16 People Reveal What Happened When They Violated Their Probation

16 People Reveal What Happened When They Violated Their Probation -




20 Times Modern Love Met Classic Comic Books…

20 Times Modern Love Met Classic Comic Books…




20 People Reveal The Crazy Threat They Received From Their Family Members

20 People Reveal The Crazy Threat They Received From Their Family Members -




18 Couples Confess How Jealousy Destroyed Their Relationships

18 Couples Confess How Jealousy Destroyed Their Relationships -




19 People Share Their Blackmail Horror Stories

19 People Share Their Blackmail Horror Stories -

Divorced British Pensioner Disillusioned With Women Lives With 12 Dolls

Divorced British Pensioner Disillusioned With Women Lives With 12 Dolls -



58-year-old Dean Bevan divorced his wife and became disillusioned with women. He retired three years ago as a nurse at the NHS mental health nurse. To brighten up loneliness, the pensioner got carried away with realistic dolls. He buys his dolls clothes, clothes, puts on makeup, celebrates birthdays, takes walks and divides the bed. The Briton orders his silicone girlfriends from China, each costs about £ 1,400. Now with Din live 12 life-size dolls.

The 20-year-old daughter Rhiannon was shocked when her father began collecting his collection, abandoning real women. But now she realizes that this saves him from feeling lonely after a divorce and retirement. The girl even helps with the make-up of dolls and the choice of clothes for them.
But the 17-year-old son Dina Zachary could not accept his father’s passion and demands that all the dolls be hidden when he comes to visit.


These 21 Adults Regret The Shocking Things They Did When They Were Younger

These 21 Adults Regret The Shocking Things They Did When They Were Younger




Neighborly Love: I Cheated With The Girl Next Door

Neighborly Love: I Cheated With The Girl Next Door





13 Early Warnings Your Relationship Is Doomed

13 Early Warnings Your Relationship Is Doomed

When a bad relationship enters its final phases, it’s pretty obvious (like when you walk by your roommate’s bedroom and you just hear ugly sobbing from his girlfriend and you know the rest of your day is going to be real fuckin’ interesting).

But what about earlier? Like, way before that final phase, can you see it coming? Can you avoid putting that much time into something that will fall apart? These folks from across the internet think they’ve come up with signs to watch out for.

And look, I try to keep these things light normally, but these are heavier than I thought they’d be. Just a heads up.

When you’re spending time with them and you’d rather be anywhere else. When conversations with them become dry and boring, that’s a big one too.


When your SO seems totally disinterested in talking to you. You try to start a conversation and they just give you one word/one sentence answers.


When you take a trip together, and argue the whole time. One of the reasons I knew I needed to marry my wife. We could go anywhere together.


You feel strongly about something but you don’t want to talk about it because you know it’ll just become an argument that won’t be resolved satisfactorily.


The brief terrifying, numbing thought of “is this going to be the rest of my life”

edit: Thanks for the gold! My very first ever! On such a depressing memory-laden post! Thanks!


When you get a urge to ask people about symptoms of a failing relationship


When you feel like you have to make excuses about your SO to others. (Why they do what they do. Why they said what they said etc.)


A friend asked me, “what’s he like?” about a month into the relationship.

I couldn’t answer.

It ended in flames, lesson learned.


The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference. When this makes sense to you, it’s over.


When others talk about your SO to you, and you get a little exasperated, or a little wince/groan on your face when they say their name.


When you don’t see each other for a few days, and you’re not excited to get back together.


When you are companion, someone to keep them from feeling alone while they go about their life.


Being with them feels like an obligation, their quirks drive you away from them subconsciously, you’re only trying for the sake of keeping up a social veil of perfection.


Russian Authorities Cover Snow In White Paint To Hide Signs Of Pollution

Russian Authorities Cover Snow In White Paint To Hide Signs Of Pollution



Authorities in the coal-mining Siberian region of Kemerovo have reportedly covered up snow with white paint to hide evidence of soot and ash pollution.

Footage published by local media Monday showed a woman's hands becoming coated in white paint after she reached out to brush a snow bank outside a municipal recreation center in the town of Mysky.

“You can see the stains... It even sticks,” she said while demonstrating the viscous substance on her fingertips.

The head of the town said he had reprimanded those responsible and ordered the removal of the paint from the snow hill.

“I apologize to the townspeople whose New Year’s mood was spoiled by this,” said Dmitry Ivanov in a statement Wednesday.


13 Undeniably Sad Things That Are Also Undeniably Funny

13 Undeniably Sad Things That Are Also Undeniably Funny -

10 Sad Cringe Moments To Fill Your Dark Heart With A Strange Thing Called Pity

10 Sad Cringe Moments To Fill Your Dark Heart With A Strange Thing Called Pity




From Size Zero To The Biggest Boobs In Norway

From Size Zero To The Biggest Boobs In Norway




Sindy Starlet, 36, from Oslo, describes herself as the 'Norwegian Bimbo Doll', and is now aiming to take the title of country's biggest breasts, after being bullied in school for her flat chest. The single mother who has spent the last 21 years trying to perfect the ultimate 'Barbie' image has revealed her plans to triple the size of her already surgically enhanced 32I breasts.




20 Couples Confess: Our Open Relationship Ruined Us

20 Couples Confess: Our Open Relationship Ruined Us -




20 Surprising Secrets Husbands Keep From Their Wives

20 Surprising Secrets Husbands Keep From Their Wives


Wives Confess The Worst Secrets They Keep From Their Husbands

Wives Confess The Worst Secrets They Keep From Their Husbands -




12 People Share The Moments They Regretted Their Break-Ups

12 People Share The Moments They Regretted Their Break-Ups



No matter how you slice it, break ups are an awful emotional experience to weather. Whether you were dating three weeks or 30 years, there's still an adjustment period where you feel the weighty absence of your former partner at every turn. Even the best, most amicable break ups come with a fair amount of pain, and let's be honest, most break ups don't fall under that umbrella.

Barring violent or physically dangerous situations, I would venture to say one of the most difficult break ups to get through is one you find yourself regretting. It's not uncommon to initiate the break up, rip off the emotional band-aid only to realize down the road what you're missing out on.

In a recent Reddit thread, commenters shared their painful "oh shit" moments where they regretted cutting a relationship off, and it'll make you feel infinitely less alone about any relationship regrets. While hindsight may be 20/20, I do think it's important to remember how easy it is to idealize someone when you're no longer together.

Basically, love is impossible to "win" at and you'll feel hurt or frustrated at times no matter what, so might as well at least find solidarity with the millions of other people handling the battlefield of relationships.

When he called me up the day after I broke up with him to ask me if I was ok.

Yeah. Mistake I've regretted for 13 years now.


My mom left my step dad and he got remarried to a great lady and is super happy now. My mom told me recently that leaving him was the biggest mistake she made because he was the only good man she ever really knew. We all have Christmas at their house (seriously he and my mom divorced and he’s still grandpa to my sisters kids and we call his new wife our step mom. They’re awesome) but my poor mom has to watch them being happy together every year while she lives alone.


I ruined my relationship with my college boyfriend because of my alcoholism. It had just really started and I didn’t even know how bad it already got. I was nuts drunk and he put it up with so much. Honestly, I had the “oh shit” moment soon after. He was the nicest guy ever and he loved me so much. He was so smart and goofy and just a real catch, and last I’ve heard (we have mutual friends), he was successful and married. I honestly wish the best for him because he is a genuinely wonderful person. I’m sorry I missed out on him, but I’m glad he broke up with me for himself; he deserved better than who I was then. We had a pretty quick breakup and remained friendly. Sometimes I wonder what would have happened, but it’s pointless to think about it now. Plus I probably romanticize the whole thing a little now since it was a long time ago and I had some really shitty boyfriends after him to compare him to. My boyfriend now reminds me a lot of him (just because it’s a happy and healthy relationship and he’s goofy and loves me too, they’re not really similar), and I’m sober now, so maybe I won’t have another round of “oh shit.”


When i realised that i can’t be the same person i was with my ex with anybody else


I left her for someone else because I'm an idiot. The other girl turned out to be a jealous, mentally and physically abusive psychopath who eventually ended up in a psychiatric hospital. My S.O, quite rightly, refused to take me back.

Lesson learned.


My friend dumped his girlfriend of 12 years because he'd never dated anyone but her, they were struggling financially, and he wanted the chance to experience more relationships. Right after the breakup, she finished her PhD and started making six figures. She found someone else then got married within a year.

My friend tried dating a couple of people, but none of them have worked out and he still misses her. He said the moment he realized that he made a huge mistake was when he saw her wedding photos on Facebook and started crying.


Not me but someone whom I casually knew from college.

Left his wife because he felt the sex was awful and he wanted someone whom they felt he could have great sex with. Wife pleaded with him to stay (no kids) but he refused and filed for divorce.

Divorce is finalized about a year later. This guy dates lots of women, but still finds the sex unsatisfactory.

Meanwhile, ex-wife meets this other guy about a year after the divorce and they have that type of whirlwind romance that truly is from a rom com. She marries this new guy, they have kids and the perfect marriage. She tells everyone that the divorce was the best thing that ever happened to her and can't believe how happy she is and could never imagine that a marriage could be so wonderful.

The guy, who is my friend, is more miserable now than ever. Constantly says what a mistake he made leaving his wife. Doesn't even go on dates anymore and has not had sex in years.


I broke up with a woman I was head over heels in love with over something that on reflection was fairly minor. Spent half a year progressively dropping into a deeper and deeper funk. Wouldn't admit it to myself at all that I'd made the wrong choice.

I was hanging out with a friend when she pointed out to me that she had never seen me as happy as I'd been when I was with my SO. Another friend pointed out that same week that the music I'd been DJing had become much more depressing over the past few months and asked me if something was wrong. That woke me up and made me realize how special she had been. It took another year for me to realize she was the first woman I'd really loved in the way you come to love somebody for who they are, rather than what you imagine them to be.

I never saw her again. I wish I'd never left her. We only would have had six years together, as she came down with cancer that eventually killed her. It didn't change how I felt; I'd take those six years in exchange for all the years I have left.


