It’s hard to quit doing what you love, be it kite surfing, or social smoking, or feeding legions of your loyal customers poo-flecked burritos that make them vomit their colons out their mouths and shit their stomachs through their assholes such that their entire torsos become a contorted tangled mess of organs brimming with half-digested, churning, rancid carnitas, lettuce and hot sauce.

Chipotle is back in the news.

A month ago, the Mexican fast casual chain closed every store in the nation to attempt to address several outbreaks that had left people who ate their food violently ill.

They didn’t make it a month. They didn’t even make it a month.


From The Boston Globe:

A Chipotle restaurant in Billerica closed Tuesday after several employees were diagnosed with norovirus, officials said.

Four employees have reported feeling ill, said Chris Arnold, a spokesman for the restaurant. Any other employees who do not feel well will be tested and will not return to work until they fully recover, he said.

As someone who has had the norovirus, it is bad, bad experience. And it is easily transferred from person to person. Thankfully, it looks like at least Chipotle has learned from their summer of sickness.

During the closure, the restaurant on Boston Road will be fully sanitized, Arnold said.

That’s good.

A norovirus outbreak sickened nearly 100 customers at a California Chipotle back in August. No customers have reported illnesses as of yet from the Boston location.


[H/T Slate]


Chipotle Couldn’t Even Stay Clean A Month, Is Already Contaminated With Norovirus Again



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