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Celebrate 4/20 with ‘The Stoner Puzzle Stash’

Celebrate 4/20 with ‘The Stoner Puzzle Stash’


When you get really high, what’s the one thing you always feel like doing? Eating? Laying out in the sun and soaking in nature? Watching “Pink Floyd – The Wall” and pretending it’s way deeper than it really is? No. The answer is solving puzzles. But you already knew that.

Sadly, it always seems like most puzzles aren’t specifically geared for stoners. They’re usually complicated and require thinking. No thank you. That’s where “The Stoner Puzzle Stash” comes in. As you can see from the above trailer, these puzzles have been scientifically engineered for people who are maybe just a little too high. You can trust Dr. Blaise Kushman. After all, it’s not like you can just buy lab coats.

If the promise of a trace-your-face puzzle doesn’t have you as excited as it should, check out this second trailer for “The Stoner Puzzle Stash.” If you aren’t tripping over yourself to get your hands on this thing afterwards, you’re probably too stoned to get off the couch. Which is good. Take your time.


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