The 21 Most Famous Celebrity Sex Tapes

The 21 Most Famous Celebrity Sex Tapes

A no-bullshit guide to the most famous celebrity sex tapes of all time.

Celebrity porn, is a fascinating watch, if you are into that... but waiting for the next 'leaked' tape or images can take forever.

So until the next big scandal hits the internet, check out this history of celebrity sex tapes. We break it down for you in the simplest way possible


Jayne Kennedy and Leon Isaac Kennedy

Long Story Short: Groundbreaking African-American sports bunny gets a hand from actor and soon-to-be-ex-husband.

The Breakdown: Leon, the star of the boxer-in-prison penitentiary film franchise, supposedly leaked the tape during the pair’s nasty breakup.

The Action: The former NFL Today cohost is a world-class hump, whether she’s grinding her big, beautiful booty on Leon’s cock or massaging his balls while two of his fingers are crammed up her ass. She gives tasty head, too, knocking his cock back like a shot of cheap tequila. Jayne’s up for just about anything — and by tape’s end, just about anything is up her. The tape is notorious for its show stopping fisting scene.

Stop, Look, and Listen: The tape was made in their home with the radio playing in the background, so the soundtrack is killer. Watching them pose naked to Blondie’s “Rapture” is cute, but watching Leon’s handy work during Herman’s Hermits’ “I’m Into Something Good” is hilarious.

Availability: This is why God invented Google.

The Go-Go’s

Photo by Robert Matheu

Long Story Short: High-flying, inebriated pop princesses stir up some shit, only to have it rain down on them years later.

The Breakdown: This one puts the “scandal” in “celebrity sex scandal,” and for good reason. When David, a member of the Go-Go’s’ road crew, is too shitfaced to get hard enough to jerk off in a hotel bathroom, Belinda Carlisle and Kathy Valentine try to get a fan named Elaine to blow him. She says no, so the gang raps about sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll. Basically it’s the new-wave version of the Stones’ Cocksucker Blues, only without the sucking.

The Action: Dave passes out in bed and Valentine tries to wake him up by smearing him with shaving cream, stuffing a vibrator up his ass, and giving him a hot foot. She succeeds.

The Best Line: A bleary-eyed Carlisle slurs, “This is gonna be real interesting to show one day, huh?” The answer to that one would be “Yes!”

Availability: Not hard to find. An edited version of this tape was sold for years, bundled with Rob Lowe’s and Chuck Berry’s sexcapades.

Rob Lowe

Long Story Short: Brat Pack heart throb gets caught with his pants down but keeps his dignity intact.

The Breakdown: The tape you’ve seen on the Internet and TV isn’t the famous footage shot during the 1988 Democratic convention in Atlanta that apparently featured Lowe with two women, one of whom was underage. This more widely circulated video features Lowe with a girl and another guy.

The Action: Though it’s grainy, you can still see that what Lowe lacks in dramatic chops, he makes up for with chops of another kind. He pounds away at his special friend for a good ten minutes at a time before calling time-out for a beer. And between the pixels, it seems like he’s got a pretty impressive package.

Blink and You’ll Miss: Rob Lowe drinks Miller!

Availability: Copies are available bundled with the Go-Go’s and Chuck Berry footage.

Chuck Berry

Long Story Short: Fifties guitar legend gets exposed as urophilic bad boy.

The Breakdown:Berry’s as prolific a pornographer as he is a songwriter, with both careers producing a trail of classics. His nude pics were published in High Society, which he sued, and his private sex tapes were made public. He’s also been suspected of putting videocameras in the women’s room of his Missouri restaurant.

The Action: The sex is pretty run-of-the-mill; it’s Berry’s scatological fascination that makes this one a keeper. When
 he’s not pissing on his girlfriend or having her shake his freshly drained vein, he farts in her face while she blows him.

Now We Get It: He did write “The Wee Wee Hours,” didn’t he?

Availability: In edited form, with the Rob Lowe and Go-Go’s tape.

Tonya Harding and Jeff Gillooly

Long Story Short: Knee-capping ice queen goes for the long green and unwittingly starts a cottage industry.

The Breakdown: Tonya and Jeff tried to revive her failing career by selling off what was hyped as a “honeymoon tape,” and was marketed for sale exclusively by Penthouse magazine.

The Action: Exactly how you’d think fucking a white-trash princess like Harding would be: interesting for a few minutes but for the most part, nothing special.

Oh, Really?: Even though Harding’s wearing a wedding dress in the beginning, it wasn’t her wedding night. It was a Halloween costume. No wonder this is so scary.

Availability: Although it sold thousands in the past, the only way to see this one is if a buddy has the VHS version lying around.

Pamela Anderson and Bret Michaels

Long Story Short: Surprisingly resilient sex queen survives her first potential career-wrecker.

The Breakdown: This was filmed after a 1994 Halloween party and later swiped by a “friend” who saw dollar signs but got nothing but headaches. In 1998, Anderson and Michaels successfully sued to keep the tape under wraps, but by that time everyone and their brother already had a copy.

The Action: Pam strips and then
 plays with her tits for a good ten minutes — and they are a good ten minutes — before Michaels comes in. She gives him a slow, loving blowjob, then mounts him. Michaels eats her pussy then fucks her missionary-style. A second part of the tape is much higher quality but only a few minutes long, and shows her fucking him cowgirl while she flashes her bunghole.

Did You Know?: The metal bad boy likes to cuddle! Aww!

Availability: The Internet

Ted Turner and Jane Fonda

Long Story Short: Media mogul gets cornholed by his commie sympathizer–turned–workout guru wife and gets his ass saved by porn mogul.

The Breakdown: This baby was presumably only given one public screening when a solicitor brought
 it to the offices of Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine, hoping to sell it for around $1 million.

The Action: This one’s so rare that even we haven’t seen it. According to those who have, the tape features CNN founder Ted Turner in a three-way with then-wife Jane Fonda and another woman. Jane and Ted have never commented on it, but there’s good reason to believe the tape does exist. In his porn memoir Prisoner of X, former Hustler editor Allan MacDonell writes about having viewed it with Flynt in his office. Though the Hustler founder and top dog didn’t buy this tape, he purchased a different sex tape and gave it to Turner as a token. Of what, exactly, we couldn’t tell you.

Best Line (Allegedly): Jane’s dildo falls out of Ted’s ass and he barks, “Damn it, Jane. You always do that when I’m ready to come!”

Availability: In your fuckin’ dreams, buddy.

Vince Neil and Janine Lindemulder

Long Story Short: Once-relevant hair-band messiah beds otherwise-Sapphic sex queen, and a nation yawns.

The Breakdown: America’s hunger for rock-star porn is further fed when Internet Entertainment Group acquires this rough-cut gem, which surprisingly has no legal drama attached. We’re sure that Mötley Crüe’s female demographic was dying to check this out, but by tape’s end Neil proves that even though he managed to bag one of the biggest sex symbols in America, he’s no Tommy Lee.

The Action: Call us biased, but the only reason to check this out is because the well Neil dips his nib into is our own Janine Lindemulder, the Penthouse Pet–turned–porn star who was famous for only doing women on film for most of her career. This was her first officially released boy-girl scene, about a decade before her film Maneater. Nestled away in a tropical paradise, Neil, Janine, and a sexy female friend explore some caves. Neil does a little spelunking of his own back at their bungalow, chowing down on the happy hussies before making porno history with the beautiful blonde Janine.

Fun Fact: The sexy friend, whose face was blurred out for contractual reasons, is widely believed to be Penthouse Pet Brandy Ledford.

Availability: Sold in your finder smut emporia under the title Janine & Vince Neil: Hardcore & Uncensored.

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee

Long Story Short: Living blow-up doll and her rock-star hubby share their love with the world.

The Breakdown: The Star Wars of celebrity sex tapes was found in a safe that was stolen from the couple’s home. After a company threatened to sell it online, Pam and Tommy sued for invasion of privacy, and each was awarded at least $740,000. Naturally, a deal was struck to release the vid over-the-counter; the legal version did boffo box office and was named Adult Video News magazine’s top-selling and top-renting release of 1999.

The Action: Sorry, but the banging is b-o-o-o-ring. Sure, Pam gives her well-hung hubby some spirited head, throws him a quickie, and takes a come shot on her tummy, but they’re so in love, it’s like watching your parents fuck. Okay, maybe not your parents, but somebody’s parents.

Did You Know?: Tommy has a big dick, but he comes in less than a minute.

Availability: Any adult-video store will have it, unless they’re sold out.

Gena Lee Nolin and Former Husband Greg Fahlman

Long Story Short: Pam Anderson Lite has her own sex tape, with less spectacular results.

The Payoff: According to press accounts, Nolin’s flack has said she leaked this in 2004 — the same year she divorced Fahlman and started dating hockey player Cale Hulse. It was reportedly being hawked to porn companies for $1 million but was never made legally available.

The Sex: Baywatch fans creamed at the thought of Gena Lee Nolin sans her trademark red swimsuit, but this tape, probably made around 1993, is one ugly affair. Fahlman makes her strip, but she’s hurting from breast surgery so she makes it quick. He keeps barking orders at her, telling her to get on all fours. The schlumpy Fahlman does her doggie-style for a few seconds before she says it hurts too much. Then she gives his dick a quick suck and begs off so they can watch the tape. She clearly isn’t into any of it and bad-mouths him the entire time. Frankly, we’d rather watch Hasselhoff.

Blink and You’ll Miss: Gena gives her panties a quick sniff before tossing them on the floor.

Availability: The proverbial black market.


Long Story Short: Rhyme-spitting fashion diva gets pronged by literal and figurative jerk-off.

The Breakdown: Yet another music star makes yet another sex tape only to have it leaked, yet again, onto the Internet.

The Action: The former Philly stripper gets pumped with a dildo while her partner jacks off. End of story.

Blink and You’ll Miss: Almost everything, since the online clip is only 20 seconds long.

Availability: Not!

Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon

Long Story Short: Inexplicably fascinating celebutante turns unwitting porn star and finally gets a career.

The Breakdown: For some reason, the Hilton Hotel heiress was banging the well-hung Salomon and trusted him enough to let him tape it. This is the result of their first video escapade. In 2006, the bootleg version became the third most-watched video online, logging a considerable 400 million hits until we, for one, stopped counting. The officially released version, 1 Night in Paris, was AVN’s top-selling and top-renting release of 2005.

The Action: She takes Salomon’s healthy cock with barely a shudder, but not surprisingly, she seems more interested in watching herself on the monitor. The then nineteen-year-old rich girl looks like a refugee from Meerkat Manor in the much-parodied night-vision footage, but the full-color blowjob scene is rock-solid.

Blink and You’ll Miss: Paris almost showing some emotion, but not quite.

Availability: Any good online smut shop.

R. Kelly

Long Story Short: High-rollin’ soulster lets his taste for water sports and young girls (and we mean young) out of the closet, and ultimately manages to stay out of jail.

