1. A shirt that motivates you as you workout by displaying a message revealed by your sweat.

2. Tissues that have been previously sneezed on to help "boost" your immune system.

3. Scarf to ruin paparazzi photos.

4. Powder to make dirty water drinkable.

5. Ben and Jerry's have a discontinued flavor graveyard.

6. Adhesive soles to go barefoot anywhere.

7. Books that can't be judged by their cover.

8. Useless flavor guide on this package.

9. Strange sign for opening a door.

10. Phone attachment for a dog selfie.

11. Hands free Oreo dispenser.

12. Black toilet paper.

13. Remote controlled mop.

14. A screen to see ahead of a truck.

15. A plant grown out of this tennis ball.

16. Bus powered by human waste.

17. Facebook flavored ice cream.

18. Reminders for pill bottles.

19. This movie theater has a screen in the bathroom.

20. This book needs to be burnt to be read.


Gillette's Latest Ad With Plus Sized Models Has Sparked a Firestorm

Gillette's Latest Ad With Plus Sized Models Has Sparked a Firestorm -



Woman Uses Her Own Vaginal Fluids As Perfume To Try To Attract Men

Woman Uses Her Own Vaginal Fluids As Perfume To Try To Attract Men

One woman tried a very exclusive perfume to help attract men—so exclusive, it can only be found in her own underpants.

Yup, that’s right: She rubbed her own vaginal fluids on her wrists in an effort to attract the opposite sex.

Author Rachel Khona set out to see if the scent of her secretions would have men flocking to her and detailed her experience in a recent Medium post. Khona wrote that she's somewhat of a vagina experiment connoisseur, which made this latest escapade a natural fit for her.

The theory goes that pheromones in down-there scents play a role in attraction. Khona—setting off for "uncharted territory"—first "wore" only her vaginal juices and later added a touch of her favorite store-bought perfume.

But Christine Greves, MD, an ob-gyn with Orlando Health System in Florida, isn't buying it. Pheromones have been largely studied as they affect visual and sexual attraction—but they haven't been researched in vaginal fluid, she tells Health. "Overall, there isn’t much scientific backing on this. This is not something I would ever recommend."

Turns out, Khona may not be recommending vagina perfume either. Aside from a few smiles and extra door holdings, she really didn't have much to report. To her disappointment, men didn’t come running from the hills to get a whiff—and she doesn't have plans to bottle her own scent anytime soon.

"If swarms of men had fallen at my feet, I would have felt differently,” Khona wrote. Instead, she came to the conclusion that the best way to attract men is to “get a life” and to “drink, dance, and be merry.”

It's also not exactly sanitary, Dr. Greves points out. Vaginal fluids, like many bodily fluids, can contain germs—although there hasn't been a scientific study on whether or not it's possible to spread germs via vagina perfume. Still, she says, "I can't say it's horrible to do either. To each his own!" Or in this case, hers.


15 Products That Failed Cause They Were Too Ahead Of Their Time

15 Products That Failed Cause They Were Too Ahead Of Their Time -




We are often irritated by everyday things: entangled cords from our charging devices, broken or dirty benches in the park, or when we can’t make a choice between 2 drinks. But among us, there are people who are really creative and they don’t want to put up with the little things that irritate them. So, they invented really cool solutions. We don’t know the names of the creators, but we still admire the work they do.

1. This kids’ slide with rollers near Osaka Castle

2. Charging drawer

3. Designers made this box with one handle in the back to even out the weight.

4. If you can’t decide on one drink this place has a split cup so you don’t have to choose.

5. This is a Camden bench. It limits 22 unwanted behaviors: sleeping outside, trashing, skateboarding, drug dealing, theft, graffiti, and so on.

6. “Grandpa’s pillbox and bottle in one”

7. The numbers come up in random positions to prevent guessing based on wear patterns.

8. This airport put holes in the fence for photographers.

9. This airplane has no physical blinds on the windows. They are electrochromic.

10. This sake-serving bottle has a hole in the side for ice.

11. This bench has USB ports.

12. Gloves for washing dishes

13. A manual on survival inside a camping backpack

14. This spoon with an indent so it doesn’t slip into the bowl

15. These traffic light figures in Vienna that fell in love

16. Bed of the future

It can track your sleep and other health indicators, it has a built-in screen and sound system, and of course, you will be able to see the night sky when you fall asleep.

10 Real-Life Inventions of 2018 You Thought Only Existed in Science Fiction Movies

10 Real-Life Inventions of 2018 You Thought Only Existed in Science Fiction Movies



In today’s world, it seems technology has already reached its limit and it’s hard to believe we’ll ever see anything new again. But inventors have a different opinion as they keep surprising us with gadgets that are meant to make our lives more comfortable. We bet you’ll be surprised multiple times while reading this article.

1. Glasses that protect you from commercials

Many people get annoyed by ads and they’re really hard to avoid. They’re everywhere: on billboards on city streets and in the middle of your favorite TV shows.

That’s why Ivan Cash and Scott Blew created special glasses called IRL Glasses that act as filters. A special polarizing coating is applied to the lenses which not only protects you from ultraviolet radiation but also blocks radiation from the screens.

IRL Glasses are suitable for all types of displays except for smartphones and OLED matrix displays. The inventors promise to correct the latter. These magical glasses will be available for purchase in April of 2019. The starting price will be $49.

2. A device that won’t let you lose the things you need

No one is insured from losses. But the good news today is that keys, wallets, baggage, and other valuables can stay well protected. The Tile Mate won’t let you leave or lose an important item thanks to its ability to give signals that notify you about it. This portable Bluetooth sensor can be attached to any item.

The device connects to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, while a special application monitors and shows the status of items the device is attached to. When the Tile Mate is enabled, it can be called by pressing a special button from the application and you follow the sound of its melody. The device is currently on sale.

3. A painting robot

Scribit is a robot for interior design. It paints vertical walls in a semi-autonomous mode. It looks like a small metal platform that is hung on 2 cables on a window frame or on a wall. The device pulls itself on cables and moves along the surface of the wall. It has 4 markers of different colors and an eraser.

The robot works on command from a special smartphone application which sets the trajectory by applying lines to the wall. All a user needs to do is show a picture to be painted and limit the size of the “canvas” so that Scribit doesn’t go beyond the borders. The device isn’t available for purchase yet but it will be displayed at the Salone del Mobile exhibition on April 16, 2019, in Milan.

4. A controlling bracelet

The Myo Armbandis a bracelet that consists of rubber bands that hold sensors. It reads muscle impulses and learns about your movements before you do them. You can control it by using a computer, tablet, or smartphone with its help and you can even navigate things with one wave of your arm.

It helps to totally free your hands while the bracelet located on your forearm tracks 4 types of motions and rotations in all planes and directions. The device is very simple to use — it won’t take long to get used to the new method of navigating and controlling.

5. A mirror that controls your fitness routine

The Mirror is a wall screen that functions as an interactive fitness coach. It lets users broadcast live training and get feedback from coaches right away. It lets people do sports at home at a time most convenient for them.

