10 Disney/Nickelodeon Stars Who Grew Up And Stripped Down

10 Disney/Nickelodeon Stars Who Grew Up And Stripped Down

Happy Avengers: Infinity War weekend, everyone! At this very moment, incalculable Marvel fans are packing the theaters to watch Iron Man, Captain America, and the rest of the Avengers unite to save the universe from peril. But you? Hey, you had a long week, friend, so sit back, relax, and kickstart your weekend with a little bit of well-earned fun.

Lindsay Lohan
Lohan went from pulling off an elaborate parent trap to starring in Mean Girls, one of the funniest movies of the 2000s. A few years later, she appeared in The Canyons, one of the funniest movies of 2013... but for completely different reasons. Written by Bret Easton Ellis, the unintentional humor is off the charts in this critically panned movie remembered more for its sexual content than actual plot. It currently boasts a 22% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is honestly way better than we expected. You can stream The Canyons on Netflix.

Zac Efron
Can we talk about Zac Efron's abs for a second? Honest question: Was this dude sculpted from the hand of Zeus on top of a mountain? How many crunches does the Z-Man do in a normal day? I'd honestly say somewhere between 10 and 100... thousand. Baywatch may have been DNR at the box office, but fans received some lifesaving CPR in the form of Efron's beach bod.

Miley Cyrus
Catapulting to fame after portraying secret teen superstar Hannah Montana, Cyrus blossomed into one of the most prolific performers of the past twenty years. From "Party in the U.S.A," to "Wrecking Ball," Cyrus has not only enjoyed tremendous success, but she also has a history of provocative photo shoots, like when she appeared completely nude for V Magazine. Why'd she do it? I reached out to her best friend Leslie and she told me "Oh, she's just being Miley."

Alex Wolff
Fans were freaking out on Twitter over Alex Wolff and Lucy Hale's raunchy Dude sex scene. A decade ago, Wolff was half of Nickelodeon's The Naked Brothers Band, a family-friendly kid series that ran for three seasons and starred Alex and his older brother Nat. Now? He's sharing steamy screen-time with Lucy Hale. See for yourself by streaming Dude on Netflix.

Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway can do anything: She was terrific in the indie action-comedy Colossal, killed it in Les Misérables, and dazzled as Cat Woman. Hathaway has come a long way from portraying Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries. The actress shed her Disney image once and for all when she appeared nude in 2005's Havoc. "We'd never seen Anne Hathaway like this before. In the 2005 drama film, her character gets in over her head with a Latino gang in Los Angeles. Also over her head? Her shirt."

Nick Jonas
Which Jonas Brother is the best Jonas Brother? Who knows! It's impossible to choose a true favorite, right? But if we were judging based solely on who takes the best half-naked Instragam selfies, well, Nick Jonas would be victorious in a runaway. From the Disney Channel to renowned male model, Nick is no stranger to showing some serious skin.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski on Nickelodeon? Yep! Before skyrocketing to fame thanks to Robin Thicke, T.I., and Pharrell Williams's 2013 music video "Blurred Lines," Emily played Tasha in two episodes of iCarly. Ratajkowski followed up her "Blurred Lines" success with a slew of high-profile roles, appearing in the Entourage movie, 2014's Gone Girl, and Joe Swanberg's Netflix anthology Easy.

Vanessa Hudgens
The hottest threesomes in movie history? The James Franco, Ashley Benson, and Vanessa Hudgens aquatic ménage à trois from Spring Breakers definitely is up for consideration. Kinda nice that both Troy and Gabriella from High School Musical made this list. You can watch their now-famous underwater three way on YouTube.

Shia LaBeouf
What a long, strange journey it's been from Even Stevens. The former Disney actor famously starred in Lars von Trier's 2013 European art film Nymphomaniac, a movie so steamy it initially received an NC-17 from the Motion Picture Association of America. But LaBeouf also memorably bared all in Sigur Rós' music video "Fjögur píanó", which you can stream on YouTube.

Selena Gomez
Much like Hudgens, Gomez also strutted her stuff in Spring Breakers. Long before setting the Billboard Hot 100 ablaze with "Come & Get It" and "Hands to Myself," Gomez appeared on Disney's The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and Hannah Montana before nabbing the lead role of Alex Russo on Wizards of Waverly Place.



'That's My Son,' Says The Mother Of The 'Buffalo Bills Streaker'

'That's My Son,' Says The Mother Of The 'Buffalo Bills Streaker'


Tristan Lambright, the streaking Buffalo Bills football fan who may have gained more yardage on Sunday than running back LeSean McCoy, wore a security guard's jacket wrapped around his waist when he was escorted off the field at New Era Field during the Bills loss to the New Orleans Saints.

Lambright, 29, was arrested on charges of criminal trespass and public lewdness, both misdemeanors, and exposure of a person, a violation, said Joanna Pasceri, public information officer for the Erie County District Attorney's Office.

He is being held on $500 bail in the Erie County Holding Center. Lambright is scheduled to appear at 4 p.m. Tuesday in Orchard Park Town Court before Justice Edward Pace.



Lambright calls himself "Senor Wiener" on his Facebook page, the pseudonym he uses when competing in an Ontario roller derby league, said his mother, Kari Snyder Parker.

Parker said she heard about the streaking incident from her husband, who called from Las Vegas to inform her.

"I had just come back from dinner with my family, and my husband called to tell me that Tristan ran across the field at the Bills game," said Parker. "I thought, 'That's my son.' He is a free spirit, with no bad intentions."


It wasn't until her smartphone blew up with texts, phone calls and photos that she learned her son was naked when he dashed across the field during the fourth quarter of the blowout.

"Streaking is not his thing," Parker said. "His younger brother is the one who used to run around the house without his clothing on, and that was when he was 2 or 3 years old."

Lambright's stunt began trending on social media sites as fans headed home from the team's 47-10 loss to the Saints.

A second person also was arrested and charged with criminal trespass Sunday after jumping onto the football field during the Bills game. Aric Belling, 19, of Clarence, was released with an appearance ticket for Orchard Park Town Court, according to the Erie County Sheriff's Office.

