10 Strangest Court Room Stories

10 Strangest Court Room Stories

Courtroom dramas can be some of the funniest and weirdest things to watch, and these stories are no different. These are 10 Strangest Courtroom Stories!

10 Ways To Disappear Completely

10 Ways To Disappear Completely

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Top 20 Most Paused Movie Moments

Top 20 Most Paused Movie Moments

For this list, we’re revisiting two of our classic Top 10s, going into even greater detail on movie moments that had audiences repeatedly rewinding and pausing just to confirm what they were seeing. Our list includes moments from “The Lion King” (1994), “Iron Man” (2008), “There’s Something About Mary” (1998), “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” (1988), “The Rescuers” (1977), and more! Join US as we count down our picks for the Top 20 Most Paused Movie Moments.

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Top 10 People Getting Triggered

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10 Unbelievable Pieces Of Evidence That Put Criminals Away

10 Unbelievable Pieces Of Evidence That Put Criminals Away

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Top 10 Dark And Disturbing Netflix Shows

Top 10 Dark And Disturbing Netflix Shows

Here they are, the top 10 shows that are not "family friendly"! For this list, we are looking at the most troubling, upsetting and shocking Netflix shows. Our list includes, “Making a Murderer”, “The Killing”, “The Keepers”, “Stranger Things”, “TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY” and more!

Top 40 Viral Videos Of The Year 2018

Top 40 Viral Videos Of The Year 2018

Here is Newsflare's top 40 viral videos of the year for 2018, with some of the most amazing clips of 2018 specially selected for your viewing entertainment.

Top 10 Subtle Movie Details That Will Blow Your Mind

Top 10 Subtle Movie Details That Will Blow Your Mind

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10 Weirdest TV Broadcasts Of All Time

10 Weirdest TV Broadcasts Of All Time

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10 Terrifying Pieces Of Found Footage

10 Terrifying Pieces Of Found Footage
In a world where vlogging is part of the norm, and videos are at the forefront of entertainment, it should come as no surprise that we've found some... creepier... footage along the way. These are the 10 Creepiest Pieces of Real Found Footage!

The CREEPIEST CIA Operations That Were Kept SECRET

The CREEPIEST CIA Operations That Were Kept SECRET

The CIA is creepy.. period. It's a deep state agency designed to aid it's masters control the world as much as they're able.

Top 10 Supermodels of All Time

Top 10 Supermodels of All Time

There are a lot of famous female supermodels – and they’re some of the most recognizable models in the world. From Heidi Klum and Christie Brinkley, to Iman and Adriana Lima, the top models in the world are also some of the richest models in the world.

10 Worst Product Flops of All Time

10 Worst Product Flops of All Time

Remember Google Glass? Google would likely rather forget it. The wearable technology tops the worst product flops of all time, according to 24/7 Wall St, which outlines the top 50 (though it doesn't share its methodology in compiling the list, it does give the reasons for the flopliciousness). While Google Glass faced privacy concerns and public bans, other products on the list suffered from flaws, overpricing, and bad advertising. The 10 worst product flops:

  1. Google Glass (2013)
  2. Apple's Newton personal digital assistant (1993)
  3. Atari's ET the Extra-Terrestrial video game (1982)
  4. Burger King's Satisfries (2013)
  5. RJ Reynolds' smokeless cigarettes (1988)
  6. Frito-Lay's Cheetos Lip Balm (2005) (EWWW!!!)
  7. Fox's Terra Nova TV show (2011)
  8. Clairol's Touch of Yogurt shampoo (1979)
  9. Coca-Cola's New Coke (1985)
  10. Microsoft's Windows Vista (2007)

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Google’s Top 10 Searches For 2016 Have Been Released And My Searches Are A Bitt More F*cked Up

Google’s Top 10 Searches For 2016 Have Been Released And My Searches Are A Bitt More F*cked Up

Everyone knows that one’s internet search history is the best way to get to know someone. There isn’t much I’d do to keep mine out of the public eye. Translation: I’m into some…unconventional porn. But I digress.

The world Googled trillions of times in 2016 and and on Wednesday the company revealed which terms were the most frequently Googled in 2016. The number one search term for 2016 “Powerball,” which is in reference to the $1.56 billion jackpot–the biggest in the world–that three ticket holders won in early 2016. Number three 1,600 was a little more somber–Hurricane Matthew was a tropical cyclone which became the first Category 5 Atlantic hurricane since Hurricane Felix. It is estimated to have cause an estimated 1,600 deaths and $10.5 billion in damage.

If you’re like me, you’re wondering what the fuck Slither.io is. According to Wikipedia, it’s multiplayer browser game where players control a snake-like avatar, which consumes multicolored pellets from other players, and ones that naturally spawn on the map in the game to grow in size. It was Googled millions and millions of times and I officially live under a rock.

1. Powerball
2. Prince
3. Hurricane Matthew
4. Pokémon Go
5. Slither.io
6. Olympics
7. David Bowie
8. Trump
9. Election
10. Hillary Clinton

Top People Searches (excluding deaths): 

1. Donald Trump
2. Hillary Clinton
3. Michael Phelps
4. Bernie Sanders
5. Steven Avery
6. Ryan Lochte
7. Simone Biles
8. Cam Newton
9. Usain Bolt
10. Kevin Durant

Here are my personal top 10 Google searches of 2016:

10. Acceptable locker room talk
9. Average penis size
8. Poison Ivy vs. Herpes
7. How to make dad proud
6. Zac Efron abs
5. Am I gay for Googling Zac Efron abs?
4. Melania Trump nudes
3. Consequences for violating a restraining order.
2. How to please a woman.
1. Kitchen products best for getting high.

Top 10 Tips For Surviving A Nuclear Winter

Top 10 Tips For Surviving A Nuclear Winter


Nuclear war is not a scenario that most would aspire to live through. In the sixties, the Cuban Missile Crisis brought us dangerously close to the brink – but mankind has so far been fortunate enough not to experience a potential extinction event.

Nuclear Winter is in itself a theoretical concept; scientists believe that in the event of nuclear war, vast amounts of soot will be injected into the stratosphere and spread by winds across the planet, blocking out the sun and making the temperature plummet. Crops would wilt and die; animals would soon follow. The collapse of the food chain would lead to the extinction of the human race.

Nuclear Winter could last for years, or even decades; and while it exists, any humans who survived the nuclear war will find it impossible to reestablish civilization. The only way to ensure the survival of the human race, is to collect a manual of tips for surviving a nuclear winter.

10.  Live in the Countryside


This may sound like something of a bogus entry, given that it cannot easily be helped, but the question of who survives the initial nuclear explosions will be decided by nothing more so than geographical location. Estimates made during the 1960s indicated that should Russia launch a fully committed assault on the United States, between 100-150million people would be killed by the initial detonations – over two thirds of the population at that time. Major cities will be rendered totally inaccessible, both by the blast and by the radiation which would accompany it. All in all, if you live in a city, you are almost certainly doomed – but if you live in the countryside, you have at least a moderate chance of initial survival.