The Breakdown: Kelly, who married the late R&B star Aaliyah when she was 15, got busted after the Chicago Sun-Times reported the existence of a sex tape featuring, among other charming scenes, him a girl who was allegedly fourteen years old at the time. Kelly was ultimately cleared of child pornography charges because the girl couldn’t be positively identified; his other partner from the video later claimed to believe the girl was 16 at the time.

The Action: Don’t make us do that.

Availability: Not worth the risk.

Fred Durst and Masha Novoselova

Long Story Short: Rap-metal meathead gets laid, hacked, and ultimately owned.

The Breakdown: Hot on the heels of the Paris Hilton cellphone hack came news that some enterprising techie swiped this baby from Durst’s computer — or Sidekick, depending on which version you hear.

The Action: Durst is such a flatliner in the sack (or just soooo self-absorbed) that at one point he turns the camera away from his dick and onto his own face. Surprisingly, you can tell the difference.

Fun Fact: Fred’s cock isn’t as small as chat-room trolls would have you believe.

Availability: You don’t really wanna go there, do you?

Gene Simmons and Traci Anna Koval

Long Story Short: You wanted the best and you got... grainy, B&W nanny-cam footage of Kiss founder Gene Simmons banging adult model Traci Anna Koval in a hotel room.

The Breakdown: Filmed without his knowledge in 2003, Simmons bought the footage (and its copyright) shortly after it was recorded. In 2008, a site called GenesSecret.com (don’t waste your time, it’s down) offered a one-minute teaser from the eight-minute original with the promise of more to come with a paid membership; to his credit, Simmons successfully had the site shut down. Interestingly enough, the site launched mere weeks before the third season premier episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels, which was set to reveal the results of the previous season’s cliffhanger lie detector test determining whether The Demon had actually slept with 4,800 women. Who woulda thunk it?

The Action: Not surprisingly, the world’s biggest sexual narcissist comes off as just that. He doesn’t use his trademark tongue on Traci at all, he just drops his pants, leaves his T-shirt on (thank god), slithers into a rubber (thank god), then mounts Traci missionary before some cowgirl and doggie-style. At one point he practically head butts her when they’re changing positions, which they seem to discuss like Gene’s negotiating a licensing deal.

Please, God, Make It Stop: Like the Jayne Kennedy tape, the best thing here is the radio playing in the background. The pair fuck to the almost-too-good-to-be-true soundtrack of “I Wanna Know What Love Is” by Foreigner and the Steve Perry hit “Oh Sherrie (Hold On),” which is pretty funny when he’s hitting her doggie-style.

Availability: The entire clip is available online if you know where to look.

Joanie “Chyna” Laurer and Wrestler Sean “X-Pac” Waltman

Long Story Short: Grappling ginch and insignificant other jump on the celeb-porn gravy train.

The Breakdown: Whether this was “stolen,” “leaked,” or intentionally marketed, the former WWE starlet was really just continuing the career trajectory started by her 2000 spread in Playboy.

The Action: Better than you’d think. Joanie’s surprisingly hot in faux dominatrix gear, but she’s a surprisingly docile and compliant sex puppet. She sucks cock like a pro and, in the tape’s best scene, takes it up the ass like she’s maybe done it once or twice before. AVN’s top-selling release of 2006.

Look Away or You’ll See: The forest of acne peppering Joanie’s otherwise accommodating glutes.

Availability: Most online porn retailers.

Jenna Lewis and Travis Wolfe

Long Story Short: Survivor also-ran trumps Mark Burnett with a sex scandal that was more marketing than mischief.

The Breakdown: Shortly before the live finale
 of Survivor: All-Stars, America learned that one of the players was all tore up over a honeymoon sex tape. When she mentioned that the tape was available on the web, a reporter snooped around and learned that Jenna and her manager allegedly owned the site you could buy it from.

The Action: The appeal of the tape has outlived the marriage, and with good reason: It smokes. Jenna looks like a blast in the sack.

Best Line: After complimenting Wolfe’s genetic makeup for enabling him to fuck so well, Lewis says, “That’s right, I invoked the name of your mother while we’re having sex. Now fuck me harder!”

Availability: A number of download sites.

Colin Farrell and Nicole Narain

Long Story Short: Playboy Playmate beds Irish bad boy for fun and...

The Breakdown: Farrell and Narain made this “strictly private and confidential” 13-minute video in 2003; two years later he sued her, celebrity-sex-tape broker David Hans Schmidt (who committed suicide after trying to extort millions from Tom Cruise), and online smut peddler Internet Commerce Group to prevent its sale. Narain said she didn’t know how it was leaked and agreed to help stop it, but Farrell again accused her of trying to profit from its distribution. Farrell got an injunction and has aggressively pursued anyone trying to make money from the tape ever since.

The Action: Farrell shouldn’t have bothered hiding this. He comes off looking like a total stud, showing off his big cock, buff body, and ability to bag some top-shelf tail. The sexiest part is watching Narain slide Farrell’s cock into her mouth. The funniest part is watching her pull his pubes from her teeth. This beats Alexander by a long shot.

Best Dialogue: Narain: “Do you want to watch some porn?” Farrell: “I fookin’ live on parn!”

Availability: The Internet, kids, if you’re lucky.

Dustin “Screech” Diamond

Long Story Short: Former teen star revives failing career and performs an urban-legendary sex act.

The Breakdown: The real screech here isn’t Diamond’s character from Saved by the Bell, but the floundering actor’s gross attempt to get some attention. You’re invited to watch as Double D sexes up two chicks in a real-life round of hide the salami. Diamond told MSNBC talk-show host Joe Scarborough that he and some unnamed B-list Hollywood buds play a game called “poke ’em,” where they wager on who can commit the most outrageous sex act on film.

Blink and You’ll Miss: The last shred of dignity Diamond might have had after he hawked T-shirts to save his house from foreclosure.

What the Fuck: Diamond gives one gal the legendary “Dirty Sanchez,” a high degree-of-difficulty bedroom maneuver that involves poking his finger up her ass so he can leave a thin fecal mustache on her upper lip upon withdrawal. You may be amused, but she was not.

Availability: Most adult online video stores.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J

Long Story Short: Second-wave celebutard does a Paris Hilton and, for better or worse, a family dynasty is born.

The Breakdown: Vivid Entertainment made headlines with their tale of a leaked tape, which they then bought for a hefty sum and — after all the legal paperwork, including checks, had been signed — released Kim Kardashian, superstar to the world. What was originally a roughly five-minute clip is given the Pam and Tommy Lee treatment with the addition of some vacation and holiday footage to bulk up the running time — and the repetition of actual sex action to pad things out further, with the moaning and groaning dubbed in along the way.

The Action: Above and beyond Ray J.’s annoying habit of facing the camera to let... someone know how in control he is, the sex is pretty standard. If nothing else, the world finds out that Kim has a fabulous ass when she’s getting the prone bone, and Ray J. isn’t too shabby in the big black cock department.

You Ain’t Gonna See: The pair indulge in a little water sports, because that shit was cut out.

Availability: You can find the video all over the Internet, for sale or for free. Let your conscience be your guide.

Jimi Hendrix

Long Story Short: Vivid Entertainment’s zeal to corner the celebrity porn market reaches an embarrassing low with Jimi Hendrix: The Sex Tape, an obvious repackaging of an anonymous 70s stag film as the holy grail of celebrity sex tapes.

The Breakdown: A well-hung black dude who isn’t Jimi Hendrix bangs two chicks who never got closer to the guitar god than their turntable, while modern-day interviews with Pamela Des Barres and Cynthia Plaster Caster, two groupie goddesses who also never played with Jimi’s Wild Thing, give this piece of crap the socially redeeming, quasi-documentary something it needed to justify its existence.

The Action: There is none, because it ain’t Jimi Hendrix.

Blink and You’ll Miss: Jimi Hendrix fucking two groupies, ’cuz that ain’t what you’ll be seeing here.

Availability: Save your money. This thing’s a hoax.

Hot Nursing Student Holly Gunn Will Have You Fake Being Sick

Hot Nursing Student Holly Gunn Will Have You Fake Being Sick

Allow me to pat myself on the back for that glorious headline.

Now we’ve talked about hot nurses before — I’m talking about nurses like Carina Lynn and Lauren Drain. But now it’s time to talk about nursing student Holly Gunn.

Aside from having quite the name, the Australian hottie has made quite the name for herself on Instagram, where she has over 35k followers. And that’s because there are a lot of people out there interested in nursing, right? Well, actually it’s because Gunn has a hell of a bum. That’s right, it’s a bum that Gunn has no problem at all showing off as she shares a ton of hot photos in bikinis. So all you folks in Australia may want to fake a cough soon just so you can run into Gunn at the doctor’s.

But for now, let’s check out the hottest photos of Gunn below thanks to her Instagram.














Jess Cribbon Is Seriously Sexy Writhing Around In Lingerie

Jess Cribbon Is Seriously Sexy Writhing Around In Lingerie














src="https://www.spasticbastard.com/wp-content/uploads/grownup_corner_305_640_high_03.jpg" alt="" width="640" height="661" />



12 Of The Best Sexy Southern Porn Stars

12 Of The Best Sexy Southern Porn Stars

Cut-off jeans, bikini top, bare feet – according to the music duo Maddie and Tae, that’s the stereotypical costume of a “Girl In A Country Song.” Their song is a protest of sorts, but it can’t be denied—since even before Daisy Duke squeezed into her first pair of Daisy Dukes, there’s always been something uniquely sexy about a Southern girl. And this certainly extends to the realm of adult entertainment, although statistically speaking, down-home girls aren’t particularly porn-friendly. California is still the place you ought to be born if you want to end up in porn. Florida has its own mini-industry porn, comes in second—a distant second. Florida does count as a Southern state though because Lynyrd Skynyrd hailed from there, and he did write “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Desiree Cousteau

Savannah, Georgia

Career span:

The perky, zaftig 1970s porn pioneer was reportedly raised in a very conservative Baptist family and eventually enrolled in college in Athens, Georgia. “I was going to college and I needed to bring in some money, so I started doing some nude modeling,” she told one interviewer back in the day. That’s how it usually works. Nude modeling is a gateway drug to the porn industry. “I moved to California and got a job as a topless dancer. I loved dancing so much I stopped going to school… My first job as a go-go dancer was at ‘The Classic Cat’ in Hollywood.” Desiree’s major contribution to porn was her role in the Alex De Renzy classic, Pretty Peaches, in which she played a pliable naïf patterned after the female Candide by Terry Southern in his parody Candy. The rest of her career was more ordinary, albeit distinguished by reliable bouncy scenes. Where is she now? No one actually knows, it seems. Smut king, Al Goldstein, himself now a thing of the past, told those who asked that she had gone mad and died. Other reports say she went back to school and got a degree in psychology. Who knows? It is not likely she returned to Savannah.