Parker, who married earlier this year and moved with her husband to Las Vegas, was visiting Buffalo on a family-related matter. She said she can't believe the amount of support expressed by friends who have reached out to her through social media.

"He is very easygoing and kindhearted," she said. "He was basically raised by me and my sister. He's my tender-hearted boy."

Parker described her son as supportive of women's causes, especially the recent #MeToo campaign on social media. The campaign seeks to raise public awareness about sexual assault and sexual abuse of women.

Some of the comments she's received about her son surprised her, Parker said.

"Your son is hot," Parker said, describing the sentiment of many texts she received since Sunday's game. "Friends are coming out of the woodwork," she said. "I mean, I always knew he was cute."

If found guilty of the two misdemeanors and violation, Lambright faces a maximum fine of $1,250 and/or up to 90 days in jail, said Pasceri.

According to the Buffalo Bills website: Any ejected fans are banned from the stadium and all other NFL stadiums until they successfully complete the NFL Fan Code of Conduct online class.

The class costs $250 and proceeds go to MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).

Dave Grohl Dedicates 'My Hero' To Naked Guy At Glastonbury

Dave Grohl Dedicates 'My Hero' To Naked Guy At Glastonbury

Glastonbury is always full of surprises, whether it be from secret sets, people in the crowd, or celebrities roaming around in their wellies.

Foo Fighters took to the Pyramid Stage last night, two years after they were scheduled to headline in 2015 but couldn't due to Dave Grohl breaking his leg.

Grohl came on stage by himself to address the crowd and play a rendition of 'Times Like These', before the rest of the band joined him for a set full of hits.

Credit: PA

There was a lot of interaction with the audience, talking to them about his leg, as well as introducing the whole band and getting them to do solos. He also dedicated a few of songs to people, such as 'Walk' to his surgeon.

But their was another tribute paid during the set that caught people's eyes more, and that was 'My Hero' to a naked guy.

The random bloke had clambered onto someone's shoulders in his birthday suit as the song began, which prompted Grohl to shout: "I see a naked guy," this one's for him!"

Spare a moment for the person who's shoulders he's on...

Naturally, Twitter though the naked fella was the highlight of the set.










The ‘Get Naked Worldwide’ Instagram Is All About NSFW Fun

The ‘Get Naked Worldwide’ Instagram Is All About NSFW Fun

A few months ago we told you folks about an Instagram called “Cheeky Exploits” that is all about NSFW butt selfies. But that’s not the only Instagram out there that is all about bare butts, and we are here to tell you about another one.

“Get Naked Worldwide” just features people traveling around the world and taking naked photos of themselves. Yep, that’s pretty much it. And that’s enough to reel in 28k followers because everyone likes to see this sort of thing. There’s not much else to say about this folks, so we might as well get into the fun and start looking at some gals that decided to submit some naked photos to this popular Instagram.

Have at it and enjoy.















Fill your mind with random trivial facts while your eyes feast on the glory of these beautiful women.  It is the ultimate test in multi-tasking.


Dude Answers His Door Butt-Naked When Jehovah Witness Shows Up

Dude Answers His Door Butt-Naked When Jehovah Witness Shows Up

the power of christ compels you!

Topless Biker Allows Car Driver To Slap Ass While On Road

Topless Biker Allows Car Driver To Slap Ass While On Road

look-663x1024 slap-663x1024

Nothing like rolling down the road and seeing topless girl zoom past you.What goes through someone’s head before the leave the house like this? It’s cool, I am just going to get some milk real quick who needs a shirt…Lucky for these guys the girl was nice enough to let them smack her booty!




Celebrities attend 2014 amfAR LA Inspiration Gala honoring Tom Ford at Milk Studios. Featuring: Lea Michele Where: Los Angeles, California, United States When: 29 Oct 2014 Credit: Brian To/WENN.com

Chances are you haven't taken a look at a Woman's Health magazine since the last time that it was the only magazine in the doctor's waiting room. So we thought we would fill you in on what's been happening in it lately. For starters, Lea Michele is naked in it. That's all we got.

The "Glee" actress was handed the honor of appearing in the magazine's naked issue -- an honor that Chrissy Teigen had last year. Take a look at naked Lea below thanks to her Instagram:

I Am Bored




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I Am bored




The largest concentration of people going to work naked these days call Belarus home.

Wait, what?

That's right, kids. According to The Telegraph, the president of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, accidentally told his constituents to "get undressed and work" in Russian during a recent speech about technology, and by the looks of things, the people of Belarus have no problem doing as their leader commands:

You might want to double-check to make sure that saw is unplugged, buddy.





Check, please.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, customers at a Sandy Springs Waffle House trying to enjoy their Texas Bacon Cheesesteak Melts probably didn't finish them after a 36-year-old naked man trying to get inside the "restaurant" decided to urinate on the door.

Thankfully, a customer named Derwin Rodgers decided to record Pissgate on his phone and began broadcasting it live on Facebook because he didn't know what Bashir Rasheed was going to do next. Rodgers said Rasheed was complaining that he was hot and "burning up."

"Apparently he was," Rodgers added. "It must have been Death Valley out here. He was butt-naked. That was totally inappropriate. I wouldn't know how to tell my kid what was going on at that time, to see a grown man. He was built like a potato."

When police arrived on the scene, they said Rasheed was only coherent enough to know he was at a Waffle House. He couldn't give police a reason for being naked as a jaybird, but he did grab himself and start pissing again for good measure.

Rasheed was arrested and charged with indecency, and we'll assume dessert sales around the time of the incident were an all-time low.

I Am Bored

Japan’s First Naked Restaurant Opens, But Only For Thin People With No Tattoos

Japan’s first naked restaurant opens this summer, but it’s not going to be any fun. The Telegraph reports that the Amrita will be open for reservations July 29 in Tokyo; however, before eager horny tourists try to make a night of naked dining part of their Japanese adventure, check to see if they’ll let your unsightly American body in.

