29 That Will Definitely Make You Uncomfortable

29 That Will Definitely Make You Uncomfortable












Eye of a pholcidae aka daddy long legs spider under a microscope.

Dice made of human bone found in the home of serial killer Ed Gein after his arrest in 1957.

Mother centipede protecting her babies. This one disturbs me the most.

US soldier holds up a giant jungle centipede during the vietnam war 1967.

Ku Klux Klansmen on a ferris wheel in 1926.

The Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland. NOPE.

Inside the mouth of a leatherneck turtle. No thank you.

Fiat testing cars on the roadway atop their manufacturing building.

110 year old condoms. Made from fish bladders, each could be reused up to 10 times.

Serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer standing with his giant bong made of snow in 1976.

X ray of a pregnant dog's belly. Or Alien, I'd buy that too.

Tampons from back in the early 1900s.

Feeling lonely? Good news! This is a demodex mite, aka a face mite. Your face is covered in them! You'll never walk alone.

Mother of 4 Katherine Knight with her boyfriend John Price.... three days after this photo she killed him and ate him.

Egyptian dental work dating to 2000 BC.

Glass bathroom floor built over an abandoned elevator shaft.

Huntsman spider watching over her babies.

A child's skull, showing adult teeth waiting to come in over the course of time.

A person exhibiting Ulnar dimelia, a rare congenital anomaly of the upper limb characterized by “duplication of the ulna, absence of the radius and polydactyly”...sometimes also called mirror hand syndrome.

5 foot long earthworm discovered in Ecuador in 2014.

The only surviving pair of authentic Necropants, on display at the Museum of Icelandic Sorcery & Witchcraft in Holmavik, Iceland. Made from human skin, sorcerers and witches would wear these trousers all day and night under their clothes as a sort of underwear in order to bring them wealth. Politely being asked by your sorcerer friend to be used in a pair of Necropants after your death was a great honor in 17th century Iceland.

26 Cringe Pics That'll Take You Straight To SMH City

26 Cringe Pics That'll Take You Straight To SMH City

If you're feeling down on yourself or like you're going nowhere in life, these pics are for you. From incels to furries, from creeps to the incredibly slow, these people are in need of some serious help, or at the very least, in need of having their internet cards revoked. In short: these people will make you feel a hell of a lot better about yourself.



8 Very Odd "Would You Rathers...?" Answered With Logic

8 Very Odd "Would You Rathers...?" Answered With Logic



"Would you rather...?", the favorite game of People In Pubs since forever.

"Would you rather...?", the favorite game of People In Pubs since forever. The quandaries of this game are always tough, but the best WYRs usually contain elements of disgust, sacrifice, sexual deviance, death, dishonor and, more often than not, end up with you fighting something. Some WYRs, such as "Would you rather give up cheese or oral sex?" are purely the domain of philosophers, we'll steer clear of those.

However, some of them can be carefully deduced using science and logic, and those are the ones that we are interested in. Sure, science may not be able to yet describe the nature of the soul, or how gravity really works, but it can sure as hell help us to figure out whether we'd be better off with feet for hands or hands for feet or whether we'd be better off fighting a bear or a lion. These are the real questions.

So, we'll preface this all with that timeless question: Would you rather...

8. Have Feet For Hands Or Hands For Feet?

Okay, this seems like a pretty obvious one due the the unimaginable inconvenience of having feet for hands.

Hands for feet seems like the clear choice. However, before you go rushing into your decision, consider a life spent walking on a pair of hands.

Human feet have evolved especially to enable us to walk bipedally. Before that, our feet looked much more like those of modern-day apes - they were much more flexible and even had opposable toes. This allowed us to grasp things and climb trees with ease, but the catch is that they're not so hot for walking.

You ever wondered with the other apes aren't skipping around on two feet? Our feet have adapted for walking by developing stiff ligaments in the middle, this gives us balance and stability whilst improving walking efficiency. Our short, stubby toes are also much tougher than our delicate, spindly fingers.

Hands, on the other, er, hand, are designed for fine, delicate movements, more so than our primate cousins, they're certainly not robust enough to haul your great carcass around all day. This delicacy, combined with their frankly unstable nature, would mean that hands would actually make extremely poor substitutes for feet.

All this said, feet for hands would well and truly suck. Maybe the obvious choice is the best in this case.

Verdict: Hands For Feet.

7. Be Blind Or Deaf?

Unless you plan on developing some kind of superhero alter ego, neither of these options is exactly ideal.

But, if you have to pick one, what this really boils down to is timing. That is, whether you're born deaf/blind, or whether you become that way.

If you were to have one of these conditions from birth, then it would be much better to be born blind. Language, far, far more than vision, is essential in the normal development of a tiny human. Babies begin to hear in the womb, they learn the sounds of their mother's voice and even begin to pick up the cadence of their mother tongue long before they're even see daylight. The development of language and communication in the first two years of life is absolutely essential to normal social and cognitive development, and hearing is the primary channel for this development.