Career span:

The busty, sexually voracious platinum blonde was such a porn icon at here peak she actually had a song written for her. A bunch of songs, actually: the soundtrack to her feature Inside Seka was created by Kenny Dino, an Elvis type who years before had a minor hit with “Your Mama Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night.” (It was even covered by none of other than Robert Plant.) The theme song to Inside Seka, if we remember correctly, went “Seka/You’re a woman/You came from Virginia/to pose in the raw.” No that’s probably not it. But the words were something to that effect. If you think Seka’s entrée into the adult biz was some kind of escape from the Bible Belt, think again. From a Chiller Theater Expo interview:

Chiller Theater Expo: What got you into the adult entertainment industry?
Seka: I was part owner of seven adult bookstores.
Chiller Theater Expo: In Virginia?
Seka: Yeah. They were all over the state. At the time 8-millimeter films were the big things. I had to splice them together for the peepshow booths that were in the back of the store. Naturally I watched the films and I thought to myself, “These women don’t look that good, and they are not a fair representation of women.” I figured I could do better and I did. I tried hard to show how women should be represented in adult films.

We would say she succeeded.


Durham, NC

Career span:

The African-American all-around adult entertainer, whose singing ambitions included performing, singing not sexually, at the 1998 AVN Awards, may be tied to her filial relations to 1990s pop princess Jody Watley. If she didn’t have enough issues, her dad was a preacher, which, not unlike being born to an army family, prepares one for a peripatetic way of life. Midori said, “I was born in Durham, NC, and we didn’t live there very long. My father was a traveling minister. He held many revivals in many places, and we would move around a lot. And before we moved to Chicago, I don’t know, it must have been between ages three and six, we lived in Kansas City, MO, and then we moved to Chicago.”

Stephanie Swift


Career span:

The tight-lipped, lithe, non-busty Swift was one of the more distinctive performers of the 1990s, a slow-burner who vacillated between the condom-only world of Wicked and the degradations of the Rob Black school—she inaugurated Black’s “Gang Bang Angel” series in a segment in which she enthusiastically rimmed over a dozen guys, who then took turns spitting in her face. The former dental hygienist, was raised in Louisiana. In her video for XXX Church she said “I went to Bible school…vacation Bible school…member of the 66th Club…I was sexually abused, the first time, by my step-grandfather on my dad’s side, and the second time by my actual stepdad. So my sexuality was messed up from the beginning I think.” Oh dear.


Biloxi, MS

Career span:

The gap-toothed, tatted, highly outré gonzo porn star tells her own story: “On May 21st, 1981, I was born in a military hospital on Keesler Air Force base in Biloxi Mississippi. Being a military brat, I lived the first part of my life moving from place to place, such as, Germany, Idaho, Delaware, Central California and finally settling down in Northern Utah. I was raised Mormon at birth and eventually lost interest in religion around 12 years old. I moved out of my home at 15 and spent the next 3 years doing random teenage things.” This military brat became an exemplary porn brat at the turn of the century, with almost no fetish too bizarre to be confronted. If you saw her with a strap-on, watch out. The badass ex-Mormon image took a bit of a beating when ABC News journalist poked into her “I’m a Porn Goddess And I Love It” pose and made her cry on national television. But Belladonna took it all in stride and came back harder than ever, even doing lesbian scenes while highly visibly pregnant, for instance. She quietly dropped out of hardcore, and started sporting a strikingly different look, in a small but pivotal role in Paul Thomas Anderson’s film Inherent Vice, performing fully clothed (and doing a good job) under the name, Michelle Sinclair.

Carmen Hart

North Carolina

Career span:

From a website bio: “Carmen Hart grew up in North Carolina and is a full-blooded member of the Lumbee Native American tribe. She grew up in a Christian home, but she says that her family was not very strict. At fifteen, she lost her virginity. Carmen attributes the movie Striptease as her inspiration to begin stripping.” God. Why do porn people have to have, in the main, such horrible taste in movies. “Hart won the regional Miss Hawaiian Tropic contest in 2004,” the bio continues. “Hart drove to Fayetteville one night and stopped at the first strip club she saw,” the bio continues to continue. Well OF COURSE she drove to Fayetteville. For a while the petite, perky, not-too-heavily-endowed-on-top Ms. Hart seemed poised to fill the void left by a then somewhat inactive Stephanie Swift in the Wicked firmament. Aside from her killer shape and fetching drawl, she had some welcome performing chops: her mini-blowbang in The Girl In Apt. 3C is a smut classic. But Carmen’s reign was short-lived. This excerpt from one of her interviews provides a possible clue as to why: “If only the one billionaire that needs this kind of girlfriend could come and see me. Give me a shout out at [address redacted] and let me know if you are Sugar Daddy material. I’ll make it worth your while.” Like the song says, I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger….

Sunny Lane



Career span:
2005 – NOW

“The girl next door gone hardcore,” as her website puts it, was born and Georgia, then raised in Tampa, Florida. The aptly named Sunny, whose smile is as wholesome as her body is what-da-fuh, is actually managed by her parents, who did the same thing for her back when she entertained dreams of being a professional ice dancer. An exemplary porn performer who kept a level of excitement and intrigue as she explored snowballing with Marc Davis and anal with Manuel Ferrara, then…eased out of performing, only to ease back in again. The amazing Lane knows exactly where she’s at: “I’m a product and I know that. And I’m a dang good product.” Those who can afford to can sample the product in the real world: Sunny also does stints at Nevada’s legendary Bunny Ranch.

Bree Olson


Houston, Texas

Career span:

Another girl-next-door type, very blonde-blue-eyed cheerleader-like, but never quite as adventurous performer as Sunny Lane…nevertheless, bouncy, enthusiastic, and comely, she gained her biggest fame as one of “Charlie’s Girls;” yep, another porn actress who made the dubious life/career move of getting mixed up with Charlie “Winning” Sheen. After making a few movies trading in on the association, the Texas girl started distancing herself from the adult world and her Facebook page now announces: “I was an adult actress for 5 years and have since closed that chapter of my life. I am now in pursuit of a mainstream Hollywood career.” Best of luck, she will be missed.

Alexis Texas


Castroville, Texas

Career span:
2007 – NOW

“Everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s why my big bootie is soooo big,” Alexis is heard to say this phrase in, we’re betting, more than one interview probably. The bodaciously curvy blonde got christened as “Buttwoman” just one year into her porn career, so you can bet the bootie is all that and more, particularly as white girls go. This attribute, along with some truly prodigious carnal skills, inspires an unusual amount of devotion from her fans. “At the AVN convention one year,” Texas recalled in one interview, “a fan waiting in line and came up to me and had this vial full of dirt. And he said to me, I want you to always remember your roots, and then he pulled out a handful of pictures. He had gone to my hometown and got dirt from where I live and put it in the necklace and took pictures from around my town.” What can one say but “Yikes,” and then “Thanks?”

Kagney Linn Karter


Houston, Texas

Career span:
2008 – NOW

The self-described “Fuckbunny” recalls of her childhood years: “I was pretty active in sports in school, I was a cheerleader. I grew up always outside, my grandparents owned a cabin in the woods. I was very family oriented always doing outside activities. I was a tomboy, did rafting, camping, jet skiing, stuff like that. My grandparents are deer hunters so I was always outdoors, whether it was cold or warm.” Well, you’d never know any of this to look at her now. The teensy (five foot four) big-titted (fake, but really delightful) Kagney, after taking a brief break in 2013, came back with orgy and DP scenes to beat the band, and her latest opus is a super-intense interracial gang bang. The south’s gonna do it again, indeed.

Keisha Grey

Tampa, Florida

Career span:

“I’m from Tampa, so skateboarding is mostly what we do there,” Keisha Grey notes in her first showcase feature, the full-bodied Keisha from Mile High Video. The sandy-haired, pillowy-bodied hottie was asked to reflect upon the size of her entirely natural and entirely delightful breasts: “It’s either a C or a D, but I’m not 100 percent sure.” These youngsters, so cute. The El-Lay cutie has racked up an impressive bunch of credits. Anyone doubting her sexual potency needs to check out the way she nearly drives Manuel Ferrara to premature ejaculation in Manuel’s Fucking POV. Not since MF met Penny Flame in Sport Fucking have we seen such particularly combustible sexual chemistry. How about a Raw scene with Keisha some time, huh, huh pretty please?

Dillion Harper


Career span:
2012 – NOW

With her blindingly white smile, semi-bubble butt, slim hips and perfect boobs (which look even better accentuated by tan lines, which she frequently sports), the cute-as-a-button Ms. Harper has a near-teen appeal that’s almost literally dangerous. Her prior professional experience includes working at an Olive Garden in Naples, Florida. Then graduating to a country club, a member of which referred her to the skeevy but innovative Florida porn concern Bang Brothers. Nice country club members they got down there. Here’s young Dillion reflecting on her direct experience of working in a Florida country club: “Because it’s a big retirement place, I had a lot of old farts constantly hitting on me and being old pervs.” Not that there is anything wrong with that.


Wilmington, N.C.

Career span:
2007 – NOW

The intimidatingly buff, athletic, and uber-intelligent Stoya, of Serbian and Scottish descent, seems like the type who got born in the Tarheel State for the express purpose of leaving it. According to a Village Voice article about her, “she returned from her kindergarten class in North Carolina and demanded to be homeschooled.” After getting a high school equivalency diploma at 16, she went out to Philly and worked at an anarchist bookstore. Like Belladonna, Stoya enjoys overturning expectations of what a porn star ought to be, and does so apparently by occasionally flirting with the notion of leaving the biz entirely.


Models Do A Photoshoot & It's Eye Catching

Black girl booty line up!






7 Things Women Think About While Receiving Oral Sex

7 Things Women Think About While Receiving Oral Sex

Oral sex out is one of the greatest sexual pleasures of all time. Having a someone between your legs, while you pull their hair and claw at the sheets is what every woman wants, isn’t it? Sure it is, but unlike men who can shut down their brain and become sex driven idiots who barely know their name, women aren’t always so lucky. Unless you’re anticipating the act and rightfully prepared to be spread, licked, and poked, the act of having a man go down on you isn’t always glamorous.

We are talking about a part of our bodies that was created to birth children, an organ that releases eggs monthly, an entry hidden by tight lace and floss-like thongs. This is no penis, swinging around freely in a pair of cotton boxers, removed only to piss or get hard. Day to day a vagina changes, making them as complicated as the women they belong to.

So it is no wonder that when a man starts to head south, a woman tenses with fear. Even after a shower and fresh wax or shave, thoughts of doubt and insecurity cross our minds, especially if it is with a new partner. Don’t get me wrong, oral sex feels amazing and can provide some of the world’s best clitoral orgasms, but that doesn’t change the fact that initially or eventually, questions of uncertainty cross our minds.

Here are just a few of the thoughts that cross a woman’s mind when her partner goes down on her.

Do I smell/taste okay?