Naturists, advocates of social nudity, practice body positivity and inclusivity. Needless to say, the ethos behind the Amrita varies from that of the Burning Man crowd. Anyone who wishes to dine at the establishment must not be 33 lbs over the average weight for height, and the management reserves the right to cart out a scale should they suspect a patron’s body is breaking the rule. According to Rocket News 24, the average weight for Japanese women is 115 lbs, and 149 lbs for men.


Even if you meet the weight requirements, don’t show up if you have ink. Japanese society is avoidant of tattoos in general, for their association with the Yakuza organized crime group. This tattoo no-no rule comes as encouraging news for the young American crowd. At least somewhere in the world our moderate collections of shoddy ink are still considered taboo.

Putting aside the turnoff of discrimination, the unsexiest element of the “naked” dining experience is that patrons aren’t even actually naked, but must wear paper underwear given upon arrival, assumably an sanitary issue.


If you’re visiting Tokyo and looking to have a nice meal in your underwear, order room service and let it all hang out in your own undies. Except then you’d miss “Men’s Show” put on at Amirta, but that’s what your bootleg copy of “Magic Mike” is for.

Source  I Am Bored



Sure, Kim Kardashian isn't going to win any spelling bees anytime soon, but she would win some sort of contest involving asses and Instagram (no word on if that's a thing). Kim took to her favorite social media outlet, Instagram, to show off her bare ass, all while promoting some "secret project."

Take a look at the picture below thanks to her Instagram:


Maybe her secret project is a sequel to her selfie book that was so difficult to write? But don't get excited about seeing another one of those classics soon, because the secret project is just a nude photo shoot with Mert & Marcus. See the preview they posted on their Instagram:


Woman Catches Robber, Forces Him To Strip Naked

Woman Catches Robber, Forces Him To Strip Naked

Looks like he's been robbed of his dignity.

Nothing To See Here... Just A Naked Girl Running From the Police... Move Along

Nothing To See Here... Just A Naked Girl Running From the Police... Move Along

New Orleans baby...

Jabba The Hut Naked Woman Uses Kung Fu On The Cops

Jabba The Hut Naked Woman Uses Kung Fu On The Cops

Jabba The Hutt knows kung-fu. Being a cop isn't an easy job.




Posted on Shock mansion

A woman is lucky to be alive after she jumped out of a burning building in Spain. The 47-year-old woman was clinging to the ledge of a fourth floor window after her building caught fire. Thankfully she was caught by fast acting people!


Cop Might Lose Her Job For Taking Topless Selfie With Gun In Her Lap [NSFW]

Cop Might Lose Her Job For Taking Topless Selfie With Gun In Her Lap [NSFW]

Police_2808375a[1] Mexican police officer Nilda Garcia was reportedly put on leave after a topless selfie of her turned up on Facebook. The photo depicts the cop reclining in the backseat of a police car with her semi-automatic weapon resting in her lap. Garcia’s higher-ups identified her from the badge visible on her shoulder. Yeah, she was also (partially) wearing her uniform in the NSFW pic.

Barstool Sports posted a translation of her Facebook apology:

I was wrong in letting myself be photographed in my hours of work while still wearing the uniform of an officer.

I want to ask a huge apology to the secretary of security and Justice of proximity and more to my municipality general Escobedo for this immoral act on my part.

I feel disgusted by the great damage caused and the damage done mainly to my two daughters, followed by my husband, my parents, brothers and entire family.


Given that Mexico has a long and storied history of cops taking hefty pay-offs from drug cartels, the fact that Garcia could lose her job over a topless photo sounds like total bullshit. That being said, posing with your weapon, and while on the clock, does seem like a lapse in judgment, it doesn’t warrant a public shaming or a public Facebook post where she has to plead for mercy.



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Sheer Madness: 15 Hot Celebs Who Wore See-Through Clothes

Sheer Madness: 15 Hot Celebs Who Wore See-Through Clothes

kimandkate In the long history of body garments, different fabrics have served many purposes. First there was fur, taken literally off the back of an animal, with its fluffy comfort and warmth still intact. Then came leather, the dried and processed skin of the animal that provided much more durability and malleability. Wool was used, and spun into yarn for cloth. Soon felt was invented, which was also very durable and made thick winter coats. In warmer climates where such protection wasn’t needed, cotton came in handy. Its thread was thinner and produced lighter fabrics, some of which were thin enough to see through. Soon synthetic materials like nylon were added into the mix, and we had a rainbow of textures and materials to work with.

The question is: Which material shows off breasts the best? Or butts for that matter. For that answer, many fashion designers turned to a material once reserved for bridal veils and mourning bonnets. Material such as mesh and lace proved to be very versatile. Some designers used the translucent fabrics exclusively for lingerie, but it was only a matter of time before such styles appeared on the red carpet. Meanwhile, runway models dazzled audiences with bra displaying translucent blouses, and sometimes the bra beneath was purposely omitted. Things were looking good! The barely-there fashion trend caught on and soon beautiful celebrities even wore such thin materials out to grab a Starbucks. Maybe it was a hot day, or maybe they just wanted to show off. Either way, they made an awesome fashion decision.

In Rihanna’s latest music video for Work, she adorns a sheer garment, leaving little to the imagination. Rihanna has repeatedly enjoyed a good displaying, and she is not alone. Here are some of the hottest celebs that wore sheer clothes.

15. Beyonce


Queen B, in the house! The scene-stealer from the Super Bowl halftime show loves to show off her curves. Ever since her post-baby bod was sculpted to perfection, Beyonce has had no qualms about letting the whole world look. Maybe her husband, Jay-Z has had an influence on her wardrobe, because it is getting skimpier and skimpier. Beyonce has been seen on the red carpet in beautiful sheer gowns and has also performed onstage with a sparkling sheer romper. One such outfit even featured a large red sequin or jewel strategically played over each areola.

14. Lady Gaga

via celebmafia.com

via celebmafia.com

Well, after wearing a dress made out of meat, a nice cotton mesh must feel like a total upgrade. Lady Gaga has been seen onstage and on the street wearing sheer clothes, and has proven throughout her career to not abide by the fashion norms. Just check out her 2011 CFDA Awards outfit. She is currently engaged to television actor Taylor Kinneyand lord knows what that wedding gown will look like. Gaga has been very busy lately, singing the anthem at the Super Bowl, rocking a tribute to David Bowie at the Grammys, then singing an uplifting song about sexual assault onstage at the Oscars.

