inconvenience to users to clean up the machine and install an antivirus program; nonetheless, it can be a complete disaster in other cases, thereby turning your PC into a mess that no antivirus program can protect.

Here are five most dangerous computer viruses of all time:


Perhaps the most virulent computer virus ever created, the ILOVEYOU virus managed to wreck PCs all across the world. Infecting almost 10% of the world’s PCs connected to the Internet, the virus caused a total damage of around $10 billion. The virus apparently got transmitted via email with a subject line “ILOVEYOU,” which is a radical human emotion that no one can ignore. To make it even more alluring, the email contained an attachment that read something like this: Love-Letter-For-You.TXT.vbs. The moment someone opened the file, the virus emailed itself to the first 50 contacts available in the PC’s Windows address book.

2. Melissa

Melissa became the breaking news on March 26, 1999, after hitting the new age of emailing. Built by David L, Melissa was spread in the form of an email attachment by the name “list.doc.” When a person clicked upon the attachment, the virus would find the Microsoft Outlook address book and email itself to the first 50 contacts on the list having a message “Here is that document you asked for…donot show anyone else.” Later on, FBI arrested David L and slapped him with a fine of $5000 for creating the wildest virus of its time.

3. My Doom

My Doom hit the malware world in 2004 and spread exponentially through email with random addresses of senders and subject lines. Infecting somewhere around two million PCs, My Doom smashed the cyber world by instigating a tremendous denial of service attack. It transmitted itself via email in a specially deceitful way that a receiver would first consider a bounced error message that read “Mail Transaction Failed.” However, as soon as the receiver clicked upon the message, the attachment executed and the worm transmitted to email addresses found in the user’s address book. It is easy to believe that this mass mailer worm caused a damage of almost $38 billion.

4. Code Red

Taking advantage of the Microsoft Internet Information Server’s flaw, Code Red spread on the network servers in 2001. Here is an amusing fact about this dangerous virus—it didn’t need you to open an email attachment or execute a file; it just required an active Internet connection with which it ruined the Web page that you opened by displaying a text “Hacked by Chinese!” It’s no surprise that this virus devastated nearly $2.6 billion dollars by hitting almost one million PCs. And in less than a week’s time, the virus brought down over 400,000 servers that included the White House Web server as well.

5. Sasser

Sasser was a Windows worm that was discovered in 2004. Apparently, it would slow down and crash the PC, making it even hard to reset without cutting the power. And its effects were surprisingly troublesome as well, with millions of PCs being infected and crucial, significant infrastructure affected. The worm played on a buffer overflow susceptibility in Local Security Authority Subsystem Service (LSASS) that monitors the safety policy of local accounts causing crashes to the PC. The devastating effects of the virus were massive resulting in over a million infections. This included critical infrastructures, such as new agencies, hospitals, airlines, and public transportation.



5 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses Of All Time



I cannot tell you how many times I’ve almost died. I’d say it’s in the thousands. I’m starting to wonder if I’m immortal, but none of my friends are brave enough to stab me in order to find out. Maybe one of them will grow some balls and poison me this week. Check out this 2 minute compilation video of close calls.


Kids Smoke Spice And Watch Their Friend Almost Die Right In Front Of Them




Straight up morons. Just keep recording you dumb f*ck. Have they never heard of the recovery position?

Kids Smoke Spice And Watch Their Friend Almost Die Right In Front Of them

15 Dangerously Stupid Workouts That Might Make You Cringe


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15 Dangerously Stupid Workouts That Might Make You Cringe

Girl Turns An AK47 On Her Boyfriend - Without The Safety On


Even if you've never used a gun before, everyone knows not to point them at people.

Girl Turns An AK47 On Her Boyfriend - Without The Safety On


Posted on Shock MansionPosted on Shock Mansion

When a shooting target explodes, only fate can protect you from the ricochet spiralling towards spectators. These guys were lucky to escape without a piece of tin stuck in their heads!


16 Dangerous-Looking GIFs That Could Have Gone Way Worse

Do not try this anywhere ever.


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16 Dangerous-Looking GIFs That Could Have Gone Way Worse

Another Escalator In China Tried To Eat Another Lady, So It’s Clear The Machines Are Finally Revolting


It’s said that once you develop a taste for human flesh, nothing else will satiate you. It’s why cannibalism is so taboo. Not because it’s necessarily an inherently bad thing, lots of animals eat their dead, but because people are just so damn delicious that once you have one, you will be consumed by thoughts of consuming others.

It’s like heroin, really, and even if a small amount of people tried it, say around 2,000, that would be enough to wipe out the human race in three months.

Escalators in China now apparently have the craving for our succulent skin and chewy flesh. Earlier this summer, an escalator ate a woman whole. Now, two more have gone after people. As the below video shows, a woman this weekend almost sucummbed to one, and earlier in August, a man lost his leg after being trapped by an angry esclator.

Stay the fuck away from all machines to be safe. Or just don’t go to China. American escalators have yet to consume a person, and thus should still be considered safe.

Another Escalator In China Tried To Eat Another Lady, So It’s Clear The Machines Are Finally Revolting

Don't Ride Off A Hill If You Don't Know How To Land


The Go Pro action cam really captures the excitement of a daring stunt.  To bad this one ends in a huge bail fail.

Don't Ride Off A Hill If You Don't Know How To Land

4 Of The Most Dangerous World Records That Actually Exist

There is pretty much a world record for just about anything you can come up with, from biggest pizza ever baked to the world's biggest mouth. Because of this, people are more and more willing to break a record that seems unbeatable, which leads to some pretty f*cking dangerous records being attempted. Take a look at what we think are the four most dangerous world records ever set:

Heaviest Car Balanced on Head


Balancing something like a small book on your head and walking around can help improve your posture, according to movies and TV shows. We have to then assume that Englishmen John Evans has better posture than literally every single beauty pageant contestant in the United States combined, because the man balanced an entire f***ing car on his head. A CAR! He managed to hold a 352 pound Mini on his head for 33 seconds, and is willing to offer anyone 1,000 pounds to top his record. Evans is 6 foot, 6 inches tall, weighs 343 pounds, and has a 24 inch neck, so it's probably his crazy neck strength that stops the car from completely snapping his head off. Still, he only uses a folded towel to pad his head, and if the car tipped over in ANY direction, it could completely crush him. SO NEXT TIME YOU COMPLAIN ABOUT YOUR ELOCUTION LESSONS, THINK ABOUT THAT, TIMOTHY! UNTIL YOU CAN BALANCE A CAR ON YOUR HEAD THERE WILL BE NO TEA FOR YOU!

Most Lighted Fireworks Strapped to the Body


We all know that strapping fireworks to one's body usually ends in death or a trip to the hospital, but that didn't stop Todd DeFazio from strapping 15 bottle rockets and roman candles to his body and lighting them all at once on the 6th of July in 2010. He didn't suffer any burns or lost appendages, but he did lose the respect of Americans everywhere for not doing this little stunt 2 DAYS BEFORE ON AMERICA'S BIRTHDAY YOU WORTHLESS REDCOAT!