6. A smart home garden

SproutsIO is an intellectual garden that creates ideal conditions for growing vegetables, greens and fruits. The device helps the installed program to make the necessary settings that automatically selects the amount of water, nutrients, and light needed.

Additionally, the settings let you control the sweetness of the fruit you grow. The device uses just 2% of water from the amount of humidity that is required by traditional open-air gardens and it stimulates the growth of plants 3 times faster.

7. A mirror that helps you take care of yourself

Care OS is a mirror that uses gestures and face recognition to give advice on skin care. It also lets you listen to music and take selfies. The device is based on a camera that analyzes the user’s skin condition and gives recommendations about how to protect it from UV rays and how to moisturize it.

8. A filter mask

The Breaze mask filters out particles from the air that threaten our health in everyday life, from small particles to bacteria. The device doesn’t constrain movement and doesn’t accumulate moisture during exhalation. It’s suitable for people living in big cities who care about their health.

9. A flexible TV set

OLED is a super thin TV set produced by the LG company. It weighs about 4.5 lb and is fixed to the wall with a magnetic backing. This type of screen transmits colors with a bigger contrast and is much more energy efficient than its liquid crystal analogs.

10. A smart door lock

The August Smart Lock lets you control your home or office’s front doors with the help of a mobile application via Bluetooth. The application lets you track your door’s movement and makes sure that the door is locked. You can also let your friends or relatives in remotely with the help of the program.

Additionally, there’s an option to obtain information about the opening and closing of the front door. The lock reports to the smartphone it’s connected to. The device is currently available for purchase.

37 Filthily-Named Products That Are Actually Real

37 Filthily-Named Products That Are Actually Real











According to psychologists, each color used in an advertisement tends to stir certain emotions in customers. For example, red attracts people’s attention and usually creates a sense of power, while blue makes things seem trustworthy and is often associated with courage. To increase the sales of their products marketers use a lot of different strategies, and sometimes the results turn out to be really impressive.

19 Things People Will Never Buy Again

19 Things People Will Never Buy Again



17 Famous Things That Started With Completely Different Names

17 Famous Things That Started With Completely Different Names

1.  Originally the film ‘The Breakfast Club’ was supposed to be called ‘The Lunch Bunch’.  Although it makes more sense, since, well they actually eat lunch together, it does sound a lot more lame.

2.  Back in 1893, you could only crack open an ice cold Brad’s Drink. Who the fuck is Brad, you ask? Creator Caleb Bradham named it that after his surname, but changed it to Pepsi in 1902.



I kinda understand $1,000 watch, but six figures? People must have money burning their pockets.

The Untold Truth Of Red Bull

The Untold Truth Of Red Bull


Whether you're the type that can't imagine a trip to the grocery store or gas station without grabbing an energy drink or if you rely on them only for an occasional emergency pick-me-up, you're familiar with the distinctive taste of Red Bull. It's gone from being the drink of choice for truck drivers in Thailand to a global phenomenon, and you might be surprised to find it wasn't an instant, overnight success. Let's talk about some of the stranger things you might not know about the beverage that kicked off the energy drink revolution…


Testing Flex Tape

Testing Flex Tape -



Flex tape can be like the universal tape!

This List Of Things That Didn’t Exist On Christmas Day 10 Years Ago Is Mind-Blowing

This List Of Things That Didn’t Exist On Christmas Day 10 Years Ago Is Mind-Blowing -


To quote the iconic rapper Slick Rick ‘Hey Young World‘, with Christmas fast approaching it’s at times like this where I take a moment to reflect on life’s peculiar intricacies.

Keywords being; ‘reflect’ and ‘time’…. ‘Time’, in particular, is a daunting thing right? As cliche as it may sound, time really does fly by.

When you sit back and really think about how we a society have progressed – or regressed – it really does boggle the mind.


Think about it, 10 years ago we didn’t have access to apps like Angry Birds and Tinder to keep us occupied while we sit on the toilet.

Even something like WhatsApp, which is so ingrained in regards to how we communicate with each other that we couldn’t possibly imagine life without it, is barely 10 years old.

So in that respect, we’re about to blow your collective little minds and present to you…

A List Of Things That Did Not Exist On Christmas Day 10 Years Ago


Uber – Launched in 2009


Airbnb – Established in 2008


Instagram – Launched in 2010


Snapchat – Launched in 2011


Bitcoin – Established in 2009


iPad – Launched in 2010

Facebook Messenger App – Launched 2011


Kickstarter – Founded in 2009

Natalia Alexiou / Flickr

Pinterest – Launched in 2010

Jerry Gadiano/UNILAD

App Store – Released in 2008

Columbia Pictures

Angry Birds – First game released in 2009

Google Chrome – Released in 2008

PA Images

WhatsApp – Released in 2009


Candy Crush – Released in 2012


Alexa – Released in 2014


Tinder – Released in 2012


Apple Watch – Introduced in 2015


Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes – First brewed in 2015

Warner Bros

I don’t about you but that list has made me feel well old. Someone get me out of here, take me back to the 90s, please.

10 Worst Product Flops of All Time

10 Worst Product Flops of All Time

Remember Google Glass? Google would likely rather forget it. The wearable technology tops the worst product flops of all time, according to 24/7 Wall St, which outlines the top 50 (though it doesn't share its methodology in compiling the list, it does give the reasons for the flopliciousness). While Google Glass faced privacy concerns and public bans, other products on the list suffered from flaws, overpricing, and bad advertising. The 10 worst product flops:

  1. Google Glass (2013)
  2. Apple's Newton personal digital assistant (1993)
  3. Atari's ET the Extra-Terrestrial video game (1982)
  4. Burger King's Satisfries (2013)
  5. RJ Reynolds' smokeless cigarettes (1988)
  6. Frito-Lay's Cheetos Lip Balm (2005) (EWWW!!!)
  7. Fox's Terra Nova TV show (2011)
  8. Clairol's Touch of Yogurt shampoo (1979)
  9. Coca-Cola's New Coke (1985)
  10. Microsoft's Windows Vista (2007)

Click for the full list


You've Had A Douche In Your Mouth

You've Had A Douche In Your Mouth

Here’s your Screaming Proxy on the undesirable reality that you have used products made from douches, enema’s and tampon applicators. Worse yet, you put them in your mouth daily.




And here you were thinking that the alarm clock that wakes you up with an orgasm was the pinnacle of innovation, but guess what? You were dead wrong. Because a Spanish communications agency has created some stress balls that look like testicles. What an age to be alive.



The company, called Imaginarte, figured that people were getting tired of squeezing a stress ball that looked like a plain regular ball. So how did they up the ante? By making it look like a fabulous pair of bright pink testicles. Called Niceballs, this stress realiver can be attached to under your desk so you can squeeze it while telling yourself not to burn down your office building quite yet."It is possible to be productive while you touch the balls," the awesomely perverted company explained. "Its suspension rate generates a Euclidean curve [which] relaxes and provides those seconds of escape that we all need from time to time."


And sometimes "seconds" is all us dudes need.

So if you want to be the talk of your office (or anywhere, really) get a pair of testicles you can squeeze. You can get these pink gems here.

Happy squeezing.