Helen Keller, the first deafblind person to earn a bachelor's degree, is quoted as saying that "the problems of deafness are deeper and more complex" than with blindness as it is a key social and learning tool for humans.

This said, once this key developmental stage is over, it comes down to what you would be more willing to sacrifice. Although hearing is a key part of human communication, particularly in large social groups, an increasing amount of our communication in the modern world is becoming text based. Being deaf and sighted would allow you to use messaging and the internet in general, in relative normality.

Another thing to consider would be the advancements in medical science. Our artificial hearing technology is currently far more advanced than our artificial vision technology. Presuming this hypothetical world in which you get to choose blindness or deafness, also allows you to then seek medical attention, cochlear implants could well restore your hearing far more effectively than the latest in artificial vision. For now at least.

Verdict: Be Deaf.

6. Face One Horse-Sized Duck Or 100 Duck-Sized Horses In Combat

This one comes up a lot in games of "Would You Rather..." and everyone has their own reasoning.

There are lots of discussions about the relative size of each adversary and it has been calculated that, due to the nature of 3D scaling, an army of duck-sized horses would actually weigh more (403 kgs) that one duck sized horse (308 kgs). This leads some people to plump for the horse-sized-duck option.

However, you have to take into account the fact that the mass of the duck-sized-horse army would constantly decrease as you took each tiny horse out, which you could do relatively easily with a kick (you monster), given a horse's delicate physiology. Although, given their numbers, you might become overwhelmed if you didn't keep on top of things.

Another factor that needs to be borne in mind is the temperament of each animal. Horses, in the real world, are dangerous because they are skittish and easily spooked.If you frighten a horse in the real world, then you're likely to get hurt or even killed. However, very tiny horses lack the only quality that makes them so dangerous, which is their size. Take that away and they're pretty harmless.

Ducks, on the other hand, are more aggressive and less timid. They have been known to chase and bite humans when they are at their normal size, so a horse-sized-duck is certainly less likely to be phased by little old you. The nearest real-world equivalent of the horse-sized duck would probably be the ostrich or cassowary which, by all accounts, are pretty formidable. The nearest real-world equivalent of a duck-sized horse that we have is, well, a tiny horse.

If either of those decided to give you a kicking, it would probably hurt, but it would take the tiny horses much longer to inflict the same damage as the big duck, giving you more time to neutralise the threat. Plus, with duck-sized-horses, you could capture them and sell them as adorable pets, demonstrating your business acumen as well as fighting prowess.

Verdict: 100 Duck-Sized Horses.

5. Fight A Lion Or A Bear?

Lion. Every time. Okay, entry over, everyone go home.

Fine. Let's show our working. This is science class after all.

When pitted against one another, grizzly and polar bears would kill a lion in virtually one swipe. Lions are pretty much apex predators on their home turf, but that's only because their aren't any bears around. They, bears, are generally much bigger, much more powerful and their thick fur, skin and fat layers make them much more resilient to injury.

In order to kill a bear, both you and a lion will need to get around the throat and asphyxiate it. A bear will simply swipe you out of the way, probably crushing your skull in the process. The bear is bigger, stronger and more difficult to hurt, you definitely stand more of a chance of (A) reaching the lion's face to get a punch in and (B) being able to choke it out.

The bear's one saving grace is that it's more likely to leave you alone, and much more likely to leave you alone if you run (whereas this will usually trigger a lion to just chase you). However, in our hypothetical scenario, we're assuming that each animal is up for a bit of fistycuffs.

That said, either way you're probably screwed. If either of these animals decide to kill you then that's probably what's going to happen. In this case, you're probably better off with the bear as it would be over quicker.

Verdict: Fight A Lion.

4. Be Really Short Or Really Tall?

Believe it or not, your height actually affects a lot more than your ability to reach high shelves. Your answer to this questions boils down to your priorities.

Let's begin with the tall ones. Some research has found that tall people might actually earn more than their more diminutive counterparts. Estimates suggest that a person over 6ft is likely to earn as much as £100,000 ($143,992) more than someone of 5ft 4in over a lifetime. As it turns out, this isn't because people just like throwing money at tall people, or because they need extra money for their enormous clothes, it's actually because they're just better.

Height has been linked to higher intelligence and better social skills, meaning that these people are more likely to succeed in their careers. Whether or not this is an inherent genetic factor, or whether people who grow up in a healthy, well-nourished environment (making them more likely to be tall) are more likely to have better opportunities in the first place, is currently unclear. It's probably a bit of both.

However, those tall people better enjoy it while it lasts, because the short people are going to get the last laugh. It has been found that those with smaller bodies are much less likely to suffer from chronic illness and diet-related disease. Shorter people also have longer lifespans than their towering friends. It is thought that this could be what is linked to the disparity in male and female lifespans, as women are, on average, shorter than men.