It only makes sense that this thought is first on the list; it is the most dreaded fear of all vagina owners. I mean women worry about their ass jiggle and waist size while walking down the street so it is only normal that we worry about our vajeen while a man is nose deep in it. While every woman has her own signature scent and flavor, what may be mere perfection for one, may be a total boner killer for another. Both men and women can admit to this concern especially after a drunken night in a sweaty club, because really who smells like lavender and fresh linen after that shit? Regardless of the activities prior to “the meal” every chick occupies those first few moments wondering if he likes it.

Did I shave well enough, did I miss a spot?

The bush, the landing strip, the bare as a baby; these are all options when it comes to pubic upkeep. Unfortunately, if a woman chooses to take this task on herself, she isn’t always guaranteed a shave job well done. Not to mention the fact that half the areas we have to shave are done through touch and luck. You try taking a razor to one of the most sensitive places on your body without being able to see, it’s like playing Russian roulette with a Bic. Therefore, it only makes sense that when our lover descends south that we worry if we missed a spot, or two.

Do I have to return the favor?

I don’t care what a woman says, during this sensual sex act the thought of, “Does this mean I have to blow him” crosses her mind. Now while I don’t mind a good tit for tat when it comes to oral, not all women feel the same. Of course, there is no written rule to this exchange but in defense, I’ve got to say, if you want them to go down on you then you should absolutely be okay with returning the favor. I’m not saying immediately following, but somewhere in the near future would be nice. We all have gag reflexes bitches, so suck it up (literally) and take one for the team.

Are they going to want to make out after this?

Ahhh, the infamous kissing-after-eating conundrum AKA do I want to taste my own Jamba Juice flavor. I mean listen, if they try to kiss you without a good wipe to the mouth, I can see how that can be a little gross, I mean who wants to kiss someone covered in saliva and juices, but I see no reason why one should steer clear of a kiss if proper clean up is taken. When you’re in a moment that is so hot and intense, your lover is pleasing you, and teasing you to no end, by trying to stop that kiss could seriously put a damper on things. However, if you really can’t handle it try going in for his neck and lobes or redirecting his mouth to yours.

Why are they so damn good at this?

Women love to over think shit. I can almost guarantee that every blowjob known to man never involved a dude questioning why the girl on her knees was so good at sucking dick. Maybe later on in a relationship, sure, but mid-blow, fuck no. However, women love to question every aspect of life and that includes the talent of their current partners pussy eating skills. “Do they eat pussy all the time?” “Is this why they make dental dams?” “Who the fuck actually owns a dental dam?”

When will they stop and just fuck me already?

I love a good chow sesh as much as the next chick, but sometimes (more often than I’ll admit) I just want to be fucked. I get it, you’re doing the right thing by giving us personal attention and preparing our body’s for what’s to come, but sometimes a quick lick and blow is all we need. Some sexual moments, especially really horny “must have you now” moments, women strictly desire penetration. Headboard shaking, wall banging, ass slapping kind of penetration.

Did I unplug my flatiron?

Okay maybe she isn’t thinking about her flatiron specifically, but chances are during some portion of her eat out session, she experiences a flash of anxiety. Whether it be if she forgot to unplug her iron or if she remembered to take her clothes out of the washing machine, whenever a woman has a free second, responsibilities and worries will cross her mind. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had sex and wrote my mental grocery list at the same time. Sorry babe, I’m a busy girl in a hectic world.

Judges? Kim Lee Is Smoking Hot - Gets A Solid 10

Judges? Kim Lee Is Smoking Hot - Gets A Solid 10

I’d like to think my headline also gets a ten.

Chances are, unless you’re super into following hot gals on Instagram, you don’t know who Kim Lee is. But not to worry because your friends at Mandatory have got you covered. Lee is a 29-year-old model of French-Vietnamese descent who was actually voted The Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM in 2011. And that’s one title you can mention to everyone until the day you die. Hell, I would mention it all the time.

Aside from modeling, Lee has also appeared in The Hangover Part II (you know, the crappy one), and in music videos by artists like Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco. Here’s another fun fact: she was the lead in Flo Rida’s music video for “Club Can’t Handle Me.” And you know what else? Lee has 383k followers on Instagram because she has one hell of a body.

See for yourself by checking out her photos below thanks to her Instagram.


















15 Netflix Shows With The Most Eye Candy

15 Netflix Shows With The Most Eye Candy

Netflix is quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to watch your favorite TV shows, and other production companies are starting to get nervous. That’s because for some time now, Netflix has been quietly producing its own shows, and these are proving to be amazing hits. They’re known as Netflix Original series, and many of you are probably addicted to more than a few of them. Shows like Orange Is The New Black, and House Of Cards have captured the attention of the entire world. These shows are not only incredibly well-made, but they are also easy for viewers to binge watch. More than that, they have proven the superiority of a streaming service instead of a normal TV channel. This is the way of the future.

But in many ways, the series that Netflix creates are nothing new. They may be hosted in a new format, but they’re very much the same as many of the other shows we’ve been watching for years. For instance, what’s the most essential thing to any good TV show? If you guessed a good plot, acting, or a decent script, you’d be wrong. That’s right, the most important ingredient for any good show is plenty of attractive women. And Netflix knows this. That’s why some of their best shows are filled with all kinds of amazing eye candy. Watch these 15 Netflix shows if you’re on the lookout for a new show to binge watch that will give you more than just a good story and fun action.

15. Narcos

via: kingoftheflatscreen.com

Narcos is one of the most beloved Netflix original series, and it is still going strong to this day. The series revolves around the Colombian criminal cartel, specifically the exploits of the real life trafficker Pablo Escobar. All of the crazy antics you might expect from a show of this nature are present, and that’s a big reason why so many people love the show. The action is amazing, and the story focuses in on the life of this incredible character and legendary criminal.

But the show is also full of amazingly attractive actresses. Because the show focuses on criminals, it comes as no surprise that these lowlifes have no shortage of beautiful women hanging around. But the woman that really gets the audience going is called Paulina Gaitan, who plays Tata Escobar. It only takes ten minutes of season two until the audience gets to see her in a steamy scene.

14. Hemlock Grove

via: es.ign.com

If you’re in the mood for horror (and plenty of hot young women), you might want to try out Hemlock Grove. This is one of Netflix’s most thrilling and interesting horror TV series, and it’s an original production by the streaming giants. The story is pretty straightforward for a horror TV show. There’s a bunch of teenagers in a small town, and things start to go wrong when strange occurrences start happening and people start getting taken out. Teenage girls start losing their lives, and we discover more as the show goes on.

Like any normal horror show or movie, Hemlock Grove is filled with tons of attractive babes. These girls have a tendency to being taken out, or they turn out to be crazy themselves. But that’s just the way horror movies go. One of the hottest actresses in this is Penelope Mitchell, but the show also features tons of guest stars depending on the episode, and these are often very attractive as well.

13. The Ranch

via: fanpop.com

The Ranch is an interesting show in the same genre as Parks And Recreation or Big Bang Theory. It centers around a dysfunctional family that includes Danny Masterson and Ashton Kutcher, both of whom appeared together on That ’70s Show. But Danny Masterson will not be returning for the third season of the show, which is slated to release in 2018. This is because he was faced with numerous shocking allegations, like so many other people in the entertainment industry these days.

The show features many incredibly hot actresses, mostly blondes. There is very much a country music theme throughout the show, and these blonde bombshells fit in nicely with that. One face you might recognize is Elisha Cuthbert. She appears on the show as a gay woman who is trying to convince her friend to get her pregnant. This actress has been a babe for many years, and she doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

12. House Of Cards

via: vulture.com

House Of Cards is one show that has been talked about a lot recently, although perhaps not for the reasons the producers would have wanted. The show dominated the news after allegations were aimed at Kevin Spacey. The show actually just announced that the show would be ending after the season coming out in 2018. Some think that Kevin Spacey’s firing might have had something to do with it. But there’s no denying that the show is full of eye candy. Kate Mara comes to mind immediately.

Describing a steamy scene she did on the show, Mara revealed, “It was hilarious! Beau Willimon [the show runner] called me and asked me to do it. He was like, ‘Just come in for one day and we’ll do this really weird thing, and that’ll be that. I was like, ‘OK, I don’t really know what this is.’ I didn’t read the rest of the episode and I didn’t know what was going on in the episodes before that. I didn’t really want to know because I wanted to enjoy it like everybody else! It was bizarre, it was surreal, which I guess is appropriate for what we were shooting. Kevin and I, we have such a good time together. When we were shooting, it kind of felt like I’d never left. For 24 hours, I was back on the show and it was very funny and surreal.”

11. Sense8

via: kingoftheflatscreen.com/pinterest.com

Sense8 is another Netflix Original series you might want to check out, and this one has some talented people behind it. If you like the Matrix trilogy, chances are you’ll enjoy this one as well. That’s because the Wachowski siblings were behind this one, the same people who made the Matrix movies. The movie is actually quite different than The Matrix, however, so be prepared for something new and interesting.

The show was unfortunately cancelled, but due to demand from fans, there will be a special 2 hour season finale. The show is all about people who suddenly get the power to be linked both mentally and emotionally, called “sensates.” It devolves into a cat and mouse game between the “sensates” and the people who want to harm them or control them. One of the best parts of the show are the many attractive women, although Tuppence Middleton as Riley really stands out.

10. Marco Polo

via: decider.com

Marco Polo is another interesting Netflix Original series, and this one focuses in on the life of the legendary explorer of the same name. When the first season was created, it was the second most expensive show in the world, after Game Of Thrones. And in many ways, these two shows share a lot in common. Historical themes, royal intrigue and plots, and of course, plenty of risqué scenes. And we do mean plenty. There might even be more than Game of Thrones.

The series focuses in on the explorer’s early life, during which he was a guest at the royal court in China. Spending time there introduced him to many things, although perhaps the most interesting features of this new world were its many beautiful women. Marco Polo establishes relationships with princesses and other women in China, and these relationships are explored in full detail. The show is definitely one of Netflix’s shows with the most eye candy.

9. Travelers

via: pixel51.com

Another very interesting Netflix Original series is Travelers. The show is an amazing time travel show, but it’s not what you might expect. Basically, the future has been turned into an apocalyptic nightmare, and people must be sent back in time to fix things. But only their consciousnesses can be sent back, not their actual bodies. This means that their consciousnesses are sent into the bodies of people who were moments away from passing away. The result is a stunning show that is extremely unique and interesting.

The show is also full of amazingly attractive actresses, such as Alyssa Lynch. She plays one of the main character’s girlfriends, Renee Bellamy. It’s interesting to note how she reacts to this different person taking over he boyfriend’s body, and she is at times confused as to why he doesn’t want to be intimate with her anymore. There’s plenty of other eye candy in this show.

8. Orange Is The New Black

via: hardwoodandhollywood.com

Perhaps one of the best-known Netflix Original series, Orange Is The New Black continues to be a huge success for the streaming platform. Ever since day one, people have been obsessed with this show, and for good reason. It’s genuinely entertaining, and it appeals to pretty much everyone. Because who hasn’t ever wondered what the inside of a woman’s prison is like, right? The show follows one woman through her prison experience, and it’s entertaining because this woman is so out of place.