Most Live Rattlesnakes Held in Mouth

Jackie Bibby is the kind of name you hear and think, "Hmm, I bet he's the type of guy who would hold the world record for having the most amount of live rattlesnakes in his mouth." And you'd be right — Jackie Bibby DOES hold that record, having held 11 live rattlesnakes in his mouth at once in 2009, as you can see in the video above. He managed to hold them in their for 10 seconds and ran away without being bitten, and I'm sure the rattlesnakes are equally as happy that Bibby didn't use his teeth, either. (IT'S ALWAYS AN ACCIDENT WHEN TEETH HAPPENS, OKAY?!)

Largest Airplane Ever Eaten


"I could eat that," said the guy who ate a Cessna 150 in the 1990s. That's right, a man named Michael Lotito had the ability to chew and digest pretty much anything, so he decided to eat an entire small plane over the course of two years. An ENTIRE F***ING PLANE! Born with a stomach lining twice as thick as the average person's, Lotito started eating light bulbs, razor-blades, and glass bottles in his earlier years, but apparently saw a plane one day and decided, "Huh, I think I'd like to chew and swallow that thing." He broke the plane up with a sledgehammer, acetylene torch, and bolt cutter, and bit most of the glass parts directly off the Cessna 150. And yes, Lotito "passed" the plane the way we all "pass" our food, meaning he not only ate an entire plane, he pooped an entire plane. Lotito died of natural causes at the age of 57, with nubs for teeth and god knows what for an a**hole.

4 Of The Most Dangerous World Records That Actually Exist


25 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

For thousands of years roads have provided a means for safer and more efficient movement of goods and people, but as you will see in a moment this is not always the case. While some of the roads on our list are heavily traveled thoroughfares others are remote, winding, and narrow. Whatever the case may be though, the 25 most dangerous roads in the world will likely convince you that walking isn't really that bad after all.


Trans-Siberian Highway, Russia


Along with the Trans Canada Highway and Australia’s Highway 1, the Trans-Siberian Highway is one of the longest in the world. In order to get from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg it crosses forests, mountains, deserts, and everything in between. Much of it is unpaved and certainly not ideal for a casual Sunday drive.


Highway 1, Mexico


While some parts of Highway 1 in Mexico are paved with asphalt, most of it is little more than dirt and rock, winding along dangerous precipices with no railings or guard rails.


Stelvio Pass Road, Italy


It may not be the scariest road on our list to drive, but it certainly is the most winding and this 2.7km road in the Italian Alps has been known to give drivers trouble.


Cotopaxi Volcano Road, Ecuador


Although there are many dangerous sections branching off the Pan American highway, the 40-km long dirt track that links it with the Cotopaxi Volcano National Park in Ecuador tops the list. With enormous potholes, slippery slopes, and all around precarious driving conditions make this a road a bit of a challenge.


Pan-American Highway, Alaska to Argentina


As we just saw, many dangerous roads branch off the from the Pan-American Highway but the highway itself can be fairly dangerous as well. It has been named the “longest motorable” road in the world as you can travel by car from the stretches of Alaska down to the tip of South America, which is about a 30,000 miles in total. As you can imagine, crossing two continents and traversing through jungles, mountains, glaciers, and deserts can inevitably lead to some challenges.


A44, England


Although this road from Oxford to Aberystwyth in the UK is not dangerous in the same way that the previous roads have been, for some reason A44 has been responsible for so many head-on collisions that the government had to step in with countermeasures.


The A682 Road, England


Like route A44, highway A682 seems like a rather quiet and uneventful road. In the past couple years, however, it has been responsible for hundreds of fatalities.


Arica to Iquique Road, Chile


Driving along the road can seem rather harmless as runs through flat and wide open spaces but apparently drivers are often lulled into a false sense of security leading them to speed which many times ends in disaster.


Sichuan-Tibet Highway, China


A road with a record of over 7,500 deaths for every 100,000 drivers has reason to be feared. Due to rock slides, avalanches, and poor weather drivers should certainly use caution.


Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road, Greece


The Patiopoulo-Perdikaki Road in Greece is narrow, filled with potholes, lacking guardrails, and is very slippery especially when it rains. Unless you’re up for a challenge it might just be better to walk or something.


A726, Scotland


Similar to its English counterparts earlier in the list, A726 Highway is another sleepy road that has managed to really rack up a serious reputation for head on collisions.


U.S. Route 431, USA, Alabama


Known as the “Highway to Hell” this stretch of road in Alabama is dotted with crosses that stand in memory of all the lives the highway has claimed.


The Barton Highway, Australia


Commonly recognized as the worst highway in Australia, Barton doesn’t have a very good reputation, especially when it comes to getting people safely to their destinations.


Luxor-al-Hurghada Road, Egypt


While some roads are dangerous for natural reasons, drivers stuck on the Luxor-al-Hurghada Road have a different reason to be wary. In fact, after dark some people will turn off their headlights due to the frequent attacks from bandits.


The Way to Fairy Meadows, Pakistan


Although it may sound harmless, The Way to Fairy Meadows has nothing to do with Pixie Dust or Fairies. It is actually an extremely narrow and dangerous 10 km stretch of road that leads to Nanga Parbat or The Killer Mountain in Pakistan. Fairy Meadows is a nearby valley with serene views of the huge mountain.


Skippers Canyon Road, New Zealand


This narrow and winding road actually requires a special permit to drive. If you do manage to get permission though, be ready for a slippery challenge and good luck if you run into someone coming from the other direction.


Halsema Highway, Philippines


The only way to get to Sagada, a popular tourist spot in the Philippines, is via the landslide-prone Halsema Highway. It is one of the most poorly maintained roads in the world and every year a bus or two will go rolling over its edge.


Pasubio, Italy


The Pasubio in northern Italy is famous for its incredible views. Driving can be a challenge, however, and isn’t even allowed after a certain point. Unfortunately restricting vehicle access hasn’t stopped people from riding their bikes over the edge.


Taroko Gorge Road, Taiwan


Known as one of the most dangerous roads in Taiwan, the Taroko Gorge Road is full of blind curves, sharp turns, and narrow paths leading through cliffs and mountains.


Guoliang Tunnel Road, China


Although it may be hard to see in the photo, this road in China was hollowed out of the side of a mountain by several villagers from the town of Guoliang. Before the construction of this mountain pass the village was cut of from the rest of civilization by the surrounding cliffs. Although it doesn’t see much traffic, due to its construction it is inherently fairly dangerous.


The Himalayan Roads


This catch all term for any road leading up into the Himalayas refers to a very dangerous network of unpaved, narrow, and slippery roads that are dotted with crashed cars and rolled over buses.