So, the tall people will live shorter but wealthier lives while the short people will be healthier and longer-lived with a lower chance of being successful. But hey, we live in an ageing population, so living longer isn't necessarily.

Verdict: Be Really Tall.

3. Have A Constant Pain Or Constant Itch?

Chronic pain and chronic itching are both medically recognised conditions, but which would you rather have?

Pain and itching are actually remarkably similar from a medical perspective. It is thought that both have their own system of nerves separate from the usual ones that we use to sense the world, and it is thought that some chronic itching is actually a type of pain. They're pretty similar, biologically speaking, so we'll have to make this decision based on the psychology of each condition.

Nobody likes to be in pain, and constant, chronic pain can prevent you from doing some of the things you love. It has also been shown to increase the risks of psychological disorders such as depression. However, there are some studies that suggest that patients with chronic pain actually experience an increase in the opioid receptors in the brain that allow us to cope with pain and this can even increase the pain threshold. Due to our (understandable) aversion to pain, we have developed a frankly enormous arsenal of medications to help treat it.

Chronic itching is significantly less studied than pain, which means that there are fewer ways to treat and manage it. If you're itchy, the chances are that you'll just have to deal. Itching might not physically prevent movement and independence in that same way pain does, but there are other stigmas to take into account.

Itching, as you may know, probably means scratching. Chronic itching cannot be properly soothed by scratching and this could even make the symptoms worse. This can lead to damaging scratching and skin picking that can cause scarring, pain, and infection. There is also a social stigma attached to constantly scratching yourself in public that you don't get with pain. Constant itching is also often linked with psychosis, and the itch-scratch cycle can literally drive you mad. Looks like pain actually wins this one, pass the morphine.

Verdict: Have Chronic Pain.

2. Burn To Death Or Drown?


If you're ever lucky enough to choose your method of exit from this world, it's good to know the facts. Fire and water are generally considered to be opposites, but which is worse?

Death by drowning is caused by asphyxiation as the water fills the lungs and cuts oxygen from the brain. The initial sensations felt by a drowning person are panic, but the body will initially automatically hold the breath.

As the oxygen levels drop in the body, they will begin to experience increased disorientation and weakness. As a last ditch attempt at self-rescue, the brain will force the person to take a breath, filling the lungs with water (which is extremely painful). After this, however, the person will lose consciousness and near-drowning victims often report a sensation of peacefulness just before this happens. As things go, this might not be a bad way to die.

One of the major causes of death by fire actually also happens to be asphyxiation as the toxic fumes from a fire render the victim unconscious. However, if we're talking about literally burning to death, as opposed to "dying in a fire", then things get a whole lot worse.

Flames will activate every nociceptor that they come in contact with, causing sharp, excruciating pain. after a few minutes of contact, the nerve endings will have burnt away, and the duller pain of deep injury will set in. Cause of death is actually kind of extremely rapid dehydration (or, more accurately, hypovolemia) as the fluids in your body are cooked out of you, resulting in cardiac arrest.

This, however, takes many minutes of suffering and none of that "sensation of peacefulness" as a consolation. Drowning gets the vote every time.

Verdict: Drown.

1. Experience A Kick In The Balls Or Childbirth?

Paramount/20th Century Fox

Ahh, the age old question. Men and women have been battling this one one for reasons that are not entirely clear, and we still can't seem to come to a definitive answer.

This is largely to do with the fact that pain is a subjective experience, and no two people will feel it the same. However, as this is a "would you rather", it means that there is one individual (that's you) and one pain threshold involved here.

Pain is caused by the stimulation of nociceptors in response to damage or potential damage. Testicles are covered in these nociceptors because taking a blow to the knackers is likely to cause the kind of damage that is an evolutionary no-no: Infertility. Because of this, men have evolved to avoid ball bashing at all costs by developing extreme sensitivity to pain.

Testicles are also directly attached to the stomach and, subsequently, the vomit centres of the brain via the vagus nerve, and this is what causes the dull ache in the abdomen and the urge to be sick. This makes ball-kicking a visceral, full-body experience as opposed to the more localised pain of getting kicked in the leg, for example.

The muscular cramps and visceral distention associated with giving birth actually produces a similar effect in a labouring woman's body. In addition, there is all of the stretching and tearing associated with pushing a human head out of a vagina. At the moment, we could generously call this a tie. However, we have the issues of frequency and duration to contend with.

The common argument is that being kicked in the nuts is a more frequent occurrence, whereas childbirth happens but a few times. If we're going down this route, let's run the numbers:

We shall assume that the average labour lasts for 8-10 hours, and the average amount of "down time" from being kicked in the testicles (including the initial pain and following nausea) is around 20 minutes, and the average number of children for most women in the West is two. This would mean that a bloke would have to be fully kicked in the nuts (not just clipped) between 48 and 60 times in a lifetime to match up. Now, without wanting to sound too judgemental, if you're getting kicked in the nuts 60 times, you might want to consider improving your social skills.

Verdict: Get Kicked In The Nuts, Obviously.






