Chrome Extension Attempts To Give You A Life Without Pokémon

Chrome Extension Attempts To Give You A Life Without Pokémon



Some humans do not want to catch ‘em all. They might have downloaded the app and caught one or two, before quickly deciding “Fuck this, I’m an adult with shit to do.” You can delete the app, but you know too much. You know the Pokémon are out there. You see people chasing Bulbasaur on your morning run, and know there’s probably a one right behind you. There was that Weedle in your laundry basket. That dude is probably still there making a nest in your dirty socks. Right now, while you’re at work, there’s probably a Squirtle sneaking around feeling all cocky because he knows you don’t have the app open to catch him.

In a feeble attempt to allow grownups to do their jobs without having to read about Pokémon, a Chrome extension has been developed that will “Remove all traces of Pokemon from the internet with one simple extension!” The plug-in, called PokeGone, will indeed remove all traces of Pokémon from your browsers, silencing the news coverage of the growing Pokémon takeover. PokeGone was modeled after a similar Chrome extension created for Donald Trump.

John Oliver inciting masses to read Trump as “Donald Drumpf” did not stop the presumed Republican front runner. Removing evidence of Pokémon from your browser will not stop Pokémon Go. We simply must make our peace and get excited for the new punk scene that will inevitably emerge to rage against Trump and all these god-forsaken Pokémon.

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