9.  Abandon Religious Beliefs


This entry (and picture) may be somewhat controversial, but there are many solid reasons why religious beliefs could hinder the efforts of a potential nuclear war survivor. First of all, going to church every Sunday isn’t really priority number one after a nuclear holocaust. On a more serious note: in order to survive, you may have to perform acts which many religious (or simply moral) individuals would consider unthinkable (See #8). The survivor’s mindset must be decidedly Machiavellian: the world is now a free-for-all; issues of morality are secondary to staying alive by any means necessary.

If your religion bars you from eating certain foods, you may want abandon such dietary commitments and eat whatever you can find. Perhaps to help you abandon your faith, you might adopt the mindset that God (or any other deity) would have prevented a collapse of civilisation from occurring in the first place, if he/she really existed.

8.  Execute/Release Pets


So you’ve survived the initial blast, and now you’re a country-dwelling atheist. What next? Well, consider for a moment your pets. Pets need food, water, and care – and there won’t be much loving going around during a nuclear winter. You aren’t going to survive long if every morsel of food is divided between you and Rex.

Those of a cold-hearted disposition may want to think about executing and devouring their pet(s), given that food will be extremely scarce. Most people however, will (I hope) find such thoughts revolting – so simply releasing the beloved animal into the wild may be a less sociopathic option. But in all seriousness, nuclear winter survivor: give up any hope of rescuing your goldfish. Small animals may as well just be disposed of, rather than consumed for sustenance – it will at least save them from a slow starvation in the future.



7.  Cover Up


Time for some science: in the event of multiple nuclear warheads detonating over major cities, vast amounts of soot and dense smoke from the resultant fires would rise into the stratosphere, preventing sunlight from reaching much of Earth’s surface for years or even decades.

Surface temperatures would drastically decrease, and sub-zero conditions would be maintained indefinitely. In other words, the need for warm clothing cannot be understated – so you may want to scavenge some insulating coats if you don’t possess any already. Sadly, the perpetually freezing conditions aren’t the end of your worries; scientists have hypothesized a massive depletion of the ozone layer, meaning vast amounts of ultra-violet radiation would seep to the surface of the planet, causing deaths from skin cancer. Minimize these problems by avoiding sleeping out in the open, and always wear some kind of hood to shield the face from the bitter cold and the harmful UV rays.

6.  Arm Yourself


If you live in a country were guns are readily available and legal to own, it shouldn’t be too difficult to arm up against robbers or potential cannibals (yikes). Desperate conditions may cause many survivors to steal food from other survivors, in order to prevent starvation. Looting your local gun store for supplies is a viable option for those in America (or any other country without significant gun control) – but watch out for the gun-toting store owner. Otherwise, you may want to grab some kind of knife for protection. In the months after the initial detonations, hunting would still be possible, because animals won’t yet have died off. Stock up on meat in the early stages if possible.

5.  Learn to Recognise Cannibals


When all the big meaty animals have gone extinct in the years after nuclear war, it is inevitable that humans will resort to cannibalism to survive. In fact, you might want to consider cannibalism yourself at some point, if you’re starving and find yourself with a wholesome corpse in your vicinity.

As for other survivors: they’ll either try to help you, or try to eat you; needless to say it’s important to differentiate between the two. People who eat human meat tend to suffer symptoms of Kuru; a contamination of the brain which handily can cause very noticeable symptoms. For example, if the person walking towards you in the distance is lurching from side to side and struggling to walk in a straight line, it’s probably best to run away as they are either drunk or have Kuru. Other symptoms include uncontrollable shaking and creepy bursts of laughter in inappropriate situations. Kuru is untreatable and death usually occurs after one year of first contracting the disease, so don’t eat human meat – nuclear winter or not!



4.  Travel Alone


Introverts would thrive in a post-apocalyptic environment, at least compared to those who instinctively reach for their cell phones whenever they find themselves alone. Having a family around – especially if it includes children – is not a smart move, considering the scarcity of food. Ignore the cliché of antagonistic roaming gangs of “bandits” or “raiders”, which Hollywood spoon-feeds us in films like “The Road” and “The Book of Eli”. In reality, such groups would never be able to find enough food to sustain themselves in the long run. That’s not to say you should abandon (or cannibalize) your own family – but finding a large group to stick with is not a realistic option for those who want to avoid starvation.

3.  Eat Insects


The drastically reduced sunlight and rainfall during a nuclear winter would render crops impossible to raise and kill off most plant life on Earth, in turn rendering many animals quickly extinct from a lack of food. Because of this, small insects such as ants, crickets, wasps, grasshoppers and beetles are among the most likely creatures to survive long term. They also happen to be fantastically dense protein sources to help maintain muscle mass: grasshoppers have the highest percentage with 20g of protein in every 100g. Crickets on the other hand are rich in iron and zinc, and ants are fantastic calcium sources. Overall insects may not taste as great as a bucket of fried chicken (you never know), but they at least can be considered preferable to starvation.

2.  Scavenge


Perhaps this is one of the extremely rare enjoyable activities of a post-apocalyptic environment. Who wouldn’t want to be able to wander through a shopping mall, pilfering any desired object without suffering any legal retribution? Don’t get too excited, though: looting the cash registers is something of a pointless exercise, what with the collapse of civilisation and all. Instead focus on breaking into vending machines for food and drinks. Try emptying some waste bins for scraps if you are close to starvation, or look for canned foods which have an unlimited shelf life. You could also fairly easily scavenge clothes to help keep warm, and if your country has no gun control, you could find weapons to defend yourself.

1.  Avoid Impact Zones


Pictured above is a ghost town called Prypiat, the location of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster which saw the city evacuated due to the massive radioactive contamination, caused by an explosion at the nuclear power plant. The catastrophe caused 31 immediate deaths from radiation poisoning, and hundreds more from various cancers due to exposure. To this day, the town is uninhabitable. Radiation levels are too high to sustain life, without putting it in peril. After a nuclear holocaust, the radiation levels of impact sites will most likely be significantly higher. Anyone who ventures inside major cities which have been directly bombed will contract radiation poisoning fairly quickly, and soon perish.

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10 Nations With The Highest Percentage Of Immigrants

10 Nations With Highest Percentage Of Immigrants


One of the primary reasons the British voted to leave the European Union was anti-immigration sentiment. Donald Trump’s rise as a major political figure – with over 40% of the voting public supporting him – is largely attributable to his insistence that curtailing immigration is the way to regain America’s “greatness”. 

Nigel Farage, former leader of the anti-immigration UK Independence Party, says foreign-born residents have made his country “unrecognizable.” “The U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems,” Trump said in reference to immigration during his announcement that he was running for President.