10 Worst 'As Seen On TV' items ever

10 Worst 'As Seen On TV' items ever


Everyone is familiar with the As Seen On TV products that have become cultural Americana at its finest, including the Snuggie, Shake Weight, and even Magic Mesh. But for each home run, there's a horrible strikeout that should've never been created, let alone be advertised on the airwaves. We've seen some weird As Seen On TV products before, but you're going to need a whole lot of OxiClean to purify your memories of these horrible inventions. Watch our video above or read on below, and subscribe to Looper on YouTube for endless entertainment!
Bowl Brite

Do you have trouble distinguishing whether your toilet seat is up or down? And do you also wish your nighttime trips to the toilet could be accompanied by a ghostly green or red glowing light? Consider this your lucky day, because Bowl Brite has a solution for both problems. Simply install the batteries and LEDs on your toilet lid and start enjoying a Christmas-themed evacuation of your bowels and bladder! Red means the seat's up, green means it's down, and if you actually spent money on this, it means you're a lunatic.
Dump Meals

From the maker of Dump Cakes now comes Dump Meals, because if there's one word in the vast expanses of the English language that denotes a delicious delicacy, it's the word 'dump.' Dump Meals sound so appetizing we don't know why more restaurants don't feature them. Well, maybe it's a copyright issue. They might have to come up with a closely related knockoff like Splatter Platters or Painted Bowls. The possibilities are endless, really.
Sauna Pants

Any professional trainer worth listening to will tell you that the key to achieving fitness goals is a humid crotch. Calories consumed vs. calories burned? Forget all that, because with Sauna Pants, you can just strap what is essentially an electric heating blanket to your groin and just watch the pounds melt away—and possibly your chances of ever having children, but do you even know how hard it is to make it to the gym when you have kids?
Neck Magic Air Cushion

If someone told you they were going to wrap a device around your neck and use a pump to slowly increase the pressure and pull your head away from your shoulders, you'd probably wonder why your murderer was being so detailed and upfront about his plans. But you can rest easy if he's strapping the Neck Magic Air Cushion around your throat, because if he stops just short of blocking your airway, you'll experience soothing muscle relaxation and even headache relief!
My Secret Hair Enhancer

There's really no secret here. This is spray paint for your bald spots. Nothing more, nothing less. It's an aerosol can full of hair-colored paint, that you use to coat the bare spots of your scalp in between the clumps of your thinning hair. Spray paint is for graffiti and patio furniture, not human heads. Don't use My Secret Hair Enhancer unless you're prepared for everyone to know your secret right away…That you spray paint your bald head.
Potty Putter

Like Bowl Brite, Potty Putter attempts to tackle yet another of the many issues that failed inventors feel need to be addressed: spending too much time on the toilet. We always thought number two was a fairly simple transaction, but apparently some people feel that straddling the porcelain throne is just too much wasted time. Now, you can practice your golf putt while you poop, which will hopefully improve your skills. If you need more practice, go ahead and drag a toilet out onto the green. We're sure the country club will have no problem with that.

Okay, someone needs to explain what the deal is with golfers combining their sport and their bodily functions. The UroClub is a hollow golf club that you pee into while a green towel discreetly covers your crotch. It's a classy way to relieve yourself on the course that allows for minimal interruption of gameplay. Besides, how are you supposed to make awkward eye contact with your buddies if you're way off behind a tree or a bush? That just wouldn't do at all. Just a fair warning: this is an easy way to make your golf caddy get P.O.'ed.
Poo Trap

Everyone knows how challenging it is to bend down and pick up doggie doo-doo. In an attempt to alleviate this brutal task, here's a complicated harness system you attach to an excited, wiggling dog as he practically drags his owner out the door—all to hang a bag from the dog's butt, which the owner still has to bend down and pick up. So either wait to buy this product until Poo Trap version 2.0 possibly improves the design with a pulley system or, you know, just bend down and pick up your dog's crap.
EZ Butter

It always stinks to try to cut into butter and encounter all of the problems that arise. Bent knives, broken fingers, uneven chunks, and divorce are just a few, so thankfully there's a contraption that takes care of all of that. EZ Butter slices your butter into perfect portions every time, and even shoots them out with a fun click—it even works on margarine! It's like a staple gun for the kitchen, only dumber and completely useless in every possible way.
Brush Buddies One Direction Singing Toothbrush

Because dental hygiene should always come with an earworm capable of inspiring suicide, there's now a toothbrush that can play One Direction music with the push of a button. On top of being highly entertaining while removing plaque, this product offers the added bonus of infuriating everyone else whenever you brush your teeth. Just think of the minutes of fun you'll have fighting gingivitis while your wife scowls and silently considers smothering you with a pillow tonight. And the children won't be left out either as they'll undoubtedly be googling how to legally emancipate themselves from you. It's fun for the whole family!


The 21 Most Bullshit Man Products Made Just ‘For Men’

The 21 Most Bullshit Man Products Made Just ‘For Men’


Someone asked Reddit what the most bullshit “for men” products were, so I went through and picked the funniest and most ridiculous responses, which you can find below…


Dude Stick “Chapstick For Men”

You ever listen to 50 Cent’s “Magic Stick” and thought, mmm, I want that all over my lips!? Then, you’re in luck. You might also be attracted to men. Self-discovery is an amazing adventure!



Sunscreen For Men

Only a company like “Banana Boat” would try to sell something like this. Get on the boat, the Banana Boat? Why? Why do you want me to ride your banana? And then cover me in your lotion?


Kleenex Mansize Tissues For Men

Yo, you blow big loads!??!


Man Lotion

Yo, you like to be covered in big loads?!?!?



I can’t really knock this idea. Somehow, it’s less offensive than ‘donut holes’. But, you’re still eating balls. Balls or holes, pick your poison. Chef from South Park would be proud and might be owed some royalties.


Hero Clean “The Household Cleaning Line Built For Men” 

I get that most cleaning products are targeted to women, but have some men NOT been buying cleaning products or refusing to clean because it’s for chicks? Don’t get me wrong, I hate cleaning, but it’s not because people will think I have a beaver.


Marzipan For Men

Can you imagine carrying this tool box of chocolates by a construction site?


Toothpaste For Men

You know, so you’re pearly whites ain’t girly.


Hair Ties For Men

The man bun is still a thing. Because women continue to bone bros with man buns. As soon as women shut down their downstairs parts to man bun bros, it’ll go away. Lookin’ at you, ladies.

Dr. Pepper Ten

I kinda think this is sneaky genius. It’s like reverse psychology. Like, when you see those old school cartoon characters set up a treehouse club with a sign that says “NO GIRLS ALLOWED”. You secretly want women all up in it to swipe that V-card. I guarantee there’s a group of gals out there who saw “not for women” and immediately ran to the store to buy a sixer.


Dude Wipes

I have to believe this product is solely for male strippers.


Meggings: Leggings For Men

While you’re at it, you should put Meg from Family Guy on a pair. Meg on Meggings. The men who wear meggings most likely use almost every other product on this list. Maybe it’s because they have a girlfriend and that girlfriend is sick and tired of him “borrowing” all her shit.


