10 Hilarious Tattoo Coverups From Exes Moving On

10 Hilarious Tattoo Coverups From Exes Moving On


Tattoos are forever. Most relationships aren't.


10 Hilarious Tattoo Coverups From Exes Moving On

10 Hilarious Tattoo Coverups From Exes Moving On

Tattoos are forever. Most relationships aren't.

16 Terrible Tattoos That Have A Date With A Laser In Their Future

16 Terrible Tattoos That Have A Date With A Laser In Their Future


One of the first things you hear when you're thinking of getting a tattoo is to do your research. If you're gonna spend money getting something permanently etched on your skin, it doesn't really make much sense to spend more money trying to cover it up or get rid of it right after.After all, no matter how far tattoo art has come over the years, there's still a good chance you're gonna run into some clowns who are way better at convincing themselves they've got the magic touch than they are at actually doing the work. While it's true that some tattoos die on paper long before they touch anyone's skin, a bad inker can turn even the best ideas into laughingstocks.

Luckily for you and not so luckily for these unfortunate customers, we've got 16 of these very laughingstocks all ready for your hungry eyes.

1. The pencil actually looks pretty good, and doodle bob looks fine.

honestly this tattoo isn't bad at all.

Reddit | downvoteforwhy

2. Believe it or not, this winged fish-demon is supposed to be a fairy.

That's really bad news since it looks pretty sub-par, even by fish-demon standards. Trust me, I've seen a lot of them.

3. I think I'd honestly be happy with "meanie crime poet." It sounds like a pretty slick nickname.

Also, shout out to whatever tattoo artist is apparently inventing a whole new language out here.

Reddit | alectprasad

4. Well, they say the first stage of grief is denial.

Man, that poor skull already seemed to be going through a lot before he became the star of this atrocity.

Reddit | nb14205

5. When you've got a melting rose on your skin, the important thing is to accessorize.

With enough knives wrapped in bedsheets, people will be too confused about what's going on in the tattoo to think it sucks. Now, that's some slick thinking.

Reddit | GoodbyeRuby

6. Wow, this is the first time I've ever wanted to call the ASPCA on a tattoo.

I can't be the only one who thinks that elephant looks dangerously malnourished, right?

7. Ah, you'd never guess there used to be another tattoo under here.

I feel like there's a really low-stakes horror movie about a bad tattoo that won't die in here somewhere. "No matter how many cover-ups and lasers they tried, they were powerless to stop...The Tattoo."

Reddit | Lilquinoa

8. That's a long, risky way to go for a clever Harry Potter reference.

It doesn't help that Voldemort looks like he only got an hour of sleep last night.

9. Well, at least baseball zombie seems happy enough with how this turned out.

I have a hunch that that's more than we can say for anyone else involved in this, though.

Reddit | shauder

10. Um...is the ship supposed to look like it's sinking?

I know it's hard to tell that there even is a ship here with all the scribbles and that weird eye near the top, but it's important to know just how many levels of failure we have on display here.

11. Sorry buddy, but you're not as lucky as you think.

There's no E in that word.

Reddit | capnwits

12. I'm not sure why your sister reminds you of a rotten artichoke, but I'm sure she'll be touched.

...Right after she figures out what that's supposed to say.

13. Wow, even Evil Homer seems unsure about how this turned out.

That's not a smile, that's a cringe.

14. It's like they always say, you never know when a volcano's gonna ruin your railroad tracks.

At least, I assume that's what's going on in this tattoo.

15. No, I'm actually having a pretty easy time believing that.

After all, the third week is when you find out that one eye doesn't just start wandering around on your forehead.

Instagram | @will_ent

16. I feel like they should've asked someone else to do the eyes here.

It kinda takes the magic away when your whimsical fairy keeps giving you this intense, bug-eyed stare. It doesn't help that she's suddenly cross-eyed, either.




15 Savage Tattoos On Women That’ll Make You Cringe

15 Savage Tattoos On Women That’ll Make You Cringe


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, tattoos are more popular than they have ever been before. From tasteful butterflies around one’s ankle to lightning bolts etched across one’s cheekbone to full “sleeves” of crosses and pics of mom, tats are works of art that are not going away any time soon (literally and figuratively).

There was a time way back when, where tattoos were mainly seen on men, and not the conservative types. But in today’s world both men and women alike sport permanent body art and are not afraid to show it off. Some tats look great, others not-so-great, and the rest are downright cringe-worthy. Like a 5-car pile-up you just can’t seem turn your head away from, the following tattoos are a rubberneckers worst nightmare/secret obsession.

Take a look at these 15 females’ tattoos and be the judge. Are they cool, crazy, or total crap? The gals seem to love their tats enough for them to have made their way to the internet for public consumption, so at least they have one fan. Oh, and perhaps the tattoo artists are proud of their skills, as bad as they may be in some cases.

These tats are here to stay for good. So unless they want to cover themselves up for the rest of their lives, these savage tats will be seen by everyone they meet for the rest of their lives, sagging skin and all the rest.

15. What A Dope

Via pinterest.com

Yes, this gal thinks her below-the-butt cheek area is the bomb.com, but as far as her declaration of “most dope?” Maybe the dopiest is more like it. How did this cheeky chick sit down comfortably after having her underbutt permanently inked with what is sure to horrify her grandchildren one day? Yes, the penmanship was done rather well, but the message is far from Shakespearean. And one day that now firm ass will inevitably drop, having her mate wonder what the tattoo once read. “Daisy Dukes” are a fine fashion choice for summer, but what a waste this work of art will be when temps drop into the single digits. She can’t go pants-less during a blizzard. However, on the plus side, if cellulite settles in, this tat will be available in Braille as well, so she got 2 tattoos for the price of one in a sense. But at what price, some may speculate?

14. Poor Lip Service

What does “poopsex” even mean, or do we even want to know? Oh, geez, I just looked it up, sigh. Okay, so this gal can only show off her tat if and when she wants to, but to whom does one want to reveal a drool-covered slang term to anyhow? She had already adorned her bottom lip with a prominent piercing, but apparently that alone was not enough manipulation to complete the overall lip look. Whatever happened to a nice shade of mauve lipstick or even a coat of ChapStick to give your lips a little oomph? When did things get so permanent? Surely a kiss from this lady would be unique and one may wonder if she has another term etched into the underside of her top lip. At least her mother and father are relieved she didn’t get her favorite word tattooed across her forehead. A little modesty is always a good lesson to teach your kids.

13. Tatt-poo

Via buzzfeed.com

Does this mean she poos from her butt crack, or was the message from someone else who poos on her butt crack? Either way, this distasteful work of “art” is a real piece of shi%. Additionally, is that blob of ink at the end of the arrow supposed to be a poop or a heart? When you need to ask, you know you’re witnessing a true tattooing hack job. No offense to this lady, but her backside was bad enough before the added message about her #2 mechanics. And P.S., we already know where you poo (from). Heaven help us if she has a similar message on her front side. Not only would that be horribly painful, but a real shock to her gynecologist. Thankfully she’s wearing this sexy thong (sarcasm) so we are able to clearly view the full message. If this is Victoria’s Secret, it’s no wonder it’s been kept hush-hush.

12. Turn the Other Cheek (please)

Via slightlywarped.com

Damn straight this chick is loyal! It takes a devoted person to make the permanent choice to tattoo her face, so “loyalty” was the perfect word for this imperfect decision. This gal looks like she is young and she seems pretty cute, so why she opted to ink her face is a mystery and a mistake. When gravity runs its course as she gets older, these letters will drop as low as her loyalty to her tat will become. And does her other cheek have a similar message or is she partial to her right side? Perhaps a heavy coat of foundation can cover her ink when she needs to go in for a job interview or attend a religious service, but she’d need an entire bottle of Cover Girl to get it sufficiently covered. Next time you want to make a change to your look, try a swipe of a new shade of blush or buy a new pair of sunglasses. “Loyalty” is best suited for man’s best friend, not one’s face.

11. Back to Black

Via pulptastic.com

At least this gal is committed to her last decision. This popular saying seems to have many meanings for this particular woman – her obvious love for Africa, perhaps her taste for men of such descent, and dark black ink… it’s permanent! This chick’s back seems to have a generous surface area, so etching a continent seemed like a smart choice on the part of the tattoo artist. Who knows if this woman is also from Africa, or plans to visit sometime soon, but whenever she is in town, the locals will likely be impressed by her love and devotion for their homeland. Let’s just hope she slathers on a heaping helping of high SPF sunscreen as to keep her tattoo looking sharp and her skin protected. In fact, a nice T-shirt to cover the whole thing up may be a wise choice. Loving Africa is wonderful, but there are surely better ways to profess it.