Trump and Farage see immigration as an existential threat. But do the United Kingdom and the United States have especially large foreign-born populations? Is the number of foreign-born residents in those countries rising at rates faster than in other countries? And how is the composition of the foreign-born population changing?

We can answer these questions because every five years, the United Nations Population Division publishes estimates of the size and birthplace of every country’s foreign-born population. These data are obtained primarily from population censuses done by these nations. These estimates include unauthorized immigrants.

Our analysis of the data shows that, among large countries, the United Kingdom and United States do in fact have very high proportions of foreign-born residents and that these populations are growing quickly. The U.S. and UK are changing, and it should not be shocking that it has provoked a reaction.

But the UK and U.S. are not alone. Foreign-born residents make up a similar share of the population—and are growing at a similarly high rate—in countries like Canada, Germany, and Spain. Though anti-immigration groups have emerged within these countries, they have not seen mainstream nativist political movements as intense as those in the United States and United Kingdom. 

The US is a nation of immigrants, but it's not the nation of immigrants. InPriceonomics' rankings of the most populous countries by percentage of foreign-born residents (it excluded the Vatican, for example, which otherwise would've ranked first), America sits at No. 5.


The top 10:

  1. Saudi Arabia: 32.3%
  2. Australia: 28.2%
  3. Canada: 21.8%
  4. Germany: 14.9%
  5. United States: 14.5%
  6. United Kingdom: 13.2%
  7. Spain: 12.7%
  8. France: 12.1%
  9. Ukraine: 10.8%
  10. Italy: 9.7%


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Top 10 Weirdest Sex Toys

Top 10 Weirdest Sex Toys




From the dildos in the shape of dragon genitalia, to the virtual reality TwerkingButt.

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No one's looking, so now would be a good time to indulge in your helpless fast food guilty pleasure addiction. Between top-ranked pizza chains and a myriad of late-night options, you'd be amazed how low the self-control can go when the stars align, no matter how convincing frightening fast food facts are.

Ranked below are our 10 most addictive fast food pleasures from the guiltiest chains restaurants.

10. Wetzel's Pretzels
Between movies and malls, you can't do either without a stop at the greasiest of pretzel perversions. The hot soft-baked butter pretzels come with any choice of dipping sauce, but if you get anything other than the jalapeño cheddar, you're an asshole. They've come out with Pepperoni Twists and Wetzel Dogs and Wetzel Bitz, but you'd be wise to continue with the Original, an old fashioned salted pretzel. Maybe get two dipping sauces, because they really try to gyp you with that cheese.

9. In-N-Out Animal Style
Even the healthiest foodies can't keep themselves out of this drive-thru. There is a serious purity to this place with its fresh produce, cheap prices and nostalgic paper hats. But seriously, nobody can drive past one without stopping after catching a whiff of what's going on inside. And the off-the-menu option, animal style, is just a guiltier take of a glamorous good time with special spread -- extra cheese and grilled onions.

8. Wendy's Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger
"It's so good when it hits your lips." If you hit up Wendy's at a decent hour when they're not too slammed, they'll melt your cheese just right. Should you show up during a rush, expect some back alley burger that'll make you hate yourself just a little bit more. Then add five-piece nuggets, sweet and sour, fries, a Frosty and -- oh, what the hell -- another Jr. Bacon (ketchup only). OK, now you can hate yourself.

7. McDonald's Breakfast
On certain mornings, what's the only decent reason to leave your home in the morning? McDonald's breakfast. What's your guilty pleasure? Sausage Egg McMuffin? McGriddle? Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuit? It's so cheap you can get them all and not give your wallet too big of a hit. Just don't waste everyone's time with the Fruit & Maple Oatmeal.

6. Late Night Domino's $5.99 Meals
Feeds 3-5 people? More like one fatty fatso. When it comes to the best drunk snacks, it takes one of the top-ranked pizza chains to get the job done. Having the "Choose Any 2 for $5.99 Each" deal up your sleeve, matched with some late-night delivery, means you can hate yourself alone at home, the coziest of all self-loathing environments. It's right up there with a 3 a.m. Denny's Grand Slam before the sunrise faceplant into your plate.

5. A Bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken
It's like pretending you're celebrating the Super Bowl every week. All you need now are some sexy Super Bowl ads to go with your greasy fingers all over the remote. The best part about the KFC bucket is that the original recipe is good for fattening up the whole family. No wonder the Colonel was chubby.

4. Panda Express Orange Chicken

Feeling ethnic but still a totally trashy American? No problem. The last time I personally ate at "the panda," I felt my insides being shredded after chowing down some of their rock-hard, bottom-of-the-barrel, yet deliciously glazed orange chicken. I'm not saying I didn't love it in my mouth or have second thoughts with each bite, but I definitely haven't been back since. It's a guilty pleasure as much as a remorseful one.

3. Arby's Curly Fries
Next to 7-Eleven nachos and AM/PM gas station hot dogs, this is about as low as it goes. Well, that, and Long John Silver's. Do people still go there? There isn't much more to say. We all know how gross Arby's and their roast beef can be, but quite frankly, those damn curly fries are irresistible, even if they straighten up and burn on the way out.

2. Taco Bell $5 Buck Box
Who doesn't love a box full of cheap Mexican food? For folks who can't wait until Taco Tuesday for their Crunchy Doritos Grande Nachos Locos Especial (or whatever they call their pseudo-food these days), there's always Taco Bell. Rain or shine. At least you're not eating at Del Taco. You're not eating at Del Taco, right!? For the best in Americanized Mexican food with possibly the quickest RTT (return to toilet) ratio, this is where you go. And don't forget the cinnamon twists!

1. Anything From Chick-fil-A
You only feel guilty because it's like joining a team of homophobic chicken lovers. The food is unquestionably delicious, but it's not the food that makes you feel guilty, which is why you probably take it to go, am I right? Thankfully it's closed on Sundays, or else the guilt would continue seven days a week.

Bonus: Golden Corral's Buffet
Now mix all the guilty pleasures onto one plate and what do you have? Golden Corral. Potentially the heart attack's best friend and ally, this is the no-holds-barred attempt at satisfying the most indecisive, gluten-loving obese candidates of all time. Let's play the "How many things can fit on one plate that are completely unrelated and incompatible to one another" game. Then when it's over, let's go get three desserts in one bowl. Making America great, always!


Top 10 Myths About Sex

Top 10 Myths About Sex


Does size matter? Is the G-spot real?  Here are the top 10 sex myths that are completely untrue.

Top 10 Movies Of 2016 So Far

Top 10 Movies Of 2016 So Far


Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, a theater near you—the modern film fan has more movies to choose from than ever. To help you sort through them all, we've taken a hard look at this year's most critically acclaimed features and assembled a list of best bets. While making our picks, we stayed away from kid-friendly, critic-approved blockbusters like The Jungle Book, as well as arthouse fare like Embrace of the Serpent. What remains is good old-fashioned movie fun you can feel good about—and some of the best Hollywood has had to offer in the first half of 2016.

