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Cocky Lingerie Football Game MVP Shalynn Durham Chugs Beer And Causes Bench-Clearing Brawl

Cocky Lingerie Football Game MVP Shalynn Durham Chugs Beer And Causes Bench-Clearing Brawl

legends-football-league-shalynn-durham-omaha-heart-beer-brawlThe Omaha Heart hosted the New England Liberty in a Legends Football League game that saw the home team rout the visitors, 26-6. It’s not uncommon for a LFL Game MVP to chug a beer in celebration – Chicago Bliss safety Alli Alberts did it last season. Last night, Omaha’s fullback / linebacker Shalynn Durham was named Game MVP and took the celebration a step further, chugging a beer in front of New England’s bench, causing Liberty wide receiver / defensive back Jessica Johnson to knock Durham’s plastic cup out of her hand. Then, all hell breaks loose as both benches clear. Then, the heat gets cranked to liquid hot magma when coaches get involved.


How about that one coach, though? “That’s f*cked up! That’s f*cked up, he’s a coach! That’s f*cked up for a coach to do that!” First of all, the Heart coach comes in and pushes a Liberty player off of one of his players because that Liberty player was beating a sheet of urine out of her. Should he have tried to pull her off instead? Probably. If that were a man beating up another man and he came in and saved his dude with a shove, would this be as egregious?

But, then, the stocky Liberty coach trucks one of his OWN players to get to that Heart coach, probably doing more damage to his player then the other coach did. Just sheer pandemonium. Another Heart coach enters the fray and almost loses his head.

I’d love to give you more names and details but the LFL site could be the worst on Earth. I tried a dozen times to click through multiple sections of the site to access the recap with zero success. You want to be taken seriously, LFL? Step up your website game, man. But, also, try to go the WWE route and just soap opera the shit out of this kind of stuff.

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