Cops Bust In On A Hot Real Estate Agent Having Sex With A Dude In A Home She Sold The Day Before



Now these are the crime stories that scare the shit out of me. Because it could easily be you, or I, or any dude with above average thirst. There’s no scenario I can imagine where I’d refuse an invitation from a babeski to bangski in an empty houseski. I’d skip my grandma’s funeral for that opportunity. Sorry grandma, but what have you given me besides a couple $5 savings bonds? I count zero orgasms, you old prude.

A 22-year-old Houston-based real estate agent named Kayla Marisa Seloff sold a client’s house in Friendswood, Texas, on Friday. By Saturday, she was fucking in it.

A couple more pics of Kayla before we proceed…



At 5 am on Saturday morning, cops responded to a call they received from a concerned neighbor heading off to work when he spotted a light from a flashlight coming from the supposedly empty house.

Police arrived at the scene and spotted the pair lying on the floor in a ‘passionate rendezvous’, according to WFSB. Passionate rendezvous is old people speak for fucking. Bumping uglies. Doing the horizontal tango.

The bro in the buff was 27-year-old Joshua Leal, pictured below.



A fast-acting Kayla told the cops that her and Joshua were married (lie) and had bought the house yesterday (lie 2).

Police found them out when officers escorted them to their car to get their IDs and when Seloff opened the door it smelled like stanky nug. Officers found a glass pipe on the dashboard next to a small bag of weed. Kayla then admitted that it belonged to her, and then revealed that she was actually the house’s realtor and had sold it the day before.

Seloff and Leal were charged with criminal trespassing with both their bonds set at $1,000. Blue balls in prison has to be the hottest part of hell. Hang on there, we’re praying for ya.


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