13. Gigi Hadid

via okmagazine.com

via okmagazine.com

Many claim that this model is only famous because of her celebrity mother, Yolanda Foster of the Real Housewives franchise. And maybe it’s true that talent and personality-wise the girl should not be popular, but based on looks alone, she deserves every dollar. The girl has an amazing body, and the olive skin and light eyes are spellbinding. Being in the fashion business, Gigi Hadid will wear just about anything you can build with needle and thread, and her portfolio contains a few see-through numbers. She can wear just about anything and still look great, including Victoria Secret angel wings.

12. Rihanna

via washingtonpost.com

via washingtonpost.com

If you go over to Rihanna’s house and peek inside her closet, she actually has more sheer shirts than regular. This singer/actress/model is seriously in love with the stuff. As mentioned in the intro, Rihanna is the sheer master, and wore a nice one in her new video with Drake, entitled Work. This girl turned all kinds of heads when she wore a totally sheer sparkling number to the 2014 CFDA fashion awards. The formal dress looked like something out of 1920’s Hollywood, except for the fact that it was completely transparent. Of course there was a furry little shawl to cover up with, but you know RiRi didn’t wear that dress to be modest, and held her shawl right around her hips.

11. Scarlett Johansson

via celebuzz.com

via celebuzz.com

This cute little hottie’s career was begun thanks to sheer materials. Remember the opening credits of Lost In Translation? The camera slowly panned across Scarlett Johansson‘s now famous backside in a sheer pair of underpants. Nobody knew who the heck the girl was then, but after seeing that butt, everybody wanted more. And she’s a pretty versitile actress too. She can pull off the sweet and innocent, the period piece, and even has the edge to sell the tough girl and superhero. Besides winning a BAFTA award for acting in Lost in Translation, the hottie also won Esquire Magazine’s Sexiest woman alive, the only to ever win twice.

10. Kim Kardashian


Well if there is something revealing to be worn, here is the woman who’s going to wear it. Kim Kardashian has made a career out of going bare. Everyone has seen her assets whether they wanted to or not. She is an exhibitionist, purposely wearing string bikinis to beaches crawling with paparazzi. Her appearance is all she has going for her. So of course, Kimmy goes sheer all the time. Just google Kim and sheer and a number of skimpy images emerge. These images are very easy on the eyes, but you must try hard not to think of her whiny voice and false personality. Her sisters all wear the sheer too, maybe they all pitched in and got the quantity discount.

9. Kelly Rowland


Well, you know if Beyonce is doing it then Kelly Rowland is not far behind. She’s been riding that girls coattails since Star Search back in the early 1990’s. But Kelly is a beautiful talent in her own right. Especially after getting a breast enlargement. Maybe that’s why she’s showing them off in this shot. What she should do is wear a baseball cap that says, I Got My Boobs Done At So-and-So Clinic. She’s already got them on display, so why not be a full-fledged billboard? All jokes aside, beautiful Rowland has found modest success since her split with Destiny’s Child. She hosted American X-Factor and has recently starred on the hit TV series Empire.

8. Rita Ora

via popsugar.com

via popsugar.com

Rita Ora definitely has the goods to show off with the best of them and graces several different sheer outfits in the annals of the google search image galleries. She’s also a fan of star-shaped pasties. The Albanian, born in Kosovo, first reached pop music success on the British charts before gaining stardom on this side of the pond. Her huge hit Black Widow with Iggy Azalea boosted her popularity. She recently sang onstage at the Oscars, and her after party dress was very revealing. Ora acts too, and has been seen in Fast and Furious 6 and Fifty Shades of Grey.

7. Britney Spears

via celebuzz.com

via celebuzz.com

There was a time when Britney Spears ruled the world, and it was largely due to her revealing use of a sparkly sheer cat suit. Her star reached its pinnacle when she walked out onstage to perform during the 2000 MTV Video Music awards. At first the crowd thought she was wearing a Michael Jackson inspired black suit and tie. But soon she ripped the suit clean off and danced seductively, virtually in the buff. Since then Britney has appeared in many sparkly rompers including the video for Toxic, as well as onstage for her current residency concerts at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.

6. Kate Hudson


Kate Hudson, the pretty blonde Oscar nominated sweetheart, is nothing but sweet. She wears enough yoga pants and sheer shirts to keep every man’s tongue waving, including on and off lover Nick Jonas. And the starlet has the genes to keep on going. Hudson’s mother, Goldie Hawn was flaunting her curves for years in Hollywood. Kate has recently had a lull in her professional career. She peaked early in Almost Famous but has settled mostly for rom-coms ever since. Her lastest film Rock the Kasbah with Bill Murray was star studded but too zany for the box office. But Kate is doing well, investing in her fashion line, JustFab.

5. Kate Upton


via menn.is

Another smoking hot model, buxom blonde Kate Upton demanded our full attention once she pulled herself out of that pool in that wet white t-shirt. Wet t-shirts are in a sheerness category all their own. Due to their increased cling factor, sometimes a wet T can be even more revealing than mesh. Plus the wetness factor lends itself to fantasies of a sweaty bed partner, or a co-showering opportunity. Kate has done Sports Illustrated, Carl’s Jr, an app, and even a major movie. What comes next is the question, the beauty’s star has faded lately and she seems to be clinging on the edge of fame.

4. Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus wears the craziest stuff in Hollywood. Goofy fake blonde dreadlocks, or a bikini made of white teddy bear fur. Or the tackiest pink onesie with a V cut high up on her hips, pulled up tight with her crotch on display. Sometimes Miley doesn’t wear anything at all, she just holds on to a wrecking ball and swings around. Actually the sheer stuff may be some of her most decent outfits. She usually wears sparkly pasties to go with, or maybe a strategically placed electric tape X. Miley recently reunited with her ex, Liam Hemsworth, and they are engaged again. All her crazy behavior began after their first split, so maybe rekindled love will be Miley’s return to normalcy.