10. The Price is Wrong

Via pinterest.com

Celebrity host with the most, Bob Barker, may no longer be the current star of The Price is Right, but his memory will never fade, thanks to this unflattering tattoo etched onto the arm of a woman who may just be his biggest (and craziest) fan. This woman may have never been so lucky as to have been a contestant on the ridiculously ever-lasting popular game show, but she must feel like the big winner since she gets to spend her life walking around with the portrait of a geriatric man on her upper arm. Barker’s famous calling, “Come on down,” is a nice touch to add to the tattoo, in case passers-by may have thought the tat was of her grandpa and not a famous gent like Barker. Let’s hope this gal gets some Drew Carey ink next. Could there be two hotter or sexier men to get permanently drawn on one’s body? I think not.

9. Botched Bieber

Via ajournalofmusicalthings.com

Let’s assume this is the leg of a woman, since the majority of “Beliebers” are, and move on from there. This version of the hit-maker is not only an insult to the otherwise good-looking young man, but with his current haircut, it’s now seriously outdated. Sure, Justin Bieber has all sorts of fanatic lunatics who adore his every move who’d do anything for the singer, but to permanently ink his face on one’s body is a sign of psychological issues. Not to mention, there will come a day when “The Biebs” is old and grey, so this tattoo of his more youthful appearance will seem like a lifetime ago. Plus, what would Selena Gomez think of another woman having her ex so close, all day, every day? Ladies, buy the albums, download the singles, and get the most expensive concert tickets. That’s all the love you need to show to your favorite pop tart of the moment.

8. Not One to Bring Home to Meet the Parents

Via slodive.com

This gal surely wanted to make some major changes to her natural looks. Not only is the tattoo work intricate and imaginative, but the piercings are enough to set off all the metal detectors at an international airport. With ink creeping from the back of her head to around her eye and all the way down her neck, this woman is surely no wall flower. She seems pretty pleased with the ink job, so who’s to judge, but when small children and puppies run and hide, she may have some regrets about her choices. The pink hair balances out the look with a pop of bright color to offset the blacks and greys of the tattoo, so at least this woman had fine art in mind. Can’t wait to see this look in 50 years from now when the force of gravity changes the landscape of this gal’s falling face.

7. Brows that (Don’t) Wow

Via ebaumsworld.com

Some women tend to over-pluck their eyebrows, causing the hair to thin out and even eventually stop growing back completely. These gals usually pencil them back in with eyebrow makeup for a natural look that flatters and frames their face. Then there is the rare bird who would rather get permanent ink tattooed onto her brow region in the form of poorly-drawn stems, leaves, and flowers, making her look like the third wheel to Adam and Eve’s love story. If you are going to go as far as to ink foliage in place of follicles, at least get the work done by someone with a tidbit of artistic knowhow and a smidge of talent. It is nice to allow young children to have the chance to express their inner budding artists, but give them a pencil and a sheet of drawing paper, not a tattoo gun and your delicate skin.

6. Damn Andy

Via craveonline.com

We do not know what Andy did to piss off this woman so badly, but he will now get the big “Screw You” from her for all eternity. That is if this seriously scorned woman is still allowing Andy to see her naked back. It just goes to show you, permanently inking a lover’s name onto your body is a big mistake, as you never know how the relationship will run its course. Why not change “Andy” to “Candy” and have a sweet cover-up for a relationship gone sour? But then again, we are assuming this woman is thinking with more than a handful of brain cells. “Dandy” would have worked too, but “Screw You” is so much more feminine. For those people stuck behind this gal at the beach, they will surely feel a little insecure as to why she hates them so much. But there’s the small chance it’ll be Andy, so the whole process was obviously worth the pain.

5. Alien Invasion

Via grabberwocky.com

No, you are not hallucinating. This is, in fact, a human woman, and she has turned her face and body into something of fantasy film. From piercings to tooth manipulation to implants, this lady really wanted to tell Mother Nature to “F” off. She is nearly completely covered in tattoos, and even her own mother probably doesn’t recognize her (and likely doesn’t want to). And if you don’t like what she has done with her look, she will surely bite you with those sharp fangs. She must have quite the savings in order to fund her ink habit, but then again, eventually she will run out of bare skin and have to call her “piece” complete. Let’s hope this woman actually works in a tattoo parlor, because it is safe to say the local nursery school won’t be hiring her any time soon. Kids are visually stimulated, but this is taking things way too far.

4. Oh My Stars!

Via rich-girl.org

There is nothing more relaxing than looking up into a moonlit sky at night and seeing the stars and constellations all aglow. And there is nothing more frightening than looking at your friend and seeing a cluster of hideous black stars etched all over the side of her face. This chick must have her mind in outer space to think this ink job is worth a gold star. Perhaps in this pic she is on the phone with her psychic who should have read her stars before she got them drawn on permanently. Then she may have made a more appealing decision – like not getting this work done at all. Not everyone can become a star, but you can always incorporate them onto your face. Take that Beyonce! The only way this would be semi-cool would be if she glows under a black light. Otherwise, we want to shut the lights completely so we don’t have to see this sorry starry mess any longer.

3. Bloomin’ Armpit

Via thetango.net

I mean, who doesn’t want a tattoo of an onion smack in the center of their armpit? Seems like a logical tattoo choice, no? Perhaps this woman’s armpit was not quite smelly enough for her, so she opted for the allusion of a deeper aroma by getting a ripe red onion etched onto her underarm. Even a nice green head of lettuce or an ear of fresh corn would have been a more appealing choice than an odd image of a stinky onion. But perhaps this creative gal is a big fan of the veggie and could find no better way to sing its praises than to have one permanently drawn onto her body, in her armpit, no less. When her armpit hair grows in (and it will), this tat must be a real turn on. Remind me to eliminate onions from my diet pronto, because the thought of eating them really stinks.

2. Miss-spelling

Via defbuzz.com

It must be good to be the boss, that way none of your underlings can criticize your lack of spelling prowess. Hopefully the male boss got better grades in school or at least passed the first round of the second grade spelling bee. Not only is it a shame this grammatically-challenged gal cannot spell her own gender properly, but the doofus tattoo artist was no Einstein either. At least the boss can hide her misspelled tat under a long-sleeved top, but she seems awfully proud of her status as the woman in charge. To have finally broken that glass ceiling only to ruin things with a tragic tattoo is not only bad for this woman, but for her entire sex. If this is the best that the female boss can offer, perhaps she ought to be demoted. Not everyone is cut out to be at the top of the corporate ladder.

1. Bloody Bite

Via neoserendipity.soup.io

As scary and odd as it is, this tat is actually pretty frighteningly awesome. It is quite realistic looking and hard to look away from. Of course, this inked up woman will scare away basically everyone, but at the very least she can say she has a pretty amazing and creative tattoo. The blood drips onto her collarbone just so, and her long neck is the perfect canvas for this wicked work of bloody art. And if she needs to appear more conservative for a trip to Grandma’s or a baby shower, a nice turtleneck from J. Crew always does the trick. Perhaps one day, as she ages, this tat will sag and will look more closed-lipped or even like a frown. That is only if she doesn’t get bitten by her own design… it is pretty freaky. Like in many horror films, this gal could be eaten alive by her own neck.

18 People Who Should NOT Be Allowed Near A Tattoo Shop

18 People Who Should NOT Be Allowed Near A Tattoo Shop


Can you even imagine what it's like to look at yourself naked only to see a giant 9/11 was an inside job tattoo scribbled over the entirety of your back? Is it because that image horrifies

These people must feel like they're living in a waking nightmare.




My eyes....

The Difference Between An $80 Tattoo And An $875 Tattoo

The Difference Between An $80 Tattoo And An $875 Tattoo

“I’m not gonna be able to hide this from my grandma."

10 Historical Cases Of Forced Tattooing

10 Historical Cases Of Forced Tattooing

People have been getting tattoos for all of recorded history. We usually think of tattoos as an expression of culture and identity, but they’re not always used this way. History is full of forced tattooing, often to punish people or to mark them as property. Below are some of the more unsavory stories of people being inked without their consent.

