“Natural Beauty” Photo Series Features Women With Hairy Pits

“Natural Beauty” Photo Series Features Women With Hairy Pits -



London-based photographer, filmmaker, and artist Ben Hopper has caused quite a stir with his project, titled “Natural Beauty”. Challenging female beauty standards, the photo series aims to find out why women with body hair are labeled as unattractive. What’s your opinion on this issue? Leave a comment below!


15 More Women Talk About Their Job As A Cam Girl

15 More Women Talk About Their Job As A Cam Girl -



3 Types Of Girls ALL Men Must Avoid

3 Types Of Girls ALL Men Must Avoid -



Knowing is half the battle.

If you’re looking for a girlfriend, these 3 types of girls should be avoided at all costs. Since these are female archetypes, they’re basically extreme examples, and while they do exist, most girls are somewhere in between, meaning they might have a little bit of each in them.











20 Women Who Have Had Enough With Their Boyfriend's Bad Hygiene Habits

20 Women Who Have Had Enough With Their Boyfriend's Bad Hygiene Habits




Allegra Cole enlarged her breasts to impossible sizes, and now has some whopping 137 cm breasticles in the breast area. Each one of them is 11 lbs (5 kilos). She tried out in porn but wasn’t successful, and now she is making money by being popular on social media. FUTURE BACK PROBLEMS YAYYYYYY.




Cameron Diaz


Heidi Klum


Kate Moss


Tara Reid


Scarlett Johansson


Cindy Crawford


Lindsay Lohan




Britney Spears


Coco Austin


Alessandra Ambrosio


Kate Hudson


Sharon Stone


Vanessa Paradis


Jennifer Love Hewitt


Jessica Alba


Amanda Seyfried


Eva Longoria


Katy Perry


Kate Winslet




Uma Thurman


Lady Gaga







The 13 Hottest Alien Girls Ever

The 13 Hottest Alien Girls Ever -



 In the market for some pics of hot alien girls? You know, the hottest aliens in movies, or the hottest aliens in TV shows... that kind of stuff? If you are in fact in the market for that sort of thing, this is a great image gallery for you. These are the hottest aliens from movies and TV assembled just for you and yours to peruse at any speed you see fit. Maybe even warp speed. that is a space joke because these are the hottest space girls and these space girls will make your heart beat rapidly.

Anyway, these are photos of some of the hottest sci fi girls in the history of pop culture. Who do you think are the hottest aliens to ever grace the screen? Vote up your favorites now! Hot alien chicks! Hot alien babes! Woooo!



Why Are Women Called Sluts, Dames, Broads, And Chicks?

Why Are Women Called Sluts, Dames, Broads, And Chicks?

In modern day terms, this diary entry seems quite suggestive for a man to describe a servant girl such. However, at this time, while the term had begun to take on a more suggestive connotation of “woman with loose morals”, it still also was commonly used with the original meaning, that of a “messy, dirty, or untidy” woman or girl.

People Lose It Over Calling Vaginas Front Holes

People Lose It Over Calling Vaginas Front Holes -


Another day, another reason to throw your phone in a blender and crank that thing to seven. And what is it today you ask, well, it's that thing in your pants, you know that thing with a hole it in. No, not your penis boys, but you ladies, it's your vagina.


In a recent LGBTQIA Safe Sex Guide published by, Healthline the term front hole was used as an alternative for the word vagina. And many people after hearing this term for the first time simply couldn't believe it was true.  The quote read as follows.

For the purposes of this guide, we’ve chosen to include alternative words for readers to use for their genitals. For example, some trans men choose to use the words “front hole” or “internal genital” instead of “vagina.”

Many people thought it was an elaborate 4chan joke that somehow got picked up by the mainstream. And others thought the term 'front hole' was even too good for the noobs of 4chan to come up with on their own. But what some people may not know is that the alcoholic comedian Doug Stanhope actually coined the word back in 2010.


It didn't take long for Healthline to write a follow-up article titled, We're Not Renaming The Vagina because yeah some people seriously thought they were. No, front hole is a word transpeople use to talk about their genitalia, it has nothing to do with you and so you honestly shouldn't even bother, but when does that ever happen. So here are some reactions to the Earth-shattering, trans-inclusive term Front Hole.








50 Surprising Vagina Facts

50 Surprising Vagina Facts


  • A vaginal “fart,” also called a “queef” or “vart,” is common. Unlike gas expelled from the rectum, which contains fecal waste and has an odor, vaginal flatulence is odorless and unrelated to the rectum (unless a woman has a rare rectovaginal fistula).[2]
  • Each vagina has its own smell. The smell depends on a variety of factors, including the combination of normal bacteria that live in the vagina, diet, types of fabric a woman wears, level of hygiene, how much a woman sweats, and gland secretions.[2]
  • The first inch or two of the vagina has the most nerve endings and is the most pleasure receptive.[3]
  • The speculum (Latin for “mirror”) dates back to 1300 B.C. Speculums have also been found in the ruins at Pompeii.[2]
  • The first movie to use the word “vagina” on film was the 1946 Disney animated film called “The Story of Menstruation.”[9]
  • Love and war have been historically linked
  • The word “vagina” is Latin for “sheath” or “scabbard.” The plural of vagina is vaginae or vaginas.[2]
  • One patient was so worried that she had lost something in her vagina, she used pliers to try to find it. She ended up pulling on and tearing her cervix, which required hours of surgery to repair. Most gynecologists recommend that if a woman thinks something is in her vagina, to lube up the fingers with K-Y jelly or olive oil and stick them all the way inside. If she or her partner can’t feel anything inside, chances are good that there’s nothing there. A woman should not be embarrassed to call a gynecologist for help.[5]
  • The pH (acid/base balance) of the vagina is around 4, which is the same pH as wine, tomatoes, and beer. Some things that change the pH of the vagina are vaginal infections, douching, soap, and exposure to semen.[2]
  • The largest vagina in history most likely belonged to Anna Swann (1846-1888). She was 7 feet and 5 inches tall and weighed 350 pounds. She gave birth to a 23-pound baby with a 19-inch head.[2]
  • In 2006, in the novel The Haunted Vagina, a woman’s vagina acted as a gateway to the world of the dead.[4]
  • In 2009, a healthy kidney designated for transplant was removed through the donor’s vagina at John Hopkins Medical Center. This type of surgery is considered less invasive because the kidney was removed through a natural opening. The more traditional surgery typically requires a 5-6 inch incision through the abdominal wall.[7]
  • Approximately one in 5,000-7,000 female babies are born without a vagina. Known as vaginal agenesis, the condition is sometime recognized at birth, but most of the time isn’t diagnosed until puberty.[2]
  • Researchers believe that pubic hair evolved to become either a type of sexual ornament or as a way to trap pheromones
  • Hair around the vaginal area grows only for three weeks. However, the hair on a person’s head can grow for up to seven years.[2]
  • Different vaginas have different smells at different times of the day. Right out of the shower, a vagina may not smell. After running or exercise, a vagina might smell musky from all the sweat glands. A menstruating vagina may smell like iron, and when a vagina has an overgrowth of yeast, it may smell like bread. After intercourse, a vagina may smell faintly like bleach, as semen has a smell of its own. If there is an overgrowth of bacteria, the vagina may smell like fish.[5]
  • The etymology of the word “cunt” is uncertain. Some scholars believe it derives from the Latin cuneus, “wedge,” or from the Proto-Indo-European *gwen, which is the root of “queen,” and the Greek gyne, “woman.”[5]
  • Approximately 30% of women have orgasms from vaginal intercourse. Some researchers claim that a vaginal orgasm may be a deep clitoral orgasm. Other researchers claim that vaginal and clitoral orgasms are completely different and activate different parts of the brain. The word orgasm is from the Proto-Indo-European root *wrog, meaning “to burgeon, swell with strength.”[3]
  • The vagina has over 1,000 nicknames, including “passion flower,” “pink pearl,” “ya ya,” “fish taco,” “crotch mackerel,” “cod canal,” “fish factory,” “fuzzy lap flounder,” “tuna town, “ “penis penitentiary,” “cum pocket,” “yoni,” “warehouse of warmth,” “warm slurpee,” the “V” thing,” “apple pie,” and “yum yum.”[5]
  • With over 1,000 nicknames, the vagina is one of the most obessed over body parts in history
  • In about 1 in 2,000 births, a girl is born with an imperforate hymen, which means there is no hole in the tissue to allow menses or discharge to pass through.[5]
  • Gynecologists say that there are natural ways to make a vagina smell fresher without douching, including 1) eliminate pubic hair; 2) wipe with baby wipes instead of toilet paper; 3) drink cranberry juice, which is a natural antibacterial; 4) go panty free or wear cotton panties to keep the vagina aired out; 5) take probiotics to keep vaginal flora healthy; 6) avoid panty hose and tight jeans; and 7) eat a healthy, vegetable-based diet. Foods such as coffee, asparagus, beets, alcohol, broccoli, onions, garlic, and curry can affect the smell.[5]
  • Painful sex (dyspareunia) is normal after a woman loses her virginity. But if the pain does not lessen and resolve after a while, other conditions may be involved, including vulvar vestibulitis (inflammation of the vestibule), vaginismus (involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles), allergic reactions to things such as latex condoms or spermicide, and endometriosis (when lining from the uterus gets on the ovaries, bowel, and pelvic lining). As women age, lower levels of estrogen can cause atrophic vaginitis, or thinning of the vaginae.[2]
  • Most gynecologists believe that masturbating is healthy and normal because it is safe sex, it releases stress, it is a mood booster, and it helps build pelvic floor muscles. However, there are exceptions. For example, one woman decided to masturbate with a banana. While masturbating, she put the stem side in first and lacerated her cervix, which required a hospital visit and sticthes. If a woman puts something inside, she should stick to smooth fingers, vibrators, and dildos.[2]
  • While each woman’s vagina is different, the average length of an unaroused vagina in a mature woman is between 2.5-3.0 inches wide and 3.5 inches long. The vagina can expand up to 200% during sexual intercourse and giving birth.[2]
Why do people say "grow some balls"? Balls are weak and sensitive. If you wanna be tough, grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.

