Construction Of The Enterprise-D

Construction of the Enterprise-D

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Constructing the USS Enterprise-D (studio model)

1) Studio Models overview

Between 1964-1965 three studio models for the USS Enterprise were constructed for just under $6,600 ($46,125 adjusted 2010 costs). In 1987 two different models (2 and 6 foot) for the USS Enterprise-D were constructed for $75,000 ($146,572 adjusted 2010 costs). The 6 foot model would later be sold at auction for $500,000 (see second link below). Below are some photos of how the studio model for the Enterprise-D was made. ============================================================ More information on the construction process: TNG’s Greg Jein: A Career in Model Making: Christie’s Star Trek auction Enterprise D:

2) Concannom and Owyeung studying the 1:1 plans

3) Aluminum armature for the saucer section

4) Secondary hull master with plexiglass station points

5) Seeds filling in the ribs of the secondary hull master with high density polyfoam

6) Primary hull master filled with foam before sanding down

7) Secondary hull master filled with clay and sculpted down to station points

8) Secondary hull master detailed with masking tape by Weed

9) Detailing the primary hull master with masking tape

10) Jein, Weed and George inscribing details onto the master of the secondary hull

11) Secondary hull master in stabilizing intermediate stage coated with Bondo before sanded down

12) Casey and Owyeung pulling off a mold from the transparent cast of the primary hull

13) Owyeung detailing the cast of the top primary hull

14) Cast (top half) primary hull applied with pre-painting masking tape

15) Cast (top half) primary hull endowed with neon lighting

16) Primary hull cast with armature installed

17) Concannom assembles the secondary hull casts

18) George giving the assembled primary hull its first primer paint coat

19) George fine tuning the nearly complete primary hull

20) Almost completed secondary hull fine tuned

21) Owyeung wrapping it up

22) USS Enterprise-D six-foot studio model nearing the end of its construction

23) USS Enterprise-D six-foot studio model with D’Kora class

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