BR-116, Brazil


The second longest road in Brazil has been nicknamed “The Highway of Death” for obvious reasons. Every year thousands of people die due to its poor upkeep and maintenance and even threats from gangs and bandits.


James Dalton Highway, Alaska


The James Dalton Highway in Alaska, although appearing serene at first glance, is filled with potholes, small flying rocks carried by fast winds, and worst of all it runs through the middle of nowhere.


Commonwealth Avenue, Philippines


More popularly known as the “Killer Highway” of the Philippines, Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City has seen numerous pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular deaths over the years due to awful regulations and enforcement of traffic laws.


North Yungas Road, Bolivia


Also known as the “Road of Death” in Bolivia, it is often cited as the most dangerous road in the world. It is a regular occurrence for buses and trucks to go tumbling to the valley below, especially when they try passing each other. Yea, walking doesn’t sound too bad after all.



25 Most Dangerous Roads In The World



Majestic as f**k. That dad has fought on ice many times before, so comfortable, so graceful. Ah stupid drunk people, let me just fight this guy wearing knives on his feet. He could have easily started stomping on their hands and kicking at their heads when they fell. Never bring shoes to an ice fight.


25 Most Dangerous Cities In America You Might Want To Avoid

This list may surprise you! If you expected to see major cities like New York or Los Angeles on the list, you won’t find them here as they don’t even break into the top 90. Even Gainesville, Florida, and South Bend, Indiana, are more dangerous than NYC. Using aggregated rates of violent crime, murders, robberies, forcible rapes, and aggravated assaults from the FBI’s 2013 UCR (Uniform Crime Report), we have compiled a list of some cities where you really need to watch your back. Is your city on the list? Find out in this ranking of the 25 most dangerous cities in America.


Lansing, Michigan

lansing michigan

Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikipedia

Coming in at #25 on our list of the most dangerous cities in America is Lansing, Michigan. State capitols are often larger cities (and thus rougher places) and Lansing is no exception. Though the city experienced the lowest murder rate on our list at 7.02 per 100,000 people (from here on referred to as 100k), it had the second highest rate of forcible rape at 111.5 per 100k.


Paterson, New Jersey


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikipedia

Few outside of the NYC metropolitan area may have heard of Paterson, New Jersey, but this city is the second densest of any big U.S. city (after NYC). Paterson experienced 1,072 violent crimes per 100k and broke into the top 10 for robberies with almost 600 per 100k.


Springfield, Massachusetts


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikipedia

Springfield, Massachusetts, doesn’t stand out on our list as particularly high on any of the specific measures but is pretty dangerous across the board. Basketball was invented in Springfield, also the home of Milton Bradley (the board game creator) and birthplace of NFL Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti. Its importance as a city hasn’t mitigated aggravated assaults at 628 per 100k in 2013.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikipedia

Most people know Philadelphia is one of America’s most dangerous cities which is why you might be surprised to find it so low in the list. The City of Brotherly Love and cheesesteaks has seen improved statistics in recent years – its 247 murders in 2013 showed a 25% drop from 2012 and a 44% drop from 2007.


Springfield, Missouri


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikipedia

Less popular than The Simpsons’s Springfield, this Missouri city has a rough past. Beyond its reputation as the “Birthplace of Route 66”, Springfield was the scene of one of the best known Wild West duels between Wild Bill Hickok and Davis Tutt in 1865 and the lynching of three innocent black men (Horace Duncan, Fred Coker, and Will Allen) in 1906 (leading most African-Americans to leave the city). Its rough history has stuck around: Springfield had the highest amount of forcible rapes on our list in 2013 at 172.33 per 100k.


Hartford, Connecticut


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikipedia

The primary residence of writer Mark Twain, Hartford, Connecticut, is nicknamed the “Insurance Capital of the World” due to the high amount of insurance company headquarters in the area. However, insurance hasn’t protected Hartford from danger. The richest American city in the late 1800’s, Hartford is now one of the poorest: over 30% of families live below the poverty line and the city experienced 18.41 murders per 100k.


Miami, Florida

miami skyline

Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: IamNigelMorris via Flickr

Fictional cocaine cowboys like Tony Montana made Miami famous but the real cowboys and other less-than-honest residents have kept it dangerous. The “Capital of Latin America”, Miami’s downtown hosts the largest concentration of international banks in the United States. Despite being a financial and leisure powerhouse, Miami is easily one of the most dangerous cities in America with 2,216 robberies in 2013 alone.


Stockton, California


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikimedia

Ranking 6th in aggravated assaults per 100k on our list, Stockton, California, has actually been improving in the past few years. In 2013 alone, Stockton’s murder rate declined 45% from 71 in 2012 to 37. Stockton’s police chief credits the improvement to implementation of Project Ceasefire: a policing initiative focused on youth gun violence being implemented across the United States.


Washington, D.C.


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & D.C. Crime Policy Institute, Image: Wikimedia

With 479 murders in 1991, Washington, D.C. was referred to as the murder capital of America. Despite its rough past, the city has greatly improved, recording only 103 murders in 2013. Robberies have been increasing due to rising incomes in the area but crime is still quite concentrated: 5% of the city recorded 25% of its crime.


Atlanta, Georgia


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikimedia

The ATL still has a reputation for violent crime, but this Georgian city has really cleaned up its act in recent years. Home to the world’s busiest airport since 1998, Atlanta has crime rates above the national median including 524 robberies per 100k and 657 aggravated assaults per 100k. Despite these levels, the first decade of the 21st century saw Atlanta’s pubic safety increase at more than double the U.S. rate and forcible rapes decrease considerably.


Indianapolis, Indiana


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikimedia

Home to the largest single-day sporting event in the world (the Indy 500), Indianapolis is a city in trouble: its murder rate (many times the national average) has been increasing over the past five years, even jumping from 129 in 2013 to 148 in 2014.


New Haven, Connecticut

new haven skyline

Source: FBI 2013 UCR & Yale Daily News, Image: Wikimedia

Hosting the prestigious Yale University hasn’t helped New Haven’s crime statistics (which goes to show how complicated an issue crime is). Ranking in the top 10 for violent crime in the 1990’s, New Haven implemented community policing (aka neighbourhood watches) in the following decade which greatly reduced its rates of violent crime.


Buffalo, New York


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & City Data, Image: Wikimedia

One of the most successful American cities in 1900 due to its position as a railroad hub, Buffalo declined as the St. Lawrence Seaway was opened to shipping from the Great Lakes. With 3,249 violent crimes in 2013, Buffalo also had a sex offender ratio of 1:448 in 2013.


Kansas City, Missouri


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikimedia

Famous for jazz, blues, and finger-lickin-good barbecue, Kansas City’s dangerous reputation dates back to violence during the Civil War. Fast-forward to the 20th century and mobsters control the city and crime runs rampant. But the city is getting better! Police investigations ended the mob’s control of the Stardust Casino in Las Vegas (famously portrayed in the movie Casino), the downtown area has been cleaned up, and Kansas City now sees the 4th lowest rate of robberies on our list.