- Betty White

  • The hymen is named after Hymen, the Greek goddess of marriage, and is the membrane that partially covers the vagina. The hymen serves to project the vagina before puberty. After puberty and once estrogen thickens the vaginal tissue, the hymen serves little functional purpose.[2]
  • In some cultures, a woman’s clitoris is cut off, the labia removed, and the vagina sewn shut, with the exception of a tiny hole (to allow for discharge). Widely condemned as genital mutilation, this horrific practice is done because it is believed it will make a woman more marriageable by both decreasing sexual desire and to ensure virginity.[6]
  • Vagina dentate is Latin for “toothed vagina” and refers to the folktales in some cultures about women whose vaginas have teeth that can bite off a penis. Symbolically, the stories are told as a cautionary tales to discourage sexual behaviors. They can also prey on castration anxiety as well as the fear that men may be diminished by a woman. However, on rare occasions, dermoid cysts (which are cysts that can contain hair, brain, thyroid, skin, and teeth) can migrate their way to the vagina, which can cause vagina denata.[5]
  • In a condition called pelvic prolapse, a woman’s vagina can literally fall out and hang between the legs. Pelvic prolapse, however, can often be fixed.[2]
  • Some researchers believe that the G-spot (the Grafenberg spot) lies two to three inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall (near the belly button), just under the urethra. They believe this area has a different texture than the rest of the vagina and may be a remnant prostate gland. Other researchers believe that the G-spot does not exist.[5]
  • Trichomoniasis is a vaginal infection caused by a sexually transmitted parasite. Symptoms include itching, burning, and excess discharge that is bubbly, greenish or grayish, and may smell bad. Over 3.7 million people in the United States have the disease, though only 30% have symptoms.[8]
  • Bacterial vaginosis (BV) causes the classic fishy smell in a vagina and is sometimes associated with discharge, odor, pain, itching and burning. It is the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age. Researchers do not fully understand how a woman develops BV, but know it is associated with an imbalance of the bacteria that are normally found in a woman’s vagina. Increased risk includes having a new sex partner or multiple partners and douching. A woman cannot get BV from toilet seats, bedding, or swimming pools, and women who have never had sexual intercourse can also be affected.[8]
  • While some cultures teach that vaginas are taboo or dirty places, one doctor notes that vaginas have also been celebrated through history and that “reclaiming the power and beauty is immensely liberating. Women, and the sexual distinctions that make us women, are the most powerful creative forces in the world.” Additionally, studies show that women who are more confident about their vaginas have better orgasms.[5]
  • There are several vagina symbols, including oysters, flowers, handbags, and the vesica pisces (the “vessel of the fish” that is often used as a Christ symbol).[2]
  • The vagina is a potential space, meaning that if nothing is holding it open, it collapses, like a sock without a foot in it.[3]
  • Some companies sell heavy metal balls, such as the Ben Wa Ball, that are used to tighten vaginal muscles. The ball is simply carried around in the vagina.[2]


  • Both sharks and vaginas have a substance called squalene. Squalene exists in shark livers and is also a natural vaginal lubricant.[2]
  • The vagina begins at the opening of the vulva (from the Proto-Indo-European *wel- “to turn, to revolve,” and is related to walzan “to waltz”) and ends at the cervix (from the Latin cervix, “the neck, nape of the neck”).[1][10]
  • Inside the vagina is a series of ridges produced by folds of the vagina called the vaginal rugae. They allow the vagina to extend and stretch.[5]
  • The vagina is self-cleaning and, consequently, physicians discourage douching. The vagina has colonies of mutually symbiotic flora and microorganisms that protect against dangerous microbes. Disrupting this balance can cause yeast infections, abnormal discharge, and more.[8]
  • The vagina is not an open conduit to the abdominal cavity. While tiny, microscopic sperm can swim through the opening of the cervix, a tampon will never fit. So it is impossible to lose a tampon, condom, or anything else in a vagina.[2]
  • A 27-year-old woman in 2011 was charged with possession of heroin after 54 bags of the drug were found inside her vagina.[11]
  • While rare, it is possible for a woman to develop an allergy to the proteins in semen. This condition is known as human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity. Most cases only involve itching and swelling after sex, but in some cases it can be life threatening. Research shows that certain women are allergic to certain men but not to others.


  • One patient came to a gynecologist complaining that vines were coming out of her vagina. The doctor examined her and found that vines were indeed coming out. When the doctor removed the object, she found that it was a potato that had sprouted vines. The patient told the doctor that her mother told her to put a potato in her vagina to prevent pregnancy.[5]
  • While vaginal discharge can help lubricate the vagina, it is different from the vaginal lubrication produced during sex. The lube comes from special, pea-sized ducts called Bartholin’s glands, which are located around the vaginal opening.[2]
  • Vaginas (like breasts, knees, and bottoms) can get saggy. Pregnancy, childbirth, age, hormonal changes, genetics, and years of gravity can weaken the supports of the female genital tract, which causes sagging. There are several ways to avoid sagging: 1) Kegel exercises, 2) maintaining a normal weight, 3) avoiding constipation, and 4) not smoking.[2]
  • Vaginal discharge does not contain any waste products. Instead it contains the following: fluid that seeps through the walls of the vagina, cervical mucus, uterine and tubal fluid, secretions from glands in the vulva, oil and sweat from vulvar glands, old cells from the walls of the vagina, and healthy bacteria. Vaginal discharge contains mostly salt water, mucus, and cells.[2]
  • The average amount of vaginal discharge a woman of reproductive age secretes over a period of eight hours weighs 1.55 grams (1 gram=¼ teaspoon). Every woman makes different amounts of vaginal discharge, though it varies depending on where a woman is in her cycle. A woman procures the greatest amount of discharge (1.96 grams) around the time of ovulation.[2]
  • While vulvas typically vary between women, most vaginas look alike.[2]
  • One gynecologist reported that a patient of hers regularly used her vagina as a purse. The woman would stuff it with a plastic baggie of pills, a wad of bills, a tube of lipstick, and a pen. The woman later admitted that she had been sexually abused as an eight-year-old.[5]
  • According to one gynecologist, the most unusual vagina she had ever seen was on a woman who had come in for labor and delivery. She actually had two vaginas, with two cervixes. One cervix was eight centimeters dilated. The other was completely closed. She had had no prenatal care, but her husband had told her for years that having sex with her was like having sex with two different women.[5]
  • When one gynecologist was asked what it was like looking at vaginas all day, she replied “Really, it’s just a bunch of different haircuts.”[5]


  • One patient visited a gynecologist complaining of vaginal itching and feeling like “something is moving around inside.” The examination revealed that there were two to three live maggots in her vagina. The gynecologists had no idea how the worms got into the vagina, but treated her with worming pills, cleaned the vagina, and told her not to put food products into her vagina. At her two-week checkup, the woman was free of maggots.[5]

10 Incredible Things Accomplished By Women Disguised As Men

10 Incredible Things Accomplished By Women Disguised As Men

Women, throughout most of history, haven’t shared the same opportunities as men. They’ve been relegated to their homes, with the doors that lead to the great deeds that get one’s name written into history firmly closed. At best, their names are remembered only by virtue of being somehow connected to a famous man.

But throughout those thousands of years of repression, there have been womenbubbling with abilities and ideas who’ve refused to stay shut out. In a world where only men were allowed to succeed, they cut their hair, put on pants, and accomplished things their brothers refused to believe could ever be done by a woman.

10 Rena Kanokogi: The Woman Who Won A Male Judo Competition

Photo credit: www.judophotos.com

From a young age, Rena Kanokogi (nee Glickman) wanted to be a judo master. Growing up in Brooklyn, she dedicated herself to martial arts, determined to become the best in the world.

There was just one problem: Rena was a woman. In the 1950s, when she started hungering to compete, there weren’t any judo competitions open to women—or, at least, none that were worth her while. But Rena didn’t let that stop her. She entered the 1959 New York State YMCA Judo Championship: a competition exclusively for men.

Women weren’t allowed in the competition because the judges considered them too frail and weak to compete against the men. Rena, though, didn’t just prove herself an equal—she proved herself better. She beat every man she fought and left with the gold medal around her neck.[1]

In the end, she was forced to give it up. The judges had an inkling that Rena was a woman, and when they asked, she told them the truth. Rena didn’t regret giving up the medal, though. She believed that, by telling the truth, she helped legitimize women’s judo, and that was far more important than any medal.

Rena went on to coach the women’s judo team during the 1988 Seoul Olympics and also became the first woman to become a seventh-degree black belt. Rena Kanokogi passed away in 2009 at the age of 74.

9 Dr. James Barry: The First Doctor To Perform A Successful C-Section

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

When Margaret Ann Bulky was born in Ireland in 1789, women were expressly forbidden to practice medicine. Her family, though, fell on hard times, and when the uncle who supported them died, she felt it fell on her shoulders to pull them through.

She took her uncle’s name, James Barry, and, passing herself off as him, enrolled in medical school. Her disguise made her a seem a bit eccentric. She draped herself in an overcoat no matter how hot the weather, spoke in an affected deep voice, and had 8-centimeter (3 in) inserts in all of her shoes—but she did well enough in her studies that her teachers let their lingering doubts go.

By the age of 22, she was an assistant surgeon in the military, and by 1857, she was the inspector general in charge of all military hospitals. She was one of the most successful medical experts of her day. In fact, she was the first surgeon to perform a caesarian section and get both the mother and baby through it alive.[2](Sources vary on whether she was the first to do so in Africa or in the British Empire.)

She left a request in her will asking to be buried in the clothes she died in, without having her body washed. Her wishes, though, were not followed, and as a nurse prepared her body for burial, she found out that one of the most respected men in medicine was actually a woman.

8 Khawlah Bint Al-Azwar: The Woman Who Led The Muslim Army Against The Byzantine Empire

Photo credit: The Odyssey Online

When the early Muslims led their armies against the Byzantine Empire in the seventh century, a young woman named Khawlah bint al-Azwar followed along.[3] Her brother, Dhiraar Ibn al-Azwar, was a commander in the army, and she came along as a nurse to make sure someone was ready to heal his wounds.

When her brother was captured, though, during the Siege of Damascus, Khawlah refused to let him rot in a prison cell and die. She put on armor, veiled her face, and took his place on the battlefield alongside the other men.

Khawlah fought so bravely and ferociously that the army’s general, Khalid Ibn Walid, personally met with her to recognize her as the hero of the battle. The whole army was shocked when she revealed her face.

Instead of kicking her out, though, Khalid let her lead a rescue mission to free her brother. Khawlah led a battalion of men into the Byzantine camp, rescuing her brother and every prisoner of war the Byzantines had captured.

Khawlah followed the army from then on, initially the only woman fighting in an army of men. That changed, though, when she was captured by the Byzantines and thrown into a prison for women. Khawlah armed her fellow prisoners with tent poles and pegs, leading her own crudely equipped female army in a violent jailbreak that ended with 30 Byzantine soldiers dead and countless women freed by their own strength.

7 Agnodice: The First Female Doctor Of Greece

Photo credit: Wellcome Trust

Ancient Greece was notoriously cruel to women. It was a place where women were expected to stay silent and obey their husbands, a place where they said: “The best reputation a woman can have is not to be spoken of.”

For a woman to practice medicine in Greece was absolute and complete gall. It was so contemptible that any woman who even tried would be sentenced to death. According to the Roman historian Gaius Julius Hyginus, though, one woman named Agnodice dared to do it anyway.

According to the story, Agnodice disguised herself as a man, studied medicine, and became one of the most successful doctors in Athens. She specialized in helping women in labor and was so popular with her patients that her male colleagues accused her of seducing them.

The men were so convinced she was luring away their patients through illicit means that they took her to court for sexually abusing patients. During the trial, though, Agnodice shocked the court by revealing that she was a woman—and guaranteeing herself a certain death.

Her patients saved her life. When word got out that Agnodice was to be executed, they flooded into the courthouse, insisting that Agnodice had revolutionized female health care. One woman told the courts: “You are condemning her who discovered health for us!”[4]

To everyone’s surprise, the courts listened. The story goes that Agnodice was allowed to live and to continue practicing medicine, and the law in Athens was changed. Because of her, women were finally allowed to become doctors.

6 One-Eyed Charley: The First Woman To Vote In The United States

Photo credit: The Gay Almanac

One-Eyed Charley was born Charlotte Parkhurst in 1812, but somewhere along the line, she changed her name. Charlotte put on a pair of pants and became One-Eyed Charley: one of the most feared names in the Wild West.

