Charles Bronson To ‘Divorce His New Wife’ After ‘Motorboating’ Pictures Emerge

Charles Bronson is reportedly divorcing his wife of only eight months after she was filmed letting a man stick his head in her breasts whilst she was on holiday in Tenerife.

Once Bronson, who now goes by the name Charles Salvador, saw the photos he decided that he would divorce 37-year-old Paula Williamson.

The photos were taken whilst Williamson was on a night out on the Spanish holiday island and encountered a group of six men. One of the men then stuck his head right into her chest, and another man took photos.

Credit: ITV

Williamson had initially said on Twitter that Charles would laugh of the photos and recognise them as ‘banter and having a laugh.

She added: “Charlie would be surprised if I didn’t. He knows I’m a flirt and loves me for it.”

Apparently not, it would seem. The 65-year-old criminal has now reportedly said that the marriage is off, and that he wants nothing more to do with her.

This elicited somewhat of a change of tone from Williamson.

She told the Sun: “I’m absolutely devastated. I can’t stop crying. I made one stupid mistake. It was just a dare.

“They took the snap and in that one second they ended my marriage.”

Not sure whether it was the snap, or the fact that the snap was of another man between her boobs, but whatever.

Despite all of this, Williamson says that Bronson – who is serving a life sentence and is currently in HMP Frankland – had let her down as well.

She said that he had failed to keep a promise to her to stop being violent when he allegedly attacked the deputy governor of his old prison, HMP Wakefield, back in January.

It has also been reported that he tried to take prison guards hostage whilst on his way to appear at a trial for that alleged crime.

Bronson in 1992. Credit: PA

She said: “I have always stuck up for him. I’ve lost everything through this – my work, my family, my friends and my dignity.

“Now, I’ve lost my husband.”

As for the guys in Tenerife, the man who is pictured with his head in Williamson’s chest also told his story to The Sun.

26-year-old Connor Boyes said: “We didn’t believe her at first but she got us to Google her and we saw interviews on YouTube. She then started getting really flirtatious and groping our groins and was getting her tits out for everyone to look at.

“She was jiggling them and saying, ‘Do you think they’re real?’ She got all of us to motorboat her.

“I was a little reluctant at first but in the end, I just went for it. Bronson will go up the wall when he sees the pictures.”

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