OwO Wuts Diss?... Creepy PM's That'll Make You Weep For Humanity

OwO Wuts Diss?... Creepy PM's That'll Make You Weep For Humanity



14 Terrible Innovations For Only Absolute Maniacs

14 Terrible Innovations For Only Absolute Maniacs -





12 Upsetting Facts That You Won't Be Able To Unlearn

12 Upsetting Facts That You Won't Be Able To Unlearn



adatewithluxinterior - Don't care. Still Cute:

Those cute smiling Quokkas everyone loves? When pursued by a predator, they will eject their baby from their pouch, abandoning the flailing baby to attract the predator so the mom can get away. Stone cold baby killers.
Also if you eat a fig you're also probably eating a metabolized wasp inside.


rex8499 - Well, that's one way to encourage abstinence:

The birds and bees talk my mom gave me included her favorite positions, and why. Forever ruined.


PM_UR_NUDES_4_RATING - Reminde me to never watch bug porn:

Some female insects don’t have any openings intended for impregnating, so their mate will just stab through their exoskeleton to get in there.


velour_manure - So the show should be called "House Judgers":

You already have to be closing on a house before you even apply to be on most HGTV shows.

It’s all fake.


timeglass - Think of that next time you're eating mutton:

Of all vaginas, a sheep's vagina has the closest resemblance to the human vagina.


-eDgAR- - NOPE:

I saw an episode of the show Monsters Inside Me and on it there was a guy that had a fly hit his eye while he was doing something outside. It was only a fraction pf a second, but it was enough time for the fly to lay eggs in his eye. He almost went blind because they were eating his eye from the inside. Now because of that I am super paranoid whenever a fly goes anywhere near my face.


Cassus_ - Does this mean that turtles can open doors:

That coughing noise the raptors make in Jurassic Park is the sound of turtles fucking. Steven Spielberg went to a zoo to get sounds for the roars and a zookeeper jokingly mentioned that it was mating season for the tortoises.


ChaneI - I'm suddenly aware that I have bones:

Your bones are currently wet.


Iamnotyourmate - I'm glad I don't understand most of these words:

The universe could be in a false vacuum state. If this is so, the universe could quantum tunnel to a lower energy true vacuum state at any time.

I'm not sure what any of that means but if it did happen all life in the universe would be well and truly fucked.


mcshaggy - Excuse me while I go eat some lemons:

When you get scurvy, your scars start coming undone. Your body is constantly repairing old wounds, and without vitamin c, it can't make collagen, so the seams start coming apart.


Hamletstwin - This is all the worst words combined into one single fact:

That "The Clap", Gonorrhea, got its name from the treatment during medieval times known as “clapping” the penis or slamming the penis between both hands (or a hard surface) to get rid of the pus/discharge and thus the infection.


Fatalope - Honestly? Good for the grandma:

That my grandmother has a tattoo on her upper inner thigh that says "slippery when wet"

15 Orgy Horror Stories That'll Make You Quit Sex Forever

15 Orgy Horror Stories That'll Make You Quit Sex Forever


1. The birthday surprise:

“It was my 38th birthday and my friends and I took a bartender home. After things got hot, the dude said, ‘You know what I’m really into? Getting eaten out.’ My friend Denise wasn’t having it, but I’d done it before and this guy was 100% grade-A beef, so I agreed. He was on his back, and Denise was sitting on his face, so I started working from his balls, to his taint, to his backdoor. As I went to town, he suddenly sharted in my mouth. I immediately sterilized my mouth with a bottle of vodka and left. I haven’t seen any of them since.”



TriStar Films

2. This heavenly campout:

“It was senior year of high school, and my friends and I had a ‘campout’ in one of our backyards. We set up a tent and ran extension cords from the house to power a radio and lamp. One thing led to another, and we all started fooling around. Halfway through, the music and lights suddenly cut off. I assumed my friend’s mom tripped over the cord, so I yelled out, ‘Shit! Everyone put your clothes on!’ Her voice called out, ‘I think it’s time for everyone to come inside.’ The worst part? She was a minister.”


3. The bloody mess:

“It was the first orgy for my friends and me, so we kept the lights off. It was really hot, and I remember thinking how incredibly wet I was, but it wasn’t until afterward when we turned on the lights that I realized I started my period midway through and it went EVERYWHERE. It looked like a scene from a horror film. Not only were we all covered in my period blood, but it had soaked into the mattress and stained the sheets. I was so embarrassed that I put on my clothes in silence and left.”




4. The pre-wedding disaster:

“My husband and I were part of an orgy the night before our friends’ wedding. While everyone was having sex in the honeymoon suite, my drunk, female roommate cried on the couch, naked. It was kind of hard to fuck with that as background noise, so I tried to carry her naked body back to her room. Security stopped me because apparently carrying a drunk, naked girl through the hall of a hotel doesn’t look so good.”


