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Coca-Cola Plant Shut Down For Super Gross Reason

Coca-Cola Plant Shut Down For Super Gross Reason

Police are investigating after suspected human waste was found inside cans at a Coca-Cola plant in Ireland, the Belfast Telegraph reports. Topless cans arrive at the factory to be filled by Coca-Cola products and sealed before they’re sold around Northern Ireland. The cans in question—believed to have come from Germany—jammed the plant’s machines during the night shift. Apparent human waste in the cans was determined to be the culprit. An unnamed source describes an “absolutely horrible” scene that resulted in the machines being turned off for 15 hours for cleaning. The Guardian specifies the type of human waste found in the cans was feces.

One Irish politician tells the BBC the incident “beggars belief” because Coca-Cola “are sticklers for hygiene, cleanliness, and about contamination.” The drink giant says all the tainted cans were caught and no products available to the public were affected. While the investigation—by both police and Coca-Cola—is ongoing, one rumor is that the human waste came from immigrants attempting to enter the UK in the back of the truck and using the cans as toilets out of desperation.

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“one rumor is that the human waste came from immigrants…”

Well, if there is a rumour by all means publish it.

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