With an entire prison full of women, you’re almost guaranteed to get some serious eye candy. Piper, the main character, is very attractive, but she’s hardly the only one. Her girlfriend, Alex, is also attractive, and as the show progresses we get introduced to plenty of other attractive women who are also stuck in prison. It’s a great show because it never makes the female characters look they’re just a pretty face – they’re all strong and trying to get through their prison terms in their own way.

7. Jessica Jones

via: dailymail.co.uk

Jessica Jones is just one of many Marvel Netflix Original series available to watch right now, but it’s definitely one of the most popular. This follows the superhero with the same name, and she’s quickly becoming one of people’s most loved Marvel heroes. And if superhero shows aren’t your thing, you might want to tune in just for all of the hot action that happens on the show. There are some pretty steamy scenes, not just with the lead actress, but with other female characters on the show as well.

Krysten Ritter, the actress who plays Jessica Jones, admitted: “I don’t like doing [steamy] scenes, but with Jessica, I always felt like the scenes came from such a place of character and strength so it always made sense to me. I never thought of them as being like anything that spectacular. Having everybody’s eyes on you, sometimes, it’s difficult. There are days when that’s like, ‘Aww man, I wish I could just, like, disappear for a day.’”

6. Flaked

via: bustle.com

Another great Netflix show is Flaked. This show was made by some of the same people involved with Arrested Development, and it also starts one of the show’s most beloved actors, Will Arnett. This show is about a group of friends who hang around Venice Beach, and honestly, it’s not getting the best of reviews. Will Arnett may have tons of fans around the world, but even that did not save this show from being panned by critics almost universally.

But if you’re interested in seeing a show full of eye candy, then this might just be the show for you. Will Arnett’s character is constantly befriending women, and one of the most interesting and attractive female characters on the show is one played by Ruth Kearney, but there’s also plenty of other attractive girls on the show, such as a character played by Lina Esco, and many others. It’s not a good show, but it has a lot of attractive actresses on it.

5. Gypsy

via: curvemag.com

Naomi Watts stars in this Netflix Original series, and it’s all about a psychologist who gets way too involved with her patient’s personal lives. The show was sadly cancelled after just one season, and you can still find it on Netflix, and it’s actually pretty convenient if you want to watch a show but not get sucked into a show that will take you years to finish. There’ just ten episodes, and the series got mixed reviews – most notably poor ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Naomi Watts is undeniably hot, but the attention is shared between her and an actress called Sophie Cookson. This actress plays a character who is actually interested in Naomi Watts’ character romantically, which leads to some pretty heated and steamy moments between the two. Watts might be getting older, but she still has a lot of beauty and she’s nicely complimented by the young, attractive Sophie Cookson at her side.

4. Love

via: legendary.com

Love is another interesting Netflix Original series that you might want to check out. If you like romantic comedies, you’ll probably enjoy this one, as the show examines what it’s really like to be in a relationship, from both a male and female perspective. Your attention will probably be drawn to the very attractive Gillian Jacobs, who plays Mickey. It’s great seeing her character try to navigate the dating scene.

The creator of the show commented on the realism of the show, saying, “We just try to be as real as we can be. That’s the aesthetic of the show. Every show has to pick their joke pitch and their reality levels. We said, “Let’s see how real this can get.” Then, hopefully life is funny enough that if you just accurately portray it, there’ll be comedy. But it is weird to even put a label on like this because, I guess it’s a comedy, but the truth is we don’t even really write it like a comedy. We try to write it dramatically and then decide what might be funny.”

3. Girlboss

via: kingoftheflatscreen.com

Girlboss is another interesting Netflix Original series, and this one is actually based on an autobiography called #GIRLBOSS, which was written by Sophia Amoruso. In 2016, she was named one of America’s richest self-made women because of an online business she started, which sold vintage women’s clothing. Her life has been full of ups and downs, most notably her filing for bankruptcy, which took away her considerable fortune to some extent.

The show is a retelling of Amoruso’s story, and it was quite hyped up to begin with. But sadly, this show was cancelled after just one season. Its female-centric storyline might not be for everyone, but the lead actress is actually very attractive. Britt Robertson takes that role, and she does a great job of showing us what happened in this businesswomen’s life, including all the intimate moments…

2. Club Of Crows


Club Of Crows, or Club de Ceurvos, is an interesting Netflix Original series that is actually in the Spanish language. If you’re okay with reading subtitles, or you understand Spanish, then this might just be the show for you. It’s all about a pair of siblings who fight over the ownership of a soccer club. If you’re into sports, you might find the show interesting, but in all honesty, this show appeals to pretty much everyone. It blends elements of drama and comedy together delightfully.

And of course, there’s also a few attractive women in the show. Stephanie Cayo plays the former girlfriend of the owner of the club, and she is simply stunning. But there’s also Mariana Trevino, who plays one of the siblings trying to control the club. If you’re into Latin babes, and you don’t mind hearing some Spanish, then you might love this show.

1. Marseilles


via: actress.camera

Marseilles is the first ever French Original Netflix series, and it’s gaining a lot of momentum. In many ways, it’s similar to House Of Cards in that it’s a political drama. The story centers around a former mayor of the French city of Marseilles. All kinds of crazy political intrigue happens, and it’s a very interesting watch if you’re not above reading a few subtitles (there is also an option to watch it dubbed in English). All in all, it’s a solid choice and definitely one of the hidden gems on Netflix.

This show is filled with some smoking hot French babes, and they make up a big part of the show. Stephanie Caillard plays Julia Taro, a stunningly attractive woman in the series. But on top of that, there’s also Geraldine Pailhas, who plays Rachel Taro, and the lovely Nadia Fares, who plays an interesting character by the name of Vanessa D’Abrantes. All in all, it’s a great series with tons of eye candy.












Where can i sign up for Heather Depriest's religion?












































She’s never been afraid to flaunt her phenomenal figure. So Shanina Shaik was in her element as she stripped for the newest edition of the LOVE Advent calendar. Confidently showing off her gym-honed physique, the 26-year-old Australian model looked sensational in a neon lingerie set teamed with a matching shawl.









The 10 Most Popular Vintage Porn Stars We Still Love

The 10 Most Popular Vintage Porn Stars We Still Love

If there's one thing that we all can agree upon, it's that porn stars definitely do work hard for a living. It takes a Herculean amount of effort to look great naked on camera, and a single professional porn shoot can mean hours upon hours of sex in difficult positions.

The modern porn industry, though, is one that has its issues. If you ask many people who critique porn, there's a je ne sais quoi that most modern porn shoots just don't have. That's often why so many critics prefer vintage porn to modern porn.

Maybe it's the plastic-surgery free era they enjoy, or the fact that porn stars from back in the day really put everything on the line when they joined the industry, but whatever it is, they're right to enjoy vintage porn.

Vintage porn is more than just vintage sex magazine logos, cigars, and 60s Warhol shots. This list is dedicated to the most famous vintage porn stars in X-rated history—and why we still love them today.

Ron Jeremy

Ron Jeremy is one of the biggest names in porn, and yes, he counts among vintage porn stars. When the former schoolteacher first got into porn during the 70s, he was just an average guy who really needed money.

With the dearth of male porn stars back then, it ended up that Ron Jeremy got booked for just about every major skin flick that was released in the decade. He became a mainstay, and was known for being one of the roughest lovers in the industry for quite some time.

That being said, Ron Jeremy still remains one of the nicest guys in porn today. He's now a pop culture icon—and literally the X-rated version of every guy's American dream.

I mean, aside from having his own movie, sleeping with thousands of women, and also recreating Miley Cyrus's "Wrecking Ball" video, the guy's just all-around known as a good guy. You really can't get more love in the industry than Ron Jeremy did.

People may make fun of male vitnage porn stars for the mustache, but they really shouldn't. If you've ever wondered what he looked like in his heyday, I'll tell you right now: gorgeous.

Nina Hartley

Nina Hartley is one of the most famous vintage porn stars still working in the industry today. After having seen one of the first porn films directed by a woman, Nina Hartley became inspired to get into the adult film industry.

Her first film, produced during the early 80s, was Educating Nina—it was an instant hit. Almost immediately, the porn world fell for Nina's beautiful blue eyes, a tiny waist, and round booty. Since then, Hartley has been in hundreds of films, including a number of the infamous "Debbie Does" scenes.

Along with being incredibly prolific, she's won dozens of awards and attained mainstream recognition for her work. Today, she's a highly respected sex educator, activist, and author.

As of 2017, she's still doing porn—mostly in the form of educational videos that teach how to do wilder sex acts safely, sanely, and consensually. They're definitely worth a look, if you love learning how to be a better partner in bed.

Kay Parker

We honestly couldn't have a list about the hottest vintage porn stars without talking about the beautiful and busty vixen known as Kay Parker. A simple look at some of her snapshots says everything, doesn't it?

In her time, Kay Parker was one of the biggest names among female porn stars in the world. The British beauty was known for having a very slender frame, piercing eyes, and for being one of the first women to break the "MILF" taboo.

During the 1970s, Parker became infamous for being "the man eating mama" that every young guy secretly fantasized about. Though she retired in the 80s, the fact is that Kay Parker is the mother of MILF porn—and that her legacy lives on in the adult film industry in ways that still have to be fully recognized yet.

Peter North

One of the other major vintage porn stars you'll still hear about is Peter North, who still stays strong in the industry at 60 years old. When he first entered the industry, he was known for his modelesque face, his excellent acting, and for being a "one man bukkake party."

When Peter was first discovered, he was an underwear model for athletic wear. Since his first film, it became clear he had a lot of talent. Over the decades, North has been in over 2,500 adult films as either an actor, a director, or a producer. Surprisingly, both he and his adult actress wife both still are active in the industry.

Peter North is now a high-end adult film director who's happily married and enjoying la vida loca with Nina North. This goes to show that vintage porn stars always will have it goin' on—and that they're still capable of delivering great content, on and off screen.

Blake Mitchell

Blake Mitchell is one of the hottest vintage porn stars of the 90s era, and her claim to fame was the fact that she was a striking Raquel Welch lookalike. During her time on the scene, she was known for producing lots of fetish porn alongside more mainstream MILF films.

Though she's done catfighting videos and other such things, Blake Mitchell's hottest fetish work had to be her large breast films. (At a bra size of 36FF, she definitely fit the "well-endowed" bill.)

Her porn was known for having a very sensual, mature, and seductive vibe—even when she was showing her badass side of things. It's easy to see why so many people love to fall in love with Blake, even today.

Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn is one of the very first vintage porn stars to gain mainstream fame and non-pornographic roles thanks to her forays into the adult film industry.

When she got into the industry, it didn't take her too long to become the top female performer of the 80s. Without a doubt, she had what it took. Her blue eyes, bangin' body, and sexy persona took the world by storm.

