Chinese Village Overrun By Monkeys As Result Of Failed Ecotourism Venture


A village in China’s Sichuan region has an adorable problem on its hands after a failed ecotourism venture brought a large group of monkeys down from the mountains and into the town.

146590963957389051 As reported by the Chengdu Business Daily, it all started some 13 years ago when a man named He Youliang thought he’d start an ecotourism business based around his area’s richest natural resource: Rhesus macaque monkeys. Only the monkeys lived way up in the mountains, where they were difficult to observe, hang out with, buy drinks for, etc. So he lured them out of their natural habitat with corn, which they were more than happy to accept, and continued feeding them so they’d stay.


At first, it seemed like the idea was working. Roads were built, tourists attracted, the economy stimulated. Youliang even got the super sweet nickname “the Monkey King.” As recently as 2011 to 2014, business was booming with thousands of tourists coming to check the monkeys out. Baoding, the tourism company, boasted that it could provide wages much higher than those of a migrant worker.

Then the head of the tourism company passed away, and its finances took a dive. But while tourism dropped and revenues went down, the pack of monkeys had swollen to 600+, all of whom were just as hungry as ever for corn the village was hard pressed to provide. Chengdu Business Daily (via Google translate) describes the human-monkey conflict that ensued:

While most villagers headache is: 73 to 600 monkeys had been flourish only. No artificial feeding, coupled with no special care, more than 600 monkeys simply overturned in the village day: stealing food, stealing fruit, never ending mortgage watts, even stabbing incident occurred, the former “trick monkey money” has become monkey suffering.

A stabbing incident?!

Turns out once they’ve had a taste of the city life, monkeys are loathe to go back to the state of nature. A 10-mile drive to the nearest good coffee? They think not.


The village’s crops decimated by their former friends, they began a program of removal, guiltily deporting hundreds of their former friends to more monkey-appropriate places. But hundreds of those sneaky fuckers remain. Let this be a lesson to those who would ally with the monkey kingdom in search of a better life: It always seems like a good idea at first, but before you know it, you’re thousands in the hole and you’ve got no face.

There is some bad planning going on there.  What do you think?

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