Cop Asks Man To Slap Him, Then Arrests Him for It


Harris County Sheriff’s Office police officer Deputy Ellison Collins with two backup officers accosted a 61-year-old man and gave him a direct order to “slap the shit out of me, get it off your chest”. The elderly an, clearly confused, asks “are you going to arrest me?”, and the mountainous officer replies “no, I’m giving you permission to slap the shit out of me and get it off your chest and see what happens.” When the elderly man lightly pats the officer’s face, the massive officer violently knocks him to the ground and arrests him with the help of his 2 cohorts. The 3 cops apparently all had turned their cameras turned off and didn’t know another officer had arrived on the scene, and because that cop didn’t know what was happening that officer’s camera was still rolling.


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