Cops Had To Shake This Sleeping Man Awake After He Passed Out At Stoplight

 Cops Had To Shake This Sleeping Man Awake After He Passed Out At Stoplight

You ever drive for hours and realize that you haven’t slept in a long time? Best practice is to pull over and catch a few winks if you don’t have anywhere you immediately have to be.

Once you wake up, you can continue on your merry way and arrive at your destination, fresh and energized.

But for God’s sake, don’t just stop in the middle of the road to take a nap. Doing that will get you (and potentially other people) killed. So don’t be that guy.

Speaking of that guy.

Highway Patrol officers in California found themselves trying to wake a dude up in his car because he exited a freeway, stopped at the light and completely passed out behind the wheel. The guy was so zonked that he wouldn’t even respond while cops shook his car, banged on the window and yelled at him to wake up.

Turns out this guy wasn’t just sleepy, but likely drunk. When they asked him what he had to drink, he said it was a clear drink with a name he couldn’t remember, and he has no idea how much of it he drank. That’s a bad sign. Oh, and he was still on probation from a DUI conviction he was handed in 2013.

And like that, the dude was arrested for suspicion of DUI again.

Drunk driving happens all over the place, but this area of California seems to have some of the more bizarre occurrences. The news station that covered the guy also happened to come across a woman completely passed out in the middle of the freeway.


And if that’s not crazy enough, another woman was so out of it that she got out of her car and started wandering the freeway as cars passed her by.


Moral of the story, kids: don’t drink and drive. Also, get some sleep and get cozy with Uber before you kill someone.


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