A few months had gone by, and I was still feeling like shit about it, cuz I knew she really loved me. However as much as I cared about her, I couldn't shake the feeling that I couldn't be the man she needed me to be for her, and felt I was leading her on. I had been OK with my decision. Then I went on a trip to NYC with a couple of friends. It was...not an enjoyable trip, and top things off I found out my granddad had died the week prior so I had to fly back home almost immediately after returning from New York. Suffice it to say, I was ready for it all to be over by day 2 of this essentially 2 week trip.

Anyway, about 3-4 days in my friends and I were out to dinner and they started talking about my ex (they had gotten to know her while we were together, and they still hung out). All I remember was wanting nothing more than to be home already and to be with my ex. That's when it dawned on me and my heart sank.

Saw her again when I finally got home again after about...4 months, and spilled my guts. Buuuut she had already started seeing someone new in that time. Wound up meeting him at a housewarming party a few months after she and I reconnected, and it turns out she has a type. Her guy and I hit it off immediately XD

Dude and I got super drunk together and I wound up telling him something along the lines of "I really wanted to hate you, but goddammit you're fucking awesome." He was a wonderful sport and got a good laugh out of it. I promptly informed my ex of my plans to steal him from her.

Needless to say, this was something like 2 years ago. They got married last month, and I'm happy to report that we are good friends. Do I regret ending things? Sure, but the time and perspective helped tremendously, and frankly she did a lot better in finding him. I love them both dearly, and get a lot of joy seeing the two of them so happy with one another.


When I realized that it’s difficult to find someone that you truly connect with, like we did. And when I realized that dating and having sex with other people fucking sucks. It’s not near as easy and exciting as it looks on tv. It’s really hard to find someone you like and want to be with. We had our problems, but some things about him I can’t find anywhere else.


My oh shit moment was when he died in a car accident. We were married for almost 6 years, I was so young, had no idea what I was doing. I wanted a divorce and I can’t even remember why. Our son was 7. I have our now 18 year old. He was the kind of man that was good at everything and a very hard worker. A mans man and a family man. Before he died, we were talking about getting back together. He was my best friend.


We were on a break cause I was being a dick. In order to get a reaction I ended the relationship on facebook. That was the end of the friendship and all. Regretted it ever since. It's only added years of misery to my life


10 Child Stars Who Ruined Their Lives

10 Child Stars Who Ruined Their Lives



Many children dream of being famous singers or movie or TV actors. But the harsh reality of having your name in lights at such a young age is nothing like the dream.

Some kids just can’t handle stardom. As these 10 stories of well-known child stars show, the riches and fame can lead kids down a path of drug addiction and other illegal behaviors. They may lose everything and ruin their young lives. It’s enough to make us reconsider whether being rich and famous is really worth it.


Lindsay Lohan

Photo credit:

Born in New York City in 1986, Lindsay Lohan was first recognized by the public for her starring role as the twins in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap. She then rose higher to fame during her roles in 2003’s Freaky Friday and 2004’s Mean Girls.

However, stardom did not do any favors for Lohan. As her fame grew, she began appearing in New York nightclubs and her life quickly devolved into a stream of negative publicity in the tabloids.

In 2007, Lohan was arrested after she crashed her Mercedes-Benz into a tree. Two months later, she was arrested again for being involved in a car chase during which she was also found to be in possession of cocaine. The result of this was two counts of driving under the influence and one count of reckless driving. She received the minimum sentence of four days in jail, although she only had to serve one.

Later in 2007, Lohan checked into rehab as required by her recent sentencing. When she was released, Lohan said that she wanted to stay sober and “out of Los Angeles.” After managing to stay clear of the press for a few years, she reappeared after being sentenced to 90 days in jail for missing a DUI hearing. In 2011, she was charged with the theft of a necklace from a jewelry store.[1]

Since her scrapes with the law, she has managed to stay out of the tabloids aside from the time when she was bitten by a snake in Thailand in 2017. Her current projects include the Lohan Beach House club in Mykonos, Greece, and a second club in Rhodes.

Amanda Bynes

Photo credit:

Amanda Bynes appeared in her first commercial at age seven before moving on to stage productions including AnnieThe Secret Garden, and The Sound of Music. Following this, she landed a role in Nickelodeon’s TV series All That while simultaneously hosting her own program The Amanda Show.

From there, her success kept growing. She soon starred in a number of roles, including her part as Holly on the WB sitcom What I Like About You. Unfortunately, her fame went to her head and she soon found her face printed on the front of tabloids for all the wrong reasons.

Shortly after her “retirement” in 2012, Bynes was involved in a car accident with a police vehicle. She was arrested and charged with driving under the influence. She was then involved in two more hit-and-run car accidents and caught driving with a suspended license after her car was impounded.

In 2013, Bynes was arrested for drug use in her New York City apartment lobby after reports that she had thrown a bong out her apartment window. For this, she was charged with reckless endangerment, drug possession, and tampering with evidence.

Later that year, she reportedly started a fire near a residential driveway in California and was placed on psychiatric hold. Later, she went into a rehabilitation center. In 2014, she appeared to have turned her life around. However, not long after getting her license back, she was charged with driving under the influence and placed on psychiatric hold again.[2]

Fortunately for Bynes, she has finally managed to regain control of her finances and straighten out her life. She took time off from the tabloids to mend family relationships and showed interest in other hobbies, namely at a fashion design school. People Magazine has confirmed that Bynes is in a “happy and healthy place in her life” as of August 2018.


Britney Spears

Born in December 1981 in Mississippi, Britney Spears landed her first major TV role at age 11 starring in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. This success came after being rejected at her first audition at age eight.

In 1995, she began to focus on her music career and was quickly signed by Jive Records. They produced her first single, “ . . . Baby One More Time.” By 1999, the single had reached the top of the charts after the release of a controversial music video with Spears in a skimpy outfit.

Over the years, Spears began shedding her innocent girl image and building a mature career with which she could continue to grow. She performed her hit single “I’m a Slave 4 U” at the MTV Video Music Awards, drawing more attention as she danced with a python in a revealing costume onstage.

In 2004, Spears married a childhood friend and then annulled the marriage, all within a few days. Several months later, she married her backup dancer Kevin Federline, who had previously left his pregnant girlfriend to be with Spears. In 2005, they announced that their first child would be born in April of that year. From there, Spears’s life quickly went downhill.

In 2006, she was caught driving with her son on her lap. This led to national headlines questioning her ability to be a parent. She was accused of sending horrible messages to her fans despite her excuse that she was merely trying to get away from paparazzi.

She gave birth to their second son only two months before filing for divorce from her husband. Then she began hanging out at the club scene and reportedly checking in and out of rehabilitation. In 2007, Spears shaved her head before checking into a treatment center.

Shortly after she released another single to attempt a comeback, she was charged with a hit-and-run accident in a local parking lot. She underwent a psychiatric evaluation and spent some time in the hospital before making her debut in a triumphant return.[3]

In 2008, she released her next album, Circus, which made it to the top of the charts and marked the beginning of her comeback. She then took a role as a judge for the popular singing show, The X Factor, before heading back into the music scene to work with big names like Iggy Azalea. She appeared to be fully recovered as she ventured on her #PieceOfMe tour.

Brian Bonsall

Photo credit:

Brian Bonsall was born in 1981 in California and grew up acting in Hollywood from a very young age. From 3–14 years old, he played roles in a variety of shows and movies, including Family TiesStar Trek: The Next Generation, and the Disney film Blank Check.

In 1995, Bonsall took a break from acting and attended high school in Colorado. There, his passion for punk music developed. He began performing in punk bands, including Late Bloomers and Thruster.

Unfortunately, his life took a turn for the worse as he was arrested for driving under the influence. In 2007, he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend and pleaded guilty to third-degree assault. This resulted in a two-year probation sentence.[4]

However, this didn’t mark the end of Bonsall’s troubles. Between 2007 and 2010, he was arrested on a number of drug possession and minor assault charges that were all highly publicized due to his stardom. In 2009, he beat a friend over the head with a broken wooden stool while under the influence and was given another two years’ probation after being charged with felony menacing and third-degree assault.

Now living in Boulder, Colorado, he is pursuing a career in music by playing rhythm guitar in Lowjob, a local punk rock band. He is also a part of acoustic duo Bootjack & Bonz.

Drew Barrymore

Photo credit:

Born in 1975, Drew Barrymore landed a major role at age six in Steven Spielberg’s blockbuster E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. Her career exploded in the 1990s as she starred in Poison IvyGuncrazyBad Girls, and Boys on the Side.

She also developed a vast character portfolio by starring in low-key films like The Wedding SingerEver After: A Cinderella StoryNever Been Kissed, and Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. She became one of the most talented actresses of her generation. However, life hasn’t always been easy for Drew Barrymore.

At age nine, her mother started taking Drew to nightclubs during the absence of her alcoholic father. It was in these years that a young Barrymore became familiar with the effects of drugs and alcohol. At just 13, she violently attacked her mother in an attempt to throw her out of the house. As a result, Drew was placed in a rehabilitation center.

After a subsequent suicide attempt, she went back to rehab and returned to her home life completely sober at age 14. To try to reclaim her life, she filed successfully for emancipation at 15 and moved into her own apartment with a job at a local coffee shop.

Drew took another wrong turn at age 19 by posing naked for the infamous magazine Playboy. Following the issue’s release, she received a quilt and a note from Steven Spielberg for her 20th birthday telling her to cover up. The note was accompanied by Photoshopped images from the magazine which had been edited to have clothes on them.

This triggered her journey to cleaning up her act for good. She now has a balanced life and is extremely successful in the film industry. Drew discusses her dark history in her autobiography, Little Girl Lost.[5]


Shia LaBeouf

Photo credit:

Born in 1986 in California, Shia LaBeouf is best known for his starring role as Sam Witwicky in the Transformers movies. He began his career by doing stand-up comedy in his hometown before being inspired by a friend in the film industry. LaBeouf instantly began looking for an agent and auditioning for parts.

As well as his Transformers role, he is also known for his parts in Disney Channel’s Even Stevens and in the 2003 movie Holes. He won a Daytime Emmy Award for his performance with Disney which sparked the beginning of an incredible career. However, he also had a troubled childhood.

