Compilation Of Harry Kane’s Controversial Signature Move Goes Viral

In the 93rd minute on Sunday, Arsenal center back Gabriel charged in to win a header on the edge of Spurs’ area and was sent tumbling to the turf by Kane in a manner that we’ve seen on more than one occasion this season.

Rather than challenge for the ball, Kane has a tendency to lean forward and allow the challenger to jump for the ball by themselves, which in turn impedes their airborne movement and forces them to land awkwardly on the ground.

With little control over the speed and angle at which they land, players have been hitting the deck on their backs and close to their necks, leaving fans wincing and pondering whether this needs to be stamped out of the game.

The underlying problem is that Kane generally manages to convince the referee that he is the one being fouled – Spurs were awarded a penalty against Brighton following an incident involving Adam Lallana – and he’s unlikely to stop until he is the one who gets penalized.

Following the latest incident in the north London derby, a compilation featuring three of Kane’s most notable examples of his “signature move” in motion went viral.

This is what happened to a Korean player who was undercut similarly.

Given the safety of the players appears to be compromised by the England international’s unique foul-winning technique, it’s time this was stamped out of the game before someone gets seriously injured.

Kane is an expert in winning fouls for his side, but this particular methodology needs to be eradicated sooner rather than later.

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