10.Ancient Greece

Slaves who misbehaved in ancient Greece were often tattooed with the name of their crime. This was used instead of branding because a more wordy crime like “theft and aggravated assault” would take long time to brand and could put the victim’s life at risk. As slaves were only valuable to their owners alive, tattooing provided a happy (if still upsetting) medium. Similar tattoos were given to free citizens found guilty of crimes.

When the island of Samos was at war with Athens, each side tattooed its prisoners of war to mark them as conquered. Athenians marked Samian prisoners with owls, a symbol of the city’s patron goddess Athena. Samians retaliated by marking their Athenian prisoners with a samaina, a kind of Samian ship. The forehead was an especially dehumanizing place to tattoo a captive because of the increased pain and the fact that it was hard to cover up. (Sweatbands weren’t too common back in the day.)


9.Byzantine Empire

In AD 793, the Armeniac province revolted against the Byzantine Empire. The rebels were defeated by Emperor Constantine VI, who killed their leaders and punished the survivors with fines and confiscations. To add ink to injury, he had at least 1,000 of them tattooed with the phrase “Armeniakon traitor.”

A few decades later, another emperor punished two monks charged with idolatry by tattooing them with 12 lines of iambic verse. The subject of this painful poem? The story of their crime and its punishment. Just like the Greeks, both emperors had these punishing marks inked into their subjects’ foreheads for maximum awkwardness at family gatherings.


An important rule of Confucianism is avoiding damage to the body, as it is a gift received from one’s parents. Permanently marking the skin is shameful not just to an individual but to their whole family. This made tattooing a serious punishment in historical China.

Penal codes from the Song and Yuan dynasties list the crimes that could result in tattooing. If someone committed a crime punishable by banishment, they were given a square shape behind the ear. If flogging was in order, the shape was round. When a criminal had already been flogged three times, the tattoo was put on the face.

The Chinese were no strangers to the old “spell out the crime” gimmick, either. Cheating couples caught more than once were facially tattooed with the phrase “committed licentious acts two times” before being exiled. That might seem like a lot to fit on a face until you remember that each word was just one character. Either way, it wasn’t fun.



Like the Chinese, the Japanese have historically placed value on keeping the body unmarked for the sake of family and honor. In early modern Japan, tattooing was reserved for the most serious crimes, as being tattooed meant you were permanently ostracized from your family and community. Designs included bars, crosses, circles, and in one region, the pictograph for “dog.” Criminals were commonly marked on (you guessed it) the forehead.

However, in the case of Japan, the tattooed misfits had the last laugh. The end of the 17th century saw the rise of decorative tattooing in Japan, and many criminals covered their penal tattoos with colorful designs. Tattooing is still often associated with criminals in Japan thanks to the Yakuza, who wear full-body ink as a mark of pride and honor.

6.Australian Convicts

During the 19th century, the British government tattooed and branded inmates to enforce the idea that the state was “all-knowing” and had total control over them. Many inmates sent to the Australian penal colony showed up already marked as criminals. However, some of them flipped this around by accessorizing their tattoos. One man named Aaron Page turned the “D” on his chest (marking him as a deserter) into a Union Jack. This was clever because it concealed a symbol of treason with one of patriotism.

British authorities in Australia soon grew wise to this practice and ordered that convicts never be tattooed at night, as that gave them free time to pick at the fresh scab and change the tattoo.

5.Olive Oatman

In 1856, a white woman was found living with a group of Mohave near Fort Yuma, California. Her name was Olive Oatman, and most of her family had been killed by the Yavapai tribe while heading west to find a new home. She was taken captive and sold to the Mohave, with whom she lived for four years. During this time, she was given several blue lines on her chin. When she returned to white society, Oatman publicly lectured about her captivity across the country. During her lectures, she claimed that her tattoos were “slave marks” given by the Mohave to their captives.

Long after Oatman’s death, historians concluded that her tattoos were actually the same style given to all Mohave women. They were a mark of belonging, not captivity. Whether or not Oatman’s tattoos were consensual, it’s easy to see why she would claim they weren’t. US society in the 1800s would much rather believe that a white woman was held captive by a native tribe than that she became one of them.


4.John Rutherford

John Rutherford was a performer who toured Britain in the 1800s, showing off a large collection of tattoos on his face and body. While people would admire the tattoos, he would regale them with his story of being shipwrecked in New Zealand and taken captive by the indigenous Maori people. He told of how they ate his shipmates and forcibly tattooed him with chisels and sharks’ teeth.

Most historians agree that this story is even more full of baloney than Olive Oatman’s. Rutherford was likely a deserter who jumped ship, and most of his tattoos were Tahitian, not Maori. If he had actually gotten all of those tattoos at once, he probably would have died of blood loss.

This story makes the list not because it’s true but because stories like Rutherford’s were very common. Performers made whole careers of telling how they had been taken hostage and tattooed by savage tribes. Forced-tattoo stories were a staple of freak shows well into the 20th century, and anyone who’s still reading this list can understand why they were so popular.

3.Soviet Prisoners

Tattooing was so popular among Russian criminals during the Soviet era that there is a book called the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopedia. Prisoners in Siberian gulags would tattoo each other to show their defiance of authority and membership in elite thieves’ societies. They also forcibly tattooed those who had wronged them.

Common forced tattoos included the phrases “enemy of the people” and “I am a b—h.” A forced tattoo meant that a prisoner had been expelled from a thieves’ society and was nepriskasaemye, or “untouchable.” Anyone who did business with him would become infected from his dishonor. Given the unsanitary conditions in the gulags, they might get infected from his tattoo as well.


The most infamous story of involuntary tattooing comes from the Holocaust. At the Auschwitz concentration camp, prisoners selected for work were tattooed with serial numbers. These numbers could be used to identify them in case of death or escape. The first group to get tattooed were Soviet prisoners of war brought to the camp in 1941. A serial number was punched into the chest of each victim with a metal stamp, and ink was rubbed into the wound. These tattoos faded quickly, so Nazi officials switched to more conventional needles and began tattooing on the arm.

By 1943, most prisoners at Auschwitz were being tattooed with serial numbers. Jewish prisoners’ tattoos often included a triangle, and those given to Roma contained a “Z” for “Ziguener,” the German word for “gypsy.” The total number ofserial numbers assigned to prisoners is estimated at 400,000. Many believe that tattooing is forbidden by Jewish law or that you can’t be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have a tattoo. This is debated by scholars, and it is thought that some of Jewish opposition to tattooing comes from the trauma of the concentration camps.

1.Punjab Police

As much as we’d like to believe involuntary tattooing is a thing of the past, it has happened more recently than you’d think. In 1993, four women were detained by the Punjab Police in Amritsar, India. They were accused of involvement with a bootlegging operation that had attacked police during a raid. During the week they were in custody, policemen tattooed each woman on the forehead with the words jeb katri, meaning “pickpocket.”

Unlike most of the stories in this list, this one actually ends with justice for the tattooed. In 1994, the Punjab government arranged plastic surgery to remove the tattoos and paid each woman 50,000 rupees. In 2016, a special Indian court found the officers guilty and sentenced each of them to jail time, terming their crime “inhuman.” Maybe we have made progress after all.


Woman Auctioning Her Bum As Tattoo Canvas In Order To Pay Off Debts

Woman Auctioning Her Bum As Tattoo Canvas In Order To Pay Off Debts

A young woman from New Zealand is auctioning off her arse so a lucky bidder can choose a tattoo for it.

Bailey Price, 20, who works in a surf shop in Wellington, NZ, is using Trade Me to advertise her 9cm x 9cm butt canvas, with hopes that one bid will get her out of debt.

Bailey says she has a "bubbly, crazy personality" and that her friends haven't exactly questioned her decision.


"I'm a pretty wild girl so most people who know me wouldn't be surprised that I'm offering the winner of this auction to have anything tattooed on my butt," she writes on Trade Me.

"Obviously, tattoos are forever so who could say no to a lifetime of advertisement. I am also well known for mooning my butt in public, lol. (sic).

"You may be waiting to bid on this auction for a variation (sic) of ideas: marriage proposal, business promotion, an artist wanting to share design or just because yolo.

"10 percent of the winnings will go towards a charity of your choice."


The only stipulations are the size and that it has to be on either the left or right cheek. So no faces with the asshole as the mouth etc.

The highest bidder will get a framed photo of the final tattoo. As it stands, that highest bid is $4030.00

Not for long, though. Bailey, if you're reading, check this:

You see that face? That's the face of a teetotalling, law abiding citizen with a taste for high society and low-in-carbs food.