Coming from a financially unstable family, LaBeouf suffered mental and verbal abuse at the hands of his father, who had developed a substance abuse problem. While it is said that this drove LaBeouf’s desire to be in the entertainment industry, the abuse must have taken its toll on such a small child.

In 2005, at age 19, he was arrested and charged with assault after he threatened his neighbor with a kitchen knife. LaBeouf then proceeded to ram the neighbor’s car with his own, claiming the neighbor was blocking LaBeouf’s path to the garage.

In 2007, he was arrested again after being asked by security to leave a Walgreens store and refusing to do so. Following this incident, he failed to appear in court and faced a $500 fine.[6]

Not long after this, he was involved in a car crash and required three surgeries to fix his hand. He faced charges for driving under the influence and had his license suspended. Unfortunately, the last time LaBeouf appeared in the media was due to plagiarism accusations involving three graphic novels he had written.

Demi Lovato

Photo credit:

Born in 1992 in Albuquerque, Demi Lovato landed her first role as a child star alongside Selena Gomez in Barney & Friends. From there, she was cast in a part on Disney Channel’s As the Bell Rings before landing the starring role in the Camp Rock series. It was during the filming of Camp Rock that she found her passion for recording, and since then, she has climbed the music charts.

In 2008, not long after Camp Rock wrapped, Lovato began filming Princess Protection Program, another Disney movie, with her good friend Selena Gomez. Then Lovato landed her own Disney TV show, Sonny with a Chance, which ran until 2011.[7]

While rising in the film industry, Lovato was also climbing the music ladder with her albums Don’t Forget and Unbroken. From there, her stardom was ever growing. But what did we miss along the way?

While on tour with the Jonas Brothers in 2008, Lovato began using cocaine. She has since admitted that she couldn’t go more than an hour without it. Due to this addiction, she would smuggle drugs onto planes, doing lines in her seat while neighboring passengers slept or using drugs in the bathrooms.

Despite her growing substance abuse problem, she was still compassionate. In 2009, she teamed up with Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and the Jonas Brothers to record a single to raise money for charity.

In 2011, she accepted that she had a problem and admitted herself to rehab where she was treated for bulimia, self-mutilation, and “self-medicating” with drugs and alcohol. It was during her rehabilitation that she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

After sobering up in 2013, she detailed her experiences in a book, Staying Strong: 365 Days a Year, in an attempt to help other young people struggling with addiction. She states that this book provides young readers with “lessons, meditations, reflections, and daily goals.”

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber was born in 1994 and raised in Ontario, Canada. Growing up, he always had an interest in music. Bieber taught himself to play a number of instruments, including guitar, drums, piano, and trumpet.

His rise to stardom began when his mother started posting videos of Justin performing on YouTube. His account grew, and people fell in love with him. Eventually, his videos caught the attention of talent agent Scooter Braun. The agency helped a young Bieber to obtain a record deal.

His first single, “One Time,” was released in 2009 and became a worldwide hit, going platinum in Canada and the US. This was quickly followed by the release of his debut album, My World, which was also successful on an international level. My World 2.0 was released in 2010 along with his concert film, Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. However, the fame went to his head and his behavior became questionable.

His first run-in with the law came in 2011 when Bieber was just a teen. A woman claimed in a lawsuit that the 17-year-old star was the father of her child. Fortunately, DNA tests proved the pop star’s innocence and the lawsuit was quickly dropped. This was merely the beginning.

In 2013, Bieber was accused of spitting on his neighbor after making threatening comments. Shortly after, there were a number of complaints about his dangerous driving in the residential area. Later that year, he was in the press again after he was recorded urinating in public and yelling obscenities about former President Bill Clinton.

Bieber’s last big run-in with the law was in 2014 when he was arrested for drag racing and driving under the influence. He remained in custody until he was able to post bail and was further charged with resisting arrest.[8]

Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter, brother of Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter, was born in 1987 and followed his older brother into the music industry. At age seven, Aaron began as lead singer for the band Dead End before making his solo debut as the opening act for the Backstreet Boys two years later. The performance landed him a record contract, which led to the release of his first single, “Crush on You.”

In 1997, his first album was released and went gold in Norway, Spain, Denmark, Canada, and Germany. His next album, Aaron’s Party, was released in 2000. A huge success, it reached triple-platinum certification in the US. His music career also opened a number of doors in the acting industry, where he landed roles in Lizzie McGuireSabrina, the Teenage Witch, and 7th Heaven. But scandals were going on behind all this success.

In 2008, Carter was arrested for speeding in Texas and the police found marijuana in his car. In 2009, Carter secured a place on Dancing with the Stars. However, his stage fright led him to become addicted to Xanax, which he was using to relieve his anxiety.[9]

Three years later, still addicted to the prescription drug, he was coerced to enter a rehabilitation program by his brother, Nick, and their mother. Unfortunately, it was the death of his sister from a drug overdose which drove him to sobriety in 2012. In 2013, he filed for bankruptcy to clear his $3.5 million of debt. He is now clean and back on track financially.

Macaulay Culkin

Photo credit:

Macaulay Culkin is one of the most renowned US child stars. He was born in 1980 in New York City and came into contact with showbiz at age four by appearing in a number of Off-Broadway shows. At age eight, he appeared in the films Rocket Gibraltar and See You in the Morning.

In 1990, he starred in his greatest film, Home Alone, directed by Chris Columbus. Home Alone became one of the highest-grossing movies of all time and resulted in a sequel.

At age 14, Culkin starred in a number of low-rated films. The public became skeptical as to whether the child star, who was the highest-paid star of his age, had already peaked. This led to questionable behaviors by Culkin which further tarnished his once-perfect reputation.

The lead-up to his role in the sequel of Home Alone resulted in allegations that his father, Kit Culkin, was mismanaging his fortune. This was later confirmed as his parents entered into a custody battle during which it seemed that they were more interested in their son’s fortune than in their son.

In 2004, Culkin was arrested for possession of 17.3 grams of marijuana along with a stash of other controlled substances. Culkin was “demonized” by the press for his drug use despite the many other child stars who had spiraled much further than he ever did.[10]

For a while, Culkin performed with a Velvet Underground parody band called Pizza Underground. They performed covers of songs featuring lyric changes about the topic of pizza.

19 Post Break-Up Tales That Will Leave You Cringing

19 Post Break-Up Tales That Will Leave You Cringing -




Couples Tell All: My Significant Other Humiliated Me On Social Media

Couples Tell All: My Significant Other Humiliated Me On Social Media -




20 Ways Girlfriends Publicly Embarrass Their Boyfriends

20 Ways Girlfriends Publicly Embarrass Their Boyfriends -




16 Confessions Showing The Darker Side Of Human Life

16 Confessions Showing The Darker Side Of Human Life



10 Disturbing Possessions And Exorcisms That Really Happened

10 Disturbing Possessions And Exorcisms That Really Happened -

We all saw Linda Blair spin her head, speak like an old man who had smoked one too many cigarettes, and bathe two priests in pea soup, but possessions and exorcisms are ancient and modern occurrences that go beyond anything depicted by Hollywood.

Although it’s easy to regard possessed victims as raving lunatics who were either mentally ill or attention hungry, many of history’s most famous cases involved sufferers who truly believed Satan was staining their soul and trying to drag them to Hell. Not only that, but they showed symptoms of possession more horrific than anything seen in the movies such as enjoying the taste of their urine while their bodies weighed as much as concrete.

However, while the majority of horror movies end with valiant priests banishing Lucifer back to Hell, some of reality’s most disturbing exorcisms failed and ended tragically. And sometimes houses were possessed rather than people…


10. Julia

Lakeshore Entertainment

Most instances of possession and hauntings are spearheaded by priests, clairvoyants, and TV investigators who are all too quick and happy to exclaim that the wind is proof of paranormal activity, but the exorcism of subject Julia was recorded by a board-certified psychiatrist named Richard Gallagher.

Having confessed to being involved with satanic cults, the middle-aged, Caucasian Julia feared that Lucifer or one of his minions was attacking her. Under the observation of Dr. Gallagher and his A-team of clergymen, nuns, and a mental health expert, the frightened woman endured trances where she unknowingly spoke Latin in a hoarse or high voice, insulted religion, and made objects fly off the shelves.

Her request for a Roman Catholic exorcism was granted and conducted in June. Gallagher noted how the room went from being extremely cold to unbearably hot as his possessed patient mimicked growls and other animalistic noises while prayers were recited. Exhibiting unbelievable strength, Julia broke free of the nuns holding her down with all their might, and she levitated half a foot off the ground for 30-minutes.

Although the exorcism initially proved helpful, Dr. Gallagher’s final comment suggested that Julia was still possessed and would require more help from the church.

9. The Smurls' House

After hurricane Agnes damaged and flooded their home, Jack and Janet Smurl moved into a Chase Street duplex in West Pittson, Pennsylvania. Like every horror movie ever made, the paranormal activity they encountered was initially benign with rapscallion ghosts hiding tools and unplugging kitchen appliances.

Presumably having grown bored of their childish antics, the ghosts infesting the house quickly became hostile: the family’s German Sheperd was tossed against the wall, one of the daughters was badly sliced by a falling light fixture, and Jack told his missus that a succubus dragged him around the bedroom and raped him. Understandably terrified of the sexual assaulting entities whose voices mimicked the entire family, Jack and Janet sought help from the church.

Similar to The Conjuring’s Perrons, Ed and Lorraine Warren investigated the Smurls’ home and declared it was haunted by a powerful demon who manipulated three other spirits to oppress the family: a harmless grandma, an old man who died in the house, and a violent young woman. The Warrens performed a group prayer to draw out one of the entities, and in the middle of the session the house started shaking, a voice ordered them to get out, and two female ghosts of the colonial America era dashed through the halls.

With the help of parishioners and several priests from the Roman Catholic Diocese of Scranton, Ed and Lorraine performed an exorcism that was successful until the ghosts returned years later. Tired of being punching bags, the Smurls moved out of the duplex in 1987, and subsequent owners have reported nothing unusual ever happening.

