“Church Girl” Reveals Why She’s Auctioning Off Virginity – Something About Her Boyfriend Cheating And Bad Parents (Surprise!)



Well… if you are going to do it and save it for this long, might as well make some money. Last time someone sold her virginity for over 2 million bucks!

This is quite the wild story.

Part of me thinks it is fake and just a way to drive up the price… But what do I know these days.

Bailey Gibson said that she is now open to bids on her virginity, and that she will surrender her chastity and have sex for the first time in her life with the highest bidder.

The 23-year-old from Wisconsin has announced that she is auctioning her virginity at the world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel near Reno, Nevada.

An adopted daughter of devoutly religious parents and a graduate of an all-girls Christian boarding school, Gibson grew up as the quintessential “good girl.”

She said in a blog post: “I grew up nestled in a gated community in the suburbs of Sacramento, California. I was adopted when I was one year old, and grew up with very strong Christian values as my adoptive father was an elder at our home church.

“I was not allowed to watch TV, listen to any music other than Christian music, have friends over, or have sleepovers ever.

The graduate of an all-girls Christian school said that her adoptive mum and dad were very stern parents, and that she was sent to a girls-only Christian boarding school in her mid-teens.

She added: “My adoptive parents sent me to an all-girls boarding school in in Stockton, Missouri when I was 16 years old. “It was a strict Christian academy and I had absolutely no contact with boys the entire time I was there.

“My ex-boyfriend was a Christian at the time and I did not wish to have a sexual relationship with him until we were married. Knowing I was a virgin, he respected my values for a while,” Gibson said.

“I learned that love can be deceiving when I discovered that he slept with his ex on Valentine’s Day.”

It was after this painful breakup that Gibson first got the idea to capitalize on her virginity and contacted Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof.

The brothel owner will receive 50% of the final, deciding bid for Gibson’s virginity. All inquiries and bids on Gibson’s virginity, and the identities of bidders, will be kept entirely confidential.


Bailey blames her parents for not letting her watch cartoons like Carmen Santiago and others for leading her down this path.! ‘If we did watch a movie, it was on the Hallmark or Disney channel. If we were allowed to watch TV, we were allowed to only watch programs like Little House on the Prairie.’ When she was 16, she was sent to all-girls boarding school in Missouri where she was not allowed to speak to boys.


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