Cops Find 180 Pot Plants On 77-Year-Old Congressional Candidate’s Property

floFlorence “Flo” Matheson’s bid for the 6th Congressional District seat in Tennessee may have hit a slight snag after 180 marijuana plants were found growing in a barn in her backyard.

While Matheson admits to smoking the green stuff, she says she had no idea the plants on her property existed. According to Matheson, her friend — a disabled and homeless veteran named Stephen Harrington — was staying in the barn. “I had never seen them. I never went back there,” Matheson said.

According to WSMV, police also found some weed, cash, and a gun in Matheson’s home when they searched the property on May 13. Matheson claims the drugs found inside her house are not from the plants in the backyard.


Matheson has also been pretty outspoken about her desire to legalize marijuana. “I really don’t regret that this happened,” she said. It’s been a life-changing experience for me and in that it has made me more defiant and determined to try and get these laws changed.”

WSMV reporter Heather Hourigan asked if Matheson thought voters would have a problem with someone running for congress blatantly breaking and admitting to breaking the law. Matheson responded “”I do, but I’ll tell you I don’t feel that bad about breaking a bad law.”

Harrington, who was previously found to have ties to another illegal growing operation, says he had no plans to sell the marijuana. He claims he was growing the plants to deal with the pain he suffers from injuries sustained while in the military. Harrington said of Matheson, “The only thing this woman is guilty of is helping out a homeless disabled vet who betrayed her trust.”

Despite these recent events, Matheson’s name will be on the ballot come August, even if she is indicted.WSMV Channel 4

[WSMV | The Tennessean]


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