8. Ronald Hunkeler


Following the loss of his cool Aunt Hariet, 13-year-old Ronald Hunkeler (a.k.a. Roland Doe) started suffering unworldly occurrences in January 1949. After crying to his mum and dad about hearing odd noises and experiencing his bed shaking by itself, doctors and psychiatrists were consulted until the local Lutheran minister suggested they seek the aid of Jesuits.

Father Walter H. Halloran and Reverend William Bowdern learned about the boy’s situation and agreed to exorcise his demons in March. When they met Ronald and tried saving his soul, the two Jesuits observed scratches on his body, ducked out the way of flying objects, and watched him react violently to sacred devices shoved in his face.

During the weeks-long ordeal, an ‘X’ appeared on Ronald’s chest, leading the priests to believe that ten demons were fighting for total control. On 20 March, after their son had urinated on his bed and told the priests to do one, Mr. and Mrs. Hunkeler took their misbehaving teen to Alexian Brothers Hospital in St. Louis for alternative treatment.

However, the situation only worsened, and on the Monday after Easter, Ronald ridiculed the priests and promised that Satan would always be with him. Holy relics, crucifixes, medals, and rosaries were placed on the devil’s host, and at 10:45pm the priests called on St. Michael to expel Lucifer. Seven minutes later, Ronald came out of his trance and recounted how he had seen St. Michael crush Satan on a battlefield.

7. Clara Germana Cele

In 1906, Clara Germana Cele was an orphan at St. Michael’s Mission in Natal, South Africa, who confessed to Father Erasmus Horner that she had foolishly made a pact with Lucifer.

While the Father surprisingly doubted her confession, the Mission’s nuns admitted to witnessing unusual and barbaric behaviour from the 16-year-old: she spoke Polish, German, French, and other languages she had never been exposed to, she taunted strangers by revealing their most intimate secrets, and she attacked her fellow sisters by hurling them about the convent rooms.

Terrified of the levitating girl who slithered across the floor and bit a sister’s arm, the nuns convinced Reverend Mansueti and Father Horner to perform an exorcism on 11 September. Cele’s deliverance lasted two days and over 170 people saw her knock the holy bible from the priest’s hands and attempt to strangle him with his own stole.

Mansueti and Horner declared that the ritual was successful and the devil had been condemned back to hell, but in 1907 its former host made another deal and was possessed once again. The teen’s second and final exorcism ended with a rank odour filling the air.

6. Anna Ecklund

4 Digital Media

Born in 1882, Anna Ecklund showed symptoms of possession at the age of 14: she was unable to enter church, she was venomous towards all things sacred or holy, and she was obsessed with disturbing sexual acts in a time when porn was not readily available.

Capuchin monk Theophilus Riesinger successfully exorcised the demons within Anna on 18 June 1912, but his good work was undone through a curse manifested by the young girl’s malicious dad and wicked aunt.

Over twenty years later, Father Theophilus came to the possessed girl’s rescue yet again and sent her to a convent maintained by Franciscan nuns where he conducted an exorcism that lasted 23 days from August to December 1928. During the on-again, off-again exorcism, Anna taunted the nuns and priests by revealing all the sins they had committed in their childhood, her lips grew as big as hands, and despite not eating she eventually weighed as much as concrete.

Lucifer and Beelzebub were two of the demons who possessed the vulnerable girl, along with her dad and aunt; her father was condemned to hell for cursing his daughter because she refused to commit incest with him, while her aunt was burning in the devil’s world for being a practicing witch and adulterer who allegedly killed four children via abortion.

Two days before Christmas, Father Theophilus banished the demons and heard them scream as they left Anna’s body.

5. Maricia Irina Cornici

Brought up in an orphanage following her father’s suicide, Maricia Irina Cornici was ill-advised to become a nun at the age of 23 by one of her gal pals. Three months after moving into the Tanacu monastery, she was troubled by Satan making her giggle during mass and whispering in her ears that she was a sinful person.

Dr. Gheorge Silvestrovici declared that she was suffering from schizophrenia, but the monastery’s priest Daniel Petre Corogeanu firmly believed she was possessed and that prescribed pills would not take out the Devil. After convincing four nuns that their fellow sister was Satan’s living host, the red-bearded monk bound Maricia’s hands and feet and locked her in a room while he celebrated the Ascension of Jesus.

Days later, the orchestrated nuns gave Maricia the Jesus treatment by chaining her to a cross with her arms stretched out. They anointed her wrists and forehead with holy water, and shoved a towel in her mouth to stop her from cursing as they prayed for the Devil to be cast out.

Left in a dank room for three days without any food or water, the tortured nun had already died of dehydration and lack of oxygen by the time Father Corogeanu removed the chains and exclaimed she was ‘cured’. Charged with murder and depriving a person of liberty, Corogeanu was sentenced in 2007 to 14 years in prison, and the Romanian Orthodox Church shut down his monastery.

4. The Demon House

In November 2011, Latoya Ammons made the grave mistake of moving to the former murder capital of the U.S with her three children to take refuge in a white rental cottage at 3860 Carolina Street.

After moving in, the family immediately encountered paranormal activity: unfounded footsteps were heard from the basement at midnight, a cloud of enormous black flies hogged the front porch in the dead of winter, and a black shadow ruined the living room with its muddy boots.

Two clairvoyants announced that 200 demonic spirits roamed the house, and the local churches ordered Latoya to draw crosses on every door, create a makeshift altar in the basement, and bathe her children in olive oil. Latoya tried to exorcise the cottage by following the churches’ suggestions and reading the Psalm 91 aloud, but things only got worse; Ammons' daughter felt like she was always being choked, and the youngest boy kept headbutting his brother’s stomach.

Around April 2012, the Department of Child Services took custody of the children while the investigation of the cottage intensified with Reverend Maginot, Gary police captain Charles Austin, and Latoya’s DCS family case manager Samantha Illic. Having discovered underwear, socks, and a drapery cord underneath the basement’s stairs, Maginot performed a two-hour exorcism on Latoya which resulted in a removed entity attaching itself to Illic and breaking her ribs.

Latoya had her children returned to her when she moved to Indianapolis with her mother, and The Demon House was demolished in 2016 by Zak Bagans – Ghost Adventures' investigator - soon after he had purchased it to film a documentary.

3. The Ossett 'Exorcist' Murder

Despite being a non-believer, Michael Taylor was subjected to the Christian Fellowship Group in an effort to resolve his episodic depression through spiritual intervention. Enamoured by the beauty of 21-year-old pastor Marie Robinson, Taylor quickly became an active member of the band and started engaging in secret, nightly rituals with his bewitching priest.

Having transformed from a cheerful and well-mannered father into an angry and resentful brute, his wife Christine interrupted one of the group’s ceremonies and openly accused her unrecognisable husband of being an unfaithful blockhead. This led to Michael screaming at his supposed mistress in tongues, and turning into an unidentifiable beast as he assaulted her.

With Michael’s inhumane disorder becoming more permanent, a local vicar decided that an exorcism quickly needed to be done. Father Peter Vincent and Reverend Raymond Smith conducted the rite on 5 October 1974, and found 40 demons representing monstrous traits like incest, bestiality, and masochism hiding inside Michael’s body.

The priests tied the growling and spitting dad to the floor, and removed the evil spirits by shoving crucifixes in his mouth and dousing him in holy water. However, due to exhaustion, the priests stopped and agreed to continue the exorcism another time. Unfortunately, rather than waiting to be expelled, the three remaining demons – anger, insanity, and murder – convinced Michael to strip his wife, strangle her, rip out her tongue, gouge her eyes, and tear her face to the bone with his fingers.

At 09:45a.m on 7 October, police found the deranged Michael stumbling around the streets of Ossett naked and slathered in his wife’s blood.

2. Janet Moses

Proof that siblings are the worst, Janet Moses’ family believed the 22-year-old was cursed due to her sister nicking a suspected taonga. When they returned the stone lion statue and found Janet still acting strange, they resorted to performing a Maori exorcism more horrific than anything depicted in the movies.

At their deceased grandparents’ flat in Wainuimota, New Zealand, Janet’s family surrounded her in a circle and shouted, ‘Get out’ and ‘You’re not going to have her’. The mother of two was then held down on the floor as water was poured onto her face and several people tried sucking her eyes.

When she understandably begged for a chance to breathe, her family members grabbed her arms and legs while others sat on her stomach to make her vomit. After a full night of having water poured on her face, in her eyes, and down her throat, she eventually drowned, and the family turned their attention elsewhere.

Believing that the curse had moved into Janet’s 14-year-old cousin, the family scratched and rubbed her eyes, leaving them swollen and oozing blood. Nine hours later, police finally intervened and arrested eight people. In a trial that lasted 29 days, the Moses family remarkably admitted to improvising the exorcism due to not knowing how to rid a possessed person of a makutu. Five of the eight family members were found guilty and received community sentences rather than time in prison.

1. Anneliese Michel

While most 17-year-olds enjoy their free time partying, drinking, and lamenting not having any money, Anneliese was disturbed by devilish voices saying she was damned and would rot in hell. Although a court determined that her suicidal wants were caused by depression, in 1975 her Catholic parents believed she was possessed and sought the aid of priests rather than psychiatrists.

Father Arnold Renz and Pastor Ernst were assigned by the Bishop of Wuzburg to cleanse the girl’s soul, and the 22-year-old German suffered 67 rites of exorcism over a period of ten months as the two priests tried to free her from six demons including Lucifer, Judas, and even Adolf Hitler.

In her possessed state, Anneliese tore her clothes and licked her urine off the floor, ate flies, spiders, and coal, ripped the head off a dead bird with her teeth, barked like a dog, and screamed for hours. She later refused to eat, believing starvation would rid Satan from her body, and over time the ligaments in her knees ruptured due to performing 600 genuflections a day.

During her last rite of exorcism on 30 June 1976, she weighted only 68Ibs, and her final words were ‘beg for absolution’ and ‘Mother, I’m afraid’. An autopsy reported that she died from severe dehydration and malnourishment on 1 July, and her parents, along with Renz and Ernst, were found guilty of negligent homicide for which they were given suspended sentences of six months in prison and three years’ probation.