Manglaze: Nail Polish For Dudes

Look, I know Dave Navarro wears meggings and make up and nail polish and his penis has seen the inside of more women than all gynecologists combined, but I can’t have a product synonymous with semen on my fingers.


Gilco Men’s Pocky

Guys, it’s okay to eat chocolate snacks. Slapping “Men’s” in front of it makes it weird. If a woman eats it, will she sprout a spout down south?


Brogamats: Yoga Mats & Pads For Men

I have to admit some of these yoga bags are clever. The burrito bag is pretty boss. But, I just can’t feel right about pretending I’m a lumberjack or archer because I know how to downward dog. That thought causes a glitch in The Matrix.


Dryer Sheets For Men

Engineered to de-spunk your spandex.


Brogurt: Yogurt For Men

I might need to take a break from all yogurt after this.


Men’s Tea

If you’re gonna do this, you might as well go all the way and have the tea bags look like nutsacks.


Men’s Bread

For some reason, I feel like this would be like eating beef jerky. It just makes your jaw hurt like going down on a dame who just can’t ‘get there’.

Yorkie Bar: The Candy Bar For Guys

See what I mean? In that commercial, the woman’s like, “I HAVE to know what’s up with this candy for dudes”. If this chocolate monstrosity makes women barren, then yeah, throw a warning label on there, otherwise, I honestly don’t mind.


Flavored Milk For Men

You want to have some fun? Google “mammoth milk”. You’re welcome.


10 Shocking Reasons For Product Recalls

The single largest product recall in U.S. history occurred recently when Takata Corporation recalled millions of defective air bags. No matter how large that recall was though, it was just one of thousands of recalls that are monitored each year by organizations such as USDA and CPSC. Most recalls are reasonable or even predictable, such as when spoiled food is recalled to protect consumer health. Sometimes, however, the reasons for recalls are so unexpected that they delve into the realm of the shocking and bizarre.

10 Cookbook Contains Explosive Recipes

In 1978, a cookbook named Woman’s Day Crockery Cuisine was released in the U.S. Despite the fact that all of the book’s recipes underwent thorough testing before publication, an employee at the publishing company eventually found a significant flaw in one of the recipes. Specifically, anyone who followed the book’s steps for making Silky Caramel Slices would be greeted by a violently exploding slow cooker.

The publisher stated that a simple typo was to blame: water was a crucial ingredient in one step but was apparently omitted from the instructions. Instead, the recipe instructed chefs to cook an unopened can of condensed milk for four hours over high heat, building up dangerous pressure inside the can until it exploded. The publisher recalled all unsold copies of the book and instructed consumers who already purchased the book to cross out the recipe. Luckily, no one was hurt by this dangerous dessert recipe.

9 Polio Vaccine Contains Live, Deadly Polio

Within the next decade, humanity is expected to completely eradicate wild polio viruses from existence. Despite the success of this eradication process, early polio vaccines were sometimes very problematic, and these problems are perhaps best illustrated by what is ominously known as The Cutter Incident.

In 1955, Cutter Laboratories produced a polio vaccine that was supposed to contain an inactivated form of polio. However, over 100,000 doses of the vaccine actually contained live, deadly polio viruses. When this fact was discovered, a complete recall was initiated, but the devastation had already begun. Over 200,000 people were eventually infected with the virus from the vaccine, nearly 200 children became at least partially paralyzed, and ten people died. Among the devastation was at least one cause for optimism: a lawsuit against Cutter Laboratories set a legal precedent that began holding manufacturers of defective drugs to a higher degree of responsibility for any harm they cause.

8 “Anti-Muslim” Basketball Shoes

Nike has been the world’s dominant basketball shoe maker for decades, with its shoe sales regularly outpacing the sales from rival companies. In 1997, however, Nike experienced unexpected backlash regarding their newest Air Max shoes. The Air logo stitched into the shoes was meant to look like a flame, but some people thought that it looked like the Arabic script for “Allah,” which is the name for God according to Muslims.

The executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the shoes, saying that it was disrespectful to have the name of God written on shoes that could get sweaty, dirty, or muddy. Others were even hoping for a boycott of the shoes. In response, Nike recalled the sneakers, the first time Nike had ever recalled a product. In order to regain its good standing with the Islamic council, Nike also donated playgrounds to three Islamic communities throughout the U.S. and provided its shoe designers with training in Islamic imagery. The Air Max shoes were later reintroduced with a different, less offensive logo, and the Air moniker is still in use today.

7 Arm-Wrestling Arcade Game Breaks People’s Arms

In 2007, the arm-wrestling video game Arm Spirit was introduced in Japanese arcades. The game itself had a fairly unique premise: players sat down and literally arm-wrestled a robotic arm. The mechanical appendage represented various comical characters that were shown on the arcade screen, and the strength of the robotic arm depended on the on-screen opponent. Unfortunately, the appendage was perhaps a bit too strong, and three players broke their arms while playing the game.

How did Atlus, the game’s developer, respond to initial reports of the injuries? Not too sympathetically, actually. A spokeswoman claimed that the machines weren’t very strong, that “even women should be able to beat [the game],” and that perhaps overexcited players broke their arms while twisting them in unnatural positions. As a precaution, however, the company recalled all 150 of the arcade cabinets that were in circulation at the time. With that game no longer terrorizing children, modern arcade-goers luckily only need to be concerned with less dangerous things like out-of-control vehicles crashing through arcade lobbies.

6 Children’s Movie Swears At Children

In October of 2000, the critically acclaimed movie Toy Story 2 was released on DVD, much to the joy of millions of children. There was at least one mother who was unhappy with the release of the movie, however, when she discovered that her copy of the DVD would spontaneously begin playing the movie High Fidelity. Unfortunately for her, High Fidelity is a mature romantic comedy, and the scenes that the disc erroneously played exposed her sons to very foul language, including the dreaded F-word.

When further complaints surfaced and the story received national attention, Disney had no choice but to respond. The company quickly claimed that an unspecified “duplication error” had occurred during the manufacturing process and that only a small portion of the discs were affected. Indeed, only about 1,000 discs were ultimately recalled, all from U.S. Costco stores. In spite of any bad publicity caused by this incident, sales of the movie weren’t affected too badly: Toy Story 2 still went on to sell millions of copies.

5 Hair Dryers Blow Asbestos Into People’s Faces

Most people didn’t fully appreciate the dangers of asbestos until the middle to late 20th century, by which time the number of products containing the deadly mineral was rapidly increasing across the globe. In 1979, an investigation by U.S. television station WRC-TV and the Environmental Defense Fund confirmed one more consumer product containing potentially dangerous levels of asbestos:hand-held hair dryers.

Hair dryers at the time commonly used asbestos in their heat shield insulation. This type of use exposed the asbestos to the dryer’s hot air flow and could generate airborne asbestos concentrations of up to 110,000 fibers per cubic meter (3,100 fibers per cubic foot). None of the companies that made the dryers would initially admit to any dangers, but all of the dryers were nonetheless recalled after the companies met with the U.S.’s Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Soon after the recall, an overwhelmed CPSC answered up to 2,500 phone calls per day about the hair dryers and rejected an additional 6,000 calls per hour, simply because they didn’t have enough phone operators. After all this time though, only a fraction of the estimated 10-11 million affected hair dryers were ultimately returned, and it is unknown how many of the asbestos-filled models are still being used today.

