Confederate Flag Sales Up 2,305% On Amazon – I Wonder Why?

With Governor Nikki Haley’s calls for the removal of the Confederate flagfrom the South Carolina state house, the writing’s on the wall for all the closeted and not-so-closeted racists out there.

A wave of white panic has apparently already set in that, much as he came for all our guns, soon Obama’s gonna be comin’ for all our flags too. At the time of this writing, sales for the Stars and Bars are up 2,305% on Amazon.

Get ‘em while they’re hot, people… before they take them down….

Oops, too late!

UPDATE: Amazon is no longer your one-stop shop for all things white power.

One reply on “Confederate Flag Sales Up 2,305% On Amazon – I Wonder Why?”

When I was young, my experience of this flag was from the Dukes of Hazzard, and always assumed that it was being used on there as a symbol of independance and/or rebellion.

Was I wrong or has it changed since?

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