5. The good deed gone wrong:

“I dropped into my friend’s house to give her a birthday cake I spent all day making, and I saw my best friends having an orgy. I was so sad ‘cause I was apparently the only one not invited. They said I could join in if I wanted, but you could tell no one really wanted me to, so I left them the cake and went to the cinema by myself instead.”



Paramount Pictures

6. The 911 emergency:

“I was at an orgy where a guy in his twenties had a heart attack. He took Viagra before the party, which was common, and then he had some poppers mid-coitus, which was also common. Apparently the mix of the two caused him to go into cardiac arrest. An ambulance was called, and they luckily saved him. Ruined the mood for everybody else though.”

—Zachary Newman, Facebook

7. The unhappy host:

“There were five of us, each green in the act of group sex. Unfortunately there was an odd man out, and it happened to be the gentleman who hosted the party. You could tell he wasn’t having any of it. All of the sudden, there was knock at the door. Five new people arrived, and all of the original guests’ clothes were in a bundle outside. The host had replaced us.”




8. The mish-mashed party:

“I had sex with two women at an orgy because the guy I wanted to have sex with was already with someone else. I’m gay, so things definitely didn’t go as planned for me.”

—John Catlett, Facebook

9. The jealous girlfriend:

“A casual partner and I expressed interest in an orgy. We met with another couple and a girl we clicked with. After some wine, things got started. My partner nibbled on my neck, and the other two girls got hot and heavy. The one guy’s girlfriend started going down on another girl, and he cheered her on. Then he made a comment that the other girl had a nice body. The girlfriend stopped cold, threw her glass of wine in the boyfriend’s face, and locked herself in the bathroom, crying. Whoops.”




10. The lost and found:

“I lost my glasses in the middle of my first orgy. I was a bit overwhelmed, so I left the room. Then I had to wait, naked, for everyone to finish up so I could go back in and search for my glasses.”

—Becky Lynn Smith, Facebook

11. The numbing surprise:

“Two words: numbing cream. One of the dudes at the sex party put desensitizing cream on his junk so he wouldn’t come too quickly. Turns out it also numbs the person’s mouth if they blow them. It felt like I had just left the dentist’s office.”



Columbia Pictures

12. The picture-perfect night:

“My boyfriend of three years broke up with me, and I had the opportunity to go to a sex party, so I brought a friend. While there, we ran into my ex. I ended up getting trained by my friend and three other guys. My ex yelled at them to go at me harder as he forced my head down on his dick. The next morning, as I left with a hangover, the hosts of the party showed me a picture they took. It was of my ex, me, and our friend, all cuddled naked on one of the beds. Yikes!”


13. The hungry guests:

“While at a sex party, a man challenged me that he could make me orgasm, even though it routinely takes me a long time. But he was committed, and I was trying. My eyes were closed, and I was sooooooo close, but all of a sudden I heard a noise. I opened my eyes, and this random dude was lying next to me, watching, while munching on pretzels.”


RealityTVGIFs shocked tanisha tanisha thomas tanisha gets married


14. The Jason Sandwich:

“I went to an 18-plus club and met three guys. We all went back to my place for drinks and then started fooling around. It started out fun for all of us, but we started to push the fourth guy away because we weren’t as into him. He got really upset, jerked himself off, and interrupted the rest of us to make a “Jason Sandwich.” I’m Jason.”


15. And this threesome story that was too good to ignore:

“I had a threeway in high school. The girl who wasn’t part of the couple got pregnant…with twins.”


no reactions maya rudolph emotions actions








For the love of god, why? I know some people like adrenaline but seriously, why risk it all for something like this? Did your parents teach you nothing? They raised and nurtured you, loved you. Like it wasn’t hard enough without having to hop over steal beams as well. 10/10 would shit my pants and fall down the chimney screaming in horror.


14 Relationships That Are The Epitome Of Nope

14 Relationships That Are The Epitome Of Nope
Have you ever observed a specific couple, how they interact, the things they do together, what they consider romantic, and just thought HELL NO? They say love makes people crazy, but I have a feeling that the following collection of individuals were probably a little off before they found each other. From insane and jealous to freaky and trashy, here are 14 relationships you'll definitely be glad you're not a part of!

1. I can smell the crazy from here


via Imgur / nervousb***h

2. I can smell the statutory rape from here

3. After reading this, we're not shocked she ran away


via Instagram / @_________sext____________

4. A gift that shows how much you care...

Like really, really, really care.


via Imgur / Timewaffle

5. All I can see when I look at this is the last episode of True Detective season one


via reddit / [deleted]

6. Well, that was easy


via Instagram / @thesavageposts

7. Bound by the bonds of meth


via reddit / schockergd

8. Fifteen?! Mark sure gets around


via reddit / Thesteelman86

9. That's kinda messed up, Chrissy


via Imgur / Browndynamite7

10. Obviously, this is more messed up


via reddit / _lilPoundcake

11. This doesn't appear to be a mutually beneficial relationship


via Instagram / @_________sext____________

12. NOPE





via Instagram / @thesavageposts

13. Why? just why?

14. I don't even know who is the worst person in this relationship


via Imgur / cookieeatshobo

55 Pics That Will Make Everything In Your Brain Scream No!

55 Pics That Will Make Everything In Your Brain Scream No!
1Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
2Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
3Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
4Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
5Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
6Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
7Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
8Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
9Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
10Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
11Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
12Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
13Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
14Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
15Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
16Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
17Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
18Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
19Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
20Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
21Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
22Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
23Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
24Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
25Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
26Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
27Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
28Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
29Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
30Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
31Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
32Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
33Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
34Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
35Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
36Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
37Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
38Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
39Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
40Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
41Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
42Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
43Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
44Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
45Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
46Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
47Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
48Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
49Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
50Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
51Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
52Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
53Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!
54Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!