13 of the Cheapest Thing People Have Done When They Were Broke

13 of the Cheapest Thing People Have Done When They Were Broke -

Desperate times calls for desperate measures, and a majority of us have done some pathetic things when we were low on dough. Whether it's taking a nap for lunch or eating the powder at the bottom of the cereal box for dinner, we know the struggle is goddamn real. These stories will definitely make you feel like eating that Slim Jim sandwich the other day wasn't all that bad.


RetroDinosaur shows us what a good nights sleep can do:

Getty Images

"Went to bed for dinner"


Muhryzzle wishes for a better sandwich:

Getty Images

"Paid for a loaf of bread in pennies and had "wish sandwiches" for a few days.
Wish sandwiches- two pieces of bread, you wish you had something to put between."


REO-teabaggin goes spelunking at Goodwill:

Getty Images

"Rifled through the couches at goodwill for change to buy a $1 burger"


bryanteli15 goes bananas:

Getty Images

"I'd almost ran out of money in my bank account with no overdraft and it got so bad then I wanted something to eat from the supermarket so I picked a banana. But then had to put it back and pick up a smaller banana cause I couldn't afford the bigger banana.."


Leelluu has some delicious leftovers:

Getty Images

"When I was a waitress, if someone didn't want to take their leftovers home, I'd hide in the freezer in back and eat the remaining food left by strangers."


RAKE_IN_THE_RAP isn't driving across the county any time soon:

Getty Images

"One time in college, I paid for $0.47 worth of gas, my entire savings at the time."


jamer0658 is a broke little toaster:

Getty Images

"Took a toaster to a pawn shop. He laughed and said he didn’t need it."


SushiUschi has "shame" stamped on their forehead:

Getty Images

"Reused a stamp."


Zeruvi is on a not so eggcellent diet:

Getty Images

"I was unemployed for a year and prioritized shelter and internet over food. So I lived off 2 eggs every 48 hours for about 3 months"


Imlistening2 loves fine Mexican cuisine:

Getty Images

"Taco Bell used to have 50 cent burritos. I’d stock up on them for the week. Also, my roommate and I would bring Tupperware hidden in our purses to a buffet. We’d eat until we were sick and then fill up the containers."


theforlornknight is on broke auto-pilot:

Getty Images

"Put a paper plate in the sink to be washed.
Was at a friend's house for D&D and we had some BBQ before hand. Getting cleaned up and I, on reflex, put my paper plate in the sink. Later that night, my friend noticed and says, "Which of you broke mother fuckers put this in the sink?!"
It was me. I was the broke mother fucker."


alicatchrist proves you don't know what someone's been through until you take a walk in their shoes:

Getty Images

"When I was in college I found a pair of thrown out shoes in front of an apartment. They were soaking wet but otherwise new and were my size. I took them home, washed them in the sink, dried them out, and wore them for two years.
I was that broke my shoes had holes in them, so I wasn't going to let free shoes go away....
Edit: for those not going through the responses to my post, I did not steal anyone's shoes. These were very obviously thrown out and waiting to be picked up by Waste Management."


MilkCarton78 has a nice cup of joe:

Getty Images

"One night after an evening of bar hopping I got home and scratched my nether regions after eating a bunch of sliced raw jalapeños that I picked off some leftover nachos. Drunk and in a panic, I remembered that milk supposedly nullifies spicy. I don’t drink milk aside from a little bit in my coffee, so I usually kept a quart in the fridge. I poured the rest of the quart into a whiskey glass and dipped my balls into it for a while until the burning was gone. Not thinking, I put the glass of balls-infused milk back into the fridge and went to bed.
Woke up the next morning and made a pot of coffee as usual. I went to grab the milk from the fridge and saw it in there already poured into a whiskey glass, a reminder that 1) I dipped my balls in that milk last night, 2) that’s the last of my milk, and 3) I don’t get paid until tomorrow.
Well heat kills germs and coffee is hot, right?
The coffee tasted fine."

20 Men Confess Their Body Image Struggles

20 Men Confess Their Body Image Struggles





22 Cringe Filled Images That Will Boggle Your Mind

22 Cringe Filled Images That Will Boggle Your Mind -




In Honor Of The World We Live In, Here Are a Bunch Of Dumpster Fires

In Honor Of The World We Live In, Here Are a Bunch Of Dumpster Fires

Boy oh boy, it’s bad out there folks. Lately it seems like everybody’s depressed, and having a hard time dealing with it. Do I have some words that will make you feel better? No. No I do not. Instead, let us truly embrace the time that we live in by gazing upon a bunch of dumpster fires.

21 Lamest Excuses People's Exes Have Given Them When Getting Caught

21 Lamest Excuses People's Exes Have Given Them When Getting Caught



Wanna See Amber Heard Caught Braless in her Garage With It All Hanging Out? Sure You Do! [NSFW] [NUDITY]

Wanna See Amber Heard Caught Braless in her Garage With It All Hanging Out? Sure You Do! [NSFW] [NUDITY]




28 Girls You Should Never Date Because They Are Bat Shit Crazy

28 Girls You Should Never Date Because They Are Bat Shit Crazy -



Mom Catches Kid And His Teacher Boning In Bed

Mom Catches Kid And His Teacher Boning In Bed


Texas guidance counselor Shannon Hathaway, 33, was caught in bed with a 17-year-old former student and that’s frowned upon in 2018. But, you know, sometimes kids just need a little extra attention. The mom of the student is the one who walked in on them. Gotta put a sock on the door, kid.

The boy had been a student at Harwood Junior High School the previous year. Hathaway was charged with having an improper relationship between educator and student.

Bedford police put out the following statement on the matter:


The school placed her on paid leave back in May when the allegations first arose. She resigned from her job before turning herself in last week.

This would not have been an issue if she was a sex ed teacher.

38 Subtle Signs People's Exes Showed While Cheating On Them

38 Subtle Signs People's Exes Showed While Cheating On Them

Read these at your own risk. Working through the list can make for quite the anxietizing process.


Vigil To Be Held Outside Perdue Farms As Part Of The 'Chicken Lives Matter' Movement

Vigil To Be Held Outside Perdue Farms As Part Of The 'Chicken Lives Matter' Movement


Animal rights activists will hold a vigil tonight in Milford for June, a chicken who was killed thirty six hours after she was rescued from a Perdue Farm truck crash on Route 301 Wednesday morning.

June suffered a deep chest laceration and a fractured keel bone when a Perdue Farm’s tractor trailer, in route to slaughter, crashed on Route 301 Wednesday morning. Debris from the pavement lined June's chest cavity, causing a massive infection which turned sepsis.

June was rushed to Mount Laurel Animal Hospital by animal activists with Liberation Philadelphia several hours after the crash when he was found hiding along the shoulder of the highway, abandoned by Perdue Farms.

Activists say that June's story highlights the routine suffering inflicted on billions of chickens killed by Perdue each year, which is why they will hold a vigil from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Perdue Farms on N. Rehoboth Blvd. in Milford.

Liberation Philadelphia is calling on Perdue Farms to pay for June's veterinarian bills, provide care for all the surviving chickens injured in Wednesday's crash and immediately release them into the care of a farm sanctuary where they can live out their lives with dignity, respect and freedom.

Maria Kelly, an animal rights activist and organizer with Liberation Philadelphia, said the vigil is way to honor June and all of the other chickens killed in the crash. She feels Perdue Farms was negligent and should be held accountable.

"We felt in this situation that it was really important to honor June who fought for her life and tried to escape the crash. We feel like it's our duty to honor him and show other people that it's not ok that something like this happened where a bunch of individuals were injured horrifically and then the people responsible are just able to go on with their lives," explained Kelly.

"We're calling on Perdue because obviously the chickens in this truck were going to their facility. Not only do we feel that they have been negligent in caring for the animals on their way to the factory, but we also feel it's important to call attention to all of the other chickens who didn't escape and weren't in this particular crash, but are killed by Perdue every year for people to eat."

The activists argue that if June had received veterinary care immediately after the accident, it’s likely that June would have survived. They said June's story highlights the routine suffering inflicted on billions of chickens each year.

Delaware 105.9's sister-station WDEL reached out to Perdue Farms for comment, which was not made immediately available.

“June and all chickens deserve a life free from abuse and suffering. It’s time for industrialized abusers of animals like Perdue Farms be held accountable for their cruel practices," said Mahika Gupta, an organizer with Liberation Philadelphia. "This horrific incident further highlights the urgent need for our society to change its relationships with traditionally ‘farmed’ animals; from one in which we abuse and exploit them to a relationship where we respect the inherent worth of their individual lives and cause them no harm.”



30 Pics And Stories From The Darker Side Of Life

30 Pics And Stories From The Darker Side Of Life


1. Girl graduates in front of her terminally ill mother.

2. A health worker disinfects a corpse in an Ebola isolation ward, once a primary school, in Monrovia, Liberia.

3. Phone message left by a passenger on flight 175

4. Vietnamese villagers, including children, huddle in terror moments before being killed by American troops at My Lai, Vietnam, March 16, 1968.

5. Cambodia s22 genocide victim. They pined the letter through the neck. He is one of 1.5 million citizens tagged, documented, and executed by the Khmer Rouge for the crime of "being educated"

6. Cancer-Stricken Dad Walks 11-Year-Old Down The 'Aisle' Because He Won't Be There For The Real Thing.

7. South Sudanese soldiers photographed wearing donated UN backpacks meant for children.

8. Lesleigh Coyer, 25, of Saginaw, Michigan, lies down in front of the grave of her brother, Ryan Coyer, who served with the U.S. Army in both Iraq and Afghanistan, at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia March 11, 2013. Coyer died of complications from an injury sustained in Afghanistan.

9. Thania Sayne mourns her husband at his grave on the day before what would have been their 3rd wedding anniversary.

10. A shell-shocked syrian girl at a clinic after government airstrike.

11. A missionary holds the hand of a starving boy in the Karamoja region of Uganda, April 1980.

12. An Afghan woman who had her nose and ears cut off by the Taliban for trying to leave her husband.

13. A message a killer left on a mirror above the apartment's bed in the victim's lipstick This led to him being nicknamed "the Lipstick Killer" in the media.