Unlike the other women in this list, One-Eyed Charley probably wasn’t just in disguise for a job. It’s believed that Charley self-identified as a man and decided to live as one. But man or woman, Charley made history.

One-Eyed Charley was one of the toughest, hardest-drinking cowboys on the American frontier. He’d lost his eye after being hoofed in the face by a horse, and it seemed to have left him bitter. He worked as a stagecoach driver and had a reputation for carrying guns and having an itchy trigger finger. The bandit Sugarfoot found that out firsthand when he tried to hijack One-Eyed Charley, only to find out that Charley was just as ready to put a bullet in someone’s stomach as Sugarfoot was—and twice as fast on the trigger.

Nobody questioned Charley’s gender until he died. Even for a man, he had an unusually deep and gruff voice. It wasn’t an affectation—Charley’s lifelong habit of chewing tobacco had left him with mouth cancer. That’s why it was such a shock when they got his body ready for burial and realized he’d been born a woman.

By then, though, Charley had already done something worthy of the history books. In 1867, he’d registered to vote in California—making him the first person born as a woman to cast a vote in an American election.[5]

5 Renee Bordereau: The Woman Napoleon Wanted Dead

Photo credit: Wellcome Trust

Renee Bordereau lost 42 family members to the French Revolution. Though the battle was for liberty and equality, the revolutionaries’ aim wasn’t always squarely aimed at the aristocracy. Many of the Bordereaus, a family of peasants, met their ends at their hands, including Renee’s father, who died before her very eyes.

When the Royalists revolted against the Revolutionaries in 1793, Renee Bordereau jumped on the opportunity for revenge. She put on a disguise, took her brother’s name of Hyacinthe, and charged into battle.

She was one of the most feared fighters in the Royalist army. She was famous for riding into battle with a horse’s bridle between her teeth so that her hands were free to carry a sword and a gun at the same time. It made her a brutal force to contend with—legend has it that, in her first battle alone, she killed 17 men.

The French thought she was invulnerable. She fought 200 battles and was so notorious that Emperor Napoleon put a 40,000-franc bounty on her head.[6]

In time, her brothers-in-arms realized that their greatest fighter was a woman. Still, they kept her on, with one soldier famously pointing her out by saying:

See that soldier who has sleeves of a color different from his coat? That’s a girl who fights like a lion.

4 Kathrine Switzer: The First Woman To Run In The Boston Marathon

Photo credit: www.jecoursqc.com

There was no women’s running team at Syracuse University in the 1960s, when Katherine Switzer was there, but she was determined to run anyway. She entered the only group they had, the men’s cross-country team, and immediately told her coach that she wanted to get ready to run the Boston Marathon.

At the time, women were banned from participating on the belief that they were too “fragile” to run a marathon, but Switzer was determined. Her coach didn’t think she could do it. Trying to dissuade her, he challenged her to run a full 42 kilometers (26 mi) in training—so Switzer, just to prove a point, ran 50 kilometers (31 mi) instead.[7]

To get past the judges, Switzer signed up for the 1967 Boston Marathon as “K.V. Switzer.” She showed up in a baggy sweatshirt, hoping to avoid attention—but her disguise wasn’t exactly the best. Switzer insisted on wearing lipstick while she ran, making it obvious to everyone who saw her that this was no man.

She got off to a great start, but while she was running, an official, furious that a woman was running the marathon, stormed onto the track and tried to tackle her, yelling: ”Get the hell out of my race and give me those numbers!” The incident erupted into a full-on brawl as Switzer’s friends came out to help her. With all the commotion, she didn’t have much of a chance of winning—but out of sheer stubbornness, she ran the race to the end anyway.

She lost her first marathon, but she ran the Boston Marathon another seven times after that. She ran countless other marathons as well, with her greatest win coming in the New York City Marathon of 1974. Switzer didn’t just get first place—she finished a full 27 minutes before the next woman crossed the finish line.

3 Saint Marina: The Sainted Monk Who Was Secretly A Woman

Photo credit: Richard de Montbaston

When Saint Marina’s mother died, her father decided to give up everything and become a monk. Marina, with nowhere else to go, followed him into the monastery, disguising herself as man and calling herself “Marinos.”

In time, Marinos became a respected monk at the monastery. Years of developing a strong reputation, though, were shattered when a local innkeeper’s daughter came into the monastery pregnant, insisting that she’d been violated by Father Marinos.[8]

Obviously, Marina hadn’t impregnated the woman, but she refused to deny it. If she did, the baby would be doomed to a short life of neglect. And so, to make sure the child had a parent, Marina pretended to be his father and took him in.

She was kicked out of the monastery and sent out into the streets, where she had to beg to survive. Still, she did her best to take care of the child, working with so much devotion that, in time, her fellow monks invited her back in.

The child she raised became a monk himself, and the two lived in the monastery together until Marina’s death. It wasn’t until they started to prepare her body for burial that anyone realized she was a woman—and, clearly, innocent of all accusations.

2 Trotula Of Salerno: The World’s First Gynecologist

Trotula of Salerno has been called the world’s first gynecologist.[9] Way back in the 11th century, she was a respected physician in Italy, working as the chair of medicine at the School of Salerno. There, she published a whole series of books on health care, full of ideas that would change medicine for centuries.

She didn’t exactly have to dress like a man. Italy, at the time, accepted a small number of female doctors, and Trotula was able to work without hiding her gender. Her books, though, were another matter. The world struggled with the idea of reading a treatise on medicine written by a woman, so some were published under a man’s name.

She was responsible for countless breakthroughs in women’s health, with new ideas on supporting patients through menses, conception, pregnancy, and childbirth. She introduced painkillers during childbirth when they were forbidden and was one of the first people to realize that men could be responsible for infertility.

In her own era, she earned a fair amount of respect as a woman—but as time went on, people refused to believe that woman was capable of the things that she had done. During the Renaissance, copies of her medical text were republished with a man’s name instead of her own. Even when she didn’t pretend to be a man, other people disguised her anyway.

1 Jeanne Baret: The First Woman To Circumnavigate The Globe

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

Not every story ends well. The story of Jeanne Baret, the woman who dressed up as a man to travel around the globe, is a great moment in history—but it ends in horrifying tragedy.

Jeanne Baret joined Louis Antoine de Bougainville’s round-the-world expedition as a botanist in 1766. Her boyfriend, Philibert Commerson, had already signed up for the trip and, not wanting to be apart from Baret, convinced her to dress up as a young boy and sign on as his assistant.

The two sailed around the world together, identifying countless plants for the first time and making Baret the first woman to circle the globe.[10] A whole genus of plants they discovered was even named after her. Commerson called them Baretia, saying that the flowers, like her, were defined by contradiction.

In time, though, the crew realized that Baret was a woman. The official story, for years, has been that the natives of Tahiti recognized her gender and told the crew—but more recently, historians have found a different account, recorded in three different men’s journals, that is far more horrifying.

While their ship was near Papua New Guinea, three men on the crew, who’d figured out that she was a woman, beat and brutally gang-raped her. By law, the men who did it should have been hanged. Instead, the crew covered it up, letting the men go free while Baret was left with her skin torn and a baby, conceived by one of the men who’d attacked her, growing inside her.

Baret made history as the first woman to circle the world—but for a woman in her time, making history came at a horrible cost.


10 Strange Ways Women Have Had Accidental Orgasms

10 Strange Ways Women Have Had Accidental Orgasms



It turns out women can have accidental orgasms. They pop out of nowhere, but only a secondary stimulus can elicit it–meaning something you can’t control.

Here are some of the different ways women have experienced accidental orgasms.


Horseback Riding

Some women report orgasming as they have trotted around on these regal creatures. It varies from woman to woman, and some say horseback riding is more uncomfortable than orgasm inducing.



The link between orgasms and sneezing is actually a medical condition, which is due to a strange connection in the autonomic nervous system. That’s the system that exercises unconscious control of heart rate, digestion, and pupil dilation.




Much like ab workouts have induced accidental orgasms, there are other types of physical exercise associated with exercise-induced orgasms or EIO. Bicycling clocks in at 15.8 percent effective according to a 2012 study by Indiana University.




In that same Indiana University study, 20 percent of women who experience EIO have it happen during yoga.

This one is a little bit harder to fathom.


Ab workouts

The accidental orgasm from a core workout has actually been studied and written up in the Journal of Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Women can climax when working out–especially when doing abdominal exercise. Up to 15 percent of women can experience orgasms from physical activity.



Full disclosure: I had to look kegels up, and it got weird. Kegel exercises are pelvic floor exercises consisting of repeatedly contracting and relaxing the muscles that form part of the pelvic floor.

Women do them to strengthen their downstairs area which supposedly helps them orgasm better, or more frequently, during sex and some actually report they orgasm while they do kegels.



This one makes some sense. The vibrating engine of a powerful motorcycle has induced orgasms, according to some women.

Makes you want to get a Harley, huh?


Wet Dreams/Sexual Fantasies

Some women can have such intensely imagined sexual fantasies that they orgasm just thinking about them. This can happen when they are wide awake or when sleeping–essentially a wet dream.



This one isn’t too far fetched. Most tales of women orgasming during massages tend to involve when the massage therapist works on the back–especially the lower part. Some women experience them during foot massages and/or pedicures.

If the pedicures come with a vibrating chair it heightens the possibility!

Women With Dyed Armpit Hair Is The Latest Instagram Beauty Trend

Women With Dyed Armpit Hair Is The Latest Instagram Beauty Trend



Remember McDonald’s Eyebrows and Nostril Hair Extensions? Now it’s for this awkwardness… Follow #dyedarmpits for the latest updates or participate yourself!



Lebanese Town Tries To Drum Up Tourism With Female ‘Hot Cops’

Lebanese Town Tries To Drum Up Tourism With Female ‘Hot Cops’


It’s not easy for small towns to compete when it comes to tourism. Unlike larger cities, you simply lack the needed attractions and hot spots. So Pierre Achkar, mayor of the town of Brummana — around 10 miles outside Beirut, Lebanon — tried a different approach when advertisements for local restaurants and shops weren’t boosting the local economy. Enter female police wearing booty shorts.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Lebanese town recently changed the standard police uniform for women on the force to a black t-shirt and pair of black shorts. These seem to vary in size and length from standard issue to Daisy Duke, depending on the lady wearing them.

Dubbed the “Hot Traffic Police,” Achkar has put the somewhat scantily clad women on display near the town center in hopes of attracting as many eyes as possible.


“Ninety-nine percent of the tourists in the Mediterranean region wear shorts,” explained Broummana’s Mayor. “We in Lebanon want to change the bleak picture of Lebanon in the West,” Achkar told RT’s Ruptly video agency.

Understandably, reaction to the “Hot Traffic Police” has been mixed. Recent recruit Samata Saad, for instance, claims she enjoys the job. “We came willingly to this work and we have accepted it with enthusiasm and we still hope that it will return in every summer season,” she said.

I’m not sure how much these hot cops will help Brummana’s tourism dollars. First and foremost, a bunch of beautiful women in tiny shorts aren’t going to provide any help when it comes to reducing potential car accidents.





