Cops ‘Never Moved’ After Gunshot in Charlottesville

Cops ‘Never Moved’ After Gunshot in Charlottesville

Charlottesville police are being hammered—by white nationalists, as well as those who oppose them—for what is seen as systematic inaction in the face of violence during the Aug. 12 rally and counter-protest, the New York Times reports. A new video from the protest shows a white nationalist fire a gun in the direction of a black man—the bullet hits the ground—and then walk by a dozen state troopers. “They never moved,” community activist Rosia Parker says of the troopers, adding she knows “damn well they heard it.” A 25-year-old woman similarly says police “didn’t move a muscle” when a man punched her in the nose. “I saw a white woman get hit, and they did not do anything,” a black photographer says. “That’s when I actually got really scared.”

Officials deny there was any sort of “stand down” order given to police, saying—in the case of the gunshot—they simply didn’t hear it. But a member of the Charlottesville City Council is wondering about an “apparent unwillingness of officers to directly intervene during overt assaults,” and a white supremacist event coordinator calls the police’s inaction “nefarious” and an attempt to silence them. WTOP reports the city has hired an investigator to conduct “an independent external review” of its response to the rally. Meanwhile, Mayor Mike Signer complains he was told “stay out of my way” by the city’s police chief in the lead-up the rally and then kept out of the police command center during it, according to WVTF. Eight arrests were made during the rally in which one counter-protester was killed.

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City puts up confederate monument.

White supremacists adopt confederate symbols because the represent “the good old days” of slavery.

People opposed to going backward demand monuments are removed.

White supremacists rally at monuments and double down with Nazi symbology and chants and a show of armed force.

Antifa provoke violence to force police to clear the streets.

Violence ensues.

Police are under orders not to intervene so violence escalates till they do intervene.

President sides with Nazis.

Instead of saying “There are fine people on both sides”, Trump should have said “There are dickheads on both sides.”

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