14. Two stories, one picture, three years apart

15. Two macaws perch on a fence in Jonestown, where over 900 members of the People's Temple Cult committed mass suicide, 1978

16. The room where Amanda Berry and her daughter were forced by Ariel Castro to spend the last decade




20. Last Meals of Innocent Men





25. Desperate letter from a sex slave.

26. The picture of a woman that just learned that her fiance was murdered.

27. Auschwitz, Poland, 1943: an inmate who committed suicide on the electrified fence.

28. Man comes into restaurant every Saturday night with the ashes of his daughter in a bottle because it was her favorite restaurant. Drinks only Mt. Dew and reads Highlights magazine. Also both her favorites. She was 8 when she died 4 years ago.

29. A letter from father to son

30. Kristina's Bucket List- The girl on the left is Kristina Chesterman, a 21 year-old nursing student, who had a bucket list for her life that included traveling the world, riding a camel, and flying an airplane. She was hit by a drunk driver while riding her bike home from studying. A few days later, she was pronounced dead. Because Kristina was an organ donor, her heart went to Susan Vieria, a 64 year-old with congestive heart failure who has now vowed to completed every item on Kristina's Bucket list so that, even though the rest of her will never fulfill her dreams, at least her heart will.


Solution To Plastic Pollution Isn't A 'Sexy' One

Solution To Plastic Pollution Isn't A 'Sexy' One

You want big picture? National Geographic provides it on the issue of plastic choking the world's waterways. Invented in the late 19th century, plastic didn't truly take off in terms of production until around 1950, when scientists began making it out of petroleum in earnest. Now, we have 9.2 billion tons of it on the planet, of which 6.9 billion tons are waste. The real problem? The vast majority of that waste—6.3 billion tons—has not made it into recycling bins. Instead, much of it is in our oceans and waterways, often broken down in hard-to-see smaller particles. One alarming stat in the story is that on some beaches in Hawaii, about 15% of what appears to be sand is actually tiny grains of microplastic. You want small picture? The story includes an incredible photo of a seahorse clinging to a plastic cotton swab as it rides the current off Indonesia.







The problem is about more than aesthetics. "I don't think we should be waiting for a key finding of whether or not fish are hazardous to eat," says one researcher. "We have enough evidence to act." That will take a global initiative, however. By one estimate, about half of improperly discarded plastic comes from the five Asian nations of China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka. So what to do? A shift to more biodegradable products would help, along with a rethinking of the cost-benefits of plastics use, and, crucially, better recycling. "Everyone wants a sexy answer," says one economist. "The reality is, we need to just collect the trash." He floats the idea of a tax of one penny for every pound of plastic resin made, with proceeds used to improve garbage collection in developing nations. Read the full story.


15 College Students Reveal The Crazy Reason They Got Kicked Out Of The Dorms

15 College Students Reveal The Crazy Reason They Got Kicked Out Of The Dorms -




Self-Styled Barbie Doll Who Spent $14,000 On G-Cup Breasts Says She'll Be 'Fake Until I Die'

Self-Styled Barbie Doll Who Spent $14,000 On G-Cup Breasts Says She'll Be 'Fake Until I Die'


A self-styled human Barbie doll - who has admitted to splurging her £7,000 ($9,500) inheritance on G-cup breasts - has now made the move into webcam stardom, making a whopping £1,000 ($1,350) a week popping balloons and showing her feet to viewers online.


Jade Lynn, 22, first had a stab at fame on Channel 5's 100% Hotter back in 2016, where she was given a makeover by a team of experts. Rejecting their look, she decided instead to move into the online fetish market.

She explained she has never been made to feel uncomfortable by a client, and that if she's asked to do something she's not happy with, she can block them.

Jade, who hails from Bristol,said: "I get paid by the minute, so I do have some quiet days, but if you put the time in, it pays well.

"Obviously, a lot of it is taking off my clothes, but there are also lots of fetishes out there I had no idea about. Men have asked me to pop balloons on webcam, smoke, or show off my feet - this has opened up a whole world of things that people are into."

The unique look - which could help her earn over £50,000 a year - hasn't come cheap, and requires a fair amount of effort, too. Applying fake tan every day, Jade also takes up to five hours to do her makeup.

Jade said she's always been a fan of the Barbie doll look, having made the first move towards the aesthetic when she bleached her naturally dark hair at around 16 years old.

She continued: "I'd gradually add more and more.

"A lot of other girls who do webcam work look like me, and I've always looked like this, so as silly as it sounds, I feel like I was born to do this."


She's since ditched the blonde extensions and now wears wigs, but makeup remains a bit of a mission - beginning with layers of foundation, before applying false lashes, several coats of mascara, pink eyeshadow, eyebrow pencil, lip liner and lip gloss.

"It actually annoys me how long I take, but I'm never going to stop," she said.

"If I have all day, I'll take all day.

"I'll go back and forth adding to it. If I had the time, I could take about five hours sitting there, making sure it was perfect."

As well as four lots of lip filler - costing £250 each time for 1ml - Jade has £7,000 breast implants, which she paid for using inheritance money left by a late family member.

She explained: "I got my boobs done when I was around 19. It wasn't purely cosmetic, I had lots of problems with my natural chest. It was asymmetric, and my nipples were inverted.

"It made me incredibly self-conscious. Nobody ever saw my chest. Even with my boyfriend at the time, I'd always keep my bra on and would stuff it with loads of tissue.

"I went from an A cup to a G. I haven't had any other surgery yet, but I'd love the full works if I could."

Credit: PA Real Life

While she is currently seeing a new man, she believes her extreme look has taken its toll on her love life in the past.

Jade continued: "People can react negatively to me and say nasty things. I've even had photos taken of me, but it doesn't bother me. It stresses my Mum out as she wants to protect me and doesn't want me upset.

"But I love being OTT. Whatever the weather, I'll be glammed up in a dress and heels, because that's what makes me happy.

"I'd never judge someone else for what they look like, so people shouldn't do the same to me. Each to their own.

"I'll never be put off by comments, though. I'll be fake until I die."

She added: "I love my Barbie look. I don't want to look like everyone else - I want to stand out."

You know what would really make you stand out in today's society?  Being a good and caring person. But nevermind all that its much easier to mesh in with all the others who have spent thousands to ruin themselves and 'stand out' too.  Don't we have a healthy society with well developed individuals?  Isn't living in this kind of world nice?

Harry And Meghan's Wedding Will Reportedly Cost $44 Million

Harry And Meghan's Wedding Will Reportedly Cost $44 Million

Even the cheaper weddings of the world don't exactly come cheap - as you'll know if you'veever seen reality series Don't Tell The Bride, where grooms are given £13,000 (as in, what sounds like absolutely loads) to plan the big day all on their own but still end up struggling to afford everything.


But that's nothing compared to the reported cost of the biggest wedding of the year - that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose big day on 19 May is expected to cost £32 million ($43 million).

Wedding planning company Bridebook has done the maths, calculating the cost based on flowers, food, entertainment and dress coming in at £1,969,873 ($2,668,752).

That was then added to the £120,000 ($162,574) honeymoon and - wait for it - £30m ($40.6m) security costs.


The Mirror reports that because of this hefty figure, it's expected that the Windsor Castle wedding will be among the top ten most expensive weddings of all time.

However, it is thought that the historic wedding will also bring in around £500m ($677m) in tourism and merchandise.

Apparently the security price tag is the largest expenditure, which will include snipers, undercover police and a counter-drone system.

Ah, snipers - the wedding staple, eh?

After the ceremony, which takes place at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, the reception will be at St George's Great Hall, also within the castle.

The the party will move to the Upper Ward grounds of Windsor, and while the couple won't have to fork out for the venue, they will apparently have to pay for a luxury marquee costing £350,000 ($474,000).

Then there's the catering for a formal lunch reception for state guests and a dinner reception for their actual family and friends. The price on that? £286,000 ($387,389).

Speaking of the food, who could forget the cake? Well, no one - given that it's reportedly going to cost £50,000 ($67,725). And it's said to be banana flavour, too, which is just weird.

You'd expect the drinks would be the most spendy element of the day (as they should be, tbh), but bevs will cost just £193,000 ($261,416) - which is nothing compared to the wedding dress, which is expected to cost at least £300,000 ($406,399).

On top of that, there's the £110,000 ($148,993) flowers, £17,000 ($23,026) photos, £300,000 ($406,399) entertainment with rumours of everyone from Elton John to the Spice Girls, decorations at £130,000 ($176,083), posh invites for £20,000 ($27,089), £90,000 (121,904) trumpets - yeah, we know! - £6,000 ($8,126) rings, £8,000 ($10,835) groomswear, £175 ($237) church fees, and much, much more.

We're exhausted just thinking about it.

In a world of waste we clamor about and celebrate those who can do it the best.  Expensive tastes make you great! Don't think about the horrors of the world!  Remember to partake in your bread and circuses, and if you get tired of all that, then look at what the rich have!  You can have it too!  Chase the luxurious and feel gratified! Chase it quickly, you are so close to getting that feeling of fulfillment and success! Don't think about where this money could have gone!  This cake sure is delicious isn't it? Elton john sure is lovely.  This all surely was worth it right?


25 Depressing Stories Behind Some Of The Most Popular Songs In Modern History

25 Depressing Stories Behind Some Of The Most Popular Songs In Modern History


Sometimes a song can be uptempo and peppy, while also being crushingly sad, but sometimes a song is just crushingly sad. Many are based purely on their writer's imagination, but for these songs, real life proved far more depressing than anything a musician could come up with. These famous songs and memorable tracks might be upbeat or seem like a lot of fun, but they all have super sad and depressing backstories, that will have you rethinking using Van Halen's "Jump" on your pump up playlist.

You know Eric Clapton wrote "Tears in Heaven" about the death of his son, but what about the song "Circus"? Plenty of upbeat pop songs like "99 Red Balloons" and "Semi-Charmed Life" are actually about pretty dark subjects, like nuclear annihilation and addiction. As well, a number of the songs with sad meanings on this list were released posthumously, after the songwriter passed away, usually from reasons related directly to their sad song lyrics.

Here are songs that might be peppy, might be slow, might be epic - but all are based on really terrible things that actually happened. They might not seem like sad songs, but if you listen closely, you will likely shed a tear. Upvote the tracks and singles with the saddest true backstories below... but be sure to grab a box of tissues first.