The Hands


According to Dr. Shannon Chavez, “If a partner sucks on a finger and massages it with the tongue, it sends the signal to the reward center of the brain similar to sex.”

The hands and fingers are particularly sensitive, and even the lightest touch or lick could send you into another universe of eroticism.


The Clitoris


Research has shown us what everyone already knows, the clitoris is the most sensitive erogenous zone on the female body. As far as ‘the best way to stimulate’ this area, pressure and vibration are key words to live by.


The Stomach


The stomach, like virtually every other body pat on this list, is extremely sensitive to touch. Light touches in particular. Running your fingers or tongue along the stomach is a great way to enhance any sexual experience. Tristan Weedmark, sexual expert, says “Not only is this area very sensitive, but light stimulation of it promotes blood flow to other erogenous zones.”


The Feet


Despite the fact that a ton of people are ticklish when it comes to the feet, it is apparently a place that can be very pleasurable if played with in bed. Shallon Lester, sex vlogger and author, says that using a firm hand on her feet during sex can be an incredible turn on. She even suggests that, when in reverse cowgirl, you should dig your nails lightly into the bottoms of her feet, even grabbing her big toes.


The lips


The lips are the most commonly exposed area of all erogenous zones. Extremely sensitive, the lips have nearly 100 times more nerve endings than the fingers do. Doing things like licking, sucking, and nibbling on your partners lips is a great way to keep things interesting in bed.


The Ears


There are a ton of sensory receptors in and around the ears, making it the perfect place for some ‘play time’ during sex. A gentle kiss of the ear lobe just might make your partner jump right onto you. Sexologist Emily Morse says to “gently kiss the earlobe, or hold it lightly in your mouth and massage it with your lips. If they seem to be enjoying this, you can take it as a green light to start to nibble or suck on the lobe.”


The pubic mound


Okay, so, despite the name, this does not mean that there has to be actual pubes there. The pubic mound is an area above the pubic bone that is incredibly cushioned and extremely erogenous. Shannon Chavez, sexual therapist says that this area is one that will emit pheromones when stimulated, which triggers sexual responses in our bodies.


Inner Thighs


The inner thighs are extremely sensitive to touch. little kisses, nips, and licks. Jane Greer, a sex and relationship expert, suggests ‘spicing things up’ by bringing ice cubes into the equation and tracing them up and down her inner thighs.


Nape of the neck


The nape of the neck contains a ton of nerve endings that are extremely sensitive to touch. This goes for both male and females. Running your fingers, lips, and tongue across this area is a great way to get you guys ‘going’.


The armpits


Although this is an area that most people try to stay away from, Cory Beth Honickman, a relationship expert, is adamant that some light play in this area can really turn someone on. Start slow, using the tips of your fingers to gently play with the armpits- if you’re brave enough, use a little tongue. Apparently, for those who aren’t ticklish, it’s pretty exciting.



Top 6 Greatest Female Scientists

Top 6 Greatest Female Scientists

We all know the men who have changed the world. In this video, I will tell you about 6 brilliant women scientists.





Is your vagina ready for summer? According to Teen Vogueit sure sounds likeyou and your vagina need to keep up with the latest seasonal trends.



Um, without having to click and read the article, what the hell does "summer vagina" mean? Is it styling pubic hair into beachy waves? Shaving it into a floral pattern?

People on Twitter hilariously trolled this headline that just might have been trolling us.










If you actually click on the article, it's not about pube-styling but rather essential tips for maintaining vaginal health, like changing out of wet bathing suits.

But the real question is: how are men readying their summer penises?

Men Share 15 More Of The Creepiest Things Women Have Done

Men Share 15 More Of The Creepiest Things Women Have Done -



People have a pretty bad track record when it comes to being creepy (see: all of history).  it's a verifiable fact that everyone can be creepy as hell.

As it turns out, there are PLENTY of examples of women being bonified romantic weirdos. I hope you have somewhere to sit, because you'll need to settle in for some of these stories.




Women Reveal What Kind Of Porn They Watch [NSFW]

Women Reveal What Kind Of Porn They Watch [NSFW]


What Women Say VS. What They Really Mean... TAKE NOTES

What Women Say VS. What They Really Mean... TAKE NOTES

Women. Gorgeous, brilliant, mysterious and worthy of all the adoration they can get. They really do “run this world” even if they let us men think we do. That said, women, you can be confusing as hell sometimes. A man needs a PhD in reading between the lines to decipher what you really mean. Well, I’m no doctor, but here is a quick cheat sheet to help all the men out there stay out of the dog house.

“Do whatever you want”

*Boooooooooooop* This is a test of the emergency broadcast system. What you do next is very important and it has nothing to do with what you want. Think very carefully before you act.

“I need my space”

Boy you done fucked up now. If you’re married, I hope you have a comfortable couch. If you’re just dating, well, you’re not anymore.

“I’m/It’s Fine”

If you can read, you’re too old to fall for this. She is definitely not fine and you better figure out what is wrong real quick. Hint: It’s you. It’s always you.

“I’m almost ready”

Ladies, this shit is confusing! Guys, use the rule of threes here. Has she changed at least three times? Has she said she’s ready three times? Has she asked you, “Is that what you’re wearing” three times? No? Grab a beer and enjoy the game.

“We need to talk”

Oh, there’s gonna be talking, but it’s not gonna be you. You’ll be doing that thing you’re so great at—listening! Yes, there will be a quiz afterward.


This is an accusation, an insinuation and a four-alarm fire, buddy. I mean, you had the audacity to ask her “what’s wrong?” Clearly you should know the answer. “Nothing” is exactly what you’ll be getting tonight.


You won an argument! No, you damn fool. You NEVER win an argument with a woman. She’s just digging in. It’s a war of attrition.

“I’m not hungry”

This one is sometimes accompanied by, “I’ll just have a salad.” Translation: I’m gonna pick off your plate the entire time because I’m hungry but don’t want to feel fat.”



“Just go”

Leave her at home and go have a few beers with the boys. Also, send a moving van to pick up all your shit from the front lawn.

“Let’s take it slow”

“You’re nice, but so is this other guy I’m seeing and he has abs.”

“We’ll see”


“I’m tired”

Pack it up buddy, she’s got her sweatpants on already. You’re not getting any.

“I have nothing to wear”

“There is so much shit in my closet I can’t even bring myself to go through it. Can we stop by the mall on our way?”


“Not now, but I reserve my right to change my mind whenever, wherever without warning.” Otherwise known as, “Maybe.”

“Whatever you want”

See, this is a trick question, because you should want whatever she wants, right?

Women Share The Things Men Do That They Don't Realize Is Sexy

Women Share The Things Men Do That They Don't Realize Is Sexy


Welcome men! I'm assuming you are reading this because you want to know what things women find sexy. And I have some good news for you! It's a bunch of stuff you're already doing!

Women on Reddit were asked what things men do that they do not realize are sexy. No, no one answered "leaving your empty beer cans around" or "housing an entire bag of Doritos within a mere matter of minutes," but these answers from women may definitely surprise you.

You don't even have to look like this guy!

lunarleona wants you to get loud.

Moaning. Guys are usually pretty quiet during sex, so any noise that lets us know you're actually enjoying yourself is really exciting.

I think Sirefly is describing a mugging?

My GF says whenever she sees me shave with my straight razor she want's to jump me.

anonymoustop has good news for smirkers.

Half smiles. Idfk why. But yeah.

I think we can pretty much shut it down after nymeera's comment.

the fact that they don't know they are doing something sexy

intoxicatedbipolar doesn't seem into bald guys.

Run their fingers through their hair. Especially when they’re doing it subconsciously, like while thinking, or after working out to get the sweat off their forehead. Hnnng

surgerygeek has a pavlovian response to Velcro.

My SO is a firefighter and I've been conditioned to the sound of his Velcro belt being ripped open...so Velcro does it for me apparently.

throwawaydownundr and his wife must have an interesting sex life...

My wife told me that my handshake is very sexy. Go figure.

iowadeathcrab knows that laughter is the best (sexual) medicine.

Laugh. Ugh, something about unbridled laughter is amazing.

you_minivan just wants you to not stink. You up to the challenge, boys?

Smell good. I don't even mean wear cologne - just don't stink. The smell of my husband's deodorant (even after a long day of just being deodorized) can do it for me.

AmiMizuno27 wants to get handsy when her boyfriend gets handy.

Just being handy. Drives me wild when my bf fixes something or puts something together.

If you get along with potatoho's dog, you might just mate.

When they are sweet to kids or pets. It's just biology i guess

joey130312 wants to bed a dude with bedhead.

When my husband yawns and stretches in the morning he makes this grumbly moaning noise. Combined with morning hair it makes me want him so bad.

hatcheling loves when guys do this things that all guys do.

When they yawn and stretch or reach for something high up and their shirts come up a little bit and you can see their stomachs and their happy trail.


ice_hellion has two turn ons...one is more common than the other.

I love it when guys are very passionate and driven about something. That and your tired voices, sweet lord.

Fancy suits don't impress kevinsorboisagod.

Wearing a plain black T-shirt. No idea why, but man do I love my husband in a plain black tee.

And last but not least, dbatchison's turn-on is something you can do right now.

The top answer is usually "rolling up their sleeves"

Yawning? Handshakes? Plain black t-shirts? We need to up out standards, ladies!

Personally, mine is "showering me in lavish gifts and doing all the household chores." Nothing sexier than that!

New Study Says 42 Percent Of Women Masturbate To Their Coworkers' Social Media Pics

New Study Says 42 Percent Of Women Masturbate To Their Coworkers' Social Media Pics -

Our guess is that it doubles if they’re working on the latest Channing Tatum film.

According to The Sun, a whopping 42 percent of women flick their beans to pictures of their coworkers that have been uploaded to social media sites. Dudes are pretty much in the same ballpark at 39 percent, but that’s surprising when you consider what they’re showing on Pornhub these days.


Those numbers are the results of a study that was conducted by the crew at Sugarcookie.com, who promised the 2,000 random visitors the study would remain anonymous to “encourage open, honest answers.” About 70 percent of those who responded were aged 18-35, and “the rest were older.” Yeah, let’s hope so.

51 percent of women figured their hornball male coworkers were jerking it to pictures of them, while only 21 percent of men thought their female office mates were getting off to them.

It’s unknown whether the respondents were all pleasuring themselves to pictures of their coworkers while they were still at work and everybody was still in the office or if they just waited until all of the new sexy interns from UCLA went home for the evening.



It's Time To Ban Hard-Core Porn

It's Time To Ban Hard-Core Porn

 New York Times columnist Ross Douthat floats a controversial idea on Sunday, one that he sees as a largely unaddressed aspect of the MeToo movement—he wants to ban hard-core porn. His launching point is an article in the New York Times Magazine on how the ubiquitousness of porn is leading to a “porn literacy” movement whose advocates try to explain to teens that, no, those porn scenes are not a real-world guide on how the sexes should interact. Porn seemingly produces the kind of man the MeToo movement has sprang up against, one "shaped by unprecedented possibilities for sexual gratification and frustrated that real women are less available and more complicated than the version on their screen," writes Douthat.