Thanks to my heavily disposable income, I will offer $250,000 in cold hard cash to get this tattooed. I look forward to hearing from you.

10 Creepiest Eyelid Tattoos

10 Creepiest Eyelid Tattoos


a97969_eye-tattoo_1-pure-sex a97969_eye-tattoo_2 a97969_eye-tattoo_3-never-sleep a97969_eye-tattoo_4-pyramid2 a97969_eye-tattoo_5-fear

a97969_eye-tattoo_6 a97969_eye-tattoo_7-girl a97969_eye-tattoo_8 a97969_eye-tattoo_9-cash a97969_eye-tattoo_10-blow-me



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19 Hipster Tattoos That Hipster'd Too Hard

19 Hipster Tattoos That Hipster'd Too Hard


Deers. Owls. Random lines. BEARDS. In this special Tattoo investigation, we've isolated the tattoos that comprise a very special and elusive group of people: Hipsters. How do we find them? How do we sift through the layers upon layers of irony and sarcasm and get to the heart of the Hipster trend? These rather eye-rolly tattoos are the markers we will need as a society to identify these special souls.





















10 Things You Can Get For Free With A Tattoo

10 Things You Can Get For Free With A Tattoo


54th New York Film Festival - Opening Night Gala Presentation And "13th" World Premiere

So the Australian eatery that promised free burgers for life for any customer that got a life-size tattoo of a hamburger is starting to regret their decision – apparently way too many people took them up on the deal and profits are sinking fast. But don’t give up hope, friends – there are plenty of other places in the world where having the right tattoo can get you stuff for free. In this feature, we’ll spotlight ten situations in which skin art can keep you fed, entertained and even get you laid. But hopefully, you won’t have to get a terrible face tattoo.

Sandwiches For Life



This deal is capped at one sandwich a week, but it’s still a pretty fine deal. Clawson’s Deli in Nashville celebrated a year in business in November of 2015 with an offer to 30 loyal patrons. Come in, pay $20 and get a tattoo of the deli’s logo – a beer mug surrounded by swirling lines – and you can show it once a week for a sandwich from the menu. Not being able to build your own sammie is a strike against Clawson’s, but the tattoo is still definitely worth it, especially if you work in the area.

Rocket From The Crypt Concerts


Festival Supreme 2015

Photo: Mike Windle (Getty)

San Diego’s postpunk indie rockers Rocket from the Crypt have been bashing out their high-energy rock music since 1989. If you haven’t heard their lunkheaded 1992 album Circa: Now! you owe it to yourself to give it a listen. Early in the band’s career, they made a pledge that they have honored to this day: get a tattoo of the group’s logo and it’ll grant you free admission to any RFTC concert, anywhere in the world. Almost 5,000 people have taken them up on that offer, making touring an unprofitable proposition. No wonder they spent the years from 2005-2011 on hiatus, only reforming to play on Yo Gabba Gabba.

All The Chicken Wings You Can Eat



Photo: Pepe Nilsson (Getty)

This one’s only good for one day out of the year, but it’s quite a deal. July 29th is National Chicken Wing Day, and last year the 40NORTH restaurant empire, which operates a number of eateries in the Tri-state area offered unlimited wings to any customer with a tattoo of a chicken wing (or a whole chicken). It’s not the most common thing in the world to get ink of, so chances are they didn’t take a massive loss on free wings. We’re not sure if they’ll repeat the offer next year, but you might as well get a Buffalo wing tat now just to be safe. What’s the worst that could happen?

Lobster For A Year


City Harvest's Summer In The City 2016

Photo: Paul Zimmerman for City Harvest (Getty)

Most of the food items on this list offered in exchange for tattoos are pretty inexpensive. You can give away a free burger every day and not take too serious a hit to your bottom line. But lobster? That’s the risk New York restaurant Burger and Lobster took when they offered customers free meals for a year in exchange for a tattoo of the place’s logo. Given how fast eateries in the Big Apple go out of business, this seems like a risky bet. The tattoo, which must be at least an inch square, entitles the bearer to one free meal and drink per visit for 365 days. Only a few people have done it, and the owners say they don’t come in that often.

Baseball Tickets For Life



Getting a tattoo of a sports team’s logo is a rite of passage for many fans, a way to demonstrate allegiance to your hometown boys. The  Syracuse Chiefs made an offer to the biggest ones in 2014: if you get the team’s stylized C with a  railroad engine logo inked on yourself, you can walk into any damn home game you want for free. They opened up 36 slots and were amazed when they filled up within minutes. Fans got the tattoos on shoulders, ankles and backs and most felt pretty good about the deal.

Pizza For Life



Photo: Joe Raedle (Getty)

Brand loyalty is a hell of a thing, and fast food restaurants thrive on it. So when Houston’s Anthony Calleo, the man behind the Pi Pizza truck, wanted to celebrate his second anniversary he decided to throw a massive party where attendees could get pizza-themed tattoos that would earn them free slices for a year. They had to pay for the tattoo, of course – at a couple hundred bucks – but when you amortize it out into slices it worked out pretty well. He brought back the promotion for a third year, but this time had to restrict the number of people who could apply through a lottery.

A Tough Mudder


Tough Mudder - London South

Photo: Dan Istitene / Staff (Getty)

The Tough Mudder race is one of the ultimate tests of manhood, a brutal slog through 10-12 miles of nasty terrain and unpleasant obstacles to emerge on the other end with your dignity intact. The entrance fees for the event are usually pretty stiff – the Arctic Enema doesn’t fill itself with ice water, you know – but if you’re willing to go under the needle and get a Tough Mudder tattoo, it’ll secure you a free run. You’ve gotta be all responsible and take a picture of your receipt and send it into the website, though. Don’t just show up at the starting line with blood still on your ink. That’s not sanitary.

Parquet Courts Concerts


2015 Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival - Weekend 2 - Day 2

Photo: Scott Dudelson/FilmMagic (Getty)

New York indie band Parquet Courts got in on the tattoo craze in 2015 when they announced on their blog that any fan with a tattoo of the band’s logo would be granted free admission to any show they played for the life of the band. There were caveats, of course – the tattoo deal didn’t apply to “side-projects, solo performances, weddings, open mic nights, “talks,” etc.” We also question if you could use this to get into big festivals that the group is playing at. It’s a pretty nice offer from SPIN Magazine’s 2014 Band of the Year, and the logo design isn’t outrageously awful.

Tacos For Life


A Taco

Photo: Tom Kelley (Getty)

Is there any foodstuff more satisfying than the simple taco? It’s portable, delicious and cheap. But sometimes even cheap isn’t cheap enough, and for customers of Casa Sanchez in San Francisco’s Mission District a tattoo of their logo (a sombrero-wearing man riding a corn cob named Jimmy the Cornman) can get them a free lunch any day they want. Approximately 50 people took the restaurant up on the offer in 1999, and Casa Sanchez has been making good on it ever since. In 2010, the owners decided to re-open the promotion for a new generation of taco lovers.

Whorehouse Admission


Twin Peaks UK Festival

Photo: Amy T. Zielinski/ (Getty)

Let’s close this one out with a tattoo that might make some people in your life look at you a little funny. In 2008, the owner of Cologne sex club Pascha, on a whim, decided to make an indecent proposal. Get the logo for his brothel tattooed on your body in large blue letters and he’ll let you in to ogle the girls for free. With an entry price of five euros, that’s a significant savings, especially for the dedicated perverts out there. Around 40 men took him up on the deal, and although they still have to pay the prostitutes for their services, they feel like they got a hell of a deal. Their wives are less than crazy about it, though.


Australian Burger Place Promises Free Burgers For Life If You Get A Burger Tattoo

Australian Burger Place Promises Free Burgers For Life If You Get A Burger Tattoo



If you attempted to grill a burger and completely failed like this girl, perhaps it’s time you let someone else do the grilling. You know, for life.

Cafe 51, a burger restaurant in Melbourne is promising to give a free burger every day for the rest of your life. And the only thing you have to do is get a tattoo of that burger somewhere on your beautiful canvas.

But, according to the restaurant’s website, there are a few rules: The tattoo of the burger must be life-size, it has to be located somewhere that’s easy to show to the restaurant’s staff, and it must include the brand’s logo somewhere in the image.

Here is an example of such a tattoo that got this person free burgers for life:


Apparently Cafe 51 has already received over 3,000 applicants with burger tattoos, so that sure is a lot of free burgers.