4 Smelliest Thanksgiving Turkeys Ever

The American holiday Thanksgiving is closely associated with many things, including long parades, family gatherings, and large meals with lots of turkey. Given the holiday’s association with abundant food, it shouldn’t be too surprising when Thanksgiving food is recalled each year. In 1991 though, what definitely surprised consumers in nine U.S. states was the reason that their turkeys were recalled: stenches emanating from the turkeys were simply unbearable.

Apparently the turkeys had been exposed to abnormally high temperatures during processing or distribution. These temperatures didn’t make the turkey unsafe to eat, but they did allow just enough meat decay to occur that the turkeys started to smell strongly like rotten eggs. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, the company had received enough complaints about the repulsive odor that they initiated a recall. 70,000 turkeys were returned in all, which costed the company substantial money but ensured consumers that they could at least eat a Thanksgiving turkey whose smell wouldn’t make them gag.

3 A Rock CD Is Too Loud

The indie rock band Dinosaur Jr. is perhaps most well-known for being an influential force on ’90s alternative rock music. Many fans were disappointed when they broke up in 1997, but the band finally reunited in 2005 and began releasing new music again. Among the albums released after their reunion was one simply titled Farm, but some European copies of the album had a problem so severe that an entire recall was initiated: the music was just too darn loud.

While one might think rock music and loudness go hand in hand, the band felt that the excessive volume was too much and stated that a software program had inadvertently doubled the sound layers while making the album. The error produced a three decibel increase in sound, which wasn’t enough to harm a listener’s ears, but the resulting mix simply wasn’t what the band intended. To make amends with their fans, the band allowed anyone who bought the erroneous CD to receive a free replacement disc and a bonus Dinosaur Jr. ringtone.

2 Radioactive Milk from Chernobyl

Food products commonly contain trace amounts of contaminants, but this low level of contamination is often only harmful to human health after repeated, long-term exposure. In fact, many foods contain measurable levels of radioactivity, yet these foods are still entirely safe to eat. One case where radioactive food contamination was decidedly unsafe occurred in 1986, when the Chernobyl nuclear plant disaster may have contaminated nearby food.

Not long after the disaster, the Philippine Health Ministry recalled two powdered milk products from store shelves. These products contained up to five times the allowed level of certain radioactive cesium isotopes. Though reports at the time couldn’t verify with 100% certainty that the Chernobyl incident caused the elevated contamination levels, the implication that it did was clear. No agency was willing to risk another health and public relations nightmare so soon after the Chernobyl incident, and over 200,000 cans of the powdered milk were recalled. Luckily, no one was known to have been harmed by the contaminated milk.

1 Profane Baseball Card

The history of recalled collectible sports cards is often pretty mundane. Recalls have happened, for example, because cards were merely exposed to too much UV light. In 1989 though, an unexpected and shocking recall was made for a Billy Ripken baseball card, because the bat Billy was holding on the card clearly had the words “F – – K FACE” written on it.

Fleer Corporation, who produced the card, immediately issued a recall, but by then the card had become a huge collectible phenomenon. Individual cards were selling for up to $200 apiece. Collectors were even buying unopened Fleer boxes at double their retail price in hopes of finding the card. Billy initially claimed that he was a victim of a prank. Later, he confessed to writing the words on the bat but maintained that he didn’t intend to use that particular bat for the card. In fact, he even suggested that Fleer had noticed the words and enhanced the obscenity’s appearance to create a sensation.

10 Shocking Reasons For Product Recalls



Here’s What Size Penis You Need To Be Packin’ If You Ever Want To Fit Into Magnum Condoms




Here’s What Size Penis You Need To Be Packin’ If You Ever Want To Fit Into Magnum Condoms

You never hear a guy say, “I’m so happy that I don’t have to wear magnum condoms. What a fuckin’ burden that would be. Really dodged a bullet having this average-sized cock. So blessed.” That’s because every guy would love to whip out a gold-wrapped Trojan Magnum the moment a girl asks if you have a condom. “Do I have a condom? DO I HAVE A CONDOM?!?!? I don’t just have a condom, I’ve got a FUCKING MAGNUM, BABY!”

That’s the dream. A dream that can become a reality so long as you fit the size requirements. The charts below show you what it takes to fit into Trojans Magnums and Durex’s Comfort XLs.  And don’t worry if you can’t, according to Men’s Fitness, only 25% of men actually wear larger condoms. The rest of us just have to understand that although we’ll never hit the bottom, we can still fuck the shit out of the sides.


Got what it takes to fill up a Mag? Go stock up here. Not so hung? No worries (aside from not having a gigantic cock, of course), here’s a 200 pack of condoms.


10 Everyday Things Rendered Useless By Crappy Designs

10 Everyday Things Rendered Useless By Crappy Designs



10 Innocent Websites With Heinous ‘Urban Dictionary’ Definitions

10 Innocent Websites With Heinous ‘Urban Dictionary’ Definitions

10 Innocent Websites With Heinous ‘Urban Dictionary’ Definitions

Being part of the first generation of suburban teens to surf the Wild, Wild Web, in that chaotic time before most authority figures got hip to parental controls and pen registers, I am most assuredly not the only one that inadvertently traumatized himself. In the early days, people mostly figured out where to point their browsers by reading top-sites lists printed in actual paper publications like MacWorld and PC Magazine, or they trusted their friends to steer them right or “hilariously” wrong–beyond that, it was every p*rn-addicted adolescent for himself.

Wading this unregulated digital sea of manga and message boards, snuff films and Playboy pictorials, chat rooms, anarchist cookbooks, and Angelfire-hosted personal pages, even with the best intentions, odds were you would run across something that could not be unseen. In contrast to the filth that somehow instantly flooded the Web once it went public, the Internet also brought us playfully vulgar websites like UrbanDictionary.com: A depository of humorously defined sex moves, racial slurs, and other slang terms that no decent human ever needed to know, but now so many do.

This is a list of innocent websites or domain names with alternate meanings that range from silly to dry heave-inducing.

10. Analemma.com


Of all the terms listed here, analemma has the most obvious definition; it is, according to UrbanDictionary.com, a dilemma involving “an*l”. It is the debate over whether to engage in an*l intercourse, usually occurring on anniversary and Valentine’s Day nights, or after drinking too much. If you take a year long time lapse photo of the sun from the same place at the same time of day, the squished figure-8 shape path the sun would appear to take is also called an analemma, and Analemma.com can teach you all about it.

9. FudgeBuckets.com


Fudge buckets are “buckets” (but really cups) of family-recipe fudge, at least if you order them through FudgeBuckets.com. If you are trying to spice things up in the bedroom by rooting around in your partner’s “fudge bucket”, you will be doing not as the Romans did, but as their forebears, the Greeks, supposedly enjoyed to do. On UD.com, a fudge bucket is a person’s rect**, an**, and any other organ considered part of the backdoor area. FudgeBuckets.com has apparently moved over 25 tons of fudge to date, but the jury is still out on how many figurative fudge buckets the average human tastes in a lifetime.

