Company Hilariously Mocks Stupid Client Requests – Here Is What Happens When You Do Everything They Ask

Japanese people are well-known for coming up with the weirdest ads ever. Sometimes they look so odd, one starts to wonder what was the thought process behind it. Well, if you really are curious,  Nissin Cup Noodles has an answer for you. This brand from Japan has recently shared an example of how ads like that are created.

The company tweeted a series of pictures that show how a simple noodle advertisement was transformed into a crazy futuristic mess. The examples are accompanied by notes for designers that are urged to kick it up a notch and make some very peculiar changes in order to fit the client’s needs. Each time they do exactly as their told, the ad gets more and more… bold, to put it mildly. But we suppose it works if the client wants the ad to really “pop”, right?

Scroll down to see the progress that one simple picture went through to become the epic noodle ad.

More info: Twitter (translation: Kimiko Fooh/t)

This casual-looking photo started a heavy storm on the Japanese side of Twitter

It was recently tweeted by a Japanese company called Nissin Cup Noodles

They, however, decided the picture needed improvements, “Please allow us a moment while we fix some mistakes brought up by the client. They say it’s not cheesy enough…”

Their first edits led to this, but it clearly wasn’t cool enough

So more perfectly reasonable requests were made

And absurd took complete control of the situation


Finally, we present to you the ad that every brand dreams about but not a single designer would like to produce

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