#55Everything in My Brain Is Screaming No!

55 Pics That Will Make Everything In Your Brain Scream No!


10 Terrible Pictures That Will For Sure Give You Heart Palpitations

There's nothing like a jolt of anxiety straight to the heart to get your day going.



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10 Terrible Pictures That Will For Sure Give You Heart Palpitations


These 10 Anxiety-Provoking Pictures Will Give You A Serious Heart Attack

Oh no, oh no, OH NO OH NO, NO NO NO! That...that was too close. If you need us, we'll be curled up in the fetal position under our desks.



keys grate

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bee eye

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These 10 Anxiety-Provoking Pictures Will Give You A Serious Heart Attack


Pain And Stupidity Combine For Ultimate Parkour Fails

The only equipment you need for parkour is a camera for a friend to hold HORIZONTALLY while he films your failures.

Pain And Stupidity Combine For Ultimate Parkour Fails

The 5 Deadliest Amusement Parks Ever

For something that’s supposed to be nothing but fun and joy, there are few things as divisive as amusement parks. Some people love the costumed characters, fun rides, TV shows they could be based on, and delicious carnival food. And others hate the constant walking, brutal overcharging, and, oh yeah, IMMINENT DEATH. If you fall into the latter camp, your friends might give you sh*t for being irrationally afraid of roller coasters. Well, guess what? Your fear is TOTALLY rational. And here’s proof.

(Note: This list is meant to highlight the most dangerous amusement parks, so large parks like Disneyland won’t be on the list - even though around 20 people have died there, albeit mostly from pre-existing conditions.)


5. Battersea Funfair - London, UK

deadly parks renfro

Fatalities: Five

The deadliest roller coaster accident — and third deadliest amusement park accident — happened in 1972 at the Battersea Funfair in London. A roller coaster called "The Big Dipper", which had been in operation for over 20 years without injuring anyone, malfunctioned on May 30th, 1972, killing five children and injuring 13 more. Granted, roller coaster technology has come a long way in the 60-plus years since the Big Dipper was built, but why take the chance?

3-4 (tie). Overseas Chinese Town - Shenzhen, China

deadly parks overseas

Fatalities: Six

And this is the second deadliest amusement park accident. But unlike the Battersea accident, it happened just five years ago, proving that this kind of thing is still a very real risk. Also unlike Battersea, no one really knows what happened, thanks to the tight lid put on this story by either the Chinese government, the corporation that owns the park, or the Chinese media. The only information we have is that the Space Journey ride, a ride meant to simulate being launched into outer space, malfunctioned somehow, killing six people and injuring at least ten more.

Now, China’s manufacturing doesn’t have the best reputation. At the same time, Shenzhen is a huge, modern city, around the size of Los Angeles. So what’s to say that the same thing can’t happen at Disneyland, Universal Studios, or Six Flags Magic Mountain?

3-4 (tie). Playland - New York, USA

deadly parks playland

Fatalities: Six

Playland made this list not for one major accident, but for six different ones. Playland is probably no more dangerous per capita than your average amusement park — one of the deaths was in ye olde 1938, another was from a girl choking on gum, and another was from a woman drowning in an off-limits lake — but the three modern deaths it is responsible for are especially horrifying. In 2004, a seven-year-old girl died on the Mind Scrambler when her restraining bar opened and she fell off (AKA everyone’s worst fear when they get into a ride). Three years later, on the same ride, a park employee died (probably in front of dozens of screaming children) when a second employee started the ride while she was still strapping guests in. (The ride is now closed.)

But worst of all is what happened on August 3, 2005. A seven-year-old boy somehow climbed out of a boat on the Ye Olde Mill ride — something that should not be possible — and got trapped underwater by a conveyor belt, dying of head trauma. Unlike most accidents at theme parks, Playland was held responsible, having to pay the victim’s family $1.25 million and establish a scholarship in the boy’s name. Keep those kids on a very short leash, folks.

2. Action Park - New Jersey, USA

deadly parks action park

Fatalities: At least six, plus hundreds more injuries

They didn’t call it "Traction Park" for nothing. Three people drowned in the Tidal Wave Pool in five years, and they didn’t freaking close it. All six reported fatalities from Action Park happened between 1980 and 1987, meaning that this park killed more of New Jersey in the 1980s than Richard Biegenwald. At least it finally closed down in 1996-- oh wait it reopened last year. The new owners claim a commitment to safety. I’ll believe it when I see it.

