Chinese Kids Drop A Match Down A Methane Filled Sewer

Chinese Kids Drop A Match Down A Methane Filled Sewer



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These little pranksters got more than they bargained for when they dropped a match down the drain…

Even the least-studious middle school kid knows that methane—that colourless, odourless gas that comes out of our bottoms and is the second most prevalent greenhouse gas in the world—is highly flammable. Whether or not they can write the chemical formula, by now almost everyone with access to the internet has seen a video or a photo of some idiot lighting his farts on fire with a match or lighter.

We highly doubt, though, that these kids in Luoyang City, China, knew quite what they were getting themselves into when they decided to drop a lit match down a manhole…

We admire your passion for science, kids, but please don’t keep doing this. No one wants your last words to be “I wonder how high it’ll–thnnnng”

According to Japanese news site Zaeega, this “prank” is becoming quite popular amongst kids in mainland China recently, despite the fact that it’s clearly hugely dangerous, with the manhole covers—which are usually made out of cast iron or concrete, let’s not forget—flying more than 10 feet up into the air before crashing down inches from the kids’ stupid little heads.

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Why do they keep doing this in China? Death wish maybe?

Nothing to live for. That also means cheap women.

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