Her porn career is as legendary as it gets. She ended up being the ultimate vintage Penthouse pet, worked with all the biggest names, and was cited as #7 of the top porn stars of all time by the AVN.

Once her stint as a porn star was done, she started to receive movie roles—including roles in films like The Devil's Rejects and Young Guns II. She also dated Charlie Sheen, had animated segments in computer games, and got her own podcast.

Basically, she was the first female performer to really gain mainstream appreciation, and that's worth celebrating.

Christy Canyon

Back before you knew her as an awesome Night Calls radio personality, Christy Canyon was known as one of the hottest porn stars of the 80s. (Yes, she regularly starred alongside Ginger Lynn as a result.)

Brunette, petite, and incredibly innocent-looking, Christy Canyon was infamous for her wide-eyed charm and her strikingly long legs and her massive bust. To date, many consider her to be one of the hottest brunette vintage stars out there.

Much like her friend and radio co-host, Ginger Lynn, she has been inducted into multiple halls of fame for her contribution in the porn industry. That alone tells you tons about why she's one of the hottest vintage porn stars of all time.

Linda Lovelace

If you read history books a bit, you may already recognize Linda Lovelace's name. This is because she made history as being the star of the notorious film Deep Throat—the very same pornographic film that was used as a codename during the Watergate reveal.

For that reason alone, her name will probably be the one that remains historic for centuries to come. However, she's a porn star who did quite a few movies during the early 70s. So, it's worth pointing out that there's more to Linda than just Deep Throat and having a sexy 70s celebrity booty.

Her story is actually a rather sad one. After having made several movies, including some sex-positive biographies, Linda openly admitted that she was coerced into making the movies by her abusive husband.

After her divorce, Linda Lovelace had an immediate change of heart. She ended up becoming one of the rare vintage porn stars on this list to turn into a born-again Christian and an anti-pornography activist.

That being said, her legacy as one of the best vintage stars out there still remains, and has even extended into the world of computer programming as a result.

John Holmes

Most people know John Holmes's name, even if they don't really watch vintage porn. This is because he was famous for two things: the size of his penis, and the fact that he was one of the first adult actors to die from AIDS.

Along with being known for having the longest penis in the industry, John Holmes was recognized as being one of the most prolific porn stars of the 80s. Scandals were constantly swirling around him, including accusations of hard drug use and even being involved in a murder.

But, there was a lot to Holmes that most people didn't see, including his activism in Greenpeace and the many rounds of door-to-door campaigning he did for Save the Whales.

With the way Hollywood rumors work, it's hard to tell what Holmes really was like. All we know is that he's one of the greatest vintage porn stars of his time, and that he's very sorely missed by those who knew him.

Juliet Anderson

Perhaps the most vintage of all the vintage porn stars on this list is Juliet Anderson, also known as "Aunt Peg" by fans. Though she was born in 1938, Anderson's name continues to be one of the most searched vintage names on Pornhub—and it's easy to see why.

Juliet Anderson entered the porn industry at 39 years of age, and quickly rose to fame for being the naughty aunt who just so happened to seduce everyone in sight. She was mature, sexy, and sensual at a time when it was just never done.

She was a brave woman who helped bring about the sex revolution. She's been a mail order owner, a phone sex operator, a stage actress, and a sex-positive feminist. Simply put, porn wouldn't be the same without Aunt Peg helping bring it to the mainstream.

As a result of her sex positivity and her contribution, she earned an honorary Doctor of the Arts from The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. Considering her lifetime of learning, it's easy to see why she earned that honor and why it's so well-deserved.


It’s Clear To See Why Anastasia Karanikolaou Is Considered A Solid 10 On Instagram

It’s Clear To See Why Anastasia Karanikolaou Is Considered A Solid 10 On Instagram



Don’t feel too bad if you have no clue in hell who Anastasia Karanikolaou is because as of five minutes ago I had no idea either. But I came across her Instagram, realized she had 2.7 million followers for some reason and I just had to investigate.

Here’s what I found out: Karanikolaou is a 20-year-old who has massive followings on social media because she does groundbreaking things. OK, it’s because she’s a ten with quite the bum. And that’s honestly all that it takes these days. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s besties with Kendall Jenner and with Kylie Jenner. But what does Karanikolaou do? I have no idea. Maybe she’s a model, or maybe she promotes things on Instagram and makes more with one post than I do in a year. But regardless, she’s smoking hot.

Now it’s time for some proof so check out the hottest photos of Karanikolaou below thanks to her Instagram.























Cosplayer Megan Golden Is A REAL Hottie Who Enjoys Dressing Up

Cosplayer Megan Golden Is A REAL Hottie Who Enjoys Dressing Up

I’ve said this before, but I will never have any interest in dressing up like any character from a movie or a TV show or a book. With that said, I will always have interest in checking out hot gals who choose to do this. That is why I was interested in hot cosplayers like Liz Katz and Holly Wolf. And the reason I bring this up is because we have another cosplayer you should check out. Her name? Megan Golden.

Golden is a cosplayer, model and actress based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Golden has been cosplaying for about ten years and has participated in numerous conventions. She’s also a writer and a podcast personality at Cosplay For All. And all of that is great. But what is even more great? How smoking hot Golden is.

So let’s check out her hottest photos below thanks to her Instagram, which currently has over 50k followers.





















Keep Your Eyes Glued On Australian Model Vicky Aisha And Her Boobs

Keep Your Eyes Glued On Australian Model Vicky Aisha And Her Boobs

There’s nothing wrong with checking out a hot gal’s Instagram photos and there’s certainly nothing wrong with continuing to look at them for a long period of time. That’s why we won’t blame you when you find yourself staring at Vicky Aisha and her hot photos.

The 27-year-old Aussie is a big deal on Instagram with over 780k followers, and she’s a big deal because she has an amazing body. And let me tell you all that when Aisha isn’t putting her boobs on display on Instagram, she’s performing aerial acts at the Centrefold Lounge in Australia — so you know she’s pretty darn flexible.

So now that you know that, let’s take a look at Aisha’s hottest photos below thanks to her Instagram.










Kate Upton Wearing Body Paint For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit - YUUUUUUP

Kate Upton Wearing Body Paint For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit - YUUUUUUP

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit gets 2018 started with a behind the scenes look at Kate Upton in body paint.  She had some thoughts on wearing the body paint too.

"I definitely feel naked, because I am."

Yeah you are Kate.  Yeah you are...







The ‘Mugshawtys’ Instagram Is Filled With A Bunch Of Hot Mugshots Of Gals

The ‘Mugshawtys’ Instagram Is Filled With A Bunch Of Hot Mugshots Of Gals

If you woke up today and thought to yourself, “Man, I wonder if there’s an Instagram filled with nothing but hot mugshots of babes,” well you’re in luck, because there is, and thanks to Maxim we have now heard about it, too.

The “Mugshawtys” Instagram reels in the hottest mugshots of gals from all around. And while a lot of them are hot, we can’t forget that a lot of these gals committed some crazy crimes. From robbery to assault to drug possession, these bad gals have done it all. And yet they still somehow looked hot in their mugshots.

Take a look at some of the hottest ones below:















We Need MUCH More Of Charlotte McKinney In 2018

We Need MUCH More Of Charlotte McKinney In 2018

The last time we mentioned the 24-year-old it was to tell you all that she found the best way to wear a leather jacket. But that was way back in September. But not to worry because the Orlando-born gal treated us to quite the gift recently.

Take a look at the topless photo McKinney shared below thanks to her Instagram.


Told you it’s a solid start to the year. And we hope we get more of this in the next coming months. But for now let’s check out some of the hot gems from McKinney you may have missed.














Octavia May Is… Well, Just See For Yourself…

Octavia May Is… Well, Just See For Yourself…









Sarah has got it goin' on!





Guy Uses Panty Wearing Girlfriend To List Signed Jerseys On eBay

Guy Uses Panty Wearing Girlfriend To List Signed Jerseys On eBay -


The eBay jersey market must be more competitive then I thought. You know what they always say. “Sex sells”. This is just weird tho.

I’ll take my signed Shaq jersey with a side of camel toe?!

I want to know the process that goes on here. Does he get the merch and just yell to his girl. “Babe, get in here and take your clothes off! WE NEED MORE CAMEL TOE!”

The post that was going viral on the web today just had this one picture.

If you are looking for: Red and yellow Atlanta Hawks stitched custom authentic style size large jersey (no manufacturer tags) autographed in black marker on the back number 2 by Hall of Famer Dominique Wilkins and inscribed Human Highlight Film on the 1. Obtained in person at paid signing, with photo from the signing, authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services (BAS) with their matching numbered sticker on the jersey and certificate of authenticity card.

MODEL NOT INCLUDED. This is the item for you!

Me being the creep I am reverse image searched that and found the dudes eBay account. It is full of gems!




The Toughest, Biggest, And Hottest Science Of 2017

The Toughest, Biggest, And Hottest Science Of 2017


2017 has been an eventful year, so as it comes to a close we'd like to look back at some of its most superlative science.


50 Porn Stars with the Most Epic Ass

50 Porn Stars with the Most Epic Ass

The porn industry is known for having gorgeous women who fit every single kind of bill. There are porn stars that make music. There are porn stars that do crazy fetish stuff. Porn stars do it all - and that's why we love them.

If you like boobie porn, there are porn stars out there with cup sizes as large as 38P. If you like ass porn, well, the following porn stars with the most epic ass ever will definitely suit your tastes. You should check out their Snapchats and Instagrams too!

Keisha Grey

Brunette bombshell Keisha Grey has quickly risen to the top of the porn game, and it’s obvious why. Along with being one of the hottest brunette porn stars to hit the scene in recent years, she’s also managed to make a name for herself as a great online personality. Sure, her booty might not be right for big butt porn, but she’s got high-quality ass shots for folks who love them round, petite, and beautiful.

Porn-wise, it’s easy to understand the attraction to her. Not only does she have an amazing booty, but equally awesome boobs and a striking face, too. Her acting talent is on point, and it’s also clear that she legitimately enjoys her work. She’s been a Vixen Angel and an AVN favorite, and that recognition alone says volumes about why she’s the best.

Follow Keisha on Twitter here: @littlekeish

Chanell Heart

Bootylicous and proud to be, Chanell Heart knows she’s ranked among the best porn stars with the most epic ass videos—at least, we hope she knows! Her awesome behind is what helped get her the 2017 AVN Performer of the Year nomination, and her fans regularly tell her that they love her booty.

That being said, Chanell Heart is way more than just a beautiful booty. She’s a very kind-hearted porn star with a great reputation for being a wonderful friend. Fans who love ladies with beautiful smiles, great style, and deep brown eyes will also find her to be an amazing watch.

Follow Chanell on Twitter here: @iluvchanell_

Keisha Grey

Julie Kay is one of those porn stars that is naturally attractive to just about everyone she meets. Along with scoring a spot among porn stars with the most epic ass porn out there, she’s got beautiful dreadlocks, a beautifully strong spirit, gorgeous eyes, and long legs that turn heads.

