Clinton Supporters Asked To Name Accomplishments Of Hillary And They Struggle Mightily



Campus Reform visited Georgetown University to ask Hillary Clinton supporters what accomplishments of their presidential candidate made them want to vote for her. The responses were not exactly ringing endorsements for the former secretary of state.

These are the responses by the students when they were asked what specific achievements they admire Hillary Clinton for:

  • Ummmm… Fuck. Can we like, can we like cut for a second?
  • No, I can not think of something right off the top of my head.
  • Umm, I would say, umm, sort of her, ummm, I think, umm, you know, ummm.
  • I don’t have any specifics for you.
  • Wow. Uhh, I wish I had a good answer for that honestly. I don’t. I don’t have a good answer for that.
  • No, yeah, I can’t think of anything.
  • I don’t know.
  • She’s worked in government before.
  • I think more so the fact that she’s a female.
  • Being a woman in like such a male-dominated field to me in general that stands out.
  • Being the first woman to like run for president. I guess is definitely up there.
  • I think she does a lot for women and like promoting a good role model for women, even if she’s like has had a lot of scandals come out about her, overall she has good morals.
  • She has kinda like morphed her political views to align with like what the majority of the country wants. I think like, I mean people like change their views on political issues all the time.
  • I mean like some people say she’s like flip-flopped on political views, but she’s not flip-flop, she’s developed.

With the regularity that these students use the word “like,” it’s almost as if they are getting paid to use it in every sentence.

If only the word “like” was running for President of the United States, then they would have plenty to say about it.

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