Cops Are In Trouble After Hiring 25 Twerking Ladies For A Raunchy AF Show To Inspire At-Risk Teen Girls


Does the sight of some wonderful women jiggling their asses make you wanna get out and do something with your life?


What if you were like an at-risk girl, though. Sixteen, living on the streets, no parents. Would a booty-shaking dance routine set to a song that’s lyrics are “Fuck fuck fuck” make you wanna get off drugs and give up a life of crime?


Probably not?

Yea. That’s why some cops in Belarus are in trouble for putting on a show of twerking ladies for troubled women.

Makes no damn sense, right? It makes even less too when you hear the cops defend the show. Via the Daily Mail:

Police have come under fire for hiring 25 twerking models in underwear to dance in a bizarre bid to inspire troubled teenagers at a feel-good festival.

The event, in Grodno, Belarus, was supposed to help put youngsters who had been in trouble with the law on the right path.C9uPDNR[1]

But the raunchy display of girls gyrating and spanking themselves to the alleged rap lyrics ‘F*** f*** f***’ has been met with furious protests from shocked online commentators and locals.

Police officers running the event insisted that it was intended to show the teenagers the benefits of a good, clean life.

Uhhhhh… How?

Sorry, there’s not an answer to that. But who knows. Watch the show below and see if it gets your life back on track.

Nothing seemed to happen to me after I watched. Maybe I need to watch again.

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