Newark, New Jersey


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikipedia

Boasting one of NYC’s big three airports, Newark, New Jersey, is also the largest shipping terminal on the East Coast and one of the most dangerous cities in America. (Time magazine ranked it as the Most Dangerous in 1996.) Though it had the lowest number of aggravated assaults on our list at 332.8 per 100k, it experienced the second highest murder rate at 40.25 per 100k. Crime has been increasing in the area with carjackings taking center stage and murders also on the rise.


Birmingham, Alabama


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & A&E, Image: Wikimedia

Hosting collegiate sporting’s SEC (Southeastern Conference), Birmingham boasts many universities but, just like New Haven, has a major crime problem. Murder and aggravated assault are some of the city’s most pressing problems. Television network A&E has often used Birmingham’s homicide detectives during filming.


Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Source: FBI 2013 UCR &, Image: Wikimedia

An influx of German immigrants made Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of America’s leaders in beer production – the city even sported a pub per 40 residents in 1843. Milwaukee has appeared on the top ten list for many years, especially because of its trouble with aggravated assault: its 4,405 aggravated assaults in 2013 made up almost half of its violent crime.


Rockford, Illinois


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikimedia

The third largest city in Illinois, Rockford has a low robbery and murder rate but a massive aggravated assault rate: third highest on our list with 1,003.27 incidents per 100k. Put differently, 1 in 100 people will be the victim of aggravated assault every year.


Baltimore, Maryland


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & Washington Post, Image: Wikimedia

Ask an American about the most dangerous cities in the U.S. and Baltimore will generally land near the top of the list. Though Baltimore’s crime rates have been decreasing (some have increased again), they’re still exorbitantly high, including a murder rate of 37.42 per 100k. Baltimore is trying to reign in its crime levels, even implementing youth curfew laws in 2014 – unaccompanied children under 14 must be in by 9 P.M. and those 14-16 must be in by 10 P.M. (or 11 P.M. on weekends and during the summer).


Little Rock, Arkansas

little rock

Source: FBI 2013 UCR & Little Rock Police Department, Image: Wikimedia

Few might guess Little Rock, Arkansas, has the fifth highest rate of aggravated assault on our list, but it’s true – as is its #6 place on our list with 1,407 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. Though property crime has fallen since 2000, violent crime has increased.


Cleveland, Ohio


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & National Criminal Justice Reference Service & Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Image: Wikimedia

Though third lowest on our list for aggravated assaults, Cleveland is still a seriously dangerous city, largely due to crack cocaine and gang violence which led crime to skyrocket in the 1980’s. To combat the rise, Cleveland successfully implemented policies such as removing gang-related graffiti and telling news stations not to report gang names. Showing the relation between unemployment and crime, a 2004 study found the highest rates of crime (especially economic crimes) associated with areas having the lowest access to jobs.


St. Louis, Missouri


Source: FBI 2013 UCR, Image: Wikimedia

Be careful if you’re walking around St. Louis, Missouri! The city holds the title of fourth most dangerous city in America and has the third highest murder rate per capita and fourth highest rate of aggravated assault on our list. Crime rates have been mostly decreasing since the mid-90’s but still remain above the national average.


Memphis, Tennessee


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & Shelby County Sheriff's Department, Image: Wikimedia

Founded in part by former President Andrew Jackson, Memphis, Tennessee, is the third largest city in the Southeastern United States. Crime in Memphis is largely related to gang activity with an estimated 182 gangs and 8,400 gang members known in the county, a much higher concentration than most urban areas across the country. Aggravated assault made up two-thirds of violent crime in the city at 7,200 reported incidents.


Oakland, California


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & Legal Innovation and the Control of Gang Violence, Image: Wikipedia

More recently lauded as one of “America’s Coolest Cities” (Forbes) or “America’s Most Hipster Cities” (Thrillist), Oakland, California, still bears the title of one of the most dangerous cities in United States, coming in at #2 on our list. Oakland has the highest robbery rate on our list at 1,218.66 per 100k; said otherwise, 12 out of 1,000 people can expect to be robbed every year. One of the major causes attributed to Oakland’s massive crime increase in the 1960’s (and continued danger levels) is a FBI and police strategy which used military tactics and heavily relied on imprisonment.


Detroit, Michigan


Source: FBI 2013 UCR & Time Magazine, Image: Wikimedia

By far the most dangerous city in America is Detroit, Michigan. The old auto-manufacturing town holds the records on our list for both the highest number of murders (45.15 per 100k) and aggravated assaults (1,256.77 per 100k). With 2,072.33 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, Detroit is a dangerous place to live or visit. Though it can be tough to see the bright side in a city that has just emerged from bankruptcy, there is hope – murders in Detroit decreased 14% from 2012 to 2013 and a further 5% the following year. Be mindful if you visit, though – 70% of murders are said to be unsolved.

25 Most Dangerous Cities In America You Might Want To Avoid


10 Unsettling Facts About Japan’s Creepiest Cult

On March 20, 1995, five men boarded the Tokyo subway carrying small packages of deadly sarin. As their trains approached the city center, each man calmly punctured his package with the tip of an umbrella and exited, leaving the sarin behind. The resulting cloud of nerve gas killed 12 people and injured as many as 5,500. The entire city was paralyzed. Hospitals overflowed. Subway stations resembled battlefields. It was the worst terror attack in Japanese history.

By summer, it was clear that Aum Shinrikyo was responsible. An apocalyptic cult built on a mixture of Buddhist and Christian teachings combined with yoga, the group had convinced its members that they needed to trigger an apocalypse as soon as possible. But the subway attack wasn’t just a random one-off. It was the culmination of years of creepy incidents involving Aum, each one scarier than the last.

Featured image credit: Tsu

10  The Brutal Sakamoto Murders

Dead Body
In 1989, Tsutsumi Sakamoto had every reason to be cheerful. His wife had just given birth to a baby boy, his legal career was taking off, and the young lawyer was making a name for himself taking on the new Aum cult in Tokyo. Then, in November, Tsutsumi and his family vanished. There was no note, no explanation, and no evidence. Japan’s police groped blindly in the dark, unsure if the Sakamotos had simply cut and run or if something darker was at work.

Fast-forward to 1996. As part of the marathon series of trials following the subway gas attack, Aum member Tomomasa Nakagawa was cross-examined about the cult’s past crimes. The disappearance of the Sakamoto family came up. Nakagawa’s response was chilling. Fed up with the hotshot lawyer interfering in their business, Aum had decided to have Tsutsumi brutally murdered.

The original plan had been to kill him on his way home from work. Unfortunately, the date that the Aum leadership chose just happened to coincide with a public holiday. Rather than wait 24 hours, the six selected assassins decided to go to the Sakomoto home and finish the job.