Captain America: Civil War

At some point, Marvel is bound to make a wrong turn in its multi-billion-dollar quest for worldwide box office domination. But it didn't happen with Captain America: Civil War, which rounded up a hefty assortment of Marvel Cinematic Universe favorites—and added some highly anticipated new faces—for a thrilling, action-packed adventure with an impressive amount of thought-provoking political subtext. As ambitious as it is viscerally satisfying, this is a blast of superhero spectacle that even the most anti-comic book film fan might enjoy.

The Witch

It isn't hard to find a horror movie offering up a few jump scares or some slasher gore. One with enough faith in its audience to take things slow or get a little weird? That's a little trickier—and it's what genre fans got with The Witch. This movie announces writer/director Robert Eggers as a filmmaker worth watching. The story, which unspools in a spooky thicket of woods in 17th-century New England, follows a path that should be more or less familiar to anyone who's ever indulged in period horror. It's Eggers' execution that makes The Witch so creepily compelling. And it's his flair for imagery that will leave it lingering in your mind for days.

10 Cloverfield Lane

When is a sequel/spinoff not a sequel/spinoff? When it's 10 Cloverfield Lane, which uses 2008's Cloverfield as the very loose launchpad for the story of a woman (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who flees a busted engagement only to run headlong into disaster on the road. She ends up locked in an underground shelter by a man (John Goodman) who insists the Earth is under attack. Is he a hero, or a psycho killer? The story keeps you guessing, and director Dan Trachtenberg packs in enough twists, turns, and jolts to keep you hanging on for dear life along the way. We have more than enough franchises in Hollywood, but if this really does turn out to be the dawn of what Trachtenberg has jokingly referred to as the "Cloververse," we definitely won't mind.

The Nice Guys

Writer-director Shane Black has a flair for hard-hitting action and a dark sense of humor. Unfortunately, both of those qualities haven't always been well served in his bigger-budget efforts. But the lower-key buddy cop comedy The Nice Guys put him squarely back on the right track. Starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling as police partners on a case in late '70s L.A., it proves Black hasn't lost the gifts that put him on the map with his screenplay for the original Lethal Weapon in 1987. The Nice Guys delivers cheerfully crass, high-caliber fun for genre enthusiasts.

Green Room

Green Room falls a little off the beaten path, but it's still well worth checking out for anyone who likes their action movies to have a sharp set of teeth—or anyone who enjoyed Blue Ruin, writer-director Jeremy Saulnier's 2014 debut. This time out, Saulnier plunges viewers into the hellish ordeal experienced by a punk band (including Anton Yelchin, Imogen Poots, and Arrested Development vet Alia Shawkat) who attract the bloodthirsty ire of a pack of murderous neo-Nazi skinheads. Did we mention that Patrick Stewart is the homicidal owner of the club where the band is trapped? Green Room is equal parts smart and nasty—and one of the more sinfully enjoyable indie efforts of 2016.

Hail, Caesar!

The Coen brothers have tried their hands at any number of genres, and you never really know what you're going to get out of their next movie—only that it'll be worth watching. Such is the case with Hail, Caesar!, which stars Josh Brolin as a Hollywood fixer (based on the real-life Eddie Mannix) on a mission to solve the disappearance of a dopey movie star (George Clooney) who's been drugged and abducted from the set of his latest major production. It's a madcap ode to the film industry's golden era, assembled with typical Coen grace, performed by an outstanding ensemble cast—and some of the most fun we've had at the movies this year.

Everybody Wants Some!!

With his 1993 cult classic Dazed and Confused, Richard Linklater assembled an insightful and eminently quotable look back at the lives of '70s high school students. More than 20 years later, he picked up that thread with its "spiritual sequel," Everybody Wants Some!!. Despite that somewhat misleading billing, Wants doesn't continue the story of Dazed and Confused. Instead, it offers a look at college life cut from the same affectionately irreverent cloth—and packs in a killer, era-appropriate soundtrack featuring classic hits from Cheap Trick, Dire Straits, Van Halen, and more.


How do you make a Deadpool movie that embraces the character's filthy comics persona while still making enough money to prop up a franchise? We still honestly can't quite believe they pulled it off, but Fox made it work with the fan favorite's long-awaited standalone feature, which finds the merc with a mouth (Ryan Reynolds) slashing up bad guys and breaking the fourth wall with equal abandon. Marvel has done a tremendous job of expanding the superhero genre's borders with their in-house MCU releases—and with Deadpool, Fox proved it has room for R-rated movies too.

Midnight Special

No one captures modern-day middle-class dread quite like director Jeff Nichols. With 2011's Take Shelter, he focused on a suburban husband (Michael Shannon) whose disturbing dreams of impending doom could either be visions or signs of an emotional collapse. Five years later, the duo reunited for the story of a father racing against time to protect his son (Jaeden Lieberher) from outside forces bent on taking advantage of his seemingly superhuman abilities. It's far from the biggest box-office draw of the year. But for anyone who's ever felt the weight of parental responsibility, Midnight Special proved Nichols could graduate from the indie ranks to the studio system without losing a single heartbreakingly poignant step.

The Invitation

A slow-burning mystery thriller that doubles as an appealingly nasty dig into the emotional fallout from a tragic divorce, The Invitation has Jennifer's Body director Karyn Kusama making an assured return to feature filmmaking after a few years in the TV trenches. Unfolding at a house party thrown by the ex-wife (Tammy Blanchard) and new husband (Michael Huisman) of a man (Logan Marshall-Green) who's starting over with a new relationship, the story starts with a simmering stew of potentially toxic ingredients and spends the next 100 minutes expertly ramping up the tension.

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Less than six years ago, there was no such thing as an Instagram model. Now, they are running rampant and may soon take over the world (or at least the internet). So how do these lovely, sexy women make their living on Instagram? There's definitely a system, a method to their hotness if you will, that every successful Instagram model follows. Here are 10 types of posts that are essential to that system.

1. The Cleavage and/or Booty Selfie

This works even better when it's a late-night cleavage selfie. For example:

As for those booty selfies:

2. The Fitness Demonstration

Because it's important to know that they work hard on their craft.

3. The Endorsement

So how exactly do all these hot Instagram models make money? By endorsements, of course! Like professional athletes, these models will endorse anything, but the main products are usually detox teas, fat burners, protein shakes or teeth whitening products. I buy them all.

4. The Other Hot Instagram Model

This one's a little tricky, so pay attention. Oftentimes you go to a model's page and they have either posted a photo of themselves with another incredibly attractive Instagram model, or have just posted a photo of the other model only. This often happens on "woman crush Wednesday" (#wcw) or #SundayBumday. However, if you head to that other model's page, they have done the same thing for the model who posted them. It's just a way for them to spread the word and get more follows for their fellow models, because they are all in this together.

