Chris Christie Says He’ll Enforce Marijuana Laws When He’s President

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie had some cautionary words for all you weed heads out in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska: Smoke up now, because beginning his first day as president he’s going to be enforcing all federal marijuana laws, lol.

Appearing on Fox and Friends, the 2016 Republican presidential candidate said that when he’s elected president ROTFL he’ll take an oath of office to “enforce the laws… And marijuana is against the law in the United States and it should be enforced in all 50 states.”

“And so my view is, people want to change the law, let ‘em try to change it,” Christie said. “But the fact is that’s the law and the Christie administration [LMAO] will enforce it.”

Christie echoed those remarks later in a New Hampshire Town Hall meeting.




“If you’re getting high in Colorado today, enjoy it,” Christie said. “As of January 2017, I will enforce the federal laws.”??????????

Chris Christie Says He’ll Enforce Marijuana Laws When He’s President


3 replies on “Chris Christie Says He’ll Enforce Marijuana Laws When He’s President”

Is it just me or has he managed to guarantee that he’ll never be president?

If we are going to enforce drug laws let’s do it properly. Mandatory random drug tests on people in highly responsible positions. Initially politicians. Say 20% of any politicians who show up to vote should be tested and, if positive, prosecuted. Then roll it out to the judiciary, law enforcement, bankers …

After a couple of years think about expanding it to the general population, but only after states can demonstrate that they have the prison capacity.

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