Conor McGregor Is ‘Being Sued For Hitting Security Guard With A Can Of Energy Drink’

Conor McGregor is reportedly being sued by a security guard after he allegedly lobbed a can of Monster energy drink at him.

The bizarre incident happened a pre-fight press conference before he faced Nate Diaz in August last year.

I’m sure you’ll remember the presser, it was the one in which McGregor shouted: “You’ll do nuttin’. You’ll do fucking nuttin’.”

The conference then descended into chaos with the pair chucking bottles of water at each before McGregor was dragged away to calm down.

In a clip recorded during the barney, Dana White can be heard warning McGregor not to throw anything, but that’s completely ignored as he lashes some plastic water bottles before lobbing a can of Monster over, too.

Now, according to The Blast, a security guard called William Pegg is suing the MMA star after saying he was hit by the can and had to undergo medical treatment as a result.

Pegg claims he was hit in the back of his head, near to his shoulder and that he incurred medical expenses of just under $5,000 (£3,800). He is also seeking damages and will be asking for $95,000 (£71,900) in total from the Irishman.

If you’re now thinking ‘seems a bit steep, where’s he pulled that figure from?’ then let me tell you.


According to The Blast, Pegg says that as McGregor made $15m (£11.3m) from his fight with Diaz, during which he was ‘significantly’ struck by Diaz 166 times, he should be entitled to $15m divided by 166 – or $90,000 (£68,000), with the extra $5,000 (£3,800) being for his medical expenses.

McGregor’s lawyers are reported to have filed a response denying any responsibility.

Either way, after the money he pocketed from last month’s fight against Mayweather, I’m sure McGregor isn’t losing too much sleep over the whole thing.


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