Cops Pepper-Spray Protesters At Trump Rally In Kansas City & Other Trump Rally Brouhaha

Cops Pepper-Spray Protesters At Trump Rally In Kansas City & Other Trump Rally Brouhaha


After the complete chaos in Chicago and being attacked in Ohio, Donald Trump’s tour continued Saturday evening with a rally in Kansas City, where local police were documented on video pepper-spraying protesters. There were unconfirmed reports that fights broke out outside of the Arvest Bank Theatre, but it’s still unclear what prompted authorities to use OC gas on what looks like more than a dozen demonstrators as well as members of the media.

Here’s video of protesters using milk to dilute the chemicals that police doused in their eyes.

Here’s footage of a Trump supporter shouting in the faces of protesters.

Inside the venue, Trump preambled the event with “a prayer for tolerance,”which was shortly followed by the candidate continuing to roundly blame the violence at his events on Bernie Sanders supporters and maintaining that, were it not for these demonstrators, his rallies would be nothing but love fests. “We’re going to take our country back from these people,” Trump said. “These are bad, bad people.”

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Vandalia, Ohio

Trump still insists Sanders is the mastermind behind the coordinated protest in Chicago that made Trump cancel the event. He responds with this tweet that basically amounts to, “Nice campaign you got there. It’d be a real shame if something happened to it.”

Trump’s Kansas City rally was his third and final campaign stop of the day following a rally in Cleveland that just happened to feature a Trump supporter telling protesters to “go back to Africa.”

And now for the rest of the BROUHAHA!!!

Trump to consider paying legal fees for supporter who sucker-punched an alleged protester:

Trump said on “Meet the Press” that he is looking into covering the legal bills for John Franklin McGraw, a man who went out his way to punch alleged protester Rakeem Jones, who was already being escorted out by security in the face. (McGraw then followed up by telling “Inside Edition” that “we might have to kill him.”)


There’s more:

Donald Trump and his raucous campaign rallies took center stage on the talk shows Sunday, with the candidate himself saying repeatedly that he “doesn’t condone violence,” reports NPR, while saying that he bears no responsibility for recent violence and offering up the fact that he might foot the legal bills of the man who punched a Trump protester at a rally. “I’ve actually instructed my people to look into it,” Trump told NBC News. He said that tempers were flaring because people are “sick and tired of this country being run by incompetent people that don’t know what they’re doing on trade deals, where our jobs are being ripped out of our countries.” Further, per the Hill, “Nobody cares too much about the Hillary rallies because there’s no fervor there.” Elsewhere on your Sunday dial:

  • John Kasich bashed Trump, telling CBS News that “he’s got to begin to lift people and stop dividing people and the toxic environment must end. This is not making us proud. Think of the videos that have been shown all over the world of people slugging it out at a campaign rally.”
  • Cue Ted Cruz, who told Meet the Press that “at the end of the day in any campaign, responsibility starts at the top,” reports the Hill. “And it is not beneficial when you have a presidential candidate like Donald Trump telling his supporters, ‘Punch that guy in the face.'”
  • And Marco Rubio, also per the Hill, who says that “all the gates of civility have been blown apart” by Trump. “Do we really want to live in a country where everybody hates each other and is at everybody’s throats? That’s what it feels like. We’re heading in a very dangerous direction.”




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“Do we really want to live in a country where everybody hates each other and is at everybody’s throats?” IAB 2016

You need to mention CHAOSTROPHIC two times over there for every one time you mention them over here.

With all that was stolen, that seems fair.

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