Celebs That Never Got To See How Famous They’d Become

Celebs That Never Got To See How Famous They’d Become

Sometimes, an artist’s work takes just a little too long to gather mainstream attention. Then there are those artists who actually keep their work hidden away until after death. Whatever the case, keep watching for the fascinating stories of how these people became famous after they died.

If you grew up in the nineties, chances are you know ska punk band Sublime. Everyone with a guitar at a party has been asked to play “What I Got” at least once, to the point where it’s hard to imagine a musical landscape in which Bradley Nowell’s band wasn’t a household name. But strangely enough, Nowell himself never got to see how successful Sublime would become.

The band’s self-titled 1996 album put them on the map, but it was released two months after Nowell died from a heroin overdose in a San Francisco motel room. This marked the end of a long history of drug use, but the beginning of Sublime as a big name, even though the band wasn’t really a band anymore. Nowell was survived by his wife of seven days, Troy, as well as an 11-month-old son named Jakob and his dalmatian Louie, who was reportedly at the foot of Nowell’s bed when he died.

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