‘Coronation Street’ Star Faye Brookes Mortified After Sex Tape Leak

Police have reportedly been called to investigate the alleged hacking of Coronation Streetstar Faye Brookes, after a sex tape of hers leaked online.

According to the Sun, the video, which has already notched up to 100,000 views, involves the 30-year-old actor and an unidentified man.

“It has somehow been accessed by someone who doesn’t care how much upset they cause.”

Gates has since responded, tweeting a message of support for his partner.

“United we stand,” he wrote, alongside a picture of the couple holding hands.

Fans have also flocked to social media to send support to the 30-year-old, with one person writing: “I’m devastated for @Faye_Brookes, it’s such a shame for her amazing year to end like this! I just hope she knows that this story will soon be forgotten about and be yesterday’s news! We all love you and will do no matter what.”

Another said: “Got Twitter specifically to send a tweet of support to @Faye_Brookes. I am so angry on her behalf, but it’s actually amazing to see whenever I search her username, there’s not one negative tweet and that restores my faith in humanity a little after this disgusting, pathetic act.”

But this isn’t the first sex tape scandal involving an actor from the ITV soap opera. Corrie star Kym Marsh was horrified when she learned a racy video of hers was being shopped around to the highest bidder.

The Sun was approached by a person who had the video of her performing a sex act on a man and was asking for £30,000 ($40,500). The UK newspaper declined and told Kym’s representatives to let them know what might surface.

Ms Marsh didn’t even know the video existed – which would be pretty terrifying for anyone.

A source told the news organisation: “This news has left her reeling. She is stunned that someone is willing to betray her.

“She feels furious, humiliated and very vulnerable. She can’t believe that someone could sink so low.

“She can only assume this is an act of pure greed. Kym has done nothing wrong. She will do anything she can to stop these images being made public.”



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