Chef Throws Chili Powder In Diner’s Eyes

Chef Throws Chili Powder In Diner’s Eyes

A diner who complained about his “tough and rubbery” food at a curry house in Wales ended up being hospitalized to have chili powder washed out of his eye. Michelle Evans says she was dining with husband David on Saturday night when their complaint about the food brought an angry head chef out of the kitchen, the Telegraph reports. The chef “was extremely rude and aggressive and accused us of not wanting to pay for our food,” she says. Michelle says after the chef swore at her, David followed him back to the kitchen demanding an apology, and the chef “came to the door with a large bowl of chili powder which he threw at David’s face.”

David “instantly thought he had been blinded” and was “extremely distressed,” Michelle says. She says the 46-year-old was rushed to the hospital, where he received eye washes through a drip. She says he still has to take steroid eye drops. Wales Online reports that chef Kamrul Islam has a different take on the incident, which was captured on CCTV. He says the couple were shouting and swearing at him and David Evans chased him into the kitchen. “He was being very aggressive and pushed past another member of staff,” the chef says. “I was frightened and grabbed a handful of chili just in case I needed to defend myself.” Police say the chef was released on bail after being arrested for common assault.

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