Critics will see any kind of a ban as unacceptable censorship, but Douthat doesn't buy the argument. Porn, after all, is "just a product—something made and distributed and sold, and therefore subject to regulation and restriction if we so desire." Reducing the availability of the hard-core stuff could go a long way in reducing its power over shaping the libidos of the younger generation in all the wrong ways, he argues. We don't have to go along with every aspect of how tech is taking over our lives, and the "moral stakes" involved with porn make it an opportunity to prove that point. "Feminists should take it. We should all take it. It is not only decency but eros itself that waits to be regained." Read the full column.

From Big To Small - What Men REALLY Think About Boobs

From Big To Small - What Men REALLY Think About Boobs




North Korea Sent Over 200 Cheerleaders To The Olympics And It's Totally Not Creepy

North Korea Sent Over 200 Cheerleaders To The Olympics And It's Totally Not Creepy

While the repressive Democratic People's Republic of Korea is only sending 10 athletes to the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeonchang, the score of 230 cheerleaders more than makes up for the dearth of athletes.

As New Yorker staff writer Jia Tolentino so eloquently writes, there is a deep absurdity in witnessing "one of the world’s most repressive, totalitarian nations attempt to deploy two hundred and thirty smiling women as a diplomatic shield."




Fittingly dubbed "The Army of Beauties," the massive squad of matching young women are slated to root not only for the North Korean athletes, but those of South Korea as well.


The young women are all hand-picked from top colleges in North Korea, and undergo severe backgrounds checks to insure their faithfulness to the regime. Unsurprisingly, Kim Jong Un also placed attractiveness near the top of the list of requirements.


While the "army of beauties" is militantly dedicated to Kim John Un (lest they be sent to prison camps), the uniformed image of smiling young women presents a stark contrast to the dictator himself.

They present, in effect, a brilliant and terrifying propaganda technique to normalize the regime.


Given the massive size of their squad, and the stylized and manicured uniforms, the pictures of them feel uncanny.










The same characteristics that make this gathering of 230 women a beautiful and fascinating spectacle, also make them a terrifying force for propaganda. Those outfits tho.

8 Lesbian Myths Uncovered

8 Lesbian Myths Uncovered


According to a portion of our intelligent society, lesbians are really robots who are programmed to think, look, and act the same. These lethal and contagious gay-bots are traveling the world stealing men’s wives, shaving their heads, and turning them… gay! Okay, I might be embellishing their theory a bit, but at the end of the day what’s the difference, ignorance is ignorance. To anyone who believes that gay women are any different than hetero women (aside from who they are attracted to) or that any of the below myths are true, then please contact me. I will immediately start a GoFundMe account to raise money for your stupid ass to get an education. I may even throw in a free flogging while we’re at it.

via Porn Hub

Apparently the country is obsessed with lesbian step moms. More specifically the east and west coast spend a great deal of time searching for lesbians online. Whether it is Orange is The New Black or the CW's sci-fi hit The 100, lesbians are the new stars of sexual fantasies for the average American web surfer. Perhaps the reality is not so surprising when viewed through the prism of human sexual evolution. Most scholars speculate that the simple reason lesbians were a less popular subject than homosexual men, was timing. Up until the 20th century, men were the dominant in every medium from books to film, women were secondary. In the workforce men were valued differently than women. In government, it was men who decided the fate of their constituents. Up until the 20th century, women barely had a voice. So don't be surprised by the popularity of lesbianism. The women of the world are just getting going. Viva lesbianism.

Lesbians stop getting their periods.

That’s right folks, there are people strolling your local streets who seriously believe that once a woman announces she is gay that she will then stop getting her monthly period. And no, I am not referring to people under the age of 12, these are grown adults making these assumptions. Honestly, I don’t even have any witty commentary to fire back because my brain will literally not allow me to respond to such absurd rubbish. Unless a female has issues with her ovaries, is experiencing menopause, or is an Olympic athlete, then she will continue to menstruate like every other woman, gay or not.

Lesbians love threesomes.

Lesbians love threesomes. I am going to go out on a limb here and say that a man came up with this one. Thanks to shitty porn and underactive imaginations, when some men see a gay female couple they automatically assume that the two women want to partake in an orgy, specifically with a man (and hopefully with him). Wheeooo wheeooo, you hear that? That’s the sound of the ASSHOLE ALARM. ALERT ALERT YOU ARE AN ASSHOLE!

Lesbians all hate men.

I love the theory that all lesbians hate men. Is the basis of their hatred stemmed from jealousy over wanting the same sex? Is it that all gay women hate men because they are smelly pompous pigs with hairy balls? Whatever the reason, let me assure you they are wrong. Lesbians are women, women are humans, and just like any other human, their hate is based on a case by case basis. Most likely if a gay woman doesn’t like a particular man it’s because he is a stupid jerkface and no one really likes him except his mother. Wow, it sounds like I hate men, huh? Oh my god, does that mean I am a lesbian? I must have caught it from that girl in Target who had on a flannel shirt and work boots. Damn it!

Butch lesbians need a lipstick lesbian.

In a relationship, one of the women must be “manly”. Ah ha, so now not only do people think lesbians hate men, but now they are also saying they want to be men. Make up your mind you ill-informed fools! Yes, there are different types of lesbians including the stereotypical terms, “butch” and “lipstick lesbo” but just because a woman has a certain style about herself does not mean she wants to be a man. Just because a chick may like to wear a strap-on every now and again does not mean she wants a real dick swinging between her legs.

Lesbian are not religious.

Yes, it is true that many religions look at homosexuality as a sin, but that does not mean that gay women don’t have faith or believe in God. In fact, there are many churches that welcome and accept all people just the way God made them. Amen, hallelujah.

Lesbians fuck like porn stars.

They all have sex like lesbian porn stars. I hate to pick on the men again (not really) but it’s hard to imagine that a male didn’t come up with this brilliant philosophy. I mean seriously, so you’re saying homosexual women are born with a porn star gene? Are they are designed to like G-string tan lines, fake tits, and waxed assholes? Is it in their blood to moan and groan and roll around like an award winning actress when climaxing? Do they have no choice but to eat pussy like a cat lapping at its kin? Um, no. You know who has sex like a porn star? A fucking porn star.

Lesbians promote lesbianism.

Gay women live, breathe, and promote lesbianism. If you think all lesbian’s run around preaching and singing, “I’m proud to be a lesbian, and I think you should be too” then once again you are about as smart as a rock. Sure, some homosexuals will stand up and defend their life, just as millions of others do who believe in equality and rights. Untwist your inconsiderate panties and relax because I promise you they are not trying to persuade you or your girlfriend to cross over to the gay side. And if they are you should be grateful for the compliment.

Lesbians only scissor.

Lesbians don’t have actual “sex”. If your only definition of sex is penis entering vagina, then yes you are correct, lesbians do not have sex. However, if your brain allows you to see more than black and white than you can acknowledge there are other ways to have sex. Try replacing a penis with a dildo or rubbing two extremely sensitive body parts together, both not only feel amazing but also provide intimacy and orgasms (if they do it right). I don’t want to go into too much detail because personally, I think it is totally cool that no one really knows how two women have sex unless they try it. I mean how erotic is that, partaking in something that feels so good and yet remains a mystery to the rest of world.



10 Thoughts All Girls Have During Sex

10 Thoughts All Girls Have During Sex

We all have things that go through our heads when we’re having sex and they aren’t always super sexy thoughts either. We ladies can have entire conversations with ourselveswhile our partner is inside of us. Heck, we talk all the time so having a silent conversation in our head during sex isn’t as strange as it sounds. So, here are 10 thoughts all women have during sex and why.

1. Maybe I should moan louder so he will step this up a bit?

Sometimes an orgasm isn’t going to happen. It’s not anyone’s fault, it just is. Once a woman realizes she’s not having one, she’d like to wrap up the sex and go do something productive instead. We don’t want our partner to feel bad, especially if he did his best to make it happen so we fake it occasionally. He feels good and we can go to sleep, watch t.v. or whatever.

2. Did I pay that bill?

Yeah, sometimes random crap pops in there. We don’t do it deliberately. It also throws off our mojo a bit because we’re going to want to check. We may fake it here too or just start yelling out crazy stuff like “oooh baby, yeah harder, harder or faster, faster” because that is most likely going to bring us to orgasm unless he comes too quickly. Either way, we can double check that bill.

3. Did he just come? Really?

Things are moving oh so nice and the build-up is happening. She is well on her way to a mind-blowing orgasm and then he makes that sound, stiffens up and then plops. Then we hear Bob Uecker’s voice “ just a bit outside”. Damn, damn, damn…

4. I wonder if I can sneak this fart out without him noticing.

Okay, I know this sounds terrible but we’re human and we fart too. Sometimes the urge strikes us and hopefully it strikes when it’s when there is a penis in the vicinity rather than a tongue, if you catch my meaning here. The urge happens during sex sometimes and is made worse when the position is missionary rather than doggie or cowgirl. Having all that extra weigh on top makes it harder to hold in, which almost every woman on the planet would rather do but it’s not always possible.

5. Does he really think that squeezing my boob a few times is foreplay?

Seriously guys a peck on the lips and a couple squeezes on the tit does not foreplay make, okay? We need the foreplay to get our working parts ready for action and without it…ouch. Little or no foreplay is likely going to create a situation like #1 except this time we’ll blame you – in our heads if not outright. Yeah, we’ll fake it but you’ll pay for it later, we are petty like that.

6. I think I may have to help myself out a bit.

Maybe the foreplay was shallow or things just aren’t going as we hoped but we’re still in the game and wanting the prize. When that happens, we’ll snake a hand down to our clitoris or pull out old faithful (our vibrator) and get things moving a bit. Don’t panic, we adore you, really, we do that’s why we didn’t fake it and go eat ice cream. Go with it.

7. I’m hungry.

We’re human and we get hungry. Deal with it. I mean you don’t want our thighs to cramp up while in a reverse cowgirl, do you?

8. I think the dog/cat is watching.

Dogs and cats are so weird, they will totally watch you bang. Some people don’t care but most of us find performing for an audience awkward. I always worry that they will try and stick their nose someplace it does not belong.Literally.

9. Why do my boobs always go into my armpits?

Women are generally always worried about how their bodies look and that’s when we have our clothes on. Once we’re naked we notice everything like the boob thing. Smaller breasted women will complain that they look flat or become a large set of nipples and not much else when on their back. Larger ladies have boobs that go sideways right into the pits, bend us back far enough and then we get strangled. Boobs…they look nice but they cause a lot of trouble during sexy time.

10.Seriously, how do you not know where the clit is?

We really need you to get fully acquainted with the clitoris. It’s not GPS accessible so you’re going to have to locate it on your own or you could ask. If you’re rubbing till your hand cramps or licking till your jaw aches and moaning isn’t happening widen your search area. If you hit a hole, go up slowly about an inch or so. If it is more than an inch away from the vagina, orgasm through vaginal penetration alone won’t happen so that clit is going to be your salvation. The clitoris accounts for nearly 70% of all orgasms in women so you really need to locate it and give it a good workout.


14 Men Share Lady Facts They Learned From Living With Women

14 Men Share Lady Facts They Learned From Living With Women -


Vital information for your everyday life.

1. Such is the great balance of life, einherjar81

The bathtub drain gets clogged by long hair very, very easily. Which is why it gets pasted on the walls of the shower. Any attempts to prevent one will result in the other.

