As If Chipotle Couldn’t Get Any Grosser, Someone Found A Whole Chicken Foot In Their Burrito Bowl


It has been one rough year for Chipotle. The once popular Mexican chain has basically been desolate since they put poo burritos on the menu.

And nothing they’ve done has had any effect on increasing their stagnant sales.

Honestly, I don’t know anyone who even goes there anymore. I certainly haven’t since last summer, and I’m probably gonna do another year without it after seeing this tweet.

An unsuspecting diner, apparently at Chipotle in Florida got much more than he bargained for his burrito bowl. Twitter user @roxyweekley took the social media to share his obnoxious mid-meal discovery: a whole chicken leg.


“How the f * ck do you explain this?” He wrote in the caption two pictures of the offending chicken leg. The severed leg seems to have gone through cooking together, regardless of the meat the customer ordered.

Even worse, the picture shows that the diner had eaten nearly all his burrito bowl before finding the chicken leg.more-trouble-at-chipotle-chicken-foot-found-in-burrito-bowl-image-2[1]

Yea. That’s a whole chicken foot.

At least it’s not the norovirus.

Gotta feel for their social media manager, though.

That’s a rough job.


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