At 3:00 AM, they entered the house. Tsutsumi and his wife were asleep in bed. One member strangled Tsutsumi, while another kicked his wife half to death before strangling her, too. Her last words were, “Please save the child, at least.” Instead, the sect members located the baby and suffocated him with his bedding. They then drove the three bodies out into Japan’s remote countryside and buried them in metal drums. Although Aum was suspected of being involved, the authorities failed to investigate properly. It wasn’t the only time that the police let Aum get away with their crimes.

9  Kidnapping And Extortion

For a newly emerged cult, Aum was surprisingly sophisticated about funding itself. Members would have to pay to reach enlightenment, and special seminars costing tens of thousands of dollars were regularly held. At one point, the group even began operating its own restaurant chain and selling computers. However, by far, the most common means of funding came from extortion.

At its most harmless, this involved blackmail on an industrial scale. Towns and cities across Japan would be contacted and told that Aum planned to open a compound there. They were then given the option to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to keep the cult away. Most of them coughed up. More harmfully, the group entered into business with the Yakuza to manufacture and help sell illegal drugs.

Worst of all were the kidnappings. Cult members would be quizzed over their families’ earnings. If it turned out that they were related to someone wealthy, they would frequently be ordered to kidnap that relative. One innkeeper wastaken hostage by his own daughters, tortured, and forced to hand over 60 million yen. The tactic was scarily effective. By 1995, the cult was estimated to have a net worth of around $1.5 billion.

8  They Built Their Own WMD Testing Ground

Australian Outback
When Australian Federal Police raided the Banjawarn ranch in 1995, it was like they’d stepped into a nightmare. Remote parts of the property were littered with the carcasses of sheep that had died in agony. Tests revealed that they’d been poisoned with sarin. In the abandoned house, policemen stumbled across a vast chemical weapons lab, primed to produce nerve gas. Horrifically, it began to dawn on them that they’d uncovered a testing ground for weapons of mass destruction.

Purchased by Aum in early 1993, Banjawarn had long been associated with suspicious activity. On May 28 of that year, local seismographs shot off the scale. A loud boom echoed out across the desert, followed by a rumble that was felt dozens of miles away. Locals reported seeing a fireball leap up into the sky. Following the 1995 raid, police discovered an active uranium mine on the ranch, leading some to conclude the explosion had been Aum testing its own crude nuclear weapon.

While there is no concrete evidence that Aum ever came close to having a nuclear device, there’s no doubt that Banjawarn saw some horrific experiments. The group was later found to have been creating anthrax and nerve agents like Soman at the ranch, some of which had been tested on the local wildlife.

7  They Carried Out Multiple Germ Attacks

Hazmat People
As early as 1990, Aum’s leadership was planning mass-casualty terror attacks. In April of that year, they modified a van to emit a fine spray as it drove and then loaded up with samples of botulinum toxin. The group then drove it through central Tokyo, spraying the Japanese parliament with one of the deadliest bacteria known to man.

Thanks to the cult’s poor understanding of germ warfare, the attack released a harmless version of the bacteria. But it inspired them to greater, scarier heights. Two years later, the group managed to acquire some anthrax. A stupendously deadly strain of bacteria, anthrax can kill you in unimaginably gruesome ways. If you happen to get infected by inhaling it, you’ll almost certainly die even with treatment. Aum took their anthrax samples, loaded them into giant aerosols, and tried to spray the whole lot over Tokyo.

A successful anthrax attack could have killed thousands. Thankfully, Aum had accidentally acquired a vaccination strain that was harmless to humans. Less happily, the repeated failure of their germ attacks is what inspired them to move on to sarin. By 1994, they’d successfully tested their new gas in the town of Matsumoto, killing eight people and wounding nearly 500.

6  Gruesome Assassinations

In 1994, Tadahiro Hamaguchi became one of history’s most gruesome firsts. On a late-night walk through Osaka, he became possibly the first person in history to be killed by VX.

A nerve agent developed by the British after World War II, VX is so deadly that it makes sarin look like laughing gas. A single drop absorbed through the skin can kill you so fast that there would be no time to inject an antidote. For a brief period in the mid-1990s, Aum used it to murder their enemies.

From 1994–95, more than 10 VX assassinations were carried out by the cult, usually by injection. The one man lucky enough to survive a spray attack was hospitalized for 45 days and left in a coma. As bad as that was, it was just the start of Aum’s long list of terrifying assassinations.

Others were kidnapped and hanged on Aum property, their bodies incinerated in purpose-built microwaves. One such victim was Kiyoshi Kariya, a 68-year-old man whose brother was trying to quit the group. Kariya was kidnapped, drugged, held hostage, murdered, and then finally burned in one of Aum’s incinerators. His ashes were scattered in a lake, so no trace of him would ever be found.

When Aum’s compounds were finally raided after the Tokyo subway attack, police discovered that at least eight other people had met the same hideous fate. They also discovered an assassination list. Had the cult not blown their cover with the 1995 sarin attack, the number of people incinerated in Aum’s ovens would have likely been much, much higher.

5  They Tortured Their Own Followers

One of Aum’s central tenets was that followers had to gain enlightenment through suffering. Although that sounds like the sort of meaningless platitude that any religious sect might come out with, Aum took it very seriously. When no suffering was forthcoming, they tortured their own followers to create it.

Most famously, this involved their “thermotherapy” ritual. Followers would be dipped in scalding hot water to purify themselves, a practice that led to burns and at least one death. When physical pain wasn’t enough, the cult turned to the mental realm. Multiple initiation ceremonies involved the forced ingestion of narcotics and hallucinogens, followed by public emotional humiliation. Followers were frequently fed LSD, often without their even knowing they had taken the drug.

For those who tried to escape the cult, things were even worse. Aum operated its own prisons and torture chambers, hidden inside giant shipping containers. Suspected dissidents could face all manner of brutal interrogation methods, if they weren’t simply killed outright. Yet, none of this seemed to even dent their popularity . . .

4  Mass Membership And Power

Attack Helicopter
For a doomsday cult that was suspected of murder and tortured its own followers, Aum sure didn’t have any problems attracting new converts. At its height in 1995, the sect had an estimated 50,000 members, most living in Russia. This significant following translated into something tangible—power.

Aum’s foothold in Russia was nothing if not terrifying. In less than half a decade, the group had managed to set up its own university in Moscow and had begun targeting disaffected students for recruitment. They even tried to set up their own company in the hopes of brainwashing the employees that would flock to them during the next economic downturn. By the mid-1990s, they were even controlling radio transmissions out of Vladivostok, broadcasting nightly television programs on Russia’s popular 2X2 channel and having their Japanese memberstrained for violence by Russian special forces.

All of this influence paid off. The group began actively courting Russian nuclear scientists and even purchased a military attack helicopter. Money rolled in, and Aum grew increasingly bold.

