Cop Still On The Run After Allegedly Killing Black Wife & Molesting Other Black Girls

John Walsh wants to catch every fugitive profiled on his CNN show, “The Hunt.” But he wants to catch Daniel William Hiers a bit more than most.

“I have been looking for Dan Hiers for over 10 years. I had the ‘John Walsh Personal 10 Most Wanted,’ and Dan Hiers is still on that list,” Walsh says on Sunday night’s episode, airing at 9 p.m. on CNN. “He gives cops a bad name.”
Daniel William Hiers, 42
  • Wanted for the murder of his wife, for committing lewd acts on a child under the age of 16, and for first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a minor
  • Last seen May 2005
  • Speaks in a distinctive, high-pitched southern drawl
  • Trained in martial arts, known to maintain a high level of physical fitness
Hiers, a Charleston, South Carolina, police officer, gained the trust of a single mother with a young daughter. He is accused of molesting the girl for months in 2003 and 2004.
On March 15, 2005, he was due to turn himself in to authorities but never turned up. When the police searched his home, Hiers was gone and his 24-year-old wife, Mila, was dead, shot once in the back of the head.
“This is a coward, a child molester, and a brutal murderer of a woman who loved him so much,” Walsh says. “He’s cunning, he’s smart, a former cop, and lucky. And someday his luck’s gonna run out.”
The episode will mark the first on-camera appearance of Hiers’ alleged molestation victim, now an adult. “I want him caught because he killed his wife. And because of what, you know, he did to me, but more for what he did to Mila,” she tells “The Hunt.”

Hiers is an ex-policeman, trained in martial arts and known to maintain a high level of physical fitness. He enjoys basketball. He plays the piano. He speaks in a distinctive high-pitched Southern drawl. If you’ve seen Dan Hiers or know anything about his whereabouts, remember, he may be armed and dangerous. So please, make that call to 1-866-THEHUNT or go to our website at CNN.com/TheHunt. You can remain anonymous. We’ll pass your tip on to the proper authorities, and if requested, will not reveal your name.
CNN’s Randi Kaye reported on the case. Below is her story from May 7, 2005.

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