Heart attacks for everyone!





People's poor decisions.
Bad linework, shading, composition, and idiotic mistakes.

Be glad it isn't yours

Via: http://tattoopoo.tumblr.com/

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12 Tattoos That Won't Stand The Test Of Time

12 Tattoos That Won't Stand The Test Of Time

Tattoos are FOREVER. Did people forget this? Unless you wanna go through the painful removal or have some clever cover-ups in mind, maybe think twice before getting inked upon.

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Drunk Girl Gets Harry Potter Bolt Tattooed To Forehead And It’s Going To Take More Than Magic To Remove It

Drunk Girl Gets Harry Potter Bolt Tattooed To Forehead And It’s Going To Take More Than Magic To Remove It


Harry Potter fans are understandably excited about the recent release of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child. They’re so excited that tattoos dedicated to the boy magician are becoming commonplace once again.

But these aren’t tats of Potter or his friends. These tattoos are of Harry’s infamous lightening bolt scar — right on the forehead.

While Potter fans go to extreme lengths to embrace the boy wizard, they seldom go as far as having the lightning bolt tattoo which JK Rowling followers know all too well as a reminder of their holiday.

Well, maybe after a butter beers they do.

Now the bizarre permanent skin marking has been reported on Facebook by Magaluf Box Office , who note that after the young woman, who is reportedly British, got her tatt, another holidaymaker followed suit.

The next day, in a show of either support or unified stupidity, another man entered the shop and requested the same tattoo.

This trend is sure to be followed by a trend of people getting Harry Potter tattoos removed.

Austrian Man In Jail After Tattooing Penis On Woman Who Asked For A Yin Yang

Austrian Man In Jail After Tattooing Penis On Woman Who Asked For A Yin Yang



An Austrian tattoo artist is behind bars after he sneakily inked a penis on a woman instead of the yin yang symbol she requested.

When the 21-year-old woman went to get a tattoo in the small city of St. Polten, the artist showed her a design template for the Chinese symbol, according to The Local.

She said OK and sat down to get inked — but once she got home and looked in the mirror, she realized it wasn’t quite what she’d ordered.

Instead of the black and white circular symbol, she saw a penis and the word, “F--k.”

The victim of the tattooing terror recently told a court in the small city of St. Polten about her ordeal.


The man who tatted a woman with a penis instead of a yin yang was sentenced to 3 1/2 years behind bars.

When a judge asked the irreverent inker why he’d done it, he said: “Just because.”

He was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in behind bars, which he’ll spend in an institution for mentally abnormal offenders.



20 Tattoos People Will Regret In 20 Years (Or In A Few Days)

20 Tattoos People Will Regret In 20 Years (Or In A Few Days)



Tattoos are a big decision, like buying a house or choosing your gym in Pokémon Go. With lots of thought and consideration, a tattoo can be an inspiring artistic expression. With lots of impulsivity and whiskey, a tattoo can be… hoo boy. There are some truly terrible tats in this week's gallery; really unfortunate stuff that you'd regret in twenty years... or right away in the morning after that awesome rager where you did four keg stands in ten minutes. Let's take a look at some of the all-time worst tattoos!













































Johnny Depp has gone from calling Amber Heard the love of his life to the scum of the earth ... all with a simple tattoo alteration.

Depp inked his arm in Amber last year, shortly after they married. He inked the knuckles on his right hand, "SLIM" ... her nickname.


In the last week or so, he changed the L to a C and the I to a U ... and you don't need to watch "Wheel of Fortune" to know it now spells SCUM.

It's not the first time Johnny's tattoos turned ugly. Back in the day, when he was dating Winona Ryder, he had a tat that read, "WinonaForever." When that relationship fizzled, he changed it to "WinoForever."








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23 Breakup Tattoo Wins

23 Breakup Tattoo Wins

Let’s face it, everyone has made mistakes, some of them of the more permanent and ink related variety than others. Here you’ll find a group of folks who found themselves in serious need of some good cover-up tattoos after an ex turned about to not be true love, but rather one of life's little mistakes. Or big mistakes. Huge life altering mistakes. Especially after you get their name written on your body in permanent ink.

The 28 Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever

The 28 Most Extreme Body Modifications Ever


Believe it or not, extreme body modification has been happening since the dawn of civilization. Different tribes from across the world have scarred their bodies with various tattoos and piercings in an effort to show that they were brave, could take pain, and were in touch with the spirit realm. But in the modern era, extreme body mods have taken on a completely different meaning.

10 Pop Culture Tattoos (And Their Secretly Ridiculous Meanings)

10 Pop Culture Tattoos (And Their Secretly Ridiculous Meanings)

Tattoos and popular culture have had a long and somewhat complicated relationship. Sure, they make for a great way to add a dash of intrigue to a movie character or to help obscenely wealthy athletes blow their cash, but things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes, those characters end up looking less like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and more like your idiot friend after a tequila-fueled run-in with a less-than-ethical tattoo artist. If you plan to add a little ink to something that will be seen by millions, maybe do your homework first.

Featured image credit: Sidney Kimmel Entertainment via YouTube

10 God Is Kind Of A Hypocrite

In the 2010 action/horror film Legion, God decides he’s sick of mankind’s wickedness and sends his army of angels on the rather ironic mission of killing absolutely everyone. The archangel Michael catches wind of this and steps in to stop the coming angelic apocalypse. Michael, branded with heavenly tattoos placed by his creator, comes to Earth to defend the helpless humans from a disappointed God. The thing is—God doesn’t seem to have any idea what he wants.

Astonishingly, the characters scribed on Michael’s torso are part of an actual language allegedly used by angels. Called Enochian, this tongue was invented by British occultist John Dee and makes several appearances in the film. However, the fact that it’s an actual language means that it can be translated, which presents some issues. It turns out that Mikey is carrying around a Bible verse on his chest. That’s not terribly surprising, but the choice of verse certainly is.

“For indeed the hand of the Lord was against them, to destroy them from among the host, until they were consumed.” That’s Deuteronomy 2:15, and it’s referencing God’s revenge against an army that refused to murder, pillage, rape, etc. on his behalf. So what we end up with is a guy who murders people for not murdering one day and murders them for murdering the next. The only question is why he would ink up his soldiers with proof of his hypocrisy.

9 Monkey Man

Marat Safin

Photo credit: Charlie Cowins

As you’ll quickly learn from this list, Chinese characters are an extremely bad tattoo idea. By this point, that should surprise exactly no one; we’ve all heard horror stories of someone accidentally branding themselves with “semen dumpster” or something similar. Yet, people continue to go this route when selecting their permanent body modification, including retired Russian tennis player Marat Safin.

Safin decided to really set himself apart from the athletic tattoo crowd when opting for exotic Chinese characters for his shoulder ink. Surprisingly, though, they said exactly what he wanted them to—“monkey.” He made this unusual choice because he was born in the Year of the Monkey, according to the Chinese zodiac . . . or so he believed. He was actually born in the Year of the Ram, leaving him with a tat that seems only to express his irrational obsession with simians.

8 Agent 47—Ice-Cold Killer And Sex Toy Advocate

The Hitman video game series is extremely adult, as one would expect a game focused on cold-blooded murder to be. But while the shooting, strangulation, and neck snapping are out front getting all the glory, one tiny, seemingly innocuous detail is working behind the scenes to help earn that “Mature” rating.

Tattooed on the back of protagonist Agent 47’s shaved head is a bar code, intended to convey his utter lack of humanity. He is a genetically engineered killing machine, mercilessly fulfilling his contracts with single-minded determination. That’s all well and good, but what does the code actually mean?

It means that Agent 47 is shamelessly plugging his apparent second job making dildo bags. When scanned with bar code–scanning smart phone apps, the codetakes the user to the Amazon.com page for the “Drawstring Double Dong Dildo Bag in Starry Night Blue.” The killing business must have slowed down a bit. No judgment, man; everyone’s gotta make a living.

7 Gangstas Are All About Their Winter Sports

The 2007 film Alpha Dog saw Justin Timberlake trying desperately to fill the role of a badass, kidnapping drug dealer. So naturally, he’s absolutely covered in ink. In addition to various gangland staples like the Virgin Mary, he is plastered with various moron staples like Chinese characters. Yes, it’s all pretty laughable already, but it gets better.

