Clown Knocks Out Volunteer From The Audience In Back Flip Gone Wrong


If this audience member didn’t have a fear of clowns before he will now.

In a poor attempt at comedy this clown was using a volunteer from the audience to assist him in doing a back flip that he was going to purposely fail at. He most certainly did fail, but instead of laughs he got gasps and shrieks. The volunteer wasn’t strong enough to support the clown and ended up falling over during the stunt. He ended up falling in the perfect position to have the clown’s knee smash him right in the face.


The volunteer was knocked out cold and wasn’t getting up, paramedics and help rushed over to check up on the guy. They ended up having to pick him up by all fours and carry him off the stage. Hopefully the guy signed a waver before they let him on stage, if he didn’t that that’s going to be a really sad clown when he has to show up to court.

The dude is out cold:


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