1. Six Flags Great Adventure - New Jersey, USA

deadly parks great adventure

Fatalities: Ten

I know I said "no large parks" at the beginning of this article, but Six Flags Great Adventure gets a pass. Why? Because the deadliest event in amusement park history happened here. And it wasn’t even a roller coaster — it was the freaking Haunted Castle, AKA the ride you go on when you’re scared the roller coasters will kill you. Someone set the Haunted Castle on fire on May 11, 1984, trapping and killing eight teenagers. Two other people died in the park in the 1980s, both when they failed to secure themselves on roller coasters. Give Six Flags Great Adventure a little credit, though — they haven’t had any deaths or injuries since 1987. Optimists say that means all is well. Pessimists say it means we’re due.






The 5 Deadliest Amusement Parks Ever

A Skydiver Got Stuck And Dangled From A Plane For 30 Minutes Of NOPE!


skydiver stuck on plane 30 minutes

First off, I am not jumping out of a plane…ever. This video of a guy who jumped out of a plane only to get stuck on it for 30 minutes has only served to confirm those feelings for me.

The man named Fernando Gava, who has performed over 1,000 jumps, was exiting the plane when his jumpsuit got stuck on the exit ramp. This, this was not good. For 30 damn minutes he hung there 10,000 feet in the air trying to work himself loose.

Oh, did I mention he was hanging upside down by his pant leg the whole time? Yeah…

Eventually Gava was able to cut his pant leg off with a knife, deployed his reserve chute and landed on the sweet, sweet ground.

Amazingly, according to ABC News, the only injury he suffered was a cut on his hand from the knife he used to free himself.

(Don’t worry, the video isn’t 30 minutes long, it’s just the, uh, highlights?)

A Skydiver Got Stuck And Dangled From A Plane For 30 Minutes Of NOPE!

20 Crazy 'Not The Onion' News Stories It's Hard To Believe Are REAL

Everyone (except the dumb people you’re Facebook friends with) knows about The Onion, the internet’s most popular satire website. They post articles with silly headlines that, like any good satire, almost sound true. Sometimes, though, REAL news stories sound like they’re from the Onion but are not. With the help of the members of the subreddit /r/NotTheOnion, we’ve compiled some of the craziest non-Onion news stories out there. Read them and weep for the world.

not onion er punch

not onion meerkat


not onion manchester


not onion metro


not onion banderas


not onion llanfair


not onion turtle


not onion miller


not onion slide


not onion ape


not onion coffee


not onion coke


not onion butter


not onion deez nuts


not onion gofundme


not onion spying


not onion fantastic


not onion vodka


not onion ashley madison


not onion bowser

Which one do you have the most trouble believing? Tell everyone in the comments below!


20 Crazy 'Not The Onion' News Stories It's Hard To Believe Are REAL

Naked Lady High On Synthetic Drugs Lays Waste To A Subway Shop In Alaska


I imagine there isn’t much to do in Alaska when hopped up on drugs. You could fight a bear, or fight a salmon, or fight a mountain.

Ingenious, bored drug users must go out out of their minds finding ways to keep themselves entertained.

One 35-year-old woman in Anchorage has a new way to have fun. Get naked and trash an entire Subway franchise.

I’m in.

Nikki Abrell was allegedly high on ‘spice’ (synthetic marijuana) when she locked herself in a bathroom in a Subway in East Anchorage, Alaska. Two hours later she came out without her clothes and, according to witnesses, began trashing the place, per KTUU:

When she emerged two hours later she was no longer wearing any clothes, and began to break the furniture, pull down ceiling tiles and throw around the food, tables and chairs inside the restaurant.

Hey you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re bored and high at the end of the earth.

Here’s video of the (very slow) rampage. Warning: She is naked.

Naked Lady High On Synthetic Drugs Lays Waste To A Subway Shop In Alaska

16 Dangerous-Looking GIFs That Could Have Gone Way Worse

Do not try this anywhere ever.


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16 Dangerous-Looking GIFs That Could Have Gone Way Worse

“Energy Australia Was Unable To Read Your Meter…”

A forest. A haunted house. A nightmare. Hell.

These are the usual places where you would expect to find a beast like this.

You’d hope not to run into one when checking your electricity meter...

spider on electricity meter

Particularly one that had chosen to sit astride the monitor clutching a sac and one mammoth brood of babies.

The hair-raising picture was posted to Reddit with the caption “Energy Australia was unable to read your meter…”

It’s unclear if this is a huntsman or a wolf spider, but as Velociraptornado so eloquently puts it, “That is a whole lot of NOPE.”