Running down his left bicep are two Chinese symbols. What could they mean? Are they confessing to some unthinkable crime? Are they the name of some strung out junkie ex-lover? Are they the recipe for crystal meth? Nope, they sayliubing, the Chinese term for “ice-skating.” Yes, ice-skating—the least “gangsta” sport in existence, other than perhaps golf.

There are two possible explanations: Either the filmmakers randomly chose two “pretty cool looking” characters like 90 percent of Chinese symbol wearers, or the filmmakers are cleverly hinting at the sequel, the first ice-based crime drama in history. It’s probably the former.

6 A Crossover Too Amazing To Exist

For over a decade, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been wowing audiences with its outlandish take on an era that was already pretty incredible. However, no amount of curses, witches, zombies, or tentacle-faced Grim Reapers can out-fantasy the implications of a single tattoo which appears only briefly in the very first installment.

In 2003’s Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Orlando Bloom’s character can be seen sporting a curious bit of ink on his wrist. At first glance, it may appear to be nothing more than simple text, and it is, but it’s the language that’s interesting. It’s written in Elvish, the language of the elves in the Lord of the Rings universe. Could it be that Pirates is actually taking place in Middle Earth? Will the next sequel see Johnny Depp mincing his way through Ringwraiths and dwarves rather than murderous, rotten-toothed seamen?

No, it was just a mistake. Apparently, many cast members of the Lord of the Rings films got tattoos to commemorate the experience, Bloom included. Unfortunately, this was just a simple matter of not covering a postage stamp–sized patch of skin for a multimillion-dollar movie.

5 A Tribute To Feminine Architecture

Marquis Daniels

Photo credit: Keith Allison

Fun fact—initials aren’t really a thing in Chinese. Every symbol stands for an entire word or idea; you can’t use single letters. So if someone were to, say, request that their initials be tattooed on their person in Chinese, and their tattoo artist was too lazy, greedy, or awesome to correct this ridiculous notion, things might go somewhat awry.

NBA player Marquis Daniels found himself in just such a situation when selecting his skin art. He wanted his initials, M.A.D., inked in Chinese characters. Hilariously (or horrifically, if you’re still capable of empathy), his artist apparently just chose a few characters and told him they were letters. They weren’t.

And that’s the story of how a professional athlete ended up permanently sporting the phrase “healthy woman roof” down his left forearm. Allegedly, he still tells people that they’re his initials, banking on the sort of gross ignorance that landed the thing on his arm to begin with. Perhaps it was all intentional, maybe a secret tribute to a special female architect in his life. Who can say?

4 The Setup To A Long, Hopeless Voyage

The 1995 adventure film Waterworld pitted a gill-sporting Kevin Costner against an army of insane pirates on a mad quest for the last bit of dry land on a flooded Earth. After the melting of the polar ice caps, the only place on the planet high enough to remain above water is the summit of Mount Everest. The only problem is that no one knows how to get there.

Enter Enola, a mysterious young girl with a “map” to Dryland tattooed on her back. However, it’s in Chinese. This presents a bit of an issue until someone scrounges up an ancient copy of China Airlines magazine and translates the image, which turns out to be a set of coordinates. No surprise there.

What’s more surprising is the complete lack of directions. The numbers are there, but without a north, south, east, or west, they are almost completely meaningless. There are four points on Earth with those coordinates; without directions, one would just have to check each one individually. On top of that, the latitude and longitude have been reversed, putting the supposed location of Dryland several thousand miles away from the actual place. So yeah, our heroes would have sailed off into the sunset on an utterly hopeless voyage, never to be seen again.

3 Gotta Keep Them Birds Away

Shawn Marion

Photo credit: Keith Allison

We’ve already covered two examples of million-dollar athletes making some incredibly poor choices at the tattoo parlor, but that’s not even the tip of the idiotic iceberg. There are tons of these athletic errors floating around out there, nearly all the result of a bad Chinese translation. That being the case, it’s difficult to imagine how NBA player Shawn Marion thought permanently plastering a few of these notorious notations on his body was a reasonable thing to do.

Meant to represent his nickname “The Matrix,” the Chinese characters of his skin illustration mean anything but. Maybe they were meant to be a phonetic clone, sounding vaguely similar to his nickname. Maybe they have some matrix-like slang definition in China. Or maybe his tattoo artist was just having a bad day. Whatever the reason, he ended up with the phrase “evil bird camphor” branded onto his body in large letters. Camphor is the foul-smelling stuff used to make mothballs. It may be great if a few demon-possessed sparrows have taken up residence in your attic, but as a tattoo? Not so much.

2 It Was A Conspiracy!

In 1999, the action/adventure film The Mummy gave audiences another reason to stay as far away from the desert as possible. The story centered on an ancient Egyptian priest who, after murdering the pharaoh, was condemned to suffer a terrible curse. Unfortunately, though, this unique form of capital punishment came with a slight catch: There was a chance that the victim would eventually come back from the dead with godlike powers and destroy the entire world.

The Medjai, the pharaoh’s secret service, were the ones to bestow this curse. And in case their incredibly poor judgment wasn’t enough to give it away, they weren’t the brightest of guys. Heavily tattooed with Egyptian hieroglyphs, these burly warriors inadvertently give away their plot to catch, curse, and spend eternity guarding their victim, Imhotep.

When translated, the tats on their foreheads roughly read “Imhotep,” and their chest ink makes references to keeping him silently locked away in the desert. That would all make perfect sense within the storyline, if not for the fact that they have these tattoos before the guy has murdered anyone. They’re visible in the opening scene, when the Medjai rush in to apprehend Imhotep following the pharaoh’s assassination. So basically, they were walking around for who knows how long with tattoos claiming that they would eventually horrifically execute a then-innocent priest.

1 Yeah, They’re Probably Gonna Kill You

It’s pretty annoying when someone claims to be better than you in some way, even more so when you know very well that they’re not. However, because you’re a reasonably peaceful, stable person, you probably just let it slide. But just imagine what you’d do if you were, say, a cold-blooded member of the Russian mob.

In the 2007 crime drama Eastern Promises, Viggo Mortensen’s character plays a common mafia henchmen who makes a dramatic rise to lead his entire organization. It’s a good thing that he made it that far. Otherwise, he would have felt pretty foolish for getting a massive crucifix tattooed on his chest.

The Russian mafia uses an intricate system of tattoos to document their criminal careers. Different images correspond to different crimes. For instance, a skull means a conviction for murder. But the ink also signifies one’s rank within the organization, and a chest-worn crucifix brands one as a “thief-in-the-law,” a slang term for mob boss. So yeah, the huge cross that Mortensen’s character is showing off even when he’s the intern driving people around and disposing of corpses would have been a bit of a slap in the face to literally everyone he worked with. No self-respecting career criminal is going to take that insult, so realistically, the film should have been less than 10 minutes long. Ugh, Hollywood . . .


25 Tattoos That Will Make You Super Uncomfortable

25 Tattoos That Will Make You Super Uncomfortable


If you are the squeamish type or have a history of fainting easily, you have been warned. This is your official warning. What you’re about to look at is a collection of some of the creepiest, most cringe-worthy, and all around uncomfortable tattoos you're likely to ever see. However, if you’re looking for a new and innovative way to make old people nervous, these tattoos might give you some fresh ideas.

These are some seriously creepy tattoos, but they're so creepy that you just have to look! And in all honesty the artwork on some of these is absolutely amazing.

I Am Bored

21 Neat Tattoos With A Hidden Meaning

21 Neat Tattoos With A Hidden Meaning

Cheshire Cat Tattoo Where A Full Cat Appears Under Black Light



Anamorphic Skull Tattoo


Harry Potter The Marauders Map Tattoo With Words Appearing Under Black Light


Hidden Message Tattoo


Ambigram Tattoo With A Powerful Message


One Foot In The Grave... Literally


Connect The Dots Giraffe Tattoo


"Everything Has Beauty But Not Everyone Can See It" Black And White Ink Tattoo


Secret Light-saber Tattoo That Shows Under Black Light


Trampoline Tattoo Where The Stick Man Jumps When You Bend Your Palm


Cat Only Visible When You Hold Your Hand Like This


When Everyone Thinks You Are A Saint But You Secretly Know You're A Sinner


Secret Sword Tattoo That Only Makes Sense When You Put Your Hands The Right Way


Secret Heart Tattoo Which Makes Sense Only When You Hold Hands With Your Significant Other


Be You


Two Tiny Tattoos That Make Sense When You Put Your Fingers The Right Way


Positive You'll Never Regret Getting It


Connect The Dots Snail House Tattoo


Optical Illusion Tattoo Where You Can See Two Things At Once


Shark Tattoo Only Visible When You Hold Your Hands Like This


Say "yeah" To Life - Tattoo


 I Am Bored




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Tattoos. Who doesn’t like a good one? Everybody. Who likes a bad one? Nobody. A friendly reminder to make good decisions tonight!