If you’re a fan of real porn stars who are just as much beauty as they are personality, you’ll quickly understand why Julie Kay dazzles on camera. She’s got a stage presence few can compete with, and once you check her out, it’ll be hard not to fall in love.

Follow Julie on Twitter here: @JulieXxxKay

Leigh Raven

Few porn stars can ever be the presence that Leigh Raven is. She’s the alternative girl you’ve always wanted to date but never had a chance with. She’s the cool girl who has ink you wish you could afford—and she’s also among porn stars with the most epic ass shots in the scene right now.

Her badass vibe is what makes her so hot, and she knows how to rock it in ways that most others simply can’t. Leigh Raven deserves all the applause she gets and more, simply because it’s so rare to find a lady who looks as awesome as she does regardless of what she’s up to.

Follow Leigh on Twitter here: @leighravenx

AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate is that sweet, sexy blonde cheerleader you always want to get with. She's a great performer who has both amazing breasts and an epic ass. As such, she's been nominated for AVN awards that are solely relegated to her gorgeous, round booty.

If you love blondes who have a great stage presence, sparkling blue eyes, and an amazing ass, look at AJ Applegate next time you want great content. Check out her Twitter, @AJsApplebooty, to see more.

Alexa Tomas

A true AVN darling is there ever was one, Alexa Tomas has gotten a lot of acclaim for her perky, petite butt. Her number one feature, though, is the fact that her body is super toned and super sleek. Oh, and she's also one of the few porn stars with the most epic ass ever that actually knows how to work it.

Needless to say, men who love svelte girls who do ass porn tend to fall in love with this brunette's work. Even so, she's got plenty of talent that doesn't involve her epic butt. Take a look at her Twitter, @AlexaTomasX, to see even more of her awesomeness.

Alexis Texas

This beautiful girl stands out among other blondes, primarily because of her beautifully round, big ass. She knows how to work it on camera, is known for her smoking hot scenes, and also happens to have an equally sexy face.

Fans who love white girls with big asses love Alexis Texas, and that might be why this porn veteran is such a huge hit with so many people. Once you see her Twitter, @Alexis_Texas, you'll fall in love with her sexy style, too.

Alix Lynx

Yet another gorgeous blonde nominated by AVN for her phenomenal booty is Alix Lynx. This bombshell blonde is known for bringing out her sultry persona on set, and also for having some of the best shots of booty in the industry.

If you love seeing girls who have that delicate "Southern Belle" look, but adore seeing their wild streaks, then Alix Lynx is a prime choice for your next night in. You can't tame this Lynx, as her Twitter so awesomely states. Follow her @thealixlynx to find out why!

Anikka Albrite

In many ways, this buxom blonde is exactly what most men prefer seeing in a girl. She's curvy both up top and down below. She' got that fun-loving, free-spirited vibe that makes her feel like a sexy vixen at the club. Oh, and her ass porn scenes are pretty legendary.

Fans who love free spirited club kids will love Anikka Albrite's work. She's also an official Fleshlight girl, a nature lover, and a Twitter personality. Take a look at her Twitter via @AnikkaAlbrite.


Bryci only has a single name - and you know what, she rocks it as well as Madonna or Cher did. This hyper-curvy yet petite brunette has become a fan favorite for her amazing ass porn, as well as her incredible breasts.

Those who love models with a little bit of a punk edge, or just enjoy the fetish-friendly entertainment of a busty brunette will love Bryci. She does custom videos for fans, and you can find out how to get your own via her Twitter - @Bryci.

Cali Carter

Cali Carter has this magical way of channeling her inner Marilyn Monroe, while still keeping just a smidgen of "girl next door" in the mix. The end result is a curvaceous blonde bombshell that has just a little bit of retro charm and a lotta bit of seductiveness.

That being said, she has a huge, jaw-droppingly good looking ass. You just can't have a list of great pornstars ass videos without including Cali Carter in the mix. Check out her Twitter, @MissCaliCarter, to find out why.

Carmen Valentina

Yet another blonde babe on our list is Carmen Valentina - and she definitely knows how to be every man's fantasy. Her slender waist, mischievous hazel eyes, and her pinup-friendly vibe makes her a favorite among men who love seeing an old school beauty in a new school style.

If you're a fan of curvaceous blondes who make sex look classy, then Carmen Valentina will be a huge hit with you. This goes doubly if you love porn stars with the most epic ass ever. Check her out and give her some love via Twitter, @ClubCarmenXXX.

Cassidy Klein

An adult film star like Cassidy Klein doesn't come around every day. Her phenomenally good looking body, combined with some of the best ass porn shots in the industry, make her a much-loved favorite among big league groups like the AVN.

That being said, she also has a thing for retweeting fan's compliments, interacting with fans, and just geeking out over Twitter. Show her some love, and she might show some back - via @cassidyxklein.

Chloe Amour

Oh, Chloe Amour. It's hard not to have a list of porn stars with the most epic ass shots without involving you. In fact, it's impossible. Chloe Amour is slender, playful on set, and just has enough edginess to make you feel like you're watching that wild child you never got to be with get it on.

She's also very friendly with fans and has no problem showing off how many people love her work. If you want to interact with this awesomely cool porn star, check out all her greatness on Twitter via @ChloeAmourxxx.

Dahlia Sky

Blonde, blue-eyed, and seductive, Dahlia Sky has the curves that could kill in the best way possible. She's a huge fan of doing anal scenes, playing around with sexy costumes, and also reaching out to fans who show her some love.

If you're a fan of seductive, fashion model-esque women that were blessed with a huge ass, you'll adore Dahlia Sky. Check out her Twitter, @DahliaSkyx to see why.

Gabriella Paltrova

Gabriella Paltrova is exotic, curvy, and has that sexy, unique charm that most guys would expect to see in a Russian spy. That being said, this Chicago-born beauty has a sensual face, beautiful body art, and thick brown hair that just brings her whole look together.

If you love seeing women who don't have huge asses, but have that perfect size for a handful, then you will love Gabriella Paltrova. She's friendly with fans on Twitter, so make sure to subscribe to her tweets via @GabiPaltrova.

Gia Paige

Gia Paige is quirky, wild, and eccentric - and that's why she's a phenomenal porn star! Between her extreme flexibility, her funny personality, and the fact that she's got face-meltingly hot scenes involving one of the best butts in porn, it's easy to see why her fans love her.

She's the kind of porn star that manages to make guys melt with her amazing body, but also manages to get a lot of female followers thanks to her upbeat and bubbly personality. Follow her Twitter via @GiaPaige, and you'll see why.

Harley Jade

Bubbly, wild, and just plain adorable, Harley Jade is one of those porn stars who regularly gets love for her boobs, her butt, and her "girl next door" vibe. She's the "cutie with a booty" that regularly makes the list of porn stars with the most epic ass, and that's why the AVN loves her.

If you're a fan of blondes who have plenty of style, class, and sultry shots, you will love her. Take a look at her Twitter, @realharleyjade, and try not to fall in love too fast!

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor is one of those girls who has that "classic geek girl" look down to a science, and boy does she know how to make men drool over her. She's slender, can channel Zooey Deschanel in a pinch, and also has one of the most amazing butts in the porn industry.

If we had to list asses that rule, Jay Taylor's behind would be on there. If you want to see why, just check out almost any post on her Twitter - @Yippieskip. She's just awesome to follow, no matter what you're into.

Jennifer White

Jennifer White looks like a fitness model, has the vibe of a sexy bachelorette on a night out, and can captivate viewers with a single smoldering look. This busty and bootylicious brunette knows how to work it on camera, and that's clear enough from her videos.

Amazingly, Jennifer White is not enhanced. What you see is really the product of exercise and diet! If you're a fan of ass porn that features girls who are 100 percent natural but incredibly perfect, you need to check out Jennifer White's Twitter, @xJenniferWhitex.

Jessa Rhodes

Jessa Rhodes has no problem unleashing her inner Jessica Rabbit. However, unlike the redheaded cartoon, Jessa Rhodes is a blonde beauty with the same bright red lips, sexual vibes, and seductive flow. She also has a pretty seductive look all over.

She's fond of talking to fans, and has no problem boasting how much people love her. Between that friendliness and her amazing booty shots, we can see why her Twitter, @MissJessaRhodes, is so popular.

Karina White

Karina White is that sunny, health-conscious girl you always see jogging around the block of your town. She's got that perfect "girl next door" vibe that makes her irresistible to most men and women - and that's why it's alway s a bit shocking to see how wild she can get on camera.

If you're a fan of fit, toned booty, then you need to check out Karina White. She's very active on Twitter, and has no problem interacting with fans. Show her some love via @karinawhite90 on Twitter.

Kenzie Taylor

Though she's relatively new to the porn scene, Kenzie Taylor has already topped lists of porn stars with the most epic ass videos on the net. She's wild, has the classic bubbly personality of an old school Playboy Playmate, and really just knows how to work that wild, sexy, and all-American porn persona.

Kenzie Taylor has a huge following on her Twitter, @thekenzietaylor, and once you see the shots of this beautiful woman, you'll totally understand why. Follow her, and show her the love she deserves!

Kissa Sins

Kissa Sins knows she has one of the most epic asses in porn. In fact, her huge ass is one of her favorite assets. (See what I did there?) She's petite, toned, and looks absolutely stunning in a bikini - and most of us can agree that these are all wonderful things in a porn star.

If you love seeing beautiful babes in bikinis, or if you want to see some more of this porn star, join her already crazy big following on Twitter via @KissaSins.

Kristina Rose

Kristina Rose is that one gorgeous porn star who knows that she has an amazing ass, a pair of perfectly perky tits, and a winning smile. This porn star has no problem admitting her love of hip hop online, and loves to make porn featuring her gorgeous behind, too.

If you want to see the cutie with the "L.A. Face and Oakland Booty," then check out her Twitter, @KristinaRosexxx. You will find out why she's called the dirtiest girl in porn there!

Layla Price

Layla Price is a girl who knows she has a big, awesome butt, and she knows how to use it. Her ass porn clips are some of the best in the industry, and that's why she regularly lands among the ranks of porn stars with the most epic ass in the biz.

The blonde Baltimore native is very active online, and has no problem saying hello to her fans. If you love blondes with gorgeous butts, follow Layla Price on Twitter via @laylapricexoxo.

Layla Sin

Layla Sin is one of the rare porn stars who prove that you can be incredibly thin while still boasting one of the best butts in porn. A brand ambassador of Penthouse, Layla Sin has the sexy look of a fashion model, a booty that won't quit, and an overall amazing appearance.

She loves to interact and retweet fans, so if you love having adult film stars that really get into talking to fans, you might need to start following Layla Sin's Twitter - @realLaylaSin.

Luna Star

Luna Star is quite unlike any other porn star you'll see. She is cute, but she's also the perfect representation of a classic porn star archetype. The closest that most people can think of when they see her is a real-life Barbie. (Yes, it seems like her favorite color is pink.)