3. Rose McGowan

cofrinhos 5_link

via stylist.co.uk

Now here is a true sheer materials pioneer. Hot brunette Rose McGowan is not really a big star anymore, nor was she ever really, but she did cause quite a stir at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards. She walked onto the red carpet accompanied by Marilyn Manson and everybody’s jaw just dropped. Until then there was a certain amount of modesty in the world and Rose shattered those norms with mesh. Her ‘dress’ still seems revealing even by today’s standards. After her Charmed run, and Scream success, the actress suffered major cuts to her face from a car accident, which resulted in plastic surgery. She is still working in Hollywood, but no hits lately.

2. Selena Gomez

via celebmafia.com

via celebmafia.com

Ah, Selena Gomez, you’ve come such a long way from Wizards of Waverly Place, haven’t you? We all know her history, theBiebs, Disney, Spring Breakers, and so on. Selena continues to captivate us, and one of the reasons why is her clothes selection. She doesn’t like wearing thick fabrics does she? The material on some of her shirts shows about everything you need to see. She had a hit singing about, “I just wanna look good for you,” and nothing rings louder than the truth. That must have been an autobiographical song about what she’s wearing every time she leaves the house.

1. Jennifer Lopez


A fashion icon since the 2000 Grammy Awards, Jennifer Lopez has been known to push the envelope when it comes to skin. Her green Versace gown that cut down past her navel wasn’t sheer, but she was definitely exposed. She keeps on going too, and wore a sparkly, lacy gown to the 2015 Billboard Music Awards. This gown also showed off her washboard stomach that still looks great even after giving birth to twins. The superstar headliner, who once was a back-up dancer for New Kids On The Block and Janet Jackson, often prefers semi-transparent body suits when she dances onstage and in concert.


10 Times Celebrities Got Away With Being Nearly Naked On Instagram

10 Times Celebrities Got Away With Being Nearly Naked On Instagram

Another day, another nearly nude picture of Kim Kardashian, am I right? Believe it or not, Kim isn't the only celebrity posting nearly nude pics on Instagram — plenty of other celebrities are getting in on the naked act. Here's a look at a handful of celebrities pushing the Instagram terms of service rules to the limit. There are gonna be lots of black bars and strategically placed arms ahead, but you'll get the idea.

Kim Kardashian


Today, the 35-year-old reality star posted this pic (which is actually an older selfie and not her post-baby bod, so don't feel too bad). She added the caption, “When you’re like I have nothing to wear LOL" Ugh. Methinks Kim is feeling a little jealous of all the attention Kanye's getting from his crazy Twitter run lately. Don't worry Kim, you're both whack attention hogs.




Rihanna took to Instagram to thank Prada for her new boots and the world thanked Rihanna for thanking Prada in such a nearly nude way. Hopefully she found an outfit that they paired well with.

Lady Gaga


Gaga posted the above picture, a preview of her V Magazine spread, on Instagram for her fans. Gotta love calling nude pics a spread.  Lady Gaga clearly waxes.

Selena Gomez


When Selena posted this nude pic, her fans were shocked to see just how grown up she was (and probably did some serious zooming in as well). The caption for this might as well be "In your face, Bieber".

Miley Cyrus


Nude Miley pics are about as exciting as nude Kardashian pics these days, but no nude Instagram celebrity story is complete without them. At least she's trying to be artsy in this one.

Kendall Jenner


Why on earth did she take this? Clearly Kim got all the bootie in the family. You'd need a Hot Wheels monster truck to navigate Kim's backside.

Paris Hilton


Paris posted this pic and asked her fans if it was a good cover for her latest music single. Then everyone laughed and said "Your 15 minutes are over, babe. Please stop."

Justin Bieber


When Justin Bieber went on vacation, he posted this belfie and captioned it "Look." We did. Now turn around so we can look with mouths agape.

Lindsey Lohan


Lohan posted this nude selfie while on vacation in Greece with the caption, "I love my golden villa at Cavo Tagoo. Thank you to my friends here." Yeah, the point of this pic was totally to show us your villa.

Nicki Minaj


Nicki isn't just all butt, she's got some major boob action (So much, we gave this one a minor edit) going on too!  She constantly pushes the envelope on Instagram, captioning the above image, “Should I add #Pasties to the Spring Collection????" I really hope she did. I would totally wear Nicki Minaj brand pasties under something. I'm super modest.


10 Times Celebrities Got Away With Being Nearly Naked On Instagram



If you would have bet Gail Wilson a million dollars before last Saturday that a naked man would one day walk into her house, say hello and then fall off a cliff while he was being chased by cops, odds are she would have taken that bet.

And she would have lost.

According to the East Oregonian, that's exactly what happened to Wilson last Saturday as she sipped soup at her Pendleton home. It ended a short while later when officers were forced to rescue a naked Stephen Burton as he dangled from a tree at the bottom of a cliff.

"I thought, 'This is it, I'm going to be raped or murdered,'" Wilson said after the 30-year-old butt-naked man walked into her house. "I'd more or less accepted my fate. Today was my day. But I wasn't going to let him take me gently."

Suffering from muscular dystrophy, Wilson had to wait for Burton to get closer before she could push him away. After doing so, Burton then sat on Wilson's scooter for a few minutes before taking one of her dogs into one of her bedrooms.

God knows what Burton was doing to that poor pooch, but Wilson seized the opportunity and called 911. The operator asked Wilson to get the man's name, but when she asked him, Burton became mad and ran out of the house just as police arrived.

A short chase ensued but ended after Burton jumped a fence, fell down a cliff and got caught "hanging upside down from a tree by his ankle." He was arrested and charged with burglary, harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

The only thing left to do now? You guessed it: Scrub the hell out of that scooter seat.




Heavy Rescue Unit Called For Fat Naked Lady Dancing On Top Of Semi

Heavy Rescue Unit Called For Fat Naked Lady Dancing On Top Of Semi

635929501441573739-290-shut-down-05-compressed naked-truck-lady-3

Stopping traffic on a busy day is just a scumbag move but you have to be impressed that she was able to climb on top of the truck in the first place.