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Considering the fact that celebrities are offensively rich, combined with the undeniable truth that any renowned tattoo artist would want to work on a famous person considering they are heavily photographed and subsequently seen around the world through various media, there's no reason famous people should have shitty tattoos. But, as we've mentioned before, many of them do. And it would appear that there are even more horrible celebrity tattoos than we originally thought. Below, see our second installment of terrible celebrity tattoos.

1. Tom Arnold's Portrait of Roseanne Barr
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
The idea of this tattoo at it's inception was going to be ugly even if it was done right. But as you can see, it wasn't. To put a cherry on top of this unappealing sundae, the two split in a notoriously bad divorce and they now hate each other. Nice!

2. Soulja Boy's Designer Logos – On His Face
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
I can understand the idea of being loyal to a brand. I can also appreciate getting a brand you're passionate about tattooed on you in some discreet way to pay homage -- a Whopper for your favorite fast food spot, for instance. But on your face -- your forehead, no less -- well that's a little too much, especially for a one-hit wonder who can probably no longer afford said luxury brands.

3. The Game's "LA" Facial Tat
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
If found, please return The Game to LA.

4. Pam Anderson's Barbed Wire Armband
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Pamela Anderson is a sex symbol -- with or without a stupid tattoo. Pam merely made a dumb mistake and got a trendy tattoo during the height of her fame in the '90s, and then made a second dumb mistake when she decided not to get it removed. I'd say the sex tape with Tommy Lee was a mistake too, but I won't because I loved that sh*t.

5. Stephen Baldwin's Hannah Montana Initials
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Stephen, one of Alec's many less famous siblings, got an "HM" tattooed on him to represent Hannah Montana. Why would a man get the tattoo of an underage fictional character that's less than half his age? I'm not sure. Apparently, he got the tattoo after making a pact with Miley Cyrus that if he did so, he'd get a cameo on her Disney show. No, I'm not kidding. This is D-list Hollywood at its best, people.

6. Angelina Jolie's "Billy Bob" Tattoo
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob were quite the odd duo. These two used to wear vials of each other's blood around their necks, for crying out loud. As you can see, Jolie also decided to get a tattoo of her man just above another hideous tattoo of a dragon. Jackass's Steve-O even got the same tattoo to poke fun at how bad it is.

7. Every One Of Marc Jacobs' Tattoos
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Pick one. All are eligible.

8. Kim Stewart's Mistake On Mistake On Mistake
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Rod Stewart's daughter Kimberly got a Celtic tattoo reading "Daddy's Little Girl." Then, when she was dating Cisco Adler, added: "Loves Cisco." After the two split, the tattoo was changed to read "Daddy's Little Girl Loves Disco." But does she? I'm not sure.

9. Cher's Ass Flowers
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Did you know Cher has two bouquet's worth of flowers on her ass? I didn't. The problem with this is, as one ages, like the flower, these images wilt, and look far less beautiful. I can only imagine what these babies look like today.

10. Dennis Rodman's Dick Licking Demon Chick
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Dennis Rodman has a gigantic tattoo of a woman licking an even more gigantic penis on his back. This should be enough of an explanation as for why it has made this compilation.

11. Christina Ricci's Lion? Is That What That is?
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Christina Ricci has what I believe is a very basic lion illustration on the back of her shoulder. The tattoo's just very uninspired and something you could pick off the wall at any tattoo shop. That, or out of any child's coloring book.

12. Lil Wayne's Entire Face
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Lil Wayne is covered in tattoos, head to toe. His worst, unfortunately, are on his face. Whether it's the multiple stars splayed across on the left side of his face accompanied by the word "misunderstood" or the odd tribal mark underneath it, I can't decide which is the worst. Actually, I can. It's the tear drop he has coming from his mouth. I believe it means he ate somebody.

13. Nicole Richie's Lie
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Nicole has the word "Virgin" on her wrist. She got this at 16, when she (probably) wasn't even a virgin. She insists she got this because she was a Virgo, and therefore got "Virgin" tattooed on her wrist, which doesn't make any sense. She's admitted it was a dumb mistake and has even considered getting an "i" and "a" to turn it into "Virginia" which is yet another nonsensical idea. How about getting it removed?

14. The Message From Tulisa's Vagina
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Former "X-Factor" judge Tulisa wants you to know just how lucky you get when you get a piece of her. There's even a four leaf clover. Get it?

15. Cheryl Cole's Heavily Inked Ass
The Worst Celebrity Tattoos Volume 3
Singer Cheryl Cole has a fantastic ass. So why she got the thing heavily tattooed with flowers is anybody's guess. I mean, the artwork is fine, but, that once fantastic great ass has been defiled!


12 Totally-Crazy-Kind-Of-Raunchy Nipple Tattoos And Piercings

12 Totally-Crazy-Kind-Of-Raunchy Nipple Tattoos And Piercings

People have nothing better to do with their time I guess...a98161_nipple_1-clown[1] The clown isn't the only one crying now.a98161_nipple_5-hat[1] He took a siesta and woke up with this.a98161_nipple_9-bull[1] Time to take the bull by the, uh, nipple? a98161_nipple_12[1]Sad, just sad. a98161_nipple_8-wald[1]

I wish I hadn't found Waldo.

a98161_nipple_6-magician[1] You're a wizard Harry! Correction: Hairy wizard.a98161_nipple_7-giraffe2[1] Titty twister? a98161_nipple_2-hats[1]

Hang onto your hats!

a98161_nipple_3-comments[1] No comment.a98161_nipple_10-good[1]

Pulling the pin will only end horribly.

a98161_nipple_11-riding[1] It can't possibly get any worse... right? a98161_nipple_4-sm[1]

... I spoke too soon.


11 Comparison Tattoos So Hilariously Bad They'll Have You in Tears

11 Comparison Tattoos So Hilariously Bad They'll Have You in Tears

Well, at least these comparison pictures are like a work of art. I mean, there's bad tattoos and then there's THESE tragedies. Thanks to the to the subreddit  tattoocomparisons   we can now gaze upon these bad boys.

What do you think of this ink?

1.  Frida KahlNO


via  PrestigePotato

2. This poor horse needs a herse.


via  PrestigePotato

3. Wanye's Werhl


via  landerwi

4. Such a majestic creature


via  samuelhunt

5. Despicable Tattoo


via  RalphiesBoogers

6. BUTTerfly


via  ZeroOne_01

7. "Yer a real grabage tattoo, Harry"


via  AintAintAWord

8. Lions and tigers and YIKES


via  ZeroOne_01

9. Wednesday Ad dumb s


via  Lar_n

10. Poor little guy never had a chance to murder any teens


via  PrestigePotato

11. One of these is NOT like the others


via  RalphiesBoogers

12. Green Dead


via  AintAintAWord



Guy Delivers On A 'Donald Trump Sucking Dick Tattoo' Wager He Made On Twitter

Guy Delivers On A 'Donald Trump Sucking Dick Tattoo' Wager He Made On Twitter

Well, a true gentleman always keeps his word.

guy_delivers_on_a_wager_he_made_on_twitter_640_high_01 guy_delivers_on_a_wager_he_made_on_twitter_640_high_03


10 Horrible And Unexpected Tattoo Consequences

10 Horrible And Unexpected Tattoo Consequences


Over 36% of Americans have at least one tattoo, whether it was a design that took 10 years to create or a random Japanese character chosen from the parlor's wall after a night of binge drinking. While many who have ink may regret their decision, they can get the mark removed. In some cases, however, there are consequences for which the inked just couldn't prepare for and can't get tattoo removed so easily. What are the worst consequences of getting a tattoo? From mercury poisoning to jail time to a longer than normal erection, there are a shocking number of things that can go wrong when getting a tattoo. These are those stories. *DUN DUN*

10 People Who May Have The Worst Tattoos You'll Ever See

10 People Who May Have The Worst Tattoos You'll Ever See

INK IS PERMENANT, PEOPLE. So before you get that tattoo that is really funny to you now, just remember, IT'S GONNA BE THERE FOREVER. But if you're cool with that, then go for it, I guess, and let us know how you feel about it in 10 years.