5. The One For The Haters

When you have millions of followers on any form of social media, you are bound to have some haters, too. This post is meant to specifically let all of them know where they stand.

6. The Sports Shout Out

Just because these girls have massive followings for their sex appeal doesn't mean they don't have some sports appeal, too, right bros? NBA Finals!

7. The #NoMakeup or #NoFilter

Even though the majority of these models are far from au naturel, they'd like you to believe they are. Yes, they are still hot beyond belief without makeup or filters, so this post is simply meant to get closer to their fans and keep it real. Spoiler alert, though: They are often still wearing some makeup and probably used some filter.

8. The Meme

These ladies have a sense of humor and like internet jokes just like the rest of us!

9. The Junk Foodie

And believe it or not, they also like to pig out sometimes! But don't think they won't use that as an excuse for another endorsement.

10. The Holy Hotness

Finally, this is your reminder what it's all about. This is why these models have millions of fans. Totally worth it. Here are a couple more holy hotness examples for you, just to make sure you really get it:

Source   I Am Bored

The Top 10 Best Character Arcs In Film

The Top 10 Best Character Arcs In Film


For CineFix's latest top ten movie list, Clint Gage takes a look at the ten greatest character arcs in cinematic history.

"The best characters are the ones that grow and change and sometimes learn a lesson. These characters can help us learn something about ourselves, about society, or the world at large."

I Am Bored

Top 10 Celebrities With The Worst Plastic Surgery

Top 10 Celebrities With The Worst Plastic Surgery


They went under the knife and under the scrutiny of public opinion.



Let's talk about the vagina for a second, shall we? The female reproductive organ is a thing of no small mystery to most men. Because much of it is concealed inside the body, it's hard to figure out exactly what it's capable of. Fret not, dear readers, because we're about to blow the metaphorical doors off of this piece. In this article, we'll travel the globe to meet 10 women with incredibly talented vaginas capable of performing feats of skill, strength and... gardening?

The Yogurt Making Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
The human body is a breeding ground for hundreds of different types of bacteria, from the gut flora that enables us to digest our food to the fetid-smelling little guys that make our sweaty armpits stink. The vagina is home to its fair share of bacteria, and one woman managed to convince hers to help her out. Cecilia Westbrook, M.D., Ph.D., wondered whether the bacteria in her lady-town could be used to make yogurt, so she isolated a sample and produced a few batches. The results were successful, creating a tart, funky treat high in probiotics.

The Pistol Packing Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
This one takes "concealed weaponry" to a whole new level. When police picked up Dallas Archer in Tennessee for driving without a license, they took her into custody at the Kingsport jail. During her pat-down, the officer noticed that Archer had a little more bulk down there than normal. When the police got her pants off, it was revealed that the 21-year-old delinquent had shoved a 4-inch North American Arms 22LR revolver up her vagina. The pistol had been stolen a few years earlier, and Archer couldn't give any good explanation for why she thought it was a good idea to stuff it up her coot.

The Kung Fu Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
The vagina has muscles just like anywhere else on the body, and if a lady wants to train them in martial arts she has every right to do so. Kim Anami is the world's leading proponent of "vaginal kung fu," which she claims makes the pelvic floor stronger and increases the pleasure you get from sex. Anami uses a small jade egg inside her vagina, which she ties to a variety of objects from dumbbells to coconuts. Now she spreads the gospel of vaginal kung fu to other women, traveling the world teaching people how to do it. On herInstagram account, she uses the hashtag #thingsIliftwithmyvagina to chronicle her exploits.

The Wool Storing Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
Let's be honest: The penis isn't good for much besides peeing and boning. It's really good at both of those things, though! Vaginas, on the other hand, are finding new uses every day. If you ask artist Casey Jenkinswhat hers is good for, she'll show you a scarf. During her 28-day performance of "Casting Off My Womb," she knit it from skeins of wool stored in her punani. The artwork was designed to document the length of her menstrual cycle, and a video of Jenkins knitting went viral worldwide, to a wide spectrum of reactions.

The Magical 70-Year-Old Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
When you get to the ripe old age of 72, you've had a lot of time with your vagina. But for Vicky Leyton, who spent her life in the Spanish beach village of Benidorm, her coot was the key to her living. Known as "Sticky Vicky," Leyton performed six shows of vaginal magic every night to eager crowds of tourists. Leyton's 30-minute act started with her pulling scarves and a bouquet of flowers out of her downstairs and just got wilder from there. In the course of her routine, Vicky blasted ping-pong balls into the audience, blew out torches with gusts of queef and brought the house down by pulling a glowing light bulb from her privates. Sadly, Vicky retired in 2016, but her daughter is carrying on the tradition.

The World's Strongest Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
Yes, "vaginal weightlifting" is a real sport, and the world champion has a hoo-ha that can haul some serious poundage. After Russian woman Tatiata Kozhevnikova gave birth to her child, she was upset by the looseness downtown. Unlike millions of other women, Tatiata decided to do something about it. She embarked upon a mission to increase the strength of her vagina through weightlifting, and hauling increasingly heavy objects week after week using only her vaginal muscles. This dedication earned her a slot in the Guinness Book of World Records when she lifted a pair of 31-pound dumbbells with her lady-bits.

The Cell Phone Charging Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
Is there a more frustrating experience in the world than seeing your phone battery go below 10 percent and not being able to find a charger? The "Body As Commodity" installation at 2014's Art Basel Miami presented a particularly unusual solution to this problem in the form of a nude model named Lena Marquise with an iPhone charger stuffed up her hoo-ha. Patrons could pay money to plug their devices in and top off their batteries to "exemplify the exchange of simulated sexuality for monetary gain." I'm not sure exactly what that means, but smarter people assure me that it's art, so there you go.

The Potato Growing Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
We've already discussed the unique bacterial makeup of the vagina -- it's a rich environment for lots of things to grow. But a potato? In a bizarre but true story, a young lady in Colombia crammed a spud up there as a primitive form of birth control, only to have her plan backfire when the tuber started growing roots. The woman came to the hospital complaining of intense pains in her abdomen, and when doctors examined her they discovered that the potato had germinated in there. She told them that her mother had informed her about this unconventional method of contraception.

The Most Beautiful Vagina In The World
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but it's also in the vagina of a 27-year-old British woman. Brian Sloan, the inventor of the "Autoblow" sex toy (it does exactly what you think it does) is a man obsessed with sex parts, and when he wanted to create an artificial punani he decided to model it on the most beautiful one he could find. So he put out an open call for photographs, and hundreds of women from all around the world obliged. Sloan then let people vote on the most aesthetically pleasing. The winner, who goes by the pseudonym "Nell," was awarded $5,000 and flown to Berlin to have a mold of her parts made.