8. BananaBunker.com


via blog.kissmetrics.com

It is hard to believe it is a complete coincidence that the Banana Bunker, a single-serving banana container for the health conscious student on the go, is ribbed like the condoms that ‘s*x ed’ teachers across the world are experts at putting over bananas that represent pen**es, in front of giggling teens. As slang, “banana bunker” is a sexist and grossly insensitive term for female anatomy, specifically that body part that wars are fought over and from whence new lives are born to replace the soldiers that die in these wars. Written as an analogy: banana is to pe**s as bunker is to vajayjay.

7. Chegg.com


There are sixteen definitions for “chegg” up on the Urban Dictionary, most of which are either relatively innocent (some referring to specific businesses or food items) or are on the opposite end of the spectrum and are flagrantly gross and/or racist. In fact, a description of Chegg.com which rents textbooks and whose homepage is pictured above, is the second-most popular definition of the term, on UD. The most popular definition is boring but the more heinous descriptions include: (to) ejaculate, violent vomiting, slang for a black person’s testes, and my personal favorite, a person whose butt-cheeks and legs are indistinguishable.

6. Cockburn.com


Apparently the surname Cockburn has been Anglicized to be pronounced as “co-burn”, like how US politician John Boener’s name is pronounced, “bay-ner,” to avoid the American English association with erections. But, pronounce these names as euphemistically as they want, these families will never escape the US public’s collectively juvenile sense of humor. At least Cockburn.com had the sense to redirect to URL RealNames.com—a website that sells webmail addresses ending in @cockburn.com. For $35/year, you can have your friends, family, even future employers message you at what UD defines as a penile rash caused by overgrown pubic hair or overzealous, unlubricated mas***bation.

5. GoldenTriangleDC.com



If you think about it, the behavior described by the phrase “golden triangle” is just as positive and possibly well-intentioned as the work of the non-profit corporation called Golden Triangle DC, which serves to keep a clean, safe, and vibrant high traffic commercial district in Washington DC. The area covers some forty-three blocks north of the White House and is called (you guessed it) the Golden Triangle. Performing a “golden triangle” on the other hand requires only two people, not a company, but a male, standing, and a female, sitting, who trust and/or care enough for each other to tinkle adjacently and nonjudgmentally into the same toilet bowl.

4. Whiteface.com


“White face” can refer to the opposite of the racist performance art genre called “black face,” but the term made this list for an alternate definition involving a typically white bodily fluid and a low-budget DIY facial mask/exfoliation technique. Thinking outside of the gutter, the “white” in WhiteFace.com refers to the color of snow that covers New York State’s Adirondack mountain range. Whiteface Mountain is obviously a peak in this mountain range but also the name of a ski resort and Olympic-grade training facility and competition staging area; it and other Lake Placid locales hosted the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympics.

3. PurpleMartin.org


Outside of virtual space, the purple martin is the largest species of swallow flying the North American skies and a ‘species of concern’ to the United States’ government. The Purple Martin Conservation Association, at PurpleMartin.org, is a non-profit dedicated to maintaining the purple martin population by educating the general public on tactics for helping this now partially domesticated (i.e. human-dependent) species. In the bedroom, a purple martin is the member-shaped bruise left behind by a phallic slap to the cheek.

2. BlackRain.de


UrbanDictionary.com (UD) shows four major definitions for “black rain,” none of which are classy, but the worst and most graphic of which is: The act of defecating over the stall divider in a public restroom onto one’s unsuspecting neighbor. Alternatively, black rain can apparently refer to heroin, the hail of bullets dispatched by a firing squad, and a stingy person. This latter definition of course was worded on UD as a racial slur, earning it an honorable mention next to literal sh*t storms. BlackRain.de, on the other hand, is the homepage of an underground hard rock, record label.

1. SadTrombone.com

Screenshot 2016-04-10 23.34.34

When talking about that sad trombone sound, the ‘wah, wah, waaaah,’ sound that means somebody just killed the good vibe of a conversation, most bloggers and writers like to make up the fact that everybody thinks this sound originated from, rather than was just popularized by SNL’s “Debbie Downer” (Rachel Dratch) sketch. SadTrombone.com is one of several sites that hosts a royalty free streamable .wav or .mp3 of this sound. A sad trombone, however, is a variation on the rusty trombone: Give a combo reacharound-r**job and you’ve got your classic rusty trombone; add crying to the mix and there’s your sad trombone.



10 Weirdest Things Found Inside Cheap Chinese Knock Off Products

10 Weirdest Things Found Inside Cheap Chinese Knock Off Products

1. Metal Nuts Inside a fake "500 GB" Hard Drive

via micgadget

2. Bags of Sand Inside Cheap Battery Banks

via rocketnews24

3. Punching Bag Filled With Used Underwear

via Consumerist

4. USB Wifi Adapter to Nowhere

5. Phone Case Filled With Old Toothpaste Boxes

via Theultravisitor

6. This Pony Hides a Terrible Secret

via diazmag

7. Yo Dawg, I Heard You Like Capacitors...

8. Another Fake Hard Drive, This Time They Got Screwed

9. More Couterfeit Batteries, But They're A Little More Clever This Time

10. Counterfeit Walnuts Filled With Rocks

via rocketnews



We've come a long, long way as people. With all the twerking, tweeting and snapping of chats, sometimes it's easy to forget how much we've evolved (and devolved) as people. Here's a solid collection of the things you'll never see, use or hear again, because we've come too far with civilization to be bothered by dumb phones, knock-knock jokes and an Oscar-less Leo.

Four-Sided Perforated Printer Paper
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Every classroom and office in America during the '80s and some of the '90s
Why you won't see it again: Files are the only way to go now.

Waiters As Whispering Receptionists
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
"Excuse me, sir. You have a phone call."
Where you saw it: In fancy restaurants
Why you won't see it again: People are assholes with their phones and no one has invented cellphone valets.

Microsoft Paint
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Every time you made "art" in the '90s
Why you won't see it again: You got a real job and rely on Instagram for creativity.

Cassettes & Walkmen
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
When you saw it: Just before the compact disc took over
Why you won't see it again: Drains my batteries too quickly with that Skip Protection button.

"Don't touch that dial, folks."
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Pre-Tivo, TV shows trying to get you to stay through the commercials
Why you won't see it again: You pirate everything and can just rewind all day.

"Here's a quarter. Call someone who cares."
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you heard it: Every time someone wanted to totally burn someone else pre-2000
Why you won't see it again: All those people are grown-ups who evolved into bigger assholes.

Pay Phone Booth
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: In the movies and on the streets
Why you won't see it again: Cellphone, homey. Gave all my quarters to someone who cares.

Cheap Gas
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: 1999
Why you won't see it again: Politics, man.

"Be kind, rewind."
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Video stores
Why you won't see it again: Obsolete. It's just you and your VHS collection, but no VCR.

Smoking on Airplanes
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: "Mad Men," because I'm too young for '60s culture
Why you won't see it again: Apparently, it's bad for you.