“Energy Australia Was Unable To Read Your Meter…”


7 Terrifying Animals More Venomous Than Black Widow Spiders

Even if they don’t exist anywhere near you, the thought of the deadly and sinisterly-named black window spider strikes fear into the hearts of millions. But it turns out that black widows aren’t actually all that deadly. In fact, the likelihood of dying in the US after a black widow spider bite is virtually zero. But there are some other animals out there in this huge, terrifying world of ours that you should worry about, because they could really kill you ... or at least seriously mess up your day. Check out these creepy crawlers that are all able to put you in the ground with much greater ease then the black widow:

Deathstalker Scorpion

poison bad deathstalker

Considered the most dangerous of scorpions, the aptly named deathstalker has an extremely venomous sting. While a single sting won’t normally kill a healthy adult, it is still considered a medical emergency. And there's good news and bad news and then more good news when it comes to this monster — the good news is that there is an anti-venom. The bad news is that it isn’t available in the US because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. But the other good news is that you should be safe, since deathstalkers only live in North Africa and the Middle East and also presumably Bond villain lairs.

Cone Snail

poison bad snail

How dangerous can a snail be, especially one with a name as nerdy as "cone snail"? Well, as it turns out, super f*ckin’ dangerous. These slow-moving death traps live in waters all over the world, and while most stings only hurt as bad as a bee sting, certain larger species can be fatal to humans. The Conus Geographus has been lovingly referred to as the "cigarette snail" because it is said that once it stings you, you’ll only have time to smoke a cigarette before the toxin kills you. Scientist are still uncertain how those time estimates translate to vaping and e-cigarettes, but urge people to be careful nonetheless.

Stone Fish

poison bad stone

Synanceia, more commonly known as stone fish, have a face only a mother could love. But being one of the ugliest-looking fishes in the sea has also armed it with a pretty good come-back for anyone making fun of it — stone fish have spikes along their backs full of potent neurotoxins and are ready to kill anyone dumb enough to step on them (which is actually a pretty understandable mistake since they're camouflaged to look exactly like rocks and hang out near the shore. Dick move stone fish).

Poison Dart Frog

poison bad frog

While the poison dart frog's cool colors might make them everyone’s favorite frog-based zoo attraction, they are nothing to mess around with in real life. Their levels of toxicity vary from species to species, but the phyllobates terribilis (more easily pronounced "golden poison frog") is terribly poisonous. Golden poison frogs might be the most poisonous animals on the planet, but remember — it's poisonous, not venomous, meaning it has no way to inject the poison into you if it feels threatened. The only way it could hurt you is if you touch it, or more specifically eat it. And don't do that, because a) they are endangered, b) it has enough poison in it to kill a human 20 times over, and c) you would be eating a frog which, despite what the French think, is gross.

Box Jellyfish

poison bad box

Anyone who has been stung by a jellyfish will tell you it isn’t a pleasant experience. Most of the time, though, it isn’t fatal ... unless you're unfortunate enough to come across one of the more potent breeds of box jellyfish. The most nightmare-inducing type is the Irukandji jellyfish, found in Australia. The jellyfish is clear and roughly the size of a fingernail so you’ll never see it coming. Its venom is some of the most potent around, with the sting starting off feeling like a mosquito bite before it escalates in symptoms and seriousness. The box jellyfish venom can even cause Irukandji syndrome, which overwhelms its sufferers with a sense of impeding doom ... which they would have had anyways because they were just poisoned and are likely to die. Honestly, it would be way weirder if they were super chill about it, like, "Yeah this hurts and I feel like I’m having a heart attack and all my muscles are super tensed up, but at least we are at the beach, ya know?"

Brazil Wandering Spider

poison bad spider

Black widows are cute cuddly plush toys of fun compared to the Brazilian wandering spider, which holds a Guinness World Record for being the most venomous spider. The wandering spider is aggressive, which means that old saying about it being more scared of you than you are of it DOES NOT APPLY. This thing can f*ck you up and it knows it and wants to. Some scientist have said that the spider doesn't pose much of a risk to humans because of its inability to deliver large quantities of venom to larger mammals. To that, I reply "Have you seen this thing? Like, take another look at it." To that, those same scientist responded "Oh sh*t! You’re right! Science be damned! Kill it! Kill it with fire and magic!"

Blue Ring Octopus

poison bad blue

Who couldn’t love a little creature like the blue ring octopus? With its tiny neon blue rings and eight small tentacles, you can just imagine this little guy playing a tiny drum set. Ahhh. Adorable. Of course, it also has enough venom in it to kill 26 adult humans in minutes. The blue ring octopus is a full-on death machine — its stings are painless, its toxin is 1,200 times more toxic than cyanide, and it causes total body paralysis and respiratory depression so that the victims are fully aware of what’s going on but unable to move or breath or signal for help or even vape one last vape pen.

That’s a lot of negatives, but on the other hand, think about that tiny drum set again. Yeah, this octopus is definitely too cute to not hug. I don’t care what the repercussions are!


7 Terrifying Animals More Venomous Than Black Widow Spiders


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