Caught SnapCheating! Woman Knocked Her Baby Daddy’s Teeth Out For Trying To Talk To Another Lady

Snapchat ‘cheating’ sucks but it doesn’t deserve this amount of domestic abuse, this woman knocks out her man’s teeth and tosses them away so he can never find them again.


This father spends a little bit too much time flirting with girls on Snapchat and his wife isn’t keen on it. One woman in particular, Nikki Renee, seems to be the driving wedge between this couple. One night out the wife sneaks her way into her baby daddy’s phone and brings up his Snapchat. She find out that he sent something to Nikki Renee, of course she can’t see what it was but she knows it was not something he should be sending to other women.


So she confronted him about it, he denied everything despite the evidence being right there on the phone. Then she continued to whoop the shit out of him, knocking out his dentures. She pulled out her phone to film the next couple of minutes of her telling him to get out of the car and call up Nikki to give him a ride.

Just goes to show you that technology has made cheating a lot easier and leaves a ton of evidence behind. If you plan on destroying your current relationships try to be a little smarter about it.


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