A woman in Texas went on a nude rampage the other day, just ran out onto a busy freeway butt naked and obstructed traffic. The woman somehow made her way on top of a stopped semi truck and started dancing for every onlooker to see no matter how unpleasant. Eventually the police and fireman showed up to take the woman in but they had no way to get her off the truck. Due to the woman’s size it would have been too dangerous to her and the officers to climb up to bring her down they had to call the fire department. It took the efforts of three fire trucks and a dozen men to get the woman down.



Fill your mind with random trivial facts while your eyes feast on the glory of these beautiful women.  It is the ultimate test in multi-tasking.

















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15 Current TV Starlets You Didn’t Know Bared It All On Screen - NSFW



Acting in the buff is something actresses in Hollywood have had to deal with for a long time, some better than others. Many actresses prefer not to show off anything at all on camera and can still be successful. Others are famous for doffing it constantly and that’s mostly what they’re remembered for. But many are able to balance that, nude scenes but still taken seriously as actresses, even winning numerous awards. On TV, you can see that a lot with various hot ladies about but several stars that shine well with their various roles, supporting and leading. That includes how many actresses on major TV shows today have done nude in the past that may have slipped through the cracks.

Now, some actresses (like Krysten Ritter of Jessica Jones and Megan Boone of The Blacklist) were exposed in the infamous nude celebrity leak of 2014. But a lot of big stars of today have shown it in shows or movies of the past. Many were “before they were famous” stuff but others took place after initial fame but may have not gotten as much attention. It’s a sizeable list but if you cut out actresses who get nude on their own shows a lot, it’s still notable how some have done nude scenes even some of their big fans might not know about. Here are 15 current TV starlets who have doffed it on camera in the past in scenes well worth tracking down.

15. Hayley Atwell

via newhdwallpapers.in / via celebritymoviearchive.com

via newhdwallpapers.in / via celebritymoviearchive.com

The moment she took on the role of Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger, Atwell was an instant hit with fans. ABC listened and made her the star of her own spin-off, Agent Carter, showing great drive, amazing sex appeal and rocking 1940’s fashions very well. For more of her, check out the Starz mini-series The Pillars of the Earth with a scene of her villager doffing her dress to go skinny-dipping and soon ending up in bed with a new love. Atwell’s full figure is shown off very well to enhance her beauty and she also did a nip slip in the film Falcon. A good way to show this secret agent in a nice new light.

14. Rebecca Romijn and Lindy Booth

via avclub.com / via hotflick.net

via avclub.com / via hotflick.net

TNT’s The Librarians has won a good following with its humor, action and fun adventure stories. It also boasts two terrific female leads with Rebecca Romijn as Eve, the bad-ass Secret Service agent and Lindy Booth as Cassandra, a quirky genius. As a former model, Romijn is used to baring her body, including in blue paint as Mystique in the X-Menmovies. She was shown topless and mostly in shadow in Rollerball but much clearer in Femme Fatale with a hot love scene with another woman and stripping naked, including underwater to showcase a flawless body. As for Booth, the current redhead was blonde when she starred in 2001’s anthology Century Hotel. It makes watching the show more fun to know how hot both these ladies can be.

13. Caity Lotz

via thenerdsofcolor.org / via filmdroid.hu

via thenerdsofcolor.org / via filmdroid.hu

The actress came to prominence playing Sara Lance, aka the first Black Canary on the CW’s hit Arrow. She was terrific in the leather costume and bisexual flavor, so much so that when her character was killed in the third season, the outrage was so huge that the producers found a way to bring her back to life. She’s due to star in the much anticipated spin-off,Legends of Tomorrow but if you want to see more, check out the 2013 British sci-fi film The Machine. She plays Ava, an android soldier who gains intelligence to fight against her creators and Lotz spends most of the movie in a skintight suit that enhances every curve of her body. She shows the rest when she walks down a hallway before her creators, nice shots of her rear and breasts from the side and whether her title color is Black or White, this Canary takes flight nicely with her sexiness.

12. Lucy Liu


via buddy2blogger.blogspot.com / via yellowbullet.com

After breaking out as the wicked Ling on Ally McBeal, Liu got movie stardom with Charlie’s Angels and other roles. She currently can be seen playing the smart Joan Watson on CBS’s hit Elementary but if you want to see a different side, go back to the 1997 movie City of Industry and be treated to Liu doing a terrific striptease that shows her very lithe body off. Also, the horror-action movie Rise: Blood Hunter includes her topless in bed and a wild sequence hung upside down naked. In both cases, Liu shows off a body quite flexible and the alluring cool edge that makes her so hot.


11. Rose McIver


via ign.com / via celebritymoviearchive.com

The New Zealand actress is drawn to sci-fi and fantasy stuff as her first major role was Yellow Ranger Summer on theRPM incarnation of the huge franchise. She currently plays the hottest zombie ever seen on the CW’s hit iZombie working an excellent American accent. However, McIver has had a recurring role in the first two seasons of Showtime’s Masters of Sex as Vivian, the daughter of a pair of college professors. As expected for this show, she gets naked for some steamy scenes, McIver showing off a good body and little shame in being naked around other people. She may not show as much in her main role but a reminder how good her body is under that white makeup.

10. Lana Parrilla

via disney.wikia.com / via picterest.info

via disney.wikia.com / via picterest.info

For several years, Parilla bounced around various shows that were okay but not really up to her talent. That ended in 2011 when she starred in Once Upon a Time and is easily the best part of the entire show as the Wicked Queen, rocking these outlandish but sexy as hell outfits and wicked smiles. Forgotten amid her various early credits is Very Mean Men, a 2000 comedy about a mob war that’s mostly forgettable. What is easily remembered is Parilla’s role as a call girl, engaging in a hot scene that lets the chest often held in corsets loose and nicely too. A nice way to prove his gal can be wicked hot.