The Groundbreaking Art Vagina
The Most Talented Vaginas On Earth
Widely considered one of the most iconic moments in the history of performance art, Carolee Schneemann and her 1975 Interior Scroll was both shocking and invigorating. Schneemann's earlier work explored the intersection of art and eroticism, and Interior Scroll expanded on those themes. The artist read passages from a book while painting her face, climaxing while extracting a scroll from inside her lady parts, unfolding it and reading it aloud as well. The exploration of vagina as both a symbolic and physical location increased Schneemann's standing in the art world, and she's continued to create interesting and vital art over the past four decades.



Top 10 Misspelled Words

Top 10 Misspelled Words


These words are Spell Check's worst nightmare.

10 Weirdest Bugs You Won't Believe Exist

10 Weirdest Bugs You Won't Believe Exist


Top 10 creepy bugs that are actually exist and will freak you out.

10 Shocking CIA Operations

10 Shocking CIA Operations


The CIA has used intelligence to keep America secure for almost 100 years. But during that time, they’ve planned some pretty disturbing operations.

Top 10 Court Cases That Changed America


It's the law of the land, and the land where nothing is more important than the law.

Top 10 Court Cases That Changed America

The Top 10 Greatest Surprise Endings In Movie History


Who doesn’t love a surprise? That’s why we’re taking time to talk about the biggest surprise endings in movie history (spoilers abound).

The Top 10 Greatest Surprise Endings In Movie History

Top 10 Scariest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time


What's your fear? Is it snakes? Heights? The dark? Whatever horror keeps you awake at night, there's a sadistic WWE Superstar that has used these terrors to prey on their opponents.

Top 10 Scariest WWE Wrestlers Of All Time

Top 10 Basslines


It's time to rev up that low end, and give the bass players a little love

Top 10 Basslines


The lawsuit between singer Kesha and producer Dr. Luke has brought the music industry's inner workings into the public eye, and it's not pretty. When artists sign contracts, they're often stripped of their rights in some seriously bizarre ways and essentially sold into servitude to a label that can do whatever the hell it wants with their music. But this isn't a recent phenomenon -- since the dawn of popular music, cruel and unusual contracts have been a thing. In this feature, we'll run through some of the most insane and show Kesha that, unfortunately, she's not alone.

The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
In the 1990s, a new wave of female singer-songwriters rose to prominence like PJ Harvey, Alanis Morissette and Poe. Never heard of Poe? In 1996, her debut, "Hello," was praised by just about everybody, and her 2000 follow-up, "Haunted," was even better. But when her record company was bought by Time Warner, her individual deal ended up being sold off to an oil executive named Robert M. Edsel, who basically made it impossible for her to release music or even perform. Why exactly Edsel kept her off the market for a decade is unknown -- he probably just didn't want to lose money on his investment. It took 10 years for her to legally extricate herself from the deal, but by then her career was pretty much dead in the water. She's trying to make a comeback, but it's going to be an uphill climb.

Unlocking The Truth
The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
A common thread you'll see in these contracts is that most of the musicians sign them when they're young and inexperienced. One extreme example is metal band Unlocking The Truth, who came to viral fame in 2014 when it was revealed that the members were all in eighth grade. The trio signed a $1.7 million deal with Sony, which seems pretty good until you learn that they only get paid if they sell a quarter of a million albums-- a feat that even top-level bands like Korn can't pull off these days. If they don't hit that sales mark, the kids will be on the hook to Sony for their $60,000 recording advance. Needless to say, the band is currently trying to get out of the deal. I guess it's better to learn about this stuff when you're young.

Young Thug
The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
When you're a young rapper just coming up and you get offered a deal, it's way too tempting to just sign it. But plenty of MCs have found themselves tied to labels and managers who don't have their best interests at heart. One of the most recent examples is Young Thug, the Atlanta rapper who many think could be the next big thing. In 2013, Thug signed a low-level deal with an Atlantic Records subsidiary for a paltry $15,000 advance -- virtually nothing for a 360 deal that gave the company money from performances as well as records. That was before he broke through with "Danny Glover," the huge underground hit that brought Thug to the attention of big names like Kanye West. For over a year, Thug's label status was in limbo, making him unable to take an opening gig for Danny Brown's tour or release official albums. With the help of some high-powered industry folks, the rapper was able to renegotiate, but the bad deal could have sunk his career.

The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
Signed to Apple Records, British rock group Badfinger was positioned to be the next Beatles, with catchy, compelling songs written by members of the Fab Four as well as bandleader Pete Ham. But behind the scenes, the band was being ripped off by manager Stan Polley. He had arranged a contract where Badfinger's royalties would be put into an escrow account and then disappeared with the money, leaving the band literally in poverty. Pete Ham was driven into deep despair by the collapse of his musical dream and committed suicide in 1975. His suicide note explicitly named Polley as the cause of his ruin.

Toni Braxton
The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
When you read tabloid headlines about famous musicians going bankrupt, it's hard to empathize - after all, they made more money than we'll ever see in our lives. But when you examine matters more closely, things are a little less black and white. R&B songstress Toni Braxton was on top of the world in the '90s, selling $170 million worth of records and taking home a pile of Grammys. But Braxton only saw a tiny fraction of that money -- her first royalty check was barely over a thousand dollars. Sure, she spent more than she should have, but as her recording costs increased, she ended up deeply in the hole to her label. Lawsuits and negotiations ensued, but Braxton came out significantly poorer and even had to sell off some of the copyrights to her most famous songs.

New Edition
The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
One of the most popular boy bands of the 1980s, New Edition launched the careers of Bobby Brown and Bell Biv DeVoe, and paved the way for dozens of other groups. However, during their time together they sold millions of records and barely made a dime. The quintet was discovered by impresario Maurice Starr, who signed them to his Streetwise Records. Their debut sold like hotcakes and the group went on tour, but when the grueling concerts were over each member was given a check for $1.87, with Starr claiming that "expenses" ate up the rest. Things didn't get much better for New Edition after they split from him -- each member had to borrow $100,000 from MCA Records to get out of their contract, which left them in debt to the label for the rest of the decade.

The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
When you're first offered a record deal at the age of six, your perspective is bound to be a little warped. For singer JoJo, the deal she made with Blackground Records in 2003 would end up being one of the biggest mistakes of her career. Several artists on the now-defunct Atlanta label (which launched Aaliyah to stardom) have complained about the brutally bad terms they got on their deals, but JoJo's was possibly the worst. The label sold a million copies of her first album and three million of her second, but when it came time to release a follow-up they kept delaying it for unknown reasons, despite dozens of songs being written and recorded. Because she was inked to a seven-album deal, JoJo was prohibited from releasing anything without the label's approval, and eventually matters got so bad that she sued for her release, which she won in January of 2014.