She's amazingly curvy, has gorgeous eyes, and also knows how to make top notch porn. She's always cool with hearing from fans who love her work, so make sure to follow her on Twitter via @cutelunastar.

Maddy O'Reilly

Petite natural redhead Maddy O'Reilly has that innocent schoolgirl vibe that gets most people weak in the knees. She has an adorably seductive look that just makes people melt - but make no mistake about it, she's no prude.

In fact, she's downright kinky and loves to do anal flicks. If you want to see some of this veteran porn star's works, then by all means, follow her on Twitter via @MaddyOreillyxxx and take a look at what she's doing!

Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano has the spunk and pizazz of that one rebellious girl in your college, but keeps her look classic. With her huge tits, her perfectly round and toned butt, and her Angelina Jolie-esque pout, it's easy to see why she's such a popular porn star.

This Latina porn star isn't just one of the best porn stars with the most epic ass videos around. She's also the founder of a jewelry company and boasts impeccable taste. Check out her Twitter, @NikkiDelano, to see more of her work.

Nina Kayy

Nina Kayy is one of those porn actresses who just looks surreal in her proportions, her features, and everything about her. Her breasts are massive. Her butt is big and perfect. Her waist is so tiny that it's mind-boggling.

For guys who love women with exotic features and adore the idea of seeing women doing amazing stuff with their booties, Nina Kayy is really hard to beat.

That being said, Nina Kayy has a wonderful, kind, and caring personality - and that's why most people in the industry love to work with her. When you subscribe to her Twitter, you'll see why, so do it via @NinaKayyXXX.

Nina North

Nina North has the old school look of your first college coed crush - and that's why guys can't resist her. That being said, this petite, youthful brunette porn star has an amazing booty that she loves to flaunt in a variety of movie clips.

If you love the idea of seeing an upper class coed getting it on, then the beautiful Nina North is someone you have to see in action. Follow her on Twitter via @NinaNorth19.

Prinzzess Felicity Jade

Prinzzess Felicity Jade knows she's a buxom bombshell with exotic features, and you know what? More power to her! She's been a Penthouse Pet, a Girlfriends Film contract star, and an AVN favorite for years - and we totally see why.

People who love watching girls with amazing booties get it on with other girls need to check out Prinzzess Felicity Jade's work. There's a reason why she regularly tops list of porn stars with the most epic ass work, and once you see her Twitter, you'll understand. Check her out via @realprinzzess.

Rebel Lynn

She has the face and body of a high fashion model, but the wild streak of a true porn star - she's Rebel Lynn. Rebel Lynn is most well known for her super slim physique, her beautiful butt, and her love of shooting threesome scenes with her friends.

That being said, Rebel Lynn also has a pretty strong reputation for being one of the most flexible (literally) in the porn star world. If you want to see a thin girl do incredible ass porn, then check out her Twitter via @TheRebelLynn.

Reena Sky

Reena Sky just has looks that hypnotize. She's got soft facial features, beautiful curves, and that classic old school beauty that never ceases to tantalize. As such, it's no surprise that she's considered to be one of the top porn performers in the industry.

Seriously, she's just beautiful all over. If you want to see amazing, magazine-worthy shots of her and her amazing butt, then by all means, follow her Twitter via @reenaskyvip.

Richelle Ryan

Richelle Ryan has the classic porn look of a 90s brunette porn star, and believe it or not, it looks incredible on her. She has the old school style, a new school flair, and one of the most strikingly beautiful, toned bodies in the industry.

There's more to Richelle Ryan than just porn, though. She loves to talk with fans, and even occasionally dances in clubs where you can straight up meet her. If you want to talk to Richelle Ryan, follow her Twitter via @RICHELLERYAN.

Riley Reyes


Formerly known as Riley Reynolds, Riley Reyes is the one gorgeous girl who has that "country" vibe about her but has no problem unleashing her wild, untamed sexuality on the world. If you love doe-eyed blondes with beautiful baby blues, Riley Reyes will be sure to thrill you.

That being said, fans who just want to see gorgeous blondes with huge butts in action need to check out her Twitter, @RileyReyXXX. Oh - she's also a gamer, so make sure to check out her commentaries about different games.

Riley Steele

Riley Steele has that cute-as-a-button face, with the body of the lead cheerleader in your college. She's adorably innocent-looking, but has one of the wildest streaks in all of mainstream porn. Oh, and she regularly makes the list of porn stars with the most epic ass shots in the industry.

This San Diego beach bunny is a huge fan of talking to people who love her work, and her Twitter is always bumpin' as a result. If you want to interact with this blonde beauty, make sure to follow her via @xxxRiley.

Sarah Banks

If anyone deserve the title of diva in a good way, it's Sarah Banks. This slender ebony model is known for her winning personality, her beautiful tiny butt, and her overall awesome ability to shoot amazing anal scenes. A true ebony anal queen, Sarah Banks is a must-see for guys who love serious booty.

Her Twitter feed is also so fun to follow, primarily because you really get a good idea of what she's like behind the scenes. Check her out online via @SarahBanksXxx.

Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella really captures that sexy clubkid essence like no one else. The upbeat, bubbly blonde has a great sense of style, can work it like no one else on camera, and really enjoys doing both blowjob scenes and anal scenes.

Between her online charm and being one of the top porn stars with the most epic ass shots, it's easy to see why Sarah Vandella gets so much love on Twitter. Check her out via @MsSarahVandella.

Skyler Nicole

Skyler Nicole's petite yet curvy ebony body really does speak for itself. She's gorgeous, she knows how to be glamorous in sports gear, and she has one of the finest butts in the industry. Needless to say, she's a top ebony model for a reason.

Like many porn stars, Skyler Nicole loves to hear from fans and is always willing to chat with fans. If you want to check out her Twitter and show her some love, go to @MissSkylerXXX.

Sunny Lane

Sunny Lane is the girl next door that you've fantasized about, and she knows it. Her reputation in the adult industry is as golden as you can get, and it's easy to see why. She's got an amazing butt, a great personality, and overall incredible features.

She's cute, has amazingly positive posts, and always loves to keep fans updated. Oh, and you can find out when her cam sessions are via her Twitter - @sunnylane.

Sydney Cole

Sydney Cole is one of those girls who looks too good to be true - but she is a real person! Her claim to fame in the porn industry is her surprisingly huge ass, and the fact that she tops lists of porn stars with the most epic ass scenes in major groups like the AVN.

An avid pot fan and an overall cool personality, Sydney Cole is someone you need to follow on Twitter via @sydneycolexxx to fully understand.  She's just awesome.

Uma Jolie

Uma Jolie has a lot of similarities to Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie. She's got Angelina Jolie's eyes, Uma Thurman's physique, and a porn star appeal all of her own. Perhaps that's why this independent porn star has become so popular with huge names like Penthouse?

Either way, she's amazingly beautiful and regularly makes awesome clips on CherryPimps. You can check out her Twitter to find out what she's doing now via @umajoliexxx.

Val Dodds

Val Dodds has the vibe of a familiar girl you know, perhaps a sexy waitress, that one girl who has a babysitting company, or that super sultry jogger you always see running by you. But, make no mistake about it, Val Dodds knows she's hot - and she's a lot wilder than the girls you know.

If you're a fan of petite brunettes with an amazing booty, then you'll see why she regularly tops lists of porn stars with the most epic ass. You can check out her latest work via Twitter, @ValDoddsXXX. Chances are, you'll fall in love with this Hustler Honey.

Valerie Kay

A common complaint we all have heard is that it's rare to see a white girl with a huge ass. But, Valerie Kay proves that it's still possible - and then some. Her massive booty is one that makes most others girls's asses look small by comparison, and as such, she's a head turner.

If you want to take a look at what one of the most phenomenal asses in porn looks like, take a look at Valerie Kay's Twitter, @RealValerieKay. You will see the best ass porn you've seen in a while.

Violet Monroe

Violet Monroe is cute, petite, and slender. On first glance, you'd probably have a hard time imagining that she's not a virgin. However, Violet Monroe is definitely not a virgin - she's one of the hottest porn stars in the industry right now!

She's known for her sexy pout, her amazing butt, and for just being an overall fun (and prolific) adult actress. You can see her awesome work via her Twitter, @Violet_Monroe.

Ziggy Star

Ziggy Star, we're assuming, is a David Bowie fan. She also may be one of the sexiest David Bowie fans in the porn industry. Ziggy Star has a gorgeous butt, an amazingly youthful face, and an awesome online persona. We're sold.

Ziggy Star also happens to be an avid potsmoker who is very vocal about legalizing the herb. You can check out what she has to say (as well as some of her awesome ass porn) on Twitter via @ziggystarxoxo.

Zoey Monroe

This beautiful, petite blonde knows how to win guys over with her sexy face, but that's not the only asset she has. Her booty often tops AVN lists of porn stars with the most epic ass, she's capable of squirting, and she's got that gorgeous tattooed look that's oh, so in right now.

If you love girls who have the tattooed blonde look down perfectly, you need to follow her on Twitter via @mszoeymonroe. After all, she didn't get Performer of the Year for nothing.

Giselle Palmer

Rounding out our list of porn stars with the most epic ass on the net is Giselle Palmer, a lady who manages to be one of the sexiest porn stars in the industry as well as one of the most interesting programmers you’ll ever meet.

She’s got a beautiful face, long legs, and a booty that just won’t quit. That’s why her girl-girl videos are so hot, and why her fans can’t get enough of her. Once you check out her work, you’ll be hooked!

Follow Giselle on Twitter here: @GiselleXPalmer




Harriet Sugarcookie Will Give You A Sweet Tooth

Harriet Sugarcookie Will Give You A Sweet Tooth

Harriet Sugarcookie is one sweet girl! Just look at all these pics from her Instagram. If your not following her, then get to it! What are you doing with your life?

































Kristina Basham Will Put The SHAZHAM Blam Thank You MAAM Down On You

Kristina Basham Will Put The SHAZHAM Blam Thank You MAAM Down On You



Taiwanese Game Center Put Bikini Girls Inside Claw Machines To Celebrate Its Opening

Taiwanese Game Center Put Bikini Girls Inside Claw Machines To Celebrate Its Opening

Claw crane game machines are a big thing in Asia, and game arcade operators often have to add the latest toys and gadgets to their machines to keep up with competition.

But one operator in Tainan city in Taiwan has taken its claw crane machines to a whole new level with the addition of real life bikini-clad models.

Yes, you read that right.

According to Liberty Times Net, the arcade operator hired four models to sit among prizes inside its claw crane machines as part of a marketing gimmick to mark the store’s official opening. The models, dressed only in bikinis, would entice customers to play the game by posing and playing with the prizes.

The gimmick apparently worked, as large crowds formed at the store, and many people started to queue up for a chance to play on the machines which contained the models.


But not all were amused. Some social media users were not impressed with the store’s tactics, and questioned why women were being made to look like simple objects.