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Chinese Mother Tried To Coerce Daughter Into Sex With HK Boy To Steal His Credit Card

A 40-year-old woman was yesterday convicted of trying to convince her 13-year-old daughter to have sex with her boyfriend’s rich private student. The court heard that the mother wanted her daughter to obtain access to the boy’s credit card.

The unnamed woman was found guilty of procuring unlawful sexual intercourse from a girl less than 21 years of age. She is now awaiting her sentence, reports Apple Daily.

The mother migrated from Mainland China in 2003 together with her daughter and then-husband. She moved in with her current boyfriend between 2009 and 2014, together with the daughter, who was also unnamed in the hearing.

The court heard that the woman told her daughter that her boyfriend’s private student came from a wealthy family. She told the 13-year-old to have a sexual relationship with the boy to gain access to his money.

It was reported that the woman wished her mother had provided a similar opportunity for her back in mainland China, and was therefore angry when her daughter refused to have sex with the boy.

“Women and men will have to do it [sex] eventually anyway… you’re being really dumb if you don’t earn that money when you see it”, she said.

She also suggested her daughter could have sex with her boyfriend for practice since he was “clean” and “had a small penis”, and kept whispering “rich kid, rich kid, rich kid” into her daughter’s ear.

Meanwhile, the mother’s boyfriend, surnamed Lee, 39, was charged with intimidating and molesting the girl in a separate hearing.

Lee apparently called the girl “cute” and threatened to rape her when she turns 16, and claimed to have raped someone before in the US. He is also accused of molesting the girl on multiple accounts, including touching her hands and lifting her dress, often with her mother’s approval.

Lee is yet to enter a plea.


Chinese Mother Tried To Coerce Daughter Into Sex With HK Boy To Steal His Credit Card

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You Americans are lucky. You may get the worst Mexicans coming across the border, but at least the Mexicans are a fundamentally good people. In Hong Kong, we have to deal with the Chinese, a morally bankrupt people.

Mind you, at least their women are cheap.

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