2. BorecoleMyriad, woven from angel hairs or shower hairs?

Paper towels are expensive... the way my wife talks about them, they are woven from angel hairs and can't be used without express written consent.

Same for Clorox wipes, but worse.

3. Shouldn't take more than five minutes Haunini, just hold tight

that the best time to clean the house is right before we have to leave to go somewhere.

4. While you were busy reading this your girl just got starving - thanks a lot auad

That the difference of "I'm not hungry at all" and "I'm going to eat you alive because I'm desperately hungry" is about 5 seconds.

5. Like the metric system, this should be the global standard, but men have to be all 'United States' about it . Via _____i____

The toilet seat AND lid belong in the down position when it's not in use.

It looks better and the dog doesn't drink out of it.

6. It's not fair only one of us gets to rest, Orderves

That there is apparently a wrong way to put the milk in the fridge.

Also, if she can't sleep, I'm not allowed to either.

7. Something like, "BEEP BEEP I'M NOT AN INTRUDER" should do, right Jamesdane123?

If they come home at night and don't expect you to be home, make some kind of you-specific, but non-threatening noise somewhere on the other side of the house BEFORE you say hi to them. DO NOT just pop you head around the corner and say hi. Girls coming home at night to an "empty" house are in pins and needles, even if they don't know it.

8. Can't say I'm familiar with this one, nayyyf15 but hey I'll take your word for it

When they pee, it's really loud. Not the urine hitting the water, but when it comes out of them. I never knew.

9. aquasun666 this is key otherwise you go crazy like in the Shining and murder one another and stuff

I learned "personal time" is VERY IMPORTANT to have, especially if you sleep in the same room. Having our time, separated in different rooms, doing different activities. It's best not to spend every waking moment together.

10. -eDgAR- preaching the gospel. You'll be able to open up a museum of these motherfuckers

You'll start finding these EVERYWHERE. No wonder they come in packs with so many of them.

11. howtocleanyourpots creams rule everything around me CREAM get the creams, dolla dolla creams ya'll

Now I understand why so much floor space in the grocery store is devoted to creams, lotions, soaps, shampoos, remedies, band aids, hair management and makeup. Also why there's a whole industry devoted to products to hold and organize that stuff.

Also, evidently sheets need to be changed on a regular weekly schedule. Who knew?

12. But...it's so much easier if everything goes in the dryer, Bubbagump210

Bras with underwires NEVER go in the dryer.

13. Consider it a tasteful garnish, Xitbitzy


Like seriously, it's like living with a gang of wookies. Nothing makes me gag more when i accidentally swallow a long strand of hair when eating.

14. Again, thisrockismyboone - tasteful garnish

Don't forget about the weekly "how the hell did this strand of hair get wrapped around my dick?"

19 Women Share The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On

19 Women Share The Weirdest Things That Turn Them On


There's probably a fetish for everything under the sun (including the sun). Sometimes there's no telling why a certain thing turns us on, we just know that it absolutely, definitely does. Women on Reddit revealed what they thought were their "weirdest" turn ons ("weird" just as in out of the ordinary, not as a judgmental terms), and while some of them are not weird at all, a few are…strangely interesting? Needless to say, this post is not exactly SFW but you probably knew that when you clicked it.

1. PeruvianVipertooth received many invitations to watch men climb stairs after posting this.

heavy breathing. especially trying to cover it up and pretend it's not happening

2. Fair enough, find_our_feet_rosie, just as long as it's not at the damn gym.

I love grunting. Something kind of primal about it. If I'm going to sit here and blow you for 15 minutes, make some noises goddammit. You're wondering why I don't seem into it? Because you don't seem into it! So frustrating. We're mashing uglies, not attending a funeral service.

3. In Japan, 1KingKat's turn-on is called kabedon.

If I'm leaning on a wall and a guy puts both hands on either side of me on the wall. I kinda feel trapped and super turned on

4. Deviltje didn't know about her turn on until it happened at work.

A co worker walked by my chair once and very lightly touched the back of my neck. OH. MY. GOD.

My mind literally went blank for a second.

5. PhDOH found herself suddenly attracted to something very specific.

A co-worker was talking me through something techy, he'd pulled up a stool and was sat right next to me at my desk and as I turned to look at him I just saw his Adam's apple moving up and down and the only thing I could think was "lick it. Liiiiick iiiiiit." I spent the entire explanation just trying to ignore the voice in my head and not be too obvious in staring at his neck.

My brain sucks and when the issue came up again I had to go and find someone else to teach me.

6. Cestlavie6678 was probably never too into the "indoor kids."

Watching a guy do outdoorsy things. I guess its not that weird, but watching a guy rock climb, pitch a tent (pun intended), start a fire, etc. Anything that shows he is self sufficient in nature. Huge turn on.

7. Summer's gotta be rough/awesome for thosecupcakes.

Heat. Warm rooms... its difficult... And yes, Saunas ARE a problem for me.

8. Jo0506 might actually be a vampire.

Men's hands!!! I can't help imagining them touching me and it drives me nuts. So I am always watching men's hands and how they move

And. ..

Men's necks!!! When I like someone I need to bit them in the neck. So watching guys with those v neck white shirts melts me

9. Glitterybugs likes it wet.

Being in water with my husband. Like pools, lakes, the ocean. Idk why, I just get horny af when we are in water together, even if he's not nearby or paying attention to me! We joke about it a lot.

10. Cityofooo ruined any last urge I had to speak to friends on the phone ever again.

I love having to be discreet or quiet to maintain normalcy - like going down on each other as one of us is on the phone having an actual conversation. I like the coy nature of it and it’s got its own little thrill with only minor impact to whomever we’re on the phone with.

11. AshleyMegan00 likes having the upper hand.

Trying to conceal their attraction toward me. Knowing that they find me attractive and slightly intimidating. I guess that relates to vulnerability. I went to the senior prom with this seemingly dorky guy because I worked with his mom and he needed a date. During our first slow dance I could feel that he had a boner. I didn’t say anything, just noticed it, but it turned me on so much even though I didn’t really find him attractive.

Also, I always went for the shy and quiet ones in the group.

12. Most people HATE what skylarlove0…sort of loves?

Tickling if it goes on for a period of time along with closeness. Usually my boyfriend does it to be silly but it either makes me want to stop because I don't like tickling that much anyway, or to fuck.

13. Missykirgi must be a mess on first dates.

Being nervous, I'm not entirely sure how but a wire got crossed somewhere along my sexual journey and now when I get nervous I get sexually excited even though it's usually really inappropriate timing.

14. Crazyladyscientist loves the electricity in the air.

I've posted this before, but thunderstorms. Something about that heavy electric feeling in the air, the tension before the storm, the actual power of the thunderstorm is a huge turn on.
I have no idea how sex and thunderstorms got linked together in my mind, but it happened sometime during college.

15. Wheresmypenandpaper is a chef's dream.

When a man cooks for me i always want to jump him, it's so sexy to me..

16. Lipsticknstockings likes it when her man gets down and dirty.

When my boyfriend changed my tire. He did it like it was nothing, it was so damn sexy.

17. M-grey is certainly not the first person to feel this way about a stick shift.

When a guy drives a stick shift car. I have no idea how to drive one but whenever he shifts into a new gear, there’s something oddly arousing about it.

18. Bloofan1995 likes rough hands. The skin on them, that is.

Dirty, rough, and calloused hands. Not filthy, just where he looks like he works with his hands for a living. Feeling calloused hands on my skin is enough to put me in a tizzy.

19. Spinstercatlady gets hungry for something different when she's full from a meal.

Being full. It’s so weird, but after I’ve eaten a large-ish meal, I just like get this fluttery feeling and need to have sex. Unfortunately my boyfriend is the complete opposite.

EDIT: First of all, RIP my inbox. Second, didn’t expect this to get the response it did. Third, I don’t mean pass-out-switch-to-sweatpants full, I mean like I had a pleasant meal - satisfied, if you will.















Ben Affleck is apologizing for apparently groping former MTV host-turned-actress Hilarie Burton, but he's also dealing with another, arguably worse video of himself and a female reporter.

The incident came to light when former "Total Request Live" host tweeted, "I didn't forget" in response to a fan tweeting Ben "also grabbed Hilarie Burton's breasts on TRL once. Everyone forgot though" back in 2001.

Ben tweeted an apology on Wednesday saying, "I acted inappropriately toward Ms. Burton and I sincerely apologize."

Ben's come under fire since Rose McGowan put him on blast for acting like he didn't know about Harvey Weinstein's rampant sexual harassment.

Burton, who was 21 at the time, tweeted an MTV clip where she joked about the incident with Ben, saying, "He comes over and tweaks my left boob."

Another video has also resurfaced from 2004 -- in which Ben gets a Canadian TV host to sit on his lap while his hands are all over her. Ben told her, "They would like the show better if you did it topless, wouldn’t they?"

Also, around the 4 minute mark, Ben mocks people with Cerebral Palsy. It's bad.

He's yet to say anything about this incident.


Women Reveal The 15 Things They Hate Men Doing During Sex

Women Reveal The 15 Things They Hate Men Doing During Sex

The fairer sex do not have it easy when it comes to sex. These days, people get their sex education primarily from porn, and, unfortunately, it’s only when we do it in reality that we discover what “normal” sex is like. That’s why communication is so important.Straight women statistically have the fewest orgasms, and studies have shown that 75% can’t achieve an orgasm through penetration alone. If you’re a man and want to take your lady on a first class trip to Pleasure Town, you’re going to have to make foreplay your priority.These are the 15 things women hate men doing during sex…


1. Confusing porn for real-life sex

Unless you’re a god amongst men, no babysitter or attractive college teacher is going to seduce you on the spot. As for penetration making a woman scream the house down, well, it doesn’t happen. Women’s skin isn’t always as smooth as dolphins either. Hair happens.2. Pushing her head towards your penis
You might enjoy oral sex, but pushing your partner’s head towards your phallus isn’t going to entice her into sucking it. Don’t be aggressive. If a woman wants to pleasure you orally, she’ll do it in her own time, and there will be no risk of her biting your c*ck.3. Stopping sex when you’ve orgasmed
Even if a woman is able to orgasm from penetrative sex, it’s more than likely that it will take her longer to climax than you. So if you orgasm before her please for the love of God don’t stop sex. You might be flaccid, but there’s plenty of thing you can still do to give her the Big O.4. Going straight for her clit
Congratulations! You know where the clitoris is! But don’t head straight for it. It’s one of the most sensitive parts of a woman’s body, and if you want to stand a strong chance of making your partner orgasm, you’ll need to tease her first. There’s no need to rush sex.Another point worth noting is that every clitoris is different. You might have had a technique that drove your ex girlfriend wild, but it has absolutely no effect on your new beau. So don’t be shy – ask your partner what she likes. She’ll thank you for it.