Little Richard
The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
One of the most essential artists from the early days of rock & roll, Little Richard blew the doors off the industry in 1955 with the release of "Tutti Frutti." The song was a revelation, bringing Black vernacular into popular music in a way that had never been done before, and it's widely considered one of the most important tracks ever recorded. But Richard was given just $50 for the publishing and performance rights to the song, meaning that the only money he gets from the track is 1/2 a cent for each album sold. Considering that "Tutti Frutti" has been licensed to sell tons of products and been covered by hundreds of artists over the last half-century, that's an insane amount of money that he doesn't get for his song.

The Rolling Stones
The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
Even some of the biggest names in rock music history got conned by contracts. If legendary representative Allen Klein was on your side in the 1960s, he could certainly make big things happen for you, like he did for the Beatles. But Klein was also very much in it for himself, and he'd squeeze every penny. When Stones manager Andrew Loog Oldham basically sold the band to Klein in 1968, the other members started looking harder at Klein's decisions. They discovered that they'd signed off on some pretty awful things. One example: in England, the Stones had a company to manage their publishing called Nanker Phelge. Klein incorporated Nanker Phelge USA in the States to do the same thing, but declared himself 100 percent owner of the company, and, by association, all of the Rolling Stones' material. It took the band decades to extricate themselves from Klein's mess.

The 10 Most Insane Music Industry Contracts
One of the most iconic girl groups of the 1990s, TLC kicked out hit after hit for nearly a decade. But behind the scenes, no matter how hard the three singers worked they only brought in a miniscule $50,000 a year. The contract that the band members signed with manager Perri "Pebbles" Reid gave Reid ownership of the band's name, a percentage of their publishing and bound them to her for eight entire albums. Reid, along with her husband Antonio "L.A." Reid, put the group in a "360 deal" that gave the Reids a chunk of every penny TLC made. One of the biggest warning signs should have been that the lawyer representing TLC during the signing was Reid's own lawyer, but by then it was too late. Eventually, the three singers had to pay Reid $3 million just to get their own band name back.



The 10 Most Evil Geniuses Ever


When we think of villains or evil geniuses the majority of us immediately let our minds drift to the vast array of fictional characters we have read about and watched in movies over the years. Dr. Evil from Austin Powers, Doc Ock from Spiderman, Lex Luther from Superman, Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars and the Joker from Batman – These are all examples of figures that you may classify as being evil geniuses. What makes them that? Well, to begin with they get a check in the “evil” box for trying to subjugate and kill people, defeat the good guys and get their way at the expense of everyone else. However, being evil isn’t enough and these guys are all pretty smart – they just use their intelligence and abilities for bad things which gives us our checkmark in the “genius” box.
Unfortunately, there are real evil geniuses that have lived or continue to live among us. These individuals aren’t as extreme as the super villains of fiction. After all, no real-life evil genius has eight arms or has tried to build a death star to blow up the galaxy – yet. The following people are generally classified as evil geniuses because they were not only smart but showed a high degree of capability in manipulating others, avoiding capture and maintaining a position of power for some time. They’re evil because they used their smarts to do things the vast majority of us label as ‘bad.’ Some are definitely worse than others but they all qualify, in one way or another, for evil genius status.

The 10 Most Evil Geniuses Ever

Top 10 Sexiest Marvel Female Comic Book Characters

sexiest womenfemalesuperheros

For this list, we are looking at the sexiest women found specifically in Marvel comics.

Top 10 Sexiest Marvel Female Comic Book Characters

Top 10 Hilarious Movie Scenes You Can Never Unsee


Clear your mind and count to 10.

Top 10 Hilarious Movie Scenes You Can Never Unsee

Top 10 American Desserts


North America may not be known for its tiramisu, churros or millefeuilles, but we have our own variety of sweets.

Top 10 American Desserts

Top 10 Worst Superhero Video Games


Superhero games have improved significantly in recent years, but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been a few, or more than a few, duds along the way.

Top 10 Worst Superhero Video Games

Top 10 Worst Commercials Of All Time


For this list, we're looking at those commercials that received ridicule and derision after airing due to their low quality, lack of substance, annoying content, or anything in between that generally irritated viewers.

Top 10 Worst Commercials Of All Time

The 10 “Sex”iest Symbols Of The 80s: Where Are They Now?

The 10 “Sex”iest Symbols Of The 80s: Where Are They Now?

The 80’s. A decade filled with bright colors and loud beats blasting from a boombox. The 80’s brought us mullets, shoulder pads, leg warmers and endless frustration as we tried, and failed, to complete the Rubik’s cube. With memories and fashion faux pas like that, you’ll be forgiven if you choose not to remember the 80’s fondly.

However, the 1980’s also did some good. The birth of MTV had a huge effect on the music industry as music videos, such as Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, re-invented the way people enjoyed music. The Nintendo Entertainment System, with the help of Super Mario Brothers, became the best selling console and kick-started the gaming industry.

In addition, iconic films such as Blade Runner, E.T, Back To The Future, GhostbustersIndiana Jones and The Goonies, to name only a few, made their mark. The 1980’s, even with its crimes against fashion, is a decade that deserves its place in the pop culture hall of fame.

The 80’s also brought us a wealth of sexy starlets, for which we are thankful for. With so many to choose from, it’s nice to remember the ones that may have been forgotten. So we take a look back at probably one of our favorite parts in the 80’s.

10. Christie Brinkley


Via swimsuitologist.blogspot.com

Model and actress Christie Brinkley shot to fame with three consecutive Sports Illustrated swimsuit covers, the first time that had ever been done. Featured in several Sports Illustrated calendars, as well as gracing the covers of many magazines and being the face of international brands, Christie Brinkley became one of the most desirable woman of the 80’s. Let’s also take a moment to remember her as ‘the girl in the Ferrari.’ A definite high point of The National Lampoon’s Vacation.

Now in her 60s, Christie still looks as good as ever. She still dips her toe in the acting pool with a guest appearance in Parks and Recreation in addition to her cosmetic, fragrance and jewelry ranges, making her one of the richest models in the world. It shows that she’s definitely not just a pretty face.

9. Molly Ringwald

Via shutterstock.com

Via shutterstock.com

There are few people who can sum up an entire decade. With the exception of Micheal Jackson and Madonna, Molly Ringwald is the 80’s. Starting out on sitcoms Diff’rent Strokes and The Facts of Life, Molly soon turned to movies and an 80’s icon was born. Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles and Pretty In Pink are all cult classics. Being at the center of ‘The Brat Pack’ and a favorite of director John Hughes, Molly’s ‘girl next door’ appearance made her every teenager’s fantasy.

If reports are to be believed, Molly turned down two of the biggest roles in the early 90’s – Pretty Woman and Ghost – and instead opted to move to Paris to star in several French movies. On her return back to the US, Molly jumped straight back in with appearances in movies and TV shows such as Betsy’s Wedding, Strike It Rich and Stephen King’s The Stand. She also released an album in 2013 titled, Except Sometimes.