Men Confess: I Cheated On My Pregnant Partner

Men Confess: I Cheated On My Pregnant Partner




21 Chilling Photos Taken The Moment Before A Tragedy

21 Chilling Photos Taken The Moment Before A Tragedy

1. Paul Walker is shown here climbing into the car that eventually crashed, taking his and the driver’s lives back in 2013.

2. Robert Overcracker drove a jet ski over Niagara Falls to raise awareness for the homeless back in 1995. This photo was snapped just as his parachute failed to deploy, sending him plummeting to his death.

3. In 2005, a powerful tornado wiped out a little over one percent of Sweden’s forests. It doesn’t seem like a lot until you realize just how much excess timber the country was left with!

4. George Mallory and Sandy Irvine are depicted just before they began their ascent of Mt. Everest in 1924. Tragically, neither of these pioneering explorers made it to the summit—or back down—again.

5. This photo shows Joy Division lead singer and post-punk trailblazer, Ian Curtis, posing with his young daughter only a few days before his tragic suicide by hanging in 1980.

6. This photo of a family was taken on Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 back on July 17, 2014 shortly before it was shot down over Ukraine by pro-Russian separatists, killing everybody on board.

7. This picture of the Kelly family was taken at a New York Yankees game on September 10, 2001. Father Joe Kelly was killed the next day in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

8. In 1978, Pacific Southwest Airlines Flight 182 tragically crashed into a small private Cessna 172 plane and fell from the sky. This picture captures the plane just before it hit the ground in North Park, San Diego.

9. This photo from World War II shows a Soviet guerrilla team executing a “traitor” in Germany during 1944. Historians have never been able to discover the identity of the traitor or what exactly he did.

10. In 1961, the U.S. figure skating team boarded a flight to the World Championships in Belgium. Unfortunately, their plane crashed after being forced to abort its landing in Brussels.

11. This photo shows Jim Morrison hanging out in Paris in 1971 with his girlfriend Pamela Courson. He would die in the city of a heroin overdose within days of this picture being taken.

12. In 2012, a hot air balloon collided with power lines in New Zealand, killing all 11 tourists on board. Though there’s no way to know for sure, the accident has been attributed to negligence on the part of the balloon’s pilot.

13. This photo shows the then-mayor of St. Louis, William D. Becker, with a number of other politicians on a military test flight in 1943. Unfortunately, the flight crashed; all 10 people aboard lost their lives.

14. Mayinga N’seka, a nurse, is depicted here during an ebola outbreak in 1976. Her dedication meant that she eventually contracted the disease herself and passed away not long after.

15. This photo shows noted parkour enthusiast Pavel Kashin performing the trick that would lead to his death. He’s pictured attempting to back-flip to the wall, but he would soon lose his balance and fall to ground below.

16. James Dean is seen here getting gas for his Porsche 550 Spyder not long before he crashed it and was killed. Legend has it that the car is cursed, as it was involved in several more accidental deaths before disappearing in the ’60s.

17. This photograph was recovered from Japan Airlines Flight 123 after it crashed, taking the lives of everyone on board. Notice that the emergency oxygen masks had already dropped, meaning this was taken right before the plane actually wrecked.

18. A man took this photo while on a hike in New Jersey, moments before the bear attacked and killed him. Just remember: it’s never worth it to put your life at risk for photograph, no matter how good it might turn out.

19. William “Dave” Sanders, a coach at Columbine High School, was caught on the school security cameras guiding more than 100 students out of the cafeteria just before being killed in the shooting.

20. The band Great White plays a show at Rhode Island’s Station Nightclub, just before their pyrotechnics caused a fire that killed more than 100 people. In this eerie photo see you can see the destructive fireworks on display.

21. This comparison photo shows the iconic Bhimsen Tower, a major tourist attraction, in Kathmandu, Nepal before and after its destruction by a devastating earthquake back in April of 2015.

Cops Respond To ‘Burglary In Progress’ But Find Former White House Staffer Moving In

Cops Respond To ‘Burglary In Progress’ But Find Former White House Staffer Moving In

It was an unsolicited homecoming that left Bronx native Darren Martin unsettled.

After spending several years working on Capitol Hill and in the White House with the Obama Administration, Martin recently made the move back to New York, getting a job with the city and finding a unit in a 5-story walk-up on the Upper West Side.

On moving day this past Friday, Martin got an unexpected visit from the NYPD.

“I’m in my apartment but you know – you can’t go nowhere without the cops following me,” Martin said during the encounter live streamed via Instagram.

Turns out, someone called 911 to report a “burglary in progress” and the suspect was the building’s brand new tenant – Martin.

“Somebody called the cops on me in my own building,” he told viewers who were tuning in to watch the live video. “About how many are ya’ll? About six of ya’ll showed up, rolled up on me.”

He has a packed work schedule and that was the only time he had to move into the building.

“I didn’t really think anyone was going to call the cops on me because I mean – I was moving into the building.”

In the live video which Martin shared on Facebook and Twitter, one of the responding officers cranks the volume on a 2-way radio where a dispatcher could be heard describing the call.

“Somebody was trying to break in the door” with a “possible weapon,” the dispatcher said, describing the weapon as a “large tool.”

An investigation later determined there was nothing criminal about Martin’s activity.

Martin says his skin color along with the gentrifying neighborhood along 106th Street were obvious factors that led to police being called.

“As a black man when you’re in an all-white environment, you’re cognizant of that,” he said. “I have to say I found it kinda symbolic. [It’s] like welcome to the neighborhood.”

Sadly, Martin’s story isn’t one-of-a-kind.

Earlier this month, two black men were arrested at a Philadelphia Starbucks for trespassing after asking to use a bathroom.

In Martin’s case, he hopes the incident serves as a teaching moment for the neighbor who called police on him.

“The broader message to everyone is get to know folks before you make these assumptions,” he said. “When you make that call there’s no turning back and it could have ended very differently.”

Calls to Pine Management – the company that manages the building located at 56 106th Street – were not returned.

Martin, who kicked off a one-year lease at the building, says he plans to ride it out.

26 People Share The Reasons Their Friendships Ended

26 People Share The Reasons Their Friendships Ended


Some friends are for a season and some are for a life. But sometimes it’s hard to know why friends can be that way. We change, they change, or sometimes just circumstances change.

Take a look at these 26 Reddit users who share stories of losing their best friends, sometime for very good reason, sometimes for no reason at all.

26. Drinking doesn’t make it better

I lost my friends when my son died. Instead of being supportive, they harassed me to come out drinking, or go to the bar. Like I had just been through a breakup and needed to go out. No, literally 24 hours ago I buried my baby in the ground.

25. Just Jealous

I set a good girl friend up with a close guy friend. Then he started cheating on her, so I told her the truth. When she finally confronted him, his actually replied with:

“Don’t listen to her. She’s just jealous. Just played matchmaker to get closer to me.”

The worst part? She believed him. So did my circle of friends on her side and his side.

I never quite got over that.

24. Nowhere to go from here

When I realized the only thing we had in common was the past. That sucked.

23. Moms’ club

She had a baby, and then one day we were having lunch and she told me “You know, I only want to hang out with other moms from now on.” I didn’t quite get the hint, but she ignored all my texts and emails for a few months and I finally realized what she was trying to tell me back there.

22. Ghosted

My best friend ghosted on me. We met in 3rd grade and were thick as thieves until I went to college. While I can recognize I wasn’t the greatest friend always, it was 100% her choice to stop being my friend. I admit- it still hurts nearly a decade later. I never got closure, and I doubt I ever will. I’m not sure she has thought out why or would give me the honest truth if I asked. She should have been my maid of honor, and it makes me really sad when I think of that. I try to remind myself that she caused drama for me- she was really passive aggressive and wouldn’t talk to me when I did something to bother her. She also never opened up to me about anything bothering her in other aspects of her life. I don’t need that back in my life.

But I do miss the great times we had- all the inside jokes, the way we knew what was on each other’s minds- we absolutely killed at the game taboo! – and I have never gotten that close with anyone again. But I did read a really beautiful sentiment recently, which I will try to capture here. The people you have in your life grow and occupy space in the tapestry that makes up your life. When they are gone, it makes a hole where they used to be. The memories and love are still there and may always be there. So don’t look at your tapestry as filled with holes- look at it as your own unique lace pattern. The pattern isn’t over, but it is constantly changing. The pain of loss doesn’t ever really go away, but it does lessen over time.

21. Karma

Walked in on him moments after he was finished having sex with my (now ex) girlfriend in my room

Karma was nice though: he blew out his knee and can no longer play his sport professionally, I lost a lot of weight, and she found most of it.

20. I’m sorry – cat abuse?

His drug using girlfriend who was on probation stole $300 from me and abused my cat. My former friend refused to believe she could do such a thing and got pissed off at me about it. We’d been friends for 20+ years.

19. Ouch

Let him move in because of issues at his home. Started missing money and found used syringes IN MY SHOES.

18. Anger Management

She flipped and went super saiyan because I had the audacity to make plans with another friend, and invite her. Instead of making plans with her first then inviting my other friend. She then pinned me to a chair and started screaming in my face. Thats the day I fired my maid of honour, and booted her from my life. She then smashed my car window that night.

17. Du-ally noted

I fired him. Not as my friend – I employed him to help him out, and ended up needing to let him go. He wants nothing to do with me now.

Don’t work with friends.

16. Flake

Long story short: I love the guy, I wish we saw each other more often, but he’s the flakiest, most unreliable person I know. He treats everyone like they’re barely worth his time. Make plans with the guy and it’s a coin toss whether he’ll even show up. I’ve known him for 10 years and it’s only gotten worse, but I learned long ago that it’s a waste of time to chase him.

15. Duh

Got invited to his wedding, all night long I heard about how awesome the Bachelor’s party had been and asked why I hadn’t come along – because I wasn’t invited or told about it.

14. Buh bye

We grew apart. I needed emotional support during a very tough time and she wasn’t interested in helping, so I ended it.

13. Bridges

You know what they say about how you don’t always burn your bridges, but rather let them fall apart due to structural decay? That’s pretty much it.

12. Booty call

Because she calls me on the phone every few months when she’s alone and has had a few beers. that’s pretty much eliminated the need for other conversation. I messaged her a story about an interesting and relevant event in my life today and she ignored it.