Condom & Cigarette Dispensers
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Public bathroom and bars
Why you won't see it again: You don't use either anymore.

Candy Cigarettes
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: In your blissful childhoods, just before you had to quit
Why you won't see it again: Mom cut you off for getting too high on sugar.

Bob Saget as a Caring Father Figure
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: 1987 to 1995
Why you won't see it again: Even though the cast of "Full House" is back on Netflix, you know better.

Bob Barker's "The Price Is Right"
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Every sick day of your childhood
Why you won't see it again: Bob Barker retired and left it to Drew Carey.

The Blowing of Nintendo Games
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Every time your Nintendo had a glitch or failed to start
Why you won't see it again: Those difficult times have been replaced with discs and files.

Bowling Alley Scoresheets
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Old school bowling alleys
Why you won't see it again: Can't see that shit during Galactic Bowling. Computers, too.

"Talk to the Hand"
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: '90s films and your loser friends
Why you won't see it again: You don't pay attention to either anymore.

Boombox on the Shoulder
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: On the shoulder of the baddest asses on the street
Why you won't see it again: Got some iTunes, homey.

The Greatest Player Ever, Michael Jordan, Crying in Present Time
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Championships and retirement
Why you won't see it again: Because he's just a meme now.

Cracker Jack Prizes
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Whenever you reached a milestone with book reports
Why you won't see it again: You (hopefully) don't still do book reports.

30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: If you were lucky, on stage anytime from 1994 to 2008
Why you won't see it again: Those Gallagher brothers just can't get along.

30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: "Wayne's World"
Why you won't see it again: You might get beat up or dumped for still saying it.

Fat TVs That Look Like Furniture
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: In every home in America
Why you won't see it again: The flat screen was invented.

Slap Bracelets, Pogs & Chia Pets
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
When you saw it: The '90s
Why you won't see it again: Bracelets broke, lost all your pogs and your pet is dead.
'90s Nostalgia, better known as crap that never really mattered yet defined a generation.

AIM Away Messages
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Every computer in the late '90s
Why you won't see it again: Got my iPhone, homey!

A Respectable Dustin Diamond or Macaulay Culkin
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: The early 1990s
Why you won't see it again: They do bad things that make people cringe.

"Show Me the Money"
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: "Jerry McGuire"
Why you won't see it again: Tom Cruise is a crazy Scientologist.

Ecto Cooler HI-C
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Juice boxes
Why you won't see it again: It's getting rebooted with tequila (no, it's not).

Brand New Playboy Nudes in Your Dad's Garage
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: Bathroom, and my buddy's dad's garage in a large stack
Why you won't see it again: SFW.
Along with real, physical (or real physical) porn in general, we've seen the last of the Playboy nudes within the past few months. Check out the last nude centerfold, Krystal Garret.

Your First Friend, Tom
30 Things You'll Never See, Use or Hear Again
Where you saw it: MySpace
Why you won't see it again: Myspace is for losers!





There are so many ways to be the coolest kid on the block these days, but it takes some serious sleuthing to find the best stuff on the market. This is the Internet, after all, and there are thousands of retailers and millions of products to sift through. Allow me to make it easier for you. Everything on this page is an absolute must.

Bacon Bras
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, bacon bra
Yes, the Bacon Bra is a real thing. Its inventor is a woman named Jennifer, who is as important as Steve Jobs in my book. You can read an interview here. She likes bacon, and everyone likes boobs — gay people, women, babies. Combining bacon and boobs creates something that rivals only space travel in sheer ingenuity. Unfortunately, it takes a bit of Internet sleuthing to get your hands on. Luckily, to make one of your own, all you need is a grease pan and a little bit of knitting prowess.

Reclining Office Chair
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, reclining office chair
If you work in an office you know that sleepiness comes swiftly and suddenly. So imagine chillaxing in a reclining office desk chair. Perhaps these products haven't flown off the shelves due to people having judgmental bosses. But screw 'em. If you're nappy, then you're nappy.

Butt Lifter Booty Shorts
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, butt lifter booty shorts
The purpose seems to be to lift up saggy bottoms. An alternative purpose seems to be to lift up the tent in the front of your boyfriend's pants. Either way, we at Mandatory encourage such innovative ways to spice up your love life. While some reviews take issue with excessive "butt flossing," it's imperative in relationships to take one for the team sometimes.

Cage Back Panties
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, cage back panties
You might be sensing a pattern already, but trust us, these are serious. Also, if you're one to complain about aforementioned butt floss, Cage Back Panties have no such thing. Not even a string. It offers delicate, stretch mesh and an enticing satin bow. It's also crotchless, which is chill.

Astronaut Pet Carrier
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, astronaut pet carrier
Let's get our heads out of the gutter for a minute. The Astronaut Pet Carrier comes in many forms — a shoulder bag, a rolling suitcase and two types of backpacks. There's even a little window for your feline to peek out of when it gets bored. Don't judge this product based on the cat's expression in the photo. Cats are notorious for their resting bitch faces.

"The Golden Girls" Granny Panties
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, golden girls granny panties
Back to the gutter. If it's that time of the month and you've got an overly aggressive boyfriend, perhaps this will thwart his advances. One look at these wretch codgers and he's down for the count. And by "down," I mean his boner.

Twinkle Tush
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, twinkle tush
Cats love nothing more than putting their buttholes in your face. It's what they do. On the off chance your cat has a serious anal condition or doesn't wipe that well, the Twinkle Tush is a jewel that hangs from the tail and covers the cat's anus. It costs only $6 and, yes, it's actually sold in stores.

Hot-Tub Hammock
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, hot tub hammock
Picture this: You adventure out into the snowy wilderness this winter and set up shop in a remote, beautiful location. The Hot Tub Hammock is a must-have for people who like to camp. You hang it between two trees and let the warm water wash over you. BuzzFeed ranked it the "Most Ridiculously Awesome Product of 2015." And we would have to agree.

Dicks by Mail
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, dicks by mail, bag of dicks
Louis C.K. popularized the phrase "eat a bag of dicks." And now you can, literally, eat a bag of dicks. It's the perfect passive-aggressive way to get on someone's bad side. Or you can simply send one to a friend for shits and giggles. Boy, do those penis-shaped gummies look delicious (some homo).

Lil' Lager Beer Bottle
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, lil lager beer bottle
Get your kid's social life started off right with the Lil' Lager Beer Bottle. Starting at only $12, your newborn can crack open an icy bottle of mama's milk and be the coolest kid at the park.

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, indiana jones cat bridge
It's come to my attention that there are a lot of cat products in this article. And that's fine. I like cats. The Indiana Jones Cat Bridge is a thrill to watch. After he's done retrieving the golden idol from a Peruvian temple, your fuzzy friend will cross the perilous bridge to escape sure death. Let's face it, this product is fucking awesome.

Weed Flavored Condoms
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, weed flavored condoms
Gives the term "gag gift" a whole new meaning.

Tortilla Baby
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, tortilla baby
Newborns need to be wrapped tightly like a burrito to resemble being in the womb. With the Tortilla Baby swaddle, you can actually wrap your baby up like a burrito. It kills two birds with one stone — keep your baby warm and remind yourself of yummy Mexican food. Alternate versions include the Sushi Baby and the Eggroll Baby for our East Asian friends.