Do you think these guys regret their tattoos, though?

1. Oh Mari-NO!

worst tattoos ever

via  KneeHiSoxx

2. What an interesting ear that man has.

worst tattoos ever

via  softjeans

3. Ferddy MErCERRY

worst tattoos ever

via  wheresmysammich

4. We can tell you didn't care about schoo. son.

worst tattoos ever

via  BobbyDeBag

5. Gee-Whiz, that's bad.

worst tattoos ever

via  unlucky1977

6. You nailed it, tattoo artist.

worst tattoos ever

via  Scashi

7. This guy is like a never-nude but with socks.

worst tattoos ever

via  lovegoldengirls

8. She's a proud carnivore.

worst tattoos ever

via  myfriendian

9. You might as well have tattooed "don't ever talk to me" on your back.

worst tattoos ever

via  TRLC

10. Yay or neigh this tattoo?

worst tattoos ever

via  babybirdbearbug






There are tons of bad boob tattoos out there, but there are also tattoos that everyone with a set of eyes can appreciate. I'm talking about underboob tattoos. That's right, your favorite type of tattoo to look at according to me. So sit back and admire great tattoo decisions made by these gals.




These will crack you up! (And possibly gross you out.)

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos

butt crack tattoos, funny buttcrack tattoo, funny butt tattoos


10 Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head

10 Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head

These body modifications will leave you wincing with envy. Or maybe just plain wincing.

1. Elf ears that'd make Keebler elves jealous.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


2. This took Pokè balls.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


3. A real life supervillain, or so his arm would lead you to believe.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


4. This trend is oddly satisfying.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


5. A human ethernet port. Never thought I'd see the day.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


6. Some people won't go anywhere without their pets.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


7. For some reason this one is adorable.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


8.  Not as adorable when it's happening out of the side of a face.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


9.  When a sexy woman tattoo isn't enough.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head


10. And a human lizard. Hey, he committed to something and followed through. There's something to be said for that.

Body Mods That'll Have You Scratching Your Head




25 Extreme Body Mods

25 Extreme Body Mods

1People Who Decided They
2People Who Decided They
3People Who Decided They
4People Who Decided They
5People Who Decided They
6People Who Decided They
7People Who Decided They
8People Who Decided They
9People Who Decided They
10People Who Decided They
11People Who Decided They
12People Who Decided They
13People Who Decided They
14People Who Decided They
15People Who Decided They
16People Who Decided They
17People Who Decided They
18People Who Decided They
19People Who Decided They
20People Who Decided They
21People Who Decided They
22People Who Decided They
23People Who Decided They
24People Who Decided They
25People Who Decided They


10 Trashy Tattoos So Bad They May Actually Burn Your Eyes

10 Trashy Tattoos So Bad They May Actually Burn Your Eyes

REMINDER: Tattoos are permanent so please, for the love of GOD don't rush it. Unless you want to get a tattoo of my face on your chest in which case, you should do it immediately and then send photos.

1. This poor wolf has seen horrible, unspeakable things.

10 Trashy Tattoos So Bad They May Actually Burn Your Eyes

via  offandthenonagain

2. I'm lovin' it.

10 Trashy Tattoos So Bad They May Actually Burn Your Eyes

via  Alabaster_Sugarfoot

3. Sherk is lurb. Sherk is live.

10 Trashy Tattoos So Bad They May Actually Burn Your Eyes

via  Franks_toe_knife_69

4. No bitches, ever.

10 Trashy Tattoos So Bad They May Actually Burn Your Eyes

via  ilikr

5. It's bad enough to enjoy Monster energy drinks at all, let alone be this dedicated to them.

10 Trashy Tattoos So Bad They May Actually Burn Your Eyes

via  Muvian


The 24 Best Tattoos From @VideoGameTatts

The 24 Best Tattoos From @VideoGameTatts


@VideoGameTatts is one of the biggest, best aggregators of video game and pop culture tattoos on Instagram. They do a kickass job of bringing together tats from a wide variety of artists from all around the world. Click through to see the credit they give to the original artists! In addition to all the Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon tattoos, they cover the video game franchises that don’t get enough love in the tattoo department. Like these!

The Witcher


Crash Bandicoot


Cacodemon (Doom)

Super Meat Boy

Plants Vs. Zombies

Tyrael (Diablo)

Bile Demon (Dungeon Keeper)

Zombies Ate My Neighbors!

Delta (BioShock 2)

Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)



LEGO World of Warcraft

Vega (Street Fighter)


Okami/Pokemon/Final Fantasy/ Kingdom Hearts



Knuckles/Final Fantasy/Portal

Knuckles added to an in progress gaming piece by @danegrannontattooer #knuckles #sonic #sega #portal #companioncube #cactuar #finalfantasy #videogametattoo Thanks Dane!

Dark Souls



God of War


Assassin’s Creed

Metal Gear Solid

Grim Fandango

Star Fox




10 Tattoos Only the Kings of Douchenuggets Could Have Gotten

10 Tattoos Only the Kings of Douchenuggets Could Have Gotten

Getting a tattoo is a big committment. But getting a tattoo when you're also the worlds largest shit generator? Man, I would buckle under that sort of pressure. Way to really stick to your guns, douche-ladels.

1. Yeah, you vape. WE KNOW GARY .

Douchey Tattoos Vape life

via  CaveDan

2. The words say bazinga but the minion's face says "please end my suffering".

Douchey Tattoos Minion

via  triceryclops

3. Way to get those forever relevant maymays permenantly tattooed on your arm.

Douchey Tattoos Memes

via  cringechannel

4. If you don't cut yourself on the edge, you will die from the embarrasment you feel.

Douchey Tattoos Atheist

via  triceryclops

5. On a scale from one to extreme, how much do you hate your step-dad?

Douchey Tattoos Extreme

via  taringa

6. You know what would be REALLY gnar-gnar tho? Tapping out of this life.

Douchey Tattoos Tap Out

via  skinklovers

7. Will you please put your opinion up your butt?

Douchey Tattoos Middle Finger

via  metaldrummerx

8. Your family must be very proud of all the times you've accidentally inpregnanted a woman in your life.

Douchey Tattoos Trump

via  Fysika

9. Yeah, mainline that liquid douche straight into your blood stream.

Douchey Tattoos Jaeger IV

via guff

10. This gun show is almost as disappopinting as this guy's birth.

Douchey Tattoos Gun Show Tickets

via  worldwideinterweb




90% of these people will soon regret that they did this to themselves.


1All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
2All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
3All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
4All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
5All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
6All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
7All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
8All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
9All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
10All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
11All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
12All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
13All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
14All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
15All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
16All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
17All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
18All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
19All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
20All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
21All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
22All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
23All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
24All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
25All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
26All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
27All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
28All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material
29All Of These Freaks Are Non Job Hiring Material


Drunk Mom Lets Sex Offender Tattoo Her Kids

Drunk Mom Lets Sex Offender Tattoo Her Kids

A 31-year-old Texas woman is in jail after police say she got hammered and let a sex offender tattoo her three underage children, the San Antonio Express-News reports. The children—a 13-year-old boy, 10-year-old girl, and 9-year-old girl—were at their mother Ashley Weir's home Monday when she allegedly told them to get tattoos and to not "cry or whine about it." All three received ankle tattoos—a cross, an infinity symbol, and a heart with an arrow, respectively. Afterward, the 13-year-old called their father to pick them up and said "they had a surprise for him and that he might not like it." Their father arrived to find his children tattooed and their mother—according to an affidavit—"passed out drunk."

The children's father called police for a welfare check on Weir, and she was arrested. Weir has been charged with three counts of tattoos prohibited for certain persons. The misdemeanor could land her up to three years in prison. KTBC reports Weir has been arrested for investigation of DUI and public intoxication multiple times in the past. TheDallas Morning News identifies the alleged tattooer as 21-year-old Dakota Popham, the brother of Weir's boyfriend. He was convicted of indecency with a child by sexual conduct involving a 12-year-old girl in 2012 and indecency with a child by exposure involving a 13-year-old girl in 2013.


13 Blacklight Tattoos That Put Normal Ones To Shame

13 Blacklight Tattoos That Put Normal Ones To Shame

Behold, the stars of every rave, night club, and forensic crime scene.





































13. And the best thing about these? If you get a horrible tattoo, no one will see it unless there's a blacklight around.

Consider yourself lucky, this guy:


(Alright, he made his with marker, but the concept remains true!)