8. Elle Macpherson

Via shutterstock.com

Via shutterstock.com

The Australian-born model gained fame in the 80’s due to a series of high profile magazine shoots. With such magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Marie Claire and Elle, her profile grew. She then appeared in Sports Illustrated for a record of five times. That, together with several campaigns for Victoria’s Secret among others, soon landed her with the nickname ‘The Body.’ And what a body it was and still is.

After being featured in Playboy in the 90’s, Elle ventured into acting with roles in Sirens, Batman and Robin, The Mirror Has Two Faces and Jane Eyre. She was also Joey’s model roommate in Friends as well as hosting the British and Irish versions of Next Top Model. With all of her successful business ventures on top of everything, ‘The Body’ is still very much in our lives.

7. Lisa Bonet

Via shutterstock.com

Via shutterstock.com

Best known for her role as Denise Huxtable in The Cosby Show and the spin off show, A Different World, Lisa Bonet left the comfortable sitcom world behind her, as adult stardom awaited. Eloping with Lenny Kravitz was one way to let the world know she wasn’t a child any more. But it was her role in Angel Heart, opposite Mickey Rourke, that really brought attention. The R-rated movie showed Lisa topless and a graphic sex scene with the much older Rourke, shocking fans.  Following on from Angel Heart, Lisa had a topless center-spread in Interview magazine making Lisa hot property towards the end of the 80’s.

Now married to Jason Momoa, Lisa Bonet is just getting better with age. After the Cosby’s finished, Lisa never managed to capitalize on her movie career and sex symbol status however, to this day Lisa still acts. Her most notable roles as of late include Enemy of the State, High Fidelity, Biker Boyz and U.S adaption of British show, Life on Mars.

6. Elisabeth Shue

Via shutterstock.com

Via shutterstock.com

In the 80’s, Elisabeth Shue quickly became everyone’s dream girlfriend. Being the better half of Ralph Macchio in The Karate Kid and Marty McFly in Back To The Future 2 and 3, every teenager wanted Elisabeth by their side. With roles in other films such as Cocktail and Adventures in Babysitting, the girl next door image gave Elisabeth a subtlety that not many other stars had.

After ditching her girl next door image, Elisabeth starred as a prostitute in Leaving Las Vegas, for which she was nominated for an Oscar. Since then, she’s appeared in several movies including The Saint, Hollow Man, Hide and Seek; her TV appearances include Curb Your Enthusiasm and CSI. All this keeps Elisabeth Shue on our screens for which we are thankful for.

5. Helen Slater

Via shutterstock.com

Via shutterstock.com

Sometimes an actor plays a role so perfectly that they can never rid themselves of it. This is the case with Helen Slater who starred in a few films in the 80’s: The Legend of Billie Jean, Ruthless People, The Secret of My Success andSticky Fingers. However, it was the role of Supergirl that she will forever be associated with. Panned by critics on its release, it soon built up a cult following – it may only be 13-year-old boys watching! Nevertheless, in the Supergirl outfit, Helen Slater’s image hung from many walls in the 80’s and beyond.

More film roles came Helen’s way in the 90’s such as City Slickers and No Way Back as well as TV appearances in The New Adventures of Old Christine, Supernatural and The Lying Game. However, she could never escape the superhero world appearing in Smallville as Clark Kent’s biological mother Lara, as well as voicing characters in Batman: The Animated series. She can currently be seen in the new TV series of Supergirl as Eliza Danvers – Supergirl’s adopted mother.

4. Phoebe Cates


Via lebauuleblog.com

The star of the family films Gremlins, Phoebe Cates wasn’t always so family friendly. The model turned actress first starred in the movie paradise, along the same lines as Blue Lagoon with a few nude scenes to whet the audience’s appetite. It was in the movies Fast Times at Ridgemont High (that bikini!) as well as the sex comedy, Private School, that planted Phoebe Cates firmly on the list of the sexiest stars of the 80’s.

After her marriage to fellow movie star Kevin Kline, Phoebe retired from the world of showbiz. She did, however accept a few low key movies in the 90’s such as Drop Dead Fred and more recently, The Anniversary Party. These days she appears to be more focused on her family and running her own boutique, Blue Tree.

3. Bo Derek


Via ca.style.yahoo.com

Not many actors can eclipse almost their whole career with a single image. That’s the case with Bo Derek. Ask people these days to name one of her films and they’ll probably look at you with a blank and confused look on their face. But show them that poster with Bo in a swimsuit and the memories will come flooding back. The poster itself was an image taken from the film 10 – her only real notable film. That poster however, covered the walls of many homes and propelled Bo Derek into a sex symbol icon.

After the passing of her husband, John Derek in 1998, Bo has largely been off our screens. The movie roles dried up after the 80’s with only a sprinkling of appearances in movies such as Tommy Boy, Frozen With Fear, Woman of Desire and in the TV show, 7th Heaven and the TV movie, Sharknado 3.

2. Kelly Lebrock

Via shutterstock.com

Via shutterstock.com

Perfectly cast as the ideal fantasy woman in The Woman In Red, Kelly Lebrock quickly became the fantasy of every male in the 80’s. After that came Weird Science with Kelly once again being cast as the ‘ideal fantasy.’ Maybe being typecast as the perfect woman limited her roles, as these were the only two major parts she had in the 80’s. From an audience point of view, we’re not complaining.

Over the decades that followed, Kelly has had a steady acting career after starring in Hard to Kill – which is where she met her husband, her co-star Steven Seagal. She’s also appeared in films such as Wrongfully Accused, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Gamers: The Movie. As well as reality shows including Celebrity Fit Club and the British version of Hell’s Kitchen.

1. Brooke Shields

Via shutterstock.com

Via shutterstock.com

With her trademark dark, thick eyebrows and slender figure, Brooke Shields was one of the most desirable woman of the late 80’s and 90’s. With breakthrough roles in Blue Lagoon and Endless Love, the model was starting to turn heads. After a short break from acting and modelling, in which she completed her degree in French literature, Brooke was back to show the world her transition from teen star to adult.

Still considered one of the sexiest women in the world, Brooke’s movie career hasn’t reached the once highs of the 80’s. Working mainly on TV, her biggest hit was her own sitcom Suddenly Susan. Since then there have been a few movie and TV appearances and some success on Broadway.


The 10 “Sex”iest Symbols Of The 80s: Where Are They Now?

Top 10 Female Anime Perverts


For this list, we'll be looking at the women in anime who enjoy the finer things in life: squeezing another girl's breasts to say hello, making it a life goal to bed hundreds of men, wearing panties over their faces or just writing hot steamy, fan fiction.

Top 10 Female Anime Perverts