3  A Deadly Arsenal

Gas Mask
In the aftermath of the Tokyo subway attack, Japanese police raided Aum compounds across the country, hunting for more sarin. What they found was chilling. Aum had established vast chemical factories capable of producing literally tons of sarin. A highly effective nerve agent, sarin can cause seizures after exposure to a single drop. Aum was stockpiling enough to power a country-wide war.

Sarin wasn’t the only weapon that Aum’s chemical warfare department was developing. Up to 80 members were found to be developing mustard gas, sodium cyanide, phosgene gas, tabun, and VX to use against civilian populations. At the same time, a dedicated biological warfare lab was churning out a nonstop assembly line of horrors. Anthrax, Ebola, and the deadly Q-Fever were all beingdeveloped as weapons, all potentially capable of wiping out thousands of people.

By this time, the full extent of Aum’s arsenal was becoming clear. The group had also taken to manufacturing AK-47s, building enough to equip their own paramilitary outfit. They’d acquired a drone from somewhere and modified it to spray nerve agents on those below. All in all, Aum were found to be better equipped for war than many armies. That they didn’t deploy their capabilities more intelligently is a matter of pure fortune.

2  The Second Gas Attack

Shinjuku Station

Photo credit: Kelly Kaneshiro

In a disturbing alternate universe, the March 20 gas attack on the Tokyo subway is today known as simply a warm-up. Less than two months later, on May 5, 1995, two men from Aum left a mysterious bag in the restroom at Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station. Inside was a timed weapon, set to release a deadly cloud of cyanide gas directly under a main ventilation shaft. Had it gone as planned, it’s estimated that this second gas attack could have killed as many as 10,000 people.

That it failed is down to nothing more than dumb luck. A cleaning woman found the bag and moved it out of sight behind a door. By sheer fluke, the way she carried it resulted in the bomb’s trigger mechanism getting knocked out of place. When the timer reached zero, instead of exploding, the bag burst into flames. Although this could still have caused the cyanide to be released, it caught the attention of passersby, who managed to put out the fire before catastrophe occurred.

Although two Aum members were later convicted of planting the cyanide bomb, the cult wasn’t done yet. Even with its leaders in prison, letter bombs were sent out to the governor of Tokyo, wounding one official. More cyanide bombs were planted on the subway, although these attacks were foiled once again.

Luckily, it couldn’t last. By fall 1995, Aum was spent as an organization. Police raids shut down its chemical and biological weapons laboratories and confiscated its small arms. Finally, after over 30 deaths and close to 6,000 injuries, Aum appeared to be over. But then, the impossible happened . . .

1  They’re Still Active

In the West, we often wonder why our young run away to join ISIS, an organization known for its brutality. In Japan, they think the same about Aum Shinrikyo.

Now rebranded as Aleph, the cult has fallen from its 1990s heights but is still going strong. In November 2011, Japanese police estimated its membership at around 1,300, with 200 new recruits joining every year. Adherents claim that Aleph has changed its ways; others aren’t so sure.

Even now, over 20 years after the Tokyo gas attack, there are still reports of Aleph brainwashing its members. Followers have been convicted of forcing relatives to join, and many wonder if things ever really changed. In 1999, The Guardian uncovered evidence of continuing “thermotherapy” rituals, in spite of their involvement in a member’s death. In 2000, cultists were caught trying to gather confidential information on nuclear plants, and in 2001, several members were arrested in a plot to bomb Russia.

Perhaps most pertinently, many survivors of the 1995 sarin attack still consider Aleph to be a threat to Japan. Many are worried that mainstream society has already forgotten about the attack and that something similar could happen again. Japan’s security forces agree. As of July 2015, the Aleph cult is still under close surveillance.

10 Unsettling Facts About Japan’s Creepiest Cult




These parents have their worst nightmare come true when a grown man poses as an underage boy to lure them away from their parents. Luckily the parents were behind the setup the whole way through.

It's actually very scary that things like this actually happen.   These kind of experiments bring awareness to everyone with children.

This experiment video was based off a real life event that happened around July 29, 2015.  Tim LeBlanc happened to be up around 2 a.m. Monday morning and noticed his 12-year-old daughter was gone, and her bedroom window open.



These Guardsman's Pass Tour of Utah cyclists aren’t ready for such a tight hairpin corner, and come in way too hot. Even though they get smashed, it still might be better than if they went flying off the cliff!

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25 Of The Most Evil Serial Killers You Have Ever Known (How Can People Be This Messed Up?)

Whether you think they are evil, disturbed, or just mental you are part of a society that exhibits both a repulsion and fascination with the lives and minds of serial killers. Who are these serial killers and what motivates them? We really don’t know, we are afraid to know the answer. These are the 25 of the most evil serial killers of the 20th Century.


David Berkowitz

David Berkowitz

Known as the Son of Sam or the .44 Caliber Killer, David Berkowitz carried out a series of shootings in the summer of 1976. Using a .44 calibre Bulldog revolver, he shot 6 people dead and wounded 7 others. Berkowitz sent a series of taunting letters to police and the press promising further shootings, terrorising the people of New York City. Eventually captured in August 1977, Berkowitz confessed to all of the killings and was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for each murder, to be served consecutively and is unlikely ever to be released.


Edmund Kemper

Edmund Kemper

Known as “The Co-ed Killer”, Edmund Kemper is an American serial killer and necrophile who carried out a series of brutal murders in California in the 1970s. He murdered his grandparents when he was 15 years old then later killed and dismembered 6 female hitchhikers in the Santa Cruz area. He then murdered his mother and one of her friends before turning himself in to police days later. He was found guilty in November 1973 of 8 counts of murder. He asked for the death penalty, but instead received life imprisonment without the possibility of parole.


Larry Bittaker and Roy Norris

Larry Bittaker and Roy Norris

Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris, nicknamed ‘The Tool Box Killers’ are two American serial killers who together murdered 5 young women in California in 1979. Luring victims into their van and driving them to secluded areas where they both raped and tortured them horrifically with a number of tools before murdering them. In 1981 Bittaker and Norris were charged with murder, kidnapping and rape. Bittaker was sentenced to death and remains on death row to this day.[update] Norris was spared execution in return for his testimony against Bittaker and sentenced to 45 years in prison.


Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley killed 5 children between 1963 and 1965, in Greater Manchester, England. Aged between 10 and 17 years old, their victims were sexually assaulted before being brutally murdered. Three of the victims were discovered in graves dug on Saddleworth Moor and the last victims body found at Brady’s house, the whereabouts of the fourth victim, Keith Bennett remains unknown. Both Brady and Hindley were later sentenced to life imprisonment. Hindley dying in prison in 2002. Brady has since been confined in the maximum security Ashworth Hospital where he remains on hunger strike to this day.


Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono (The Hillside Stranglers)

Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono (The Hillside Stranglers)

Between late 1977 to early 1978 cousins Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono carried out a reign of terror in California, kidnapping, raping and killing 10 girls aged between 12 and 28 years old, strangling each victim in the hills above Los Angeles which led to them being known as ‘the Hillside Stranglers’. Bianchi attempted to plead not guilty by way of insanity but was found to be faking mental illness, so instead agreed to plead guilty and testify against Buono. Both were sentenced to life imprisonment. Buono died of a heart attack in his cell in 2002.


Dennis Rader (the BTK Killer)

Dennis Rader (the BTK Killer)

Dennis Raider murdered 10 people in Sedgwick County, Wichita, Kansas between 1974 and 1991. Obsessed with notoriety, Raider sent taunting letters to police under the name BTK which stood for ‘Bind, Torture, Kill’. Rader stalked his victims before breaking into their homes, then binded their limbs before strangling them. Having disappeared in 1988, BTK remerged 2005 when he sent a floppy disc to the press which was to be his downfall. Tracing him via the floppy disc, Rader was arrested and charged upon which he immediately confessed. He is serving 10 consecutive life sentences with an earliest possible release date of February 26, 2180.


Donald Henry Gaskins

Donald Henry Gaskins

In 1969, Gaskins began killing a series of hitchhikers he picked up while driving around the coastal highways of the American South, torturing and mutilating his victims. He claimed to have killed eighty to ninety people. He was arrested in 1975, when a criminal associate confessed to police that he had witnessed Gaskins killing two young men. He was convicted of 8 murders and was sentenced to death which was later commuted to life imprisonment without parole. Remarkably Gaskins went on to commit a further murder within the high security prison, killing a fellow inmate. He is the only man to have ever killed an inmate on death row.


Peter Manuel

Peter Manuel

An American-born Scottish serial killer known to have killed 9 people across southern Scotland between 1956 and 1958, Manuel is suspected of having killed as many as 18 people. Police were unable to prove his guilt until his final murders, when some banknotes Manuel had been using to pay for drinks in Glasgow pubs were proven to be stolen from one of his victims. He confessed to these murders after his mother confronted him at the police station where he was being held. Manuel was hanged at Glasgow’s Barlinnie Prison for his crimes in July 1958. He was one of the last prisoners to be hanged in Scotland before they ended capital punishment.


John George Haigh

John George Haigh

Known as the “Acid Bath Murderer” John George Haigh was an English serial killer during the 1940s. He was convicted of the murders of 6 people, although he claimed to have killed 9. A professional conmen, he targeted wealthy individuals and charmed them into believing he was a successful businessman. He lured his victims to a derelict warehouse before shooting them. He then dissolved their bodies in sulphuric acid before forging papers in order to sell their possessions and collect their life savings. Traces of human remains were found and there was sufficient evidence to convict him. In 1949 he was sentenced to death and hanged at Wandsworth Prison.


Fred & Rose West

Fred & Rose West

Between 1967 and 1987 Fred West and his wife Rose tortured, raped and murdered at least 11 young women and girls, many at the couple’s homes at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester which was later nicknamed the house of horrors. The pair were finally apprehended and charged in 1994 after police obtained a search warrant and located several human bones buried within the garden and under the floor boards. Having been arrested and during his trial, Fred West hanged himself in his prison cell prior to being convicted. In 1995 Rose West was jailed for life having been found guilty on 10 counts of murder. Their house at Cromwell Street was demolished in 1996 to discourage souvenir hunters.


Arthur Shawcross

Arthur Shawcross

Known as the Genesee River Killer, Shawcross first killed in 1972, sexually assaulting and murdering a 10-year-old boy after luring him into a wooded area in Watertown, New York then raped and killed eight-year-old girl, for which he was captured and convicted of manslaughter. Serving 14 years imprisonment he was released in 1988 and went onto brutally kill 12 female prostitutes aged between 22 and 59 years old. Eventually captured at the scene of his last murder, Shawcross confessed to all 12 murders and was sentenced to 250 years imprisonment, though died in prison of cardiac arrest in 2008.


Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter William Sutcliffe is a British serial killer known as “The Yorkshire Ripper”. In 1981 Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering 13 women and attempting to murder seven others. He targeted prostitutes in Leeds and Bradford area causing a climate of fear across northern England. When arrested in January 1981 for driving with false number-plates, police questioned him about the killings and he confessed. At his trial, he pleaded not guilty to murder on grounds of diminished responsibility, but his defence was rejected by the jury. He was sentenced to serve life imprisonment without patrol and remains in Broadmoor Maximum Security Mental Hospital to this day.


Richard Ramirez

Richard Ramirez

Ricardo Leyva Muñoz Ramírez was an American serial killer and Satan worshipper who terrorised Los Angeles between 1984 and 1985. Nicknamed the Night Stalker Ramirez broke into the homes of many of his victims, shooting, stabbing, raped and mutilating his victims who ranged between a 9 year old girl and a married couple aged in their late sixties. Notably he smeared pentagrams on the walls of the crime scenes. Captured in 1985, Ramirez was sentenced to death and remained on California’s death row for 23 years until he died in his cell in June 2013.


Jeffrey Dahmer

Jeffrey Dahmer

Known as the Milwaukee Cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender who raped, murdered and dismembered 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. He also committed necrophilia and ate parts of his later victims, dismembering and cooking parts of their bodies within his home. Dahmer was eventually caught after a would-be victim managed to overpower him and alert police. In 1992 Dahmer was convicted of 15 of the murders and sentenced to 15 terms of life imprisonment. However just two years into his sentence he was beaten to death by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution.


Dennis Nilsen

Dennis Nilsen

The British equivalent of Jeffrey Dahmer, Dennis Nilsen was a homosexual killer who murdered 15 gay men within home in London, England between 1978 and 1983. He retained his victims’ bodies before dissecting their remains and disposing of their bodies by burning or flushing the remains down the toilet, which led to his capture when human flesh was discovered in his sewage system. Nilsen was convicted in 1983 of six counts of murder and two of attempted murder and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He remains imprisoned at Full Sutton maximum security prison in Yorkshire, England without the chance of release.


Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy

One of the most widely known murderers of the 20th century, Ted Bundy was an American serial killer and rapist who kidnapped or overpowered numerous young women and girls during the 1970s. Bundy typically approached his female victims in a public place and led them to secluded areas where he would sexually assault and kill them. He decapitated at least 12 victims and kept the severed heads in his apartment as trophies. Repeatedly captured, he twice managed to escape from police and court houses before going onto commit three further killings. Convicted of multiple murders he sentenced to death. He was executed by the electric chair in 1989.


Charles Ng and Leonard Lake

Charles Ng and Leonard Lake

A Chinese-American serial killer, Charles Ng is believed to have raped, tortured and murdered between 11 and 25 victims with his accomplice Leonard Lake at Lake’s ranch in Calaveras County, California. They filmed themselves raping and torturing their victims. Their crimes became known in 1985 when Lake committed suicide after being arrested and Ng was caught shoplifting at a hardware store. Police searched Lake’s ranch and found human remains. Ng was identified as Lake’s partner in crime and attempted to evade police by fleeing to Canada. After a lengthy extradition to the United States He stood trial in 1998 on twelve counts of murder and was convicted in 1999. Ng is currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison.