9. Taraji P. Henson


via elle.com / via celebritymoviearchive.com

The star of Fox’ Empire has become an icon with her performance as the wild Cookie Lyons, always in fine style and dropping one-liners with glee. She’s shown her sultry side plenty of times on the show but the best way to see her body on display is in Baby Boy, a 2001 John Singleton drama as Yvette, an older woman taking up with a young man who eventually becomes her husband. Henson got attention for the role with some very hot scenes in bed and clearly has gotten even sexier with age, making this a nice start to a very colorful career that’s reaching its stride.

8. Gillian Anderson

via huffingtonpost.com / via honeylambsbff.tumblr.com

via huffingtonpost.com / via honeylambsbff.tumblr.com

About to return to her iconic role of Dana Scully on the revival of The X-Files, Anderson has been a presence on TV several times from the short-lived Crisis to the acclaimed Hannibal and the British drama The Fall. She did show off briefly her chest in a love scene in the 1992 movie The Turning but obviously, her Scully role kept her pretty busy afterward. However, in 2007, she starred in the British indie Straightheads as a wife who, with her husband, seeks revenge on the gang who attacked them. Anderson gives it her all, going naked in a fantastic sex scene and showing the heat under her cool exterior. It shows how great an actress she is and more than ready to continue in her most famous role soon.

7. Catherine Bell


via aceshowbiz.com / via celebritymoviearchive.com

One of those women who barely seems to age, Bell has been a TV mainstay since her big role as Sarah “Mac” Mackenzie on the long-running hit, JAG. She followed that with another long stint on Lifetime’s Army Wives and currently stars as the title role in Hallmark’s The Good Witch. She first showed off her amazing chest way back in 1990 on the HBO comedy Dream On. She was Isabella Rossellini for a scene exiting a pool naked in 1992’s Death Becomes Her but the best showcase for her body was an episode of the 1996 Cinemax anthology Hot Line as she plays a businesswoman sharing a story of a hot office hookup to her friends. From stripped against a door to amazing love-making, Bell lets it all hang out and in fine style to showcase how age has done nothing to stop this lovely sexpot.


6. Kerry Washington


via styleblazer.com / via celebritymoviearchive.com

The star of ABC’s Scandal is well known for her fashionable style on the show as a ruthless fixer who gets into very steamy situations. However, Washington has doffed it a few times in the past.


Among the big ones: being with another woman before her husband walks in on them in She Hate Me; lounging with her male lover in The Last King of Scotland; in bed again with Mother and Child; and a bit darker, abused as a slave in Django Unchained. Either way, Washington shows a fantastic body off and no wonder she does such sexy scenes on network.


5. Ming-Na Wen


via moargeek.com / via vk.com

It’s hard to believe this woman is 52 as she looks hotter than ever before kicking ass on a weekly basis on Marvel’sAgents of SHIELD series. If you want to imagine what she looks like under that leather suit, look at 1997’s One Night Stand, an ensemble comedy about various folks in Los Angeles hooking up. Ming-Na is shown in bed after one such stand, her very nice breasts on display and little shame with the rest of her body. As the woman looks almost exactly the same now as then, it still holds up and lets you enjoy a softer side to this bad-ass agent.

4. Eliza Dushku


via spinoff.comicbookresources.com / via celebritymoviearchive.com

Breaking out as Faith on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dushku has moved on with various hot roles in movies like Bring It On and the Joss Whedon series Dollhouse. One role mostly forgotten is The Alphabet Killer, a 2008 film where she plays a cop investigating a brutal series of murders. It’s a dark movie with Dushku given meatier material than usual and at one point, is hospitalized by injuries. She takes off and we see Dushku’s bare breasts as she changes her shirt, a very nice shot to showcase her great body. Dushku is about to return to TV in Cinemax’s wild crime drama Banshee and one hopes she shows off even more this time around to remind us what a sexy minx she is.

3. Shiri Appleby


via hollywoodreporter.com / via dirtymag.com

Following the end of her star-making role in Roswell, Appleby faded a bit with the short-lived Life Unexpected and various TV movies. She’s gotten back in the limelight, however, starring in Lifetime’s surprise critical hit UnREAL as a conniving producer who gets in hot circumstances. That should be no surprise given her brief but oh-so memorable appearance on the second season of HBO’s Girls as the latest hook-up of Adam Driver. Appleby shows it all, from her great breasts to nice rear in a wild sex scene that pushes boundaries but showcases that under that quiet “girl next door” look is a fantastic sexy lady.

2. Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander


via dvdbash.tumblr.com / via slashnude.com

The success of TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles rests on the terrific chemistry of its two leads with Harmon as the tough cop and Alexander as her quirky medical examiner friend. For Harmon, you have to go all the way back to 1997 and the comedyLawn Dogs to see her naked in bed, showing her firm breasts and legs off well while hooking up with a teenager.


It took Alexander a while longer but in 2015, she finally doffed it all for an arc on Showtime’s dark comedy Shameless, playing a cougar professor with a young student, showcasing her own amazing chest and nicely toned body. It lets you enjoy the show in a new light (not to mention fuels their large fanfic) to know how hot both ladies are out of uniform.

1. Melissa Benoist


via businessinsider.com / via haveageekasm.com

The star of Supergirl got her big break playing the good-hearted Marley on Glee, showing her terrific singing prowess. However, her first big TV role was on the first season of Showtime’s Emmy-winning Homeland, playing Stacy, a small-town girl looking for a big payday. She’s in only two episodes of the show’s first season but makes the most of it as Stacy auditions for the harem of a Middle East businessman, stripping to just a thong. Benoist shows off a very nice chest with a smile, happy to be picked although hints it may not have a happy ending. Still, Benoist is great to show off one super-body.

15 Current TV Starlets You Didn’t Know Bared It All On Screen



News Team Loses Their Sh*t After Talking About Naked Yoga For Valentines Day


Would it be considered bad manners to stare at someone’s gaping hole while they do the reverse butterfly.

The worst part of nude yoga is seeing naked people you just don’t want to see naked. There are a lot of yoga positions you just don’t want to see another dude try to do.

