Cops Want To Arrest Teen Who Was Groped, Pepper-Sprayed At Trump Rally


Cops Want To Arrest Teen Who Was Groped, Pepper-Sprayed At Trump Rally

Cops arrest pepper spray teen at Trump rally for disorderly conduct

On Thursday, authorities recommended the arrest of a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly groped and pepper-sprayed in the face at a Janesville, Wisconsin Trump rally. The charge would be disorderly conduct.

On Tuesday, multiple videos went viral of a 15-year-old Trump protester getting into an altercation with a Trump supporter. Although none of the videos captured the alleged sexual assault, the teen is heard accusing the man of touching her chest before reaching out and hitting him. Then, an unidentified man in a red “Make America Great Hat” shot the girl in the face with pepper spray.

According to WTOP, the man the teen hit doesn’t want to press assault charges against the girl, but that police recommend that juvenile authorities arrest the girl for disorderly conduct for what Chief David Moore called “an act of violence.” By Moore’s logic, enough time had passed between the alleged sexual assault and the punch that the punch takes priority over the possible violation of a minor. Moore also explained away any contact the girl might have felt on her chest as the byproduct of the push and pull of being in a crowded area.

“Clearly her punch was illegal,” said Moore.

Apparently, this is also taking priority over finding the guy who pepper-sprayed a kid at point blank range since Moore confirmed that he is still at large. If found, he could face misdemeanor battery charges.

Good to see that Trump rallies and their outcomes continue to be total shit shows.



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The man with the pepper spray committed an act of public service. Shut that fat biotche down before she hurt someone with a sucker punch.

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