11. Then she doesn’t

“I feel she doesn’t want to talk to me… what would happen if I stop initiating conversations?”

Many months later, haven’t heard a single word from her.

10. When I needed her most

My best friend from high school fell off the face of the earth when I needed her most, I had a precancerous tumor and had to have surgery. I was terrified and she wasn’t there for me. It didn’t make any sense.

Almost a year after we stopped speaking, a mutual friend informed me that her father had just lost his battle to cancer (I had no idea he had it). She wasn’t there for me because she had to be there for her father, and I then understood that she probably couldn’t emotionally handle both situations at the same time. It was then when I decided I would take a chance and attend the wake.

I was so nervous when I got there because I hadn’t seen her in over a year, but when I walked in and she saw me, she immediately burst into tears and gave me the biggest hug. To this day, that moment was one of the best I ever experienced. I got my friend back. A year and a half after that, I was the maid of honor at her wedding.

I know not every situation turns out as well as mine, and I’m sure there are people who bail because they simply don’t care, but in my case all it took was a bold effort by me and it worked out in the end.


9. Needy

She’d only really message me if she wanted something.

If she was down I’d try my best but if I was upset it was ‘oh I’m really not in the right place right now, talk later’ which is fair enough but I always tried to help her.

She’d also message me screenshots of the argument with her boyfriend, they’re a bad couple and my advice is always either ‘dump him’ or ‘talk it out’ which is never what she wants to hear but what am I supposed to do about it? I guess she just wants validation she’s right to be annoyed but she can be really unreasonable sometimes.

Oh and then she asks for money under some bogus pretence and then buys weed. I know I shouldn’t fall for it and I’ve stopped now but y’know.

8. Shaming

My high school best friend got into college around six months before me (it happens in my country). She then stopped talking to me altogether. When I finally got into college, she decided it was too shameful to hangout with someone who was six months behind her. She’d still talk and go out with other friends from HS, but I was completely ignored by her.

7. Snip snip

He cut me out of his life.

He was my best friend for 15+ years. We had grown a bit apart due to different lifestyle choices, but we always spoke at least once a week and found time to spend with each other.

He was constantly talking about feeling stuck in our home town and wanting to explore the world, but worried about paying for it. About two years ago I helped him get a job with my company. It was not a very exciting job, but it paid twice as much as he was making before, so I figured it would help him save up for traveling.

About six months into the job, we were working together and got into an argument. We had fought a few times in our friendship and this did not seem any different than other times; I was over it by the time I went home.

He missed the next 2-3 days of work, then emailed our manager saying he quit. He removed me from all of his friends lists, and will not respond to phone calls, text messages, or emails. I admit I am not the easiest person to get along with at times, but after a 15 year relationship I would have liked to at least said a proper goodbye.

It has been 18 months since he’s talked to me. He was my guy and now most days I feel alone.

6. Blocked

Her boyfriend didn’t like her hanging out with other guys, made her block me and all of her other male friends on social media. No idea if they’re still together, but she hasn’t contacted me at all since so.

5. Religion changes you

I left the mormon church. I lost many friends the moment they found out I left. I even lost a ‘christian’ friend because at least as a mormon I believed in the bible – now he doesn’t know who I am or what I believe anymore.

I have new friends now, but most of my mormon friends treat me like I’m dead.

4. Not like Britney Spears though

She was toxic. Always one-upping me, comparing us and making herself feel better about her appearance, always leaving me for other “best friends” and telling them all of my personal stuff… The list goes on.

3. ‘I forgot’

She was maid of honor in my wedding. After, I would try to make plans with her for lunch or whatever, and she always cancelled the day of. Never gave a reason just “oh I forgot I can’t, some other time”. I realized I was the only one putting in any effort so I just stopped trying to do things with her. I figured if she wanted to do something she’d get ahold of me.

I got married in July of this year, haven’t heard from her since.

2. It’s me not you

It’s the same reason I don’t speak to most people from my past. I’m got mental issues. So if I don’t see someone for a while then seeing them is very hard for me because I hate myself seeing someone who I knew in the past.

1. Differences

Ah, my highschool best friend. We weren’t very alike at all. “Anna” was this super bubbly and cheerful feminine girl, and I was a sarcastic pile of nerd in vaguely human form. A kind of geek-tomboy. We actually meshed pretty well, but from the get go, she was the kind of person who’d turn up to parties on the wrong day because she’d get mixed up. Her parents didn’t like me much, because I was into heathen stuff like Lord of the Rings.

Anna couldn’t form an opinion if it wasn’t exactly the same as her Dads. I remember in 2006, she argued vehemently that there was no future in I.T. because her Dad said it was a waste of time. Facts didn’t matter if her Dad didn’t like them. We stayed close until after school ended, and since our birthdays were only a week apart, we always had a combined party.

Three weeks before my eighteenth, I got tickets to a convention. I called her that day to let her know that we’d have to do separate parties. I asked if she wanted to come to the con with me. She said no, not her thing. Cool.

Literally the day my group is going, she calls to ask when she can expect us around to her place for the party and ice skating. I remind her that we’re going to the con. She loses it at me. Gets real nasty over the phone and hangs up. Calls everyone else to try to convince them to ditch the con and come to hers. They all say no. She calls my parents and tries to get them to stop me from going and tells them I’m on drugs…yeah no. Went, but the whole thing was soured by her reaction.

I don’t think she ever spoke to me again herself, but I’d often meet people in my social circles who’d treat me like trash “because of what you did to Anna.” Took ages for people to stop thinking I was a complete and utter jerk. Maybe they just grew up.



20 Pics of Extreme Trashiness To Wet Your Trash Whistle

20 Pics of Extreme Trashiness To Wet Your Trash Whistle -




Trans-Species Woman Spends $80,000 To Turn Herself Into A Dragon

Trans-Species Woman Spends $80,000 To Turn Herself Into A Dragon -

A woman has spent more than $80,000 to transform herself into a reptile so she can pursue her dream of living as a dragon.

Eva Tiamat Medusa, from Bruni, Texas, claims she is the ‘most modified transgender person in the world’ splashing out on numerous procedures to become a dragon.

Quitting her job as vice president of a bank several years ago, Eva began her transformation by getting scales before having her nose re-shaped, ears removed and the whites of her eyes stained green.


Since being abandoned by her parents as a five-year-old, Eva says she was ‘born again’ when a western diamondback rattlesnake took her under its wing.

Realising she wanted to morph into a reptile, her journey started when, while living as a man, Eva was diagnosed with HIV and became resolved not to die as a human.

Speaking to The Wizard of Odd TV, Eva explained why she underwent her metamorphosis:

For me, my transformation is the greatest journey of my life, there are profound reasons and deep meanings about my transformation and why I’m doing it.

I have two mothers: one is my original birth mother and my second birth is to my reptilian parents, which are the rattlesnakes.

My big thing though was I didn’t want to die in this world looking like a human.

As much awesomeness and goodness there is in humans, compared to other species they are the most destructive and hateful.

I decided at that time, that it was time for a change in my life, so I wanted to look like something that wasn’t human.

Eva now has eight horns on her forehead, her tongue bifurcated and her whole face tattooed meaning she is now known as Dragon Lady.

Describing herself as ‘trans-species’, Eva no longer identifies as human but as a reptilian instead.

One of the reasons Eva has opened up about her journey is she hopes others who want to change their physical body feel less alone.

She added:

I would like for there to be an open dialogue about the world of body modification and understand what it was like to live as a gay-man for 53-years and now as a transsexual woman.

There’s a lot of misunderstanding about what it means to be transsexual and then further than that – something that I’m introducing – the idea of trans-speciesism.

I consider myself not just to be human anymore; I’m human and reptilian. My greatest desire in life is to continue my body modification until my metamorphosis is complete.

This is what drives me – this is the reason why I get up every day and live.

I hope that my story will help other people – not only those who have gone through hard times, but also people who have lost hope.

She really does seem to be enjoying her life as a dragon and I am sure her story will help others who want to transform their physical selves.

You can follow Eva’s journey on her Instagram page where she posts regular updates and selfies.

Polish Model Spends Tens Of Thousands To Look Like Living Barbie Doll

Polish Model Spends Tens Of Thousands To Look Like Living Barbie Doll -


A Polish model has reportedly spent tens of thousands on surgery to become the 'First Polish Barbie', as she proudly states on her Instagram page - which has 110,000 followers.

Anella An is an architect and part-time model who hails from Poznań, western Poland. Following a nose job, the Daily Mail reports that she shelled out 150,000 PLN (around £30,000/$42,000) to have surgery on her lips and breasts.

However, she maintains that her tiny waist is natural.

Credit: Anella An/Instagram

In an interview with a local breakfast TV show, she said: "It came about very spontaneously. It was not planned at all."

"Everyone has a complex, even small things like hair or something you have to change, and I said that I would like to improve one thing, for example, my nose. And I did it.

"Then I thought about nice breasts and I thought why not, and that was the start."

Credit: Anella An/Instagram

Speaking about her unique appearanceAnella said: "I like strange, weird, and unique things, maybe because I'm weird."

She added: "I like people who have something to say, who are charismatic. People who can create something beautiful and are beautiful inside."

While she claims to be Poland's first living Barbie doll, she's not the first person in the world to imitate the look of a children's toy.

You'll have no doubt heard of Rodrigo Alves, the 'human Ken doll' who is thought to have spent roughly £400,000 ($560,000) on achieving his look - which includes a set of silicon abs.

Other procedures have also included multiple nose jobs, chest implants, a hair transplant and fillers and Botox injections.

The Brazilian native is able to afford the surgery because his grandparents left him with property and he inherited quite a good asset, which is where he makes his income.

The 33-year-old has had virtually every part of him tucked, pulled, cut out or filled since he began his transformation as a young man.

Alves said: "Now I've achieved my dream face and body I plan to stop the ageing process using stem cell technology.

"I've already had lots of them injected into my face, scalp and bloodstream.

"My aim to always look ageless and maintain my unique looks.

"After all there is no other man or another Rodrigo Alves that looks like me.

"I get a lot of attention due to my artificial looks - but I finally love myself and that is the most important thing of all."