News Team Loses Their Sh*t After Talking About Naked Yoga For Valentines Day

Man Forces Wife To Walk Naked In Public In NYC After Catching Her Texting Multiple Men



She was caught sending nudes to 7 different guys, if everyone hasn’t seen her naked yet they got their chance to.

She didn’t look like she was that against it, probably even an exhibitionist at heart. If true then this was more of a reward than a punishment.

It looks like he learned this punishment from Game of Thrones.

Man Forces Wife To Walk Naked In Public In NYC After Catching Her Texting Multiple Men

Naked Guy On Drugs Takes A Real Car To The Ass

Don’t know what drugs will cause someone to desire having a 2 ton vehicle shoved up their ass but stay the hell away from it.

Assumed the position, even grabbing his ankles in anticipation. What’s weird is that the driver wasn’t paying attention at all, it’s as much as the driver’s fault as it is the junkie’s.

Don’t worry, other than some fractures, road rash and after a literal huge ass bruise the guy who got hit seems to be just fine. Hopefully the police get him the help he needs so he doesn’t pull this stunt ever again.

Naked Guy On Drugs Takes A Real Car To The Ass

Fat, Naked Guy Showering Off On Busy Public Beach Is A Lesson In ‘Zero Fucks Given’


This video was passed along by a coworker and it’s a tale about a man, his hog and just not giving a fuck.

Here’s her first hand account of Dr. Love Handles and his day at the beach:

So we’re at the beach in Santa Monica – always a super busy place…the strand runs right alongside it so there constantly cyclists, runners, tourists, etc. We’re at the volleyball courts that are right next to the bike path and showers and all that, and off in the distance we see a fat naked old dude by the water. Just chillin, hands behind his head, taking in the scene. I thought, ok that’s weird, but it’s kind gloomy out and there aren’t a TON of people by the water and it’s about 4pm so whatever.

Then he starts walking toward us, completely nude, clothes in hand. Walks right by our court toward the showers. People are staring but he don’t give a fuhhh. He heads right on over to the showers which are located right in front of the pathway with everyone walking by. Not to mention there’s a little cafe located right there.

He showers for, seriously, 15 minutes (apparently water conservation isn’t on his radar — not like CA is in a drought or anything). After he’s done he starts putting his shorts back on, realizes he’s still too wet to get his clothes on, so takes a seat by the pathway and waits for his bare ass to get dry before putting his clothing back on.

When I left he was still sitting there.

He might still be there or he’s in the middle of a threesome with two willing beach babes. Neither would shock me.


Fat, Naked Guy Showering Off On Busy Public Beach Is A Lesson In ‘Zero Fucks Given’

A Bunch Of Crazy People Hit The Slopes Completely-Nippliciously-NSFWly Naked

Norwegians just don’t give a shit about frostbite or even shrinkage.

This is a few clips from the ski movie ‘VALHALLA’ that you can buy on iTunes right now. Sadly, the naked skiing is only a small segment, but I bet the rest of the movie is just as fun.


Watch the whole nude trailer below:
A Bunch Of Crazy People Hit The Slopes Completely-Nippliciously-NSFWly Naked



Overweight mother: “I’m unf**kable and these women are a reminder to all the men in town of greener pastures.” Grumpy old bastard: “These beautiful women wouldn’t have sex with me 40 years ago and they certainly wouldn’t have sex with me now. I want to shut them down out of spite.” When that barista puts the lid on a cup and the white cream shoots out suggestively…that has to be intentionally left in by the video editor, it’s genius. I am assuming the mother of four refuses to take her children to the beach too.


Topless Florida White Woman Wrecks McDonalds Pauses To Guzzle Ice Cream


A Florida woman wearing nothing but a thong rampaged through a St. Petersburg McDonald's Monday, banging her head on the counter and then attempting to take apart the kitchen with her bare hands. Eventually, she chilled out by eating soft-serve straight out of the machine.

Employees posted the uncensored security footage to LiveLeak later that night, along with their running commentary.

"This woman is my new role model," one of them says.

And why not? Florida Woman doesn't play by the rules. She engages on her own terms. She puts her hand under the ice cream dispenser of life and drinks deeply of everything it has to offer, and then grabs a handful of fries for the road.

Topless Florida White Woman Wrecks McDonalds Pauses To Guzzle Ice Cream

Naked & Creepy Peeping Tom In Ronald Reagan Mask Caught Trespassing On Security Camera


An unidentified man who was wearing nothing but a rubber Ronald Reagan mask and a sock over his junk was caught trespassing at a home in Vestavia Hills, Alabama on New Year’s Eve. The dude was chased away, and the cops so far haven’t figured out who he is, but fortunately for all of us, his antics were caught on video.

The home in question belongs to Danielle Yancey, who was featured on the Bravo reality series Jersey Belle. Yancey’s husband noticed a strange shadow after taking out the garbage. He went outside and noticed the naked man in his breezeway and managed to chase him away while calling 911.

The police don’t know who the man was or why he did what he did, but theories range from typical drunken behavior to lost bets and dares.

The security footage was posted to Yucey’s Facebook page with the message “I know a lot of people are laughing about it and, honestly, I got a chuckle from it later, but at the same time, it’s very concerning. I don’t know what he was planning on doing.”

Thanks in part to the Ronald Reagan mask, the trespasser is now currently polling ahead of Carly Fiorina in the latest Iowa pollsCitation needed.

In the absence of any other concrete theories as to what this guy was doing, I’d like to offer my own. This is viral marketing for that Point Break remake that will almost certainly be terrible.

[h/t The AL]

Naked & Creepy Peeping Tom In Ronald Reagan Mask Caught Trespassing On Security Camera


The Continued Adventures Of A Butt Naked Lady



Remember last weeks installment of Adventures of a naked woman? If not check it out HERE.

In this weeks installment, one has to wonder... HAS NO ONE EVER HEARD OF A ZOOM LENSE? ZOOM MUDDERFUDGER, DO YOU USE IT?


The Continued Adventures Of A Naked Woman

The Adventures Of A Butt Naked Lady


She can walk into my life anytime.  Who doesn't like a good adventure?




The Adventures Of A Butt Naked Lady