John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy sexual assaulted and murdered 33 teenage boys and young men in a series of killings between 1972 and 1978 in Chicago, Illinois. He lured victims to his home with the promise of work or money before murdering them by strangulation with a tourniquet . Gacy buried 26 of his victims in the crawl space under his home, before disposing of later victims in the Des Plaines River. Convicted of 33 murders, Gacy was sentenced to death. He spent 14 years on death row before he was executed by lethal injection on May 10, 1994.


Andrei Chikatilo

Andrei Chikatilo

Chikatilo was a Soviet serial killer, nicknamed The Butcher of Rostov. He committed the sexual assault, murder and mutilation of at least 52 women and children in Russia between 1978 and 1990. Believing he was the killer, police carried out surveillance Chikatilo which eventually provided adequate grounds to arrest him. He confessed to a total of 56 murders and was tried for 53 of these killings in April 1992. Victims relatives demanding that authorities release him so that they could kill him themselves. He was convicted and sentenced to death for 52 of these murders in October 1992 and subsequently executed by firing squad in February 1994.


Tommy Lynn Sells

Tommy Lynn Sells

Claiming to have killed at least 70 people, Tommy Lynn Sells is considered one of the most dangerous offenders in Texas, United States and has been convicted of several brutal murders between 1985 and 1999 including stabbing a 13 year old girl 16 times. Sells was eventually captured after breaking into the bedroom of a 10 year old girl and stabbing her, leaving her for dead but despite her injures the girl managed to survive and alert her neighbours. She provided a detailed description of Sells to police which eventually led to his capture. Sentenced to death he remains on death row at a high security prison in Livingston, Texas.


Gary Ridgway

Gary Ridgway

One of the United States most prolific serial killers, Gary Ridgway was arrested in 2001 for 4 murders though confessed to killing at least 70 women in Washington state throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. He avoided the death penalty by provided detailed confessions and led police to the dumping sites of his victims, five of whom he dumped in the Green River leading to the press nicknaming him The Green River Killer. He was convicted of 49 murders and sentenced to life imprisonment without parole.


Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro Rodrigues Filho

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is a Brazilian serial killer. Arrested in 1973, he was later convicted in 2003 of murdering at least 71 people and sentenced to 128 years imprisonment. Committing his first killing the age of 14 began a series of burglaries and carried out a murdering spree against local drug dealers, in revenge for his girlfriend being killed by criminals whilst he was in prison. By the age of 18 years old he had killed 10 people. Whilst imprisoned, he executed his own father who was also serving time for murder. Remarkably he went onto kill at least 47 inmates while imprisoned. Initially sentenced to just 30 years imprisonment, his continued killings have led to further convictions and his sentence has been increased to 400 years imprisonment.


Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Daniel Camargo Barbosa

Camargo was a Colombian serial killer who is believed to have raped and killed over 150 young girls in Colombia and Ecuador during the 1970s and 1980s. He calmly confessed to killing 71 girls in Ecuador after escaping from the Colombian prison. He led authorities to the dumping grounds of those victims whose bodies had not yet been recovered. After raping his victims, he had hacked the girls with a machete. He was convicted in 1989 and sentenced to just 16 years in prison, the maximum sentence available in Ecuador. In November 1994, he was murdered in prison by the cousin of one of his victims.


Dr Harold Shipman

Dr Shipman

Dr. Harold Fredrick Shipman was a English doctor and is one of the world’s most prolific serial killers in recorded history, proven to have been responsible for up 250 murders. A trusted doctor, he was well respected in his community, however colleagues and local undertakers began raising concerns over the high death rate in the area and the large number of cremation forms for elderly women that he had countersigned. Several bodies were later exhumed and post mortems revealed diamorphine within their system. It was later established Shipman had purposely injected fatal doses of the drug in a huge number of patients, causing their death. He then forged their wills so he could inherit large sums of money and completed cremation requests to destroy the victim’s bodies. The trial judge sentenced him to 15 consecutive life sentences and recommended that he never be released. Shipman later hanged himself in January 2004 in his cell at Wakefield Prison.


Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso Lopez

Pedro Alonso López is a Colombian serial killer, accused of raping and killing more than 300 girls across South America was believed to have preyed on young and vulnerable girls in Peru. He lured them to secluded areas or inside unoccupied buildings where he raped each of them before killing them by a range of brutal methods, primarily strangulation. López was arrested when an attempted abduction failed and he was trapped by market traders. He confessed to over 300 murders. The police only believed him when a flash flood uncovered a mass grave containing many of his victims. Eventually 53 bodies were discovered. Imprisoned in 1980 he served just 18 years before being released from a Ecuadorian prison and was deported to Columbia where he was rearrested and in 2002 was sentenced to life.

We hope you enjoyed the 25 Most Brutal Torture Techniques Ever Devised In History. Which one did you think was the most brutal?

25 Of The Most Evil Serial Killers You Have Ever Known (How Can People Be This Messed Up?)


Just Another Day In The Pissed-Off-Hungry Snake Room


Is he f*cking WHISTLING while he works in this pit of horror? Nerves of steel that man.

Just Another Day In The Pissed-Off-Hungry Snake Room



Human Hulk Almost Lost His Arm Due to Synthol Abuse

In our present times, being fit is in. People are inspired to be physically fit to be away from diseases and of course to flaunt their bodies. Media has a big part in this fitness fever. Whenever they show advertisements with models in their fit as a fiddle body people are envious and desire to have one. But how far can a person go to possess a fit body?

Meet the human hulk Romario Dos Santos Alves, 25, a bodybuilder who was so into having large biceps like that of his favorite hero Hulk. He pumps iron day in and day out and was somehow addicted in using a muscle enhancer, Synthol which is made up of 85% oil, 7.5% Lidocaine, and 7.5 % alcohol.Romario Dos Santos Alves

He had an unusual shape of biceps that people find him terrifying. He had a memorable experience in a church where a lady approached him and told him that her 12 year old daughter won’t come to church because he was afraid of him. He admitted that he was hurt by that remark, but there are still those who find him cool and amusing.Romario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos Alves

Romario was so desperate to have bigger arms that he almost had an arm amputation. His abusive use of Synthol caused him a necrotic arm and his muscles are destroyed. He went to the hospital for the procedure, but he was lucky that when his doctor did the examination, they found out that he no longer needs to have an arm amputation. He felt extremely happy and thanked God that he was given another chance.Romario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos AlvesRomario Dos Santos Alves

Human Hulk Almost Lost His Arm Due to Synthol Abuse




Legal highs are set to be outlawed by the British government in response to a growing number of news reports about students overdosing on the synthetic drugs after using them recreationally. Meet some users who have become addicted to these over-the-counter substances.

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