Fried Chicken Scented Candle
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, fried chicken scented candle
Few smells equate in terms of sheer goodness to that of a drumstick. If you're too fat and simply can't handle one more bucket of Colonel's extra crispy, consider this a replacement. The Fried Chicken scented candle will make you the most popular person in your apartment building.

Weener Kleener Soap
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, weener kleener soap
This could probably double as a masturbation device, but its primary purpose is to clean the ween. It's a ring made of soap that you slide your pig through to get to the hard-to-reach dirt. Just don't go up and down too much or you'll be late to work. Weener Kleener: Apply directly to the penis.

consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, unt mug
I'm not sure what a UNT is, but I love the black-on-white minimalism.

Evil Unicorn Horn for Cats
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, evil unicorn horn for cats
One more cat product for good measure. If you like to humiliate your cat, there's no better way to cat-shame than the Evil Unicorn Horn. Available for only $7 on Amazon.

Titty Twirlers
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, titty twirlers
Boobs. They jiggle. They're fun. As if you needed another reason to have your eyes glued to them, Boston-based inventor Jesse James Salucci thought of these after a trip to -- you guessed it -- Burning Man.

consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, leprechaun piss growler

Leprechaun Piss Growler

Leprechaun piss doesn't actually taste good. Trust me, I spent a weekend in Ireland. It got weird. Anyway, they say the way into a woman's heart is to have awesome swag. And swag such as the Leprechaun Piss Growler is a great peacocking method, a way to start a conversation. Buy one of these, fill it with your favorite microbrew, and you'll be the hit of the party.

Stars & Stripes Teeny Weeny Monokini
consumer products we're surprised aren't more popular, funny consumer products, awesome consumer products, stars and stripes teeny weeny monokini
God bless America.






12 Product Pairings That Are A Match Made In WTF Heaven

It could be a mistake, but it's probably not.


Source: epicjaws


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Daily Find:  rgw22


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12 Product Pairings That Are A Match Made In WTF Heaven


Doesn't matter if you're flying coach and thumbing through a duty-free catalog or hitting up the website of the Outlet of the Sharper Image Outlet, you might come across one of these novelty products from 2015. So before you light your smokeless cigarette in your onesie, check out this list of the top 10 most ridiculous ones of the bunch.

Fart Filtering Jeans
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Fart Filtering Jeans
What's the ultimate way to avoid smelly jeans? If you guessed washing them you're, like, totally in the Stone Age, buddy. The answer: fart filtering jeans. According to Denimhunters, Shreddies, a UK company, found a way to make denim that conceals odors. The garments feature an "activated carbon lining that traps and neutralizes" the stench from farts, "and that same carbon lining can be reactivated if the clothing is washed properly." They even offer tips on how to sit or stand properly while farting to get the most out of their products. As far as stopping the noise from breaking your wind? Well, you're on your own there, pal.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Gangstaclaus
Ugly Christmas sweaters are a perennial holiday party favorite, but nothing turns up the volume on a festive gathering more than a swagged-out Gangstaclaus suit. We found out about this bad boy since one of our editors at Mandatory, who shall remain nameless, recommended this suit to wear at a Christmas party andlinked this in an instant message. If Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Santa Claus Goes Straight To The Ghetto" song was filmed in 2015, he surely would have rocked this for the music video.

Unicorn Meat
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Unicorn Meat
Skip preparing a tired, old meatloaf and instead eat unicorn. Buying a few cans of this will make your meals at dinnertime a lot more interesting. According to ThinkGeek, the meat specifications state "Not yet approved by the USDA or FDA, but the nuns have eaten it for centuries and they're healthy as horses" -- just inform your guests of this before they open the Spam-looking cans and record their reactions. Don't worry, inside the can isn't actual meat, just a stuffed toy unicorn chopped up into cruel little pieces.

Lexus Hoverboard
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Lexus Hoverboard
Eighties film buffs will know that 2015 was the fictional year in "Back To The Future Part II" where we were all supposed to be flying around on Hoverboards and wearing self-lacing shoes. Technically, both came true. Luxury auto maker Lexus found a clever way to bring the idea to life. According to Wired, a real, live hoverboard that relies on "superconductors and magnets, work against gravity to lift a rider off the ground" which emanate a cool-looking steam from the sides as you ride. The craft was actually demonstrated by professional skateboarder Ross McGouran in a short film clip. Even though it's a working model, it's ridiculously overpriced and cumbersome when you can actually do better tricks this day and age on a hoverboard with wheels.

Wallet Drone
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Wallet Drone
For those of us who don't have hundreds of dollars to shell out for hoverboards, you can instead have a wallet-sized drone fly in the air. According to CNN Money, the self-dubbed "world's smallest quadcopter" is the 1.5-inch by 1.5-inch flying machine and comes with a kit, which doubles as a controller and charger, that fits into your pocket. The original Indiegogo project exceeded its fund goals by 576% in June 2015; and the first wave shipped in October 2015 has long since sold out. No word yet if this gadget will be banned by aviation officials.

Wu-Tang Clan Cookie Cutter
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Wu-Tang Clan Cookies
There is only one copy of the highly coveted Wu-Tang Clan first album, and it already sold for $2 million dollars. Not to fear, Wu-Tang fans, you can still bake a bunch of Shaolin-inspired cookies as well in the shape of the band's famed logo.

Beer Soap
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Beer Soap
If you have a fraternity brother in your family (or feel like one yourself) you can definitely treat them to a bar of beer soap. It comes in a variety of flavors, including Guiness Extra Stout above. Hey, it's only $4.99, why not? Nothing impresses someone you're flirting with a party more than smelling like you drank 100 times the legal limit.

Curious Cub Bottle Holder
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Curious Cub Bottle Holder
Speaking of drinking-inspired novelty gifts, this Curious Cub Bottle Holder is a cute option -- just not for underage minors. We've all seen the famous cola advertisements with polar bears guzzling acid-filled soft drinks, but how about polar bear cubs guzzling a bottle of wine, vodka or whatever alcoholic beverage you put in it's mouth. For the record, we are not encouraging underage polar bear cubs to drink.

The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Handerpants
Make sure you have a whip handy fellas, because you surely won't be able to tames the ladies clamoring after you once they see your palms these in handiegloves. This version is in tighty whitie form, so when you're dressing to impress, these are sure to stand out. Just make sure you're not holding a cup of coffee or tea, or you'll look like you stained yourself, if you catch our drift. But the use is a lot more pracitcal. According to ABC News, the pants are supposed to worn under gloves like underwear worn under pants to prevent chaffing. Ah, I see.

Stress Sausages
The 10 Most Ridiculous Novelty Products of 2015, Stress Sausage
Here's something Lorena Bobbitt could've used back in the '90s as cure-all for her anger management issues. I'm not sure if a woman or a man designed this phallic-looking object featured on OddityMall.com, but we're just thankful it's only a toy and not an actual person's member. (For the record, ladies, although theideal penis size for women may vary, it's more than stressful if you squeeze and yank and man's penis like this.)