Cops Found A Head In A Bucket – Then Things Got Weird

Cops Found A Head In A Bucket – Then Things Got Weird


Pastor Llewelyn Lucas

The severed head of Llewelyn Lucas, a beloved local pastor in Belize, was on July 16 found stuffed into a bucket in the back of a truck outside a bar. But as police began to investigate, things only got weirder, reports Vice in a lengthy look at last weekend’s strange saga. William Mason—who was inside the bar and whose pickup also housed cash and firearms—and four others have been charged with the murder, and police are now investigating Mason for possible involvement in the kidnapping of a man and his wife two months ago. As 7 News Belize reports, Mason appears to be known in his community as a chef, a vet, a property developer with a mansion, and a pig farmer with a 160-acre ranch, but no one seems to know who the guy is. They only know that Mason is only one of the names he goes by.


William Mason on the left


He’s known in Guyana as Rajesh Ouellet and his nicknames include Ted, Teddy, Rajesh, Ramesh, Danny, and Raj; Vice uncovered what seemed to be fake and abandoned medical companies attached to him. Some reports have him as being born in Canada (though officials there couldn’t confirm to Vice he was a citizen), while Breaking Belize News reports that the man has claimed to be born in Belize as well as Guyana, and that he “moves carefully and creatively, ensuring that police are unable to stop him.” Or perhaps not: The Guardian Belize alleges a smoking-gun video exists that shows a kidnapped Lucas, along with two other victims who were later released, at Mason’s home in the capital city of Belmopan on July 15. The site says Mason’s surveillance system was active at the time and cites police as saying the alleged kidnapping was captured on video. Burnt remains are said to have been recovered on Mason’s farm.

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