‘Tis the week for Charlie Sheen news, whether it’s the non-disclosure “sex contract” he had girls sign, Lisa Ann ripping him a new asshole about the “tremendous damage” he’s done to young women or former partner Bree Olson coming out and calling him a liar on the Today Show, the guy’s been busy…and not just with what’s hanging between his legs.

But just HOW much sex was Charlie Sheen having? Guy’s a famous actor with millions of dollars in the bank, but you’d think that at some point he’d want an off day to watch Netflix on the couch in his underwear. Like yeah sex is awesome and fun and wah-fuckin’-hoo but come on – you gotta sleep at some point, right?

Despite our mortal limitations, Charlie Sheen apparently doesn’t need to eat sleep or shit; he just needs to fuck around the clock. At least that’s the only way I can imagine he managed to blow over $1.6 MILLION on prostitutes in 2013. According to Daily Mail,

A madam who supplied prostitutes to Charlie Sheen and his then wife Brooke Mueller for years is opening up about the actor’s sexual proclivities.

Anna Gristina claims she supplied women to Sheen and Mueller for two years up until just a few months prior to his HIV diagnosis and that the actor paid more to have sex without a condom – and began to favor the company of ‘pre-op transsexuals.’

It has also emerged that in 2013 – two years after Sheen discovered he was HIV-positive – he spent over $1.6million on prostitutes.

The National Enquirer obtained financial records for Sheen’s production company 9th Step that revealed the massive amount of money he spent on sex parties.

‘The item was listed as ‘Friendly Entertainment,’ which was Charlie’s shorthand for sex workers.” There’s no mention of how many women, or men, that covered — and whether he told them of his HIV status,’ said a source close to Sheen.

The exact amount was $1,629,507 for the year.

Via financial records obtained by the The National Enquirer, Sheen spent $1,629,407 on “Friendly Entertainment” (his shorthand for sex workers) in 2013. To put that into perspective, Sheen is said to only have spent $497,000 on child support to his ex Brooke Mueller, whereas ex Denise Richards received $550,000 for the same purpose. That’s still a shitload of money – but Charlie Sheen literally spent more money on hookers than he did in child support for his kids.

Of course, this isn’t taking into consideration the $10 million he paid a porn actress in hush money to keep her from spreading news about his HIV positive status.

The actor had booked the young starlet and a female companion for a threesome sex session at his Beverly Hills mansion in 2011, explains Jason Quinlan, a close friend of the actress in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online.

After a 12-hour drug, alcohol and sex marathon at the $7.5million home, the spaced-out superstar nonchalantly asked the porn star to fetch his ‘HIV pills’ from the bathroom.

At first the actress…thought Sheen was making a sick joke and laughed off the bizarre request.

But when Sheen – who had been smoking crack cocaine – persisted and the woman in her 20s went to his private bathroom, she realized the shocking truth: the actor is HIV positive.

The young woman found several bottles of prescription medicine typically used to fend off the affects of HIV, which if untreated leads to AIDS, and Sheen himself confirmed her fears.(via)

The unnamed porn actress reportedly had been having unprotected sex with Sheen for “almost a year” at that point, along with “50 other girls at minimum.” Eventually, Sheen settled for $10 million spread out in installments over five years in order to keep her silent.

He claims his friend told him that three-times married Sheen – who once lived with two porn star girlfriends he called his ‘goddesses’ – eventually settled for a whopping $10million, spread out in installments over five years.

As part of the deal the porn star signed a non-disclosure agreement vowing never to reveal Sheen’s medical condition to anyone.(via)

As for what Sheen’s financials look like after having paid out such extensive amounts of money in order to keep his HIV status under wraps, he describes it as “not great” and is reportedly planning to sell two of his three Beverly Hill mansions.




Charlie Sheen Reportedly Spent Over $1.6M In 2013 On Hookers, Plus $10M To ONE Porn Star After A Sex Marathon

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