Charlie Sheen Recorded Threatening To Have Ex Brett Rossi Murdered

Charlie Sheen Recorded Threatening To Have Ex Brett Rossi Murdered

1017-charlie-sheen-brett-rossi-tmz-getty-1200x630 According to RadarOnline, there’s a disturbing new chapter in Charlie Sheen’s long history of instability and demonstrated violence against women. The celebrity gossip site claimed that an ex-girlfriend sold an audio tape of Sheen ranting about his ex-fiancée Brett Rossi to The National Enquirer, which happens to be owned by the same company that owns RadarOnline.

Apparently, Rossi was one of the women that Sheen claimed that he paid off in order to keep his HIV diagnosis secret. In the alleged recording, Sheen is heard threatening to have Rossi killed for extorting him. Rossi has previously filed suit against Sheen for assault, battery, and unwittingly exposing her to HIV. “I can’t be fucking extorted,” Sheen supposedly said on the recording. “It’s called treason. You know what treason is? It’s punishable by death.”

The unidentified woman on the tape asked Sheen what he was going to do and his response is upsetting.


“I’d rather spend 20 grand to have her head kicked in,” said Sheen. “Then people will realize, ‘Oh, it’s dangerous.’ This piece of shit needs to be fucking buried … Family of gangsters. You get it.”

In addition to threatening his ex, the tape also allegedly contains Sheen admitting that he told a sex partner he was STD-free despite having already been diagnosed with HIV.


Given that Sheen is known for being erratic and running his mouth, it’s hard to really say how serious he was about actually paying a hit man to have his ex murdered. However, Sheen does have a long and extensive history of violence and abuse towards women with which he’s been sexually involved that cannot be ignored.

TMZ reported that Rossi obtained an emergency restraining order against Sheen for an unspecified incident that went down on Thursday. A source told the gossip site that a judge granted the seven-day order and Rossi plans on having it extended.


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