5. Don’t be too aggressive

Women don’t just hate men being aggressive when it comes to oral sex. They hate it when you’re too aggressive with their breasts as well. Boobs are sensitive, and as much as you might want to squeeze them hard, it’s more than likely that you’ll hurt your partner in the process.6. Complaining about condoms
You might hate wearing condoms, but until you and your partner are in a monogamous relationship and have both been tested for STIs, they’re a good shout. No one wants herpes. Also, stealthing. It’s a form of rape. Don’t even think about doing it.7. Taking out your dick too soon
Women hate it when they’re making out with a man, and he immediately unzips his pants and pulls out his penis. Seriously. You’ll know when the time is right. A little anticipation goes a long way when it comes to making the sweet lovins!8. Talking like a dominant
We get it. You’ve seen some aggressive porn, and you think that calling your partner a “dirty little sl*t” will turn her on. But unless she asks to be verbally dominated, don’t do it. It’s not only degrading, but it makes you look like a twat.Another thing that might come as a surprise to many men is that women watch porn. At the end of the day, it’s a means to an end. So if you’ve been inspired by it, why not bring it up with your partner? Chances are she’ll understand. It’s all about communication.


9. Not cuddling after sex

There’s nothing worse than sharing an intimate moment with someone and then having them leave straight afterwards. Even if you’re having a one night stand, at least have the courtesy to hang around for a few minutes for a cuddle!10. Don’t play dead when she’s on top
Women might be doing the majority of the work when they’re on top, but that doesn’t mean you should lie there like a dead starfish. You wouldn’t like it if she did the same thing in the missionary position. It really does take two to tango.11. Getting angry when you can’t make her climax
It takes patience and skill to make most women climax, but sex can still be enjoyable even if a woman doesn’t have the Big O. If you’re unable to make it happen, please don’t get angry. Learn from the experience and move on.12. Make sure you have a garden and not a jungle
Most men prefer women to be clean shaven downstairs and whilst men are, generally speaking, expected to have a little fuzz, no woman wants to be with a man who has a full on jungle. A little trimming will do wonders for your sex life – and it’ll make your di*k look bigger!It’s scientifically proven that sex is good for you. In fact, if you manage to take your lady to Pleasure Town, you’ll be lowering her risk of heart disease, breast cancer, and depression! So communicating with your lady will give her more than just pleasure.


13. Not communicating

Just in case you’ve not been listening – communication is the most important thing during sex. If a woman does something you don’t like, tell her. Even if you’ve got a fantasy, she’ll be open to hearing about it. She’ll probably have some of her own anyway. It’s a two way street.14. “Is it in yet?”

Women hate men who lack confidence in the bedroom. It’s a complete myth that size matters as well. No matter what size you are, you’ll have a better experience in the bedroom if you’re confident. No woman wants to be with a man who is nervous doing the deed.15. Being against period sex
Periods are a natural part of being female, and women hate it when men are against period sex. Sure, there’s a little more mess than normal, but sheets can get washed, or, y’know, you can have shower sex. Plus, free lube!


20 Straight Girls Tell All: This Is Why I Wish I Was A Lesbian

20 Straight Girls Tell All: This Is Why I Wish I Was A Lesbian







Top 10 Things Men DO NOT Understand About Women

Top 10 Things Men DO NOT Understand About Women

Every man has asked himself “how do I understand women?” at some point in life. Unfortunately, there’s no guide for how to understand women in relationships or how to understand women's emotions, so men will always be asking why are women always cold? Why are women obsessed with shoes? Why do women love bad boys? And why are women so fixated on marriage? Yes, many of those are stereotypes about women, but understanding a woman’s mind can still be difficult. WatchMojo counts down ten things men will never understand about women.

10 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive

10 Surprising Things Men Find Attractive

Cough cough "tits" cough cough

man this sure did surprise the shit out of me

7 Signs A Woman Will Be Good in Bed

7 Signs A Woman Will Be Good in Bed

It's an enigma as enduring as Mona Lisa's small, knowing smile: Sometimes meek women turn wild in bed; sometimes they just lie there, waiting to inherit the earth. Sometimes the chestnut filly with the riding crop turns out to be all packaging; sometimes she's as thrilling as the signs indicated she'd be.It made me wonder: Is it possible to reliably predict what a woman is like in bed? The love scientists say yes—sort of.

"It's very hard to gauge," explains Helen Fisher, Ph.D., an anthropologist at Rutgers University and author of Why We Love, a new book about the nature and chemistry of romantic love. A woman's high heels, short skirt, and follow-me walk mean little. "Those are signs of intention. But they are not signs that this person is actually good in bed and is compatible with you."

So, besides that old cliche about how she dances, what signs can a man go by? Start with these.

She Suggests Thai for Dinner

Beware the "I-don't-know, what-do-you-want-to-do?" camp of passive babes. A woman who knows and says what she wants, even when answering a mundane question, is more likely to be assertive in bed. Good lovers take responsibility for their pleasure. They remove a lot of the guesswork.

"Human tastes in bed are just as varied as tastes in food," Fisher says. "A person may like Japanese food but hate pizza. Some women want their nipples chewed on; others need you to be more delicate." Today's women aren't shy. "In the past, women didn't get to sleep with enough men to know what they liked," Fisher says. "But now, women are becoming more experienced and more demanding."

She Eats It Up

Take note of how she handles her food. "Watch how she uses her fork. Does she enjoy things? Is she sensuous? Is she poky and grabby?" says Candida Royalle, a producer of femme-friendly adult films and a veteran adult-film star. "If someone eats slowly, it's likely that they like to make love for a long time. I'm one of the slowest eaters I know."

She Screams for Ice Cream

You may find the perfect lover by comparing tastes in ice cream, says Alan Hirsch, M.D., a neurologist and director of the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. Researchers call this "ice-cream hedonics." Dr. Hirsch conducted a study of 720 people, ages 24 to 59, in which he correlated personality tests, their favorite ice-cream flavors, their partners' favorite ice creams, and relationship status.

Coffee-ice-cream lovers—found to be dramatic, seductive, flirtatious—are most romantically compatible with strawberry fans. Vanilla gals (emotionally expressive and fond of PDA) melt best with rocky-road guys. And mint-chocolate-chip fans are meant for each other.

She Talks Like You

There's a scene in Broadcast News in which William Hurt tells Holly Hunter that listening to her talk in his earpiece while he was on the air was "like great sex!" See if you get a similar buzz from your potential bedmate.

"The first thing to look for is mirroring of verbal behavior and pace," explains Michael Cunningham, Ph.D., a professor of social psychology at the University of Louisville. "That is, if her pace and her nonverbal behavior match yours, her sexual behavior, which is also nonverbal, will also likely match. If one person seems really slow moving and the other person seems fidgety, they're going to have different sexual paces.

"If somebody says something and the other person goes on to another subject," he says, "they're not tuning in very well. They probably won't tune in during sex, either."

She Knows Who Sid Vicious Is

"Young women often aren't relaxed enough to have an orgasm," Fisher says. Older women know what they like and will tell you. "They realize that if they have frequent orgasms, it's better for the man in the long run."

At menopause, "levels of estrogen recede, unmasking the power of testosterone," Fisher says. "This allows women to be more assertive and demanding, and many of them become more interested in sex." Sure, Ms. Keaton, we'd love to see your golden globes!

She Gives Good Lip

"The way you kiss says a lot about how you make love," says Ava Cadell, Ph.D., an L.A.-based sexologist and author. "I call kissing 'facial intercourse.' It's not just using the lips; it's using the entire body. If she uses her hands on you and presses her breasts into you and moans and groans, she's going to be a great lover.

"The best female lovers also create sexual anticipation. They start with baby kisses, and then maybe lick your top lip and suck your bottom lip, and as they're doing that, they play with your hair, or put your hands on them. It's sort of like a dance."

Speaking of dance . . .

She's a Good Dancer

As I was researching this article, every single friend I asked suggested looking for a good dancer. I was reluctant to include this. I'm married to a dancer, and I hate the implied nudge I get when a guy finds out what my wife does. Second, I dreaded asking a respected anthropologist, "So, if a chick is a good dancer, will she be, like, a dynamo in the sack?"

Fisher didn't flinch. "There is a certain amount of dance to copulation. And dancing is energetic, which suggests someone who's in good shape," she said. "But I think what's really going on is that dancing indicates someone who's social and self-confident."




Sometimes dedication may go a little bit too far, like in the case of Paris Herms, a 26-year-old woman, who is nicknamed "The Barbie Of Berlin" and her look has divided many people. Or does it? You decide.

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Female Gladiators

Top 10 Fascinating Facts About Female Gladiators


Roman gladiators are perhaps some of the most masculine figures in history. However, few people realize that there were also female gladiators (“gladiatrices”) who fought in the Colosseum. The majority of these women chose to fight. They weren’t forced into it through slavery. And many of these female warriors were just as skilled as their male counterparts.

Featured image credit: jvcuasito.blogspot.com

10 The Token Female

Gladiator battles were very stylized, and fighters were trained to make combat as entertaining as possible for the audience. Since the gladiator games continued for almost 1,000 years, “showrunners” were constantly trying to make things new and interesting.

Gladiators took on personas, complete with costumes and specialized armor. There were also rivalries that went on for multiple battles. This is similar to modern-day wrestling in the WWE, where audience members can follow a narrative as to what is going on between the fighters.

It’s not surprising, then, that female gladiators were eventually brought to the battlefield. Their original purpose was to provide sex appeal and comic relief to the typically bloody and intense spectacle.

Many of these women were not given challenging opponents. They had to fight dwarfs, who played up the fight to make the audience laugh. They would also fight animals like boars and wild game. Eventually, women began fighting one another.[1]

9 Topless Battles

Photo credit: National Geographic

Male gladiators fought without their shirts. So when women started to fight, they needed to wear the same outfits as the men. This means that the women were topless, too.

The female gladiator costume included a loin cloth that would easily fly up and reveal her lower half during the course of the battle. She also wore greaves (shin armor), which protected her legs, and a helmet to protect her head.

She would carry a shield and sword to protect herself from being attacked in her vulnerable areas. At the end of the battle, the woman would remove her helmet so that the audience could see her face. She threw her arm up in the air, holding the sword to signify victory.[2]

Some historians claim that this partial nudity was not meant to be erotic and that it was simply the most practical way for warriors to dress. However, as the vast majority of the audience members were men, it’s extremely possible that at least a few of these men were excited by more than just the fighting.

8 Private Lessons

Photo credit: Live Science

Women were not allowed to attend the all-male gladiator training camps. But young girls sometimes learned gymnastics and martial arts in collegia iuvenum. These were youth social clubs, sort of like the Boy Scouts.

It was rare for girls to participate, but records showed that it happened. A young girl who grew up going to these privileged summer camps could have gotten a taste of fighting at a young age.

A girl’s life was planned out by her father. It was up to him to guide her in finding a husband and to shelter her from dealing with anything practical, like paying the bills.

If a young, single woman’s father died and he left her an inheritance, she was required by Roman law to have a tutor. Since a woman was normally not well-educated, she was seen as needing some sort of male guardian to guide her in decision-making with her finances.[3]

Tutors were also hired to teach “manly” skills to women. It would logically follow, then, that a woman needed to hire a private tutor to learn how to fight. The other option was to learn how to fight from her father.

7 Rebels

Photo credit: Ancient Origins

Many free, upper-class men decided to become gladiators because they wanted the fame, the glory, and the chance at winning prize money that could make them rich. Women were no exception. In fact, the vast majority of female gladiators took the job of their own free will.

It was a way for a single woman to earn an income and establish herself as a celebrity in society. If she won a battle, she would be financially independent and would no longer need to take orders from her father, husband, or tutors.[4]

Aulus Cornelius Celsus was a famous scholar who compiled a medical encyclopedia in ancient Rome. He wrote about female gladiators, calling them a “disgrace” and challenging men to imagine their wives coming home with armor and gladiator gear.

This was seen as a threat to women’s roles in proper society. Celsus essentially called female gladiators vulgar and unladylike. Any woman who chose the path of a gladiatrix was rebelling against society in her own way.

6 Marriage

Photo credit: romae-vitam.com

Male gladiators who earned their freedom went on to live normal lives with wives and families. If they were prisoners of war, many of them returned home to their families and friends. On the other hand, women who fought as gladiators were seen as an “official disgrace.” This meant that they were social pariahs who went off the marriage market.

Since a gladiatrix had to fight nearly naked, her status became similar to that of a sex worker or stripper. In fact, all gladiators, regardless of gender, were categorized in the same employment bracket as prostitutes. Gladiators were people who were selling their bodies for entertainment, so their legal rights aligned with sex workers.

In Rome, women usually married young. If a woman came from a wealthy family, it was often an arranged marriage set up by her father. If any woman cheated on her husband, the couple would divorce and the woman was never allowed to marry again. This meant that if her father rejected her, she was destined to live a life of poverty.[5] Even Emperor Augustus banished his daughter Julia when he learned that she had multiple lovers.

While there are no diaries or records of the lives of female gladiators, it is easy to imagine that a woman who chose that lifestyle was possibly blacklisted from marriage because of her infidelity in the past. It is also highly likely that lesbians would find this to be their only option of escape if they didn’t want to be forced into an arranged marriage to a man.

5 Amazon And Achillia

Photo credit: fscclub.com

A marble plaque was discovered in Turkey that depicted two female gladiators named Amazon and Achillia. These would have been nicknames as it was common for many gladiators to have a sort of stage persona. There is little known about the personal lives of Amazon and Achillia except that they fought so valiantly that they both won prize money in the end. The fight was declared a draw.[6]

The name “Achillia” seems to be a play on the male name “Achilles.” In the legend of Achilles, he is fighting in a battle and kills a woman named Penthesilea, who was the queen of the Amazons. Just as he kills her, he sees how beautiful she is. A possible life with her as his wife flashes before his eyes. He immediately regrets killing her and feels completely heartbroken that he just murdered a woman who could have been his wife.

The audience would have known this legend and immediately picked up on the reference. The women’s battle was essentially a reenactment, and the decision to allow both Achillia and Amazon to live at the end was almost like giving the audience a happy alternative ending.

It’s no wonder that people loved these women enough to keep a marble plaque in their home as a souvenir. This artifact is the only one of its kind that has been discovered, but one can only imagine the number of stories portrayed by these women through battle.

4 The Grave Of Gladiator Girl

Photo credit: ejmas.com

In 2000, archaeologists discovered the tomb of a woman in her late twenties near the Roman Amphitheater in London. She was in good shape and showed no signs of disease.

Her tomb was decorated with gladiator ephemera. There were also remains of food eaten at an elaborate funeral feast, and valuable trinkets were left behind in her grave. Funerals of this sort didn’t happen for just anyone. This leads scholars to believe that this was the grave of a gladiatrix. They nicknamed her “Gladiator Girl” because there is no record of her name.

The fact that the body was buried inside the city is also a giveaway about the life of this woman. According to Roman law, gladiators and all other social pariahs were not allowed to be taken outside the city to be buried in a proper cemetery. The fact that this woman was given such a huge funeral celebration near the amphitheater shows that, despite her social status, she was still loved and cared for.[7]

3 Ancient Action Figures

Photo credit: Susan Nichols

Gladiator battles were one of the most popular sporting events in ancient Rome, and they attracted travelers from all over the empire. So, just like any sport, people wanted to show their support for their favorite athletes and bring home souvenirs from their day at the Colosseum.

During the battles, a souvenir gift shop was open for spectators to buy mirrors, knives with specially carved handles, lanterns with illustrations from popular battles, and more. The popular fighters were highlighted at these souvenir shops.

At home, fathers would tell their children the stories of some epic battles they had witnessed at the Colosseum. It was common for kids to pretend to be gladiators when they were playing. There were even clay dolls that resembled their favorite fighters.

These were the first types of action figures that young boys were allowed to play with.[8] Since there was an elaborate stone etching of Amazon and Achillia, it’s easy to imagine that clay dolls and other souvenirs of the female fighters were sold to fans.

2 Female Slaves As Spectacles

Each Roman emperor had input on the entertainment that took place at the Colosseum, which was used for more than just gladiator battles. Male prisoners of war were trained as gladiators, which at least gave them a chance for survival. When it came to female slaves, they weren’t so lucky.

Nero ordered Ethiopian female and child slaves to hunt wild animals in the arena. Going up against tigers and bears was commonplace in gladiator battles, but it was also used as a death sentence for criminals. They were given small daggers to defend themselves.[9]

Domitian had his own ideas on how to use women in the Colosseum. He took female slaves and commanded them to fight to the death at nighttime, with only the light from torches illuminating the battlefield.

1 The Female Ban

Photo credit: Bibi Saint-Pol

Women were no longer allowed to participate in gladiator battles in AD 200. Emperor Septimius Severus declared that no free-born woman would be allowed to battle as a gladiator ever again. He suddenly made this decision after witnessing the Olympic Games in Greece.

Women were not allowed to compete in the official games in Greece, but they were allowed to play sports and train their bodies like athletes. Since female gladiators were the only female athletes in Rome, Severus knew that if he continued to allow women to train their bodies, they would eventually want to participate in the Olympic Games.[10]

He didn’t want this to happen. Surely, he felt that it would crumble the structure of marriage in their empire. So the first step to killing that dream would be to remove women from the professional “sport” of being gladiatrices.

Women were first allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in Paris in 1900. They started with sports that were feminine enough to be acceptable, like tennis and croquet.




10 Things Girls REALLY Want From Guys

10 Things Girls REALLY Want From Guys

The answer to the age-old question: What do women want?

9 Disturbing Internet Fitness Fads

9 Disturbing Internet Fitness Fads



Rib Cage Bragging

Ah, the new kid on the eating disorder block—ribcage bragging. According to this new concerning fad, the visible display of a person's protruding ribcage is now a positive thing.

The term was coined by Mail Online (shame on you!), who point towards celebrities including Bella Hadid, Rita Ora, Nicole Scherzinger, and Kourtney Kardashian for popularizing it with the uploading of bikini pictures showing their ribcages loud and proud. (And no, it's definitely not healthy!) (Source)


Ab Crack

Cosmopolitan once called the ab crack a “new core look” and an “irrigation ditch divide.” In simpler terms, it's a noticeable line that appears down the center of the torso which is only visible due to a very flat stomach.

Fox News Medical A-Team physician, Dr. Marc Siegel said the ab crack is a deceptive goal for people to attain: “There is nothing healthy about it, except insomuch as thin is healthier than heavy. But to the extent that excess fascination with body tone leads to the obsessive use of isometric (weights, etc.) as opposed to regular of cardiovascular exercise (running, elliptical, bike, rowing), then I would call the ab crack potentially unhealthy.” (Source)


Alien Yoga

Alien yoga is less harmful than any trend on this list, although it certainly doesn't look it.

To do the move, you apparently first exhale, pushing your stomach out. While holding your breath, you then pull your abs up toward the chest. Then you isolate your abs and roll them from side to side. This move is called "nauli, " and it's meant to cleanse the digestive system and strengthen the core through a series of abdominal movements. It can also supposedly correct hormonal imbalances, improve willpower, and produce happiness and emotional stability.

Nauli is not recommended for people who are pregnant, suffer from hernias, ulcers or heart problems, and should always be attempted in the presence of a professional yoga instructor. (Source)




Waist Training

Waist trainers are supposed to do just what they say—train the waist to be smaller. These types of corsets were popular in the 1500s up through the Victorian era and have been made popular again in the 2000s. They promise you can tame your midsection by wearing them continuously, but doctors warn it could cause serious long term damage. "It just crams all of your organs together. So over an extended period, wearing it too much and too frequently, it can cause harm," says health and wellness expert Dr. Tasneem Bhatia, an Atlanta physician. Waist trainers make heartburn and indigestion worse, and women pass out after wearing them because they can't get enough air. Your diaphragm, colon, liver stomach, and small intestines can all be shifted around inside your body after wearing one for too long. (Source)


A4 Paper Challenge

In 2016, a new trend emerged on social media in which women compared their waistlines to the width of a piece of paper.

The A4 Waist Challenge encouraged women to stand behind a piece of white paper to see if their waistlines were thinner than the 8-inch wide piece of paper. This challenge also had its start in China before spreading globally.

Doctors emphasized that having a waist as thin as the width of printer paper is not even something most women or young adults can achieve, citing hormones and the natural shape of female bodies. Social media users have since suggested turning the paper landscape.


Belly Button Challenge

Straight outta China, the ability to rotate your shoulder and the length and flexibility of your arm became the new guidelines for measuring thinness in 2015.

That's right—if you can reach your arm around your back, wrap it around your stomach, and touch your belly button, congratulations! You are the desired weight according to social media. However, what might seem like a harmless pose contributes to a warped version of the ideal body type and a pretty hefty eating disorder. (Source)


Collarbone Challenge

In 2015, people took to social media and posted photos of themselves balancing coins above their collarbones to see how many they could stack without the whole row toppling over. The more a person was able to balance, the sexier and skinnier they were perceived to be.

Of course, like most of the challenges on this list, the trend was seen by experts as promoting an eating disorder, and some social media users weren't having it either. They poked fun at the collarbone craze by balancing random objects—from half-eaten candy bars to bottles of vodka—on their chests. (Source)


Thigh Gap

The granddaddy of unhealthy fitness fads, this viral trend challenged girls to become so slender that their thighs don't touch even when their feet are together. Specialists say achieving a thigh gap is not only risky but virtually impossible.

Vonda Wright, a Pittsburgh-based orthopedic surgeon and fitness expert, said the spacing between a person's legs is based mostly on genetics. Even thin people may not have a body type that can achieve a gap, and most won't have a thigh gap because their thighs are muscular enough that they touch. (Source)


Bikini Bridge

The Urban Dictionary has described the "bikini bridge" as a look in which "bikini bottoms are suspended between the two hip bones, causing a space between the bikini and the lower abdomen."

The bridge started as a hoax in 2014 when Buzzfeed posted an article entitled "12 Perks of Having A Bikini Bridge." But within just 24 hours, the bridge snowballed with #bikinibridge and #bikinibridge2014 tweeted thousands of times. This type of trending "thinspiration" was immediately panned by experts,who said it put pressure on women to feel increasingly anxious about their bodies. (Source)

Top 5 Myths About The Vagina

Top 5 Myths About The Vagina

Sex Ed class probably didn't teach you enough about the female anatomy, which has led to a number of odd myths surrounding the vagina. In this episode we're asking the big questions like: Where is the G-Spot? Is the G-Spot the key to female pleasure? Do heavier set women have wider vaginas? do skinny women have tighter vaginas? Do women that have more sex have wider vaginas? Is looseness a measure of promiscuity? Is squirting female ejaculation? Can all women have vaginal orgasms? And many more!

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